The necessary pastoral care of Christian funerals opens up to the hope of the resurrection not to the extemporaneous bizarreness of the celebrating priest even when a bishop presides

Liturgical colors are not games of ideological rainbows, but visible signs of the sacred mysteries we celebrate

Parallel existences: Lady Diana e Georg Gänswein, like having everything in life and then spending your time complaining about it?

Ecce Agnus Dei. Recognizing Jesus the Baptist opens the doors to the mystery of God and the mystery of ourselves

From the flight of the bumblebee to the flight of the jackal: Gianluigi Nuzzi, than with his”Quarto Grado acts as Rete4's gravedigger, a dead Pope has already launched on Emanuela Orlandi

The civil juridical aspects of Communion on the hands in the face of the absurd legal actions undertaken by priests and bishops who deserve to be flogged in blood

Giorgia Meloni's Communion and that clerical ideology on Communion in hand even in high-risk situations that goes beyond the very value of protecting the Body of Christ