from the large “Sabrina” played by Audrey Hepburn to the small Sabrina Bosu, that enacts the manipulations of the Neocatechumenals notes after an indigestible “Breakfast at Tiffany's”

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The Neocatechumenal Way is a sect of Jewish-Calvinist insidiatasi matrix within the Church. To be against this blatantly heretical sect, especially for us Pastors and theologians in the care of souls, to which Christ, God has entrusted the care and custody of his flock, in no way implies being out of the communion of the Church, as the exalted Sabrina rant after having made a very indigestible Breakfast at Tiffany's. Rather, it means defending the Church from widespread metastases: the heresy metastases put into circulation by two self-taught praticoni, who have always behaved like two arrogant sorcerer's apprentice, lying and teaching to lie.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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Audrey Hepburn in the film Sabrina

On October 8 comes out in the newspaper The cross an article about my latest book, published by Editions The island of Patmos: The Neocatechumenal sect - heresy became Kiko and dwelt among us. The review, published days before on Faith Daily, It is signed by Bruno Volpe [see WHO, WHO]. The 10 October comes the same newspaper an article by Sabrina Bosu, that does not fit into what is the sacred right of reply and criticism, because the deception and manipulation of reality is not a right [see WHO].


I did not want just replicate, for this I have consulted with the Fathers de The Island of Patmos, explaining the reasons for this my intention not to reply.


Our wise cappuccino Ivano Liguori has convinced me saying:


"What you say, about the fact that it is not worth replicating, it is true. But keep in mind that you work for those who can not get to understand certain subtleties of malicious kikos and that is to face the facts of a chick who says that they are legal persons, which are approved by four popes. Therefore, even though you feel that she does not deserve answer - and did not deserve - you should remove its word piece by piece. Not for you, but for those who can read these words and take them for good ".


It must first be clarified that the author of this paper was allowed to talk about a book he has not read, merely nibbling from one blog, by a comment to another, Finally launching into assertions that gives me thoughts that never crossed my mind, let alone my lines written and printed. So that, paradoxically, what is the columnist accuses me is denied its from the pages of my book she has not read, but anyone can read, thereby verifying this columnist mind talking about what has never examined, whereas I say this I not a real made by my reassurances “commercial” give in that sense, but by evidence and documents.


Ss now hundreds and hundreds Comments furious and severely insulting writings around the network on me by people who, Comment after comment, prove not to have read a single line of what I've written. Those are all of the Neocatechumenal and strictly aggressive attacks and bad directed to my person, without a single one - I repeat: between hundreds and hundreds of comments - replies to the substance of what I wrote in my book. When several of them has been criticized that you can not criticize what you do not know, the answers were not bleak but delusional: "You do not read the book, just only the title ". In vain I said trying to explain that no one, taking just the title of the book by Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist, It can build above a critical, that book must first be read and studied very carefully.


The facts documented therefore prove that members of the Neocatechumenal sect, or at least their praetorian, They have passed voice, You have created an enemy and, as a team be against each other bleating sheep have left the attack without even knowing for what and against what they fought, not even knowing the object of the struggle, ie the contents of this book.


Now I wish to draw the attention dogmatic theologians, of ecclesiologists and canonists on 'begins initial text of this columnist, certainly the result of the "genius" of some Neocatechumenal who thinks they know a lot and who has decided to use loggerhead this kind lady who introduces herself to the Perugina chocolate kisses as "a woman and mother are journeying". Here are the opening words:


"From the moment the Pope recognized the Neocatechumenal Way as a public juridical person in the Church no one can afford to say that there are heresies because there was a very close scrutiny of the Congregation of the Faith and the various ministries that paradoxically those who say that this reality is heretical, when the Church said exactly the opposite, It is placing out of communion " [see WHO].


We are before the aberration under each doctrinal profile, theological and canonical. Not only states: who is against us is against the Church and against the Pope, but even it states that anyone who dares to be against this movement is right outside ecclesial communion (!?).


All references below dall'improvvida articolista idea of ​​baptismal journey, modeled on that consolation that made them famous and dangerous followers of the Cathar heresy and the Albigensian. And proceeding decided in its lines with these baptismal journey descriptions, the poor loggerhead discharge attack does not account makes it needless to trace the thought of these two old heretical currents, except, however, giving me heretic. That said it remains peaceful as of now that any theologian and church historian, reading his words, recognize in them the influence of Cathar thought and albigesi.


With consolidated manipulative and deceptive spirit, the columnist cites the classic words of appreciation expressed by Popes, But by failing to mention the most severe words and expressed many of the same over the years to launch to the initiators of the Neocatechumenal Way severe rebukes. It's numerous speeches, sometimes long, enclosed everyone in By Janet and reported faithfully in my book, that is not built on emotional exaltations kikiano-carmeniane, but on facts, only on facts and documents.


From the 2014 al 2018, the reigning Pontiff He addressed on several occasions the Neocatechumenal strict speeches, also enclosed in By Janet and reported faithfully in my book, But not dall'articolista attacking me completely distorting the actual data. And here I note that according to a certain consolidated pastoral style, when the Pontiffs have to issue reproaches, especially if severe tone, begin highlighting the positives, then go on to describe, reproach or negative ones, or things to fix.


The Columnist so does that give evidence that we are facing a sect of people whose sense of reality has been altered and destroyed reason and critical thinking in its adherents, to finally be induced to lie and mistificare, as it happens always in the psycho-sects. Then it happens that the official speeches by the Popes from 2000 al 2018 and I faithfully reported, they take only the beginning 'grateful for the good fruits of your Way …», or the good wishes and blessings for walkers departing missionaries, But jumping all disputes, reprimands and warnings made in the next, and much longer part of speech. After that come out happy and further lack of judgment and critical thinking from the Paul VI to the cry "The Church approves us ... we endorse!», threatening below: "... who is against us is against the Church, It is against the Pope!». Until the climax of the real aberration written and published by our poor columnist: who is against us is out of the communion of the Church, because the Church has approved it (!?).


In sociological language this statement is called: religious fundamentalism. One is in fact the difference: Taliban put forward Allah, Neocatechumenals a Christ rewritten by Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez to their own use.


We remind manipulative liar and his associates that John Paul II He granted him a five-year approval to experiment In the 2002. expired in 2007 the granted test, Benedict XVI, his successor, unspoken following any approval, quite the opposite: first he called them back, He rebuked them and then made them wait a further five-year extension. When finally in 2012 approval was granted to the Neocatechumenal Way with a mere administrative act of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, the Pope gave them a real fiery speech, load of warnings and reprimands. Also this speech acts, but of it, the brainwashed, They have caught a single opening sentence: "Grateful for indubitable good fruit produced by the Way in recent years …», after that, all tough calls made in that long speech in which Benedict XVI called for the respect of the liturgical rules, authority of the bishops and priests, individual freedom of members of the Movement and so to follow, are all words that are not exactly, both for the loggerhead sent to the boarding under the title "A woman and a mother in The Way», both fundamentalists generally Neocatechumenals, sons of a movement "fundamentalist" itself "fanatical and fanatizzante", as defined in the 1983 the Servant of God Pier Carlo Landucci, which I carry at the end of my book the precious and prophetic relationship, followed by the report sent in 1995 the theologian Passionist Enrico Zoffoli the then Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome, Cardinal Camillo Ruini.


In the article from the loggerhead push all'arrembaggio no shortage immodest slinguazzate to the reigning Pontiff. Again, however, the columnist fails to mention that in tone and with what harsh words the Pope Francis I turned again to the Neocatechumenal in his official speeches. If I do not mention the talk between these lines, it is only because I brought them faithfully in my book, maintained and documented and all references to the sources and instruments, so I do not repeat myself. Even despite, as their consolidated use manipulative and falsante, extrapolate from these speeches only two good-natured sentences, often only condition, jumping all the reproaches, then repeat the mantra: "The Holy Father approves it, we endorse, in all and for all!».


I therefore all'improvvida columnist just a few questions, which usually do not respond settaristi Neocatechumenals fundamentalist, Why, before certain questions, or change the subject, or raise controversy that are off topic, or attack shamelessly lying and distorting the real data objectively.


The writer, like any purely Neocatechumenal, In fact, never does not fit into the merits of the accusations of heresy, quite the opposite: First twists words and concepts, then reproach me accusing me of heresy to give the heterodox the Popes. Nothing further from the truth, because all the interventions made by the Supreme Pontiffs on the Neocatechumenal Way are Orthodox and fully conform to Church doctrine. Maybe, those two arrogant self-taught by Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez, sorcerer's apprentice theology and catechists-do-it-yourself they meekly obeyed the voice and the repeated warnings given to them by the Successors of Peter!


Therefore, if the author of this article surreal and mystifying, played entirely on subjective emotions and manipulation of facts and texts, It intends to respond, It should give it to these few, simple and precise questions:


1 – Because the Neocatechumenal Way does not comply with the approved statute concerning the internal bore, payment of the tithe, which is not expected, or unconditional obedience to the catechists, also not expected?

2 – Because the Neocatechumenal Way does not publish the thirteenth volume of the Directory, as expressly requested by the Holy See in the decree of approval of the 2012 referred to? And because there are a further two volumes dedicated to wedding and honeymoon, never approved by the Holy See?

3 – Because the Way does not respect the liturgical norms contained in the Roman Missal and reaffirmed by education Sacramentum [cf. WHO] continuing to not kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer, comunicarsi simultaneously to the priest, to dance after the Blessing and so to follow?


I neocatecumenali, They have always been such splendid models of obedience to the Church and the Popes, to the point that Benedict XVI repeatedly rebuked by the competent dicasteries of the initiators of the Neocatechumenal Way, in particular for their unacceptable liturgical abuses, all with repeated official intervention of the Prefect for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, that he came to write him a letter of fire in which his debut saying "I announce to the Holy Father's decisions', that in ecclesiastical language is to say: "We command you ...". Then followed all the directives on the Sacred Liturgy. Is this, like other documents, I am obviously given everyone in my book.


Repeatedly and public documents of the Holy See, the Neocatechumenal was required to abide scrupulously books and liturgical rubrics, indeed he was even forced to write this in their statutes. they, however,, He closed the doors of their lounges, seguitavano and today they continue to do what they want and how they want. For this time it was extended for another five years by Benedict XVI, very devoted and profound was their obedience to the commands of the Roman Pontiff and the Holy Church.


We come to the last Passover, this year's, to demonstrate to bugiardissima columnist - who knows certain things -, what is really in fact the obedience of the Neocatechumenal, that faced with criticism addressed to them, based on facts and evidence, even dare to react slinguazzando in public the Roman Pontiff. Well: What happened around Italy, in all those dioceses where the bishops have forbidden the Neocatechumenal to do “They” Easter vigil separated from the community of the faithful? This happened: They have rented halls in local hotels, They have hired a complacent priest released by the multinational heretical Seminars mother of The Redeemer, and in total disobedience and scarring with the conditions laid, They have been held elsewhere “They” Easter vigil. But if now the columnist will dare to deny it all, we will start with the publication of the movies, always I am insisting that I speak and write only on the basis of facts and evidence: on the one hand we have in fact written ban given by the diocesan Bishop, the other movies that immortalize the obedient Neocatechumenal celebrating the Easter Vigil in the lounge of a hotel. So, those who disobey and that it sets out from the communion of the Church? Because the output from the communion, It springs from disobedience and is built on disobedience, namely sport as increasingly practiced by the Neocatechumenal, only to attack a priest and a theologian who unmasks them in public, even attempting to defend themselves in pedestrian way slinguazzando at the same time the Pope and saying that I would even be, against the Successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter. But that kind of authentic Mephistopheles shameless shamelessly and without any respect for the truth!


Can the writer send to the attack how sweet "woman and mother are journeying", deny all these facts and, above all acts of the Holy See called me with surgical precision 315 pages of my book? Can it be denied that today, with rare and indomitable arrogance, Neocatechumenals continue to perpetrate serious liturgical abuses of all kinds? I'm not saying that, prove many films shot recently in their communities around the world. Not only: some of these egregious liturgical abuses also attended by the false prophet and bad teacher Kiko Argüello, that gives the homily holding the processional cross like the ministry of a bishop. Tell us the columnist: are perhaps false movies created on a set of footage from a consortium of satanic haters of the greatest gift given to the Church by the Holy Spirit, the Neocatechumenal Way? He who after the proclamation of the Holy Gospel, the Homily, is Kiko Argüello, or his stunt hired by haters Noecatecumenale Way? The assembly of people receiving Holy Communion seated, passing from hand to hand the wine Copponi, who I am? They Neocatechumenal, or of paid extras for set filming set up by haters to make shooting and peddle false movies, therefore highly defamatory to this coven of authentic models of devout obedience to the Church and to the repeated provisions from that date to them?


Before writing my book I listened for weeks, for hours, catechesis recorded and held by several mega-catechists in which is contained and transmitted the heretical sacro verbo kikiano. Any theologian to which they were subjected those numerous and long recordings, from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at the end of listening could only answer as I said: so many heresies all together, I have never heard them in my life! Tell us the columnist: are perhaps false records created always somewhere consortium of satanic haters of the greatest gift given to the Church by the Holy Spirit, the Neocatechumenal Way? However, if they are authentic, all heresies that these documents are contained and transmitted to the poor settaristi, He should perhaps be taken as genuine truths of faith by virtue of an administrative recognition granted to them by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, with the consequence that anyone who opposes it is that fact outside the communion of the Church, rant like this "woman and mother are journeying" penning the’begins his delusional article?


In the early nineties, the man of God wrote the Passionist Enrico Zoffoli:


"The Neocatechumenal are induced to alter and distort reality and to lie, up to become authentic experts and specialists in the lie ".


I always shared this analysis which contains one of the main essences of that poisonous intra-ecclesial cancer that is the Neocatechumenal Way: a Jewish sect matrix-Calvinist insidiatasi within the Church.


To be against this blatantly heretical sect, especially for us Pastors and theologians in the care of souls, to which Christ, God has entrusted the care and custody of his flock, in no way implies being out of the communion of the Church, as the exalted Sabrina rant after having made a very indigestible Breakfast at Tiffany's. It means to defend the Church from metastases: the heresy metastases put into circulation by two self-taught praticoni, who have always behaved like two arrogant sorcerer's apprentice, lying and taught to lie to defend the supreme psycho-sect that despises the ratio without which you can not reach the fides [cf. John Paul II, Encyclical Faith and Reason] ma, good going, only the worst Fideism ereticalkikiano.


the Island of Patmos, 15 October 2019



The book The Neocatechumenal Sect It is on sale at the store library WHO




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185 replies
  1. KNFD
    KNFD says:

    FATHERS DE L'ISLE OF PATMOS HAVE URGENT NEED OF WIDOWS BELLE AND GENEROUS. …………eh gia'………are the NC who ask for money……ha ha haaaaa

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Tell us where, when and how do we require people to pay tithing to the “Setta Kika”.
      Tell us!
      And above all you learn to read, because in the article it is explained that also Christ God and the Apostles, to carry out their mission, they needed to be supported by the free offerings of the faithful.
      May, Christ and the Apostles, they forced their sectarians to pay tithing like Kiko and Carmen, because the Apostles were Christians and children of the Divine Master, they were not Neocatechumenals.

      Therefore, the scoundrel, it's not me, but she.

      • Hejeh
        Hejeh says:

        Then, dear scoundrel and imbecile, you know nothing about tithing; I could explain how it works by disproving your slander in two seconds but your very reliable sources ( riot &what about anonymous) obviously they are enough for you to write a book; so you stick up and stay in your sewer ranting against the Catholic Church.
        Then finish calling a post an article; be in your place, be a priest and don't break balls.
        Have a nice Sunday….it is celebrated

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          You don't have to explain anything to me: my sources are:

          1. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments;
          2. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

          And he has nothing to explain to me, because the fact that the tithe tax, disguised as free donation, but in fact it is imposed, sometimes even with coercive ways, was declared not in conformity with the pastoral disciplines of the Church by:

          1. the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger;
          2. the then President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

          She has the insulting chatter – moreover very Christian! – I don't even have proof, but just copies of the documents of the Holy See. Or maybe you think I would have exposed myself, as a priest and as a theologian, writing fake news in a book?

          Last: I sign the books with my name, on the back cover I also put the photo with my face, her instead, his insults, because he doesn't sign them and he doesn't even put his face on …

          God bless her.


          He asks me if I celebrate on Sunday?
          Ma no, My dear!
          I celebrate the Shabbath tefillah on Saturdays, with the menorot on the altar and wearing the tallit katan instead of the chasuble, as some of your redempkiko mater priests have done several times! Don't say no: there are photos and videos.

  2. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    I just add that very clearly, “those who speak of us” (we are famous?) they cannot be other than those who find themselves among themselves in the “sauna” where they meet those who send greetings.

    Perhaps it is too subtle an irony.

    They will understand?

  3. Pax
    Pax says:

    @ Paolo Carnes

    What you report about the Pope shows that you have not read Father Ariel's book. You talk nonsense or report only the falsehoods disclosed by Kiko who mystifies everything, including the speeches of the Popes who clear up any reminder and correction. It has always done this; is in bad faith.

    Second thing.
    We go against a reality inspired by the Virgin Mary?
    But in which of yours “approvals” it is written that the Church has recognized the visionary Marian inspirations of Kiko the charlatan? You should be ashamed of boasting so lightly such mystical privileges worthy of a very different sanctity of life.. And here speaks who Kiko knew him very closely.

    Then I tell you that – look'! – to some of us the Virgin Mary suggested that we give testimony so that this destruction may end.
    Now my word against yours.

    You too are master of not believing what I tell you. This doesn't change my life. But why are you so agitated?
    History will say the last word.
    Who will live, will see.

    In the end, have passed now 40 days from the first comment to this post for you unbearable and still come to write.
    You are just obsessed with the ABSOLUTE NOTHING that we are.

    • lhjk
      lhjk says:

      sai…we don't get excited at all…we kill each other with laughter especially when we hear what they say about you…..

      • Pax
        Pax says:

        Of grace, yes i need, who says what?
        Someone you listen to talks about us!
        In the face of ABSOLUTE NOTHING!!!

        You're the one who makes me laugh out loud.
        Meanwhile for us 1 a 0.

        We want this: that you talk about us.
        You comforted me today.


      • Always a free mind
        Always a free mind says:

        Attending “capatine” neocatechumenals that offend and provoke a response is truly a confirmation of the neocatechumenal soul.

        In certain subjects, I don't mean at all, the love that God reserves for the sinner makes them feel free and happy to be so.
        They didn't understand anything. But not with intelligence (well a little’ you also need that), but precisely with the spirit.

        They crave to provoke, however in a bad way, not even with normal dialogue.

        For them this article has become the wrestling arena, they don't read it to talk.
        Just to provoke, like us ex unfortunately we know that they do very well.

        Certainly they do not make a good impression either on themselves or on the Way, that if it produces such subjects it only shows that it has totally lost control.

        I and, silly fanaticism, that of the defense of’ belonging without even knowing anything about what one belongs to, detached from any form of attempted dialogue, it is typical of the reckless.
        I would like to say more, but in fairness I hold back.

  4. Paolo Carnes
    Paolo Carnes says:

    Dear anonymous, pre-conciliars and various disobedients, for your information the Way e’ approved and loved by the Church (ours to be clear) that of the first and second councils of which perhaps you are not yet’ communication arrived given the contempt that you openly manifest for this work of the Holy Spirit ( I remind you You are saddening Him and not a little).
    Now, you can write all the books you want, you can publish posts, you can defame anonymously and not, but you will NEVER go against a reality inspired by the Virgin Mary and with which you will have to confront..
    When a Pope says referring to the journey "I am happy because you realize the most important thing in the Church which is to evangelize and you do it without proselytism, but through testimony "…….. what is there to add? You want to write another book with the title…” yes, but the Pope is misinformed”…?????
    Luckily you are here….(how sad)
    Best wishes!
    PS…salutatemi mons Lefebvre… 🙂

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      expensive illiterate,

      his comment joins the hundreds of others that have come over the past three months and written by a person who speaks out of hearsay without having read a single line of the book I wrote and published.

      In my book it is demonstrated with documents and irrefutable proofs that Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez did not adhere to the magisterium and disciplines of the Second Vatican Council, who have served up to Boeotians like her a council never celebrated and never written by the Fathers of the Church; a council of which they have amply demonstrated that they do not even know the main documents, that is, those documents that I know instead, I have been studying for years and above all I have been practicing on both a doctrinal and pastoral level.

      The accusation proved and proved that the two “sorcerer's apprentice” for decades they have distorted the idea of ​​a council by transmitting to the sectarians a subjective idea of ​​their own of a council, it was exhibited and documented before me by the prebiters Pier Carlo Landucci, whose beatification process is underway, later by Enrico Zoffoli.

      Finally, I specify that I have not affirmed "that the Pope is misinformed", I explained it is shown that in certain administrative and pastoral choices the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II was clearly imprudent, therefore I explained in this regard that a Roman Pontiff, outside the areas strictly linked to the doctrine of the faith and to the deposit of the the Catholic faith, can easily make mistakes.

      Since everything is obvious – of always, not from now – no Ecclesiastical Authority has uttered a groan nor has it taken steps to call me back for what has always been obvious, noto, known and recognized by all those who know the bases of ecclesiology and fundamental theology.
      Instead, I would have been recalled and reprimanded with good reason – and they should also have done it very severely – if I had questioned and declared a fruit of imprudence motu proprio or an act of magisterium of the Holy Pontiff John Paul II.

      Unfortunately, the Neocatechumenal in general, he does not know the theological difference, ecclesiological and juridical that runs between an act of teaching, a purely administrative act and two words of circumstance given to Kiko and Carmen in a more or less public speech. All this precisely because you are not Church, but you are sect.

      The caravan passes – says an Arab proverb – while angry dogs (as she, I say) bark behind its running wheels.

      Listen to me: convert and become Catholic!

      • mother
        mother says:

        In your book (dear peracottaro) nothing is confirmed.
        You write it down and you confirm it yourself…indi…?.

    • Thomist ex NC
      Thomist ex NC says:

      Of grace, explain to us in which documents of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council the eminently sacrificial character of the Mass is denied, the laity are authorized for spiritual direction, public confessions approved and compulsory tithing encouraged.

        • Thomist ex NC
          Thomist ex NC says:

          And also explain to us according to which documents of the Papal Magisterium the doctrine defined by the twenty councils preceding Vatican II would have been abolished..

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Note on Bishop Marcel Lefebvre

      I can't say hello to him, as she recommends me, because he died in 1991 and I've never met him. But I remind you of a very important official passage: to pay homage to his body was the highest representative of the Holy See, as well as direct representative of the reigning Pope John Paul II, S. AND. Mons. Edward Rovida, apostolic nuncio to Switzerland, accompanied by H.E. Mons. Henry Schwéry, Bishop of the diocese of Sion, in which stands the great seminary founded by Bishop Marcel Lefebvre. The two bishops prayed on the body and sprinkled it with holy water.
      All this by the express will of John Paul II, that the Bishop Marcel Lefebvre had imposed the excommunication for having consecrated bishops without the papal mandate.

      In the dream rooms where even the last of the mega-catechists feels authorized to write his own personal history of the Church, of all this, they never told her anything?

      Apart from his mistakes, known and recognized, you know that Bishop Marcel Lefebvre is recognized as one of the greatest missionaries and evangelizers that the Church has ever known in its modern history and that in the African regions where he exercised the sacred episcopal ministry, he formed the first and excellent local bishops?

      She realizes who and what she is talking about?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          I don't go to saunas, least of all the laps you allude to through the image of the sauna.

          If a joke like that you had the manly attributes to come and make it to my face, you would be swollen with punches, with the good soul of Don Camillo who cheers for me from Heaven at every punch, cheering me on: “Inflate it more!”.

          You are such idiots, in your satanic and inherent defamatory spirit, not even knowing how to choose credible arguments.
          Not only do I lead a monk's life, but above all I became a priest over forty, I have not entered a seminary a 11 year old. I had a public past life, known and widely known.

          Being affected by inherent delirium prevents you from measuring your opponent first and choosing credible arguments to attack him, it is your innate characteristic.

          This makes the Neocatechumenal Way and its Praetorians as credible as the science fiction series Planet of the Apes.

          You know who it is who used to go to the saunas, with all the characters attached and connected within them? the gay monsignorine that thanks to the money of your tithes stolen from the families you have sprinkled with money to have privileges, prebends and above all to be able to take possession of the large metropolitan parishes, starting with those of the Diocese of Rome.
          there, who frequented the saunas: dementia!


          several gods you are against it saunas goers in Rome, then ended up caught and publicly shamed, they were all very affectionate friends of the Neocatechumenal Way, your guests and diligent celebrators of your exotic liturgies.
          I repeat: dementia!

  5. sjdhv
    sjdhv says:

    Always the same story…two days of publications then the post ends up in the category to which the blog belongs….THE ABSOLUTE NOTHING…..

    • Pax
      Pax says:

      Anonymous with an illegible name but you know how to count?

      From the 15 October to 6 November, I'm 23 days full of comments, and after others 9 days of “silence” you are still here to snoop and provoke as well.
      Maybe you miss us, tell the truth!

      To be ABSOLUTE NOTHING seems to me a good result.
      You wondered why you waste your time with us?
      It's not like you're trying to escape Kiko's NOTHING LIES either, at least, to escape a little.

      A shot of oxygen and the neurons that start up and connect early in the brain atrophied by the neocatechumenal annihilation.


    • Always a free mind
      Always a free mind says:

      Evidently this gentleman mentally reduces the magazine of the island of Patmos to the only thing of his interest: neocatechumenalism.
      There is no shortage of articles, on many different topics, because this is the Church: it contains every aspect of human life and the fathers here write about many things.
      But the neocatechumenal monochord is interested in nothing else, it would also lend itself to an infinite controversy only and only on His Path.
      If one does not write and comment on the topic of his interest, he defines ABSOLUTE NOTHING.
      Yup, because in the neocatechumenalized mind beyond the Way there is NOTHING. There is only that, as if the life of the fathers and of us readers did not flow in everyday life even outside the interest in the Neocatechumenal Way. We all have other things to do too…
      The provocative intent of this gentleman is highly revealing, quivers with the desire to argue, to have her say, believing to offend with his ABSOLUTE NOTHING.
      Unfortunately for him, but he will never understand it, the bearer of absolute nothingness is himself, champion of a single battle already lost, because the underworld will not prevail.

  6. LILLY
    LILLY says:

    However, even if I wanted to contact her in private I would not know how to do it??excuse me but I'm not that technological.

  7. Pax
    Pax says:

    …. means that you take it in your hands and CONSUME STILL STANDING, each just received the Body and Blood of Christ from the presbyter who distributes passing through the assembly?
    You affirm that the Bread is not consumed sitting and all together?
    What would we have confirmed “haters”?


    • LILLY
      LILLY says:

      Dear father Ariel,

      I have read your book twice,the first a little’ too fast(I couldn't wait to get to know the content), I wanted to tell you that in any case, for all the times I finished reading it, I was left with a bitterness in my mouth, and a sense of disgust, especially by reading at the end the answer that was given to Father Enrico Zoffoli(may God have him in glory, I cannot understand that the church is made this way. The church that is supposed to welcome and comfort does not lift a finger, he makes himself an accomplice of these demons, which is why I moved away from before being part of the rosary group I went there almost every day, and not just me, but also my son and my daughter-in-law who have since left the path (thank God) they find it hard to set foot in church,we feel betrayed.

      The church cannot even imagine the damage we and hundreds of people have suffered, all the bishops, priests and how many others will see it before God, maybe who knows when I'll die I'll go to hell? But I am sure that under my feet they will dwell beyond all those of the neocatechumenal path (Kiko and Carmen in the lead) also several illustrious prelates.

      P.S congratulations on the book.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        contact Lilly,

        Hell exists, it is a reality, it is not empty at all but certainly very populated, going there is not as easy as it sometimes seems.
        She, his daughter-in-law and his son, you definitely need a good priest who can follow you, first of all by healing your wounds.
        Send me a private message, I will work hard to find you, as close as possible to where you live, a brother of mine who can be your guide, help and comfort.
        Thank God I am in contact with many priests scattered around Italy.

        Finally, remember that there is a terrible sin into which one must never fall: despair.
        After your sad and painful experience in this sect, you need first of all to recover hope, which lies in the middle of the other two theological virtues of faith and charity, and in its own way amalgamates them together.

        With best wishes to you and your family.

        • LILLY
          LILLY says:

          Thank you Father Ariel for your interest in us,fortunately, in these days a friend of mine (He also came out of the sect)he introduced me to a good priest who is already helping him,and I too thought of entrusting myself to him.

  8. Pax
    Pax says:

    To make some order, I take the liberty of copying the following comment from Maximilian, posted above in response to orenzo del 31 October at 12:27, that asks for something else, in reality.

    While below, and on the precise topic it addresses, Maximilian had several other answers that he evidently prefers to ignore.

    Maximilian C. he said:
    2 November 2019 Everyone 1:57

    I understand the questions perfectly well, it is she who does not understand the answers.

    Ps. For days on this site of haters I explain how the moment of communion happens and it has also been confirmed by other haters like her. I don't have to deny anything because it happens as prescribed by the approved statute. ALWAYS IN TWO SPECIES , YOU RECEIVE STANDING, UNZZIMO BREAD AND WINE AND IN YOUR PLACE. I don't know what language to say it anymore, but don't try so hard to understand and don't bother to answer because I won't answer you anymore.

    Ps. 2
    or better, next time I'll draw her a sketch.
    Massimiliano Conti.

    What has been confirmed by the haters, of grace?

    You Massimiliano must clarify one simple simple thing that is what you mean by YOU RECEIVE ON FOOT.

  9. GPA
    GPA says:

    For Father Ariel. bear hard.

    [1] to the choirmaster. On the air: “Doe of the dawn”.
    Salmo. By Davide.
    [2] “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
    You are far from my salvation”:
    are the words of my lament.
    [3] my God, I invoke during the day and you don't answer,
    I cry at night and find no rest.
    [4] Yet you inhabit the holy abode,
    you, praise of Israel.
    [5] Our fathers hoped in you,
    they hoped and you set them free;
    [6] they cried to you and were saved,
    hoping in you they were not disappointed.
    [7] But I am a worm, not man,
    infamy of men, rejection of my people.
    [8] Those who see me mock me,
    twist their lips, they shake their heads:
    [9] “He entrusted himself to the Lord, he escapes it;
    free him, if he is his friend”.
    [10] It is you who took me from the womb,
    you made me rest on my mother's chest.
    [11] At my birth you picked me up,
    from my mother's womb you are my God.
    [12] Don't stay away from me,
    since anguish is near
    and nobody helps me.
    [13] Numerous bulls surround me,
    Bulls of Bashan besiege me.
    [14] They open their mouths wide against me
    like a lion that tears and roars.
    [15] Like water I am poured out,
    all my bones are dislocated.
    My heart is like wax,
    it melts in the middle of my bowels.

    [16] My palate is dry as a shard,
    my tongue stuck to my throat,
    on the dust of death you laid me down.

    [17] A pack of dogs surrounds me,
    a band of wicked people besiege me;
    they pierced my hands and my feet,

    [18] I can count all my bones.
    They look at me, they watch me:

    [19] they divide my garments,
    on my dress they cast lots.

    [20] Ma you, man, don't stay away,
    my strength, hurry to my aid.

    [21] Rescue me from the sword,
    from the dog's nails my life.

    [22] Save me from the lion's mouth
    and from the horns of buffaloes.

    [23] I will announce your name to my brothers,
    I will praise you in the midst of the assembly.

    [24] Praise the Lord, you who fear him,
    the descendants of Jacob give him glory,
    all the people of Israel fear him;
    [25] because he did not despise
    nor indignant the affliction of the poor,
    he did not hide his face from him,
    ma, at his cry for help, he fulfilled it.

    [26] You are my praise in the great assembly,
    I will dissolve my vows in front of his faithful.

    [27] The poor will eat and be satisfied,
    those who seek him will praise the Lord:
    "Long live their hearts forever".

    [28] They will remember and return to the Lord
    all ends of the earth,
    they will bow down to him
    all the families of peoples.

    [29] For the kingdom is the Lord's,
    he rules over all nations.

    [30] To him alone those who sleep underground will bow down,
    before him they will bend
    how many go down to the dust.
    And I will live for him,

    [31] my descendants will serve him.
    We will speak of the Lord to the coming generation;

    [32] they will proclaim his righteousness;
    to the people who will be born they will say:
    "Here is the work of the Lord!”.

  10. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Today in the office they were commenting on ariel's blog: well….I just tell you that the thing has taken a ridiculous turn and I have heard comments from his fellow prelates who touched the comedian.
    In short, everyone talks about it as a person (as well as ignorant) extremely self-centered and with professional aims impossible to achieve due to manifest ignorance.
    Greetings Ariel and congratulations on fame???

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … she doesn't believe, together with these non-existent prelates, than if I had “professional goals impossible to achieve”, I would speak only and exclusively of the poor, migrants, epochal turning points, Church going out and so on to follow?
      Because that's the way it has been for a while’ for years, one becomes bishops and cardinals, I don't say it, The facts and the appointments all and rigorously univocal prove it.

      Amenities aside: but of my book, which you will obviously have examined from top to bottom by reading it page after page, asking for the opinions of the most expert theologians to have proof and confirmation of how ignorant I am, what does it say? Why to dismantle a book written by an incapable and full as you say of falsehood, it would take very little.
      Because no one has done it yet?

      Instead, what I can tell and demonstrate to her at any time is this: unnecessarily i neokatekiki they searched in a truly desperate way even for a shred of theologian, even a single bishop emeritus almost a centenary who told him the “little word” against me they wanted to hear, and in this regard they have beaten far and wide.

      He wants to explain to me why not even your own defenders have taken the responsibility of saying that I am an emeritus ignorant author of a mass of nonsense distributed in 315 pages of text?

      Explain it to us, because I am certain that from his dreamlike Planet of the Apes, of everything she can miss, except for ready-to-use science fiction answers.

      • watts
        watts says:

        In the answer I read a slap to the Pope and a heated jealousy for never having been named….let's talk about it ariel courage….eg….find a hobby!! ????

        • Lilly
          Lilly says:

          Mr. Vati,

          As a child she will surely have fallen from the cradle, you do not understand a tube of what he mumbles, the hobby if you find it, Father Ariel did not write this book as a hobby, but to let people know the truth and everything he wrote there is not a comma of a lie,there are people who left this sect have had to resort to a psychologist, but the real one, not a dazed psychologist on the way.
          You want to understand that this movement is dangerous? In fact, be careful too you never know one day you might need a word of comfort from that very priest that you are all slandering.

    • Klaus B
      Klaus B says:

      Roberto, she is in the office with Father Ariel's fellow prelates? he works in the Vatican or in some curia?

      Then, following this blog for years, I can tell you that the last, but the very last accusation that can be made to Father Ariel is that he is ignorant, as is quite evident to anyone who knows and wants to read. Even less sustainable than being a careerist, which is nonetheless absurd given the risks involved, if it were such, would run to each post and from which, always in this case, you would be careful not to expose yourself.

      So, I don't know who these are “everyone” to which it refers, but honestly, if they exist, I feel sorry for them.

      Certainly the blog owner doesn't need my defense, but in the face of statements like yours it is difficult to hold back.

      • LILLY
        LILLY says:

        Dear Father Ariel,

        do a good thing: collect all the comments with insults and profanities and write another good book, give it as a title “THE DIALECTIC OF THE KIKO SECT”, then have it delivered to the Pope, so let's see if he still thinks that these are the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT, in my opinion these are the fruit of SATAN,in fact during the exorcisms the satanon spits and insults the priest with bad words of all kinds, from here you can understand who these gentlemen are


        • paolo
          paolo says:

          Our dialectic???
          Answers: what is more serious…our fuck off or claim that Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis are stoned because they are poorly informed?
          Oh I already forgot…your sources are the anonymous comments of blaze on the blog…Oh sorry…now I understand.
          You are a charlatan; no other words come to me…

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            She is a liar with an additional aggravating circumstance: the arrogant arrogance typical of those who talk about what they do not know.
            The speech in question is my book. Well on my book – that she has absolutely not read, but of which he speaks by attacking the Author in a hateful way – the affirmations and judgments on the Supreme Pontiffs that he attributes to me are not contained, but there is more: they have never even crossed my innermost thoughts.

            Therefore I ask you: she, who also pays the tithe to his sect on time, 25 euro to buy, then read and then criticize my book after reading it, it just doesn't have them?

            If not, keep quiet, because he cannot attack me by attributing to me the pure, simple free and absurd fake, referring to a work of which he has not even read a page.

          • Thomist ex NC
            Thomist ex NC says:

            No Paolo,
            The heresy is serious.
            It is serious to deny the Sacrifice of the Mass and to consider it a mere Easter banquet.
            It is serious to modify the Roman Missal to adapt it to one's own doctrinal whims.
            It is serious to consider oneself “the salt of the earth” by the very fact of belonging to the Way, and to retain other Christians “salad” da can.
            It is serious to mock the Sacrament of Penance with that horrifying catechesis that you continue undaunted to repeat parrot.
            It is serious never to kneel at the Consecration.
            It is serious to oblige the faithful to receive the Sacred Host on the hand.
            It is serious to teach that the Church was paganized by Constantine at the Second Vatican Council.
            It is serious to consider man incapable of doing good.
            It is serious to violate the internal forum during the ballots.
            It is serious to keep the Catechetical Directory hidden.
            It is serious to consider tithing obligatory.
            It is serious to demand obedience to catechists .
            This is serious

    • Pax
      Pax says:


      you yourself confirm that Father Ariel becomes more famous every day, known.
      Everyone talks about it!
      Even in your office.
      Even his fellow prelates speak of him!
      Butter, Kiko's defenders regardless, waste your time chasing those you liquidated (so that you have to fear?) as a “ignorant” licensed?
      And laugh and be comical or get angry and insulted.
      Something is not right for me.
      I just remind you what Jesus says “Woe to you who laugh now, because you will be afflicted and you will cry. Woe when all men speak well of you….” e, I add, when you feed only on praise and vainglory like the eager Kiko.


        • Pax
          Pax says:


          Opera, Yes!
          Meritorious work.
          Good work, in every sense.
          Literary work.
          Work according to God's will.
          Operation long awaited by us former walkers, helpless witnesses to a thousand atrocities (completed in c.n. by the big shots following Kiko and by Kiko himself BAD EXAMPLE for his faithful imitators), that for years we have been patient, in the hope that, remaining within the experience, we could make our contribution to the rehabilitation of a system that proved to be more irremediably corrupt at its roots every day…

          Use only bad words, thus proving once more, dearest DV to be just inDiaVolati!
          Find PEACE!
          Nobody stops us anyway!


  11. Pax
    Pax says:

    Luca, this time you crossed the line; but how do you express yourself?

    1. Kiko and Carmen have placed themselves in an elevated place subjecting themselves to public judgment, since they have assumed the power to govern people's lives, do not you think?

    2. Madonna, which is written with a capital letter, you say he knows how to choose his own “helpers”. For real? While she herself is venerated and invoked as “Help of Christians”!

    3. You think you hit Father Ariel by accusing him of chasing fame in vain (doing what then, attacking the great Kiko?) while you only demonstrate what the only thing that matters to you is, that you are following the king of all megalomaniacs and narcissists.

    4. A Father Ariel, heat, “nobody ranks it” and I add except you who consider it so important that we lose peace and sleep!

    5. I Papi, then, they have ALWAYS spoken in favor of the journey. But do me the favor! You don't believe us either because you want to send us your own to try again “video jerks” as you yourself oddly call them!

    6.. Then finish with a flourish: Go and find it by yourself, you who spend your life on the internet instead of being a priest. Allow me to answer you on this too: we are free people, not subject to the Kikian yoke which imposes a ban on using social media and surfing the net behind the word neocatechumenate. So let us dedicate as much time as we deem appropriate to this activity without incurring sin. But how do you do that you are always here and you can also intervene? You told your kikatechists? What are you doing? A path of duplicity?
    Then better send yours “video jerks”. Otherwise you risk that on the internet we find those that are not subjected to censorship or wisely cut and you hurt yourself.

    But if instead of being an obedient walker you stay on the internet all your life, you know what? Much better, maybe sooner or later the mind opens up and…
    I also conclude…



  12. Thomist ex NC
    Thomist ex NC says:

    Just as it is heretic to have the Priest communicate with the faithful: in this way not only is the ministerial priesthood confused with the common priesthood, ma, what is worse, one approaches the Sacred Table before the Sacrifice is accomplished, in a kind of (forgive me for the image) “interrupted Eucharistic coitus”‘
    It is absolutely misleading that you continue to play with the concept of the memorial, pretending to believe in the Sacrifice of the Mass.
    Sacrifice = passage from death to life: No, this is not the sacrifice!
    We do not offer the resurrection.
    We do not offer the Easter vigil.
    If anything, the resurrection is the fulfillment of the sacrifice, it is the concluding act of Christ's death. But the sacrifice or the Eucharistic celebration is not "the passage", this is an attempt to Judaize Catholicism: the Jews have a passage and we introduce a memorial of a passage. Mass is not a passage, it is the death of Christ.
    And the one death of Christ is renewed only for one purpose: that of being able to offer it to the Father many times to obtain benefits each time,
    which is precisely that pagan idea that you do not conceive.

  13. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    @ Pax
    About the Way and the Popes.

    Do you remember when Benedict XVI was elected? Sankiko expected an immediate invitation and instead nothing. Only after months and months and thanks to the support of the “cardinals our friends” he managed to have a meeting.

    And how the Kikatekists told the neocat populace? Turning the omelette! According to them, the Pope said with wonder to Sankiko “Come, I've been Pope for six months and you've never come to see me”! And Sankiko patron of the humble who answers him: “I did not want to disturb, I didn't allow myself…”

    Please the braying donkeys mentioned above would like to note the “you” confidentiality and the humility of Sankiko who says “I am not worthy”.

    And how can we forget when after the papal warnings on liturgical abuses they said that the Pope had said those things only because “where you go”, making it clear that they didn't count for anything. And in fact they continued to do as it pleased Sankiko charlatan.

    Try to disprove them, beaming.

    • Pax
      Pax says:

      I confirm everything. On the other hand, they are specialists in dramatic dramas. They artfully build them to subjugate and deceive the adoring populace. Then the daring feats pass from mouth to mouth and the legend is born. How many “The Pope told us that…” only on their word!
      The one on liturgical abuses remained memorable. Truly the Pope's words gave no escape. It was said that the Pope himself, when they went to whimper that removing the Eucharist from the Way meant destroying it, I reassure them’ saying that for everyone they were those words but not for them.


  14. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    to Maximilian, Luca and all the braying company of the usual neocat clones.

    You've been braying / braying the same nonsense for years, first on the Observatory website and now also here.
    In so many years, as well as braying and insulting, you never / you never knew what to say.
    How many times have we written to you and repeated that the Statute cannot modify the Liturgy? How many times have we repeated to you / you that the indult granted only concerns receiving the Eucharist in one's place?

    The rest, by braying donkeys like you / you, that bray only the lies and the bestialities that the Kikatekists order you / you, that can be expected?

    It would be funny, if it weren't for the fact that the life of so many inexperienced people is in the hands of people like you.

    p.s. Sankiko censor has expressly prohibited you from being on the internet. How dare you disobey him?

  15. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    Continue as usual, foaming in the mouth with anger to obsessively seek evil on the way even where it is not there. I have described to you how the moment of communion takes place in the celebration from the statute onwards and you publish pre-statute videos and down to judge and malign about what even COULD HAPPEN. I don't know what MIGHT HAPPEN, however I know that every celebration is officiated by one or more presbyters and sometimes also by deacons, who, in addition to officiating, check that everything is carried out according to the statute. Because you look for evil everywhere? Now even in the intentions? I once witnessed a person in church who put the host in his pocket saying he had a stomach ache and would eat it later. Another time I had to go look for a confirmation boy for the whole neighborhood after mass because the priest had noticed that the host had put it in his pocket. He said he would eat it later. For these facts the mass must be abolished? Please stop hating and trust the Church.
    Massimiliano Conti

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      I asked you why in the book of the Gospels, you neocat pay veneration analogous to that of the Eucharist?
      Would you please answer?

      • Maximilian C.
        Maximilian C. says:

        So now I would be under interrogation? She truly feels so superior to me that she gives me a “you neocat” and demand an answer from me? I don't even know what it refers to, but if you ask me why we niggers… Ops, we neocat bow before the gospel I say yes, because it is the word of God and to it “we pay” the same veneration of every solemn celebration. For black boy… Ops neocat, every celebration is solemn.
        Massimiliano Conti

        • orenzo
          orenzo says:

          Then, Mr. Maximilian, I repeat the question in another way in the hope that you can make up for my deficiencies:
          because the printed book of the Gospels is placed by you, at the end of a celebration, in the same place where the Eucharist is placed in such a way that both are equally venerated?
          Perhaps Christ is present in the Gospels in the same way he is present in the Eucharist?

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            Themselves. Orenzo, since he has not yet finished his disgusting interrogation and looking at me from top to bottom he allows himself to judge my faith, right away, in a few sentences I will try to give you reasons for my faith:

            I believe in God, Almighty Father, Creator of heaven and earth.
            and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,
            who was conceived of the Holy Spirit was born of the Virgin Mary,
            he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, he died and was buried;
            descended into hell; on the third day he rose from the dead;
            ascended to heaven, sits at the right hand of God the Father almighty:
            from there he will come to judge the living and the dead.
            I believe in the Holy Spirit,
            the holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints,
            the forgiveness of sins,
            the resurrection of the body, everlasting life. Amen.
            Massimiliano Conti

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Mr. Maximilian, I asked her: “Perhaps Christ is present in the Gospels in the same way he is present in the Eucharist?”
            and she replied by copying and pasting the “Apostolic symbol”, thus showing me that he knows him: it is as though I had asked her if apples and pears are the same thing for her and she had replied that fruit is good to eat, as if to say that either he didn't understand the question or he doesn't know what to answer.
            However, I would appreciate your kind reply on the matter and I continue to ask you: In the printed Gospels and in the Eucharist there is the same presence of Christ so that identical adoration must be paid to both?

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            I understand the questions perfectly well, it is she who does not understand the answers.

            Ps. For days on this site of haters I explain how the moment of communion happens and it has also been confirmed by other haters like her. I don't have to deny anything because it happens as prescribed by the approved statute. ALWAYS IN TWO SPECIES , YOU RECEIVE STANDING, UNZZIMO BREAD AND WINE AND IN YOUR PLACE. I don't know what language to say it anymore, but don't try so hard to understand and don't bother to answer because I won't answer you anymore.

            Ps. 2
            or better, next time I'll draw her a sketch.
            Massimiliano Conti.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Mr. Maximilian, and c'è o ci four? If you are not sure, legitimate given your answers and assuming you don't understand Italian very well, I will try to specify better:

            1. After you have received the Eucharist in your hands and rigorously standing, what do you do?
            Hold the Eucharist in your hands or place it in your mouth and eat it?
            And if you put the Eucharist in your mouth and eat it, these two specific actions (put the Eucharist in your mouth and eat it) you do them standing or sitting?
            If you have difficulty giving an answer on the merits, even a few lines, just write or “STANDING(if you place the Eucharist in your mouth and eat it standing up) ” or “SITTING (if you place the Eucharist in your mouth and eat it seated)”.

            2. The presence of Christ in the printed book of the Gospels and in the Eucharist is the same or not?
            If you have difficulty giving an answer on the merits, even a few lines, just write or “AND (it is the same presence)” or “DO NOT (it is not the same presence)”.

        • Iacopo
          Iacopo says:

          I would say that with this “gooseberry” sadly, the bottom has been reached and the digging has already begun. A when the comparison between those who criticize the path and Hitler?

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            Say orenzo, she doesn't even know what she's talking about. First he accuses us of receiving Communion seated, then once denied when I showed her that the video she was JUDGING was before the statute she changes the subject by glossing over the fool she has just made and invents a new nonsense. The material presence of Christ is in the Eucharist, but I did not believe that one day I would have to explain it to those who profess to be Christians, I thought that the profession of faith was enough, but I was wrong.
            Massimiliano Conti

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Mr. Maximilian:
            1. She denies a video where it is seen that you receive the Eucharist seated because, she says, now you receive it standing, but it does not at all deny that then, after receiving it, you sit down and communicate with the priest: it seems to her that she has denied that you communicate sitting?
            2. I did not ask you at all to clarify the doctrine of transubstantiation, but I asked her if, for her, Christ is present in the printed book of the Gospels as he is present in the Eucharist e, therefore, whether the same adoration that is due to the Eucharist should be paid to the book of the Gospels: she is able to understand or not the questions that are asked in Italian?

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            Mr. Conti, we don't hide behind a finger while singing “at the East Fair”, infinite dirge.
            Let's put it this way: “I don't have to deny anything because it happens as prescribed by the approved statute. ALWAYS IN TWO SPECIES , YOU RECEIVE STANDING, UNZZIMO BREAD AND WINE AND IN YOUR PLACE”.
            And then?
            Could you tell us what happens “after” to have received the two species STANDING?
            It is CONSUMED sitting or standing?
            It is CONSUMED immediately or all together, even with the presbyter?
            The presbyter consumes before you or WITH you?
            Because he knows, certain standards do not have to be written ad hoc, they are normally practiced in the CHURCH.
            It is assumed that the priest consumes FIRST and the faithful IMMEDIATELY, these things don't have to be specified.
            But to adapt, you want to own “all written” point by point, specially addressed to you?
            The CHURCH tells how Communion is RECEIVED and CONSUMED, it is UNDERSTANDED that if it is not granted otherwise, one does as EVERYONE: the presbyter is consumed immediately and after, which he CONSUMES before distributing to the faithful.
            So, I repeat: How do you do it “AFTER” having received the two standing species?
            He NEVER responded to this.

    • Thomist ex NC
      Thomist ex NC says:

      I think it's not quite clear to you yet the status of the problem. Even assuming the absurdity that what he says corresponds to the truth, that is, the priest communicates a moment before the faithful, the problem is not solved at all. For us Catholics, therefore pagans devoted to the cult of the magical arts, the essence of the Holy Mass is the Sacrifice, not the banquet, which, if anything, is the fruit of it, being a sacrificial meal.
      The Sacrifice of the Mass is accomplished through these three actions of the Priest: offering, immolation and consummation of the Victim. The communion of the faithful is not an integral part of the liturgy, nor is it essential to the effectiveness of the Mass, there can be as well as not there, absolutely nothing changes. On the contrary, the assembly itself is not necessary: the Carthusian monk who offers the Eucharistic Sacrifice in total solitude, inside his cell, performs an ecclesial act, in which the whole Church participates.
      I understand that Kiko, in terms of materialism and immanentism, give Marx a mustache, ma, be clear, what he teaches is not the doctrine of the Church, and seriously distort the conception of the Mass. It is heretical to say that the Eucharist “flows from the assembly”,…

  16. Pax
    Pax says:

    Bdndn and Luca1

    Allegations of sectarianism directed at this magazine, pathetic!
    Intimate, without having authority, to close your mouth e, like always, do not bring a shred of argument that is one.

    “Approved, we approved…dad, the Pope is with us!”
    A sign of all your inconsistency.

    It seems to me that you come to defend Kiko Arguello with such ardor because you feel you are wavering.
    Father Ariel says well: Because, Rather, don't tell us WHAT IS SAYING IN YOUR DARK ROOMS – other than filled with the Holy Spirit – when no one hears you, OF THE POPES (not only of Benedict XVI!)? Of the various Cardinals at the head of the Vatican Congregations with whom you have had to deal, for long years, during the painful negotiations for approval? (Very painful because of your boundless presumption and incurable stubbornness).
    I AM WITNESS: I was there at the time.
    I could tell!

    One little thing this morning, all for you.
    After an unequivocal call to obedience on the Way to the Shepherds, the super/saint Carmen, who boasted uncommon gifts of intelligence, broke the dismayed silence of the itinerants with a “I DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WANTED TO SAY”.

  17. Lucal
    Lucal says:

    It disgusts me to see how Mr. Ariel reinterprets and changes the Words of the Popes in his favor.
    Continue to cite a doctrine of the Church that you yourself contradict by continually DISOBEYING and CRITICATING the Pope.
    You are extremely unreliable!!

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      First of all, don't ever come back to me calling me Mr. Ariel.
      Said this: who has always upset, manipulated and falsified the words of the Supreme Pontiffs, to the point of passing public reproaches as acts of approval, these were Kiko and Carmen, punctually and repeatedly, not me, that I have faithfully reproduced the words of the August Pontiffs, demonstrating that they said exactly the opposite of what the two did sorcerer's apprentice they made their sectarians believe.
      and they are acts and facts that cannot be denied: Benedict XVI reprimanded you and had you reprimanded by the competent dicasteries and Kiko came out announcing "The Church approves us, the Pope approves us!».

      You say that I continually criticize the Pope?
      Mi tip: between 2005 and the 2007, what was said in yours “heavenly rooms” all stuffed with “Holy Spirit” on Benedict XVI? What was said about him when, In the 2007, approval expired to experiment given by John Paul II in 2002 for five years, instead of approving you, he told you and made you say that he would not have granted any approval if you had not first corrected catechisms and above all serious liturgical abuses?
      Tell us … tell us … what was said, in those times, on the reigning Pontiff?
      I really believe that in front of those like her, the mythical Caifa would really distance himself.

      And tell us … who was that ninety piece of the Neocatechumenals who, after Benedict XVI's act of resignation he said: "Thank god, otherwise he would soon come out with the tiara on his head over the gestation chair "?
      Who said it? I remember her, knows how, per aging age, I have a memory lapse …

      • Luca
        Luca says:

        Dear mr ariel,
        Rinse your mouth when you talk about Kiko and Carmen; thank God the Madonna sees us much longer than you and knows how to choose her helpers.
        It is no coincidence that you just can't become as famous as you would like because no one queues if we exclude you excommunicated and demonic LEVEVRIANS.
        I Papi? They ALWAYS spoke in favor of the journey… want me to send you the jerk videos??
        Go and find him…you spend your life on the internet instead of being a priest…(thank God…)

        • father ariel
          Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

          Let's avoid telling them, out of modesty and good decorum, what you should rinse her, before speaking in these contemptuous and insulting terms even the worst priest in this world.
          And you don't bring up the Mother of God, who is not limited only to being the Mother of Priests, because the Virgin Mary, the priesthood, he venerates it in all its sacredness, having instituted his Divine Son.

          May God have mercy on her and on subjects like her.

        • father ariel
          A.B. (Rome) says:

          I understand that you also give space to voices of bad and deranged subjects, I do not agree, but I understand that perhaps you are doing it to offer a complete overview.

          To this poor fellow I would like to answer only this: have you ever seen Father Ariel give extreme unction to a dying man?
          I've seen it recently, present all my family, and we all immediately understood what a true holy priest is.

          If I, my brother, my brother-in-law and my nephews (in short, all the males of the family) we had had it in front of his own physical presence, after this barrage of insults, it may be that she too, In short, he should have been comforted with this sacrament.

          E’ truly painful and pitiful to read such comments on a priest who expressed opinions on the merits of which in one of his books, these unusually aggressive types, they do not even go inside.

        • Thomist ex NC
          Thomist ex NC says:

          One thing is certain and easily demonstrable: Mons. Marcel Lefebvre, unlike Kiko and Carmen, he never wrote or disseminated heresies.

        • Always a free mind
          Always a free mind says:

          Since the Neocatechumenals arrived, the religious dialectic has miserably expired to give way to the lowest expressions used in the world (to which they pride themselves on not belonging).

          Gone are the times when a certain form of dialogic exchange was still moving on different or even heretical positions.
          With these there is no exchange, only offenses, sometimes even heavy, e slogan.

          Even Luther, although very bold in speaking, it did not reach such heights: these have surpassed any common imagination.

          There is no exchange, there is no substance, there are only insults and bad words. How you do it?

          E’ the horde has arrived (barbaric or worse?) who only knows how to utter phrases worthy of the worst demons.
          We imagine such a language in the mouth of Jesus Christ or Saint Paul?
          Even from the language you understand where they come from…

          And then they talk about love, love for the enemy, Holy Spirit…
          If even Father Ariel or all of us were “enemies”, which “love” they would show us these?

          Even the devil is able to pronounce the word “love”, but at the same time he is capable of uttering blasphemies, bad words and insults.
          What is the difference?

  18. Bdndn
    Bdndn says:

    I firmly believe that after the seminar supported by propaganda fide this blog has been confirmed as the real SEPT!!
    I understand that the Pope (that you ridicule so much) did he open a seminar in just ariel???
    Ariel at most opens a butchery….
    Ha ha haaaa

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      In these our pages, the Supreme Pontiff is at this point “ridiculed”, as falsely lying she claims, that the home-page it opens with the Pontifical Hymn which I report in full text with translation, it does not open with the schitarrate and the songs of the false prophet and the bad teacher Kiko Arguello.

      the felix rome – O noble Rome.
      You are the seat of Peter, who shed the blood of Rome,
      Petri, to whom the keys were given
      are the kingdoms of heaven.
      Pontiff, You are Peter's successor;
      Pontiff, You are the teacher, strengthen your brothers;
      Pontiff, You who are the Servant of God's servants,
      and fisher of men, you are the shepherd of the flock,
      binding heaven and earth.
      Pontiff, You are Christ's vicar on earth,
      the rocks between the waves, You are a beacon in the darkness;
      You are the champion of peace, You are the guardian of unity,
      the defender of liberty; power in You.
      You are the Pontiff, firm it petra, and upon the rock
      this is the Church of God that was built.
      Pontiff, You are Christ's vicar on earth,
      the rocks between the waves, You are a beacon in the darkness;
      You are the champion of peace, You are the guardian of unity,
      the defender of liberty; power in You.
      the felix rome – O noble Rome.


      Immortal Rome of Martyrs and Saints,
      Immortal Rome welcome our songs:
      Glory in heaven to God our Lord,
      Peace to the Faithful, of Christ in love.
      We come to You, Angelic Shepherd,
      In you we see the meek Redeemer,
      Holy heir of true and holy Faith;
      Comfort and pride to those who fight and believe,
      Force and terror will not prevail,
      But the Truth will reign, the love.
      Hello Hello Rome, eternal homeland of memories,
      A thousand palms and a thousand altars sing your glories.
      Rome of the apostles, Mother guide of the Redeemed,
      Rome light of the people, the world hopes in you!
      Hello Hello Rome, your light does not set,
      Hatred and shame overcomes the splendor of your beauty.
      Rome of the Apostles, Mother and guide of the Redeemed,
      Rome light of the people, the world hopes in you!

      I answer the other insult, with references to pork butchers and various amenities, saying that the decision to open a seminar neocatechiko a Macao, it was not of the Supreme Pontiff and it is not an act of his supreme magisterium, nor was this opening decreed with a motu proprio , but above all it is certainly not a dogma of faith.
      The decision to open that seminary was made by the Prefetto de Propaganda Fide [see WHO]

      now tell us: How come Propaganda Fide has turned back to Macau?
      You know that the bishops of Japan, for the umpteenth time, they did not want a neokatekiko seminar?
      What does it tell us about it? Perhaps all the Japanese bishops are not in communion with Rome and the Roman Pontiff, having denied the opening on their territory of the small factory of priests for Kikian use?

      But how good are you Neocatechumenals, disobedient unrepentant and institutionalized towards the Church and the Papacy, all with the aggravating circumstance of hypocrisy, to accuse of being against the Church and the Supreme Pontiff all those who in reality are instead it is only against you, obeying the Successor of Peter with devotion and faith, the name of which I, Every day, I remember the Holy Mass in the canon of the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

      Your game, foolish and pathetic “whoever is against us is against the Church and the Pope”, no longer holds, how does the even more pathetic game of overturning facts and words to impute your disobedience to others does not stand up.

      So if you print it in your head from now and forever: being against the Neocatechumenal Way is not the same as being against the Church and the Papacy, clear?
      No One, to those within the Church, it was against schools, the settings, missionary activities and so on, of Franciscans or Dominicans, of Jesuits or Claretians, never dreamed of saying: “You are against the Church and the Papacy”.

      Enough of this would get out!

  19. Pax
    Pax says:

    Signor cjnsbcxkgtw
    24 October 18:09

    Thank you very much for having explained so well what you think of Catholics faithful to the dictates of the Church.

    It is always good to be clear and truthful.

    I agree with Libera: you spoke of the Sanctified Altars.


    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      From the minute 22,58 At the minute 25,07 of the movie, everyone can see and take note of how the neocats approach the Eucharist strictly seated;
      following, by the minute 25,08 At the minute 26,59, you can see how the Blessed Sacrament is placed in the Kikian tabernacle after placing the book of the Gospels over it, as if to signify the presence of Christ in a printed book and in the Eucharistic Bread, for the neocats, they are the same thing.

      • Maximilian C.
        Maximilian C. says:

        The video is from 2004. From the 2008 year of the approved statute, the body and blood of Christ is received standing. As said several times.
        Massimiliano Conti.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          And who imposed it on you, to receive Holy Communion on your feet, after denying you final approval in 2007 upon expiry of the approval to experiment given by John Paul II?
          Because Benedict XVI extended others 5 years denying approval?
          Perhaps he denied it thanks to the devout and splendid obedience of the Neocatechumenals?

          But she, it is perhaps totally devoid of historical memory and relationship with reality?
          Above all: he feels like saying that in all the numerous peripheral rooms, where the Neocatechumenals are not controlled, comply with these rules?
          Because to me it appears that where they are not controlled, closed the doors do what they want and how they want.
          Obviously she will say no.

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            Usually Maximilian,

            Throughout my region, I repeat ALL, the blood of Christ is received standing up and for obvious reasons it is also drunk standing up.

            But the body of Christ is received standing, we sit down and then consume all together, including presbyter, SITTING.

            Everyone is SITTING and only gets up when the officiant is in front of them with the cup or plate of bread.
            There is a big difference between receiving and consuming: this is there’ploy which they invented to pretend to have adapted.

            It is received standing and consumed seated, even because, since the presbyter consumes together with the assembly, reserving the last piece of bread left on the plate, he expects him to have sat down too.
            Therefore the priest also consumes the body of Christ while seated.

            This is to say that they stubbornly did not want to give up on pursuing their vision, not fully adapting to the references made, but only in part, otherwise the Arguello suffered a reduction, obeying is not for him, he has to lead…

            I challenge her to produce a video, prior to this date, which shows that in the CNC the body of Christ is CONSUMED standing and after the presbyter.

        • orenzo
          orenzo says:

          And you can affirm, in conscience, that all the neocats conform to what is imposed on them by the Church?
          Moreover, what justification you give to the fact that you venerate the book of the Gospels like the Body and Blood of Christ?

        • Pax
          Pax says:

          It is received standing BUT it is consumed while seated after holding the piece of broken bread in the hands after the consecration for a shorter or longer time, it depends on the number of participants and the ministers available.
          This practice, the result of an interpretation “extensive” or rather arbitrary, It has NEVER been explicitly approved.
          The Church has ordered the Way to adapt to the practice of the Church – RECEIVE AND CONSUME COMMUNION ON YOUR FEET – the more comes….FROM THE DEMON.
          I add that a period of DI was given 2 YEARS to ABANDON THE DISTRIBUTION MODE INVALID IN THE WAY. This the 2005 in the Letter of Arinze.
          You are overwhelmed by the church.
          I conclude with a final note:
          We want to talk about the distribution and consumption of wine in copponi with corners? Passing the presbyter in the assembly?
          The brother gets up, takes the coppone in his hands, takes a big sip, returns and resides. Have you ever seen old people, that now abound in the communities, do this dangerous ritual?
          Massimiliano, better shut up.


  20. Pax
    Pax says:

    @ bksjdv,
    as well as a great vulgar also ignorant!

    St. Thomas nails you in the quotation wisely reported by Tomista ex NC:

    She shows a contemptuous contempt for rules and norms while, like all donkeys walking for no reason, strictly complies with the rules, Neocatechumenal Pharisaic rules and rules; heavy burden on the Levitical law of a self-referential priestly caste out of history.

    Only the Church establishes the mode of worship for “divine authority” and faithfully guards it in custom.

    Who ON BEHALF of the Church manifests a cult to God according to others “rules” e “standards”, clearly IN CONTRAST with the provisions of the Holy Mother Church – AS YOU DO EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT IN THE SECRET ROOMS – is a FAKE.

    Because of this, we always say that:

    – the better (since obeying is not really mentioned) come out and finally break away, with honesty, by the Catholic Church.

    – Better a schism than an encysted cancer!

    What do Christ and Belial have in common?
    Only the devil is false and a liar; father of lies loves to disguise himself and take the form of God to sit on the Throne.
    I-I-I…reminds me …

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      If you believe that the neocats consider St. Thomas more authoritative, I am not saying about Kiko, but also only of one of the megagalactic catechists, you're just deluded.

      • Pax
        Pax says:

        And here the donkey falls!
        It is appropriate to say…

        For this we, undeterred, we continue to whip them with the holy words of the Holy Mother Church.

        I thank you Tomista.


    • Always a free mind
      Always a free mind says:

      Mr. kjjbdnv,
      you learn to read, it is not written “desecrated”, ma “consecrated”.
      But maybe you don't even know that there are altars in churches “consecrated” to God.

      Catechism of the Catholic Church 1383: The altar, around which the Church is gathered in the celebration of the Eucharist, it represents the two aspects of the same mystery: the altar of sacrifice and the Lord's table, and this all the more so since the Christian altar is the symbol of Christ himself, present in the midst of the assembly of his faithful and as a victim offered for our reconciliation, both as a celestial food that is given to us. "What is the altar of Christ if not the image of the Body of Christ? », says Saint Ambrose, (214) and elsewhere: "The altar is the image of the body, and the Body of Christ is on the altar ".

      Pope Francis personally consecrated an altar during WYD in Panama, but he is a c.. tied to the rules…
      Eh are rules… that you neocat don't even know, so much so that you don't care about the Catholic Church?

      I think someone inspired her to read “desecrated” where it was not written…

  21. Luca
    Luca says:

    I do not know what she's diocese incardinated, cmq there are 8 seminars in Italy: Rome, Florence, Pinerolo, Trieste, Cosenza, Campobasso, Ascoli and Macerata, a chat if he could do. Good night

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      For the case refers to those seminars where they are installed tabernacles Double, within which are preserved Bread&Word, namely the “pane” and the Book of the Word?
      Because this is more than enough already, a me, as any Catholic priest.

      Just tell me and show me in which liturgical and canonical norms of the Church has allowed this.
      And we're talking about the Holy Eucharist reserves, we're not talking about elements of the marginal type Jewish candlesticks or similar amenities.
      How Decree, the Holy thirst, through the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has approved these kikotabernacoli?

      In the eight seminars Redempkiko Mater she quoted me, first try to see only half inginocchiatoio [see links below]. Because he sees, the first thing that is taught to seminarians:

      "That at the name of Jesus
      every knee should bend
      in the heavens, on earth and under the earth " [Fil 2, 10]

      etc …

        • Thomist ex NC
          Thomist ex NC says:

          Let me get, Mr. cjnsbcxkgtw,

          He is trying to insinuate that the Neocatechumenal Way does not keep to the rules and regulations?
          So you can not sing psalms to music by Kiko during your celebrations?
          You can use an icon of the Virgin other than that painted by Kiko?
          It is also possible to use chalices and patens not kikiani?
          And a normal processional cross?
          You can also put a crucifix on the altar instead of the menorah?

          It seems to me that in terms of rules and regulations you are manic. Your rubricismo would dwarf even those of Gricigliano.

          The problem, if anything, is another: for you the law of Kiko wins on the law of the Church: rightly, where the minor lapses.

          Yet "vice of falsehood is for those behalf of the Church to worship God against the established ways to divine authority by the Church and in her usual ' (S. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica., (II), 2, q. 93, a. 1)

        • Always a free mind
          Always a free mind says:

          Signor bsdjdk,

          Then it will be agreed that I am testicles all those who follow these rules:

          – obligation of blind obedience to catechists;
          – obligation of fasting two and a half days before Easter;
          – obligation to purchase ambo covers, Madonna of the Way, Jewish menorah, croce astile kicked by a, possible, corona misterica kikiana, all in specialized Kikian stores, held by “siblings” making fortunes;
          – obligation of public confession to the ballots, otherwise you are rejected;
          – obligation to wear white robes after the Election;
          – milk and honey obligation after the Election;
          – obligation to consume only unleavened bread (homemade focaccia);
          – obligation to receive communion in hand;
          – obligation to drink wine from the cup;
          – obligation to confess only the list of sins and not ask for spiritual direction, because that must be done by the catechist and not the priest;
          – obligation to pay tithing;
          – prohibition to sing songs other than the Kikian ones;
          – obligation to flower the table;
          – obligation to disavow the consecrated altar in favor of two boards and two trestles;
          – obligation to do the Easter vigil all night with agape or lunch attached …

          I have no more space, I could go on …

          • Thomist ex NC
            Thomist ex NC says:

            Grande Pax!
            And now, caro kjxlqysb, take that:

            «We must unfortunately complain that, especially starting from the years of the post-conciliar liturgical reform, for a misunderstood sense of creativity and adaptation, there was no lack of abuse, which have been a cause of suffering for many… I therefore feel the duty to make a warm appeal why, in the Eucharistic Celebration, liturgical norms are observed with great fidelity. They are a concrete expression of the authentic ecclesiality of the Eucharist; this is their deepest sense. The liturgy is never anyone's private property, neither of the celebrant nor of the community in which the Mysteries are celebrated. The apostle Paul had to address burning words to the community of Corinth for the serious shortcomings in their Eucharistic celebration, which had led to divisions (skìsmata) and the formation of factions (‘aireseis) (cf. 1 Color 11,17-34)».

            John Paul II, A little. Enc. Church of the Eucharist (2003), n. 52

          • cjnsbcxkgtw
            cjnsbcxkgtw says:

            Deconsecrated altar……you are children of pagan magic rites……shitty clericals and sectarians..

  22. Pax
    Pax says:

    I start from the conclusion of Lilly that I share:

    On the way there is a lot of confusion and in the end you do not know what religion you belong or who you are!

    Carry exactly the formula that is recited during Mass before the consecration:
    “May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands
    to the praise and glory of HIS name,
    for our good and all HIS Holy Church.”

    I felt, my brave Fabio Redondo, Carmen's catechesis on the Eucharist and Kiko know them better than you do for long association.

    You have reported a journey of the most obsessive mantra, ask why.

    He repeated this formula, evoking the unpopular SACRIFICE, actually in the post-Vatican II liturgy was canceled, but was saved because of the ignorance of the people ox that you would not understand…until Kiko and Carmen they have not catechized (obvious!), why the celebration of neocatatecumenali was elected struck out.
    A deadly mixture of lies and bad faith!

    The SACRIFICE expression to them does not come out from the mouth, even with pliers. Obtorto neck they had to put it back with Arinze and, in hand with guts, the SHOULD SAY (grinding his teeth and full of disgust) because they possessed.

    What bothers it is that, in your ignorance, Fate pure i saputelli.

    I want to conclude with a finding alone.

    Instead, says Father Ariel in a previous comment, you have managed to overcome all limits. They are more loyal tribal peoples who also enter their songs and dances.
    Shame on you!…

    • Lilly
      Lilly says:

      dear Patty,

      I apologize for writing the T instead of the S, I had not noticed now when I had already published and therefore did not make me correct.
      Have a good evening.

  23. Paola
    Paola says:

    I mean in 25 years in which I have been in The Way, but even before it was so and still is. L'”only thing that has changed is the backsplash, ie the very short rise only when the priest making the rounds gets to you, to take Communion in the hand and the cup in his hand standing for a few seconds.

  24. Lilly
    Lilly says:

    Excuse me if I return once again to write, I have been there on the way, at the time when he still had the ham on the eyes (and maybe I can understand some who do not understand everything that is challenged) everything seemed normal, then one day I am reciting the Creed I realized that I was in the wrong place,the recitation of the Creed we say I believe in the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic and finding myself to hear mass in a room is I already seemed out of place.

    Dad, The Bishops repeatedly urged the way to the celebration of the Holy Mass together with all other parish,invitation that is entered in one ear and another is out,When I spoke in my insistence of this catechists,they told me the church's us, we do not need a building to make put the first Christian churches had mica? So sorry!!! Shouting I told him … if we do not need the church then why not abolish? And when we say the Creed (in lounges during commissioning) and let's say I believe in the church of which church we are talking?

    On the way there is great confusion, at some point you do not know who you are it what religion you belong.

  25. Thomist ex NC
    Thomist ex NC says:

    dear Mr. Round,

    I sincerely thank you, Fan Nino Frassica, and I think I represent the sentiments of many readers Island, for pointing out to all, this “nanetto” Friar Anthony of Scasazza on Sani Gesualdi life.

    Maybe that “Those of the night” were Neocatechumenals?
    Renzo Arbore will never cease to amaze!
    It's not nice what is beautiful, So beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful!

    • Lilly
      Lilly says:

      Mr. Fabio,

      So what obedience She talks,if the way the priest is just a pawn?

      For Catholics, the priest is a minister of God, the Neocatechumenal Way to minister the catechist, THEN WHERE IS OBEDIENCE vaunted BY YOU?

      Catholics can not receive any sacrament if it is not given by a minister of God, yourself you can not eat the pieces of loaf if it is not first been consecrated by a priest, but as she spoke of the obedient kiko, I the mending that one of the cardinal points of disobedience is just what I have now described, and that is that the way the priests are paper to tear and this I say and do the Lutherans, but with all respect to them because they do not have hidden behind the Catholic Church.

      • Fabio Redondi
        Fabio Redondi says:

        THE LORD RECEIVE FROM THIS SACRIFICE YOUR HANDS IN PRAISE AND GLORY OF YOUR NAME FOR OUR GOOD AND ALL YOUR HOLY CHURCH…..It was the only stretch where Paul VI had doubts whether to leave or delete…because of idiots like you!!!
        PS Dear ariel're just a boor. do not delete comments apart!

        • Thomist ex NC
          Thomist ex NC says:

          But she is there or is there?
          L 'Prayers It IMPOSED was by Paul VI in spite of the opposition of Implementation of the plan Constitution on the Liturgy, witness the P. Annibale Bugnini in his volumone on liturgical reform, complete with autograph card of the Pope.

          The one that says Kiko is a lie. Here it is the exact quote:

          “Thus Paul VI said, "It takes away the’Pray, brothers? Not a pretty, ancient, appropriate conversation between celebrant and the assembly before beginning the prayer over the gifts and the sacrificial liturgy? It would be a lost gem "

          Again, the reasons are known, and were such that the The design He voted again if agreed to keep the’pray, brothers, with the result: 15 contrary to conservation, 14 favorable, 1 favor of changing some expressions, 1 abstained. It was then stored.

          Annibale Bugnini, The liturgical reform (1948-1975), CLV, Rome 1997, p. 376″

          Never allow more than give to anyone ignorant.
          Capra !

        • Always a free mind
          Always a free mind says:

          You see, father ariel?
          As I said: one who is part of what ERASE PIECES official words of the Pope, It is to imply that it was the same thing clear from a magazine offensive messages to people and to the moral, calling him as well “boor”.
          With these there is no way, have just deliberately creating chaos, throwing statements Random, without logic, without “discernment”, word to them so dear… pure desire to besmirch the next (what you should love) and spread confusion.
          They vibrate an uncontrollable rage, escaping unlimited free from their insults and offenses.
          But what you have to do more to show from whom they come and which side are?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Themselves. Round,

          I have no idea who she is, But I am sure that his charismatic task infused by “Holy Spirit” kikiano is to arrange the chairs in peek classroom liturgical, or at least she will be a bongo player.
          One thing is certain: Saturday evening, During the resonance, It will boast of having fought the devil on the internet, but what is worse: of defeating him.
          Poor, proud creatura!

        • Lilly
          Lilly says:

          From the language he uses Mr. Fabio you can understand what they are made of super Catholics kiko, I do not think that I, sir, the offense has, true Christians are primarily educated, my advice and I speak as a sister who gets to study the Catholic doctrine (if this wants to be) because certainly the Neocatechumenal Way is not, The fact I give my opinion: strive to get out of this sect as we have done in many before it completely rimbambisca.

  26. father ariel
    Fabio Redondi says:


    WISE ..citando end this ... the fact that a Pope said years ago Kiko ... Be obedient to the Church and the Church will be obedient ... ..this has been done and this is rewarding the Way with fruits (the real ones) that you never knew existed.
    Otherwise I accept the challenge on the other points which you are so hurt tenth ... etc ... I wonder why ....

    Fabio Redondi


    Editorial Note

    Dear Sir,

    The first part of his comment was removed because neither she nor others can fanatically insult and accusing them of delusional people have said that not only, ever told, but just never thought. Nor can accuse them of having links with current environments and with whom, not only, They never have had dealings, but to which they have always been very critical, putting repeatedly warned the faithful from following certain currents schismatic separated from communion with Rome.

    His is the typical attitude of the Neocatechumenal settarista who invents and launches accusations absurd and entirely based on false, the sole purpose of diverting the topics covered here.

    Such things, go to them within your psychotic closed lounges, But not on the public pages of The Island of Patmos.

    The second part of his speech we left, no comments, because that which expresses the qualification in all its madness heretical neokatekica: "Pope said years ago Kiko ... Be obedient to the Church and the Church will be obedient".

    Thank you for witnessed what they teach your mega-catechists in closed rooms for keeping up the idolatrous cult of the personality of this false prophet and bad teacher, that so much damage has gone to the Church and to believers of Christ.

    • father ariel
      Don Ciro (Naples) says:

      Dear Mr. Fabio Redondi,

      from the attractive and creative Naples where there are many of your crazy groups that are a cross between Pulcinella playing in earnest, and the shamans of the "Holy Spirit", I thank you from my heart for giving me, after a long and busy day pastoral, a laugh with tears in his eyes, I laughed so much in fact after I read these words:

      WISE ..citando end this ... the fact that a Pope said years ago Kiko ... Be obedient to the Church and the Church will be obedient ...

      I do not know what the hard drugs administered the catekiki Neocatechumenals, but it must be just deadly stuff, that in comparison with which a krack pipe is similar to one of those who smoke sigarettine end of the ladies.

      Among the neokatekiki smoked until the last neuron in the brain, no one has ever said that the Church, understood as a supernatural spiritual entity, and its supreme authority, the Roman Pontiff, They are not subject to judgment (and obedience) to any human authority, place that their authority comes to them from Christ, God?

      Monday morning I go to the Curia, I act of humility and give back their doctoral degree in canon law, saying to the bishop: ... and in the words of the "holy" Carmen Hernandez (referring penalty to others and never, never to itself), until today, I had not realized just an emeritus ca ...!

      Santa woman, rather: holy immediately, she died and Kiko already a saint in life!

  27. Pax
    Pax says:

    The I also think so:
    They are evil and it takes the exorcist, this is the truth!
    Only those who have witnessed exorcisms real knows what the devil is capable when he is forced to appear, What he is able to say against his father exorcist who carries out his ministry, unrepeatable verbal attacks to vulgarity and violence, and attempts of physical aggression.
    Conclusion: his dear father Ariel Book, It hits the mark. For these possessed people it is like holy water!
    Then, else squalid:
    They think they hit the mark and remove credibility accusing it of careerism and desire to climb in the hierarchy of the Church.
    How are small and petty! They think that everyone is like their catechists in climbing to the way power, capable of terrible feuds.
    That all are like that Kiko is a monstrous megalomaniac and understands only its IO-IO-IO carmeniana memory.
    Let them lose, better let them cook them in the water!


  28. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    father ariel,

    is not to be confused with these people.
    At one time I thought that their illogic or apparent inability to understand was due to the ham on the eyes and indoctrination.
    In time, however, Also from personal experience, I realized that it is actually a “technique” which it obtains by attending the lounges.
    E’ a technique sometimes maybe even unconscious, but intended only to create confusion, to sidetrack from the arguments, to shift the focus on minimal things…
    In this way, no more speech can be brought forward so sequential and linear, but you lose the thread, you lose the essential, you go off topic.
    as this “technique” is in use in each Neocatechumenal, It disregards the amplitude of views or the individual preparation, it's a “modus”.
    If what they want is to confuse and create chaos dialogue, give them twine is a trap.
    E’ a powder’ the political technique, distort and confuse the message against.
    They were born to chaos, disorder, in every aspect of their movement.
    They are not dull, They are just evil.

    • Luca
      Luca says:

      Caro Redondi, Your quote is wrong, Paul VI said to Kiko: “be faithful to the Church and the Church will be faithful”, not obedient.

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        The faithful church Kiko and not to Christ: though, as you claim, he had said a Pope, This dimostrebbe only that even from the mouth of a Pope can come out crap egregious.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        The Church is faithful to Christ, not to men. And only in Christ has to be faithful.

        A statement like no Pope has ever made even before to people who already lives were revered as saints by the Popes, San Filippo Blacks in Santa Teresa.

        I doubt that Paul VI had expressed a similar phrase imbued with a caesaropapism gypsy Spanish arrived in Rome in the post-council to do some’ casino in the metropolitan church of Canadian Martyrs.

        And if Paul VI said something like, in this case, has said one emerita scemenza. What can be wanting, because he spoke informally as well said “private doctor”, in another language you would say “as a private citizen”.

        The problem is that you Neocatechumenal: one speaks to a critical, you immediately replicated by publishing a photo of Pope Francis Kiko, Father Mario Pezzi, and Ascension to say: “Is not it … it's not true! The Pope loves us to distraction, here's the proof!”

        But you have no idea how many people, photographed smiling with Popes, They are then finished under process, condemned, jailed, put on the forks?

        Or do you want a list of some gentlemen who were photographed smiling in the morning close to the Roman Pontiff and the night he then hunted whores and transvestites?

  29. Domenico
    Domenico says:

    If you get to sell 1.000.000 copies of the book, The will give the Nobel of theology and even the much-coveted secret episcopal office: my sense of smell ( sensitive as His) I suggest that your social climbing is huge, but He, you unwisely called Pol Pot, The held well away from the control spheres. If you make a right.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      My dear and poor Domenico,

      a priest who had had ambitions that she paints, It would have behaved in a way diametrically opposite, What this also understand that a clever boy just come in early adolescence.
      Therefore, to achieve similar purposes, I wrote and so talked about pounding:

      1. church “poor for the poor”;
      2. church “output”;
      3. church “field hospital”;
      4. church “welcoming and inclusive” to all that it is not Catholic;
      5. I decried the moral of John Paul II and I would have destroyed the magisterium, But except make him a saint;
      6. I disparaged the notion of Liturgy of Benedict XVI, ironic that “thank God he did waiver, because otherwise, soon, we would have seen out with the tiara on his head over the chair gestatoria”;
      7. I would have written articles and books on migrants, giving life to the theological concept that “the poor and the migrants are the body of Christ”.

      In short, my dear and poor Domenico: I would have done exactly what they did all these my brethren that, acting in this way, bishops have become really. And I can guarantee: We were also selected many of the worst elements of the Priestly College, several of which have recognized and previous moral problems, but above all doctrinal. But only they spoke poor, migrants, epochal revolution and so on …

      What about me, if you had chosen the path of the hypocrites, the opportunists and turncoats, doing what is contained in the points 1-7, having perhaps even more skills and talents they, I would not have become one bishop, but today I would be a member of the College of Cardinals. And as Cardinal I would play on the cardinal's coat of arms instead of grabbing Christ Peter sinking in the waters [cf. Mt 14, 29-31], grab a Muslim migrant from the boat near Lampedusa a non-profit organization that flies the Netherlands flag, giving due regard to the Caritas canteens to eliminate from the pork meat foods.

      Of the Holy Father John Paul II I have criticized – as the Church and canon law recognize me and allow me to do – having granted approval to experiment to the Neocatechumenal Way of 2002 e, even before, In the 1988 much worse: the granting of the opening of the first Seminar Mother of the Redeemer allowing this congregation affected by serious doctrinal errors and liturgical abuses, even the clergy to form a proper measure.

      Of the Holy Father John Paul II I have never criticized or questioned the splendid Magisterium or all data acts of its supreme authority, nor do I have participated in recent years the destruction luciferin of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

      Of the Holy Father John Paul II I made my great admonition and a great invitation that follow me and affects my priestly life today: “Do not be afraid, open, wide the doors to Christ and his saving power”. He didn't say: “Open wide the doors to the migrant Muslim”, he didn't say “open wide the doors to all that is not Catholic”. He said their: “Open wide the doors to Christ”.

      Therefore, someone like me, He can have career ambitions in the same way that a critic of the Soviet regime of the fifties could aspire to enter the parliament of the State Duma under the regime of Stalin.

      Thank you my dear, poor Domenico, in my name and Readers, for his analytical judgment confirming the intelligence, the logic and the relationship with the real typical neocatecumenale-model.

      read what I wrote four years ago, He will have undeniable proof of what I just wrote, proof that only you and those like her, they can deny:

      • father ariel
        Andrea says:

        ahiahiahi ...
        Mr. Reverend has cheated with his own hands because he writes

        "Of the Holy Father John Paul II I have never criticized or questioned the splendid Magisterium or all data acts of his authority sum"

        After stating that a critical act of its highest authority.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          This is yet another proof of falsante and manipulative style of kikos: extract from a speech precise and articulate a sentence, mistificarla and to say to the author that he did not say.
          The whole, Seasoned with salt and oil the most crass ignorance and mischievous.

          An administrative act of the Pontifical Council for the Laity who in 2002 approves to experiment for five years the Neocatechumenal under Pope John Paul II, without which the document is mentioned directly nor indirectly the Roman Pontiff, It is neither an encyclical contains truths of faith within the infallible teaching, born a motu proprio to which every bishop, priest and faithful Catholic is obliged to pay devout obedience.

          Needless to argue with these people.
          For them, a photograph of Kiko Arguello, Mario Pezzi and María Ascension Romero with the Holy Father, is an act of recognition of the most solemn infallible magisterium.
          Discuss with these people and it's just nothing but waste of time.

    • father ariel
      Pinus Cembra says:

      No … Domenico wrong, nothing but a banal Catholic bishop.
      Few know that the Father Ariel plot for years to be a day finally appointed successor to Joseph Markus Odermatt, current pontiff of the Church Palmariana!
      The first measures will be the foundation of “Edizioni El Palmar de Troya”, the publication of the complete works of Don Camillo and direct canonization of Hypatia Roman cat.
      followed by refreshments.

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        I see that you, neocat, as well as having a guilty conscience you're not even able to converse rationally arguing: to your network is, for case, Also brainwashed?

  30. robert
    robert says:

    The writer is certainly the last he can speak but the signs are so obvious that the Church is really under the attack of the evil one, and the priests are confused.

    There are those who want to do the ultramodern, pastors attending gleeful gay wedding, others grant the halls of the parishes in communist militants (and declared atheists) a Muslim tricks (But if you go to ask for help with a Muslim family that is for a couple of weeks without a home you warmly to send municipal social services. I had to fix it I), others make salviniani just because the kiss crucifixes and consecrates (his!) this poor country to Madonna.

    One day I happen to end up in a celebration of the Neocatechumenal: When they saw me in there, everyone smiled at me and showed me a diligent friendship, as soon as I left (fast enough in truth) they no longer even recognized me on the street (people then known for years!).

    The churches are empty, There are only old. All to give the peace sign running from one bank with a smile, outside the church do not greet anyone.
    May God have mercy on us.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Caro Robert,

      if he wants, to give reason, I tell her singing the Gregorian chant, as when singing the preface of feasts and solemnities:

      It is truly right for, right and availing,
      We should at all times and in all places:
      Sir, holy Father, almighty eternal God

      Translation: It is truly meet and right, affordable and healthy,
      that we, always and everywhere, We thank you,
      O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, eternal God […]

  31. Pax
    Pax says:

    I do not know what Paul wrote. It matters little. But because they take so much? They have with them the Pope, we are isolated, So what are they afraid? Because such reactions decomposed? We should be desperate, yet we are calm, with so much pain, but in the hope that the end is near now! I would like to answer, even if our readers, Massimiliano to comment this morning hours 9 and min.:
    Too easy to liquidate as Father Ariel “debater of this world”. Ma… glad you…! Even more convenient tie the epithet of vengeful per pax (that's me) and companions. Flattering is instead the combination of the legendary Pluto and Donald Duck, immortal characters and full of healthy feelings, able to share, True friends.
    I repeat: Glad you, everyone happy. Do well to get away from us, better to continue peaceful path laid out for your. We, with your permission (but also without) we do our – whenever we feel confirmed in our daily prayer – e, regardless, unless you intervene more, maybe it's better for everyone. Wise decision.

  32. father ariel
    Paul says:

    When one does not know that […] CENSORED

    Editor's note
    the comment was censored because it contains serious insult to the dignity of the priesthood

  33. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    good evening.

    I will purchase the book and give it to my mother-in-law (which is part of the journey), to which I want very well and with whom I have an excellent relationship… hoping not to seem arrogant or disrespectful…
    we hope well!


  34. The Samaritan
    The Samaritan says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    I also bought and read the book; It is really interesting and compelling.
    How I wish one day be able to meet in person and maybe confession from her.
    God willing.

    Safety fraierai

  35. GPA
    GPA says:

    Dear father Ariel,

    thank book, I bought and read, and I tell me that I have to read to deepen the contents.
    Thank you with all my heart.
    Let me give you a little advice, ignorant person I am: go after people like Maximilian and others, that is, not who engages much, do not drag through the mud, is like talking to a wall. If God will let him get the truth inside your head, here is that all the words in the world do not need. These people are fanatics, They want to see what suits them see, they are hypocritical, judge others, with slander, of what they do, that is, those things that think they see on others, here is that they are the first to make them.

    She said good of Kiko, on social life that makes. Kiko I have not personally known, but it is as if I had met, because I met her godchildren, catechists zone, by region, and various priests, and also the external cooperators, Why, dearest father Ariel, we must know that in the dioceses there are those who have taken on the Way, and they were not Neocatechumenal, and who cultivated, In the true sense of the word.

    I read the testimonies of priests who opposed the Way, and I read what happened. A person who enters the church, and he puts his hands on a priest who is preparing to say Mass can only be devilish, I do not say this to offend, I say this because I believe, and I'm quite sure that is so.

    Ma, dearest father, I have also seen the opposite of what: I saw him give a faithful priests. That is, I saw with my own eyes, fanatical priests, and some do not Neocatechumenal, but complacent, they gave him, thinking that it was violating the Sabbath of God (I put it to the evangelical manner, who knows will understand what I mean). They believe they use God himself, holders of truth and reality, and they think they direct people as they want. That is believed to determine vocations (remember the case of the two priests who persecuted, whose comments on your site), They believe define the lives of others, They believe they can judge anyone, They see Divine signs everywhere, even if a mosquito flying, so here it is a divine sign, and do much more. I always strive to manipulate others for their own advantage.

    He also left some sort of future council, ie to cover the Way. I repeat from memory, and things are followed in the distance, not nigh. Practically admitted errors, but it is not entirely repentant. I think there is a problem of view, of congenital blindness. Now it occurs to me that the sign was a Franciscan friar on Portiuncula, that is, he saw many people around the Portiuncula, blind, who turned his eyes to Heaven to receive the Light. I believe that we are well, but we do not think that the Way is the Portiuncula, it would be a serious mistake. I believe that the Way is its blindness suffered by these people, ie that blindness, they call Way, is the source of their evil, and the impediment in being able to live a healthy life in God.

    Greetings and may God preserve.


  36. Domenico
    Domenico says:

    After reading the reasons of the two irreconcilable factions, I would propose the:”TEST OF FIRE”. The one who will burn your feet, or refuse to go on burning coals, will definitely wrong according to God's judgment: consequently it will be condemned to go the way of Savonarola in the public square!! Che ne dite? A desperate times, desperate measures!

  37. LUCA
    LUCA says:

    father ariel , us former Neocatechumenals , escaped from the sect, with so many painful wounds and broken bones , We salute your book as a result of Divine Providence.
    FINALLY , the truth has been revealed.
    There are no words to describe how I feel, I tell you one…
    THANKS !!!!!!!!

  38. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    No one ever answered neocat of Sankiko esorciccio.

    Massimiliano how about? Listen Sankiko of a href =

    -He says that the Holy Spirit is manifested in the form of a dove.

    -Proclamation exorcisms (!!!) every time you get in a city (min. 07,52). The Church forbids the laity. Exorcist is just a priest appointed by the bishop.

    -Everything he does say that it was God who ordinarglielo, no objections.(min. 15,40)!

    -Bolla as “of left”of priests guilty of daring to challenge it whistling (min. 13,55). HE does not accept criticism: And “the new John among you”!

    Kiko has committed serious abuses or not?

    Then S. Carmen (should read Sora Carmen) He boasted that Our Lady would call her "blessed are you among women" of incaricandola “refound the Church”. Because from the Way site has disappeared page where Extinct Dear told the prodigy? If it was true why hide it when we wrote Observatory? Or was it a lie?

    Massimiliano, Kiko says that you are inspired, you should have no difficulty answering arguing. Prove that is true.

    Thanks father Ariel, ex still give.

    • Always a free mind
      Always a free mind says:

      That the Holy Spirit as a dove, to add a special fun, It could ultimately also seemed to be his true, as in China they use and used doves-spy drones as the Chinese government's surveillance system.

      This is a site for example reported, there are dozens on this issue.

      Can you imagine Kiko and company, the highest tower in the capital, suspiciously assembrati, be the victims of a dove-drone which they mistake for the Holy Spirit?

      When I heard of this Chinese mode, I could not help but smile…

      well, Certain, the devil uses all means to convince those who heed…

  39. father ariel
    Antonio Caragliu - FB says:

    The p essay. Levi Gualdo has nothing to do with politics but is politically incorrect, because many of those who fight in pro life and family campaigns come from Neocatechumenal Way.

    Probably so many will wonder: Levi's criticism of Gualdo not weaken, definitely, our "front", moreover, already devoid of adequate support on the part of the CEI bishops?

    The point however is another: Faith feeds the whole truth or political commitment? Political commitment to the non-negotiable principles that is to put in brackets the question of the truth of Faith? That being said the essay by Levi of Gualdo is very informative and useful. Belonging to a church or political group should not inhibit our freedom to seek and reason.

    • Pax
      Pax says:

      No evil can commit or be entitled to pursue an asset! E’ all too evident. This speech is then, in the context of the Neocatechumenal, intolerable as the beautiful theory of protecting the “well” way I saw in there to consume the greatest injustice against the defenseless, of victims of violence who were NOT denounce but to forgive and to love the torturer…otherwise you are proud and you feel better! I will not dwell, of these things we have spoken countless times, but the nausea is always the same, unbearable.

  40. father ariel
    Padre BRIAN PAUL MAGUIRE, C.P. says:

    In the years 90, Mons. Jn-Pawel Lenga invited the Movement Neocatechumenal (MNC) to his diocese of Karaganda in Kazakhstan. The preparative work made him the then Padre Athanasius Schneider, now auxiliary bishop under Mons. Tomasz Peta, in the capital of Astana.

    Mons. Oil, a Ukrainian who previously belonged to the Polish Congregation of Marian Fathers, based in Lichen in Poland, He allowed the MNC to open in his Diocese of Karaganda a seminar mother of The Redeemer that, just nine months later he quit canonically.

    The Marian Fathers, his Brothers, had and still have a parish in Karaganda, where they do not hide the fact that they want to spread the MNC to all parish in the Diocese and beyond, and even anywhere in the former Soviet Union!

    With six and a half million euro had the "seer” Austrian lady Agnes Ritter, to whom Our Lady had asked to build a Basilica in the Altai mountains, the bishop, later the Aricivescovo, Lenga and the future Bishop Schneider, they began in the 2002 the construction of a new cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.

    I arrived in Karaganda a week before the Nuncio, Mons. Marty Miguel Buendia, he asked Mons. Oil In the 2011 to retire for the sake of peace, the Mother House of the Marian Fathers at Lichen.

    Once the new Cathedral, the same Nuncio sent Mons. Schneider as Auxiliary to Astana in 2012.

    In 2013, Mons. Lenga told me personally that was forced to close the seminar mother of The Redeemer because of cases of homosexuality. He added:

    "My biggest mistake was not to have sent away from all the dioceses of 'Central Asia under its jurisdiction all the MNC. Since it is only a catechetical movement, I allowed them to continue to make the neo-evangelism, while prohibiting their quasiasi liturgical activity. That was my biggest mistake, because they made me an opposition campaign in all parts, and now I retire for the sake of peace,».

    I conclude by saying that I will definitely read the book of the Father Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, allowing me to underline the great stylistic value of the book of the Father Enrico Zoffoli,C.P., criticizing Kiko according to him inconsistent with the documents of Vatican Council II which claims to enjoy as much.

    Father Enrico Zoffoli shows how "The Heresies of Neo-Catechumenate" are in contradiction with the principles and declarations of the Second Vatican Council that he, Kiko, It purports to put into practice.
    A master stroke!

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Brother priest of the Passionists,

      I thank you for your testimony.
      My book is supported by dozens of testimonies from priests like you, that I have made them received during the processing of the text from Italy and various foreign countries, especially from Spain and Latin America.

      As I explained to you in the private message I sent you, my job I wanted to dedicate two great Roman priests and theologians: Pier Carlo Landucci and your brother Passionist Enrico Zoffoli. Defined in my book I devote the start as "prophets unheeded who reported first to the Ecclesiastical Authority heresies of the Neocatechumenal Way".

      While writing, I so recommended to them.
      For as you know, the Roman priest Pier Carlo Landucci, The Diocese of Rome has opened the process of beatification, that goes along with that of another Passionist your brother that I myself had the honor of meeting: Father Candido Amantini.

      • father ariel
        Paul - ex Neocatechumenal says:

        Dearest father Ariel, It allows me to laugh and to invite you to laugh?

        I was in the Way 21 year old, the age of 15.
        The son of two catechists, yet I became a catechist, I met Kiko and Carmen, and to agree with Ariel's father can only say that one of the most vulgar and foul-mouthed women I've met in my life was just Carmen Hernandez.

        First of all, behind what defines the father Ariel “poor” Sabrina Bosu, author of the article The cross, There are at least two or three neokatekiki, those who think they understand everything and have the gift (the Holy Spirit them, clearly) to frame it all. It's “poor” Sabrina was exposed to what Carmen would call in his Spanish-Italian … “Figure de cock” (Figure Cock), because he spoke the noblewoman, even inside the nave, many, too many we heard.

        But have you noticed that comment after comment, insult after insult, offense behind offensive launched around the blogs and on Facebook against Father Ariel, No one denies the merits? No one who has written … from page to page tot tot of his book is written this, and it is false for this, this and that reason, according to this, such and such a test.

        The Neocatechumenal (and so at that time I was also unfortunately) It is devoid of the ability to measure the opponent. The Neocatechumenal feels unassailable and invincible.

        Reading today's writings and comments of these people to Sabrina Bosu feel tremendous sadness, frankly not for them but for me, because I see myself in that way when I realized how I was.

        I said that since the neocatecumenale is devoid of the ability to measure the opponent, it happened that these small kikos chihuahua they started to play not only with a rotweiller, but worse: with a rotweiller trained for combat.

        Before “Padre Rotweiller” i kikos have lost, although not realize it, because no bishop, no cardinal, no one inside the Vatican would never scold, it only tells the truth, one that many bishops, cardinals and many others within the Vatican would like to say but can not. So if they enjoy authentic as the mandrills “father Rottweiller” attacked by kikos chihuahua They can not even budge a millimeter, obviously.
        father ariel, is not she in addition to being a theologian (his book was not to be in this space to denials) is also a “diabolical” diplomat?

        admit “Padre Rotweiller”, She is having fun like crazy, to get them barking, admit it! It enjoys because his book is built on facts and unassailable truth. You as the pubblicizzaste 15 September, I ordered the 23.30 the 15 September, I received it on the morning of 18 September and … I devoured with gusto indicibile.Tanti compliments for the cover, paper and graphic, I worked several years in the publishing field and immediately recognize a quality product.

        You lose kikos, because you have not been able to measure the enemy, because they grew up there, to you as I grew, without a sense of measure, the proportions, of ridicule. I though I left off, a very high price, losing parents and siblings who have disowned me as a traitor.

        Meanwhile, the kikos chihuhua bark at “father Rottweiller”, a real hoot, a crazy fun, if we take into laughter.
        Like this, heretic shall die your way: in the ridiculous.
        And the ridiculous die, because Kiko and Carmen are not laborers in the vineyard of the Lord, but wild boars that are devastating.

        • Pax
          Pax says:

          Dear Paul,

          I fully share all of what you write, and you made me really smile. They will be overwhelmed by the ridiculous. I agree with you, just let them express.

          As you have been years in the journey and confirm your testimony about Carmen. A vulgar woman, cynical and without the slightest self-control so that everyone could see it was, especially in the travel partnerships to which I have long participated.

          Knowing them I also think that Sabrina is only the screen of those who have the courage to put his face. Or rather they are exacerbated but not wanting, in their superiority, give importance to this book that fell on his head as a tile. Over the rest of the proud they are unique. They launched a woman, mother, wife.

          Last thing. I am convinced that the Truth never damages ago. In the claimed process of doing good to stifle the scandals VIVE burying the victims who have NEVER found justice and covering the worst rapists (Style management story of pedophile Apuron) “WHY NO SE SI DESTROYING THE WAY”.

          They must defend their! What kind of “Work of God” And, I wonder, in their own eyes? DUMB snake oil salesmen, broken to sin …

        • Christian Novello
          Christian Novello says:

          I read on Wikipedia, the voice Rottweiler: “This dog is described as balanced, Protective and determined, trainable, brave, independent and faithful to the master to whom abundantly repays affection and care that are offered.

          Anyhow, the instinct to defend the country's, this dog, very strong, and his reaction against what it perceives as territorial threats can be fatal.
          The Rottweiler is a dog mostly guard and self defense.”
          In short, in my eyes an almost perfect description.

          Thank you for the comment and for the final commentaries: at the end of certain situations can only die in ridiculous.

  41. Thomist ex NC
    Thomist ex NC says:

    The neoturbopsicocatechista, instead of focusing sull'insignificante quisquilia goblets, It should simply reply to 3 requests, otherwise it is better to be silent.

    Or maybe as good kikiano did not read the full article, for fear of “to judge” o di “conceited”, sins that the doctrine kikiana They are synonymous with “thought” e “intellect”.

    Tell us, dear neophyte the guarantees patron, the Way respects the internal bore during the ballots? Or you continue to ask people if you use birth control or if you are having premarital sex, just to stop at two examples.

    When the directory will be published?
    And for what publisher?

    In the end, the Roman Missal is respected in every way?

    The stop producing idiocy in excess of the allowable limit and meets. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer…

  42. Pax
    Pax says:

    Ah insist Massimiliano? Look, here we are more stubborn than you.
    At the time of “battles” (so he called Carmen, just to be precise) with the Congregation for Divine Worship I was in the Way and are witness to all. A continuous war for not correcting anything according to precise instructions of the Holy See.
    I lose myself in not refute talk two things FUNDAMENTAL:

    You say you are years that take the Body of Christ standing.
    Well NOW YOU ARE SITTING WITH BREAD IN THE HANDS ON THE CROSS AND STAY SEATED AS’ until the President does not return to its place, with the bread in the hands too and, to its signal, “The Body of Christ keep us for eternal life” consumed ALL TOGETHER FROM SITTING…including crumbs, raccattandole badly in your palm (the tasks) and there are those who scatters…
    The “Coppone” that such it is, like salad bowl, the container (I'm not going to call him chalice) conceived by Kiko with the angles from which you have to drink, delivers the priest that runs in the assembly. I always sit brethren stand up, take the “Coppone” IN THEIR HANDS in which the priest lets, drink a big gulp and riconsegnano…

    • Always a free mind
      Always a free mind says:

      I feel to add to what was said by Pax, which is the sacrosanct TRUTH’ that, for those who have finished the Way with the passage of Election, during the fifty between Easter and Pentecost, It is introduced another liturgical deformation.
      Not everyone knows, only those who have finished the Way, there is not even written in the statutes, but willingly I will break the '”arcane”.
      In those 50 days, who got the “white garments” should celebrate the Eucharist every day (something that almost never happens for lack of priests), doing a procession from outside the church wearing the robes.
      Eucharist INSIDE, the first week of the fifty, He drinks MILK AND HONEY, prepared by porters, kept warm in person thermos and passed by the priest himself (as the cup of wine) in a cup that we had clear, while the priest says: “Taste and see how good the Lord” while singing a special song, just for that week “How to drop the honey from the bee honeycomb”, ODE Solomon.
      Here you really feel “details”, “elected”, “unique”.
      Too bad that the rite of the Mass does not permit such additions….

    • Luca
      Luca says:

      Don Ariel excuse me if I write badly, it's my limit, cmq I think I'm at least decipherable. You see, you confirm what I have written before, She has written a book WITHOUT deal first with a priest who is living this path. She cites Bishop. Investment, to see, he had the opportunity before and after that to face the document and he did. The do a news as did Mgr. Woeki (the vesvoco who asked feria IV for Kiko) and by the way the road is present and active in old and new diocese that guides, no Ban, indeed his auxiliary is also kikos (valued). Good day.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Of course.
          For now they are over 500 the comments in this regard say that what I assert is not true and that I am a drug dealer of false statements.
          As soon as we get 1.000 we do a good service and we publish all.
          Then come other 2.000 comments to clarify that they are false video, or that are not Neocatechumenal.
          You will see if you will not go exactly like that.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        … and what comes off topic, never enters into the merits of the issues and on time and the penalty does not respond to the questions would be me?

  43. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    Dear father Ariel, a calumny behind the other… she makes me a great sadness. Among the many that says, I HOPE in good faith to have been misinformed, that of communion is surely the most hateful. There are now so many years that we receive the sacred species standing by a priest just like you, but the most serious is that of “Coppone” that it would go hand in hand. It's false! as the 99 % the things he says! The cup IS BROUGHT BY A PRIEST (as she) EACH FAITHFUL. I hope for his soul that she is really in good faith for having trusted the wrong information, because otherwise it would be very serious. I'm sure you will not publish this comment as others who have not published, but for me the important thing is that she read it.
    Massimiliano Conti

    • father ariel
      He answers the Author of the Book says:

      Dear Massimo Conti,

      There are about twenty or thirty his comments to articles devoted to this theme in which screams to falsehood and slander.

      I am not a blogghettaro but the managing editor of a magazine enrolled and registered to the relevant registers and as such I have a whole series of legal responsibilities on civil and criminal law plan.
      Stop shouting a lie, to slander!
      Talk to the Public Prosecutor and quereli me for libel.
      At the same time ask your ecclesiastical court and sue me for having damaged the good reputation of a holy man of God as Kiko Arguello.

      Or should stop once and for all to break the balls with these surreal and fruitless talks that are neither in heaven nor on earth, because I speak and write only on the basis of real facts and evidence gathered.

      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

      • Maximilian C.
        Maximilian C. says:

        reverend father, she is really a gentleman, and thank you for your attention and of course did not give any response on lies told.
        Massimiliano Conti

        • father ariel
          He answers the Author of the Book says:

          Never I will be a gentleman as it was a Great Lady Carmen Hernardez.
          I'll tell you a fact which is proved by a cardinal and a bishop both living, at the time one priest, the other former bishop, and with them many other people present, clergy and laity.
          On the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000 there was a meeting in Rome with the founders of the various movements.
          Father Luigi Giussani, despite being accustomed to college prank and profanity of Student Youth boys, But those in other areas, He saw the pale pale already Chiara Lubich, who he was about to literally fall to the ground, while Carmen Hernandez, talking and smoking like a Turk in the classroom, intervallava their speeches by saying "fuck … dick … dick!».

          And she, He grew in the wake of a woman who talked like a whore of a suburban brothel, ironically dares to give the ladies to me?
          It's good, because that I am: a gentleman.
          E’ she, It puts it in the wake of this great woman, per me, the great women, They are Catherine of Siena, Teresa d'Avila, Edith Stein … certainly not that mass of Carmen arrogance and vulgarity Hernandez.

          And now you tell us that it is a slander, and that Carmen was a language model and that his talk was more chastened than that of the Blessed Imelda.
          And please: remember the case of defamation against me, both the Prosecutor's Office is at the ecclesiastical court, for all the slanderous lies that he said I would have said.

          Read my book, It might find in it valid reasons to get out in time by the Neocatechumenal Way, not after thirty years of damage received, like many other people.

          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

        • Aa
          Aa says:

          Ridiculous Massimo C. It is a diabolical disingenuous to say that you receive Communion for years standing, wanting to appear obedient to the Church, But omitting that you communicate together by sitting.

    • Fabrizio
      Fabrizio says:

      Dear Massimiliano,

      I was up to two years ago on the way, the stage of traditio, and an acolyte, therefore always I provvedevo to prepare the liturgy and to serve in it.

      I can say that:

      The Eucharist Distribution was through the priest and myself to everyone who took the bread to his feet and sat, only at the end of the distribution when the priest sat down and pronounced the formula: “Here is the Lamb of God…” It consumed the Eucharist together Spending;

      The Blood of Christ was distributed, always going, and each rising and resided immediately after.
      It was myself that if the Eucharistic Bread and Wine were redundant consumed them immediately to avoid other liturgical abuses I witnessed, such as putting the bread and wine consecrated and consume it after the end of the celebration without understanding what he was doing!

      I can guarantee that it's all true.

      • Maximilian C.
        Maximilian C. says:

        Dear Mr. Fabrizio, It is exactly what I said. The reverend father said instead that the cup is passed from hand to hand by the faithful, while the priest or deacon offered it. To hear you guys talk it seems that you factor the statute approved in which it described exactly as it happens. 1) always in the two species. 2) always unleavened bread and wine. 3) receiving standing. 4)in its place. Just as you saw, and as it happens in all communities of the world. Then once they have all received the body of Christ, It communicates the priest and soon after the rest of the community.
        Kind regards
        Massimiliano Conti

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          listen well,

          I have footage shot in your celebrations:

          1. Rome
          2. Naples
          3. Catania
          4. Munich
          5. Medellin
          6. Rio de Janeiro

          where are people filming receiving Communion seated and that you spend “Coppone” from hand to hand.
          The films were shot between 2013 and the 2017.

          Now she chooses a public place, where there are numerous witnesses. I come and I perform movies, then she will have to say and explain, concerning these events, which is not true.

          Because of this she is able: to say that is not true, even and especially before the proven facts.

          I ADD:

          in three of these movies is resumed mega-catechist that after the proclamation of the Gospel a homily, while those of authentic shame priests present, They smile and every mistake of these people make “and, and” with her head.

          the just?

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            Dear father Ariel, I understand that you are angry and it is more than plausible since it has to navigate between the lies and tells the truth, but his own player, his friend Fabrizio, acolyte which he said he served in various Eucharistic celebrations, described the moment of communion exactly as I have described, ie, as set forth in the approved constitution. I do not know what videos she has access to and if they are of the way, but at least listen to his readers.
            Massimiliano Conti

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            "I do not know what video she has access to and if they are of the way"

            … ah, Here comes again traveling to the tangent to evade issues and questions.

            In the previous answer I listed filmic documents in my possession.
            You continue publicly to self-get ridiculed by not responding on the merits.
            Then answer:

            I have publicly claimed to have film documents.
            Of the two things the one excludes the other: or I have documents and evidence to say that you have, or I am a liar, braggart.
            And 'this has to match.
            A little while ago I listed as, where and on what dates these movies were filmed.

            Do you feel me a liar?
            The question is very simple.

            Answer ... answers ... answers.
            or silent.

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            Unfortunately, the Neocatechumenal Way is infamous in his disobedience, per “to adapt” the false obedience comes closest to Peter's bell.

            We have already noted that even mamotreti of various ads change from Spain to Italy, where certain statements riskiest magically “disappear”. Documented.

            I do not wonder at all, so, that there are many variations of the only Kiko-designed liturgical.
            De facto, the aspiration of Kiko mortified by the Vatican limitations, It would really was one of the movies mentioned by Father Ariel: all sitting commensally, to party.

            In this context there are those who “adapted” more and some less, and never entirely NONE.
            Distant from the licenses Vatican increase, so we are indoors of the lounges or at most only between neocat. Who do you think will notice?

            Then when they go bishops and even popes, They try to give a tone and adapt to the façade.
            Who knows how many other “variables” and what else, kikiano exist in the world.
            Everyone is right, I think: It does so here, here you there, but NEVER adapting to the bottom.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Dear Free mind always,

            what it says is just what I explain in one of the steps of my book: liturgical abuses are much more numerous and more serious as the groups are in the so-called peripheral areas. E’ Italian dioceses devices, small or large, they tend to do what they want.

            Smell, for instance, in principle they try to keep within certain limits, because they feel under observation, Especially because they know, despite having placed many of their priests and lay faithful in the vicariate palace and while having in hand around 90 metropolitan parishes of 320, are many pastors and priests with them do not want to have anything to do and that just can not see them. For when a priest, with them, it was burned, burning the remains etched for life, as they have witnessed and written and signed numerous Italian and foreign priests.

            The Romans groups who want to give vent to the worst of extravagance, usually they find somewhere discreet and secluded religious institute in the Castelli Romani area that is home reception service and rent the halls. A quel point, He closed the doors, everything happens. While in the Roman parishes they are much more careful.

            In Italy the primacy of the worst liturgical abuses we have Neocatechumenals groups in Naples and Catania.

            Years ago, in the company of three other priests, we found ourselves in a parish in Monaco of Bavaria where he was being a celebration of the Neocatechumenal, it means that we saw things shameful, including two women during the liturgical action taking place in all respects the functions of the deacon.

            Those are not homogeneous Neocatechumenal celebrations, vary seconded places and groups. The unique and inescapable uniformity is given by the outward symbols kikiani, those are uniform everywhere, because those are the true essences of “faith” neocatecumenale. Instead, with regard to the Eucharist, the way of celebrating and administer it varies from place to place, groups groups.
            What only matters it is that the eucharistic bread is packaged as indicated by Kiko, that the Coppone both the shape drawn by Kiko, to follow with Jewish symbols established by Kiko and so on, those are the only things that wherever it is impossible to do without.

            If the Holy Church there was the chaos at the time that the sacred liturgy ceased to be homogenous and fixed anywhere on identical standards, leaving room for the creativity of priests and thereby creating problems, divisions and bewilderment that today we have before, let alone in a little while’ of years, once buried Kiko, What a lot worse happen in the Neocatechumenal Way.

            Talk about them and their errors is necessary and useful, to avoid saying that other fish fall in their network, but what about their end, This is now inexorably marked.
            Dead Kiko will devour each other, not having the pathological narcissistic done over the years to ensure a so-called succession, then if we get even half of the money and real property, the internal mattanza will also be particularly fierce.
            We'll have to just stay out and assist, as viewers, to their self-destruction.

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            I add that I think this also denoting chaos: fewer checks are expected, the more we are faithful to kikianesimo and less to Catholicism.

            I do not doubt even a moment of the film Father Ariel, but I admit that we face elsewhere “different”, so is free liturgy…

            For this very dangerous I think the Neocatechumenal sect: when you're used to disobey and to lie, the worst there is no end.

            The idea of ​​Kiko-Eucharist is that of Father Ariel movies, they are the real obedient to kikianesimo, that's the true version of the improvised holy.

            Obtorto neck in some places they have had to bend, but where it is possible to practice the pure kikianesimo.

            I remember when the catechists we imparted the new provisions: they did so in their own way, they told us that sitting after receiving the bread and the wine was granted, as well as communicate together. Sbolognarono the receiving Communion standing as the whim of some “preconciliare”, let's make it happy…

            The fact is that the Kikianesimo has just one his doctrine, there are those who follow the letter and who, inevitably must adapt reluctantly. E’ the “reluctantly” that is the problem.

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            The net is full of videos in which priests instead of doing the sermon, dancing and singing to the beat of music in rich and poor, or you inflatables with a lot of engine, or animals are brought to the altar during the offertory. Celebrations during which the faithful move obsessively and fall with simulated ecstasy, and many others, but possible that video so severe we have them just the father Ariel secret agent?. I do not think you're a liar, but perhaps one that you trusted the wrong information, and for this reason also assist her at the same flop who attended his predecessors in the anachronistic war against the Neocatechumenal Way.
            Massimiliano Conti

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            I know what I did once, when the traffic police stopped me on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria and with free and without traffic I ran gleefully to an average of 180/190 mph, although the limit was 130?
            I told the agents before they opened mouth: “I passed a lot of the edge and are dead wrong. I hope that you do too badly!”

            She knows what she would do?
            He responded by indicating one after the other all the people which he said would perform worst road traffic offenses, exactly as he did in this his answer psychotic, in order to say in substance … however, I am right and the others are worse, because you do not you take it with them?

            A me, those two agents, They smiled and answered me: “Alright, dad. Try to be less sporty, We do not turn a blind eye, we close them own both, because she knows, what should we do”.
            Hers, He knows what they would do, before his response style? The fact they would call someone to come and take, after having stopped the machine and withdrew the separate writing them sitting on the driver's license record that was conducting a reckless driving; and who knows how many other things that were not would be able to find.

            Blind led by the blind !!!
            Such evangelically and heart paternally.

            Said this, Now I follow the sage advice just given by IPG in his commentary: talk to you is a waste of time. She decided that the earth is flat, useless to the entire scientific committees show that is spherical.
            For her, the earth is flat and Kiko Arguello supports it on a finger, and that's.

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            You dear Father, as usual misrepresents the words. I did not say if they were true of those episodes where she'd videos, would be less severe because of priests singing, animals during the offertory and many other shameful of them put videos abound on the net, but I wonder why these videos that we talk about are not on the network and only she has them. Mha… Very strange not to find?
            Massimiliano Conti

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Already, I misstated the words, just as if our repartee was not chronologically documented, available for anyone to determine who's never answers the merits by jumping to other arguments and accusations, or turning the talk.

            Good, mi tip: How come, Network, even a child of seven eight years, if not controlled, developed a computer without blocks, You can find all the porn you want, if anything together with the dancer-singing priest during public weddings sings the songs of the Rich&Poor, whereas they are not the snuff movie, that do exist? The snuff movie are videos in which a victim was really tortured, raped and murdered, and there is for them a secret market of wealthy amateurs. Yet there, In the 2016 the FBI arrested on American soil a group of Asian and sold these in the video amateurs to 250.000 $ each.

            But, applying its logic, If these evil movies are not found on the network, should not exist, vero?

            In short: Take a poor human, privalo of reason, of logic and critical sense, and you will have manufactured the perfect neocatechumenal.

            We do well to fear artificial intelligence, When those like her show the evidence shows that they no longer human intelligence.

            * * *

            Massimiliano, I love her, though I not even know what she looks like, because I have a heart of a pastor and father. I would do anything, to try to bring to reason a person like her. When I succeed in some cases, I say it's about the grace of God, because that is. Instead, when I can't, I say it's my fault, for surely I was not able, or I have not been a worthy and appropriate instrument of God's grace.
            People like her think they are in a journey of faith, but in fact they do not reason, we priests are experiencing the most terrible way: a sense of impotence.
            E’ like watching a person die – in this case the soul – without being able to do anything to save her. Of course, It is the agency of man, but when we see people get damaged, without being able to make him understand the harm they cause to themselves, otherwise it makes bad, and it is difficult to say: well, who gives a fuck, free his choice!
            Believe me, sometimes, with people like her, we end up even feel guilty and responsible.

            there, this kind of talk, It can only make them a Catholic priest and truly believing and therefore covered by the grace of sacramental status, Kiko can not make them, nor his mega-catechists, for which it is always the fault of others.
            Or maybe, over decades, have you ever heard the star and Kiko “santa” Carmen just wondering … where did I go wrong?
            Never! The others are wrong, the others!

            But I'm used to wonder, before people like her: While this does not mean, Where did I go wrong I?
            Believe me, better the comical priests lined the sacramental grace and was still a means of grace, beyond all its demerits, instead of an arrogant and ignorant mega-catechist kikiano.

            God bless her.

          • father ariel
            Don Angelo Rossit says:


            please: before launching into an answer to the second part of what the father Ariel wrote in response to his latest post, you think about it, but you think about it really well.
            The priests are able to give a public response like that, all over Italy, perhaps there will be 4 O 5.
            Each of us can have closures, of irragionevolezze, the will to non-dialogue and non-understanding, there I even I, would be glad, she is not the only.
            But, as a priest of 65 years in good conscience tell: before launching into an inappropriate response to the second part of the answer you think about it, because a wrong move could make it really fall into mortal sin.
            Keep in mind that everything has a limit, Also the closure of mind and heart.

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            Dear Father Ariel, said my old parish priest, may God have him in glory, “never to argue with the debater of this world” and I decided to listen to his advice. I hope not to argue with her anymore, I will continue with my morning prayers, my scrutatio, my vespers, she says, are not part of a Spirituality, She also continues with his arguments and to meet the needs of many of revenge pax, free, Luca, Pluto and Donald Duck. The Way does not need me to be defended by people like you, we think the Church and “Pietro” I'm 50 years which confirms the faith. I hope to be able to resist writing on this blog when I read other lies and with this greeting.
            Massimiliano Conti

        • Pax
          Pax says:

          The priest who presides should communicate BEFORE you deploy and how he other priests concelebrating. INSTEAD you say verbatim:

          “Then once they have all received the body of Christ, It communicates the priest and soon after the rest of the community”

          Giving an unintentionally disobedience irrefutable confirmation.

          Already we have not, but the truth is otherwise, The priest even after the deal is announced first but he shows the Body of Christ and the assembly says “the Body of Christ keep us for eternal life” and at this point ALL, PRIEST INCLUSIVE, CI SI TALKING SIMULTANEOUSLY.

          This is ordinarily living in communities. At this point if Father Ariel have provided movies in which he demonstrates that went even beyond this practice, I repeat that it is already against the Roman Missal that neocatechumens They must respect as all Catholics, for you have pain!
          You better give you calm down.

        • Paola
          Paola says:

          Maximilian C., she consciously lies. To err is human, continue to. And she is evil because it persists beyond a reasonable limit in a lie.
          In the Neocatechumenal the priest consumes the Eucharist TOGETHER (and not before!!) to all the faithful. Both the priest that the faithful consume the Eucharist SEATED (and not standing as they should). In 25 year journey has always been so and she knows it.

          • Maximilian C.
            Maximilian C. says:

            Her who her mind is Mrs. Paola, I come from you do so. Immediately after the ritual formula for the priest to communicate and immediately communicate to all other. If you were doing otherwise you were wrong. I had decided to stop responding in this den of wickedness blog, but his comments so bad I could not resist.
            Massimiliano Conti

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Massimiliano, “next” means that as soon as the priest he put in the mouth of the Eucharist, When the Sacred Species are still in his mouth and has not yet approached the chalice, also shall communicate neocat: you can possibly deny this?
            You know why when you communion under both species, the two species are consumed almost simultaneously just to signify their union indissoluble theological even if we approach the Eucharist under a single species?

    • Attilio lot
      Attilio lot says:

      Mr. Conti,

      should not be put into question the good faith of those who study certain phenomena because if the studies are conducted methodically and based on texts and speeches of the initiators, These studies are a service to the Church and also to yourself that the way they're part.

      It should be understood that today heresies are not immediate but pass by sophisticated manipulations of language. They lead to deconstruct granite certainties handed down for centuries to rebuild them according mindset and systems of thought born out of the church for purposes often anti-Christian. Ariel P has struck down several false teachers starting from what they say to understand what they think and what spirit animates them.
      the Liturgy, Excuse me, but do not play the innocent, liturgical drifts “I walk” They originate in the way of conceiving the liturgy and then the way his teachers included the documents of the Church and we can not come to pass off his path as “integrally faithful to Church teaching” as does the Bosu because it is an insult to the intelligence of those who read and to yourself.

    • Luca
      Luca says:

      Don ariel I have no theological expertise to replicate. One thing I must say to him, where the bishops have banned the Easter Vigil of the Community, NO ONE has made Hotel, for explicit prohibition of the initiators and territorial held responsible. If there are vigils took place outside of the parishes, These occur only where the vigils for the communities are allowed but NOT in Hotel (those are the cohabitation ie withdrawals). It is evident that she has never even lived a simple moment of meeting, knowledge and comparison with any community. He did cmq a book (!).
      He laments the lack of reply on the merits, Kiko has never done or rather did it in the appropriate fora, for her will not make an exception I. Little known among the last 2500 priests ordained in the Redemptoris that defines heretics and ignorant there are many, but many, titrated at least as much as she. I have the honor to know one such, speaks 8 languages, a degree in philosophy, then in the history of the Middle Ages in a foreign Catholic universities, then baccalaureate, licentiate and doctorate nostrani, a couple of hundreds of academic papers, a university. Leaving everything to one place…

      • Always a free mind
        Always a free mind says:

        But how do…
        Tal Luca tries to claim that he “to” ALL of the community to which the Easter Vigil was banned obeyed. Or did an extensive survey in the various dioceses, impossible, or shoot yet another bullshit, which is very possible.

        You can know if you have ad hoc reports, maybe even documented.
        To write a book, then, you do not need experience in the Way, just read the mamotreti and heresies become immediately obvious, for those wishing “intend”. Just hearing hundreds of confessions, to understand that pulls air.

        As for the Supreme Laico Kiko who do not “will inconvenience” to make exceptions to reply to a priest, is ancient history. The locations in which he always replicated are the “sue” locations, where it could also say that the witch is holy because it falls on the day of Epiphany, and we all believe.

        Kiko does not replicate because there “on” replicate and does not want to give prominence to his heresies. Kiko speaks only to “his People”, He never entered into dialogue with the Church.

        Turning to the individual cases of “instructed” neocatecumenali, if savings, one swallow does not make a summer…
        The “people neocat” It has made ignorant of faith.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Luca,

        let's start with an example related to the universal Church: in certain areas of the world, going to 10 Holy Masses celebrated by 10 different priests, we find that these celebrate 10 put different.

        I found myself in the celebrations held in churches in some African countries in which only lacked the Boys Choir of the Sistine Chapel, because it seemed to be a celebration in a direct Roman basilica by Bishop. Guido Marini. I found myself in other churches in other African countries where the only offertory procession was a long, uninterrupted and exhausting dance of half an hour in tribal costumes. I recognized the features of the Catholic Mass when the priest recited the Eucharistic Prayer, although with a gesture totally outside from what is indicated in “red lines” the Missal.

        I found myself in a parish church in Zürich where the faithful were sitting on the floor in a circle around the altar and in the course of the celebration were Buddhist meditation; and I found myself in another parish church of Zurich, where the celebrant did a sigh or a gesture other than those mentioned in the Roman Missal, with a precision and a commendable devotion.

        That the liturgical reform is not particularly well managed and that in the post-council there has been a gradual attack on the liturgy undermined by abuse and wild creativity, he did not tell the bishop Marcel Lefebvre, but said the, explained, written and variously complained about the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI. One to whom, many Neocatechumenal, they pretend to love, then, in many small rooms, anything you say …

        The liturgy must be based on fixed and steady and rigid canons, because in them he resides always what is the fundamental element of the universality of the Church. Make unstable liturgy, it means undermining the principle of universality in the name of the particularity and particularism.
        So much for the universal Church.

        That the Neocatechumenal have tried in every way to be a liturgy whole their, I don't say it, they complained officially, writing and several times with the competent dicasteries of the Holy See. You can not distort the objective fact: In the 2007, approval expired to experiment granted by the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, Successor gave no approval. From the 2006 They began as precise demands of adaptation and respect for liturgical norms of the Church. Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect of divine worship, not acted on motu ProprioO, but on the orders of Benedict XVI.

        The Neocatechumenal Way is not a monolith, not celebrated in all the halls of the world exactly the same way. What wherever they, because those are mandatory, are the I Mboli kikiani, the Eucharistic bread made as directed by Kiko, goblets designed by him, the highlight and so on.
        Simple consequence: more Neocatechumenals are far from Rome or some great Italian dioceses, longer do what he wants and how he wants, liturgically.

        No mega-catechist, in a parish church of Rome would do the homily instead of the priest, because they would leave the protests and the Vicariate would intervene. Whereas, in Monaco of Bavaria, I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, twice, a mega-catechist do the homily instead of the priest after the proclamation of the Gospel, My brother and an Australian, twice, He turned the video. It all happened in a central historic church of the Bavarian capital of which is Archbishop Cardinal Rainhard Marx.

        The Neocatechumenal Italian, their particular extravagance, They tend to do in outlying areas, certainly not in the halls of large metropolitan parishes.

        In a Church of Medellin and elsewhere in the Caribbean, i neocatecumenali, to receive Communion, They would sit around the square table and then is passed from one to another the Coppone, after having taken the Communion from themselves by a large "bowl" left by the priest at the altar. Then they got up and left the seat to others, who sat and took Communion from themselves and passed the wine Coppone; and so for the most laps, until all present had made the Communion, sitting and passing the Coppone. And this movie is, along with other documents.

        Before the ban “private vigils” by some Italian bishops, many groups have adapted, Neocatechumenal other groups have reacted in this way: they went into a neighboring diocese where the bishop had decreed that ban, or they have found themselves in a discreet place, in a hotel out of town, they called a priest complacent, and they made the vigil as they wanted. And it all happened not in my fantasy, but in different areas of Italy, and segnalarmelo, with due evidence, were my fellow priests.

        Keep in mind that in Italy we 226 diocese, I doubt that the central committee of the Neocatechumenals can keep perfectly under control everything that happens in them, imagine: he can not the Holy See and they can not do the same bishops, know and control what happens in their dioceses. How can she say that you can not do that in different places is rather done?

        I do not go over with examples, I can only tell you that if in years of business journalism, and after several written books, with hundreds of articles published, I never caught a sentence, this means that, or I'm telling the truth, or they are particularly good at telling lies. In my load they were deposited in 2015 It is in the 2017 two lawsuits for alleged libel "line press". They were immediately filed because there were no elements at my expense. naturedly soprassedetti, because I could, sue the two unwise for having made the subject of a lawsuit unfounded.
        I repeat: or are good at lying, or I'm telling the truth.

        I'm glad you know a priest Neocatechumenal polyglot who speaks eight languages ​​and so on, but the facts show that in half a century old and over 100 open seminars, the Neocatechumenal Way has not yet given the Church a philosopher, a theologian, a canonist, ecclesiologist a known and recognized talent.

        Because these gifts by the Neocatechumenal Way to the Church have not been made, It is obvious: can, ignorant of the mega-catechists, who consider reason and intellectual speculation pride, because what counts is the only “charisma” and what “spirit”, to create and cultivate talents to the best to their highest development?

        Did you ever listen to hours and hours of recorded ramblings of Kiko and Carmen? I have listened to them for weeks, I can tell you wanting more: Spanish I speak Italian better myself who are these two, because their Spanish is very dirty and poor vocabulary.

        Or: read the catechesis in which, the two self-taught catechists do-it-yourself stuffed with “charisma” and of “spirit”, mocked philosophical knowledge, metaphysical speculations, theological research ... all based on the fact that, those who have “charisma” e “spirit”, though more ignorant of Tibetan goats, They do not need another?

        They are done, records and documents not subject to denial. This, for several decades, They taught those two sorcerer's apprentice. Because of this, They have given rise to an aggregation run by ignorant people who can not build-philosophy talents, of theology, the right, of Ecclesiology …

        That is also the reason for which his brothers attacked me around the net trying to hit my person, giving me ignorant, the "priest pischello”, absolute nullity, the non-theologian and so on, because they can not deny the merits of what I wrote true. If you are sending the attack Mrs. Sabrina Bosu shift that opens his article with a theological aberration and then go on to describe the baptismal journey tracing the erroneous principles of the heresy of the Cathars and the Albigensian.

        • Luca
          Luca says:

          DON Ariel then, it just so happens that it was in Medellin I have a friend and fellow presbytery, belongs to the category of priests meager equipment (in your opinion) with 2 degree courses and a couple of doctorates (starting with a diploma in accounting and a job as an accountant in an asphalt plant, before the seminar), I guarantee with granite certainty that what he saw was not a Eucharist celebrated by a priest nc, in particular them. I tell you who tells him (a me)? He sees this sense that she actually wrote a book WITHOUT having the foresight to at least talk with a priest who follows this route, because it may seem incredible, but the path is the same worldwide, the only places where the liturgy changes are…. Where I am not using the Latin rite. Do not believe me, the Internet is full of videos of masses of the way, They are all the same all over the world. A Monaco (confirms his lack of knowledge of the way) she felt a resonance (of the faithful) not a homily (following), if he went to a Mass in Rome he would have seen the same thing. You can not write a book WITHOUT meet personally with these heretics.

          • Luca
            Luca says:

            I do not know what she's diocese incardinated, cmq there are 8 seminars in Italy: Rome, Florence, Pinerolo, Trieste, Cosenza, Campobasso, Ascoli and Macerata, a chat if he could do. Good night

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Ah, she has in Medellin Friend? Instead I, as well as having many friends and fellow priests that I know well, in that, as in other cities of Colombia, I was there.
            She's been? Because if there was, of two, hearsay, it is she who speaks, I hardly.

            Let's move on to another's challenge, that concerning the events that took place in Germany: first she knows, It includes, I understand and speak German?
            Since he writes one understands anything: she writes and speaks ill also the Italian.
            Said this: as it allows, she was not present and that if he had been he would not including language, say that I have not seen what I saw and that my Australian brother who was with me in that church during celebration kika where he shot a video, actually it turned a fake video?
            I know perfectly, which runs between a difference “resonance” it's a “homily on the Gospel”, you do not need me to explain it she.
            That said I confirm:

            1. was a Mass Neocatechumenals;
            2. celebrated in a metropolitan church of Monaco of Bavaria;
            3. twice he was filmed a woman, role mega-catechist, that after the proclamation of the Gospel has held the homily.

            Back in Rome, we handed the footage to the then Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

            And she dares to write that this is not true, I have not seen what I saw and, if I really saw, in this case I have seen evil, because he says, He affirms and guarantees her?
            Please, does not exceed all limits of decency of the ridiculous, merely make it right the lounge chairs and playing the bongos.

  44. Pinus Cembra
    Pinus Cembra says:

    I agree with the suggestion Father Ivano. I am sure there are many Neocatechumenal willing to confront critics argued, despite all the defense mechanisms (more or less volunteers) which they are activated in circumstances such as these. Making explicit the ubiquitous contradictions involving the Way, as did Father Ariel article, it is therefore only right. After all, anyone can judge which was (till now) the depth of the criticism of the book in question. Can someone list what theses contained in it have been dismantled and how? And a veil on the topics gooseberry, indeed the real insults addressed to the Author: according to the same logic (fallacious), be wary if I wanted someone to enter the Way would be enough to show a nice roundup of the comments that have rained down in a few days on this site and in various online blogs, comments civil have not even a shadow.

  45. Pax
    Pax says:

    Thank you, father ariel, for his tenacity. These stubborn hardened in evil are irreducible and take, in the end, for anyone tired, but she replies blow for blow, with the strength of TRUTH. Well it's been advised by his father's brother Ivano, God bless you all. In many we prayed that the Lord will raise up a few brave as Father Zoffoli and the Servant of God Pier Carlo Landucci. God has listened to us.
    We are at your side with our witness and in spreading his precious book.


    • father ariel
      Lilly says:

      Dearest Father Ariel,

      All this is really amazing, talk like that to a priest Noooo ... you can not feel!
      not answer him more, to these it needs an exorcist, poor things have reduced them badly, lobotomized.

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        contact Lilly,

        Thank you, you are right.

        But I can tell her that have come decides and dozens of comments absolutely unprintable. Indeed, as far as I'm concerned, always accept criticism, even some insults, as evidenced by the comments on the various articles published in the sect of the Neocatechumenal during these last months.

        However, the fact that I am depositary Sacramento grace of a dignity that is not mine and are also required to protect with their lives: my participation in the ministerial priesthood of Christ.

        So that, when the insult exceeds the limits of decency, we cut. But all of these comments highly insulted – and she can not even imagine, as insulting – however, remain in our archives, to be used in due time.

        As evidenced by the dozens of comments that anyone here can read below, They arrived in the newsroom comments written by people who have not the slightest perception of what is the ministerial priesthood and therefore the dignity of the priest, so also the respect due to the worst priest of this world. What this an unprecedented severity, from people who feel the elect among the elect by the Holy Spirit.

        Without so except for the comments containing insults of malice and an unprecedented aggressiveness - that for my part I had never experienced before, for more from people who claim the Catholic Catholics -, publish the comments coming is useful for explaining to readers, and to those tempted to get closer to that poisonous sect of the Neocatechumenal Way, that we are dealing with a phenomenon made up of people who tried the test of facts:

        1. despise the knowledge and the knowledge of doctrine and theology with great presumption and making their own strength of not knowing;

        2. They are instigated in disrespect to Priests, are de-trained and educated to lie, deflecting speeches, to overthrow the words;

        3. They have been rendered devoid of logic, reasoning and critical sense, so they have a relationship at all adulterated and falsified with reality ;

        4. they have no respect for the Ecclesiastical Authority, their adulation towards the Popes are totally false and aimed only at self-legitimize their heretical sect, indeed, for their, the word Supreme Pontiff, is just a synonym for "approved ... approved ... we have been approved!” ;

        5. They have for half a century the most malicious samples in disobeying the Church and its provisions on doctrine, liturgy and pastoral, but if someone critical advances in this direction, their reverse sides and accuses you of being "against the Popes" and "against the Church" ;

        6. you can ask him a specific question ten times, that ten times overthrow the question to you accusing him of not answering, while they are the ones to proven and documented proof of facts not respond ;

        7. the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way have deeply despised Benedict XVI and today even more than he despises Francis I, because now they understood that the reigning pontiff can not be manipulated in any way with their games, What demonstrated publicly and documented several times Kiko Arguello in person, But if someone turns critical to their work, Their attack you by saying "You are against the Pope Francis approving it … we endorse … we endorse …” ;

        etc. etc …

        As you will understand, I have much better things to do, that respond to these subjects.
        Try, however, a moment to think this: with their delusions, their illogical comments, their doctrinal ignorance and so on, have provided a wonderful material for a forthcoming book entitled documented more or less: "Perversions of aggressive thoughts of the Neocatechumenal settaristi".

        In conclusion, these subjects, that in censored comments they called me "asshole", "Asshole", "Asshole" and so to follow, up to accuse my mother to do ... certain services to truckers, up to insult the very memory of my father, When a response from me given they learned that he had died in his fifties 1990, have ultimately proved their, to be the so-called "balls", because they have practically already written a book to themselves, demonstrating what aberrant brings what they consider to be the greatest gift given to the Church by the Holy Spirit, ie the Neocatechumenal.

        And all these things are strictly recorded in the archive of a site, no one can say that false or falsified are written. Any staff of software engineers immediately attest the authenticity of all these materials, actually delivered to us and then we actually received.

        there, the amazing service that made themselves, unable to understand that the devil is however intended to be defeated by his own stupidity, fruit from his uncontrollable pride.

        • Lilly.
          Lilly. says:

          The whole heart I wish you could sell millions of copies and who knows maybe one day you might become Pope (How diabolically thought commentator catechumenal), then be weeping and gnashing of teeth for catechumenal journey.
          May God be with the Father Ariel.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            well, at the bottom of, the canonical requirements to be eligible for election to the sacred throne are very few, are only two: being male and baptized.

        • father ariel
          Paola says:

          father ariel,

          I wanted to say that I appreciate and really do my sincere congratulations for the courage he had to publish his book knowing it would be submerged by the mud of the Neocatechumenal, but perhaps he did not imagine to what extent.

          I have been on the Neocatechumenal Way for about 25 year old, in different parishes of several cities (I changed twice on business cities) and I know him well enough The vast majority of walkers are people with a very low cultural level, who believe in all the heresies that is being served up, not having all the tools to understand, discern, kikiani compare the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, etc…

          In this ignorance is accompanied by arrogance and hubris often own devilish. As he experienced on his skin, their wickedness has no limits. Many bishops and priests are afraid to say something negative about their own walk the retaliation of the Neocatechumenal, we know to be targeted and very cruel, ruthless.

          But she has had the courage and unfortunately it is paying the consequences.

          God bless her, to give glory and give every blessing for his great courage.

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