The Sacrament of Marriage by Father Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci in Santa Maria Novella in Florence. You are invited: we are waiting for you!


We invite our Readers who are in Florence and its surroundings to participate in the appointment to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage of Father Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci the 17 May at hours 18:00 at the Convent of Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

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Jorge Facio Lynx
President of Editions The island of Patmos


This publication of Father Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci centered on the aspects of marriage in total of Aquinas has the merit of demonstrating how today the thought of this Holy Doctor of the Church has been perfected and improved, but not passed, at least at the moment.

In this present of ours history we should accept that we need more than ever to listen to those who came before us and who have left us the best of themselves to build the present in the making and for our future in progress, starting with two great giants such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.

The main value of this text we can catch it "between" and "in" the lines, and it is above all that of the family testimony of Father Gabriel: the book opens with thanks to the family because it is only after receiving, observed and participated that one can meditate on something important such as the gift of marriage on which to then make a speculative investigation. This is the leitmotif of the whole book where the questions on topics so topical and at the same time so dry and driven to generate division and misunderstanding in today's society - such as the indissolubility of marriage - the author responds primarily as a son, then as a theologian, finally through the gift of the sacramental grace of the priesthood which he has received.

The main feature what stands out in this work is the use that Father Gabriel makes of the consolidated method of Aquinas: base speculation on what the Holy Fathers and doctors of the Church said by getting the best out of each of them before responding with their own words. Nothing can be built from scratch or from the imagination, it is built through the patrimony of wisdom left to us by these great Moral Authorities of the Church treasuring what they have left us.

The author starts by resuming the Summons against the Gentiles, the most philosophical work of Aquinas which presents a possibility not only of rediscovering or knowing today the work of Angelic Doctor, but it shows how the themes of marriage can be found through the exercise of reason in any man, society or culture, even in a primitive or very elementary form.

The author explains how the sexual one it is not only an act of procreation but an act in which man, like other animals, it must be present thereafter to satisfy all the needs of both human and female life (donna) that of children, therefore the emission of sperm is not a selfish act, it is not aimed at pleasure and that's it, or just for playback, but a first act that is perpetuated and updated in becoming as a couple and as a parent, later as fathers. This is contrary to the many couples who reproduce without ever having thought of being parents and therefore of being father and mother.

The notion of equality between men and women it was not a struggle of the last decades, one slogan elevated to a contemporary social pillar. Father Gabriele explains and demonstrates that the female is not just an object and a means of reproduction or embellishment of one's life in the manner of a trophy, but she must be a companion, therefore respected even when time begins to pass and the youthful aesthetic charm must leave room for other more genuine and delicate beauties that arise from human interiority and from the rush of life itself.

In conclusion the argument on the need for stability and security in human relationships ends up standing out in the work, which are not only the certainty and truthfulness of a feeling, but also an anthropological value necessary for man called to experience a profound meaning and fullness of his individual and social being.

We invite our Readers who are in and around Florence to participate in the appointment to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage of Father Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci the 17 May at hours 18:00 at the Convent of Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

the Island of Patmos, 13 May 2023

Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima





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