I Neocatecumenali, the conquest of Asia thanks to the armed wing of their “useful idiots”, They won the battle, however, it remains a question: reasonable doubts about the validity of sacred ordinations …

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What have they concocted, Kiko Argüello and his, by relying on the armed wing of their "useful idiots"? In deference to the truth, you must admit that Arguello has won the battle. And no one, He has won percent. We can also make it well-deserved military honors, because after all he deserves it well. But be clear: He won the battle, He has not won the great war. Because the victory of the Great War, He has already been ascribed to Christ the Lord Blessed John the Apostle who has it told in advance in the prophetic Book of Revelation. And if you do not convert to really, Kiko Argüello and his "useful idiots"; if not really ask for forgiveness, for the immense damage that have brought and that they continue to bear the Church, for their, after the great war won by Christ the Lord, unfortunately it will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. What this that the true believers are afraid animated by holy fear of God, the “useful idiots”, I do not know …


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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The legendary Mary Poppins who comes down from heaven with his umbrella and his hat …

The Sacraments, except for Baptism, where the infant is presented to the Mother Church dispenser of grace to be washed from the stain of original sin, produce their effective saving action first encountering the freedom of man. Just for example, think of the Sacrament of Marriage, whose ministers are the couple themselves, which is based on free consent [CF. Catechism of the Catholic Church, NN. 1621-1632].


There is only Sacramento which it is required by others for the benefit of a newborn, and it is baptized. So, unless to ask for baptism is not an adult, the question posed to the parents who have the creature is as follows: «What are you asking of the Church of God?». Respond parents: "Baptism".


Baptism It is therefore that action of grace that parents ask the Holy Church for their son, so that it is purified from the stain of original sin. Baptism, Is it a decision made by others on an infant incapable of understanding and willing? It deals with, perhaps, an imposition made by parents on child, come in adulthood, could decide, exercising their reasoning Free, instead of not belonging to the Catholic Church? Would not it be better - as now they support different parents - it's him, gives adult, to decide whether to be baptized or not, thus avoiding that parents take the decisions for him as an adult might not like, so do not recognize?


These questions, seemingly reasonable, actually they rely on their total lack of reasonableness. It's easy to say why: the decisions that parents take on a newborn or a child, They are really a lot. Moreover, Parents are also bound and obliged to take, these numerous decisions, many of which are intended to affect the future life of the child himself.


With a concrete example and far peregrine we try to make clear all: for the onset of a serious illness, there is the painful problem of having to amputate a limb to a baby a few months. The limb can not be saved and if you do not provide amputate, There will be an inevitable gangrene. Reasonably: what parent would answer that before amputating a limb, it is good that the baby grow and acquire the necessary cognitive skills, then deciding whether to deprive him of a limb or less? What parent would respond by saying that they can not take the risk of finding themselves tomorrow before a grown son who reproaches him to have consented to the amputation of a limb against her will?


Original sin, for us believers of Christ It is something that should be cut to prevent gangrene of the soul. For this reason parents ask the Church of God Baptism.


Other Sacraments instead they imply will and deliberate consent, even when it comes to children. In fact, if a child refused to receive First Communion, or if a teenager does not want to receive Confirmation; if the first manifested that he did not believe in the Eucharist and the second in the Holy Spirit and his actions of grace, neither the priest nor the bishop would ever oblige him to receive these sacraments, indeed, they would dissuade them from receiving them, if they are a Catholic priest and bishop respectively. How many times have I - and like me several of my confreres who really and substantially consider the sacraments of grace for what they are - have dissuaded young people who had nothing Christian, from celebrating sacramental marriage, considering they just didn't believe in the Sacrament, they thought the church only a soundstage, and the priest who had received their consent and blessed their marriage nothing but the appearance of a theatrical skit? And how many times it happened that these priests respectful of the Sacraments, who demanded as much respect for the Sacraments even by non-believers, They had to suffer the reproach of the classic bishop “arid official”, which has more or less attacked them saying: "Do not be so strict!»?


The Sacrament of Penance, sacramental confession, in order to make effective the action of grace contained in it, It requires an essential prerequisite: repentance. A priest could also play a hundred times the sacramental formula of absolution from sins, but if the penitent has not repented, those words are worth exactly what the nursery rhyme of the legendary baby sitter Mary Poppins singing to the two children: «Supercalifragilistichespiralidose» [see, WHO].


We now come to the Sacrament of Holy Orders, because today would be good to ask terrible questions that, up to sixty or seventy years ago, They would constitute academic papers based on elements considered per se absurd, both in terms of dogmatic sacramental and on that of the Discipline of the Sacraments regulated by the Code of Canon Law.


Even for the Sacrament of Orders, The requirements are minimal. But, these minimum requirements must be met. Even in this case, we proceed with an example: a bishop might take the student to a yeshivah Jewish - that is, a rabbinical school -, or the student of a theological school Calvinist, arranged for various reasons and reasons to receive the Sacred Order, and hallow priests?


First of all, let's not be penalty takers, or as it is fashionable to say these days: "Arid legalists". It is true that the first of these two subjects, the jew, not believe in the divinity of Christ, while the second, Calvinist, He does not believe the apostolic priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. But, if for reasons of various kinds - that have nothing to do with their accession to the the Catholic faith, They decide and agree to be consecrated priests, where is the problem? Or perhaps we should not be "cozy" and "including"?


Of course, the "grim Pharisee" contemporary might ask: lacking the foundation of faith and full adherence to the truth of the Catholic faith, these two, have been truly Sacrament of Orders? So: are two priests in every way, After that Bishop, in observance of the liturgical books and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has imposed on his hands and prayed over them the prayer of consecration?


If this question someone wants to say yes, stating that the ordination is valid because it took place according to all the rules provided, so that the two, they are believers or not, priests were consecrated, then in that case we could say: the Lord that during the celebration wore on his head a headdress called miter, and was holding a stick called pastoral, it was actually Mary Poppins with her hat on, holding her umbrella in her hands and singing and dancing joyfully: «Supercalifragilistichespiralidose».


To the newly consecrated presbyter kneeling before him, the bishop delivers the offerings of the faithful, the bread and wine for the celebration of the sacred mystery. Offering him the offerings he says these words:


«Receive the offerings of the Holy People for the Eucharistic sacrifice. Be aware of what you will do, imitate what you celebrate, confirm your life at the sacrifice of the cross of Christ " [From the Rite of the sacred ordination of presbyters].


Question to which I have no answers to give, because it is others who are entitled to respond, starting with the Prefect of the Congregation de Propaganda Fide, who deserves the credit for having carried out yet another devastation, as we will see shortly ... that's the question: what is the perception of the Most Holy Eucharist, infused and transmitted during the entire formative cycle to the seminarians of the Seminaries mother of The Redeemer, who come from Neocatechumenal families and who were raised and educated in that Neocatechumenal Way in which the Eucharistic Sacrifice is relegated, by the two founders of the sect, to "an element connected to the Eucharist out of compliance with the pagan mentality", which "broke in after Constantine" and causing "the mass of pagan people to see the Christian liturgy with their religious eyes, aimed at the idea of ​​sacrifice "? [CF. Guidelines Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández catechists of the Neocatechumenal Way, in use since the year 1972 and reissued in 1988, pp. 321-323].


The two founders of the Neocatechumenal Way, They have not passed for decades a conception deformed and deforming of the Mass, openly denying the sacrificial element in the manner of heretical Calvinist doctrine, de-structuring all very foundations of dogmatic sacramental?


It's all documented. But not only: You have perhaps never publicly corrected from mistakes? Far from it: it was them, gangrene in their heresies, who have repeatedly declared bishops error, priests, theologians and lay faithful to dogma and obsequious deposit of credit, as they say "not yet open and ready to real mystery of Easter».


Lacking any requirements a correct perception and then of full membership of fide the dogma of the Holy Eucharist; possibly missing the correct perception of what actually is really the Catholic priesthood, including the fact that it is serious and genuine error Heresy, as taught Kiko Argüello, that "we are all priests" [CF. Guidelines, pp. 56-57], how, we can speak of full and perfect validity of Holy Orders conferred to people undoubtedly most worthy, in human terms, but in fact the "non-believers", of the spiritual? In a deformed element before the family, then from Neocatechumenals catechesis, then by a seminar neocatecumenale, in whose soul has been instilled and ingrained these heresies never abjured and never corrected from the two founders, how objective efficacy Bishop can deliver the offerings of the People of God saying:


«Receive the offerings of the Holy People for the Eucharistic sacrifice. Understand what you will do, imitate what you celebrate, confirm your life at the sacrifice of the cross of Christ ".


We realize, that we are dealing with an absurd, a real paradox? That this priest was formed first by family and mega-catechists, then in a seminar to celebrate the Neocatechumenal "dinner" according to all the trappings worst heretical infusions in Movement by Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández; infusions and, I repeat, never abiurati and correct. How can the bishop give him offers for the "Eucharistic Sacrifice", considering that this word is definitely banned, within the Neocatechumenal Way, because the Mass is not a sacrifice, but the renewal of the Passover meal during which the brothers are having a party around the joyful mess? We want to realize, the proven and documented proof of the facts,Kiko and Carmen did catechesis training to its mega-mocking catechists for decades the concept of Eucharistic transubstantiation [CF. Guidelines, pag. 325], up call with ironic disdain "Sacrament" the worshipers of the Blessed Sacrament? [CF. Guidelines, pag. 317]. In short: if a candidate for holy orders had a Catholic perception is of the Holy Eucharist is the Priesthood, it would not be able to become a priest, a seminar Neocatechumenal, nor ever could be a priest, in the Neocatechumenal Communities. Exactly how could it not be a priest in one of the various Orthodox churches, if he considered the Roman Pontiff endowed with the power full and absolute over all the Church, and if considered valid and just the concept of And the son inserted in Flags of the Catholic Church.


And so it was that we found out, during the sacred orders, in a corner of the chancel, not far from the ordaining bishop, Kiko Argüello with his guitar singing passionate: «Supercalifragilistichespiralidose».


That said it is clear, we are making a legitimate theological speculation academic, so that it is neither to plead offended, nor to declare harmed in its majesty cardinal, nor to make enough that they are not in any way required to descend from their Olympus to lower the levels of those seeking answers. In fact it is to give answers to this question, that is simple and easy to evade: where missing full adherence to the tenets of the Catholic Church, a correct perception of the Holy Eucharist and the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Mass and a correct perception of the Catholic priesthood, we can speak of unquestionable validity of priestly ordinations of deficient subjects of these basic foundations of faith, since induced to reject as erroneous these foundations themselves, starting from the Eucharist understood as a sacrifice of sanctifying grace? It's just so hard, answer a question like?


The Cardinal Fernando Filoni, I do realize that I am not a priest and a theologian, but a bum who bivouacked in St. Peter's Square and pissing and crapped on the marble under Bernini's colonnade [cf. WHO], because maybe, in that case, I consider quite worthy of response, rather: the evening also will race Cardinal Konrad Krajewski to bring me coffee, if not committed it is to join the light in some busy community center [cf. WHO].


Since it is said that the worst there is just no end, just as I was preparing to close the draft of this book, there came a news disheartening to say the least:


"The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples has officially established the College mother of The Redeemer for evangelization in Asia, based in Macao, entrusting its management to Neocatechumenal Way. The college was established by a decree signed by Cardinal Fernando Filoni, prefect of Propaganda Fide, the 29 last June, after an audience with Pope Francis. The college mother of The Redeemer for Asia "will open its doors in September, with a core group of students from different countries of the world. The initiative intends to respond to the appeal of John Paul II, in the encyclical letter The mission, It marked the Asian continent as a geographical area, "To which ought to be chiefly the mission to nations” (n. 37)» [The Osservatore Romano, edition of 29 July 2019, text WHO].


To better understand it is necessary to point out that the current Prefect of the Congregation de Propaganda Fide, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, before being consecrated bishop participated as a priest to the courses of catechesis of the Neocatechumenal Way, just as the current Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso, Secretary of Propaganda Fide and president of the Pontifical Mission Societies.


Here is the disturbing element: New Macau seminar, It is not one of the simplest and many seminars mother of The Redeemer run by the Neocatechumenal. It is indeed a place seminar under the direct jurisdiction of the Congregation de Propaganda Fide. Or to clarify: It does not depend on the jurisdiction of the diocesan bishop or the directives given by the local Bishops' Conference for the formation of priests; this seminar will depend directly from a dicastery of the Holy See. About that, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, in his interview reported by The Osservatore Romano, It describes this work as an actual experiment of "decentralization" of Propaganda Fide, doing this:


« […] it's not impossible that, one tomorrow, born like that other Boards, promoted by the Congregation, in other continents'.


This seminar in Macao It was opened under the direct jurisdiction of the competent dicastery of the Holy See, after the Neocatechumenal have repeatedly failed to give the boarding to the small but rich Catholic Church of Japan.


could he, The "messiah" Kiko Argüello, accept such a defeat, he who is Lord of all things visible and invisible? But once again the race to conquer the small but rich Catholic Church of Japan, again nuanced. We learn directly by the Archbishop Metropolitan of Tokyo, S. AND. Mons. Isao Kikuchi, that in August 2018 He is said to have received a letter from Cardinal Fernando Filoni informing him of the next erection on the territory of his diocese a seminar mother of The Redeemer employed directly by the Congregation de Propaganda Fide. Or in other words: put him fait accompli. The Archbishop declared himself very confused, before that letter, born to him, born H.E.. Mons. Peter Takeo Okada, its predecessor, They were in fact been consulted in this regard. Having clarified all in short it is worth remembering those who were among the 2008 and the 2010 the painful events in which the Japanese bishops became involved with the Neocatechumenal Way, that ended with the closure disposed in the 2008 by the bishops of Japan of their seminary opened in Takamatsu Diocese in 1990.


But since the Neocatechumenal, that part of the delicate culture of Japan moved like drunken elephants in a showcase of crystals, they continued undeterred to create divisions and damages among the faithful, In the 2010 He was ordered by the Bishops' Conference of Japan to suspend any kind of their business across the country. In short: in fact they were declared "subject unwelcome" and expelled.


This improvident letter from Cardinal Fernando Filoni, by the proud Japanese Episcopate he has been received and suffered as a clumsy attempt of Mr. Lay Kiko Argüello and his equally fierce settaristi lay, to have won all Japanese pronouncements on costs, this time using the armed wing friend of a figure, in political language, hath been used to indicate with technical and not at all offensive term "useful idiot".


What will be the next step, aimed at destroying through neocatecumenalizzazione forced Asian Churches, some of which, their deep devoted love in Rome, they often paid at the price of persecution and bloodshed? How will it be done, to bend down from the sect of neocatecumenalesimo? Thanks to my friend "useful idiot" is perhaps lay Neocatechumenal seminars open to employees and burst directly from Rome, given the previous results of drunken elephants walking into the delicate glassware Japan, avoiding further closures and expulsions decreed by the bishops? In Asian mission lands, Perhaps it will proceed to erect the apostolic vicariate entrusted to lay Neocatechumenal, which will manage the Neocatechumenal bishops and priests Neocatechumenal baked in their service to this multinational heretical, you can use the "Factory of priests" of Seminars mother of The Redeemer, granted to them with questionable prudence by the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II? The administrative and pastoral decisions which - well to remember this immense army of ignorant -, They do not fall within the exercise of infallible teaching nor are dogmas that require, As such, full membership of faith. God forbid that the official recognition of the Neocatechumenal sect did in 2012 by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, was placed, level dogmatic, so as to oblige believers to full membership of faith, between the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary! And if John Paul II has canonized, like some shouting Neocatechumenal, then elevated to the altars, It remembers that the Holy Church has canonised his every thought, decision, choice and sigh; from unhappy concession he made to neocatecumentale sect to open the prototype of their first seminar mother of The Redeemer in Rome in 1988.


What have they concocted, Kiko Argüello and his, by relying on the armed wing of their "useful idiots"? In deference to the truth, you must admit that Arguello has won the battle. And no one, He has won percent. We can also make it well-deserved military honors, because after all he deserves it well. But be clear: He won the battle, He has not won the great war. Because the victory of the Great War, He has already been ascribed to Christ the Lord Blessed John the Apostle who has it told in advance in the prophetic Book of Revelation. And if you do not convert to really, Kiko Argüello and his "useful idiots"; if not really ask for forgiveness, for the immense damage that have brought and that they continue to bear the Church, for their, after the great war won by Christ the Lord, unfortunately it will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. What this that the true believers are afraid animated by holy fear of God, the “useful idiots”, I do not know …


the Island of Patmos, 31 July 2019



Please be advised that immediately after 15 August will enter the book distribution Ariel S. Levi Gualdo on Neocatechumenal sect. It is a completely built on positive text documents and authentic testimonies equally documented. In about 280 pages of text is first of all made a rigorous historical analysis, Theological and Juridical of this phenomenon, Although steeped always serious heresies, He could proliferate as a dangerous sect intra-ecclesial, unfortunately also counting on the weakness of recent popes, conditioned against their will by a church and ecclesiastical situation manageable, pouring now in a state of deep and unfortunately irreversible decline. The work of Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo was dedicated to the memory of two venerable priests and Roman theologians: the Servant of God Pier Carlo Landucci [1900-1986] and Father Enrico Zoffoli C.P [1915-1996], who first denounced with prophetic foresight, although unnecessarily, the serious and dangerous heresy of the Neocatechumenal Way.





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133 replies
  1. Ex nc roma
    Ex nc roma says:

    Good evening I would say a night of reflection
    I am a Roman Catholic and also I with my wife after many years of parish pastoral care and organization of various parish activities as responsible, we entered the NC even if with many doubts, coming from our training, I acolyte wife graduate teaches religion.
    The relationship with the neocatechumenal parish priest, very good because one of the few known open to everything and with him the relationship of clarification was always there, and he understood when Kiko and who for him was talking nonsense.
    The parish at that time was open was one of those in Rome that was recovering according to the bishop of the time.
    Once the parish priest was changed, the communities entered a new state…a sect! And from that moment on, I could not help but point out the nonsense that the various catechists said and retorted Easter vigils of series A neocatechumenal parish series B to make it clear that the value of the Eucharist is immense regardless of whether it is celebrated by the priest alone in a corner of the world or by the pontiff! The fact is that about 4 years ago after 15 years when it was clear that it was now only a sect …I left.

  2. LUCA
    LUCA says:

    Massimiliano C and his partner Averroe ', you are pathetic, you have changed Christianity for your own use and consumption.
    You lash out at Father Ariel because you know he is telling the truth, a truth that is close to you that contradicts most of your over fifty-year lies.
    Your evident plan is to discredit the man and the priest in order to discredit the truths he tells.
    This makes the way from 50 year old, when you tell him uncomfortable truths he does not enter into what you say, but tries to destroy the person.
    It is your distortion of the Neocatechumenal concept of truth.
    The truth is only what the Neocatechumenal path affirms, in the person of its founder and in cascade the whole hierarchy of Neocatechumenal catechists.
    What the catechumens say are just judgments.
    The “useful little idiots” they are just useless servants, disabled slaves to tell the truth.
    The Church denounces and fights sin, but love the sinner,on the way you love sin and praise the sinner.
    You do nothing against sin, on the contrary, force those who suffer it to accept the apologies of those who do it and force the victim to silence, no complaints even in…

  3. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    (by Correspondence Romana Roberto de Mattei 20 June, extract).
    Evangelization according to the current pontiff and the past
    …The document insists that the Amazonian "cosmovision" contains an "ancestral wisdom, living reserve of indigenous spirituality and culture " (n. 26). So, “The original Amazonian peoples have a lot to teach us. (…) The new paths of evangelization must be built in dialogue with these ancestral wisdoms in which seeds of the Word are manifested " (n. 29). The wealth of the Amazon is that it is not monocultural, but to be «a multi-ethnic world, pluricultural and plurireligious " (n. 36) with which it is necessary to enter into dialogue. The peoples of the Amazon, “They confront us with the memory of the past and the wounds caused during long periods of colonization. For this Pope Francis asked “humbly for forgiveness, not only for the offenses of one's own Church, but for the crimes against indigenous peoples during the so-called conquest of America ". In this past the Church has at times been complicit with the colonizers and this has stifled the prophetic voice of the Gospel " (n. 38).
    Donkey carrying relics

  4. Bat
    Bat says:

    Dear father Ariel , I really think you hit the mark.
    I will certainly buy your book , in the hope of being more informed about it in order to bring these facts to the attention of other faithful.
    Unfortunately, however, it can only be hidden in the large boat of the Catholic Church , there are other groups or movements in the odor of heresy if not downright apostasy.
    In this sad moment of the Church I have great inner doubt and torment …how can I go to confession… or receive the Eucharist …by a cleric of this type ….a false priest and also probably invalid from the sacramental point of view ? Same when I might find myself in front of a gay priest or even a pedophile ?
    And if I think that there are even bishops and cardinals of this type, I feel bad.

    I feel like I'm living in a big circus …where we all make fun of ourselves .. ….e’ a temptation I know …..

  5. Andrews
    Andrews says:

    Thank you Father Ariel

    I have been 25 years on the way, finished, went to Jerusalem, drank milk and honey…. and then exited. I rediscovered the importance of the Eucharist from a public sinner who humbly refrained from receiving Holy Communion but continued to go to mass he believed despite his situation.. how much humility when he looked at the Eucharist: he was moved.
    I get tears thinking about it and I hope that the Lord will fill him with his love.
    I'll read your book.

    With affection…. for what it's worth.. I greet you

  6. stranger
    stranger says:

    As a stranger, both with regard to the topic dealt with and with regard to”humility”, Don Ariel made you black.
    Alexander appeared painful,
    Averro is pathetic.

    I must admit, But, that sites “religious” they are fun.


    A great sadness. This is what one feels when reading Father Ariel's writing (for how we are reduced), and even more by reading certain comments of self-styled Christians ... How it was possible to go so far? As for the other problem of inadequacy (from various points of view) of many priests, I'm afraid it's just fear. Fear that the faithful will decrease (so everything is fine and the opposite of everything, any movement, charisma, as long as he declares himself Catholic); fear of losing young people (and therefore any excess is accepted in the liturgy); fear of no longer having priests (then all those who ask for it are ordered, whether they fit the ministry or not). Fear takes away clarity, makes you make bad choices, it leads to unacceptable compromises. What if we try to trust the Lord instead? But if we try to be faithful to Him, even if this implies a reduction of the Church? Diets are healthy and after a diet you are back in better shape than before. Alberto is right, father ariel! You keep writing, this blog is followed by many priests. But don't waste time responding to those who don't want to understand: let us not throw pearls to swine.

  8. Don Ettore Barbieri
    Don Ettore Barbieri says:

    E’ interesting that, while many articles of the magazine remain without comment, when Don Ariel speaks of the Neocatechumenal Movement, the 100 comments, of which a part written by members of the same Movement. These people shouldn't be attending this magazine at all, precisely because it is very far from their positions; how come they pop out of nowhere every time you talk about them? It will not be that, as in any community tending to the sect, there are some adepts who have the task of viewing adverse sites to immediately launch themselves against them whenever there is an opportunity?

    • l'apostata
      l naughty says:

      Non “Sara”, kind Don Ettore, “And”. On Wikipedia the entry relating to the Way is manned 24 hours a day and unwelcome changes are immediately corrected. On the Observatory website, there are no Neocat Trolls trying to disturb the discussions. Pay attention to their modus operandi. Everyone, but everyone always behaves the same way: they never respond to anything, they defend themselves from accusations never made against them, insult, curse. The only argument they have is: “it's not true because it never happened to me”. In other words, they demonstrate the typical effects of belonging to a sect: indoctrination resulting in loss of autonomous thinking, defense at all costs of the organization even in the face of the most obvious realities, consider those who criticize an enemy, latent anger and frustration vented against those who do not think like them. You have a small example of this in this discussion as well but I assure you that they are all the same, always, however and everywhere. Typical “fruit” of the Way.
      Kind regards.

  9. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    I still speak and I apologize,I promised not to do it again,but I cannot keep silent about the wonder I experienced last night. I participated in the Sunday Eucharist of the CN ,in a parish,not mine,absolutely wonderful and comforting, in a period ,in which the churches are empty and even more desolate than usual. Last night there were a hundred brothers present,including many young people,couples with children ,etc. There was an atmosphere of prayer,singing, it seemed an anticipation of paradise. And to think that there are parishes that,nowadays,given the absence of faithful,The Tridentine Masses also close,at least in my city,they are suspended until September. Last night, however, there was a crowded church and to our great joy, the parish priest announced that he will also celebrate the Eucharist on the eve of the Assumption of Mary,the 14 August evening.It will certainly be wonderful and while everyone is on vacation,including priests,there will be someone who will honor the Blessed Virgin Mary’ wonderful to participate in a Eucharist,so well lived and participated,in the general break the summer lines. God be praised,because he provides and assists his Church and gives it charisms,always new,to show his love to…

  10. Alberto
    Alberto says:

    Gentile p. Ariel,
    but it is worth discussing dogmatic theology in 1200 characters with non-competent laymen? Wisely, at the time of the Cathars, the Church prohibited public disputes with them, because the simple faithful, witnessing, they would not understand and would misrepresent: and in fact it was not the inquisitors who defeated medieval heresy in the 12th-14th centuries (few: to es. in Tuscany they were 2 Friars Minor) who condemned and sometimes converted the “bishops” e “perfect” catari (so much so that some became friars), but the bulk of the Mendicant friars (Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinian hermits, served, Carmelites ...) who systematically preached to the laity NOT proving the error of heresies (which was impossible for an audience that did not have the tools to understand what we were talking about; this happened in the sermons to the celro and to the confreres) but in a POSITIVE way, that is, what were the fundamental things to believe, such as conduct etc..
    I would not stoop: You have written a book and whoever can read it will read it. The theological disputes would be between clerics, in pontifical universities and in PREACHES to the clergy (including high prelates)?
    A dear greeting

  11. GPA
    GPA says:

    Dearest brother, I hope in Christ, in the sense of the common faith, even if you are in serious error, why, to put it as your boss and founder, you didn't wash at the pool, you did not purchase the view for. In my opinion you have the wrong catechesis, sorry pool, maybe you should turn around.

    You made a list of parishioners' sins, which could be there as well. The point is, there are some among us, who go fishing in the parishes, so where do you say it sucks, and in addition they seek (among those you judge) obedience and earthly power, passing himself off as sent by the Holy Spirit. That is, to put it better, those who have decided to say they are sent, they go among the other envoys (every baptized person is with Christ, obviously if he behaves in a certain way) and they tell them that they must obey them, because the latter are not, but really only the former are, and for which the latter will be in the near future, based on the judgment of the parties and the convenience of the former.

    The first sent, they decided to tell the latter that so far they have not understood anything, and that now they have come with tambourines and songs, claps of hands, yell out, guitars, applause, and dance. Whereby, always talking about the first envoys, they say they are bringing the new evangelization, that is, by forming new Christians, that they say they are the real ones, as they refer to the primitive nucleus, that is to that nucleus that we see written in the Bible. And for which, based on all of this, we can see that San Paolo alle Tre Fontane played him with a tambourine in his hand and with a guitar, and it is said that this our founder of the Church, the Apostle of the Gentiles, he went around with his marching band, and who danced and sang, in fact at the Tre Fontane he died for too much dancing.

    Whereby, the first sent, in my opinion, they are people that we must consider a lot because of their ability to grasp the reality of the facts, both past and present.
    Indeed, came a very special Man, I would say Divine (in the true sense of the term), just before San Paolo, he said:

    During that time, Jesus told his disciples a parable: 'Can a blind man possibly lead another blind man? They won't both fall into a hole? The disciple is no more than the teacher; but everyone well prepared will be like his teacher.

  12. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    I would spit in my face alone and willingly if you wanted to be clearer in your criticism. I deeply love native peoples and I have studied Western oppression on them a little and I still read with dismay and pain that we want to eradicate the key figure of the shaman, also from what remains of the Amazon, to make this land an immense plantation and one wants to do all this, in the pay of “usual”, who is photographed next to the statue of the Virgin, as if the Virgin paradoxically approved the destruction of virgin nature to replace it with an immense hamburger plantation. If you allow me ( and even if he won't let me) I'm not like that!
    I'm waiting, without trepidation, any clarifications
    B. Houses

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      He wants me to speak more clearly?
      They are the ones who think like her, that they do “photograph next to the statue of the Virgin” or that they consider the Virgin a bigoted superstition, who are helping to destroy the Amazon.
      He wants to know why?
      Because she accuses the Church of the sins of the world and she, as indeed many who in words claim to be of the Church, it is functional to the world and therefore is co-responsible for what the world does.

      • LUCA
        LUCA says:

        Have you noticed that Massimiliano C. And his partner Averroe’ they answer only to Father Ariel and some rare hints to Riot?
        They answer in a manner of speaking because they write so much, but they NEVER give targeted answers to the many targeted questions requested by Father Ariel and by many ex-Neocatechumenals.
        On the other hand, they complain about the few characters available, as if writing more comments to define an argument were an insurmountable constraint.
        These two gentlemen are very strange Neocatechumenals, because when they are in their environment they tell you that those who do not live the Neocatechumenal path cannot speak because if you do not know you cannot understand, then, in this space, comments are answered only to Father Ariel and to Tripudio who have not made the Neocatechumenal journey.
        I am a former Neocatechumenal, I did 17 of walking , here other former Neocatechumenals write with 20-30 -35 years of walking, we know the Neocatechumenal path well, why don't you answer about what we write and ask you CONTINUOUSLY?
        Because we know you well?
        Because your games don't work with us?
        Because it is true that you are afraid indeed terrified of confronting those who know the truth?

    ROBERTO says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    i am , Unfortunately, a big ignorant in the things of the Church and also a poor Catholic but, because here I have seen everyone's mouths give air, I only allow myself to remember: but if the tree is judged by its fruits , how do you judge this CNC that manages to bring hatred and division everywhere? For centuries and millennia the Church has been crossed by divisions, sects and schisms (even much more serious than these) which had the sole purpose of weakening and destroying it. Not enough yet?

  14. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    I confirm what I wrote yesterday,my parish is populated by many non-Christians, there are rare exceptions of course. Needless to take offense,this is the sacred truth,after all, I frequent it daily, I have known her very well for years. Do you think that I had to limit my attendance because I was bothering a pathological, psychopath element,not of the Way,who rules,is a kind of handyman, bossy, market, despotic, tolerated by the parish priest,I don't understand why. And then you accuse the Way of taking over the parishes,to become estranged,you have not known parishes like mine. The division certainly does not lead the Way but faithful like this gentleman. You have no idea of ​​crap,bullying, gossip,pimps I have witnessed. The parish is empty,the faithful flee and attend other parishes and not now that it is summer,but always,it is populated by generally non-Christian people,but pagan, they come to the parish for interest,because you pay or because they want some pleasure from the parish priest,bullies,etc. From environments like this you just have to escape,let alone if the distant ones come close. It is not an exaggeration it is the truth. Have a good day.

    • l'apostata
      l naughty says:

      Averroes, since your parishioners are such a sink of vices, why don't you have Signor Arguello exorcised them? It should succeed, he who boasts of exorcizing entire cities. Or you don't believe him?
      Greet your mute devil for me, who also works in August. E’ managed not to get you to comment on the lousy neocat top secret money loop, on Mr. Arguello self-appointed exorcist, on the disgusting violence of the catechists in the ballots.
      I inform you, if you don't know, that the Way does NOT prosper, is in free fall. Compare your own data and you will notice. The only communities that are formed are made up of neocat children who leave after a few years. There are mergers upon mergers even in the most neocatechumenalized parishes. This is why your masters ask for money more and more insistently. With the excuse of evangelization of course. Except later to discover that they bought another land in Israel for the modest sum of 5 million euros.
      p.s. Nobody promised “to destroy the Way”. It is already self-destructing, thank God.

  15. Luigi
    Luigi says:

    Thank you very much Don Ariel.

    You are doing great good with your work. His courage in denouncing the distortions in the Church is commendable. Thanks to you and your collaborators, many people are receiving a light on this very dark night of the Church. I know the path and I confirm everything she is exposing about it. I fully share his thoughts on the fact that Kiko is a person who has achieved many victories (exploiting his skills as a manipulator). But he is also aware that after him the path will risk imploding and dissolving over time. Already now it is hard to create new NC communities and if people will be able to read his writings, several will open their eyes and begin to see the path for what it is, like I did.

    Ps. I take the liberty of saying that in a normal Church you would have already been made a bishop at least, But this is not the case. We have the Paglias instead, and Galantino, and Coccopalmerio, and Opinion etc. driving and therefore we are about to crash on the pylon of a highway, let's hope we don't hurt ourselves too much…

    • Averroes
      Averroes says:

      You have said the same thing with all the other writings of as many priests and not starting with Father Zoffoli, Don Elio Marighetto, Don Marcello Stanzione,etc, yet the Way is getting bigger and expanding more and more,by the same admission of Don Ariel.

      There is doubt that in these criticisms, these crusades leave the time they find and are of little use perhaps only to strengthen the Way even more? You have the slightest suspicion that there is something wrong with your speech? Maybe someone is being persuaded, but I can assure you that it is a rare exception, the overwhelming part of the participants in the Way ignores you and does not allow themselves to be tangled in the least.

      You can also say, like someone,that we are plagiarized,manipulated etc.,think how you want,who cares,but you won't go far.

      Many had promised to destroy the Way but they did not succeed,the Way is alive and well and thriving. It will help the Church and parishes like mine a lot. Have a good day and this is truly the very last,I will not intervene anymore I swear.

      Good day

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Applying its numerical and expansionist principle, Nazism and Soviet Communism should be re-evaluated after the revolution of 1917.

        He knows that Germany, after being defeated, and unjustly and dangerously humiliated by the First World War, fifteen years later it had become a world power and after the invasion of Poland in 1939, in the first two years of the war, it had invaded and ate almost all the countries of Europe?

        It is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for seventy years, how much it has expanded and how many countries it has under its control?

        So Hitler's Nazism and Stalin's Communism need to be greatly re-evaluated, applying his own principle.

        His are arguments and speeches based on radically anti-Christian logic. There is no passage from the Holy Gospel – unless you can point it out – in which these logics of magnitude and expansion apply. Indeed the Holy Gospel proves the contrary: that Christ the Lord ended up with “four cats”, the Twelve Apostles, who in the face of danger abandoned him and fled.

        Incidentally: the sixty-eight-year-old priest slapped in the sacristy before Holy Mass by a mega-catechist, always awaits a pearl, his valuable comment, since he claims that such an episode, in his diocese, it had only occurred sixty years earlier, In the 1943.
        And God only knows how true the fact is: there are both canonical internal acts and criminal judicial acts. Even if the priest does not publicly name his diocese so as not to reopen a painful wound.

      • Always a free mind
        Always a free mind says:

        Dear Averroé, if he has to say so many and such inaccuracies, that she no longer intervenes I wish it more for her, but also for all of us.

        I don't know what stage you are on the Way but, from how he speaks, especially if you believe what he says, it has yet to be shortly after its beginnings, that is the time when the catechists, through movies and various updates before the announcements (boring endless pipponi), they boast to the credulous of everything more.

        He will open this seminar in Macau, perhaps it will not go to the same end as the one announced in Tokyo.
        However, this does not mean that the path is alive and well, inquire well.

        I was there from the beginning and I have seen: nowadays only children enter the community (numerous) of the NC, many then also go away. In historic parishes where they were almost there before 30 community, today there will be 23 O 24. They do like shrimp. Almost everywhere.

        And consider that Spain and Italy are by far the most prolific. Abroad, despite various missions and advertising flying they have always been a pittance. A little’ better Latin America.
        So don't be gullible, inquire well: the powerful reach out to spread it, decant it and impose it, the Lord hinders him.

        I add to the comment above that the invention of the "couple in support" in recent years was necessary precisely because for many years now the newly born communities have been made up almost exclusively of young people (children) and there is no longer anyone who can be responsible. So they put this invention into action, to put a small piece: they take a couple, generally by the community of catechists, and they support it until the kids who remain grow up and can do it for themselves. Some couples in support are well beyond the second step, that would be the time they should leave.
        Is this, dear Averroé, happens EVERYWHERE.

        I was there, I have seen the times when two communities had to be formed after catechesis, the alpha and the omega, because there were too many people.
        Other times, good old days for CNC ...
        If you really believe the path is alive and well and not lie, I can only pity her. He is a really nice gullible.

        However a virus, when it enters the body in order to kill it, does damage even if it is very small ...

  16. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    Dear and appreciated Don Ariel.
    It is only by histrioning in Spanish that you are forgetting the American Holocaust , the Canadian one (a gigantic Bibbiano ante litteram), the crap done in Africa (Lanternari: West and third world) e in Asia (Gian Giuseppe Filippi and others). Sees a respected perennial scholar Ananda K.. Coomaraswamy who has the priest son (Rama cred is called) established the percentage of atrocities between Christianity and others by stating that the relationship is 1 a 10.000.
    You see Father Ariel himself diagnosed himself, has been booked 2000 years of purgatory, because Christianity is one “religion of salvation”.
    Western doctrines (and I'm not talking about popular beliefs) orphism-Pythagoreanism-Platonism did not offer “theology” to practitioners but philosophical ways of an operational nature, “cognitive” which presupposed the ability to detach the soul from the body a “pleasure” . So in the East that of salvation , excuse me but that's it, they didn't know what to do with it because it meant bringing the individual state into the subtle dimension, Of which Eckhart and Silesius his verser and also Lnfranco Rossi were accused…

    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      Mistake or almost all of those who have made “the American holocaust , the Canadian one ... the crap done in Africa…” they were Christians like her and not like Father Ariel?
      You might argue that you are not even a believer: inform you that, culturally, she is much more Christian than many soldiers following Cortes or the Belgians in Congo?
      Since then the atrocities indicated by her were carried out by “Christians” as she, look in the mirror and spit in your face yourself.

    • Iacopo
      Iacopo says:

      Mr. Antonio, I speak to you as a person who, before the recent Baptism received in adulthood, he lived on bread and Guenon, raised in an environment where absolute truth was all she says. I am not going here to enter into the merits of the faults of the church, which surely will have all the faults in the world and even more (grant only that he does not have those invented from scratch, maybe from those same people who brought it to the West, in a duly sweetened version to please a certain audience, Eastern philosophical and religious culture). I just want to give you some advice from the heart: giving up against men like Ariel is not doing human spirituality a favor, it only contributes to the decline of our world. It is not he who killed the Indians, but I'm sure it is he who has helped so many people with his spiritual direction. On the routes without the hassle of “salvation”, I dare to bring my experience, that following the Western version of Eastern or presumed mystical ways I was not becoming an enlightened one, but an asshole, before some doubts opened me to that minimum of humility that led me to Christ

    • daouda
      daouda says:

      Rama Coomaraswamy…Bah…and we all know what it fed among the Tridentinists, he was probably an infiltrator.

      Mr. A.B. but what did she mean ( omitting the sviolinata to the orientality and pagan attachments mixed with the usual facet on the difference between liberation / reintegration that with the Salvation , both, nothing has to do with it)?
      The only sensible thing that can be deduced, linking it to the Neocatechumenals is that, to use its terms, they are nothing more than a pseudo-initiation. This is, because they were really what they claim to be, at times Judaizing and at times Gnosticizing, that would be a problem ( or rather an advantage, from his point of view ).
      So if that's what he's trying to point out, the bosses of the Kakos then reveal themselves to be worldly and, in a sense, spiritually harmless even though they live on the shoulders of others, deeply wounding their souls.
      Well said.

      P.s. Poor Eckhart…rich Calasso!

      P.p.s is singular the fact that he goes out of his way to reiterate the “realization” but in the end he is being a moralist. He still needs psychic consolations too much?

  17. l'apostata
    l naughty says:

    Dear Father Ariel, the neocats who intervened represent the typical Kikian adept. In many years in the Observatory Blog (as Riot knows better than me) NO ONE EVER answered anything, neither arguing nor with dry answers like yes or no. Their reactions have always been the same: insults, attempts to divert discussions, lies, accusations ad personam, responses to disputes never made. They can't say anything else. Their catechists, as Mr. Arguello prophesied, “they are inspired and discerning”. If that were true, they would have shut our mouths long ago! But never anything, I wonder why. That so-called approval has been tamed by some “friend” it is made clear by the fact that the Statute is based on so-called catechesis. However, when the Statute was approved the catecheses were still being examined. Slightly absurd I would say. It would be as if you wanted to set up a company before knowing if the corporate purpose is lawful or not. But these are the poisoned fruits of the Way: people full of anger, ignorant, unable to reason and take a step without their catechists. Penosi. Thank you kind father for your work.

  18. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    Dear Don Ariel,she knows what I tell her?That if the priests instead of doing their job they start brawling on the internet we are in really bad shape. I am really worried for the Church if a priest,that he would have so many things to do, he spends days on a blog, his real purpose is to sell books?Write about intelligent and useful to souls and and we will gladly buy them,But spare us this painful comedy. If books will be like posts ,I'm sorry to say,but I foresee that I will gladly do without it.Too much is the garbage we have to put up with from the TV,internet etc from morning to evening. If you want to take advantage of anti-administration ,as a springboard,I really think it came too late,others have already thought of it,making little way, a rather inglorious end. Brothers of the CN do not be naive,this post is clearly ,a marketing operation, Forget it. Dedicate yourself to more useful and intelligent things. This is my last comment,I greet you,I will pray for you. I wish you many good things.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      He wants to know what I did today:

      last night I went to sleep at 2 because I worked late, this morning at 7 I woke up, shortly after I recited the praises and did the meditation, then I celebrated Holy Mass, taking over an hour and a half for everything, because to celebrate a Holy Mass on the weekday I use on average 40/45 minutes.
      I left home taking a cappuccino on the fly and went to visit an elderly and sick bishop shortly after 9.
      About 10 I reached a priest who needed to confess, then later I met another of whom I am spiritual director for a rather serious conversation.
      At noon I recited the Angelus with my brother.
      I stopped at a clinic where I gave the anointing of the sick to the mother of a surgeon friend of mine who is lucidly ending her days of earthly life.
      Not having time for lunch, I took a cappuccino and a croissant, then in a discreet corner of the street I recited the middle hours, using the cell phone on which I have the breviary.
      I got home around 14 and I went to work, and also to reply to various messages, some of which I had previously answered during a few minutes of pause.
      Being too late for lunch, I ate a banana and had a coffee.
      All 16 I met a couple of young people who are getting married, together with one of their parents, and together we went to the rector of the church where their wedding will be celebrated.
      After having agreed, while they talked to the rector, I went to the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament to recite vespers.
      The couple left me in front of the house around 17,45, i went to do some’ of expenditure, while reciting the rosary during the journey and the movements between two shops.
      Returned to the house at 18.30 about I started working and answering various messages.
      Now it's almost 22, soon I have a telephone appointment with a priest who is having bad problems and after the interview, which will be long, will tell me when to meet tomorrow, because he will probably need to confess.
      I haven't had dinner yet, however, I ate a packet of crackers and drank a liter of water, today it was very hot.
      After talking to this priest, perhaps around 23 I will dine.
      Then I will recite the office of readings, I will do compline and the examination of conscience. After that I'll work as long as I can stay awake.

      Here's what I did: I visited a sick old man, I confessed a priest, made spiritual direction to another, given the anointing of the sick to a dying woman, accompanied two spouses to the church where they will have to marry, came home to have a late evening interview with priest … and finally work late into the night.
      This I have done: emeritus and insolent cretinkiko!

      look at what time my answers were published today: all from 20 on, except for a single message from the phone during a break at about 13. All the other comments of the day, those sent by readers, the collaborators of The Island of Patmos published them.

      • Averroes
        Averroes says:

        Precisely!He sees how many good things he can do?Because he wastes his time inciting and instigating others?He feels himself the savior of the Church?Think you are the only one who loves her?Look, we have made so many sacrifices ,lost my life for the love of the Church, if I told her my life,maybe he would cry, but yet,despite everything, I stay and love the Church. Despite the very bad example of many of her confreres and lay people in the parish and I don't want to generalize. If I told her what my parish is,what are the lay faithful,not of the path,that I know and frequent would cause her disgust,and I don't want to say that those who make the journey are better than others,be clear. I don't know if he lives in a parish and knows the reality of the parish,but believe me it's so disgusting and if I told you certain things,her skin would crawl. How is it possible that people who call themselves Catholics live and are made this way?I repeat,I don't mean to generalize,but where do you see the Church in certain parishes?Maybe he doesn't realize that,the people she fights,they love the Church,like and more than her. I often wonder,like an atheist,agnostic,can get closer to the parish,given the disgust present.

        • Alessandra
          Alessandra says:

          Yes, of course … they all suck. Except you.
          Indeed you do a little less disgusting.
          You who have catechists who do everything: psychologists, liturgy, medici, spiritual direction.

          “You have lost your life” for the love of the Church?
          But when ever?
          At most you have lost it for Kiko Arguello who, i'm sorry, but it is not immortal. In fact, now it is also difficult to fill the sports halls (see last meeting in Genoa) and he gets pissed if they don't listen to him for good: “I am the founder of the Neocatechumenal path. You won't see me again”

          “I don't know if he knows the parish”?
          But you feel while you speak? You from the parish will have seen the rooms at most.

          Never is it. Better learn Kiko's pappardella: “in church there is only mass” “there is no longer a Christian” (except him and those who follow him obviously).

          Then things like Guam and him happen “E’ all a persecution”
          FOOL! And you fools with him.

          He who tried to get the liturgy approved in 2012 straight to Benedict XVI.
          SHAME! He who in front of his words: “there is only one Mass and you have to go back to the parish” he dared to say: “These are things he had to say”.
          DOUBLE SHAME.

        • l'apostata
          l naughty says:

          Crap? Dislike? Having an excellent Averroe, she reads in the hearts of Christians on Sunday or is it theirs lay confessor like the catechists of the Way? Then he says who “makes the Way” it is no better than them. But then what the hell is it for “do the Camino” if you remain gross and disgusting?

          You ask (often! nice pastime!) “like an atheist,agnostic,can get closer to the parish,given the disgust present”. But then why do you always and only collect followers among the parishioners with the “catechesis for adults”? You won't want to tell me that you make atheist and agnostic adepts with bankruptcies centopiazzate where only i appear neocat as a fake audience. And the lousy secret round of money on the Way he tells us?

          Love the Church? So why does he disobey them? Starting from “Communion & Eating” violations of your own Statute.

          Without forgetting Mr. Arguello, self-proclaimed exorcist who prides himself on casting out demons, something very forbidden by the Church. What do you think, does Kiko obey or not?

          To end up on the crap of the parishes, I remind you that Our Lord has assured the assistance of the Holy Spirit only to the Church, and not to more or less obsessed movements …

          • Always a free mind
            Always a free mind says:

            Dear Averroé, let's not fight a crap battle.
            If I was in the mood for controversy, I'd list whole pages of crappy stuff I've seen in mine 35 years of community.
            To tell the truth, they were the ones that made me start asking many questions and many doubts, until the decision to leave the path, all the central part of my life, all decisions made in madness, all the knowledge I had (I only had those, because on the way you are somehow instilled to cut off with those who are not part of the tour).
            I started wondering why, something that calls itself a church, it can be so excruciating, so repeatedly sinful, even of very serious sins, without anyone ever intervening.
            And consider, brother Averroé, that I have completed all the stages, also the “spiritual marriage”. And you?
            Very disappointing to see the miserable decay of all initial promises: he had learned to speak Neocatechumenalese, but in hearts there was more division, envy, injustice, greed, lie… than at the beginning.
            I waited patiently for the community to show new Christian attitudes.
            Never happened.

        • father ariel
          A priest testifies (letter signed) says:

          “If I told her what my parish is,what are the lay faithful, not of the path, that I know and frequent would cause her disgust”

          Of the series: how much is too much is too much!
          Now the disgust I cause him, in Averroé, capable of countering everything and the opposite of everything, except to answer the clear and precise questions posed to him; I know, however, that he will not be in the least shaken.

          Today I am a presbyter of 78 years of the diocese of […]
          In 2009, when I had 68, in my capacity as parish priest I forbade the neocatechumenals to celebrate Mass on Saturday evening in the parish halls, not only and not so much because sometimes they even ended at two in the morning, but because they practiced all the liturgical abuses prohibited by the Church, recalled by various of his documents and by Pope Benedict XVI himself.
          It is particularly serious that this happened in the parish entrusted to me, being at the time I was episcopal master of ceremonies, director of the diocesan liturgical office and teacher of the sacred liturgy in the nearby interregional seminary.

          While I was in the sacristy already dressed in vestments waiting for the 17,30 for the celebration of Mass, the two chief catechists arrive to ask questions. I replied that I was about to go to celebrate Mass and that at that moment I did not want to be distracted and made ill., however, I had already arranged that in the parish halls the “messe neocatecumenali” Everyone 21.30.

          One of them raised his voice and pushed me by the shoulder, when I told him how he dared to lay his hands on a priest about to celebrate Mass, the other companion said the exact words “Yes, handsome fucking priest!”. I told him to go out, and this second, with a satanic grin, he gave me two slaps. Two altar boys from first communion were present, one of whom began to cry and the other ran away to the church screaming.
          I avoid mentioning the confusion that erupted in the church.
          I could not even celebrate mass.
          Ah, kind Averroé, I forgot: they were two super catechists, if anything he hadn't understood it.

          My bishop (since then) he took it badly, prohibited all Neocatechumenal groups present in the diocese from catechesis and especially the celebrations on Saturday evening, then he imposed the canonical excommunication on the aggressor pursuant to can. 1370 (c). 3.

          Obviously, all the judicial implications of the case followed, but there is no need to dwell on this.

          I have nothing else to add except the fact that despite having sent Father Ariel a signed letter (apart from the fact that we have known each other since 2011), understandably and prudently avoid putting “featured” my diocese, where the case of the only priest who was attacked and beaten occurred in the distant past 1943, and to beat him were the S.S.
          It had never happened since.

          Your Welcome, Averroe, the word is all his.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Also to Jesus Christ on the Via Dolorosa and then on the cross, i “neocatecumenali” era, they took the piss out of him while he was torn and bleeding on the cross, exactly as she is doing now, perfect and human modern Neocatechumenal, with a old christ who had his share of the cross.

          • Gabriele
            Gabriele says:

            “Senile dementia? It can be there…”. This is the love for the Church that they teach you on the Way therefore? A presbyter, senior in addition, he just wrote that he was verbally and physically assaulted and she finds no better answer than the insult: I don't know about her, since I don't know her, but I have always been taught respect for older people, even more so if they are presbyters who have spent their lives for the Church. Don't believe, I also happened to have animated discussions with priests, even arguing, but I would never dream of insulting or slapping a presbyter. An episode like the one narrated by the priest above shows that those two were not in the least Christian, but more, denotes at what level of baseness they were humanly speaking, and this is not judging, but take note of a fact, why slap and insult a priest, ahead in the years for more, it is for mean and miserable people.

      • Paola
        Paola says:

        After Ariel, I want to say that I am sorry that you waste your time answering Neocatechumenals of the caliber of those who write here with insults, low-grade criticism and the like. This is their method, accuse the interlocutor regardless. She has no need to defend herself against these snakes. They are bad beings, wicked, they are inspired by the devil, there is not a shred of Christianity in them. The honest few who are still on the way (and they are very few, endangered) they don't write here. I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your work and that I will buy and read your book with great interest and spread it among all the people I know.. I agree with her, they have won a battle, but they will not win the war because God sees from above and God is stronger than the devil. God will do justice, as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah.
        A thought and a prayer for all the parish priests hostage of this Catholic sect.

  19. Anthony Boniface
    Anthony Boniface says:

    With the Requerimiento they evangelized! You should be ashamed until the end of time for what you have done, you have applied the herm to all latitudes, all lands (of others) they have become your lands, so much so that now for nemesis or karman you go whining in the Amazon with ashes on your head
    Eternal shame to the oppressors, to murderers and thieves
    Bartolomeo of the Houses

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Why, of the work of Bartolomeo de las Casas, does not mention the writings in their entirety? Copying and pasting is easy!
      Did she read all the historiography of the “conquerors” and missionaries in the new Americas in the 16th century?
      Or maybe she just read anti-Catholic reports?

      Months ago, when she a similar comment, I asked him if he considered the “conquerors” and the missionaries guilty of having avoided human sacrifice and the practice of cannibalism.
      I also explained that cultures “wonderful” and “flourishing” to which she alluded, were in serious decline in the 16th century.
      He never answered me.

      Now, she ask the same questions again.

      His are questions based on a lack of historical knowledge and anti-Catholic prejudices..
      If she studies history you will understand that you are wrong.

  20. Daouda
    Daouda says:

    Reverend Father Ariel the very existence of the Neocatechumenals within the Holy Church can also, perhaps, in any case be read through the notation you made: those they have formed are not necessarily priests.

    The overwhelming majority of Catholic Tridentinists focus on the intentionality of the priest, but in fact the question does not arise if these, really, priests ever were.

    Not that I want to exaggerate, but a simulator, an infiltrator, publicly, he may appear more pious and righteous than any other Orthodox: hierarch, priest, secular or religious be it (to the wise…).
    It will certainly not be the case with Neocatechumenal seminarians, but it is precisely with regard to them that we continue to skilfully avoid facing the dilemma.

    I also believe that the real priests did theirs. They are the laymen who forget having to raise their hands as God commands but it is evident that a new Skanderbeg stood up, he would be isolated and certainly condemned as a criminal against humanity by the Catholics themselves …

    Good day to you and thanks for your article.

  21. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    Egregio Don Ariel, constantly flaunts that he has studied, but then it offends like the stadium ultras. The SC is not a dogmatic constitution? Change little, he understood what I meant, in fact, he is careful not to answer and eludes the subject. He knows the subtleties, but then she seems to miss the most important thing SC had ordered, that is, the general revision of the Missal of Pius V. E’ so yes or no?Remember what Pope Francis said on the sixty-eighth day of the Eucharist regarding the liturgical reform?He said it is irreversible. That is back,there is no return to the Missal of Pius V because it was reformed,she can deny this, but above all she shares this discourse?If he shares it,why use Pius V's Missal again? If the reform is irreversible it is for the whole Church,Yes or no?And in fact, St. Paul VI had prohibited the use of Pius V's missal, stipulating that everyone had to use the one approved in 1970, but some preferred to disobey and even caused a schism.?I'm lying?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … I "elude"?
      I have shown her in three / four answers that she, stubbornly:

      1. questions a motu proprio of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, which could also be of St. Paul VI, St. John Paul II or the reigning Pontiff, little matters, because of whoever he is and whatever he is about, it is an act of supreme authority by the Roman Pontiff which as such is not subject to discussion, but only by application;

      2. he demonstrates with blatant ignorance that he does not know the foundations of Church history and ecclesiastical law;

      3. proves that he does not even know what the Second Vatican Council is e, after having defined the dogmatic constitution COUNCIL, instead of having the humility to say “I was wrong”, or not to answer, continued to reply with unprecedented arrogance stating that “dogmatic or non-dogmatic” – hear, hear!” – «Little changes»;

      4. continued undaunted not to respond to the objections made to it, to evade the arguments and change the subject, insisting like a broken record on an error that has been amply demonstrated theologically, ecclesiologically and juridically, but not because I consider it such, but because Catholic doctrine says so, ecclesiastical law, the documents of the supreme magisterium.

      His obstinacy is not diabolical, because the Devil is pure concentrate of intelligence; his obstinacy is the most blind and arrogant manifestation of the most foolish pride that can exist.

      She tries, in a false way, to mystify a history of the Church he does not know, a magisterium that does not know and an ecclesiology that does not know. Then, attempts to distort the speeches of the Supreme Pontiffs, making them say and affirm what they never said.

      A hatred of everything was instilled in her neocatecumenal-kikiano towards the so-called liturgy of Trent and the Missal of St. Pius V, a hatred fruit of ignorance and lack of knowledge. This is because she, ignorant like his false prophet, ignores that from the sixteenth century to follow, with that Missal, entire continents have been evangelized for five centuries, he understands? Entire continents! Not least for this reason the Supreme Pontiffs Paul VI and John Paul II, after the liturgical reform, pastorally completely necessary, they pointed out and called that missal “santo” e “venerable”.

      He knows why, the Sacrosanctum Concilium it was the first document published by Vatican II? Simple: because it was ready. Because although Kiko and Carmen have shown in their catecheses that they do not know, to initiate the liturgical reform was the “' trembling” e “princely” Supreme Pontiff Pius XII, it was he who began with the reform of various rites, starting with those of Holy Week. Already at the time of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XV there was talk of a necessary liturgical reform, but the outbreak of the First World War obviously led to think of other and much more serious things.

      With that Missal, San Filippo Neri has brought entire generations of Roman children abandoned to themselves back to the church and to the faith; with that Missal, St. Ignatius of Loyola sent his missionaries to evangelize the peoples of Asia; with that Missal an army of Dominicans and Franciscans evangelized Latin America in the sixteenth century; with that Missal the Capuchin Friars Minor, at the end of the 16th century they evangelized the Congo, etc … etc …
      Then in 1968 came the false prophets and bad teachers Kiko and Carmen, who like her inflated with ignorance, they explained that until then, the church, he didn't understand anything, who had "bottled the Holy Spirit" and relegated the mass to "pagan sacrificial concepts" (!?).

      That Missal was "replaced" but it never was “abolished” e “repealed”, nor has it ever been “prohibited” by Paul VI: lie! Paul VI invited the application of the liturgical reform, he never declared the previous Missal lapsed and abolished. And I don't explain that, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI explains this in his documents … ignorant !!! E’ Benedict XVI who explains that "the Rite of St. Pius V has never been abolished by the Church". Studies, Education, Education … rather than waste time despising – from tested neocatechumenal – science and knowledge: Education!

      In conclusion:

      1. she insists on inventing stories that never existed;
      2. it does not include the acts and documents of the Church;
      3. he attributes to a council never made statements and never made decisions;
      4. attributes affirmations to the Supreme Pontiffs, decisions and prohibitions that they have never made and taken.

      And this is a proven fact, and to prove it is what she wrote and what she reiterated when her mistake was proved to her.

      • father ariel
        Roman parish priest (letter signed) says:

        Ariel Caro, dear brother in the Priestly Order: thank you!
        I neocatecumenali (and you know it very well) in practice they almost destroyed the Diocese of Rome.
        With this article and your answers, you have done justice above all to many priests who, like me, they must suffer the arrogance of the Neocatechumenals, because as the Neapolitan confrere explained well above, we found them in parishes to which we were sent, and in which they were from 20, 30 year old.
        Talk about the serious problems that they create in parishes with the auxiliary bishops of the sector or the cardinal vicar himself? In the closed rooms they nod and roll their eyes, but then they do nothing, because they let them become a power.
        And we parish priests, we are left to ourselves, often unwanted hostages of these people.

        expensive ariel, ho ho 73 years and I have been parish priest in various parishes in Rome for 35 year old, after having previously been assistant pastor for eight years.

        You know, to my early age, how many “little kids” Maximilian C style. and Averroé point fingers at me and raise questions like those raised to you here?
        And you know, and you understand that, in this situation, not only alone, but in the sad and painful company of many other Roman parish priests.

        Letter Signed

        • father ariel
          Roman vice-parish priest (letter signed) says:

          I'm the first assistant pastor of the Roman priest who just posted the comment above, I just add this of mine: … and let us forget what we have to suffer from the neocatechumenal priests and from them (as our dear father Ariel says) “neocatecumenalizzati”.
          I'll let you imagine why in this case, the thing, it is so painful that I prefer not to linger on the speech.
          Thank you, cardinal Ruini, thank you Cardinal Vallini for the neocatechumenalization of the Diocese of Rome: thank you so much!

          Letter Signed

  22. Giuseppe Verdi
    Giuseppe Verdi says:

    Pasquale Troise from the Traiano district of Naples, Fuorigrotta area (with nik Massimiliano C.). But you still haven't figured out who you're dealing with?

    But you still think yours (trivial non-arguments) you can place them at the foundation of a multidisciplinary high culture discourse on theological subject with whom, unfortunately for you, he is a student of these matters?

    You are like a child of 3 years in the first year of kindergarten trying to explain the formula of relativity to a university professor of physics.

    Dear Pasquale, said pasqualone: you do not realize that you are literally making many readers of this blog laugh (even atheists) and weep so many Neocatechumenals that, to now, they will be wondering who this is c…one that is making us make a barbina figure of immense proportions?

    Pasquale, you are from Naples and I am too, but a little’ you're making me ashamed of being!

    • father ariel
      Don Francesco of Naples says:

      Dear Joseph,

      known that various Neapolitans sail on that beautiful island of Patmos.

      You will certainly know that the Neocatechumenal Way is very present and rooted in the Archdiocese of Naples. Many, among us parish priests, they live in truly terrible situations.

      Or in the parish where there are Neocatechumenal groups there is a Neocatechumenal priest, or, as Father Ariel rightly says, a priest “neocatecumenalizzato”, or, the life of us parish priests, turns into hell, but truly in hell.

      Nobody supports us and supports us, to us non-Neocatechumenal pastors, not because the Way enjoys all “dogmatic” Church approvals, but because the ecclesial and diocesan situations are so complex and often very serious and unmanageable that, go and touch such a cauldron, it would create huge problems e, perhaps, also useless but above all, then, really hard to manage.
      So what happens?
      Non-Neocatechumenal parish priests, that the Neocatechumenals have found them and that they have to undergo them, they try to lead the parish life in the best possible way and then leave, these groups, do what they want in the parish halls, provided they do not interfere with the life of the parish and the choices made by the parish councils.
      it won't be a good thing, but nothing else can be done, for now.

      The lack of respect of the average Neocatechumenal towards the priest is really striking, we do not talk, then, of catechists.
      Liturgical abuses continue as before e, in our part, worse than before. Who denies it, I'm afraid he is telling the false.

      I would also like to point out something that is not secondary: to the abuse we must add the passional-emotional element. We Neapolitans are known, for our passion, but also for our theatricality, it is no coincidence that we are also famous for a theatrical and literary genre known just as “Neapolitan skit”. consequence?

      Ah, the consequence is very serious: people who in themselves play on emotions, in our land, they had an easy game, hence the emotionality, and with it the truly more unthinkable and imaginative liturgical abuse, in our socio-cultural and ecclesial context it ends up being raised to the maximum power.

      As far as I'm concerned, I am one of several Neapolitan parish priests who, Ariel father, provided serious and painful testimony and evidence to this effect, all rigorously demonstrated.

      To posterity give us then, to everyone, of liars and haters.
      Say a prayer for us parish priests, left alone hostage to these people.

      • father ariel
        Don Angelo Rossit says:

        Dearest Neapolitan confrere,

        guaranteed prayers, truly and sincerely.
        Maybe you made me understand why in many areas of our cold north, the Neocatechumenals did not take root as in areas of central and southern Italy.
        Actually, from what I know in Naples and its surroundings (but also in Calabria and Sicily), they are very present.
        They are also present here, however in much smaller proportions and numbers.
        When a small group of them appeared years ago in my parish, I said I didn't want them.
        Here I have to say … father Ariel docet! In fact they began … “we are approved … we are esteemed by the Church … we are called by the Church …” Then at the end, almost as a threat: “Saint John Paul II has approved us, and John Paul II is a saint, and she will certainly not go against the Church and against a saint, vero?”.

        They then went to complain to the bishop, with the same reasons. But when they told the bishop that this pastor was against the Church, not obedient to the Church and to the decisions of St. John Paul II, the bishop (of the time and time) He answered: “in the last three years i have died 14 priests, in the same amount of time I only ordered 2, and in the interdiocesan seminary (ours has been closed for almost 30 year old) we have got only 3 seminarians. Between you and the pastor I have to choose the pastor, even if the parish priest was wrong, because if he comes to me and tells me he wants to leave the parish office, I really don't know who to put in his place, also because it does not only have the parish where you went to knock, but he is also pastor of two other nearby small parishes where there hasn't been a pastor for twenty years, and there is no parish priest because I have no priests”.

        Dear Neapolitan confrere, our situation is very different. My diocese has approx 200.000 faithful and has, between secular and regular clergy, circa 90 priests , you are one of the largest archdioceses in Italy, you have more than 1000 priests for a couple of million inhabitants.

        But I realize, I understand and sincerely feel sorry for you and others in your own situations. In fact, these subjects are seriously rooted in large contexts, then the situation becomes unmanageable just as you describe it, and if they manage to place their own priests, or to draw some of our diocesan priests from them, then at that point breakages erupt, problems and real feuds within the presbyters, just as if these subjects were made to divide and disintegrate parishes from within, below the dioceses themselves.

        I wish you a happy and fruitful ministry.

        don Angelo

  23. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    You say that the approval of the Way would be an administrative act?I don't think so ,but even if it were it would suit me,however, it remains an official approval of the Church.Not everything in the Church is approved and examined directly by the Pope.,who collaborate with the Holy Father,among which,as regards the SP there was the Ecclesia Dei which later merged into the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. I remind you that the approval of 2008 is the completion of a process that began many years earlier and had an intermediate stage with the’ approval, to experiment,of 2002 2008 so it was the conclusion of the process, not its beginning and Cardinal Ratzinger had also participated , so he was certainly not in the dark nor can it be said that he was bypassed,as she seems to suggest, if she claims the opposite,Please prove and document. It remains true that Pope Paul VI had forbidden the use of the Missal of Pius V,the day after the approval of the new Missal,in 1970, there is no doubt about that,but some disobeyed the Pope. Who disobeyed,he would do well not to teach others. That disobedience did nothing good.

    • GPA
      GPA says:

      They didn't understand that getting a driver's license doesn't mean what they believe, and so they inflated like balloons. They fail to understand that they then have to drive well and respect the rules, the Highway Code, and more. And if I drive a car, I can't put myself in command of others, think you are better, slandering others by believing that they are speaking through the mouth of God, and do so much more negative.
      E’ as if I were walking around, after receiving Holy Communion, and I started to say bad words and blasphemies.
      These did not understand that some of the People of Israel, Elected People, they put on the Cross, at that time, (in compliance with the Second Vatican Council), let's talk about the culprits, the Sir.
      They have not understood that every day there is a tough fight against Evil, and not just to be pessimistic, there is also a great consolation that the Holy Spirit gives.
      They only know: approval,until. number of seminars, the Pope told us ( they only list what is convenient), etc.
      Then they give themselves self-approval, that is, they remember the event, they think they are living it at the moment, as if it were their property, and they begin to impose and persecute, thinking of…

  24. LUCA
    LUCA says:

    Dear Massimiliano but who defends people from people like you and your associates?
    Who defends people from ignorant catechists, gorgeous, arrogant, presumptuous, mean, dishonest, deceivers, abietti, hypocrites,fakes ?

    Who defends people from these ugly characters who demand absolute and total obedience to their people?

    Who defends people who approach the path because they think it is the Church and are brought into a parallel reality that has nothing to do with Christianity, with the Church and with Jesus Christ?

    Who informs people about the “vera” reality of the CNC which uses its own catechism different from the Church and has always kept it segregated?

    Who defends people from a reality that has a statute that never respects?

    Who defends Christians from a group of people who never answer questions, they do not accept any criticism, they have no precise rules and are linked to the cult of the founder Kiko Arguello who is absolutely self-referential and reigns as an absolute monarch over a few thousand people kept in the dark about everything that happens at the top of the movement?


  25. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    The Way is accused of bringing division into parishes,but I would like to point out that the Tridentine Mass groups,they are composed of elements that come from,mostly ,from different parishes or even dioceses and meet and attend only for the Mass of Pius V ,they do not participate in other initiatives of the parish and of the diocese that hosts them,as I have already written,in the diocese,the liturge is the Bishop,it would be fairer than that, the granting of the Mass of Pius V,returned under the authority of the Bishops. Also because one wonders what pastoral benefits the application of Pius V has brought,given that however the Pius X Fraternity remains schismatic,the traditionalists continue to remain on their own. I believe that in the future the SP will be revised, reformed,also because it seems in contradiction with the provisions of the Dogmatic Constitution Sacrosatum Concilium,which provided for the reform of the Tridentine Rite,not the coexistence of the two rites. However also the Tridentine Masses,at least in my part,they are not very popular. Indeed to tell the truth they are not even celebrated,no one asks for it and the Bishop is not inclined to grant it,And it's good. Please read the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Ass, donkey, donkey! Who rises to the chair and pretends to teach whom, for a lifetime, he studies dogmatic theology and the documents of the magisterium of the Church. And I repeat: donkey, donkey, donkey!

      The Holy Council is not a “dogmatic constitution”!
      The two dogmatic constitutions of the Second Vatican Council are the God's word the A The light.

      You are rejecting and openly contesting an act of magisterium given in the form of motu proprio by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI.
      I challenge her publicly: you find, in all my public writings, a single sigh in which I question, even and only veiled, a motu proprio of Pope Francis I.
      I challenge her publicly: you find it!
      Because it will only find the opposite: my calls and my explanations, addressed to anyone who has raised issues, about the fact that when a Roman Pontiff promulgates a motu proprio, and shut up, it is obeyed and executed.
      Only this will find.

  26. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    Dear Don Ariel, I do not reply to your answer,I think it is absolutely not worth it because it would be a useless effort,there is no worse deaf than those who do not want to listen.My reference to the Summorum Pontificum was only to highlight the contradiction in which it falls into its reasoning.She affirms that the Way would be imposed from above. Francis at the Mass of Pius V?Well then you prove your claims,documents that the Way is imposed from above. Who would then do this imposition?Please name names. You are referring to Pope Francis by accident?It bothers her that the Way is eventually imposed from above,but I ask her,it did not happen and the same thing happens with Summorum?The majority of the Bishops continue to be against the SP and the Mass groups Pius V. Someone observes ,I agree in full,than the liturge ,at the diocese level it is the Bishop,therefore it would be up to him to grant, eventually, the celebration of the Rite of Pius V. In fact, however, he is bypassed, and obliged to grant Mass. Furthermore, the NC is accused of dividing the parishes but what are these little groups of Pius V doing?I'm…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      She doesn't reply, not because it is “so superior that it does not sag”, but because he has no wisdom, knowledge and arguments; and it is proving it, obstinately, line behind line.
      I have already replied to you in the part in which the dogmatic constitutions of the Second Vatican Council that do not exist are invented from scratch..

  27. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    father ariel, it's not me a “shut her mouth”, as she says, but the church with its highest representatives. I never could, because as his admirer rightly says, I could do nothing against his great culture, his display of Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew. You launch the quotes in Hebrew and its culture, as a system of anti-missile countermeasures “chaff and flare”, launches its elements “deceivers” . I only care about one thing: Christ and his Church and this one loves the Way and from beyond 50 years she takes care of him and defends him from people like her. Only this I know, “Christ and these crucified”, all the rest are alone “chaff and flare”.
    By accepting the friend's proposal above, I will no longer intervene in this discussion so don't bother to answer if you want and if you will, know you won't get my answer. I don't owe the Neocatechumenal path and I couldn't defend it from people like you and your associates, but Christ thinks about it through his Church.
    Kind regards
    Maximilian C.

    • Alessandra
      Alessandra says:

      But why are you not being honest with yourself for once. You ain't that not “you want to answer” … you don't KNOW AND CAN'T answer.

      1) because all your wisdom is enclosed in mamotreti and woe if “turn left and right” and this despite St. John Paul II (whose name you flaunt…hypocrites!) clearly told the catechists TO STUDY.
      You have listened to it? I don't think so.

      2) Because you know he's right. And it doesn't take a master's degree in theology. A child of the first year of catechism would be enough. The difference between a “venial sin” and one “mortal” you know it?
      Oh no, why “the deliberate assent” (or the WILL’ of doing something wrong knowing that it is wrong) you don't know him. Why Kiko said that: “CAN NOT BE DONE’ DON'T SIN.

      “The CHURCH defends the way from 50 year old?”. So why did Kiko complain over and over again that “they wanted to take away the mass and FORCE YOU (poor people what a torment) to celebrate in the church rather than in the rooms?”

      I know that this year many dioceses (type Palermo) they FORBIDDEN you from having private Easter Vigils. I know that YOU ARE FRAGGED.
      This is how you love the CHURCH …

    • Pier Luigi Tossani
      Pier Luigi Tossani says:

      Massimiliano, you're not even bringing an argument. With the finished sentences no real dialogue starts. Also because I see that there is no interest in doing it.
      The movement problem is really big, it has very important implications, that everyone understands well. But the actual concrete historical fact is that today the Church is full of great problems, see the heresies andanti on the clearance of adultery, homosexuality, Luther's rehabilitation-sanctification, the clear neo-paganistic drift of the synod on the Amazon, e, Lastly, the matter of the liquidation of the John Paul II Institute, with the known ethical issues connected.

      From me, I am of the opinion, that, Certain, there were ideological drifts that were widespread in the Church since the times of the Second Vatican Council, but that all this recent package has been endorsed and fomented by the Reigning Pontiff.

      So, I wish, even without expecting miraculous solutions, as Robert Spaemann said, that a next pope really begins to clarify, and put things back together.

    • Paola
      Paola says:

      The reader who signs Massimiliano and says not to lie, mind. It is not true that in the Neocatechumenal Masses the faithful consume the Eucharist IMMEDIATELY AFTER the presbyter. They consume it ALL SITTING TOGETHER, exactly as before the approval of the Statutes. What has changed in the Neocatechumenal Mass after the approval of the statutes? Of this, as of the phantom approval of the mamotreti (which actually never existed) much has been said and documented on the blog neocatechumenali.blogspot.com
      Having followed the Neocatechumenal path both before and after the approval of the statutes, by heart the changes in the mass are: reintroduction of the recited Creed (that came first “delivered” only after passing the stage of redditio) and it was proclaimed only sung after this stage, reintroduction of the Lamb of God, reintroduction of the formula “O Lord, I am not worthy to participate in Your table, But say’ just one word and I will be saved” before communion; stand up to receive the piece of bread for communion on the hands and then sit down immediately afterwards. As now even the walls know, the host (piece of unleavened bread) it is eaten all together.

  28. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    I agree with averroe, that the path does not need to be defended, much less from us, since Jesus Christ takes care of defending it, through his Church that in 50 for years he oversaw the Neocatechumenal Way. But one thing got me thinking, which I believe is a proven reality, that there is an equation between “anti-administrativeism” e “sedervacantism” or even anticlericalism. And this also makes sense, because if the church wants the Way and says it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, but I hate the Way… Then the church is unjust and the Pope is a scoundrel. Perhaps (and I say maybe), this is not the case with Fr.. Ariel, but almost all the comments on fb and the blog, report this equation.
    Anyway Father Ariel, if it's true as you say, who will have to spend thousands of years in purgatory, I don't think it will be for the reasons she said, but for his presumption and little humility towards the church and its ministers who approved the path.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      I will be taught humility by the mega-catechists of the Neocatechumenal Way, who repeatedly have shown that they do not know the rudiments of history, of philosophy, fundamental theology and the law of the Church, but despite this they feel they are indisputable masters, making havoc of a poor Holy Spirit reduced to the same level as the Wizard of Merlin. And when in front of their expressions they were, as in this case – just read these lines – faced with their obvious errors due above all to their lack of knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, at that point, as a last resort, not knowing what to answer anymore, they closed with a pathetic invitation to humility. Which humility is a fundamental virtue, not a way of saying: “I am right against any clear evidence of the facts”.
      Nor her, nor his companion Averroé, you answered when I pointed out your mistakes one by one, which are all serious errors on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
      And this is a fact.
      While humility is a virtue, not a way to shut your mouth when you no longer know what and how to answer, how and where to attach.

      • father ariel
        Marco (Chiasso) says:

        I am a medical specialist in clinical psychology from Italian-speaking Switzerland, native of Como and therefore Italian.
        This discussion is interesting and mine is only a brief, purely scientific comment.
        The discussion demonstrates this:

        a) on the one hand we have an experienced fighter (father ariel) endowed with an indubitable polyhedral-encyclopedic culture, which ranges with competence and ease from philosophy to history, from theology to law, all with rigorously rational arguments and with oratory skills in front of which personally I would not go to be arrogant in a public confrontation face to face;

        b) on the other hand we have people who do not know the rules of the struggle, they appear lacking in culture, they have no tools for debate, they do not answer on the merits, they evade answers and are unable to confront such an opponent, But, they believe they are right on the basis of irrational arguments based entirely on their own emotional spheres.

        The external observer, as in my case, but I also believe many other people, feel attraction and esteem towards the subject “a”, and at the same time discomfort towards the subjects “b”.

        I am not of the Catholic religion and I have always followed very little even that to which my family belongs, but I have been reading The Island of Patmos for some years precisely because on a scientific level I am attracted and fascinated by the acute expositions of Father Ariel, against which a ten-year-old boy can hurl himself with vehemence in the same way he can hurl himself at a boxing champion at whom, obviously, can only call stupid from a distance and under guarantee of anonymity, certainly not going into the ring with him and telling him “now I'll tear you apart”.

        All this is scientifically interesting to me, even if I don't know who the Neocatechumenals are, on which I could never express judgments of any kind, not knowing their individual members and not knowing their Catholic group / association.

  29. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    Please the Way does not need to be defended by us. Forget these unnecessary disputes. Anti-administration is highly regarded in the traditionalist world. Don Ariel also knows well that his arguments are plastic and archaic. He would not stand up to a serious discussion.

    Speaking of things in the Church desired from above,I ask Don Ariel who he wanted the Popes?
    The Bishops were and are mostly against it,Pope Francis included. The people had not asked for any Tridentine Mass,except the lowest groups of the traditionalist world. It was certainly a decision taken from above,without even consulting the other Bishops,with a synod or cardinals,with a Consistory. Indeed, to tell the truth, the Mass of Pius V was prohibited by St. Paul VI and allowed only to a few priests.
    But he disobeyed and some continued to celebrate Two weights and two measures Don Ariel?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      You are an extraordinary comedian.
      First of all, before stating that "I would not stand up to a serious discussion", should make this discussion happen. The last time I had to deal in public with a neocatechumenal mega-catechist who claimed to be a biblical scholar, I blinked the Hebrew text of Genesis under his eyes in front of everyone and told him: "I only discuss based on the original sources". Then I asked him: "This, what book of the bible is?».
      He understands this for himself, the figure he made in front of everyone, or I have to explain it to him with subtitles for the deaf?

      You ask me who wanted the Popes? I'll answer right away: the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, the same as in 2012 it allowed the Pontifical Council for the Laity to approve the Neocatechumenal Way, without any mention between the lines of this decree to the august person of the Supreme Pontiff.

      Overall, there is therefore a non-formal legal difference, but substantial, which however escapes her: the document that grants the use of the old order of Mass, it's a motu proprio and it is signed by Benedict XVI, your approval of 2012, which took place under his pontificate, it is an administrative act of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, in which – I repeat – the Supreme Pontiff is absolutely not named, as it is often mentioned in various other decrees of the Dicasteries and Pontifical Secretariats.
      Clear? Or she also wants to deny the evidence of proven and documented facts?

      Well, since according to him it would be me who "could not stand up to a serious discussion", she who is so comically serious, we want to explain, from both a canonical and an ecclesiological point of view, what a difference it makes, de jure, between a motu proprio of the Roman Pontiff and the administrative act of the President of a pontifical council?

      Ah, what would I give, to be in front of an audience of canonists, to hear her explain it to me!

      So tell me: if the president of a pontifical secretariat approves the neocatechumenals with an administrative decree, this decree passes directly to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith so that a new dogma of faith can be formulated, while, if of motu proprio (which means of one's own supreme authority) the Supreme Pontiff establishes anything, you can mock her in her own cultured way, as she is doing between her lines?

      Who told him, that the Holy Father Francis, it is contrary? Where he stated it? Where is it documented? As Archbishop of Buenos Aires he was the first in all of Latin America to immediately commission two priests to celebrate with the old order in two different churches in Buenos Aires, one of whom at the time was an outstanding academic of the Latin language at the Catholic University.

      After that she states that to make such a decision, Benedict XVI should have called a synod … a consistory (!?) Is this, what ecclesiastical law imposes it, given that he is the Roman Pontiff, the supreme legislator and against his decisions there is no appeal. If I were – for instance – sanctioned canonically by my bishop, who is required to clearly give the reasons for his provision, starting from the canons and ecclesiastical laws violated by me, if I consider that sanction unjust, I could appeal the bishop to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura; instead, if the sanction was given to me – always for example – by the Roman Pontiff, I could not appeal to anyone, and the Roman Pontiff, contrary to the bishop, it is not even obliged in any way to justify its decisions.

      But she, is by chance mistaking the hierarchical authority of the Church for a parliamentary republic where laws are passed by majority? In that case we should not have the Vicar of Christ on earth, but the elected President of the Catholic Church, elected and, if necessary, disheartened and dismissed from office, the series … the sovereignty of the Church belongs to the people who delegate it to the pope-president and the bishops-presidents.

      She is finally accusing me of her obvious sins by stating … "Two weights and two measures".
      No, it is she who blatantly uses, who, in front of everyone, two weights and two measures, that means: on an act of authority (motu proprio) by Benedict XVI, and discuss – and it is you yourself who do it and prove it -, while what cannot be discussed is the administrative approval of the Neocatechumenal Way by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

      But she, realizes, at what levels, his comedy is truly grotesque and hilarious?

  30. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    In the approved statute the Eucharistic celebration is described and it has become (from the statute onwards), a parish pastoral mass, open to all. I do not “diversion” to the questions, but while she has no character limitations, I have some 1200. Regarding the Eucharistic Prayer, what you say happened before the statute, now it is always different and corresponding to the liturgical season. The confreres he asked for, they are probably in bad faith like most haters. Just reading jubilation is enough to understand what I mean by hater, but I see that she too is learning fast.

    • by Tripudio
      by Tripudio says:

      And enough of complaining about the 1200 characters: we know that kikos can't wait to insert endless copy / paste sheets. Unnecessary, since it was intended to be caciara rather than clarity, to silence rather than to explain.

      For example, his brother Massimiliano, lying, affirms that the Statute would describe the carnival liturgy of the Way. Which in reality has never been approved and has always been contrary to the Roman Missal and to the liturgical norms valid for the whole Church, is “first” that “after” the Statute.

      The letter from the Congregation for Divine Worship of 1 December 2005 (a firma del cardinal Arinze, containing the "decisions of the Holy Father" against the Neocatechumenal liturgies, "Decisions" that the Holy Father never took back), it is an integral part of the Statute of the Way (item 13, note 49): citing documents already normative for the whole Church, this letter forbids the major liturgical blunders of the Neocatechumenal (“communion seated”, “homilies” laicali, etc.) but until today the kikos have always disobeyed (for example with the hypocritical splash at the moment of Communion).

    • Paola
      Paola says:

      The Neocatechumenal Masses are open to everyone only in theory. In all the years of walking I have only encountered one case of a person attending the Neocat Eucharist on his own initiative, without being invited by anyone. It was a man in his forties who attended the community Eucharist for months (to Neocat communities gathered for lack of priests) of the parish where I have made the journey over the years 2005-2010. Quest’ man was invited to catechesis, but he said he didn't feel like participating and was happy to be able to follow that animated Eucharist on Saturday evening. Well some time later, by the head of the parish and two of his friends he was told not to show up again on Saturday evening, that he would no longer be able to participate in the Eucharist of the Communities. I remember that he was very badly, he did not understand the reasons for his departure, he also tried * to justify himself by saying that he had done nothing wrong…. But tell me how one can define himself as a Christian who prevents a person from attending a mass in a church subject to the diocese? That is, not his personal chapel…. People like that just deserve to lose everything….

  31. Averroes
    Averroes says:

    Who insults wrong and not honoring the Way,assuming it is actually a member of this realtà.Don Ariel causes,while they know,therefore,in my humble opinion, errs more than all. E’ a priest, and has greater responsibility and awareness, but with its instigate provocations and some,in itself already unintelligent causing them to vulgarity and trivial language.
    They make his game,aware of it,are not fools,open their eyes pleasure. Regardless of who writes nonsense and the very weak case, to which even a child would know replicate, he obviously wants to advertise his books,please, let us give him visibility.

    However, I clearly dissociate myself from vulgarity and insults, moreover, they only benefit from Don Ariel's game, rubbing his hands thinking about the books he will sell’ I notice that the traditionalist world has a penchant for anti-administrativeism and gives supporters of this current of thought, specific weight, and this is tempting to those who aspire to climb positions in the hierarchy.

    I conclude by inviting you to ignore these provocations,the Church has decided definitively,it is useless to continue arguing…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      But she really thinks she can treat a theologian of 56 years as a sucker child, from the top of his almost total lack of critical sense and above all of science and knowledge? But he knows what that means, in theological language, affirm how she just did:

      «The Church has decided definitively,useless to continue discussing ".

      You know what a “final pronouncement” of the church, in theological language?
      There are two pronouncements:

      1. defining;
      2. definitive.

      With pronouncement “defining”, the Church proclaims a dogma of faith; with pronunciation “definitive” the Church sanctions new disciplines and doctrines that, although they are not new dogmas of faith, however, they are based on revelation and dogmas, therefore it implies on the part of the Roman Pontiff the exercise of the infallible magisterium and all the bishops, priests and faithful are required to adhere obediently to the faith.

      The Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II, intervened further with one of his motu proprio to clarify these “degrees” of infallibility (To protect the faith).

      The administrative recognition of the Neocatechumenal Way by the Pontifical Council for the Laity is not a definitive pronouncement of the Church.

      So she talks nonsense and does it like that boy who presumed to be able to dissert with physicists on the most complex systems in the universe, simply because he had seen three science fiction films and not only felt he could treat these specialists like poor suckers, but above all to know much more than them.

      You are not an isolated case, she is the sad paradigm of a drama: the neocatechumenal-type.

  32. Maximilian C.
    Maximilian C. says:

    P. Ariel, obviously with mine 1200 characters available, I can't answer all of his sheets, but I can say something. I would like to respond to jubilation, first of all and tell him that from the bottom of his anonymity, can't afford to “imply” the speeches of his interlocutors. The celebration is not a show, It is a celebration as approved in the Statute and would do more attention to denigrate a rite of the Catholic Church. Thank you for the kindness he described as my ignorance of those who ignore, but at this point you do not think they are too ignorant, intelligent than? Does not it seem that too many cardinals, Bishops and Popes are so ignorant and only a few of you are “intelligent”? I am reminded of the story of the mad hand against the highway. Oh yes, I forgot, She has studied the writings of Fr.. Zoffoli, but I remember that it died about 25 years ago and his knowledge of the c. It is very antecedent to the Statute. it c. It is very different from 25 years ago and if you want to publish the book, first tell you up close and in person, otherwise she will flop like p. Zoffoli. On the pray. euchar. It is maleinform.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Given his evident and proven propensity here to avoid clear and precise questions, I understand that you have to ask very dry and very short questions.
      You just stated:

      «[…] I would be more careful to denigrate a rite of the Catholic Church ".

      Please indicate immediately the document of the Holy See which recognizes the Neocatechumenal as a proper rite recognized by the Catholic Church.
      To answer this question, you don't need them 10.000 characters, just quote me the document.

      Look, that I was able to get hold of documents from the Holy See that you don't even dream of, if you therefore think that I wrote a book based solely on the writings of Father Enrico Zoffoli, he is really wrong.
      But don't get confused: the question is the one above, clear and precise, I do not answer me with a spiel about Father Enrico Zoffoli

  33. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    I tell Mr. Massimiliano that I too have been walking well 35 year old, of which over 25 as a catechist of many people.
    Therefore, I know the Way (Alas!) very well too.
    What Father Ariel says is sacrosanct, it is the Church, and unfortunately I too discovered it after so many, too many years. She, Massimiliano, he will never find out, simply because there is none of this along the way. We don't really talk about it. We speak only of the Kikian interpretation, which has only the semblance of a Catholic preaching, but it looks much more like the Protestant one.
    She says she hasn't offended, and feels offended because she has been called a liar.
    I point out that you used the term instead “slanderer who will not post my comment”, referring to a priest who does nothing but explain the doctrine of the Church. He did not offend, so?

    I then tell Marco, carlo and sasfc (tiny, naturally, in every single meaning of the term), that I too have known neocatechumenal people like them, adverse to any kind of sacredness, also ministerial.
    Unlike you, this contributed to my distancing myself from the CNC in disgust.

  34. GPA
    GPA says:

    I thank Father Ariel strongly of what he wrote.

    I had some small doubts on the Way, in the positive direction for the Neocatechumenal. That I saw and experienced situations in there (Everything written on the blog Observatory, why not rewrite), but a very small part of me was telling me: They are in the Church and John Paul II helped them, so there is, Anyway, a something. That there is, even now, because Christ wants to save all.

    But reading what he wrote in that commentary, ie on the Eucharistic Sacrifice, the Heavenly Host, Jesus the Lord gives His Body and His Blood, and Kiko Arguello said those things, at that point he told me all a scenario before. Whereby, Since the Church is Mother, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and the Church is the Church if it is left attached to Christ, and the same for the Pope, and since we all know Who holds all things is the Father, the Almighty, He who directs the Church and even the Pope, and the Father and the Son are one with the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and so those who are against the Trinity, It is against the Church and the Pope, here that I realized: that these are in bad shape. Very bad.

    They have betrayed Jesus Christ, him on the lips, but their hearts are far from God. They are tucked into the Church for fame, money, and money. I have seen these people in action, in my area, I speak not of all. While in the midst of them walk up to you by calling you brother, Peace exchanges, etc, etc. Everything for personal interest, in the heart conceal another, in most cases their intention is to get you in their area, so snap up one more person. A person required to submit to their will, and so it destined to be stripped of money, spirituality, their love, and faith in God.

    They become the Masters in the true sense of the word, claim the right, in hypocrisy, as they show how prophets, to tell others what to do and what not. You could say that in other areas it is the same. Can be, but when it comes to healthy areas, like when you go to the confessor, is the person who feels the need, and after careful reasoning, self analysis, discernment, etc, here you go by the confessor, and then it takes what we know: We get rid of the burden of death. With this happens as a hunting. They put billboards, on the internet is full of advertisements, swell news, video fake, etc, etc. I personally witnessed the Hundred Squares, almost no one listened to them seriously. The effort we put it, ma, we know that the heretics are committed to spreading heresies, perhaps more than others, because deceived by the spirit that keeps them chained.

    Whereby, these, spend the time to want to subjugate the next, so it is they who are you to try and manipulate, do not you go with your freedom, they are the ones that trigger a series of initiatives, and so tighten the noose more and more.

    Lately, I noticed, who came up to put two in the newborn community people who do from morning till evening as a megaphone, putting to believe that the Way is something most holy and beautiful. magnify steps, before the switch make the praises, create an environment, make believe that will be a beautiful and spiritual. Since I knew them all, and knowing the steps, here is that I have lived through the passage as it was, a meal in Hotel, full belly catechesis, savings, you smoke, game of cards, laughs, coffee, amaretto, Another room in the night, and I also knew how drugs and alcohol. This is the great passage of God, God that passes between the restaurant tables.

    Sorry to write the word God, in this context, but I hope that the Lord will understand why, but I ask forgiveness at the same time. They were catechesis contrary to blog, because I was reading it, while I was there in the middle. So their concern was to shackle people to their Way. Everything centered on the Way, but God:, for God was as a complement, the Way to the center of everything. Madmen is an understatement. But it is only a facade, also appoint the Way, because inside, just tease them - because I've done, but not of my own accord, because there is someone who sent me -, so here it is out all the slime that harbored in their hearts: judgments, talking bad, double-sided, lies, impositions.

    What to say, you see a hypocrite who proclaims to others to go dressed in a certain way, and then see his children with ripped pants. This is just a small example, extra small. Behind the rot it is much more present: fornications, theft, lusts.

    They judge if a person does something contrary to them, ie does not submit to their will, so they start to judge everything, any error, on the contrary, who is part of their circle, although it is a loathsome pedophile, lustful, depraved, fornicator, heretic, braggart, hypocritical, etc, etc, here is welcomed and well liked. Because? The Why already said our Lord, there put a trace: «[…] they would have no sin; now they have seen and hated both me and my Father. This was to fulfill the word written in their Law: They hated me without reason " [GV 15, 25].

    The feedback you have with the Archbishop apuro, Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick, and the like. As part of their circle, here is passing around, but if they have the feeling that you're not in tune, why not follow them, here is starting to persecute in every way. calumnies ambo, convictions, Manipulation of the Gospel, etc, etc.

    Think I heard that the God of the Old Testament - that is, the events described - is a literary short story, as fantasies, because that's where there were wars and massacres, and so their minds can not conceive that God will severely punish.

    This dear, it is a great deception, because the person creates his own fantasy reality, it cannot filter out evil, and for which failing to understand the depth of evil, here it could unknowingly spread it. Because reality cannot be understood. That is, they are fallen spirits and that men can do the most vile deeds, until God intervenes.

    • Raptor84
      Raptor84 says:

      father ariel,

      with my heart in my hand and my eyes swollen with tears I just tell her one thing: THANKS! His commitment, his efforts for the Truth, his beautiful and concise Faith, his way of fighting apostasy and the heretical and corrupt condition of man in the true and only Religion, they do nothing but give me strength beyond what I constantly ask the Holy Spirit!

      In my modest and humble way I am trying to fight against the Neocatechumenal movement of my country which is gaining ground and establishing itself by taking possession of all the existing parishes.

      My attempts to provide the priests with speeches have been in vain, reasons,documents relating to the journey that attest to the deformity and the luciferian stench. They will never consider someone like me,without a theological training, with few speaking skills… a poor Sunday Christian? They are blind, corrupt, afraid of not being moved for having closed the doors to these shady characters on the road? But how strong and influential they are! I do not give up.

      And you continue with your work! She is a Warrior of God! A Warrior! I have always followed her!I will buy her long-awaited book and above all I will pray for her!

  35. sasfc
    sasfc says:

    When talking ariel…It seems to Fiorello radio2 who speaks with an echo….
    ha ha haaaaa

    • Alessandra
      Alessandra says:

      He talked about what he repeats the expression Kiko, including jokes.
      All are done with stencils. In series. But the Lord has made with fingerprints us, not with barcodes.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … I, however, are more beautiful and more intelligent Fiorello, perhaps even richer!

      • Paola
        Paola says:

        Because the proceeds of the book by Don Ariel should not go to him or the magazine “Patmos Island”? You ignorant Neocatechumenal even you imagine what it means to write a result of a serious and documented research book. In fact, the precise accusations of heresy from father Ariel, the only answer I know how to give you hurl insults. This among other things demonstrates your not being Christian. Where is the famous love to the so-called enemy? I then notice that the enemies are generally vistri friends of truth.

  36. Take
    Take says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    whether the book will be published in English.
    Thanks so much


    Dear Father Ariel,
    I would like to know if the book will be published in English.
    Thank you very much.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader,

      we will try to do everything possible to translate the book into English and Spanish.
      Unfortunately, translation costs are very high.
      However, we are working to make it happen.
      Best wishes.


      Dear Reader,

      we will try to do everything possible to translate the book into English and Spanish.
      unluckily, translation costs are very high.
      However, we are working to make this project.
      With my best regards.

      • Carlo
        Carlo says:

        expensive ariel (lowercase),
        It is not that you are a scientific reference on the validity of the way; we have a church that discerns about.
        Now, I admit that you want to do a bit 'of pennies, I admit that you want out of your anonymity, also I admit that I like it might give the impression to readers that you are a "scholar and connoisseur of the things of the Church", but please do not break my balls writing this crap…you go on holiday…get a life….try doing…the priest e.g.…ok??
        PS: we are not screamers; maximum scompisciamo us with laughter when (Post after post) arrive speeches of the Pope or of the Popes that asphalt each your statement including that of our poor lesbian Catania

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Carlo,

          … Certain, you "have the church that discerns about it», but above all you are a wonderful model of obedience to the Church, vero? Just go on a Saturday night to your liturgy, to see from beginning to end made all the things that the Church forbids of fine appeals and official documents.

          Let's move on.

          First she, a me, Reverend turns calling me and giving me the “she”, because I am a gentleman of 56 years and are not a seminaretto the mother of The Redeemer at which the layman mega-catechist pointing his finger and turns a reproach.

          Clarified that go beyond:

          1. I do not need to "do a little’ pennies ", because I come from a wealthy family and that when I became a priest I had to live it beautifully so dear. Unfortunately for you, none of my family is neocatechumenal, so you could not, least of them, collect tithes really substantial, seen their incomes;

          2. I'm six or not a "scholar and connoisseur of the things of the Church", This should establish a commission of theologians appointed by the Ecclesiastical, certainly not an anonymous Lord with me, before an audience of competent scholars, I doubt it would be able to hold five minutes of debate, for as she manifests itself between its rows;

          3. where to go, whether on vacation or elsewhere, This can only tell me my bishop, not a layman who speaks with such arrogance to a priest “senior”, and in the same way, how to "make" or "try to be a priest ', this can only tell me the bishop in whose obedience I am submissive;

          4. I do not understand who is facing the contemptuous phrase about "our poor lesbian Catania», I do not know who he is and so I have the pleasure to meet you, But in return, Catania, Instead I met Archbishop Emeritus, S. AND. Mons. Luigi Bommarito, who tried in every way to make you not take hold in the parishes of his diocese, and pointing with your horror “ballots” declared and complained in an official letter written to you who: "The so-called" ballots ", They are made public confessions that scarnificano consciences with questions that no confessor would dare ask ». He also "broke my balls" and "writing crap" as anyone dare not think of it as affiliates to setta kika?

          I wish you, in his life, only a small part of the human and professional success that I had before becoming a priest in adulthood, until I decided to leave everything certainly not "out of anonymity", but just to become a devoted and anonymous servant of Christ and his Church, to be no one at the service of all.
          Because he sees: a me, the vocation, Christ gave it to me, no Kiko gave it to me to impress the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II with two hundred or three hundred boys and girls rose to their feet to the call to arms leader to enter the seminary and monastery.

          That's why, she and I, We speak two different languages, but mostly just we belong to two different religions: for example, I am a Catholic.

        • Alessandra
          Alessandra says:

          Congratulations on your last statement. You showed what you are.
          Are two things: or you were before starting the journey (and then the path is useless)
          or I've become (and obviously your own catechists taught you well).
          I sincerely pity you.
          You're a miserable: in hunghiano sense. I wish to meet a Monsignor Myriel that makes you come to your senses.

        • Paola
          Paola says:

          Carlo, but whoever said Don Ariel does the priest? Because you're only Neocatechumenal degrees of insult? You should be grateful to Don Ariel, and all those before him have revealed the lies of your head. Just think of the money that the journey has tapped you from when you started, ingannandovi and telling you that the Lord will return a hundredfold.

          However when I began the journey over thirty years ago I remember that assured catechists hundredfold would have already been given here on this earth, who knows when not. But for some years the story changed; Now they say that a hundred times need not be in cash, It may be due, inner peace and various intangibles type and not necessarily in this life.

          It seems that somebody who did not receive a hundredfold, He went to complain to the catechists: “…so, Where am hundredfold?”.

          Mamma mia deceit! Greetings Don Ariel.

  37. Alessandra
    Alessandra says:

    I only say this:
    the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has EXPLICITLY prohibited the simultaneous communion of the priest with the faithful, who are not waiting with the Host (pardon, with bread. Because for Kiko the host is made ” paper”) per “eat” (more hypocrisy) all sitting together.

    This path ALWAYS does. And woe to not do it. Kiko said.
    The Congregation spoke to the Catholic Church.
    The path is part of the Catholic Church?
    If, adapt.

    Holy Mother Church in her wisdom MAKES YOU CHOOSE whether to take communion with your hands or take it in your mouth. On the way you can choose?

    N.d.R. see below: Sacramentum, n. 88

  38. Alessandra
    Alessandra says:

    Request: since you call “charlatan” father ariel…how do you define someone like Kiko Arguello who sells you his books or those of Carmen Hernandez? Or asking to buy a copy of the statutes for each member of the family..

    Do not make me laugh. There is to cry.
    And you would be the mature Catholics? Mapperpiacere.

  39. CARLO
    CARLO says:


    WE DO NOT DOUBT THAT we escaped (Yet another) BOOK!!!!



    • orenzo
      orenzo says:

      Given the, from the answer, You look like a NC, it is true that, for you, la S. Mass is not the Eucharistic Sacrifice Memorial by virtue of the words of consecration of the Priest?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Please: I make her one of his beautiful rumination “neocatecumenal-kerigmatica” on this passage of the Gospel.
          For one filled with the Holy Spirit, It should be more or less a real no brainer …

          In archῇ ​​was the Word,
          and the Word was with God,
          god was the Word.
          he not in archῇ ​​to God.
          always by’ αὐτοῦ ἐγένετο,
          and without it was done neither in. the gegonen
          In life not aftῷ, καὶ ἡ ζωὴ ἦν τὸ φῶς τῶν ἀνθρώπων ·
          and light shines upon this tῇ skotiᾳ,
          and Scotland this OU overtaken.

          And at the end of his rumination, Then we sing and we dance Dayenu, Diane, But taking all that the entire text in Hebrew:

          These hutsyonu Egypt
          And La Ash Bhm Sftim
          Our Day
          Alo Ash Bhm Sftim
          And La Ash Balhihm
          Our Day
          Alo Ash Balhihm
          And La Hrg At Bcorihm
          Our Day
          etc …

          I who am not neucatecumenale and therefore are not filled with the Holy Spirit, I can easily do elecubrazioni in greek and Hebrew, because I go to the true sources … “origins”.
          Too easy, shoot the word “kerygma” and sing “Dayenu” without even knowing the greek alphabet and Hebrew, only to tease the others … lucubran.

        • Always a free mind
          Always a free mind says:

          For Marco,

          if it says “ruminations”, do not “eluGubrazioni”

          And Ariel, as Marco, He writes with CAPITAL.

          Before learning things too high for you, then speaks.

        • Maximilian C.
          Maximilian C. says:

          Dear friend, I answer you if you allow.
          What the S. Mass for the journey would not be the memorial of Christ's sacrifice, It is yet another slander that runs on the way. The priest, during the celebration recites the same formulas than any other set. Use exactly the same missal of any priest in the Catholic Church. Simply the path is given importance, as well as the appearance of sacrifice, which it is above all, Also the aspect of the Eucharistic banquet. Obviously the slanderers of the Neocatechumenal Way will tell you that is not true, or perhaps not even publish the commentary since it does not contain profanity, but I assure you I am not lying. Besides the Eucharistic celebrations are open to all, so anyone can participate and make.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Dear Massimiliano,

            the following are textual statements, documented, recorded and then published by Kiko Arguello, with which the same, for decades, trained catechists. And let me tell you: I not only printed documents, but also records.

            We start from the first in which Kiko Arguello states:

            «Because I understand what I want to tell you, since you have a better idea on the sacrament of the Eucharist, do you think there was a time in which the Eucharist was seen almost exclusively from the perspective of sacrifice, so much so that we called the Eucharist: the Sacrifice of the Mass. Protestants emphasized another aspect. Now, all the renewal survey is discovering the center of the sacrament, and now you see the Eucharist as the memorial of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as the celebration of the Easter Mystery of Jesus Christ. Having discovered the center, the core of the sacrament of the Eucharist, It means that other aspects are illuminated, so that the contrasts are disappearing with Protestant, because going to the center, essentials, We coincideremo with them».

            After this obvious pearl heretical, continues Kiko Arguello:

            «So then when you put in the middle ages to discuss the sacrifice, basically they are arguing about things that did not exist early in the Eucharist. Why sacrifice in religion is "sacrum facere", to the sacred, get in touch with the gods through blood sacrifices. In this sense there is no sacrifice in the Eucharist: the Eucharist is a sacrifice in another sense, because in the Eucharist there is, the death, but there is also the resurrection from the dead. The Eucharist is Easter, passage from death to resurrection. For this to say that the Eucharist is a sacrifice it is right, but it is incomplete. The Eucharist sacrifice of praise, Praise a full communication with God through the Lord's Passover. But in this age the idea of ​​sacrifice is not so understood it in the pagan sense. What they see in the Mass is that someone sacrifices himself, is called Christ. In the Eucharist only see the sacrifice of the cross of Jesus Christ. And if you asked people today something about it, He would tell you that in the commissioning sees the ordeal»

            After Kiko Arguello gave him complete in what the Church and its dogmatic councils have not been able to complete, always followed his catechists to say:

            «I always tell Sacramentini, who built an immense tabernacle: if Jesus Christ had wanted the Eucharist to stay there, This would be done in a stone that does not go bad. Bread is for the banquet, to lead us to Easter. The actual presence is always a means to lead to an end, which is Easter. It is not an absolute, Jesus Christ is present in the function of the Paschal Mystery. Instead of Trento on it will celebrate Mass to consecrate and to have this Jesus Christ and put it in the tabernacle».

            Having extolled the best of the worst of Calvinist thought, Kiko Arguello followed tell his catechists:

            «In this era come all philosophies on the Eucharist. When you do not understand what is the sacrament, because of the huge devaluation of the sacraments as signs, and when you do not understand what is the memorial, one begins to rationalize, to want to explain the mystery of what's inside. Precisely because, the mystery transcends his only explanation, there is a sacrament. The sacrament speaks more of reasoning. But at that time because you do not understand what is the sacrament, we try to give philosophical explanations of the mystery. And so begin discussions on: "How is this?”. Luther never denied the Real Presence, he only denied the word "transubstantiation" which is a philosophy word that the coach wants to explainthe ».

            Ignoring, as an ignorant heretic that he is, that the “little word” transubstantiation is reaffirmed by the whole magisterium of the Second Vatican Council and by the post-conciliar magisterium of St. Paul VI and St. John Paul II, to conclude with a flourish he corrects the Fathers of the Council of Trent right in the heart of his dogmatic part linked to the Eucharistic Mystery, teaching in a confused way – I say confusing to be good – to its catechists:

            «Luther does not explain the real presence, but it has a problem: It saw signs that have lost and want to recover them. Then the Council of Trent says: "If anyone says that the sacraments are signs of faith, let him be anathema". A sacrament is formed by two elements: one is the sign, explanation of the mystery, and the other is the effectiveness of the sign, realizing what the sign means. The Protestants wanted to give so much importance to the first element that the council had to bring out the second: the sacraments give us the grace that they signify. The Council says the truth, but those who came after, to oppose Luther stopped the efficacy of the sacraments, disregarding the sign. And then it is the same communicate with the bread, or a wafer that seems Paper; It is the same as one from the cup to drink or who drink all. The canon said: "He took the cup,made thanksgiving, and handed it to his disciples,: Take and drink from…. In fact those who drink is the only priest and all the others do not do anything. As for the effectiveness of the sacrament is realized, but not by any importance to the mark. E’ important to insist on this. Of the two elements of the sacrament, we have maintained the effectiveness, that is the important thing for a rational mind; the essence of things . We did not know the precious value of the sign».

            In all these speeches, the fundamental aspects of faith are in part derided and in part deformed on the historical and theological level, all with the typical presumption of those who come to explain to you what the Fathers of the Church have not understood for centuries and centuries.

            The question is very simple: Kiko Arguello, enunciating and instructing his catechists in these terms, in the light of the solemn and perennial magisterium of the Church: is he wrong or right?
            Do not climb on the mirrors, the question is simple: is he wrong or right?

            On these our columns, she has already shamelessly lied in the past knowing full well that she is lying. Then, as the speech is quite articulate, my question is very simple, just to avoid climbing on mirrors, and it is the following:

            how many Eucharistic Celebrations of the Neocatechumenals, you can affirm in conscience and above all in truth, that use has been made of First Eucharistic Prayer (called the Roman Canon) or of the Third Eucharistic Prayer, in which the reference to the “sacrifice”?
            It appears to me that despite the repeated and useless reminders, Neocatechumenal and Neocatechumenalized priests use only and exclusively the Second Eucharistic Prayer, in which the sacrificial aspect is not emphasized. She, this, he can publicly deny this by stating that the other Eucharistic Prayers are also commonly used, in Holy Masses celebrated by Neocatechumenal groups?

            Tell us here, before all, that one Saturday evening at the Mass celebrated by the Neocatechumenal groups, she has heard the words of the Roman Canon or the Third Eucharistic Prayer in which recurs over and over again the reference to the “living and holy sacrifice”.

            They are two simple questions: answer.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Massimiliano, when you speak of “memorial of Christ's sacrifice” what do you mean?
            – The memorial of a holy thing accomplished by Christ?
            – The painful memory of the passion and death of Jesus shameful, jew circumcised stripped on the cross, ascertained with a spear that pierced His Heart from which came out blood and water?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      If you send me your address, As soon as the book came out I send a complimentary copy, then I put them in total and free disposal columns de The Island of Patmos, where she will publish, without any kind of censorship, a long and detailed article debunking piece by piece, the theology of it, ecclesiological and legal, The content of my work, which it is a purely scientific work; but most will have to prove that all the documents on which my work is based, They are strictly false.
      More availability of this, I would not know what to offer her.


      Mine is not "yet another book," so-called "screaming", It is the book of a priest and a theologian, It does not unmount the kikiano shouting "quack!», the same way they have not been removed at the time of the analysis of the Servant of God Pier Carlo Landucci and the late Father Enrico Zoffoli.

      • Maximilian C.
        Maximilian C. says:

        Dear Father Ariel,
        I have not offended, but as everyone can read in its response, He accuses me of having lied in the past. This is his judgment, totally subjective. I never lied, much less on this blog. You probably can not stand the truth, because it shakes all the nonsense that bandied about and on which even write books. If the conditions are such, his book is an epitome of nonsense about Neocatechumenal Way. I say that Kiko is quite right, as I said what I had anticipated and that is that whereas before he considered putting, exclusively for the appearance of sacrifice, with Vatican II also it is re-evaluated the appearance of the Eucharistic banquet, in which C is visible in the signs of unleavened bread, in wine, The assembly arrangement and “consuming of” all together the body of Christ, IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PRIEST. The sacrifice himself, assume, with Vatican II, the character of sacrifice “in view of the resurrection”. They are on their way to 30 years and I have lived in both the period before the Statute, the one after that and assic. What the priest never makes the same prayer, ma…

        • by Tripudio
          by Tripudio says:

          Technical note: when his brother Massimiliano says neocatekiko “all together right after the priest”, by that very fact is implicitly saying that:

          – kikos take the impunity “under seizure” the Body of Christ until it snaps the signal manducatorio: the Sir, present in the Blessed Sacrament, he must “wait” according to the sets and human comfort (not to mention that this greatly aggravates the problem of “dispersion of fragments”);

          – that “all together” It means that kikos intend Communion as a gesture “Community” rather than “personal”, that has over the scene that the effectiveness; as if they thought that communion given personally was something that spoils the community fraternal unity, ie as if the Communion not had to do much with personal salvation.

          Moreover, When chatter about “unleavened bread”, implies that “small hosts” in use throughout the Church they would not be – or that would be qualitatively inferior and unsuitable for the Eucharistic celebration. In fact in the Way it exists always the practice of “crumbly loaf” (slyly calls “unleavened bread” in contrast…

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Massimiliano,

          she is one of those good and sincere people who truly believe in the validity and historical authenticity, doctrinal and exegetical of what was taught. His good faith is such that, unlike me that I will have two thousand years of purgatory, She will precede me nineteen hundred ninety years in Paradise, because for sure with ten years of purgatory it will be all right.
          All because I was given the opportunity to know in a very deep way the authentic faith and the correct doctrine, but not her. Therefore, while I am in no way excusable, and every lack will be counted with a certain weight by the judgment of God, because 'To whom much is given, much will be asked for; to whom men have committed much, It will ask the more " [LC 12, 39-48], she will get away with the benefit of the “unavoidable ignorance”, or the so-called “holy ignorance”.
          hear me well: I'm not calling her ignorant according to the spoken language. I use the term “ignorant” for what it really means, or: one who – for various reasons, not due to his will – ignore.

          From what she replies, I must perhaps take note that the Fathers of the Council of Trent, whose assembly lasted altogether from 1545 al 1563, and within which we also had holy doctors of the Church, did not understand the concept of “sacramental sign”? They who were the heirs of classical scholasticism and metaphysics and that on “theology” of the “signs” they have written rivers of pages starting from Sant'Anselmo d'Aosta and come on to follow, they ignored the signs?
          Lei lo sa, than in philosophical culture, literary, artistic, religious and also liturgical, the middle Ages – which is divided into three different historical periods – it was precisely the era of signs?

          Or maybe we have to believe – as Kiko teaches – that this “sign”, before the late medieval times, then the Fathers of the Council of Trent, they hid it to oppose the Lutheran schism, therefore to create debts “differences” with schismatic heretics e “obsessively accentuate the sacrificial aspect”?

          You are perhaps telling me that in the space of four centuries, from the Council of Trent to before the Second Vatican Council, the Holy Mass "had a purely sacrificial aspect", to the point that only the last Council has "re-evaluated the aspect of the Eucharistic banquet"?

          From this I must deduce that not only Kiko, but she too never studied with him at the Council of Trent e, with it, the liturgy and i to be introduced, that is, the general premises to the liturgical books.

          He must in fact know the terms supper e convivium, they are present as a concept and as a sign in the entire liturgical structure and also in the prayers and songs that accompanied the Holy Mass. And if the word supper, it clearly means dinner, the word convivium, translated into Italian as “banquet”, it really means banquet.

          San Tommaso Aquino, in the thirteenth century, he wrote a famous praise praising the Most Holy Eucharist and which was inserted in “own” the The body of the Lord:

          O Holy Night!
          in which Christ is:
          the memory of his passion:
          the mind is filled with grace:
          and a pledge of future glory is given to us,.

          Which we can literally translate like this:

          O sacred banquet, in which Christ is our food,
          in which the memorial of his Passover is perpetuated,
          our soul is filled with grace,
          and we are given the pledge of future glory.

          Hence mystagogical exaltation of “buffet” and of “Easter”. Indeed, per “passion“, in this context we mean exactly Easter. Per “convivium“, we mean the sacred Eucharistic banquet. Author: San Tommaso Aquino, proclaimed by the Church Angelic Doctor e Doctor Common.

          You affirm that «The sacrifice itself, assume, with Vatican II, the character of sacrifice “in view of the resurrection”».
          And first, what was happening: perhaps with Trent it stopped at Golgotha?

          The Priest, on the Body and Blood of Christ, with the so-called missal “of the Trent”, feel a little’ what he glorified:

          Wherefore, Sir, our served
          tui, But also your holy, hey
          Christ your Son, our Lord
          passionate, and also of His Resurrection from the dead, But the ascension into:
          bestowed majesty from
          the gifts you have given us, this pure victim, sacrifice
          holy, stainless, Bread of eternal life, and Chalicem
          of everlasting.

          [For that reason, in memory, o Lord,
          of the holy passion of Christ your Son,
          our Lord, of his resurrection from the dead and also of his ascension
          in the glory of heaven, we your ministers, and with us
          your holy people, we present to your glorious Majesty,
          choice among the goods that you yourself us
          you gave, pure victim, the holy victim, the
          victim without blemish, the holy Bread of life
          eternal and the Chalice of perpetual salvation]

          So he glorified himself, after his passion and death, the resurrection and ascension into the glory of Christ's heaven, that is, the mystery of Easter, what some theological schools are wont to call Christ after Easter.
          The truth is otherwise, and it has always been known, namely that Kiko Arguello has trouble with certain words:

          1. Sacrifice;
          2. victim;
          3. transubstantiation;
          4. Real presence.

          His obvious problems and posters with the words stem from the fact that no one has ever capita, But he demanded at the same time you have understood well why anyone before and he could teach others; but above all she never had the humility to learn from the masters, like all self-taught as a teacher blunders that accept only themselves.

          Or maybe you can tell me who were the masters of Kiko Arguello in the historical sciences, philosophical, theological, biblical? And please, do not tell me that your teacher was directly the Holy Spirit exempting him from any “vile” school and human and earthly learning!

          Kiko Arguello – and that's a fact – he then showed:

          1. not to know the history of the Church;
          2. to refer to Protestant historians with all that this entailed in his historical and historical-liturgical vision;
          3. to refer to a Vatican II Council that it does not know, or who did not understand, because many of his affirmations and catecheses, they are precisely denied by the documents of this Council, starting precisely from its dogmatic constitutions;
          4. to deny the erroneous perception of the Holy Mass and of the Eucharist, certainly not me, but the post-conciliar magisterium of St. Paul VI, that it is on the Mass, both on the Eucharist, both on transubstantiation and on real presence, it says the exact opposite of what Kiko Arguello says and teaches.

          And here I stop.

          Regarding my question about the exclusive use of the II Eucharistic Prayer in Neocatechumenal celebrations, finally you affirm that "The priest never makes the same prayer".
          I don't dare call you a liar, maybe she will be part of one ultra-Orthodox neocatechumenal community.
          As a priest I can tell you that numerous and numerous times, finding myself celebrating Holy Mass in some particular circumstances in which Neocatechumenals were present, these were quite astonished upon hearing the Roman Canon, because we had never heard of it. The same happened when, while celebrating a funeral, I took the III Eucharistic Prayer, which contains a very beautiful prayer on the dead.

          All the people who grew up on the Neocatechumenal Way and until recently lived always within it, they completely ignored the I, III and IV Eucharistic Prayers.

          She will also tell the truth, but I can assure you that neither I nor my many brothers are liars, just as the many who have left the Way are not, than starting to attend other celebrations, they discovered after a few decades of “liturgie neocatecumenali” a whole liturgical world that they did not know at all.
          Please ask my fellow priests for prompt confirmation.

          I take note though, than on Saturday night, in the Neocatechumenal communities, Mass is celebrated using the Roman Canon, the III and IV Eucharistic Prayers.

          • father ariel
            Pastor of Naples (Letter Signed) says:

            I find myself managing a large parish in Naples in which they are present with enormous difficulty 11 neocatechumenal groups.
            I have been pastor of this parish since 4 year old, the Neocatechumenals are present in it since 22 year old.
            Saturday night, in our parish halls, the relative celebration takes place 11 Messe. None of the celebrants uses any other prayer than only the second Eucharistic prayer.
            I agree, I who also am the parish priest?
            The Neocatechumenals are a problem for me and for the parish?
            And, huge.
            I can do something?
            And, I can only ask to be relieved of the post of parish priest, which I did a year after the appointment, but I was basically begged to … offer the suffering of this cross to Christ.
            There are other parish priests, in Naples, not Neocatechumenals in situations similar to mine?
            They can confirm, all of them, liturgical abuses of every kind and exclusive use of the second Eucharistic prayer?
            And, everyone.
            Therefore: or we are liars, or is Mr.. Massimiliano, or, Mr.. Massimiliano, belongs to one of those ideal Neocatechumenal communities that I, and many of my other brothers, we didn't get to know.

            Letter Signed

  40. by Tripudio
    by Tripudio says:

    The first seminary Redemptoris Mater was erected 14 February 1988 in Rome by Cardinal Ugo Poletti (P2 lodge membership of 17/2/1969, freshman 32/1425, “SIT”), by decree “tre by means of a test of the year, to the” prot. n.218/88, published in the diocesan magazine Rome, n.29 (1988), p.909.

    On October 1 1990 Poletti advance concluded the three-year period “to experiment”,
    by decree prot. n. 913/90.

    The 17 January 1991 Poletti resigned for reasons of age. “That seminar s'aveva own to do”.


  41. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    From the bottom of my unpreparedness I allow myself to make a reflection.
    Since the CNC always said to the four winds “the bishops called for them” anywhere in the world and they humbly lent themselves to make their services in many ways, including also opening seminars Redemptoris Mater.
    This is one of many lies, because in reality there are many demonstrations that are different “travel” going to present itself and sooner or later some unsuspecting bishop have conquered.
    E’ This is also what happened recently in the islands of Micronesia, but after the bishops have not enjoyed the experience of Guam on duty travel and for now the most desired islands are safe.
    The consequent rejection of “Neocatechumenal package” by many bishops, It makes me think of a change in tactics: i R.M. do not “depends” more by Bishop, maybe not even want them, but directly by the congregation, that they can somehow “to impose” of recalcitrant.
    If this were, It would be yet another demonstration that the CNC is not welcome “from below”, but imposed “from above”, as the beginning, when the parishes do not want them either in Spain or in Italy.

  42. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel

    Thank you ,things here are very complicated and confusing,as a whole ecclesial situation,but no one takes care of “flock”rather it is abandoned ,regards

  43. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel

    I would ask the accusations of heresy that she moves to the Neocatechumenal Way which value
    do you forgive me, may have, when the hierarchy to which she lends obedience, not accused, pronouncements of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith there are none.
    Things are 2: or she is wrong or the Pope and the hierarchy and I think you are wrong more than 50 years who make mistakes, vero?
    Thank you.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      To these questions, I responded 280 detailed and accompanied pages 180 notes with reminder bottom of the page to documents.
      Because as it exits do not read the book, if he wants?
      Or maybe you really believe that complex questions such as the ones you here places, I can really answer with a few lines on a forum at the end of articles published?

  44. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    father ariel, in concise synthesis, what are heretics, especially eucharistically, i neocatecumenali?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      expensive Orenzo,

      in your opinion, I have been working for months, studied and researched documents, writing a book 280 pages, and then say 'terse summary in "how things are?
      When my book comes out will take him inside and find us all.
      You understand that you can not ask, for example, a historian of the Church: “riassumimi in four words laced two thousand years of Church history”.

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        Theme: "Riassumimi in four words laced two thousand years of Church history".
        Development: «… You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it ... ".
        This is what I meant when I wrote “concise summaries”: you can have it?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          This is a part of the Gospel.
          You're asking me to summarize in two words all four Gospels.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            “summarize in two words all four Gospels”?
            Incarnation, teachings, passion, death and resurrection of the second person of the Trinity.
            About the “concise summaries” stupid things Neocatechumenal, I regret the lack of response, but that's okay too.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            I appreciate his extraordinary capacity for synthesis, then I ask help.
            At the bottom You will find the full text of the encyclical Faith and Reason of the Holy Pontiff John Paul II.

            In 2016, just to illustrate it, used three lessons of fifty minutes each, after he had prepared for a month and a half, working for hours every day, because I had to turn to an audience of priests, several of which theologians.

            It took me all this time, to prepare the three classes 50 minutes each, Why, you will understand, I am a very limited; and I am aware, my limitations.
            So take this opportunity, humbly, of its extraordinary capacity for synthesis: my says, in “concise summaries” with “four words”, what will you, Saint John Paul II, per “reason” on the metaphysical and theological level?
            If you have time, subsequently, hips would ask to explain – always “stringatamente” in “four words” – what do you mean by St. Thomas Aquinas “body”.

            Thank you so much.


          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            As far as I understand it, the reason is that faculty given to man, when God created him in His image and likeness, by means of which it is possible to know, to love and serve God in this life in order to enjoy Him eternally in eternal life: the end however, because of original sin, is not reached (apart from perhaps some rare exceptions) if not in accordance with the faith in Revelation.
            Regarding the “body” of St. Thomas, the subtle disquisitions between the logical and the real, and other similar, they have led some to build a new religion based on the interpretation of comments and not on what they wanted to comment on.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            Dear father Ariel,
            I am sorry that to you it seemed inappropriate my request to summarize them in a few lines “bullshit” neocat, but unfortunately my mindset is at ease with structures that I would define as tree and, so, I tend to simplify everything as in a trunk in order to then follow the various ramifications.
            The fact that she is able to hold a conference 50 minutes can only evoke in me a sense of admiration, because I tend to speak with question and answer few minutes.

      • Lucio
        Lucio says:

        After his father zoffoli, Don and Don Marighetto Villa have well Gualdo, to have some player more was inevitable write CNC, I did so well to note a discreet Vatican. I ignorant Catholic, I stick to the pronouncements of the Church, for the rest, there are books of Gualdo theologian. #we're okay

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          … Levi theologian Gualdo never claimed, written and taught the colossal heresies that from 1968 They taught Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez to generations of catechists.
          E’ A fact.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          What you have written and what I said, It is the clear demonstration, all visible and all also see this, she did not respond to only one of the complaints that I have moved, at best he dodged the question and changed the subject.
          I'm not saying that, proves what she wrote, anyone can see.

        • orenzo
          orenzo says:

          Given the respect that shines from your words for priests, I assume that the catechism you do not have yet spoken of the sacrament of Orders and what is: six on the first or second year of catechism in preparation for S. Communion?

  45. father ariel
    Pinucco (Naples) says:

    Coglioneeeee!!! With your shitty tongue you are not even worthy to lick the ass of one of our presbyters who came out of the Redemptoris Mater.
    St. John Paul II considered them the best seminaries in the world.

    • father ariel
      claudio.s2017 says:

      I believe that someone must inform the Vatican that this demon-possessed priest publicly questions the decisions of a saint, Saint John Paul II (great!). They reduced cardinals and bishops to the lay state, I don't understand why they don't shut the mouth of this wretched beggar

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        She who is so knowledgeable, tell us: the Archbishop of Agaña, your paladin, which had neocatechumenalized the entire island of Guam, with disastrous results to say the least, convicted in the first and second degree for pedophilia, while your false prophet Kiko Arguello defended him and publicly shouted "to persecution", they discharged him from the clerical state?

        As for the Holy Pontiff John Paul II, using all my modest theological and legal skills, I explained, as they say in all sauces, that a canonization does not imply the “dogmatization” of all the pastoral and administrative choices made by the Saint, born and washed like everyone from original sin and subject for his entire life to error and sin.
        So I inform you that St. John Paul II, like all Saints, it is not the Immaculate Conception, because only the Word of God made man and the Blessed Virgin Mary have never known sin, all the others do, saints included.
        For any doubt, you must ask that I be theologically and juridically denied and therefore rebuked by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and especially by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

        Last: I consider your Father Mario Pezzi an authentic receptacle of heresies, or at least a priest who has supported all the worst heresies for decades. I can possibly call him a heretic, but I would never call him a "beggar" or a "jerk", as she did with me and a little above her another worthy sect brother. And this for the simple fact that I venerate the priesthood, even in sinful priests and even in heretical priests, because with the sacred order they have been marked by an indelible and eternal character, including sinners and heretics.

        But I reason as a Catholic, not aggressive settarista neocatechumenal.




          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            So the hyper-neocatechumenal Archbishop of Agaña is completely innocent? Although he sentenced in first and second grade, removed and replaced by an Archbishop who immediately closed neocatecumenale training centers, It is totally innocent?
            Your Welcome: answer.
            But saying that does not respond “Pierino is bad”, He responds by saying that it is an innocent victim being hunted.

          • Alessandra
            Alessandra says:

            So you're saying that in two different processes to the Holy See and Pope Francis in the first place They have paid attention to a molester? They made a mistake? But how is it that when you give wrong always wrong?

            Let's: those accusations are slander and lies, you this because you are. Liars and slanderers. You do it with anyone who will put a spoke in the wheels.
            Beautiful'm journey of faith. I'll recommend.

            PS. Then I explain to me how it is that the way to Guam for the elections supported the candidate with clear pro-abortion positions. You do not think because it is the sister of one of the most influential members of the journey and Guam rich?

      • Antonello
        Antonello says:

        even demon-possessed? Let me get… Saint John Paul II has decided to open a seminary in Macao? But that goes babbling???

    • Alessandra
      Alessandra says:

      I met them the “presbyters” of the mother of The Redeemer:
      people who could not even the difference between “venial sin” e “mortal sin”;
      people who do not dare to do spiritual direction and defers all the catechist to turn;
      people that the sacrament of Reconciliation treated him as a simple list of sins;
      people who, no way in the parish, He not even knows where to put your hands.

      Better to lose that find them.
      Ah, congratulations for the language. You have qualified for who you are.

    • Antonello
      Antonello says:

      Dear Pinuccio, what a way it has to expose his thesis. She really is a shining example of Christian charity.

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