Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller's book contains reality and truth, but it makes us long for all the men of the old school like Cardinal Angelo Sodano

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we must kiss the hand that slaps us, if that hand is the hand of the Supreme Pontiff or of our Bishop. Too bad a poor priest like me learned this lesson, but a great theologian like Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller did not learn it, who even titled his own book: In good faith.

Author Hypatia Gatta Romana

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2 replies
  1. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    Con Mons. Bertone, when he was still at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the, Father Levi, i had the same experience: In fact, both of you invited me to send them a letter in which I explained my meditations on the human nature of Christ… i am still waiting for reply!!!
    To be honest, But, there is a difference between the two: con Mons. Bertone I discussed the subject for approx 5 minutes, and then he invited me to briefly write down what I had told him and he invited me to stick to the replies he would send me (When?) the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith…
    You have my address… it costs a lot to write this point is wrong… this high point is heresy… ?

  2. Mario Angheran
    Mario Angheran says:

    Reverend Father,
    It seems to me that this time the spirit of parrhesia that distinguishes it has gone on vacation for a moment. Anyone who has followed the events of Ratzinger's pontificate at all knows well how much the influence of the Wojtylian curia has had in the various crises (Lefebvrians, pedophilia , etc.). Wojtyla was a giant of faith in a mystical key, but the practical choices related to his “roped party” they represented boulders in Joseph Ratzinger's road. Normally we tend to reduce the dispute to the clash between progressives and conservatives, but the real match since the conclave of 2005 it was three : Progressives (with the extreme offshoot of St. Gallen), the salt of the earth party’ linked to Ratzinger and the conservatives who resented him in the Wojtylian curia (Soda in the first place).

    Without the contribution of the Wojtylian curia, the progressives who bet on Bergoglio would not have gone anywhere as in 2005. Bergoglio himself would remain confined in exile in Cordoba, while thanks to a loyalist of Wojtyla he was able to begin the climb.

    “Everything the Cardinal said corresponds totally and solely to the truth. But for this very reason he had to keep silent and keep the two slaps that the Supreme Pontiff gave him in an unjust and vulgar way"

    The Conservatives – in the lead Muller – they have been and are the only true barrier to the Jesuit drifts of this pontificate and for this reason they have been dismissed. What one could vaguely imagine is now black and white.

    “The truth will make you’ free”

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