By the washing of the feet to the head washed



See the Supreme Pontiff wash and kiss the feet of women, including a non-Christian woman, it deeply hurt me as a priest aware of the fact that Christ the Lord, among the Twelve, he never entered any women; also because if he wanted to include some, perhaps the first would surely be his mother, the Immaculate Conception.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo









Dear Father Ariel.

Lapidary question: what do you think about the change of the Holy Week rite regarding the fact that the "washing of the feet" will also be possible for women? In your opinion why, and for what purpose, these revolutionary changes ? [Ed, cf. WHO, WHO]

Leonardo G.













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  1. matteo says:

    I believe at this point, after three years we can, serenely and calmly, draw up an assessment of the pontificate of the reigning Roman Pontiff. Based on the words of Our Lord: “confirm your brothers”.
    Now, of grace, can it never be that the one who is called to confirm his brothers comes out periodically with hallucinating shots and with four half-mouthed words spanned in the air to the delight of the secular and anti-Catholic media?
    It may be that he is so humble that he does not listen to anyone but himself, to his friends in the “syncretistic Company of the Indies” (cit.) and his “theologian” of trust, Tale Tucho Fernandez, author of the precluded work of dirty dogmatic high theology “Heal me with your mouth. the art of kissing”?
    It may be that he defines Walter Kasper worldwide (pupil of the heretic Hans Küng) “a good theologian, a smart theologian”, who entrusts the latter with the drafting of the synodal instrumentum laboris and to Bruno Forte (pupil of Martini) what kind of relationship after discussion?
    It may be that he elevates people of the caliber of Lorefice and Cipolla to the episcopate and places Galantino on the C.E.I.. ?

  2. hector says:
    Father Maurizio Botta C.O.
    Congregation for Easter. divine worship – 16 January 1988. All the attention of the soul must turn to the mysteries that are remembered above all in this Mass: that is, the institution of the Eucharist, the institution of the priestly order and the Lord's command on fraternal charity: all this is explained in the homily.
    “Whom Jesus washed the feet? To the closest. To his Twelve. Osserva J. Vanier “When Jesus institutes the Eucharist, he addresses all twelve disciples together; but when he kneels and washes his feet, he does it to each disciple individually, touching his flesh »Feet known then. Not of the poor or the sick, but of men frequented daily. The hardest commandment. That "you" is defined by God. Twelve not thirteen. These and not those. How many times have I seen generic passions for those who are far away, for the last ones. Plunges into social volunteering. All, but outside. To those who are far away we forgive a lot, because we have nothing to forgive them. Paternalistic and lenient outside, never with the groom or the bride. … (Follow)

  3. hector says:

    The choice had to be made among all the members of the People of God, according to what is written in the Decree.
    The Pope acted differently yesterday, speaking of children of the same God. The two concepts are theologically the same?
    People of God are not the baptized, as the Catechism analytically specifies in n. 782?

  4. Beppe1944 says:

    Yesterday, the Pope at the Mass in Coena Domini, celebrated in a refugee reception center, and where to washed your feet a 11 refugees and an operator from the center, he said the following words: “Even today there are two gestures. This gesture, who, all of us together, Muslims, Hindu, Catholics, baked, evangelicals, but brothers, children of the same God, who want to live in peace. And three days he makes a gesture of war, of destruction, in a city in Europe: they are people who do not want to live in peace. But behind that gesture, as behind Judas, there were others. Behind Judas there were those who gave the money for Jesus to be delivered. Behind that gesture are the arms dealers who want blood, not peace. They want war, not brotherhood. We all together, different religions and different cultures, but children of the same Father, siblings. And the, poor people, those who buy weapons to destroy the brotherhood. When I do the same gesture as Jesus, wash your feet twelve, we are all making the gesture of brotherhood and we all say: we are different, we have different cultures and religions but we are brothers. Each in his own religious language prays to the Lord…

  5. Beppe1944 says:

    so …. I believe because it is absurd… it's incomprehensible! a Roman Pontiff who washes and kisses the feet of women (and some heretics too! Yes, but being a woman is worse), a Muslim, the Hindu… and this is not so, on an impromptu occasion, but in the Mass in coena Domini, modifying the liturgy, and asking that his fellow bishops also, and all the parish priests, they follow him on this very dangerous road… I understand that it is difficult to accept it, and keep quiet… there, I believe because it is absurd

  6. Beppe1944 says:

    Don Ariel writes … «See the Supreme Pontiff wash and kiss the feet of women, including a non-Christian woman, it hurt me deeply»

    I guess now … washing and kissing the feet of three Coptic women (Christian but heretical), to three Muslims, to a Hindu, and to a female operator (Cattolica? maybe, but in any case woman!) ,,, Don Ariel… how does she feel?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Beppe.

      I feel like someone who would like to tell the Holy Father: and now, when there is a need to celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice, to absolve from sins, to administer the Sacraments of Grace and when it is necessary to variously assist the People of God, send us these Muslim apostles, Hindu … and these women apostolesses.

      But I don't answer like that because my faith prevents me, especially in front of a Roman Pontiff who washes and kisses everyone's feet, less than his priests; because it was to his apostles and priests, that the Word of God washed them, which he did for a purpose and with a very specific purpose.

  7. hector says:

    “Legend has it that the apostle Peter fleeing Rome to escape Nero's persecution, Jesus with the Cross appeared on the Via Appia. Asked by Pietro “Domine, quo vadis?”, Jesus would have answered: "Smell, to be crucified again ". Pietro, including the reprimand, he retraced his steps and faced martyrdom.”
    The cross ? Precisely, the cross! Where we have relegated it? We were almost ashamed of it.
    Pietro, the Cross of Jesus, the Persecution, Martyrdom and Glory ….. Celeste?

  8. Isabella Maria says:

    Charity is now spoken of on every occasion, but in the Church the first charity is to adore Christ the Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist. It seems to me that this form is in total contempt. It would not be time to put Jesus back at the center of our faith?

    • Beppe1944 says:

      Also include some women (maybe even Muslim) in the Missa in Coena Domini it is perhaps in contradiction with what you maintain?

  9. Elite says:

    Dear Don Luca, the answer to your question is : “he told the Apostles at the Last Supper” he didn't tell the women. Having ascertained this which is written in the Gospel of N.S.G.C.. , personally I don't want to empty of meaning either’ the Priesthood, born’ the Eucharist, I was referring to what the Pope wrote in the letter that was published, where I read : ” so that they fully express the meaning of the gesture made by Jesus in the Upper Room, his giving himself "to the end" for the salvation of the world, his boundless charity.” If this Pope, of this gesture, of which the Rev. Don Ariel described and highlighted the meaning very well (or a meaning) instead he wants to highlight the sense of service, of the gift of self, of the boundless charity of Jesus, extending it to all God's people, perhaps he does it because of charity and love and gratuitous service and kindness and self-giving’ you don't see much of it around. It seems to me that it is not mandatory’ the washing of the feet, born’ choose young women, customs, with beautiful feet with enameled nails(this is also part of the emotional burden). In the Church where I go they wash the feet of children of the catechism classes.

  10. Elite says:

    It could, perhaps, to start, washing the feet of the elderly ladies of the third grade, fourth age and doing so, think of your mother who so many times with love, he has washed feet and even more indecent parts.
    In making him think of so many women who silently take care of their parents, relatives or elderly and disabled patients, washing, cleaning, touching people's intimacy, with tact and delicacy .
    The scandal, impure thoughts, I think they can be avoided with serenity by making appropriate choices.
    The High Priest, The one who tore the heavens apart , he stripped himself of His divinity, he let himself be stripped of his royal robe and made himself the servant of all is the example that is proposed to us I think. This is also a “Do this in memory of me” which is the other side of the Eucharist.
    Without detracting from the dignity of the priesthood. I would kiss the feet of the Priests, (with all shoes).
    Forgive me for the interference.

    • father ariel
      Don Luca Fornero says:

      Excuse me, it would be kind enough to point me out and point out to other readers as well, in what precise passage of the Gospel, establishing the Eucharist and the priesthood, Jesus tells women: “Do this in memory of me”?
      Because with this comment she confirms what her father Ariel wrote in his article: empty the priesthood and the Eucharist of their essence to fill them with other meanings, of the meanings that, against the other, they have to do with human emotion rather than with the deposit of faith and the Catholic tradition.
      All of this, to clarify better, delivered by a priest (the undersigned) of so-called progressive area. However, Catholic progressivism is one thing, another matter is Protestantisms and all those reforms that have led to the collapse and flight of faithful from Lutheran churches, Anglican and Episcopalian who, in the name of a misunderstanding “gender equality”, they have already done what unfortunately it seems we are starting to do, and they did so out of deep emotional feelings …

  11. Irapuato says:

    We are certainly not in heresy but in scandal…. these choices of the Pope are a scandal and not only to the little ones, but also to the true clergy who are already struggling to support themselves, today, faithful to the Bride…. I am a woman, married and with children, and I find it scandalous that a Pope asks me this and not because now I should be the mischievous one, but it is this papal imposition that puts me in a difficult situation…. It's one thing to find me, in the confessional, with a priest and it is a sacrament; it is different to find myself kissing my foot by a priest outside of any concept of sacrament…. or, there is no need to exhibit the “thoughts” in danger.
    “I propose with Your holy help… to flee the upcoming occasions of sin…” we say in the act of pain, and the Pope is not helping at all…. in conclusion, the sense of modesty what end we do to him? it is from the little things that we start, also from this gesture that it would be wiser to leave to the clergy for the reasons well explained in the article.

  12. matteo says:

    About the fact, underlined by Don Ariel, that the reigning Pontiff does not genuflect during the Consecration of the Sacred Species… I am reminded of an episode with the Holy Pontiff John Paul II as protagonist.
    2004, Corpus Domini procession. The Pope had now lost the use of his legs. For this reason, a chair was fixed on the papal car so that he could sit on the way, however rather bumpy. In front of him the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament.
    The Holy Father does not want to know that he is sitting in front of Our Lord. He asks his collaborators to help him kneel. But they try to explain to him that it is dangerous, that could fall. The Pope begs them: "There is Jesus ... please ...". They wait for the pavement to become less uneven and try to make him kneel, but the Pope does not stand on his legs and tries to cling to the prie-dieu. They are therefore forced to sit him down again almost immediately.
    there, a small episode that expresses the devotion due to the Body much more than a thousand treatises on spirituality, to the Blood, to the Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.

  13. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    In the complete silence of our episcopate, on the one hand I find it very comforting, but on the other hand I find it very worrying, that is to say very politely (father Giovanni Cavalcoli) and with polite severity (father Ariel Levi of Gualdo), “and and, nerd”, have remained, all over Italy, only these two determined and courageous priests and theologians of the island of Patmos.

  14. father ariel
    doncir.11 says:

    It's not that he wants to be a Neapolitan scugnizzo priest, since we are talking about serious things, on which you do not mess around, and you shouldn't joke. But I say that washing and kissing a woman's feet is a high-rate gesture … erotic danger, and many priests, of the healthy ones, they could be troubled for days and days.
    May the Lord save us soon!
    (Don Ciro, Naples)

    • father ariel
      Don Francesco Messina says:

      You expressed a real discomfort, with a smile, and with disarmed realism.
      I agree with what Don Bruno wrote, and I agree with you, Neapolitan brother, which you conclude by stating “may the Lord save us soon!”
      And, save us soon.

    • father ariel
      Don Stefano says:

      Don Ciro, even if you didn't specify that you were Neapolitan, watchful eyes would have noticed immediately.
      A hug to you who are lucky enough to stay at temperatures above 10 ° on average these days, this is my name … “envy”.
      Don Stefano (Trento)

      • father ariel
        doncir.11 says:

        Dear brother! If I had money I would come to you in Trentino to have a ski holiday, to free myself a little’ of the Neapolitan smog!
        However, do not despair at low temperatures, you could make a new Council of Trent, so you all warm up and all of you warm up with you. Sai, perhaps it would be time to put the dots back on “i”, if only so as not to give Father Ariel the opportunity to write the right articles he writes and make the right video lessons he does. The day he will be unemployed, it will be the sign that the Church is once again truly a Catholic and apostolic saint.
        (d). Ciro

  15. father ariel
    Parr. s.k. 18 says:

    … there is really no way that I wash the feet of women, and I will not do it for the reasons masterfully expressed by Father Ariel who reminded us all what that gesture means and, first of all, what is celebrated that day: the institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood.
    You could tell me that … it is not mandatory to wash your feet at … “apostles”.
    Of course.
    There are so many things “not mandatory” that are imposed on us, if anything, respect for sound doctrine is not imposed on us, of the liturgical rules, but if you omit certain things “not mandatory” the bishop's bagpipe sounds begin.
    When some parish priests (perhaps, maybe, more “too many” that some?) they will say no, protests will be triggered by some very committed lay people who confuse parish communities with social centers.
    I already had protests when 14 Years ago, arrived in the parish entrusted to me, I said I didn't want the so-called ones at the altar “altar girls”, and no girl has gone up to the altar anymore.
    I therefore look forward to Holy Week 2016, because if someone protests in front of my categorical no, going to complain to the bishop, I will go to him and give him the keys of the parish, he can always entrust it to the very committed lay people who would like to transform parish churches into social centers.

    Don Bruno

  16. Alessandro Messina says:

    A courageous and flawless overall view. Thank you Father Ariel! Praised be Jesus Christ.

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