"Fideism idiot in power" … God save us from the hypocrites Catholics virus, Children of Cain and Judas Iscariot

- relevance to the Church during the pandemic coronavirus-



The pandemic coronavirus did come out all the fake bad Catholics educated and uneducated, such as not educated, untrained, so why ignore that the Church, company divinely instituted, not from the base. The term "basic church" is theologically wrong and misleading. The Church is by nature a "top" structure, where everything goes from above with cascading effect. If so, the bishops give provisions for the Masses and pastoral liturgy decreeing a ban on publicly celebrate with the people, you just obey, starting from the faithful. This is the hierarchical Church instituted by Christ that puts Peter at the head of the college of the apostles, then Peter and the apostles to guide the People of God. And whoever denies - and has full right and freedom to deny it - is not, however, Catholic, is more ... is the Catholic of himself and of his emotional and subjective idea of ​​the Church ...


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



I offer our readers a reflection of my videos 25 minutes in which I illustrate a genre perhaps not widely known but very present virus: the pandemic exploded in a busy army of hypocritical Catholics, fallen like leaves at the first gust of wind before a test of faith and that some weeks are giving the best of the worst of themselves on social network.


From the island of Patmos, 30 March 2020











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99 replies
  1. Alberto
    Alberto says:

    I listened to the intervention. In the parish to the two daily Masses were working around a hundred and fifty people, therefore not all realities’ they are like the ones you described. It says well that the Church is’ hierarchical, but I would not feel like criticizing those priests who disobey ecclesiastical / civil provisions, and maybe they don't chase out the thirty faithful who are there’ to adoration (also, at the bottom of, hoping that the priest will enter to say a private Mass).
    To understand even if the strategy to ban public Masses was a good idea from a purely body health point of view, since in attending the Holy Mass we receive the graces that are necessary for us, not necessarily just for the soul, but also for the body. Data in hand, if we look at the situation in Italy, compared for example to Poland, we have 2240 cases for 1 million inhabitants, while Poland does 128, as regards coronavirus patients. In Poland the Masses with the people multiplied them. Similarly, I observe a significant gap between dioceses of the same state where I live, where the provisions have been different in that matter.
    We accept with serenity’ that which is’ allowed to happen, always nothing compared to the weight of my sins, but again, e’ difficult to say where the dividing line is between following legitimate legislation and the law of charity. Jesus’ I don't operate’ perhaps healings on Saturday? Luckily I'm not the one to judge, otherwise I would make a mess.

  2. daouda
    daouda says:

    Ariel is sure he hit the point? If the laity of which he speaks instead had fought against abortion , divorce, bad justice and bad health, had also fought some heresy, if they attended mass most of the times daily and nevertheless they had such qualms against the legitimate power of the authority not to grant the Eucharist, well as we put it?
    It was not explained in the best way in my opinion, regards

  3. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel
    This pope will go down in history ,how many good things he says and does in 7 year papacy has delighted and led us to reach higher goals ,who give so much joy ,vero?
    I make the list, bring to the Vatican before the statue of Martin Luther as a heretic ,commemorate the reform in sweden ,bring a pagan idol as Pachamama at the Vatican and allow their worship ,the lady said it is mestizo ,that is not born holy ,I could go,I stop ,how can defend?
    then the title in the matter of co-redeemer he asked the Virgin Mary in an appearance recognized by the church in Amsterdam ,I remember them ,then about the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate c was a persecution against them,inexplicable,but everywhere there were vocations are flourishing been stifled,and this should make us think

    Praised be Jesus Christ

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Please, The grant all those you wish, But never dare more, even in jest, concluding with 'Praised be Jesus Christ "after pulling insults and slanders him to his Vicar on earth.

      • Antonio
        Antonio says:

        These hypocrites look for a way to some children.
        Remove them before the eyes of a toy that had long accattonato and start to cry and throw tantrums because I want her,longing to play. Just do not just have it in my hands it undone again in no time. At the end,if God wills,of this pandemic,I believe there will be a race in the churches and the sacraments. But so amazing this “race sarmamenti ” will not last long and the churches and their Jesus who so lacking now, It will be set aside as a game that is not fun anymore,debasing and emptying Christ and his organs in his worst first.

        These fideists vipers and hypocrites are truly the most dangerous enemies of the Church. But the question that arises is me:It can recognize and like especially to deal with this permanently eliminating cancer with chemotherapy mentioned?.

        They subdoli..si nascondono..difficilmente you can identify them. Unlike the heretics (neocatechumens etc. etc.), enemies of God,of communism… occur.. they attack. you recognize them. But they? Enlighten me father Ariel.
        excellent video.
        un suo fan… I am Antonio..il father of twins.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          dear antonio,

          renewing every blessing on you, his wife and his children, I assure you that will have broad short answer in the video meditations that I am preparing for the Easter Triduum.

  4. Aldo Cannavaro
    Aldo Cannavaro says:

    What it is happening in the Church in and out had been mentioned in the book "The children beloved priests of Our Lady" of MSM [Ed. Marian Movement of Priests]. Take it back and review it carefully. Some songs of the eighties and nineties are L exact description of what is happening today .

    I attended the MSM as a layman in the years 90 and then I left him skeptical about the contents of that book. I'm think again. Ditto for Medjugorje and message content . I became convinced that the apparitions are authentic, but with serenity, that it is completely subordinated to the final opinion of the Church (if you are devoted to V. Maria correctly that you believe it or not does not change anything in Medjugorje: a rosary made with the heart ( worshiping Jesus through the veneration of His Mother) one who believes in the apparitions of Medjugorje and one that we do not believe it does not change anything. At Medjugorje the Virgin for so says not to judge the priests because at this time are particularly attacked by Satan and says that they will lead the world to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart as mentioned in Fatima. Net Craps notes by vomiting into the Holy Fence. That is the Holy Fence …holy remains. Because there is the hand of God . It can injure from the inside or from outside , but on it L hell will not prevail. He said God and so will . It seems to be sinking, but will rise again stronger than before . Presence was probably the worst is ahead of us . But rise. It means they will always be priests ( but today more than ever in disarray ). You storm: it takes strong strong and firm faith now more than ever. As in the Sea of ​​Galilee. That's all. Resist without betraying and without leaving the Church despite the manure.

    Son confused all religious and lay: but there are no particular "guilty" consecrated lay people rather than vice versa. It is a time of testing at all levels and the Firm in the Faith John weak Peter and Judas traitors among Catholics are distributed in the same way between religious and lay people. Error download all the consecrated or vice versa on lay Catholics : There are no clear virgins compartmentalized. Amid the current putrid weeds there are holy souls in the clergy at all levels and holy souls among the laity ( there are more than we think ) by these nuclei in the clergy and outside the Church will rise again. But we must not sfasciarla with schisms and scismetti : It plays into the hands of the Devil (which in any case will be defeated regardless of its current triumph is tragic and painful "crap", but always "crap" is ... even if very painful).

    Between Catholics slaughtered each other the devil makes it very, very happy. Better to stand and pray, not refrain from saying and denounce evil: but in the right way and a right way through it is prayer .. because only and exclusively through it if it is authentic and sincere God interacts with us and through us in the way pleasing to him.

    Unlike is notched and falls into the error. The he said: without me you can do nothing . He did not say to 50% ... said nothing. Request strong faith more than ever.

  5. Lorenzo
    Lorenzo says:

    While he is affirming things wise and fully sharable, I have the impression that the Aesop's fox was somewhat vain, touchy and irritable…

  6. Paul from Genoa
    Paul from Genoa says:

    Dear father Ariel, as it used to do her with others, I do now I notice that she throws in his speech general accusations and refuses to name names and surnames, thus preventing the bloody dispute the substance of his allegations “sorcerer's apprentice”, “whited sepulchres” and various other, offensive if spoken by anyone to anyone else, but become much worse if directed by a fellow priest in secular.

  7. AMCC
    AMCC says:

    He says well, father ariel: The Church is hierarchical!
    Try to imagine what would be ruinous cascading down from the top, if this were usurped by a servant of Satan…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and what's the problem? There would still be around somewhere Sicilian priest out of the head followed by four out of his mind that would solve the problem by declaring “usurper” e “antiPope”.
      If not already part of this club eretical, join them, thus solving his dilemma to the cry: “Bergoglio antichrist, antiPope, usurper, heretic, apostate” etc … etc …

  8. Gian
    Gian says:

    Jesus said to the Twelve: “You also go away?”. Simon Peter answered: ” man, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life and we believe and know that you are the Holy One of God”. (GV 6, 67-69).
    We need words of eternal life. No other.

  9. Paul from Genoa
    Paul from Genoa says:

    Dear Father Ariel, I'd be deeply grateful if a esserle her to name names, surnames and to cite clear examples of this mass of hypocrites Catholic, Children of Cain and Judas Iscariot, because’ e’ Clearly you to talk in general, but having in mind the specific names, but without’ never name them, and making too fierce controversy, at the level of those hypocrites, Children of Cain and Judas Iscariot who also denies. It also sounds a bit ridiculous eaten up his strong defense of a decision of the Italian bishops (not in matters of faith, then by its questionable nature, and in any case different from that of the bishops of other countries), when many are his articles in which the Church and’ described in irreversible decline, with Bishops mostly careerists and / or homophilic. Say rather that the decision to ban the public ceremonies and’ liked, who met his sensibility’ (He hits another his article his admiration for the Chinese regime, able to shoot those who had dared to violate quarantine; she writes things like this, It adonta then if a lay person gets angry with a Bishop?), but please avoid to give licenses of hypocrites, Children of Cain and Judas Iscariot (for anyone who, but in particular for a Christian, are bloody offenses) who professes her faith, hardly, with thousands of fragility ', without having done his theological studies, but honestly. And go to school by Father Livio, able to correct without offending, and that e’ higher for eta ', culture, centita’ ed…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … she should pretend that the Evangelists gave specific names and surnames and directions about the people who had to choose between Christ and Barabbas, they cried: «Barabbas … Barabbas!».
      If not, these tales, They should not be taken as authentic, because of lack of evidence and to interpret.

  10. albert C
    albert C says:

    And here it is right p. Ariel.
    Francis of Assisi, Will (the leading wrote to F.):
    “Then the Lord gave me and gives me such faith in priests who live according to the form of the Holy Roman Church, because of their order, that if I were to persecute want to have recourse to them.
    And if I had as much wisdom, as Solomon had, and I met me in the poor priests of this world, in the parishes where they live, I would not preach against their will.
    And these and all the others want to fear, love and honor as my lords, and I do not consider in their sin, because in them I see the Son of God and they are my lords. And I do this because, High Son of God I see nothing corporally, in this world, if not the most holy body and blood once they alone consecrate and they alone administer to others.
    And these most holy mysteries above all want them to be honored, venerated and placed in precious places.
    And wherever I find most holy names and words written in unbecoming places, I want to pick them up, and ask that they be collected and placed in a decent place.
    And we have to honor and respect all theologians and those who proclaim the divine word, as well as those who give us spirit and life.”
    And two years later Gregory IX canonized. Fine (I am not of the church but I have a qualification at university professor of the history of Christianity). The Church is hierarchical and based on the sacraments, It was founded by the same who established the sacraments and data exclusively to the priests …

    • Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison says:

      As a young man I made liberal use of drugs, especially cocaine . The reactions of Don Ariel Perched on the a position of defense / attack against everyone and everything that is dissenting from the "populace" ( that visibly despises underneath… ) in a sort of neurosis reactive with paroxysmal pathological kind of "d siege syndrome" as if it were surrounded by the Navajo L with intent to scotennarlo.Mi seem my same reaction when I came down the cocaine and walked into aggressive paranoia . But it's fun. I almost start to take drugs ( despite the terrible suffering and it is many years since I use it psychologically I am never really detoxified: the desire for the death substance is dormant but alive…) . Father Ariel how about a nice Malox is a marijuana cane genetically modified ( to begin with) . My treat……-;)

      Ps: Invitations also Vauro ( I always ofro….)

      You are not clear

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        … unfortunately she was never fully detoxed from drugs, it's obvious.

  11. style court
    style court says:

    she is funny. He stands as the defender of hierarchy here when in rome is screditatissimo [CENSORED]


    But she is a thug with the aggravating circumstance of cowardice.
    I explain why: hiding behind the anonymity blames me and gives things that I never did and never said, but above all deeds that I have never done.
    Mandi everything from an authentic email, not from an email made on the spot for the exclusive use of hotmai.com-insult, then sign with his name.
    Then we talk about it, if you have the manly attributes to confront a person like me and tell me face his absurd falsehoods.

    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

  12. Giulio
    Giulio says:

    What to say … It had not happened to be tipped as a cancer by a priest for expressing – although passionately – my Catholic culture.
    But as then how to deal with the state of affairs of the Italian bishops we have inadvertently passed to serve the Catholic church to the Italian patriotic church?
    Whereby “all is well Madam the Marchioness”, If the rulers are also appreciated by the Vatican?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      He wanted just so much to give proof that he in no way heard what I have explained it to her, what only counts, It is to impose as a truth of faith, his thoughts, after review of the faith of the bishops, the priests and the entire Italian episcopate?
      But she, how do you plead belonging to a church that despises the shepherds?
      The dispense the answer, I know her: “They are shepherds who have betrayed the Church”.
      Already … and they have betrayed before an army of holy and immaculate virgin sheep.

  13. Samuel Jacob
    Samuel Jacob says:

    Dearest father is easy to be in tune with her and I really appreciate his theological readings of ecclesial life. I would like to reflect on a question: we still have the means to read as a Church which is the message that God is giving us in the midst of this tragedy? We still have the capacity of a theological reading of this?An authoritative and clear word that begins with the successor of Peter and by the Apostolic College?( Yesterday the first reading of the Mass showed the episode of Moses intercedes for the people by the healing bitten by snakes,after he has recognized his sin.)..otherwise,forcibly, various theologians keyboard in a moment of emptiness claim to all playing on “weakness”, that there is, and we can not deny,of those who have the ” gift”consacration of feeding out of the. “Even the prophet and the priest go around the country, and do not know what to do!” How true are these words.

  14. PeterLXXVII
    PeterLXXVII says:

    estimated Father,

    I share his disagree, pains me despite the unavailability of the Sacraments, and yet, in substance, to me little changed, because often I feel worthy of accostarmici.
    However, although reading it always agree with what he teaches and observes, let me express my concerns when the latter wrote assigns or subtracts so casually licenses catholicity of the people. There will also be faithful who make mistakes and “bad sheep” bite the shepherds.. but basically the “sheep is always a sheep” e, as sheep, It does not have the intelligence to understand. Whereby, if wrong way, maybe it's because the pastor has not performed well and, when needed, instead of the beatings he indulged or neglected.
    What is missing, most of the painful separation from the Sacraments, is a strong and authoritative voice that confirm us in the faith and in place of this longed for and manly appeal, today often we are witnessing effeminate invitations to a buonismo facade and a sentimentality sought which is the negation of the same Truth.
    So, if it is true that the faithful must turn down the ridge toward them, it is equally true that pastors should raise it before the world.

    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo says:

      How could a pastor, advocate of “Theology of the people”, guide the sheep if it is convinced that the right way is that which emanates from “spirit” sheep?

      • father ariel
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Let's do the Catholic people and referendum licenziamolo, this unworthy pastor.
        After the Gospel is written: “Sovereignty belongs to the Catholic people that grants delegated their pastors”.
        There is so written, or am I wrong?

        • Lorenzo
          Lorenzo says:

          Dearest editorial staff, is not that you too, as indeed those of liberation theology, you have any difficulty distinguishing the gospel by the constitution of the USSR 1936:
          “art. 3: All power nell'U.R.S.S. It belongs to the workers of the city and the countryside, represented by the Soviets of Workers Deputies.”

          I would also like you to know that, for my mental form, I'm used to obey the ecclesiastical hierarchy at the risk of life: but it is allowed or not turn up your nose when you hear who should instruct state that”Some Father of the Church saw in these women (Susanna biblical and evangelical Adulteress) a figure of the Church: santa, but with sinful children. They said in a nice Latin expression: "The Church is the caste meretrix", holy with sinful children.”?

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            … but she, When it bestows these pearls of wisdom, It reflects a lot of what he says, or, things like that, the spontaneous out?
            Because it would be interesting to know if you think a lot to process them, or if they come out the way, naturally, like fresh eggs from the hen's ass.

          • Lorenzo
            Lorenzo says:

            Dearest father Ariel, his answer reminds me of the fable of the fox and the grapes: It does not intervene in and preaches egg and the hen.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            if she was not funny it would be insulting and explain why: any expert in communications sciences, He called to do an analysis and objective appraisal, would be forced to admit that:

            1. I speak and expose with extreme clarity, in a precise and understandable;
            2. a large number of people variously prevented does not want to understand at no cost but prefers strictly follow the footsteps of those emotional moods that take away lucidity;
            3. When I reply as clearly explaining, as accurately, they adopt the closing mechanism to listen and react complaining that I would not respond.

            That they would be forced to declare, after analysis of texts, both experts in communication sciences and above all experts in psychiatric science.
            Said this: now he resumes his unfortunate joke as returned to sender, after I lost once again time to explain to those who are not willing to understand, but only to listen to himself and then to argue for the sake of arguing.

          • Lorenzo
            Lorenzo says:

            Dearest father Ariel,
            1. If by chance I doubted that she exhibits “with extreme clarity, in a precise and understandable”, It signals where thou wast made.
            2. Though “a large number of people variously prevented does not want to understand at no cost”, It does not seem to be among those.
            3. If I remember correctly, she also used with me, a long time ago and for a theological question that I wrote in private, “the closing mechanism listening”.
            Said this, so that even clearer that I was not referring to her, amplio further my answer to PetrusLXXVII:
            – The CVII said that in every person and every people there is a “shred” from the “Divine Truth”;
            – The CVII, however, has specified that the “Divine Truth” It is already fully present in Christ;
            – some argue that because in every person and every people there is a “shred” from the “Divine Truth”, we get to know the whole “Divine Truth” only when we put all together “shreds”… from here to the hypothesis that the true spirit speaks through the people is a short step.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            In commenting on the April 1 Hour 21.30 She began doing silly ironic appeal to the USSR and ends with a phrase de-contextualized and thrown out of turn Sant'Ambrogio; sentence which requires an articulate theological exegesis, because it is not a joke to use the mouth of fools who are willing to give breath to the trumpets, but is the very heart of the ecclesiology. And if she was able to make an ecclesiological exegesis, that sentence, he would not have thrown so superficially between the lines to say, with equal superficiality: … you see how clever they are and how am I right? He did this well demands to be taken seriously, and noted non-answers.

            If that's not enough to add that this is a dialogue of the deaf, and the deaf is not me, prove the facts: affirmations, answers, Replicas unanswered and so.
            In philosophical language it is called “sophistry”: reshoot, and reshoot the words.
            And the non-dialogue, go nowhere.

          • Lorenzo
            Lorenzo says:

            Dearest father Ariel, well-founded my stupidity, I could please clarify:
            – Because it defines “ironic USSR recall silly” my comment finalized, saw its connection between the Italian Constitution and the Gospel, remember that the opening words of our constitution is inspired by the constitution drawn up by atheist ideology of communism, from whose materialistic thesis drew much liberation theology, Mother of the theology of the people?
            – Because it defines “a sentence de-contextualized and thrown out of turn Sant'Ambrogio” my copy-paste part of a homily in which un'omileta, that there should be teacher, results “meretrix caste "with “holy with sinful children "? As a result the term then quell'omileta, always from Sant'Ambrogio comment to the Gospel of Luke, “is immaculate, from those stained with”?’

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Re-read his comments and my responses, then his replies, the fact that anyone can assess who is playing the sophistry polemical ends in themselves.

  15. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    If a person is physically ill, it is normal to have recourse to medical, for he can understand the symptoms and find the cure. Generally trusts, although doctors sometimes even wrong.
    Hardly someone will, dealing of his skin, will tell “I think I have…”, “the right care is…”.
    All this for the things of the body: He resorts to a specialist.
    I do not understand why the soul for things we should not do the same.
    We treat better the soul body.
    I could not agree with Father when Ariel laments the presence of too many spin doctors, especially on issues of faith, which it is an even more sensitive area of ​​the body.
    Personally, I trust the “specialists” and to them I want to use as a guide and health of my soul.
    We lay spin doctors are a big problem for the Church, each with their own ideas that tend to exceed the direction of the clergy and feel qualified to get in discussion with “doctor”, not only as to the diagnosis, but also to the care.
    For my part, I deeply feel the need to be led by a shepherd, because I feel simple sheep of the flock, although sometimes the pastor can make mistakes…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      In my video-reflection, where we talk about Vauro?
      Why enter in the comments of the elements that have nothing to do with what has been treated?
      We are in Lent, Perhaps she thinks it would be appropriate to preach the Advent season before Christmas?
      However, the reply.

      … when i, to a group of bishops, I told him in private that judges had "arrested the Madonna of Medjugorje because it appeared no subpoena", they sganasciarono with laughter. And everyone, the bishops and I, we are devoted to the Blessed Virgin.

      Regarding your question answer: … I think, indeed I am certain, Vauro who has never expressed the blasphemies that have been expressed over the decades by Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, Enzo Bianchi and especially the army of “true Catholics” who send comments – many of which are unprintable because they contain serious insults – call in which the Supreme Pontiff “antiPope”, “”Antichrist”, “heretic”, “apostate”, “betrayer of the faith” etc … coming to affirm that the coronavirus “is a punishment from God because of Bergoglio who did enter Pachamama in the Vatican gardens”.
      Forget Vauro and focus his attentions on them, unless you yourself do not think like them.

      Before Vauro publish this cartoon, my brother Neapolitan, who delights in a while to make the cartoons which then sends friends privately, He made this hilarious cartoon: while the women went to the tomb are stopped by soldiers, which exhibit self-certification saying “we are in good standing!”.

      And remember: anticommunism phobic and obnoxious, is no less serious and heinous dell'anticattolicesimo phobic, because hatred is never justifiable.

      • fabio
        fabio says:

        dear father Ariel
        therefore, it is a simple measure, the cartoon Vauro, the characters you mentioned the hierarchy unfortunately approve them, against such Bianchi nothing pleads the congregation for the doctrine of faith is indeed consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity ,for others who have always been encouraged by the holy Pope John Paul 2, either,He sees as confusion reigns in the church

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          You are right, he's right, he's right.
          Go on then to argue.
          She is right, he's right, he's right.
          For this is the true faith, vero?
          Clinging to everything and everyone for being right at all costs, because I think hiding behind God.

          • fabio
            fabio says:

            dear father Ariel

            Look I'm not doing no controversy ,I only reported the news
            I'm not attacking,for characters who appointed ,I reported the current situation

  16. Charles B.
    Charles B. says:

    In some very dear true aspects Ariel don his words. But I am reminded spontaneous reflection, Is it not obvious long been an endemic ignorance that seems to have hit many episcopal eminences and “waterfall” a lot of, too many priests in tow? I think it is correct in his lucid attack on the learner people: superb, ignorant, dementia, hypocrite etc.. put on the other side of the scale the objective responsibility of eminences teachers. Where is this abundance of bishops and priests ready to make themselves available to teach, instruct, Drive, accompany, support, soothe, suffer, visit, to listen, etc. slavishly following Sana Catholic doctrine? Those scenarios have shown these subjects introduce homilies, catechesis, seminars, books, according to their being “Catholics” sowing and spreading an increasingly corrupt and opportunistic doctrine daughter of a theological modernism prevailing?
    Too simplistic to shoot zero on the faithful (of infidels?) patron parish and commentator "social" in toto absolving the poor maligned clergy pursuant thereto "Munera" you mentioned has the primary duty to spend himself in the exercise I listed above.
    Who has a bad teacher is unlikely to be a good student! And spontaneous risuanano to my ear the words of Jesus that were not addressed to the ignorant people, arrogant and haughty.
    "Blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel!”.
    He that hath ears to hear,, heard.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      If San Filippo Blacks had reasoned with his impeccable “political and worldly logic”, When er Cardenal grandchild, vicar general of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, by an act of will and sheer injustice, He forbade him to administer confessions and celebrate Mass in public, the famous saint of joy would rise to injustice, because that was.

      Coming to more recent times: Saint Pio was dogged by a bishop, to Manfredonia, a man in whom the cardinal sins were all concentrated. But never Padre Pio put into question the authority of the bishop, which was really an authentic satanasso.

      All now fill his mouth with the Holy Bishop Charles Borromeo visitor heroic victims of the plague in Milan lazzeretto, no one but – pompous, obnoxious reporters who live in an anti-hate bergogliano – recalls that the Borromeo, far from being born a saint, was a carefree young man and also a lot gaudente that just 21 It was already Cardinal, because nephew of Pope Pius IV. So was the emblem of what was then nepotism, with his simony and his revelers courts. It took many years, before the Borromeo, thunderstruck, become another …

      When me, the newly appointed prefect of a dicastery of the Holy See and your miserable Archbishop secretary of the dicastery, They made the subject of an injustice and an act of pure abuse that was a clear violation not of a fee, But just about everything since the construction of the Code of Canon Law, I did not go to unhinge a lawsuit at the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, creating or uploading scandal if anything this or that journalist: I took that holy mortification and entrusted the two poor and monsignorine who had masterminded the whole thing, the judgment and mercy of God.
      That's why I become as they say “a beast”, when certain faithful would like to write or be received by the Supreme Pontiff to complain that the parish priest has looked hurt them, or reprimanded.

      Why do I say that his is a vision “political and worldly”? Because his speech is totally devoid of transcendence, especially when the end quotes the Gospel to support … “I am right”.
      She is just one of many, of too many, that faced with a test of faith like the one we are experiencing, It collapsed with all its weak faith, changing the transcendence of faith in a happy medium between politics and the logic of industrial action against the government in charge in charge of all the worst evils.

      Because of this, I that the Gospel would never quote in support of my views but only to proclaim the truths of faith, I remember them and tell: "Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:; how narrow is the door and how narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find!» [Mt 7, 13-14].

      She does not like the narrow doors, he proved with his … union speech against the government.

      • Charles B.
        Charles B. says:

        She ends her answer saying: “She does not like the narrow doors, he proved with his speech ... trade unions against the government.” Maybe I was not clear enough or she interpreted to “so his” my words but my intervention is not in the least touched on the political aspect and the sensible decision to tighten as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus in an uncontrolled manner. This decision of the government is just as reasonable to the temporary suspension of public religious functions as a measure of the IEC to protect all.
        Far be it from me, moreover, challenge the hierarchical constitution of the Catholic Church.

        In my comment I wanted to focus on its extensive digression on the role of the Catholic (vero, fake, hypocritical or ignorant that) that social network, albeit true virtual social Square, and many statements as you have highlighted, where these would like to ask if you can even over the Pope himself with their “doctrine of do-it-yourself sorcerer's apprentice, which are.(sic!)”. Do not include, poor people, that as a learner people should be silent and how “subjects” Holy Mother Church has the sole duty to accept the teachings of the bishops and their priests as the same teachings of Jesus Christ. It is at this point that I wanted to blend in by asking and subjecting her just a couple of questions that we can not escape and I would like to summarize: Where are today all these bishops and priests ready to bestow, the poor ignorant Catholics sound doctrine of the Church?

        And if there were (alas, the facts show otherwise) what doctrine would be exposed these faithful, to the one that is the most today impregnated with vipers or modernism capable of transforming even Luther in a holy?

        How do you see my reasoning is prominently centered in a transcendental context (sound doctrine preached or rather not preached for the salvation of souls), looking to the things of the spirit and certainly not, as accused me, He did a trade union speech against the government. In my paper the government has nothing to do.

        I also fully youth I bowed my head on the study of the "things of God" and although the terminus of the long gray hairs I have not yet raised, and every time I had to deal with a Christian, Catholic or not, social network inclusi, He did not never touched the idea of ​​adopting such systematic solution "taking the piss", which she claimed as a necessary defense before the attacks and insults "to the gift of God which is human intelligence". I do not consider such behavior either ironic or charitable even more if implemented precisely by a priest of Christ.

        I conclude for now even though there would have to say that the examples brought by St. Philip Blacks in San Pio through San Carlo Borromeo. If possible I'll do it in a separate comment. Thank you for your hospitality on this his space.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          The pose a very simple question to answer, but to answer the question, because it is very clear and simple, namely this:
          show me the human authority, or a single authority or any group of people, they can legitimately criticize, define just or unjust, conform or not conform to Catholic doctrine, the actions of the bishops and of their teaching.

          E’ a simple question: answer.
          Thank you!

          • Charles B.
            Charles B. says:

            Here I am in answer to a question that she considers “simple” but that does not really believe that if you wish to learn just a little’ the conscious subject that is complicated thing to do it on a blog.

            You ask me what authority, Single or not, It could be called just or unjust, conform or not conform to Catholic doctrine, the actions of the bishops and of their teaching?

            The authority for excellence is the same Roman Catholic Church.

            The uniqueness of the Church of Christ is represented in the figure of Peter, to whom Jesus himself entrusted the pastoral leadership of His Church on earth, and the Apostles together with it. The reality and truth subsists today, as in past centuries, the successors of the Apostles, the Bishops, and in communion with the successor of Peter, Dad, guide and govern the Church of Christ.

            The earthly Church has organized more and more to address adequately and effectively as the challenges that the weather as it unfolds before him presented, modifying and consolidating its structure, providing it with different ministries and congregations, the Roman Curia etc.. to support and rescue of the Roman Pontiff.
            This is a simple answer, we can say didactic, catechetical, to his simple question.
            But we can certainly say that it is an adequate and comprehensive response particularly in light of the history of the Church and the papacy. We know, because it is the Holy Tradition to telling us over and over again, that the deposit of faith certainly can not be changed but it is a mission for the Church itself and then the hierarchy with the Pope in the lead defending and preserving it as it was received. This truth is so simple as to be obvious, None, not even a Pope, could not add anything to what, at least implicitly, It is already contained in Revelation.

            So if I can I will now make them a simple question: A pope can change the doctrine of the Church?

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            I answer: of course not. The revelation is in no alterable and no one can change the deposit of faith. In fact, the doctrine intended as revealed truth can not be changed by anyone, even the Vicar of Christ, that the deposit of faith is the faithful guardian, certainly not the master.
            The truths revealed are not “assets available” or modifiable alterable at will.

            Often, however,, people, confuse the immutable deposit of faith with the ecclesiastical discipline, well that is obviously based on the deposit of faith, as the very laws of the Church and, As such, They can be modified, What happened many times, in some cases practices, in Church History.

            Example of ecclesiastical discipline? The Human enciclica Vitae of the Holy Pontiff Paul VI in which he denies the legitimacy of the appeal for Catholics to contraception.
            It is an ecclesiastical discipline and not a truth of faith. Is something proved by the fact that the Pontiff appealed to a pronouncement of the infallible magisterium, because he could not do it; and then he did not. It established an established norm, a discipline. This is equivalent to saying – which seems rather unlikely – that his successor could change that discipline.

            I am seeking to clarify better with an example: the Sacraments substance that is, no one can affect their substance, while the so-called external accidents can be mutated.
            Again, however,, in this world of easy theologians internetici, many make a great confusion between immutable and mutable substance accidents without the substance is not affected.

            Another example to clarify ancòra: For centuries, the Sacrament of Penance, sacramental confession, It was not a repeatable sacrament and could be administered only once in life and never again. Senonché, “thank you” the descent of the barbarians which is then converted en masse to Christianity, after many struggles and theological controversy was determined that this sacrament could be repeated and administered not only more than once, but to every need.
            The Sacramento remained the same, never impaired in its substance, It has changed the rules that governed the administration of the Sacrament.

            I conclude with the painful issue of the sacred liturgy and those who claim it was “changed the Mass in its substance”. What false but especially absurd: It was mutated the outer accidental form, not the substance. As in 1570, the Saint Pius V, He called the universal Church a unitary Missal, in the face of dozens of special rites that in previous centuries had been forming. After another century, Fifties Pope Pius XII reformed the rites of Holy Week and the sacred orders, in the early sixties, the Holy Pope John XIII reformed the Missal of St. Pius V, and a few years later, the Holy Pontiff Paul VI, with the liturgical reform made the celebration of Holy Mass the most suitable, in its external shape, to those who were the pastoral needs of the present. But the Eucharistic celebration, in its substance, is that since the first apostolic era.

          • Charles B.
            Charles B. says:

            I noticed Don Ariel who in his last response inhibited the possibility of replying and I felt the need to communicate to her and to those who followed the debate a final thought on the answer she gave me in particular on the example she brought citing the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. I found myself dwelling on it but I believe out of necessity so I appeal to your patience and intellectual honesty if you find a way to publish what is written. For my part I could only write on google drive and share the link with you.
            Thanks for your time and availability, I assure you of my prayers as I ask you and anyone who reads to pray for me.


          • Carlo Borghesi
            Carlo Borghesi says:

            As promised, compatibly with my commitments, I proceeded to make a video in response to her unorthodox statements on contraception. Convinced that he personally knows what is sound doctrine and therefore to be considered and what to be discarded will certainly be useful to the many faithful who have followed us for years and who have the obligation to know the truth on matters of such importance.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:


            I listened to your video-rant.
            Since you are so interested – not to mention solely interested – to all sins that go only and exclusively from the waist down, I inform you that the original sin was not committed because Eve was using the contraceptive pill, but why our two ancestors, Comets, they were proud to God.

            Given also your propensity to lock the entire Catholic morality inside a condom, I inform you that, if your father used a condom, he would not commit sin at all, because a person like you would have spared us, as damaging to the good name of the Catholic Church as to ancient Israel was the assault of locusts.

            People like you, they are directly and totally responsible:

            1. the departure of the faithful from the churches;
            2. of the abandonment of faith by armies of the faithful;
            3. the development of the hostility of the secularists towards the Catholic Church;
            4. of the de-Christianization of Europe;
            5. of the rebellion against Catholic morality and in particular against sexual morality;
            6. the birth of gay lobbies;
            7. of gender theory.

            Of all this and more, people like you are responsible, who claim to use the cross of Christ the Redeemer as if it were a club and who turn the Holy Gospel into an arid code of the road, always and strictly obsessed with sins related to human sexuality, in which they reside the entire mystery of evil.

            As a confessor, to a young man who could not correct himself from self-eroticism and who was deeply troubled by this, answered: "Remember, God will judge you based on charity, not how many times in your turbulent youth you masturbated ".

            Well, my improvised amateur of theology and morals: I challenge you to find me a doctor of moral theology and a bishop ready to scold me for the way I answered.

            You have enormous responsibilities, because self-naming you “true Catholic”, bring contempt and hatred on us all, that we are Catholics seriously and that we try to bring the lost sheep back to the fold through the love of the father who welcomes the prodigal son back.

            I conclude: Jesus Christ, in his preaching, he never talked about contraception, which already existed at the time, because it was already practiced by Egyptians and Greeks, able to manufacture the ancient condoms with thin animal blisters.

            Said this, know that Jesus Christ, that he never spoke about contraception, however, he expressly invited to pay taxes to Caesar and himself, through Pietro, paid the tax to the Temple. It would be enough if you had read the Holy Gospel, to know. Therefore, following the rambling logic of your delusional video, being the invitation to pay taxes given by Christ himself, paying taxes should be a dogma of faith, do not you think? As such fixed in the immutable deposit of faith, do not you think?
            When you delight us, with a video against tax evasion? Maybe you don't know, or nobody told you, but a tax evader does far more harm than a married couple using condoms, because the evader, in addition to stealing money from the whole community, it contributes to the lack of the revenue needed to pay pensions for the elderly, education and free and guaranteed health care for all, etc … etc …
            Or do you think a married couple using condoms, inside their private rooms, can cause greater damage to the entire national community?

            Having said that, I state and repeat: we priests and pastors in the care of souls are required to transmit and make observed what the Holy Pontiff Paul VI established in his Human life regarding contraception, which is a wise and opportune law given by the Church and which is based partly on respect for life and partly on respect for women in a very particular way. One of the great merits of that encyclical, in fact it is precisely that of having protected the woman in her nature and dignity, preventing it from being used as a pure and unique pleasure tool.

            What if you, my poor young sad face, I had been loved by a woman, for a long time you would have healed and you would not vent in a dark and obsessive Catholicism, which does not belong to Christ, but to the frustrated.

            You know, I, by whom I was led to the priesthood and by whom then, in the priesthood, I was supported? From the deep and sincere love of several extraordinary women, thanks to which, first i said “and” to my call, then I was true to my calling.

            And a person who like you, Unfortunately, she does not love and has not been loved, I perceive it immediately, as your sad eyes of a dissatisfied person show, that he never found anyone who loved him and therefore healed him. In fact, love heals, but especially, as a great theologian of the twentieth century said: “Only love is credible”.
            And you are not credible, like all those who present an arid Christianity without love, thus reduced to a sacrilegious parody of the mystery of love and the cross of Christ.
            Or in other words: you are a true blasphemer.

            God bless you, show you the way of the true Catholic faith and have mercy on your soul.

  17. Marco
    Marco says:

    I would not trust a priest by the name Semite who spends all day on the computer (and not say for restrictions, he did even before).

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … therefore would do well not to trust Semitic 360 degrees as the Apostles, but above all as their leader Semitic, one Jesus Christ. Therefore, forget it and enter the Catholic Church at the Austrian group of skinheads.

      Just one pseudo-Catholic like her to hate armies of people the whole Holy Church of Christ.
      In his wickedness she does not even realize the harm they can bring to the whole community of the faithful expressing themselves in this way and at the same time declaring “authentic Catholic”.

    • Fabio 2
      Fabio 2 says:

      I am Sardinian (not just in the Aryan race) my partner and English father color (jew jew with surname) and Jamaican mother (a bad crossing would say he)

      Dear dull where the problem lies?

      Tell me that I want to understand…

  18. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Can not blame her, on many fronts: on social tuttology, bordered on blind, the ecclesial version of the phenomenon of goscista “resistant-partisans from maggio'45”, the anemic of Christianity “nonbelievers practitioners” which he has replaced the anonymous Christianity..
    On the contrary, I'll tell you more : You can for a moment to imagine what would happen even remotely TODAY, If the bishops of Brescia and Bergamo had decided to maintain at all costs the public ceremonies, maybe chest opposing, shots of Composition, the suspension of public worship? The enormous responsibility that would weigh on them and the media lynching on Catholics..
    The Bishops, Priests and Catholics in general would be held accountable (and in many cases it would be) dell'ecatombe that, already serious, it would also be numerically worst seen the number of people (elderly!) that would go to Ash and Sunday Mass..

    You dear Don Ariel had words of fire against senior members of the Hierarchy (the memorable case Bagnasco-Luxuria!) when they acted stepping up Apostolic Office.
    Obviously now they are not doing, e…

  19. Cippalippa
    Cippalippa says:

    San Giovanni Ficher Bishop and Martyr
    Homily for Good Friday

    “……So those who strive to meditate and to admire this "book" way of the cross staordinario, with a gentle and sincere faith heart, They come to a knowledge more fruitful than, in large numbers, study and meditate daily on ordinary books. For a true Christian this book is being studied enough for everyday life”

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Of the series “intellectual dishonesty”

      Given that the Holy Bishop John Fisher – and not Ficher as she calls it – He was a humanist and a theologian of the highest caliber who did not despise in any way the knowledge and sciences, now High Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Bishop of Rochester; given that a man like Erasmus of Rotterdam said of him: "There is no man more educated or more holy bishop" … well: Accordingly all, He wants to be so kind as to provide, her directly and personally, to publish all the full text of this homily?
      Because he knows how: cutting a sentence, we can put in the mouth of any author what in fact has not really said, giving his speech a sense not only different, but totally upset.
      Then: she publishes it in full, The full text of this homily, or do we publish us to prove that she is trying to say to a holy bishop and doctor that the whole discourse has not really said?

      • Fabio
        Fabio says:

        If the Pope is or promotes heresies and L pagan idolatry even diabolical in public ( Pachamama … demonic pagan goddess to whom in the past are sacrificed lives rituals …) it is permissible not to follow the . Point.

        As for the Masses : other countries putting up with the proper precautions remained ( eg in Spain ) the danger of infection is much or less than a supermarket open neither more nor less( Masses can stagger with an attendant at the entrance and in the room that filters the number of participants at the entrance and to take care that you maintain the distances in the pews and communion will be strictly in the hands. That said I think the total temporary closure is not the end of the world and are unwarranted hysteria / neurotic reactions . If there is no communion for a while 'force majeure time , God's grace is not lacking in those who have faith ( It is fully justified ). It seems to me an exaggerated controversy , neurotic and child on both sides to limit the paroxysm. How ridiculous .

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          "If the Pope is or promotes heresies and L pagan idolatry even diabolical in public ( Pachamama ... demonic pagan goddess to whom in the past are sacrificed lives rituals ...)»

          I can not follow it in a speech like this: May, but especially at this time. To despise and attack in this way the Supreme Pontiff, It is simply absurd.
          I note that with her, in my video, I preached to the desert sand, because his “in my opinion … I think that …” It is higher than any reasonable explanation, even though I have clearly given, accurate and understandable.

          Attach the Successor of Peter in this way, in this time of crisis and suffering for the Church, It is like shooting the balls with a caliber 38.
          What I'm not willing to do, for the greater good of the Church and the people of believers of Christ.

          If the Supreme Pontiff Pope Francis was also the worst of the whole history of the Church, I will always be with him and under him, given that there is no power on earth superior to him who can judge, as does her.

        • Fabio2
          Fabio2 says:

          Sorry I have now seen that there is another Fabio , this last one that says if the Pope bride heresies publicly( Luternesimo .. the nonsense of the gurus of Bose Monastery etc etc that have nothing to do with Christianity Catholic…etc ) or even worse publica The worship of a pagan goddess of imprinting evil as Pachamama , it is permissible not to follow them listen more neither he nor those who do not distanced itself publicly . It will tell : and then it becomes? Reply : I do not know …

          I was saying : I'm not the same of previous posts Fabio .

          I understand the pain of Don Ariel averte that this time the Church was going to smash for real and reacts almost violently . Unfortunately the reality is that the potential schism "in fact" is c. It should do everything possible and impossible to L ( as does Don Ariel ) to avert the crash . But I think there will sooner or later……excellent reaction of the cardinals who presented the famous "dubious" …and no answer instead of reacting we preferred to decline to avert schism . Slack instead the reaction of the Pope saying that if they wanted to do so well schism( textual his words ) ….


      • Cippalippa
        Cippalippa says:

        To forgive me for the misunderstanding Dear Father Ariel audience and I ask forgiveness if I was misunderstood
        It was addressed to all the pundits …

        San Giovanni Fisher ( correctly written??)

        Wonder is the source to which the philosophers derive their great knowledge. They meet and contemplate the wonders of nature, as for example earthquakes, the Thunder (…), solar and lunar eclipses, and affected by these wonders, They search for causes. In this way, patients through research and lengthy investigations, come to a knowledge and to a considerable depth, which men call "natural philosophy". But there is another form of higher philosophy, that exceeds the nature, to which also you comes through the amazement. E, without any doubt, between what characterizes the Christian doctrine, straodinario is particularly wonderful and the fact that the Son of God, out of love for man, He has consented to be crucified and to die on the cross. (…) Is not it amazing that one for whom we have the greatest awe he felt a fear that sweat blood and water? …

        • Cippalippa
          Cippalippa says:

          …..Is not it amazing that the one who gives life to every creature has tolerated such a death shameful, cruel and painful? So those who strive to meditate and to admire this "book" way of the cross staordinario, with a gentle and sincere faith heart, They come to a knowledge more fruitful than, in large numbers, study and meditate daily on ordinary books. For a true Christian this book is being studied enough for everyday life.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Thank you very much!

          In this famous sermon, The Holy Bishop, which as I said in the previous answer was great intellectual and chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Remember that wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit, or better: among the seven gift is the first.
          John Fisher had a lot of allergy to all those who believed wisdom as a personal achievement for its own sake, and in particular was allergic to conceited intellectuals.

          Emblem of the wisdom of which he speaks is certainly Saint Catherine of Siena, who she was a young illiterate who could not read or write and that we venerate today under the title of Doctor of the Church.
          E’ the wisdom of the humble exalted in Magnificat, the song of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

          Of course, attention must be paid to those persons more or less exalted that we can find many in the ranks of charismatic or Neocatechumenal, that to knowledge have a genuine contempt, because considering themselves stuffed their staff “Holy Spirit”, believe they are beyond and above the knowledge, to the point of despising knowledge and those who have acquired the knowledge and then serve the People of God.

          Let me explain: every now and then I bring the example of an elderly woman bent rheumatoid arthritis that when confessed in a Roman basilica headquarters perpetual Eucharistic adoration, if I was out of the confessional I called me and asked me if I could kneel down for her before the Blessed Sacrament, Why “… like this, though for me it does a priest, Christ is happier still”.
          And many times I explained that no pompous academic theologian and a great specialist in dogmatic sacramental, at least the ones I know I, He never sent me a similar deep Eucharistic piety.

          there, in this sermon, The Holy Bishop, There is explaining something like this.

          • Cippalippa
            Cippalippa says:

            Thank you Father Ariel
            And again my apologies for the misunderstanding ..?

  20. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    estimated P. Ariel,
    His thoughts would be acceptable if there could be a return to “normality” previous one, but it seems pathetically illusory to think that these are not the last time, when this is denied by the serious events which take place every day; to priests, She teaches me how, just because it was given to + it required much + that us poor “faithful”. The impending judgment of God will be terrible against those who has abandoned his flock at a time of greatest need, so instead of fighting like rats in a cage, xchè not prove + compassion for each other for the ns. drama? It is not to be Christians not being willing to give their lives for their fellow. Instead of wasting time to insult us we can at least try to pass it in prayer to better know the will of God for us.
    And if I'm wrong, but, I do not think so, it would be his duty done and gave a splendid example to others

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      …and how will the judgment of God to the sheep in the time of the most serious emergency took bites shepherds pointing to them how to teach, sanctify and lead the flock?
      She, too, is part of the “match” the faithful without blemish and without pity, instead assume their responsibilities, before the crisis and emergency, They say it's all the fault of the other?
      Quiet: God's judgment on you and those like her, It will be immediate access to paradise without touching even for a few moments Purgatory.
      But she, my 25 minutes of the video has heard, or merely read the title and send this comment?

      • Bruno
        Bruno says:

        Having an excellent Ariel, we are not taking any bites! We only have a different idea from his, that's all, and every right to express it with gentleness and respect.
        What you can not do You!
        He complains to 25 minutes against the Lions Web, against arrogance, ignorance, the rudeness, against all odds, to make promptly the same thing with people like us, to each answer, that with education we attempt a dialogue.

        She's just a poor man….. completely devoid of charity.

        I'm sorry for her. Goodbye.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          If the Ecclesiastical Authority thought like her, They would have resigned long ago from the clerical state.
          I thank God to have, although burdened by their human limitations and defects, the Ecclesiastical Authority like the ones I.

          Incidentally: a bishop, high priest and maximum apostolic authority, before saying publicly dianzi them to a priest “you're just a poor man”, he would cut his tongue with his own hands.

          Hers, that's awesome judicial authorities, from which derives terrifying pagan god? From which? Because the Word of God incarnate, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven, certainly not derived. And this does not guarantee him I certainly, It guarantees him the whole mystery of the revelation of our Catholic faith, to which she does not belong.

  21. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel

    I would like to ask a Catholic must necessarily obey their pastors even when they do things contrary to God's law ?
    the pope is criticized by the faithful when it's like carrying havoc in the Vatican Pachamama,or the statue of a heretic ,or sow confusion with ambiguous language see the amoris laetitia,or praise notoriously anti-Catholic personages like bonino Scalfari?or ossesionarsi the cause immigrazionista , sign a document with the Muslims where Jesus is not mentioned , or make blessings without the cross to avoid offending other believers of other religions?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … my friend, that soup!
      There are several arguments and all more or less complex.
      I limit myself then what tells us the Holy Gospel: Pietro, not only he denied Christ three times, Finally, even swearing and cursing, but when the women announced the resurrection of Christ, his – and the others too – They gave them the visionary.
      Of course love joy and Pachamama!
      I honestly do not know how the first Christians were able to follow a person like.
      What to say: It remains a mystery!
      Mysteries of Faith.

      • fabio
        fabio says:

        dear father Ariel

        minestrone ? no, the mystery of a pontificate !

        then forget what Jesus told Peter john 21, 15-18 When they had eaten, Jesus said to Simon Peter: "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?». She answered him: "Sure, man, you know that I love you". He told him: "Feed my lambs". She told him again: "Simon, son of John, what is?». She answered him: "Sure, man, you know that I love you". He told him: "Feed my sheep". He said to him the third time: "Simon, son of John, what is?». Peter was grieved because the third time, Lovest: You love me?, he said: "Man, you know everything; you know that I love you". Jesus answered him: "Feed my sheep
        but today the sheep are left to lose and who dares to criticize is removed via, is it not true?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          … and then we solve the problem ribellandoci the pastor and taking a thrashing.
          In conclusion, the sheep, They may create a collective, Sentencing her conviction and out of the way.
          What do you want me to say.

          • fabio
            fabio says:

            dear father Ariel
            we are in a critical situation where either you know what to do ,it remains only to implore the head of the church to save her ,our lord Jesus Christ
            one thing is clear, we have seen in 7 years to a disastrous reign, and the consequences of a council infected by modernism that has had adverse effects on the church or not true?

      • Ornella Antoniutti
        Ornella Antoniutti says:

        Perhaps because Peter had repented and had acknowledged his guilt and asked for forgiveness?

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Wrong question with insinuating response implicitly contained within.
          Peter had understood so much good doctrine to be taken publicly by the Apostle Paul in Antioch and later also still in Rome, in his old age, if the screaming was giving another time during the persecutions of Nero. We do not know if he came back of his own free will as tells the legend of the pious quo Vadis, what we know for certain is that he was captured as he fled and then was crucified on Vatican Hill, where the martyrdom washed his sins, inadequacies, frailties and human weaknesses.
          This is what teaches exegesis of the New Testament and the history of the Church of the apostolic.
          It is, however, of complex text and articulated, many of whom also written by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, but these are not available on the large internet academy and that I have read, studied and deepened for years and years, I therefore consider my duty and mission to explain and teach the truth, not likely.

  22. Giovanni
    Giovanni says:

    Don Ariel I'd like to know your assessment of what he said in an interview Msgr. Athanasius Schneider and other interview Msgr. Viganò. I'm a little 'dazed and not allow myself to judge anyone, just the facts can be judged, but I believe that it is useful on your part (priests, bishops, cardinals, papa) a thorough and finally Catholic catechesis on what is happening from about sixty years in the church and Catholic faithful, the reasons for so much confusion . I follow with interest and hope to receive your thinking about the above. God bless her. (Ps interviews I refer to have been published in recent days by the Catholic Christianity site and blog opportune importune)

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear John,

      The speech was long, as you yourself well understand. This is why I limit myself to the essentials: in times of great crisis the Church has always been saved by the unit.
      Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, They say the right things?
      Undoubtedly you, they also say the right things.
      These good things, in a time of crisis, promote unity or division?
      If foster division and confusion among the faithful, in this case they are right only formally, but not on a substantive, because in certain situations, things are not right as such, but for what they produce positive.
      If each one goes his way, convinced of the righteous are his theses, the whole scaffolding of the Church falls apart.
      Can the pastors of the Church wrong, since the successor of Blessed Peter the Apostle?
      But who in a moment of grave crisis Pietro attacks or other Pastors, the Church bears the worst damage. All in the name of supposed truth, but bottom line is always and only manifestation of egocentrism.

      This suggests to me that the Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, at this time and his actions unwise, We are bringing great harm to the Church, which also is hurting in the worst way, and in one of the worst moments in its history.

  23. Paolofise
    Paolofise says:

    Thank you Father Ariel, shame not to have known before: my spirit would be refreshed and they would have benefited in so many, including those that the Lord has put me recklessly close.
    May the Lord bless and preserve its freshness and its rigor, full of mercy and evangelical passion.
    If I may, an embrace in faith

  24. father ariel
    + (Letter Signed) says:

    estimated Father,

    in my diocese left two years ago to the fulfillment of my 75 year old, there were several pastors in the younger age group, between 35 e 40 year old, ready for anything in the service of the parishes and parishioners, animated by faith, enthusiasm and hard work. Several of them more than once complained to me that on Sundays, often not even reached ten faithful attending the Eucharistic celebration. Several of them came to ask me, their bishop, in what I believe wrong. This was in fact their inner drama: “I am i wrong?”, as opposed to always certain ready faithful to indicate where the priest is wrong, Also especially when you do wrong.

    Today those same priests, grew up in the age group, They are among 45 e 50 year old, e “cheer” my emeritato episcopal calling me and telling me: “now that we do not celebrate the Mass with the people, people who complain of what and who criticize this decision, are a hundred … two hundred … three hundred …”.

    To put together the number of participants in Sunday Mass before COVID-19 and the number of those who today complain about the lack of public celebrations, i just do not add up.

    A pandemic over come and see me, if I'm still alive, It will be a pleasure to continue the conversation with you, Meanwhile, while the precious bless your work, Father and Cappuccino Dominican Father and Priest Arezzo author videos “Open Church”.

    + (Letter Signed)

  25. father ariel
    Don Bruno Fini says:

    Ariel Caro, up to now your video was sent to me by 11 several priests and all have written to me in tones of recommendation … “listen to it! Listen to it!”.
    I Am I to understand that very few Italian priests would give you no wrong, as for now I'm seeing.
    My sincere thanks for decisively and charity with which you have spoken, authoritative, even authoritarian, just the healthy authority sadly lacking for too long in the Church.

  26. Laura
    Laura says:

    Thanks father Ariel.
    Let us pray and do penance in this great (is long) Holy Saturday.

  27. chicca
    chicca says:

    Certainly this disease is a warning.
    For everyone, lay and consecrated, It is the means to look inward and rediscover the faith in Jesus Christ, as it has always been taught by the Church.
    As for the Holy Mass streaming, so be it.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … shame your father, the suo time, He not instead bought a box of condoms and gave birth to an authentic sample like you.
      Before the outcome of certain disastrous births, It is almost obliged to revise Catholic morality and to be in favor of contraception.

      • father ariel
        Don Ciro (Naples) says:

        … certain subjects would put in crisis with their shoot even the great moral teacher of St. Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori that before such people may come to rule in favor of abortion and euthanasia

        • Bruno
          Bruno says:

          Don Ciro… congratulations! what a nice little comment…. I see with pleasure that you are on the path of holiness as the aforementioned Alfonso Maria…. Too bad that during the terrible famine that struck in January 1764 the Kingdom of Naples, Alphonse Mary of’ Liguori was able to limit the suffering of the population in its territory. If Industrio, together with local governors, the priests of the city and diocese, to turn on mortgages and moderation by the price of bread came to the stars, relaunching the economy blocked for almost two years.

          She Don Ciro? in addition to speculate vulgar thoughts on the holy person of St. Alphonsus it is doing to get the comfort of Christ to His people who redeemed by the blood, Despite the limitations imposed? Pray? fast? I do not think so… I find on the internet.
          Happy Birthday Don Ciro!

          • father ariel
            Don Ciro (Naples) says:

            They specialize and unfortunately doctorate in moral theology all'Alfonsianum with a specific doctoral thesis on the thought of St. Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori, who lacked everything except severity; a gentle severity that often united in a sense of profound irony that made him particularly popular, followed and listened as a teacher and as a preacher.

            I'm afraid that she did not know the holy person of this Doctor of the Church.
            … She found me on the internet? And how did you wont?
            The need to know that that comment grotesquely ironic I wrote to relax a bit’ after spending a whole day, starting from 6.30 of the morning, to procure stocks of food expenditure for several hundred families locked in the house and in trouble, especially elderly. The halls of my parish today seem the warehouse of a large supermarket.
            From this afternoon we will begin to prepare boxes of food parcels to be delivered … He is to give me a hand, or prefer to stay on the internet … shoot Strunz?

    • father ariel
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      All Editor of The Island of Patmos the would be deeply grateful if every last elencasse all these insults to which she refers.
      Your Welcome: It has all the space you want, It can also write 10 pages, we publish him.
      We wait.

      • father ariel
        Pinus Cembra says:

        Dear Father Ariel,

        With the latest articles you have compiled a bestiary of lay-wolves. I tremble at the thought that many, capable of such malice, then they will be settled in the first row to receive the Eucharist, unappealable “right”. The root of rash judgment is always the same: the cursed pride. I fully underline the trivialization of what is happening on social, ideal habitat for wolves and lions.

        Of course, however, criticism earlier views that you have addressed to your photography with Vauro and Giuseppe Cruciani, I expect to see you in the video shoot at least a red background, the face of Che Guevara and the Communist International at the opening!

    • father ariel
      Don Antonio Mignanelli says:

      But she really was listening to the video, or it is limited only to read the title and to shoot this unfortunate comment, to give confirmation and proof of what Father Ariel says in this video?

      • Bruno
        Bruno says:

        Dear Fathers, good morning. Peace and Good to You.

        My name is Bruno and I assure as of now I have carefully listened to Don Ariel almost to the end, I have only given a few minutes to go (I hope wants to appreciate my sincerity).
        I take inspiration from the abrupt answer to Ms. Anastasia to confirm that I have had the distinct feeling that Don Ariel had a great need to insult and offend a large number of faithful, perhaps due to the reciprocation.
        Also I have noticed in his words, intention, in the manner and in the sense that the only purpose of the long talk there was only the aim of offending rather than teach.
        I agree that unfortunately the web and the company have given voice to a large number of arrogant, unthinking, rude and as I like Don Ariel and Sgarbi 'ignorant sheep'… many thanks Reverend, very heart. How is human Lei! Fantozzi would say.
        We are not all the same, even the people of God, I assure you, and I'll show you just when our Lord will separate the wheat from the chaff.
        Attacks that elevates the people have towards the hierarchy of dubious inspiration (definitely not Divine), certainly not to…

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          a Catholic pseudo that with a lapidary judgment states: "Attacks that elevates the people have towards the hierarchy of dubious inspiration (definitely not Divine), certainly not to …»
          No need answers, because it answered yourself, after the beginning of my videos, with the “perennial doctrine of the Church”, He was explained what is the mandate given by Jesus to them.
          God deliver us from the soon tradiluterani (Traditionalists-Lutherans).
          There is not the worst thing to be Protestant without knowing it.


          … and continue to review without answering any way the merits of the issues raised, attaching yourself to the shape and various shallowness.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Dear Alberto,

            that of Poland is an authentic hoax that I have already dismantled in the past, and it has been used in a falsified and falsifying way to contrast the heroic Polish episcopate with our episcopate of weaklings by certain harmful journalists who call themselves Catholics.
            In Poland, where the number of priests per baptized is much higher than that of Italy and where the average age of the clergy is less than 22 years compared to the average age of our Italian clergy, at first, Mass, they had multiplied them – having priests in necessary numbers – establishing that at every Holy Mass they could not participate more than 5 people.
            This established the Polish bishops.
            However, I copy / paste them under my explanation that I said not many days ago on my Facebook page:


            – if the numbers are not an opinion –

            A devoted reader of The Island of Patmos has placed me this interesting question: «The Polish Episcopal Conference, to comply with the logic and due security measures and prevention of the spread of the virus, it seems he has decided to increase the number of masses so that few of the faithful can participate at a time ".

            This is true, the Polish bishops did so and this made some long-time Catholic journalists say, today specialized in target shooting on Italian bishops and clergy, that «while in Poland the number of Holy Masses increases, in Italy the churches close ».

            Of the two one: or these subjects now reduced to old vultures and snipers do not know the ecclesial situations of the various countries, or I'm not even able to read the numbers. Because the answer is written in numbers, namely the following:

            Polish Catholics are 35 millions and their clergy is composed of 31.442 secular priests e 8.412 regular priests ("Regular priests" are the religious of the various male orders). The number of parishes is equal to 10.379.
            The average age of the Polish clergy is equal to 44,08 year old.
            Dividing the number of parishes by the number of secular priests only, the result is that for every Polish parish there are 3,04 priests. I repeat: all without counting the religious, that is, the members of the regular clergy.

            In Italy the Catholic population is equal to 47.021.200, the parishes are 25.741, the members of the secular clergy are 34.121 and members of the regular clergy 9.112.
            The average age of the Italian secular clergy is equal to 67, 09 year old.

            Simply said,: we have 1,02 priests per parish, with a difference of no small importance: an average older than 23,01 years compared to the average Polish clergy.

            Therefore, long-time Catholic journalists and Catholic bloggers on boarding, they are writing and supporting so-called big and emeritic bullshit, if you kindly pass me the courtly term.

            Father Ariel S.. Levi di Gualdo

        • Bruno
          Bruno says:

          … certainly not to the bishops and priests still many saints that our Lord still gives us. Those, we poor ignorant populace,psychically troubled and absent (as we defined), we appreciate them, thank you for their work and pray for them, I assure you! Even if we are poor, ns Ave Maria arrive the same in Heaven.
          I hope you will not be denied that certain attitudes and positions that we saw from 'summits’ of the holy Roman church, often fast and well ahead of its time, all leave a little’ perplexed and incredulous.
          Then me and I ask: It really was not possible to find a way of ensuring the holy sacraments while respecting all hygienic standards and safety? Really enlightened church leaders think that you can dispense the sacraments in this particular, sad moment? so we really want to pass for a cretin Carlo Borromeo, inter alia decontextualised?… Dear, I hope not… If no, what are we talking about? And the Blessed Sacrament’ THE ONLY ANSWER, YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW. ALWAYS!
          Thank you for your attention and greet you fraternally.

          as you can see there are also…

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            She returns to state:

            "Really enlightened church leaders think that you can dispense the sacraments in this particular, sad moment?»

            She does not know the history of the Church which proclaims itself to such a devotee until they could not do without the Sacraments and blaming those who, according to him, He would have taken them.
            There were bishops and priests, today revered saints and blessed, several of them martyrs, who could not celebrate Mass for years, or receive the Sacraments; and who died, many of them, without receiving the Sacraments.

            And none of them has ever had its whining, precisely because they were holy men of faith and not with an idea fideists “magica” of the Sacraments, I'm a thanksgiving, not a “right” of which “you can not help but”.

    • Malachi
      Malachi says:

      Dear Don Ariel

      There are rumors of an exposed with any criminal proceedings request against […] [CENSORED]


      To no purpose;, would have said Latin.
      The Island of Patmos is not a sfogatoio.
      She has no right to enter a page where they are granted any comments or questions regarding the topics covered by Article, raising completely different kinds of issues that have nothing to do with subject matter.
      And I'll explain why: try to get into a pharmacy and ask for a pound of tomatoes, to see what the pharmacist will respond.

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