From the flight of the bumblebee to the flight of the jackal: Gianluigi Nuzzi, than with his”Quarto Grado acts as Rete4's gravedigger, a dead Pope has already launched on Emanuela Orlandi


It deals with, in truth, of a painful and pitiful case, primarily for the disappearance in those times of this teenager, to follow for all the most absurd and fantastic speculations that have been made on it, but what is worse: which continue to be made.

Roman cat Hypatia










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Dear gattolici and gattoliche

Jesus Christ be praised!


The journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi author of several tabloid books on things Vatican

It was a long time that I didn't go back to the columns of ours Patmos Island, soon explained the reason: like all powerful women, I prefer to live and work in the shadows, behind the scenes. It is not by chance, when I was collected newborn at the Catacombs of Priscilla that eccentric of the Father Ariel, on the first ones, wanted to call me Marozia, then he immediately opted to call me Hypatia.

On the case of Emanuela Orlandi I wrote in 2019. It deals with, in truth, of a painful and pitiful case, primarily for the disappearance in those times of this teenager, to follow for all the most absurd and fantastic speculations that have been made on it, but what is worse: which continue to be made.

I've already said everything there is to say, therefore today, at the exit of the article in La Stampa by Gianluigi Nuzzi who anticipates his new and sensational looting work, I can only limit myself to repeating this old article of mine.


the Island of Patmos, 11 January 2023



- the cogitatorio of Hypatia -



The Holy See, to any request made by Pietro Orlandi, Also, and only on the basis of an anonymous message received, would not hesitate to agree to the opening and inspection of any. So that, to put an end to it all, the Saint Pius Cat told me that the young woman was buried in caves under the Pontifical Archbasilica St. Peter, inside the coffin containing the remains of auguste Pope Boniface VIII.

Roman cat Hypatia










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Dear gattolici and gattoliche

Jesus Christ be praised!


historian and sad manifesto that poor Orlandi family had put up for Rome after the death of the young Emanuela

In the last two days this scorching July heat in Rome is a bit’ decreased, but on Saturday, when I went to the convent of the Dominican Fathers in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, I thought of them inside 'n oven. So much so that I am called: mo 'I'm going' n little 'refreshes inside ar Pantheon, before de reaches the Dominican cloister inquisigatto Torque ner.

In the church of the Pantheon entrar were around ... 'NBE: not blocked me from perhaps those from 'the honor guard sabbauda?

Just so, they told me:

«Too, them cats, nun came Ponna».

Since I was already upset from the heat, at that point I did not see anymore and I answered:

«But the kids stamo? You just made entrà 'na de whores co bracket’ the zinne de Fora, then ampresso 'na coppietta de fags little hand na' to co manina’ them tight shorts' n half ar ass, and not make me unable to know '' a gattolica apostolic Roman? But de c'avete that fear, that if there Magnino them cats from the tombs the bones of those four carrion de Savoia them?».

Said this

ueh, but you know that nun m'allontano m'ammollava 'n carcio, quer large fijo de 'na bitch dressed as' n nineteenth puppet? It hath been made well in strillamme:

"This is insulting to the Fathers of the Fatherland!».

al che, before I moved away - because what else would take me to kick it seriously - then I screamed:

«... see, them Founding Fathers? They were only four mercenaries Masons, see the emparatte 'n bit' of history: to 'asshole!».

Just go through the gate of the Dominican Convent Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, dear Torque, inquisigatto more, He came to welcome me, amiable as ever. It is really a great cat of faith, very solid in the doctrine. We exchanged greetings, He then updated on the latest feline tribunal of the Inquisition.

«Dear Hypatia, I say to you that? Now nun potemo longer works. Just du 'weeks ago far we have put in three rats process bazzicaveno the church of’ Canadian, accused all three of diffonne heretical thoughts on cristologgia and pneumatologgia. goats, You know what happened

I turn my eyes to the sky and wonder lights in this regard, He responds Torque:

«Far we have risked us, de ended on trial! And you know why? But because the three rats were three heretical der catechists Neocatechumenal, understood? And you say that there is de vintage luxury because, a gay cat, margrado them that his withered ce vo 'b'bene, He has put everything in silent at er Supreme Tribbunale from 'Apostolic Signatura. Figurete, Hypatia my, Semo now ar legal chaos. Just think of the various b'botte de genie de 'sti times, nun found by de Meijo ago that abolished er tribbunale diocesan appeal by 'in the Diocese of Rome, essenno er President n'omo saint in one piece jie riggettava that the judgments of first instance on matrimonial nullity, made and dates' n jiffy, It was not even been set up pe 'er davero Catholic divorce».

At that point I explained to my dear Torque the problem, hence the reason for my visit. The day 11 July, at the request of his brother Pietro Orlandi, two tombs were opened at the Vatican Teutonic cemetery, to see if in them are the remains of the young Emanuela Orlandi were found, disappeared in 1983 at the age of sixteen [cf. WHO, WHO].

The day before I had been achieved by our beloved sister gattolica Tac, which as you may recall Readers lives in Cagliari, at the Hospital Chaplaincy Brotzu, where he is devoted to volunteering. A real Mother Teresa of Calcutta in size cat. The dear Tac is a mystic with special miraculous gifts. The only problem is that speaks and communicates only in Barbagia language, which it is not a dialect, but a real language. This forces me to turn to Torque, because it is a specialist in the philology of ancient Italic languages. Read the text, Good Torque has made me a faithful translation, which is as follows:

"In a moment of ecstasy, He appeared in a vision the Saint Pius Cat, who told me: must end, once and for all, the painful story of the young Emanuela Orlandi. Also because, if not, his brother Peter, long as he lives, will not rest. In order for this peace comes it is good to be revealed once and for all the burial of the remains of the poor girl. Otherwise it will continue to make regular excavations, buchi, inspection of tombs and so on. The Holy See, to any request made by Pietro Orlandi, Also, and only on the basis of an anonymous message received, would not hesitate to agree to the opening and inspection of any. So that, to put an end to it all, the Saint Pius Cat told me that the young woman was buried in caves under the Pontifical Archbasilica St. Peter, inside the coffin containing the remains of auguste Pope Boniface VIII» [CF. Transcript translated into Italian vision of the cat Tac, mystique of Sardinian Barbagia].

Without the translation Torque and I just looked stunned. Until, his breath, the distinguished Inquisigatto Major asked me:

Sentime b'bene Hypatia, you know I know '' No cat de faith, But, with all respect er pe’ 'It is our most valued mystical, nun is that na’ 'Sardinia, of these times, there is one of those sultry thistles that would sbarella cor brain well saints?

While this hypothesis valutavamo we exchanged various opinions on the painful story of the young Emanuela Orlandi, the case of which has long since been closed by the Roman magistracy. But above all there is a question of rigor to do: during the long and careful investigation carried out for years and years, emerged perhaps the figure of a teenager on model Agnes, virgin and martyr? It is perhaps, in the minutes of the investigations and interrogations, is on record that this young man attending parties, if anything, even larger than she, who were not properly or the young San Luigi Gonzaga or the great teacher of St. Philip Blacks? [cf. WHO, WHO …]. And in those eighties and beyond, how many were girls in the age group between 15 e i 18 year old, disappeared and were never found again? Various investigators, during those years, how many times they are put on the tracks of the so-called white slavery?

At the Prosecutor's Office in Rome, exist dossiers and open investigation cases, finally he closed after years without success, regarding adolescents and young girls disappeared and were never found again. You go in the historical archives of the Public Prosecutor of Rome, for confirmation, but especially ample evidence. The first that maybe he should go would be the lawyer acting for his brother, who have not the legal talent of the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, he still had on several occasions its bath of cameras on the sad story of Emanuela Orlandi, as well as on the skin of the Holy See cyclically exposed to the media pillory.

Because none of these girls disappeared and were never found again did the news that after more than three decades followed but to work in the case of Emanuela Orlandi? But for the simple fact that the girl was part of the small circle of those few lay people who are citizens of Vatican City State, or a few dozen people, of which about one thousand to eighty percent they are all ecclesiastical. Or someone thinks that if the young man had been a Swiss citizen, French, German or Italian, his case would be continued for three decades, and pulled out each time in a corner of Italy is discovered a body buried somewhere outside of a cemetery?

This is what unleashes always morbid itching which unfortunately it is likely to give rise and breath the same brother, on whose sense of faith Catholic There is much to discuss, saw the way, the first anonymous tip, he demands and gets scoperchiamenti of tombs and analysis of remains of corpses, as happened in the recent case of the finds at the palace of the Apostolic Nunciature in Italy [cf. WHO]. And before each of these situations, the good brother Peter - which as mentioned above is not obligated at all to be a devout Catholic -, It favors the exposure of the Church in repeated forms of media pillory.

Just think, a level of journalistic literature and sinister gossip editorial, What it was published over three decades, often with very shameful accusations against the same Popes, followed by a considerable number of deceased prelates who have never been able to defend, but the memories which has made havoc in the name of an unspecified "truth about Emanuela Orlandi". Just as if the "truth about Emanuela Orlandi" justify any inference or any shovelful of mud thrown on the memories of other people. A random name among many? Just think about what has been written over time on the Cardinal Ugo Poletti [1914-1997], Vicar General of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome [1973-1991], who has even gone so far as to be accused of having plotted with the criminals of the Banda della Magliana and its boss Robertino De Pedis, not to mention the inferences fiction on the then Secretary of State, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli [1914-1998] [cf. WHO]. Therefore, If Pietro Orlandi, as baptized and as a person born, He grew up and lived in the Vatican City State, It does not intend to have respect toward the Catholic Church and the Holy See, have least respect for himself and for his sister's memory, exposed for decades to gossip morbid journalists, especially because of him that never fails to give them generous waterfalls for their mills.

If no one has ever had the courage to say to the person concerned, it will be good that someone tell the good brother that journalists, tele-journalists and authors of tabloid books that aim to sell as many copies as possible, his sister Emanuela Orlandi not interested in anything. Is it possible that we all know but him, that this kind of heartless people and ten centimeters on wild boar followed undeterred stomach to provide jobs and editorial gains?

By now the Holy See, before any unreasonable and irrational demand that comes from Pietro Orlandi, He did not hesitate to run the forensic, to be analyzed remains of corpses, to proceed to the svellimento of floors, the opening of graves and so to follow, He was desperate to show the public that the Vatican has nothing to hide on the story of this teenager, already accustomed to frequent sixteen of not very advisable companies, as it is clear from the acts and lengthy, thorough investigative inquiries, or not? A young man was kidnapped on the streets of the capital of Italy, not in the Vatican gardens or while walking in the courtyard of San Damaso under the windows of the State Secretariat playing his flute.

Give her won to Peter Orlandi, whatever he asks and pretends, It is neither just nor pedagogic. Therefore, Dear Lord this that lies beyond all limits, it should first be said some no, then adequately advised to turn to a good clinical psychologist, in case it failed, over the decades, to process pain or trauma of bereavement.

The cat and I Torque finally we said to ourselves that certain things are not joking, nor ever should joking. But … why not falsify the message written by our mystical Barbagia after his vision? In conclusion, some say and claim that they even forged the third secret of Fatima.

«Torque, you launch 'n'idea. If it was very sbajiata, I ask God for forgiveness with all my heart er».

«Dimming, Dear Hypatia, what is' st'idea».

«Here we ... er tarot message from’ 'Mystics Tac, facenno reaches a similar message but different. For example, say that potemo 'is pora creature was made rests under the altar of' Confession in St. Peter, inside 'to the grave der Blessed Apostle Peter ...».

«Hypatia, to 'or say that with all core er: tojiete st'idea mind. Because if Peter Orlandi comes a kind der Post, within forty-eight hours ar maximum, mannerebbero them workers under the cameras' on television to seporcro opened er der Prince delli Apostles. Do not think, Hypatia my, but we still own».

May the soul of this beloved creature enjoy the divine peace between the Angels and Saints, wherever he buried his mortal body, but it can allow yourself above God's peace to those who just will not find peace, up to take peace to other, starting with the peace repeatedly taken to the Holy See, that the defects it has many and serious, but that does not deserve all this. Once fact, to the point where we are, If an anonymous did report it to Pietro Orlandi, we risk seriously to see even open the tomb of the Blessed Apostle Peter.

the Island of Patmos, 15 July 2019



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