In the Old and New Covenants, we know that only the love of Jesus Christ is credible

- homiletics - IN THE ANCIENT AND IN THE NEW COVENANT, WE KNOW THAT ONLY THE LOVE OF JESUS ​​CHRIST IS CREDIBLE Wrote the theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar: Only love is credible, aware of Dante's lesson in the Comedy: Love that moves the […]

The Good Shepherd is the one who guides with serenity by giving himself with charity in the liquid world

- homiletics - THE GOOD SHEPHERD IS THE ONE WHO LEADS WITH SERENITY BY GIVING HERSELF WITH CHARITY IN THE LIQUID WORLD Jesus describes the figure of the mercenary as opposite to his. The mercenary expresses the mentality of the liquid world. In fact it does not give […]

The memory of the final victory. The “roasted fish” for man in the resurrection of Christ

- homiletics - THE MEMORY OF THE FINAL VICTORY. THE "ROASTED FISH" FOR MAN IN THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST "Love is the link in a chain that begins with a glance and flows into eternity" . . . PDF format Print article . […]

Because Jesus once died descended into hell before rising from the dead on the third day?

- homiletics - BECAUSE JESUS ​​ONCE DEAD DESCENDED TO HELL BEFORE RISING FROM THE DEAD ON THE THIRD DAY? Before the resurrection something happens that many fail to understand and that others, unfortunately, they just don't know: Christ, […]

Amaze me Lord and I will cross the desert of Nineveh to try to amaze men with the announcement of your Word

- homiletics - AMAZE ME LORD AND I WILL GO BEYOND THE DESERT OF NINIVE TO TRY TO AMAZE MEN WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF YOUR WORD To fish men in God's net means precisely to remove them from an immanent perspective, devoid of references […]

Restaurant menu Christianity that escapes the cross and transforms Christ God into a delicious, highly digestible pastry

- homiletica - CHRISTIANISM FROM A RESTAURANT MENU THAT ESCAPES THE CROSS AND TRANSFORMS CHRIST GOD INTO A DELICIOUS HIGHLY DIGESTIVE PASTRY Today more than ever escapes, even to us consecrated, the sacrificial element of the true experience of faith. Of […]

“Hospitality” as a secret space to be opened to God to become a place of donation

- homiletics - “HOSPITALITY” AS A SECRET SPACE TO OPEN TO GOD BECAUSE IT BECOMES A PLACE OF DONATION Jesus speaks of the welcome of a prophet and a just man. Who knows how to welcome them means that he is the first and just prophet. […]

Cristo Pio Pellicano is the heart of the solemnity of Corpus Domini

- homiletic - CHRIST PIO PELICANO IS THE HEART OF THE SOLEMNITY OF CORPUS DOMINI The hymn Adoro te devote expresses in his verses the tenderness of Jesus, because he describes the Lord as a pelican who tears his heart […]

The Mystery of Pentecost: «Beauty is nothing but the unveiling of a fallen darkness and the light that came out of it»

- homiletics - THE MYSTERY OF PENTECOST: «BEAUTY IS THE REVEALING OF A FALLEN DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT THAT HAS COME OUT OF IT» «While the day of Pentecost was taking place, they were all together in the same place. […]

That superficial mediocrity and indolent lukewarmness that prevents us from reaching the road, to truth and life

THAT SURFACE MEDIOCRITY AND INDOLENT SLOWNESS THAT PREVENTS US FROM GETTING TO THE WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE . We have so much need to see men who stand on the breach as defenders of a people now unable to find God, lost as a […]

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