The criticism and the gag: crimes of opinion, science fiction or gratuitous insults to the gay community? Let's use common sense in the case of Silvana De Mari and her book withdrawn from distribution by Amazon

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[…] clinical experts consulted following the statements of Doctor Silvana De Mari, they replied that a certain number of women also practiced - sometimes also for socio-cultural reasons - anal sex, something found by several gynecologists and obstetricians, to the point that clinical statistical data are also possessed in this sense. However, it does not appear that the practice of anal sex by women is connected to the pathologies indicated by this specialist regarding homosexual relationships.


Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp.



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Mesopotamian terracotta plaque depicting anal intercourse and dating back to the first second millennium BC. and preserved in the Archaeological Museum of the State of Israel

I appreciate Silvana De Mari, specialist in general surgery and endoscopy, of which I read the articles on The truth, even if I don't always agree with his analyzes. In fact, I believe that personal appreciation must never turn into a-critical veneration. When we esteem a person, it is a must to maintain clarity in the face of his positions, without losing the critical and analytical sense. This without disdaining the sacred fire of passion in a personality, positive element if wisely channeled, because excesses of passion can produce more problems than good.


Some positions of the thought of Doctor Silvana De Mari which concern questions of sexual morality, as is the case with homosexuality and its physical expression, they need a surplus of prudence not only in the medical field but also in that multidisciplinarity that makes medicine dialogue with Catholic morality and pastoral. And I say this not so much in reference to the subjects directly concerned - people with homoaffective orientations and attitudes - but in reference to the sexual practices and lifestyles that homosexuality carries with it.


Leaving with excessive passion in dealing with such delicate issues, as any young newspaper columnist would do, more than professionally risky, it is also ethically risky if the speaker is a doctor, therefore a man of science who, through observation and clinical studies, should provide documented data, also underlining the possible dark sides of the issue and the deadlocks. The latest storm that affected Silvana De Mari concerns her book Let's not get gagged, recently censored by Amazon in the distribution network online. The publishing house Faith&Culture with whom this author published her book, expressed solidarity with this stance through a press release from the publisher Giovanni Zenone:


«On Friday we received an email from Amazon saying that our book was written by Silvana De Mari, Let's not get gagged, was removed from sale in both ebook and print as it violates Amazon's guidelines (essentially because it tells the truth about the medical consequences of sodomitic practice)» [cf.. WHO].


This Publisher who today complains about censorship and martyrdom perhaps at the gates, should think of our Father Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, than in the public domain, national editorial and television is not all that unknown. As a priest and theologian he has addressed issues related to homosexuality and the LGBT world several times, I also speak to more live broadcasts with some well-known exponents of this world, using, where necessary, a lot of severity and decision in supporting the foundations and Catholic moral doctrine, certainly not his personal opinions. In the episode of Straight and Reverse of 8 October 2020 the Honorable Alessandro Zan contested regarding the bill on transomophobia. Days ago, in one of his articles published in our magazine on 17 March [cf.. WHO], referring to his friend Paolo Poli - to whom it is clear from the lines how fond he was -, using a language that is not spicy or foul but literary and theatrical, made various ironic references to "fags", term now listed - rightly - in that sequence of insults for which any gay can take legal action, asking for and obtaining the almost certain condemnation of those who have publicly insulted him as a natural person, or the entire gay community. But it is precisely here that something does not add up: Father Ariel has always criticized LGBT lobbies, is opposed to the media riots of homosexualism, to Gay Pride that parade in Rome in front of the most ancient symbolic places of Christianity and has always been opposed to all attempts at forced imposition of the theory of gender. He also wrote all this in his books published by our Editions, which are not only distributed by Amazon, they are also printed in the two European printing works located in Poland and England. So we "depend" on the excellent Amazon service, to which we are affiliated as editions, not just for sale online, but also for printing and distribution. For this the Publisher of Faith&Culture who complains about censorship on the one hand is perhaps a martyrdom at the gates on the other, he should be wondering: why Father Ariel's books have never had any problems? Above all, because he has never been sued by LGBT associations, despite having even made his debut on a live television, the 31 October 2019, affirming in front of several cases of truly extreme homosexuality: “Tonight it seems to be at the little queer theater!». Clearly humorous hyperbolic expression with which even the exponents of the same LGBT world laughed. Why Is That, exponents of the LGBT world, in this priest and theologian they see a "rival" who expresses the thought of Catholic doctrine and morals and carries forward the ideas based on them, while in the specialist doctor Silvana De Mari they see a person who has insulted the whole of their community? This would be the question to ask and to answer, whereas the criminal judge of the Court of Turin Melania Eugenia Cafiero clarifies in the reasoning of the sentence that the accused was sentenced for the following sentence written on her blog: "The LGBT movement wants to annihilate freedom of opinion and is spreading pedophilia more and more", while the other statements regarding the LGBT community are not punishable because "the right to express one's thoughts is a constitutionally guaranteed right […] Therefore, it is not the thought that is tried but its offensiveness to the juridical property protected in a criminal case ", that is, having associated pedophilia with an identifiable collective subject, the LGBT community.


From the Publisher's press release of Faith&Culture this author's book is presented as politically incorrect and dangerous, therefore deserving of being boycotted and withdrawn from the publishing market, because it states that homoaffective sexual practice from a medical point of view is highly harmful. What's wrong? What falsehoods are asserted? What scientific and medical data have been altered? What truths omitted? Specifically, the summary of the speech carried out by Doctor Silvana De Mari specialist in general surgery and endoscopy on the issue reported in her book is based on a simple observation: homoaffective relationships insist on an anatomically incompatible and risky sexual style in which the active partner exposes the passive to organic stress in the final part of the intestine. Indeed, trauma and a myriad of microlacerations would occur in the delicate walls of the rectum and anal canal due to the passage of the penis not anatomically compatible as it does in the vagina. This would lead to extremely painful conditions and the risk of facilitating the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases [cf.. WHO].


There is apparently nothing wrong with that in the medical opinion of this specialist, but what I would like to point out is a generalization of the problem only to the homoaffective sexual sphere and to the only clinical-experiential practice that she has had the opportunity to encounter in her years of activity as a doctor. So if there is a mistake, it consists of an extreme generalization of the problem and a univocity of the experience relating to the cases treated only.


I wish to remind the Readers that unnatural behaviors in sexual matters are not the exclusive prerogative of homosexuals but also of heterosexuals. When the Church speaks of sexual relations "in the human way" she is not only referring to a natural complementarity, physiological and anatomical but also functional and relational. All the alternative variants on the theme distort human sexuality which is unique and ordained by God for a specific purpose, leaving out the implications omo and heterodirect, of which a psychological component must also and above all be kept in mind. If for this reason this is the discourse we want to make, we must broaden the range of the discussion, not reduce it, if anything, by analyzing specific cases, as such and not as absolute. The good doctor-specialist should try to imagine how many priests in the exercise of their ministry are faced with women harassed by constant requests for sexual practices alternative from husbands, companions and boyfriends who could sometimes make the most unscrupulous porn actors blush. And all this in silence and general indifference, that justifies and includes everything in the normality of the duties of women towards men. For these poor girls of all ages, the only consolation and outlet in front of these proposals consists in fraternal and frank dialogue with the confessor or with the spiritual father, in order to find a solution to the anguish felt and the feeling of disorder aroused in the soul.


However, we must not forget at the same time the existence of a case study that sees the fair sex as the applicant for alternative sexual services from their partners, who, if anything, are very impressed by these requests, because they do not consider sodomy at all as the achievement of an erotic practice but as a serious lack of respect towards the woman. And today we priests find ourselves having to deal with this too: women, especially young people, who ask for certain services and men who refuse them, often being very touched by certain requests.


For these and other reasons I believe that the digressions on the use dell’ano multitasking are not subject to scientific investigation in the books of Doctor Silvana De Mari, nor by the censorship of Amazon and the Rainbow people. In fact, these are sexual practices that can concern and deepen in life situations much more common and serious, medically more critical and morally more compromising. In a society like ours that believes it has freed itself from sexual taboos, there is nothing more moralistic than a silence that is silent on the silence of so many poor people who live a daily martyrdom originating from a sexuality not yet understood as liberating and friend of ' man.


For the few priests that like us three Fathers de The island of Patmos they had the precious pleasure of attending the course at their own time audiendas in preparation for the exercise of the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the Apostolic Penitentiary, he will not be able to escape the example and recommendations of the moralist saint Alfonso Maria de 'Liguori. At the time of the holy bishop of Pagani, the last section of the intestine was postponed, in the widespread ignorance of the people rough, to the intercourse between man and animal and vice versa. But for us evolved men, ethero or LGBT, l’ano multitasking he studied in depth that philosophy of hedonistic pleasure that knows extremely "courageous" practices and to the limit that involve the introduction of objects of various kinds up to the hand, to the fist, to the foot in that extreme practice known as fisting. Why not address all these alternative sexual realities and their medical and moral implications in an all-encompassing scientific discourse.? Why focus only on the homosexual sphere and not also deal with the heterosexual one? In fact, we would like to know from this woman of science in which clinical cases she treated, among the homosexual population, more and clearly self-evident clinical evidence was observed regarding the pathological events described compared to those present among heterosexuals? Otherwise you risk falling into humor and resorting to hilarious explanations such as those given in an ironic and joking tone by a cultured and intelligent gay friend of us Fathers of The island of Patmos, who once discussing the practice of anal sex began by saying: “Women are not allowed, never! For them it is against nature ".


Not all specialists in internal medicine and gastroenterology and urology, including several Catholics, they agree with colleague Silvana De Mari. Affirm as a member of the medical profession that homosexuals, for their lifestyle, they represent a category exposed and more subject to certain diseases and even to certain cancers, including colorectal cancer, all without bringing any scientific evidence and least of all documented statistics, it's really risky and risky, other than censorship and gags.


In this regard the clinical experts experts consulted during this procedure following the statements made by Doctor Silvana De Mari and the complaints that ensued, they replied that a certain number of women also practiced - sometimes also for socio-cultural reasons - anal sex, something found by several gynecologists and obstetricians, to the point that clinical statistical data are also possessed in this sense, even linked to this practice in relation to the different geographical regions of Italy. However, it does not appear that the practice of anal sex by women is linked to the pathologies indicated by this specialist, if anything, there may be cases of infection by both women and men in the absence of adequate prophylaxis and prevention. Therefore, in fact, what he claimed in his publication has not yet been demonstrated with sufficient scientific and statistical clarity. And these mistakes, in civil and criminal matters, inevitably they are paid, if the party affected is the gay lobby on the susceptibility of which we can not even discuss, rather, give it as an established fact, but at the same time we must avoid that the same is pointed out and hit without motivations and without scientific supports.


I personally see the danger to make gay people even more ghettoized, a protected category for pathology, favoring that corporate gap that justifies a victimization that is the generator of reckless laws such as those that are proposed in parliament, I am obviously referring to the Zan-Scalfarotto bill which can seriously risk going to strike the crimes of opinion. Just as Father Ariel said to the Honorable Alessandro Zan at that program of Straight and Reverse of 8 October 2020, certainly not bringing his personal opinions but pointing out that the Italian bishops had raised many perplexities, knowing the consequences produced by similar laws passed in other countries of the world in application of which we have already had more bishops and priests condemned by the courts simply for having said that marriage is such only between a man and a woman and that a child can only be born from a father and a mother.


To this speech add the concrete possibility of reading such related pathologies as a divine punishment for a sinful lifestyle. If masturbation once made adolescents go blind, today colon or rectal cancer would perhaps be the consequence of inadequate use of one's intestines.? We realize the extent of such utterances and the laughable consequences that would relegate us Catholics to irrecoverable bigots or sexophobics.?


If it is necessary to do criticism and resistance then you have to start from a long and meticulous job, rigorous and with numerous tests on different disciplinary fields, as well as associations ProLife they did to dismantle the lawfulness of abortion. If this approach does not exist or exists in part - because it is I who say it -, the game is facilitated by LGBT organizations that will sue and attack all people with lawsuits such as Doctor Silvana De Mari, with the sole result of endorsing the accusations of homophobia which then in the criminal sphere will find acceptance in sentences that do not affect the faculty of expressing one's thought as a constitutional right but as an offensive intentionality underlying a thought conveyed. This is why I gave the example of Father Ariel and the line adopted by us Fathers of The island of Patmos in our magazine of ecclesial theology and pastoral updating: our task as priests, theologians and pastors in the care of souls is to condemn sin in a decisive way, but always welcoming the sinner, especially the worst sinners. And then, if with the excuse of welcoming the sinner someone should instead claim the right to sin by passing evil into good, without hesitation we will always answer that sin is not a right and that it can never be accepted.


Maybe someone will turn up their nose at these words, but today we must be shrewd and protected in all possible ways. Being martyrs for the Gospel and for the teaching of the Church is a commendable thing, being so for one's own imprudence or passion is a little less so. And I say this by saving all the good intentions that are not immediately knowable. For this, to me and my brothers, I am very sorry for Doctor Silvana De Mari, woman who lives on passion but also on undeniable stubbornness, which similarly to other Christian brothers can provoke, with all the good intentions of the case, damage to the weak, the simple and confused of our time.


Laconi, 25 March 2021


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30 thoughts on "The criticism and the gag: crimes of opinion, science fiction or gratuitous insults to the gay community? Let's use common sense in the case of Silvana De Mari and her book withdrawn from distribution by Amazon

  1. Caro Father,

    I fully agree with your distinction. It should also be considered that Amazon, the quality of operator of a private service, obviously has the full right to withdraw from the market those products that, for various reasons, deems unsuitable. However I would like to observe the fact that:

    to) following the events of the American political and intellectual world very closely, I was deeply impressed by the policy of this company to also withdraw books that contained nothing offensive to the community LGTBQevattelapesca. I am thinking above all of a work by the bioethicist Ryan T.. Anderson, When Harry became Sally, relating to the problem of transsexualism from a philosophical point of view. I have not read the book in question, but I am quite familiar with Anderson's books and I must say that he never indulged in offensive and generalized statements. Even more troubling is the fact that, in the present case, the book has been made available by Amazon for at least two years, only to be withdrawn at the time Anderson, from the pages of Wall Street Journal, had made a strong criticism of an editorial written in the Washington Post by a well-known activist queer. Amazon of course has every right to put in place policies company it believes, but I suspect it was a form of “retaliation” on pressure of some environments it is strong, also given the prominent position of Anderson in the direction of a think thank Tory;

    b) it does not strictly concern the cases under consideration, but we must also remember that Amazon plays an almost monopolistic role on the market and the fact that it withdraws certain products on the basis of purely ideological considerations and not based on considerations of lucrative opportunity, in fact it eliminates the widespread possibility of accessing certain resources. It is true that it is up to the market to find a solution by creating competitive platforms, but the problem remains.

    I conclude by agreeing that, unfortunately, too often Catholic publications and public voices do the good fight a disservice by granting patently over the top inappropriate or, worse, false.

    I remember the crusade launched by a high school friend of mine who was a member of Alleanza Cattolica (and then happily transitioned to the most extreme hedonism) which, became director of the school magazine (and it was never understood how he did it, both for the poor qualities of a writer, and for the overwhelming majority of the left in the high places of the school), he dedicated three articles in a number to issues relating to homosexuality and contraception. Nothing wrong with that so far, in my opinion. The problem was in the tones used and in the decided inopportunity of publication. A mere provocation for its own sake. How can you think of sensitizing a hostile public to such delicate issues through statements that we could euphemistically define tranchant, with the certain risk of further radicalizing the recipients?

  2. 92 minutes of applause e standing ovation for her Father Ivano!

    Thank you very much for writing this article. I know De Mari and her vehemence when she exposes her ideas. In particular when he talks about people like me who live the condition of homoaffectivity and the clinical implications based practically only on his outpatient experience, I totally reject what he says because it is clear that prejudice prevails in his words more than the person of science. But I reject what he affirms and writes because I do not recognize myself in that vision he gives of the homoaffective sexuality he transmits. Above all, I reject these statements because they may lead others to think that all homosexuals are so perverted … But even no!

  3. Father Ivano, you are truly great, but not great in that “adult Catholics”, great as men of faith, deep culture, and models of priestly life.
    Thanks for this article

    Don Paolo of Bologna (city ​​of … “adult Catholics”)

  4. Her father Ivano, like father Ariel, one thing to know certainly well: homosexuals respect each other by telling them above all what they don't want to hear, often folded as they are in their surreal and glossy world. And I think I can speak with knowledge of the facts, because homosexual I am, even though he never flaunted it.
    I was once scrambled by a priest, and soon after I realized how much he really loved me, treating myself with that hardness. On another occasion I met a very sweet priest, loving, inclusive … poverello! He was more homosexual than me, for what, on a mirror level, he wanted to console himself more than anything else.

    When we lose discretion and modesty, we bring out the worst in ourselves. This applies to us homosexuals, now more and more shameless in the ostentation of our worst vices, and applies to Dr. De Mari, more and more shameless in its lack of Christian charity.

  5. I would like to congratulate you Rev. P. Ivano Liguori, as a Catholic and specialist in internal surgery.
    I run on average between 4200/4600 colonoscopies per year and certain damages related to anal intercourse and homosexuality I have never encountered and when I found myself faced with infectious problems, for example, these have always affected men without distinction, women, heterosexuals and homosexuals.
    Thanks for this article.

  6. … eh, De Mari's face, another that seems to address priests only to insult them, see his videos of insults released during the lockdown in which he told us everything: rabbits, cowards, without manly attributes …
    If from the height of his evident arrogance he had instead listened and asked for advice from us, as far as rabbits, cowards, without manly attributes … on trial certainly did not end there, and not even condemned, because we would have briefly explained the ABC of Catholic morality.
    And having said this, I am silent and do not go further.

  7. I quote a passage from Saint Catherine of Siena from the Dialogue of Divine Providence:

    "Not only do they have that filth and fragility, to which you are inclined by your fragile nature (although the reason, when free will wants it, keep this rebellion quiet), but those miserable ones do not restrain that fragility: indeed they do worse, committing the cursed sin against nature. What blind and foolish people, the light of their intellect being dimmed, they don't know the stench and misery they are in; for not only does it disgust Me, which are the highest and eternal purity (to whom so abominable, that for this sin alone five cities sank through my judgment, not wanting to bear my justice any longer), but the demons are sorry too, who have made themselves lords of those wretched ones. It is not that the demons mind evil, as if they like some good, but because their nature is angelic, and therefore avoids seeing or staying to see that enormous sin committed”».

    Reverend Father Ivano, I also ask you this step is to be censored?

    1. Dear Fabio,

      I remember my psychology professor, priest of the Congregation of the Camillians, during the specialization in Pastoral Healthcare Theology, asked this question:

      “In a speech, how do you understand that your interlocutor has understood your reasoning? Simple, from the questions he poses to you later ".

      Well you, with your question and related quote, are not only beyond the intention of the article but also from the sense in which it was composed. It is certainly not the learned and free quotation, very fashionable these days, of Dialogue of Divine Providence of Santa Caterina who solves the problem of sodomy. He could have, more simply, refer to the teaching of the Church in terms of human sexuality but did not. Why Is That? Because he preferred to quote a passage that today it is used as a weapon by those who consider sexual sin the only blameworthy and worthy of punishment.

      I want to share a confidence with you: it was not a sexual sin that condemned Adam and Eve but a sin of pride and haughtiness, the same that the day of our baptism is taken from us by the grace of Christ. The same pity as the famous ones nuns of Port Royal they committed: “Pure as angels, proud like Lucifer, rebels as demons ".

      And’ clear and self-evident that sodomy is a sin. This is clear both as a teaching of the Church, both as an argument of my article. And since sodomy is a sin, as are the unnatural relationships otherwise understood, this discourse has value for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Sin is not about affective orientation, it concerns all of man, comes from a lack, from a free privation of God. This is the tare contained in the book by De Mari, who is a doctor and not a moral theologian or a confessor. And if we believe that some people are more sinful than others, we only show great short-sightedness, the same one that in Jesus' time condemned the adulterous woman to stoning and not the man who had consumed sin with her.

      Both clear, my answer doesn't sound like a rebuke, but if I were to hit the penitent's face in the confessional – who is there to confess and change his life – sentences such as the one you cited, not only would I induce the penitent to despair but it would be very difficult to lead him to a conversion because he would see me as a torturer instead of a father eager for his return home and his healing from sin.

      I tell her that it is easier to convert and dialogue with those who break the sixth commandment than with the proud and proud.. The blessing.

  8. Dear p. Ivano,

    his claim that we should speak like a spiritual director in confession even when we try to oppose our limited abilities, intellectuals, moral and rhetoric to the omnidirectional attacks of the prevailing homosexualism is really naive. Perhaps you are a new Father Leopoldo, too busy confessing sinners all the time to notice how the world is.

    He certainly never had the opportunity to hear Vladimir Luxuria on TV who, in a protected area, enhances the thaumaturgical properties of sodomy for prostatic hypertrophy. You will have an easy time relegating me too to the proud and the proud, but I don't just appreciate what she says about Dr. De Mari, but also how he says it. Because today in the West, like yesterday in Palestine, political incorrectness is the only possible communicative figure for a Christian; because today in the West, like yesterday in Palestine, What is truth?

    As for Dr. De Mari, she is a talented scientist with extensive clinical experience from which she draws; therefore accusing her of inventing falsehoods for the sake of insolent gays is a hypocritical operation. If you are looking for clarification on what it says, the correct method would be to ask you to make available the evidence you have, not to turn to those who deny them.

    Finally, please accept my compliments on your winning argument “even straight people do it ", a distillation of rimbottismo and a real life insurance. Rest assured that no one will ever censor you e, on the contrary, will continue to invite you in…

    1. It is not often that a catholic as a hobby can get me pissed off like her. And now I'll explain why I answer. I do not answer as the editor-in-chief of this magazine, I answer because Father Ivano is a Capuchin presbyter of such wisdom and holiness of life that I want to be protected from certain contaminations, it is better for a sinner like me to get his hands dirty, that to reach the virtues of priestly life of this brother of mine I would have to live others 57 year old, something humanly and biologically impossible.

      I call his attention to the first of his unfortunate sentences:

      «Perhaps you are a new Father Leopoldo, too busy confessing sinners all the time to notice how the world is "

      Mi tip: you are really limited up to these levels, or her crass ignorance prevents her from understanding that San Leopoldo Mandic, precisely because he spent his days absolving sinners of sins, the world knew him better than she and all the Silvana De Mari queued up one after the other?

      But she, of us priests of Christ called to sanctify, teaching and guiding the People of God, he has just this total lack of knowledge?

      In the event to, considering that soon you should fulfill the holy Easter precept, do as I tell you now: go of Silvana De Mari, have a nice endoscopic tube placed in the body while the specialist recites this sacramental formula:

      «I absolve you from your sins […]»

      Once this is done, he will be able to go peacefully in peace with God, because this is what subjects like her deserve. What can I tell you that I am an inveterate sinner, not Father Ivano who is a holy priest.

      1. Of all his coarse reply, only that one hurt me “catholic as a hobby” inflicted with that irrepressible lust that causes the humiliation of others, of which only certain sensitivities are capable. Other than a hardened sinner.

        1. You took the liberty of calling me lustful? And based on what, what elements and what evidence does he have for such a serious accusation?

          As you may know, lust is one of the deadly sins, although not the first. I know well that those like her would like sex and sexuality to be considered the center of the whole mystery of evil, but it is not so, I'm not saying it, but the deposit of faith and Catholic doctrine. The first of the deadly sins is therefore pride, just what she stubbornly practices. And this is not because by affirming this I dare to make a judgment on his conscience, which I would never allow myself to do, simply because from your writings and from the way in which you attack priests I take note that in pride you are really gangrenous.

          And believe me, a lustful person can also be easy to redeem, but to redeem a proud one … often not even the saints have succeeded in the enterprise.

          God bless you.

          1. Senta p. Ariel, re-reading the lines of this surreal skirmish I have the impression that we are not giving a show that is too uplifting. When one realizes it he must have, I don't mean humility, but the cunning of pulling the brake. I do not intend to be right, much less under these conditions. So I apologize and you, if you can, do you forgive me; and if he will have the goodness to grant it to me, I hope to be able to continue speaking on more moderate registers.

  9. Reverend Father IVANO

    She writes “It is clear and self-evident that sodomy is a sin. This is clear both as a teaching of the Church, both as an argument of my article”
    it seems to me that to cardinals ,bishops and some priests no longer be
    I'll bring you some news I ask is it normal?

  10. Boasting that Amazon keeps its publications on their feet is mind-boggling, how serious it is to use this platform. It is not strange since you others are followers of the bank account by feeding the fractional reserve.

    You do well not to talk about it as you would force various human beings who do not want to be complicit in a crime to marginalize the production system. (not therefore as Christians, as well as regarding abortion or sodomy, since the “natural right”)!
    All to prove just one thing : saying / writing such a thing by theologians or preachers is one thing, from economists quite different and it is already clear that the comparison De Mari vs Don Ariel does not fit.

    Therefore, regardless of the correctness of the statement written by me (unfortunately it is correct ergo you are a gang of conniving oppressors and thieves) it is easy for those who are more cool especially from privileged clerics or religious who for their TV releases do not risk their job or reputation having the permission to talk about “stuff for priests”.

    p.s. if he understands the constructiveness of the comment , it is not surprising that the “dropped” of the traces that are of your custom between ironies, lashes and provocations. In any case, take an interest in the functioning of the banks and as Giacomo wrote “Pure and spotless religion before God and Father is this: to help orphans and widows in their afflictions without allowing oneself to be contaminated by the things of this world”.

    1. Dear Mr. Dadaumpa,

      let us tell: she is great!
      Ivano Liguori, Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, represented as part of a political-economic-banking criminal system colluded with the power of multinationals, it's something hilarious.

      Greetings so much the lovely Kessler twins singing Dadaumpa

      1. Not Ivano Liguori, but from the Vatican in the lead and all the laymen who have some money saved in the banking gangs including your association that lives on donations filtered through this system ( on which beautifully and guiltily do not ask yourselves questions ) leaning on this infamous multinational, then exulting on the proper meaning of what has been placed before it, that is:
        to) an impossible comparison that distorts the criticism posed
        b) your continuous communicative baseness
        since only qusto I sued: what in Rome is called having your ass saved.
        Easy to pass for those then, despite being even “worst” of the lady in question, they are so good that they are unassailable…when it comes only to scam.

        1. Go talk to my mother and brother, they explain it to them – and they also document it with all the relative bank transfers – how many thousands of euros have given me over the years to pay the necessary expenses for the management of the site of this magazine in the face of a very demanding and very tiring job that I and my brothers do totally free for the love of our ministry and the God.
          Great piece of idiot !!!

  11. “Being martyrs for the Gospel and for the teaching of the Church is a commendable thing, being so for one's own imprudence or passion is a little less so” it expresses in beautiful words what I also think of Dr. Silvana De Mari, who in my opinion is a specialist in the art of going from right to wrong.

    1. If De Mari is right, can't be wrong, at least on the merits of what it says. So I guess you are blaming her in the method, but this, Dear friend, it is a questionable matter, not of faith or morals. In this regard, my opinion is that a layman – not necessarily Catholic – that he wants to defend, I don't mean natural law, but, eg, the right of their children not to have their minds plagiarized in compulsory education by perverts organized in associations financed with the money of taxpayers' families, he cannot speak as if he were a priest with the penitent in confession; he doesn't know how to do it (otherwise he would have done that job), but even if he knew how to do it, it's not fair to ask him to do it. And’ right instead that he can express his denunciation in the ways and tones that the mind and heart inspire him. What, on the contrary, I find it manifestly unfair when such a layman – I repeat, not necessarily Catholic – in exercising this freedom of thought and this right to speak, he is targeted by the feigned friendly fire of the ideologues of catto-do-goodism, with or without cassock.

  12. We sat down on the wrong side, since all the other places were occupied (Brecht). Occupied by Amazon? Busy with Facebook? occupied by Twitter? Occupied by Google ? Occupied by Zan ? Occupied by Scalfarotto and Cirinnà? Occupied by Biden? Occupied by Nethanyau? Occupied by the “community (!) LGBTQeccetera”? Occupied by Gates? Occupied by so many wise and so right-thinking commentators? Keep them, your places.

  13. Caro Father, I haven't read De Masi's book and therefore I don't know if her information is scientific or just personal, however I believe that you are documented about it. In your article, I read with great interest that anal practices are sinful whether committed by hetero or gay, but it does not express anything from the point of view of health, evaluating what De Masi writes, the result of personal considerations. Asserting that it is sin and grave sin, but saying that from a medical point of view it does not involve any serious problems is in my opinion a disservice, both straight and gay. In unprotected anal intercourse there is a very high probability of contracting aids and syphilis, in gay subjects still today, after years of information campaigns, the percentage is about 30 times higher. This information will never be published by anyone because it is very uncomfortable. When the tragic attack on the gay nightclub in the USA took place, singer Ricky Martin wanted to donate blood and to his amazement he was prevented from being homosexual. President Obama, solicited, he asked the reason for this very serious restriction to the competent government body which informed him that there were serious scientific reasons that justified this provision. Obama glossed over the problem without too much talk because it would have been politically uncomfortable. You took off a nice pebble with the De Masi and I can also understand it.

    1. Ask yourself these questions and above all give yourself and those who read it the necessary answers:

      1. the Criminal Court of Turin, he turned to a scientific commission, before issuing a motivated sentence on De Mari which brought scientific reasons that have not turned out to be such, or we must take it for granted that that sentence is the result of a conspiracy?

      2. if, as she says, «the probability of contracting aids and syphilis, in gay subjects still today, after years of information campaigns, the percentage is about 30 times higher "this means that not so much women and men have a different anus and gastrointestinal tract, but that gays have a different anus and gastrointestinal tract which would expose them to greater risk of infection; and if that were true how would it justify it, perhaps with the fact that gays belong to a third human species (men, women, gay) and who therefore have a different sexual and gastrointestinal apparatus compared to women and men, which makes them more prone to certain infections?

      3. where the case of Ricky Martin you mentioned is documented and which would even involve the President of the United States of America with high scientific motivations reported and then concealed? The source, cite the source of such important news, otherwise you jeopardize the reliability of what you write and your personal human seriousness.

      1. Good evening. The talented singer Ricki Martin that I play unworthily at the top of my throat in the shower. Republic 16 June 2016 and to deepen sites in English of the period,. As for alternative sexual practices, you can check any scientific medical statistics circular. Never claimed that humans have different organs. But speaking in a low voice, perhaps more or less risky costumes? I do not know, I'm just a reader. About De Mari I can say that until yesterday I did not even know that she was writing and I honestly think that she moved with great superficiality.? However, I believe that dedicating such a long article of further condemnation to him is perhaps an annoying pebble that you have taken off., the interesting thing would be to know the reasons that moved you. You are great and very prepared, I follow you with ardor even when you are present, with Don Ariel, from your dear friend Del Debbio. An authentic and not touchy hug.

  14. Dear Island of Patmos,

    Uccr years ago published articles reporting the studies of various universities on the higher incidence of venereal diseases in homosexuals and transs in relation to the population. I'm not good with links but i 2 articles I found are from January and August 2012, I believe that De Mari refers to these. I don't know if these studies have been disproved. I have no scientific background but from what I have read I believe there is a widespread interest in that these studies are not in the public domain. Nobody thinks that the Court of Turin is a conspirator but also the judges live in this reality of widespread homosexualism and therefore can be influenced like any human being. In the USA, the study of prof. Regnerus was published amid fierce opposition, the university practically defined “homophobic” or so…., the “reparative therapies” now practically outlawed already in Germany ostracized and ignored more and more should tell us something. De Mari will have a passionate attitude but I don't think what she and other international scholars say are completely invented things.
    Good day

  15. The ridiculous thing is that you go to a criminal court to establish the scientific truth. Now, given that the scientific method is only a method of investigation and that therefore there can be no scientific truth as such, any researcher in any field of knowledge who works with numbers can testify that the numbers can be made to say anything, neither more nor less than the coffee grounds (suffice it to recall the examination of the Shroud at C14). Without ethics, seriousness and common sense, and even more so if they are deflected by greed for profit or ideological distortions, the only demonstrable scientific truth is the scientific manipulation of information.
    The expert opinion that the Judge has acquired as “scientifically true”, it was also scientifically instrumental to the accusatory thesis to demonstrate the accused's homophobia. The judge then acquitted the accused of homophobic charges (we must be grateful to him for this, given that this crime is not yet contemplated by the Code), but he condemned her “only” for defamation, for arguing that homosexuality is against nature. Now, beyond any professional judgment on Dr. De Mari and her distance from any scientific truth, I think being convicted by a court for telling a truth (this yes) Revealed and also feel wronged by prelates of their own Church, and be mocked for it, it must be an experience of great testing for one's faith. For this reason, Dr. De Mari is a person that I respect and respect a lot.

  16. Mr. Stefano,

    I too, like you, find it absurd that a court discusses scientific truths, it should be precisely a question between scientists and instead we are repeating the error accused to the Church of having subjected various scientists of the past to investigation, including Galileo, but nobody points it out. Unfortunately, I fear that the fact that even the present Church has now put aside natural thought has played a role in this. I believe Pope Francis does not believe too much in natural law and therefore too many bishops and cardinals have been happy to get rid of something that they too obviously consider anachronistic and above all something that is an obstacle to dialogue with the followers of the mainstream, how the single thought of which Pope Benedict spoke is defined today, let's not forget that dialogue too many times means a lot of money for the coffers “ecclesiastical” national and Vatican…

    I know, I shouldn't say it's Easter, but we must not be too naive to understand what the harsh reality is. Yes, anyone who runs into the mesh of the law does not expect solidarity from the Vatican or the various episcopal conferences will not have it as De Mari and the doctors who uncovered the flaws of Planned Parenthood did not have it, parents put in prison because they did not want their children to be subjected to hormonal bombings like the father of these days who risks 5 years or that he didn't drag his children to attend hard sex lessons at school as happened too many times in Germany, Canada.

    Happy Easter Mr. Stefano

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