The Church's solemn no to the blessing of the “weddings” gay. I've been telling the gay rainbows for years: don't invent a Jorge Mario Bergoglio man who never existed, because you will be deeply disappointed

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The sensationality of this statement is equivalent to announcing as an extraordinary discovery the news - also extremely "sensational" - that Margherita da Cortona, then proclaimed a saint and who knows why patroness of repentant prostitutes, he was not a virgin.


Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



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Paolo Poli (Florence 1929 – Rome 2016)

Yesterday he camped "sensational" news on all the media:


"The Church does not have the power to give blessings to same-sex couples".


Sensationality of this news is tantamount to announcing as an extraordinary discovery the news - also extremely "sensational" - that Margherita of Cortona, then proclaimed a saint and who knows why patroness of repentant prostitutes, he was not a virgin.


Comes from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and signed by the prefect of the dicastery, Cardinal Francisco Luis Ladaria Ferrer and by the Archbishop secretary Giacomo Morandi, this explanatory note it ends with the final closing which he recites:


«The Supreme Pontiff Francis, during an audience granted to the undersigned Secretary of this Congregation, was informed and gave his consent to the publication of the aforementioned The answer to the problem, with annex Explanatory note».


With all the ironic disenchantment of the presbyter and theologian by now experienced, I confess that this explanatory note made me die of laughter. As in their time, two other documents made me laugh, different but similar. The first was the Declaration Dominus Jesus which ends with this closure:


«The Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, in the audience granted on the day 16 June 2000 to the undersigned Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with certain knowledge and with his apostolic authority he ratified and confirmed this Declaration, decided in the Plenary Session, and ordered its publication ".


The second document that made me laugh for a long time was the Instruction Sacramentum which ends with this closure:


«This Instruction, drafted, by order of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in agreement with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was approved by the Pontiff himself on 19 March 2004, on the solemnity of St. Joseph, who ordered its publication and immediate compliance by all those responsible ".


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I understand that good readers they may be wondering what makes me laugh at these two important and necessary documents. For this I do not delay any further and I run to their rescue clarifying: if after a few decades from the Second Vatican Council the Church found itself forced to remember in the Dominus Jesus the basic foundations of Christology and above all of Christological dogmas; if after a great liturgical reform preceded by decades of detailed and in-depth studies by the Liturgical Movement, she found herself having to remind bishops and priests of the basic foundations of the Most Holy Eucharist, it means that in the whole turbulent post-council season many things did not go the right way. And if today the Church is forced to remind its bishops, priests, theologians and laity - alas increasingly ignorant of the very foundations of the Catechism -, those which are the basis of the doctrine and deposit of the Catholic faith, this shows that after the post-council revelry staged by the interpreters who gave life to their staff Council egomenico, many things did not go the right way. And today we are facing a devastating crisis that arises from a crisis of faith that has generated a crisis of doctrine that has produced an unprecedented moral crisis within the clergy. And all this, good to remember, I wrote it over ten years ago in my book And Satan came triune.


When it sinks into that irreversible decay I've been talking about for a decade, once the threshold of no return has been passed, back is not possible to go back. This is why I have used the hyperbole of launching from an airplane without a parachute in various of my writings. Because as long as the paratrooper is hovering over the plane's hatch he can retreat, put on a parachute and jump. But it, if he decides to launch without, it will not be able to stop in the air, back on the plane, put on parachute again and then jump again. And to those who, faced with this evidence, have tried to escape reality by affirming that "the Church of Christ is governed by the Holy Spirit and that therefore he will take care of it", I have always reiterated that the Holy Spirit is not Merlin the Wizard and cannot subvert the laws of physics to go against the free will of those who have launched without a parachute, because God has never been against the freedom of man in the entire history of humanity, starting from the commission of original sin.


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Soon said: the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with this new document she has once again reminded us for the umpteenth time that our Holy Faith is founded and is based on the incarnation of the Word of God, his redemptive sacrifice on the cross, his resurrection and ascension to heaven, exactly as it did with the Dominus Jesus. I ask you: it is right to issue a document to remember these foundations of faith, only because many bishops and presbyters may not know them, until it is necessary to instruct them to do so? I add: and why, under this august pontificate, the most doctrinal and moral priests, we have been seeing them become bishops one after the other for eight years now? And so, at this rate, we should expect the release of other more or less similar documents, where it is declared that the Blessed Virgin Mary was born without stain of original sin and that that of Christ God was a virgin birth; or documents in which it is declared that in the Most Holy Eucharist, God is really present in a substantial way in soul, body and divinity, just like they did with the Sacramentum almost four decades after the great liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council. Other documents could then follow, all resulting from the launch from the aircraft hatch without a parachute. This is why I laugh and invite true believers to laugh, because to the point where we have now reached only the wise irony of faith will save us. Or to put it in other words: Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer and Archbishop Secretary Giacomo Morandi, with the seal of approval of the Supreme Pontiff Francis I, they revealed extraordinary news to the world, destined as such to remain written in history in fire characters, this: Santa Margherita da Cortona was not a virgin.


The cold shower of this We can not to the blessing of the gay rainbow couples, it comes from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith after years of fires set by the happily reigning Pope on the pines of the Mediterranean Macchia, where he enjoyed walking with a petrol can in one hand and a box of matches in the other, in conclusion: professional arsonist stuff. And with his saying and not saying and with his playing on the ambiguous, the Supreme Pontiff hinted at what was not true, but above all what he would not believe and never accept, above all what is not possible for the Church, not being able to exercise powers that Christ has not given us nor being able to change the Holy Gospel to meet the whims of man's rainbows, who is not obliged to be a Christian or to follow the teachings of Catholic doctrine and morals.


The International Left, the mass media and powerful LGBT associations have invented a Jorge Mario Bergoglio who never existed and who never can exist, especially as a Roman Pontiff. First, so-called “epochal” openings were invented for the divorced and remarried, then the clearance of homosexualism, the one carried out today by the German Catholic Lutherans headed by Cardinal Reinhard Marx and other figures from the Northern European area, including the confused Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, of which we understand the inner drama: to have suffered from the divorce of their parents and to have had a twin brother known to be homosexual. But these personal events cannot influence him or take away from him reasoning and logical spirit in his delicate role as theologian and bishop., if in him, former member of the Order of Preachers, there remains something of the scholastic formation, logic and metaphysics received from his old Dominican masters.


Finally, here we are at the gates with stones: the Church cannot bless «the couples of fags»To whom« we just lacked to give that great fool of the fagot wedding», as my late friend said with theatrical sarcasm Paolo Poli, to which the paternity of the quotation mark reported above belongs. And this last great star of our theater, that he was homosexual even in the spinal cord, making these jokes he was not afraid of being accused of homophobia, because all his life he delighted in making them.


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This line of reply does not end the discussion, because there is another one open, I've been talking about it for years, Unfortunately in vain. And I don't tell you the faces, or worse, the silent scenes of all the bishops to whom I raised the question. A show, see the faces with their embarrassed eyes turning in the void. A show worthy of a two-hour monologue by Paolo Poli in the satirical work Caterina de 'Medici.


My wise friend, that never in his public life as in the theater did he use the word "homosexual" and much less "gay", he used to say:


“Fags have so much trouble accepting themselves, who first pour this non-acceptance complex onto others and then invent enemies. Unfortunately, fags can't live without enemies, that's why they are the greatest makers of imaginary enemies ".


Interview with Paolo Poli in a café in Piazza Navona a couple of years before his death, I indelibly remember this sentence of his which froze me and which I would like to reproduce in its entirety, without censorship and without those ellipsis that I know so much of North American Calvinist hypocrisy. In fact, I'm Italian, catholic and priest, if therefore an intellectual tells me "fuck" and I have to report his speech in full, I would feel ridiculous and even more hypocritical to write "c ... o". The interlocutor said "fuck", did not say "c" three dots and final "o". So here is what my dear friend told me verbatim:


"Darling dear, believe me: to the absolute majority of queer lobbyists, he doesn't care a damn emeritus of the Church and Catholicism. They want to bring the Church to its knees on all fours, like a poor whore, with your ass in the air and the hole in plain sight ready for use ".


Perhaps not even Pietro l'Aretino, before which Giovanni Boccaccio was little more than a schoolgirl, he could have expressed himself in a more incisive way than Paolo Poli, but he was sacrosanct right. With all due respect to our bishops committed to writing "c" three dots "o" at the end, so much do they consider it inconvenient to express and accept a literary "fuck", while another, much material and worse is about to approach behind our mother thrown to the ground on all fours ...


In expressing a paradigm with that phrase of such tremendous realism Paolo Poli was prophetic. And now it's my turn, priest and theologian, explain to you that dramatic meaning that our bishops do not want to understand, being too busy writing in the company of Quakers and Puritans: "C" three dots "o" final, in order to avoid the realism of a literary "cock" and the Church on its knees on all fours with the ass in the air and the hole in plain sight ready for use ". To force them into a terrifying bath of realism, soon they will be the lesbian couples who have given birth to a toy baby after having had an abortion once or twice, just ascertained from the amniocentesis that the fetus was a boy, because not only had they decided to have a child, but to have a little girl to be assigned to the wonders of the lesbian world. Our bishops will be literally drowned in realism by the couples of those whom my friend Paolo Poli called with irony wealthy&ricchioni, that after buying a baby from a rented womb they will show up at the baptismal font more brazen than Satan who tempted the man Jesus in the desert. Perhaps because they are interested in freeing the creature from the stain of original sin? No, because always as the late Paolo Poli told me years ago in that cafeteria, they are interested in putting the Church "[…] kneeling on all fours, like a poor whore, with your ass in the air and the hole in plain sight ready for use ", making sacrilegious use of the Sacrament for this purpose, to turn those baptisms into LGBT lobby dramas, with all the elite of the gay and lesbian world gathered in church together with transsexuals balanced on stilettos. And all of them will come out of the Church together with the unhappy creature declaring: «The Church approves us ... the Church approves us!». This interests him, not Baptism. And with this I described the other problem that the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will soon have to face..


I ask the bishops: how should we their priests behave, when such couples bring these unhappy innocent creatures to baptismal fonts, for the sole purpose of "folding on all fours with our asses in the air and the hole ready for use in plain sight"? How should we get a lesbian or gay couple to issue baptismal promises? Because if I remember correctly, the form is the following: «You renounce Satan ... and all his works ... and all his seductions?». Let me understand, Esteemed Bishops: perhaps we need to ask Satan to renounce himself? Because it was Satan, at the height of his worst seductions and works, to induce two men to come to the real abomination: commission a baby from a rented uterus and then take it to the baptismal font in order to have it won at all costs and wreak havoc on the Sacrament through a public perjury on the foundations of faith, in the? And yet, always if I remember correctly it seems to me that parents are committed to raising and educating their child according to the teachings of the Holy Roman Church. For charity, no pair of parents is perfect, just as we priests are not in our priestly paternity. However, the imperfection of all of us is not at stake, but more: some really believe that two gays or two lesbians can make such a promise during a solemn sacramental action?


Since our heroic bishops do not answer these questions, as far as I am concerned, I can answer by following the dictates and imperatives of my Christian and priestly conscience: such couples in church, I wouldn't even let them in, if not to go on his knees in front of the confessional and stand up after having confessed his sins and made a solemn resolution to change his life. At this point some might say: would you perhaps dare to deny baptism to a creature and then feel at peace with your conscience? Of course yes, because my faith teaches me that there are two different means of salvation: ordinary ones, which are the sacraments of grace, which I remember are not available goods, it is no coincidence that the Holy Church is its guardian and dispenser, no mistress. To follow with the extraordinary means of salvation, that God alone knows and can exercise. In fact, it is we who need the sacraments of grace for our salvation, but God no, because to save us he does not need the Sacraments. Therefore I would deny Baptism to that creature in a clear conscience than in the future, reached the age of reason, he could choose a completely different life and ask to be admitted to Holy Baptism and to the Christian community.


The bishop could force me to baptize the selfish toy-boy of two gays and two lesbians? My bishop certainly not, because he is a Catholic and a believer. But let us assume that I am under the jurisdiction of another kind of bishop, not at all Catholic and not at all believers, there are quite a few in circulation these days. In addition to refusing, I would not hesitate to invite him to administer baptism, with me assisting in a corner, to see in what tone of voice and with what facial expression, to two men who bought a baby from a rented womb, the bishop will ask: «Renounce Satan ... and all his works ... and all his seductions?». And yet: «… Promise to raise him according to the teachings of the Holy Roman Church?».


Using some scurrilous phrase books, however, I was imbued with that elegant theatrical and lexical art of my late friend Paolo Poli, capable of making any swear word not vulgar to the point of transforming it into art and literature, I have come to meet certain new generation bishops, giving them a great anchor of salvation, this: I could not answer on the merits, as is often their style, they will be able to attach themselves to language, to form, to the ... little word, evading the whole question that I have raised. The Pharisees already did this in the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They too, like many members of our worldly and secularized episcopate today, they were stuffed with the worst clericalism produced by the post-council of the time. But the Pharisees were serious and above all cultured, Suffice it to say that Shaul of Tarsus came out of their school, later became Paolo, the great Apostle of the Gentiles. Instead, some of our worldly and secularized bishops of the new generation, risk being caricatured, making us caricatures too, their presbyters.


interview with Paolo Poli, click on image to open the video

To the point where we have now come, only the wise irony of faith will save us, cheat a reason, an authentic man of faith tells you this, who is not at all afraid of denying access to the church to whom, soon, he will try to make sacrilegious destruction of the Sacraments and public perjury, just to bow to the prince of this world, to which no one can ever command us to bend the knee.


“Don't be afraid of those who kill the body, but they have no power to kill the soul; rather fear him who has the power to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna " (Mt 10, 28).


And now who is it who will have all the necessary and ecclesial manly attributes to explain to the rainbow world that Hell really exists and that it is not a metaphor, that the Devil is a real person and not an allegory?


From the island of Patmos, 16 March 2021



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41 thoughts on "The Church's solemn no to the blessing of the “weddings” gay. I've been telling the gay rainbows for years: don't invent a Jorge Mario Bergoglio man who never existed, because you will be deeply disappointed

  1. Caro father Ariel,

    mi pare che la questione posta da Fabio riguardasse l’ambiguità delle posizioni del Papa su questo e altri temi, non la sua (di Ariel) posizione, in verità molto chiara, sull’usurpazione omosessualista nella Chiesa.

    Posso essere d’accordoche nessuno di noi può sapere cosa sente e crede nel profondo dentro di sé il Sommo Pontefice”, questo si deve concedere a tutti, tanto più al Papa (anche se poi lei, già dal titolo, ha esordito dando ad intendere di sapere cosa il Papa sente e crede per davvero). But it, Actually, quello che più conta per noi non è tanto ciò che il Papa sente nel profondo, ma ciò che egli professa apertamente.

    Now, in the specific case, ciò che appare manifestamente è una verità formale (un documento della CDF sicuramente approvato, ma non firmato), mentre ciò che rimane sotto la superficie è il messaggio informale e para-criptico veicolato durante l’Angelus del 21 Marzo che potremmo così trascrivere: “la dottrina non la posso stravolgere, ma si tratta solo di moralismo clericale e chi nella Chiesa si ostina a chiederne l’osservanza è terreno arido, e sia chiaro che io non sono terreno arido”.

    Then, dopo aver denunciato con dieci anni di anticipoinascoltatol’usurpazione omosessualista nella Chiesa, se poi vengo smentito proprio dal Papa davanti agli usurpatori di cui sopra, col loro stesso linguaggio in codice, non è che ne esco dicendo loronon inventatevi un Papa che non esiste”, meno che mai ora che mi ha mollato col cerino in mano dell’occhiuto legalista difensore delle regole. Esiste quel Papa, There is, eccome se esiste.

  2. P. Ariel, molte persone, tra cui alcuni giornalisti ed ecclesiastici, credono che Papa Francesco rientri nel famoso pensiero: “Non credere in ciò che firmo ma in ciò che penso, dico e faccio”, cosa che P. James ricorda sempre ai suoi accoliti quando escono documenti come questi. Non è la prima volta che P. James faccia capire che il Papa non possa fare altrimenti, perché la Chiesa è (cattiva), ma che nei fatti sia favorevole al riconoscimento delle coppie gay e queste dichiarazioni sono espresse liberamente senza che nessuna autorità prenda le distanze da tali affermazioni. Cosa che induce ad aumentare la confusione. Trova tali comportamenti vicini alla realtà?

    1. Io trovo anzitutto che nessuno può leggere e giudicare le coscienze e che nessuno di noi può sapere cosa sente e crede nel profondo dentro di sé il Sommo Pontefice come qualsiasi altra persona, said this …

      Lei si sta parlando addosso da se stesso. Sorry, ma queste domande allamo te pijo in castagna“, lei le lancia proprio a me, che mi onoro di essere tra i primi nella lista dei peggiori nemici della clerical lobby gay? E lasciamo perdere quel che mi hanno fatto pagare e che dovrò pagare per tutta la vita.

      But she, oltre a saltare da un blog di gossip other, i miei articoli e i miei libri li ha mai letti? Lei lo sa che io sono autore di un libro di fuoco nel quale, by now 11 years ago, denunciavo la lobby gay all’interno della Chiesa anticipando di un decennio ciò che sta accadendo oggi? SEE HERE
      E lei viene a domandare proprio a me, se «trova tali comportamenti vicini alla realtà» ?
      In conclusion: io dovrei risponderle, in questo forum dove si commentano in breve gli articoli, riassumendole quello che scrivo e che pubblico in libri e articoli da dieci anni a questa parte con rigore scientifico e previe ricerche approfondite?
      Series “‘a professò Einstein, me spieghi in duparole ‘a teoria da ‘a relatività“.
      I'm sorry, ma se lei non legge, salvo poi rivolgere domande assurde su ciò che non si prende la pena di leggere, essendo appunto troppo impegnato a spiluccare da un blog all’altro, il problema non è mio, è tutto quanto suo.

  3. Dear p. Ariel, Sandro Magister sul suo blog ha scritto che “fonti vaticane autorevoli che vogliono restare anonime” confermano che l’intervento a braccio del Papa dopo l’Angelus di Domenica 21 Marzo voleva espressamente alludere e prendere le distanze dal Responsum della CDF sulla illiceità della benedizione delle coppie omosessuali (*). Si noti che in calce al documento viene specificato cheil sommo pontefice Francesco, nel corso di un’udienza concessa al segretario di questa congregazione, è stato informato e ha dato il suo assenso alla pubblicazione”. However, in precedenti documenti, eg, nella Nota sulla liceità dei vaccini prodotti con linee cellulari provenienti da feti abortiti, il Papa ha voluto apporre la sua firma a fianco di quella del Prefetto della CDF. La scelta di un coinvolgimento meno diretto in questo caso sembra proprio voler lasciare aperta una via di fuga per il Papa in caso di aperte contestazioni (che infatti ci sono poi state).
    Alla luce di quanto sopra, è ancora convinto che chi si inventa un Jorge Mario Bergoglio che non è mai esistito è rimasto deluso anche stavolta?
    (*)“Si tratta di seminare semi di amore non con parole che volano via, ma con esempi concreti, semplici e coraggiosi, non con condanne teoriche, ma con gesti di amore. Allora il Signore, con la sua grazia, ci fa portare frutto, anche quando il terreno è arido a causa di incomprensioni, difficoltà o persecuzioni, o pretese di legalismi o moralismi clericali. Questo è terreno arido”.

  4. Caro Father,

    when I read you I inevitably think that we have gone through historical periods in which censorship was in force on “right to print” of opinion, and then it was eliminated after many revolutions, and at the end of the last century we witnessed the emancipation of society, etc..

    Today I seem to breathe a hypocritical air of puritanism again, especially when it comes to homosexuality (now they are super respectable, inviolable and in nature) but that all this honestly clashes with the amount of movies or images that are too pushed on them that the media feed us daily. So you have to be careful because the true ethical references have been lost and more, I also believe scientific ( since the against nature it no longer exists). In fact if so “pestane” the feet to these subjects who now seem to hold every form of socio-cultural economic power, because when it comes back to talk about them, censorship enters the scene again, homophobia and so on and so forth, they are pains. You are the one who becomes a racist, homophobic diversionist etc.. They are so in love with their ideas as they are capable of transforming the words of a Pope and so on into true follies!! And society as a whole must stand behind similar allegations.

    You have the realistic pen, raw, for many scratchy, but you tell the sacred truth and like those who have supported it for centuries, you run the risk of paradoxical censorship and true persecution!!

  5. Great article father, unfortunately, I too am back among those “fessacchiotti” that have remained “marvel” in learning the news, it must be said that, as she pointed out in her article, Francesco was often ambiguous, starting with that famous “who am I to judge”, then arriving at all those interviews with Father James Martin who is notoriously trying to open the sacraments to the LGBT world and who has recently chirped phrases like “But Christ never said anything against gays in the Gospel?” or “Well, one may wonder if the scripture is correct or not!”, all this without ever undergoing at least a warning or a warning from his bishop.

    I close with that matter brought to light by Sir Elton John concerning the funding sent by the Vatican to the film which outlines his personal and musical career., film that, first in Hollywood history, contains a sex scene between the fake John and his fake partner (GREAT STEP FORWARD FOR THE HOLLYWOOD BACCHETTONISSIMA).

    I hope that the ambiguity in this area will cease once and for all and I will go back to being fooled, sincerely yours …

  6. Caro father Ariel,

    I read that she wonders what will happen when same-sex couples show up asking for baptism for children obtained with rented wombs.

    I would like to inform you that here in Argentina there have already been two cases that reached newspaper owners some time ago. One of two lesbians in the city of Cordoba in 2014 (of this I do not know if the baby was obtained with a rented uterus) and in 2014 in a church in Buenos Aires with a priest from another diocese the "children" of a well-known trans from our jet set were baptized, who with her husband had obtained a rent for uterus in the USA.

  7. Padre Ariel,

    have hard. I know other priests (a few for the truth) who think exactly like her, often slandered, in some cases even persecuted, but if you give up, too, I don't dare to think what will happen

    1. "Landing, He saw a large crowd and he had compassion for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things " (MC 6, 34)

      Reading an expression of Christ God like this, no priest who has truly received the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit, will never give up, even costing to finish in front of a firing squad, but before we finish, I guarantee you that we will sell the leather at a weight of gold.

  8. Sacrosanct words, tells him a person who has decided to carry his cross to have homosexual tendencies, not living them.

    A bishop, who was previously a priest in the province of Rome, he baptized the puppet of Vendola and his friend, uterus fruit for rent.
    Pecunia non Oleta

    what happened to that bishop? I would like to know if, Meanwhile, Vendola has renounced satan.

    1. Congratulations and thank you for sharing here. Something that is sure to please God and good for his soul. Buona e Santa Quaresima???

    2. Dearest,

      just for his comment, for which I thank you moved, it is worth taking and continuing to take - you pass me the term - the avalanches of shit that have thrown at me and that will continue to throw at me the pseudo-catholic rainbows and homosexualists, those for whom everything is lawful beyond good and evil if there is that devastating, subjective and narcissistic ammmmmore not better specified.

      We are at the gates of Holy Week and I think I can say that love is born of the redeeming blood of Christ God on the cross, you don't give gay pride that dirty what is made to love.

      Faced with these works of the Devil who are now entering the Church of Christ with a straight leg with all their James Martins and with all the German bishops and presbyters who have now reached the apotheosis of secularization, I who certainly have a lot of sin in thoughts, word and deed, however, I do not want to sin in omissions, because that of omission is the great sin of the coward and the slothful. But mostly because I believe that God will give his immediate judgment on our immortal souls immediately after death; because I believe in the resurrection of the dead, I believe in the life of the world to come.

      So the shit that rains on me is so to speak “blessed”, because it will all return to the Devil who threw it transformed into holy water, while the baptismal candor will be restored to me, if I will go up to Calvary, because love is there, for us Christians, not in the seductions of the Devil who dirties what is made to love.

      1. Reverend Father Ariel,
        Except that I don't feel like getting involved in unnecessary controversy, I would share his writing in a group of people who call themselves Christian LGBTs. They are practically all Catholics, but alas, in name only because the more I go on, the more I am – that, I admit, I have been sharing my life with another man for years – my surprise (disgusted) to ask me what is Catholic in that group. I recognize myself much more in this writing of yours, than in many speeches made in the light of the slogan “love is love”. So thank you, even if I say it after taking a few in these lines “legnata”.

        Ps: if you asked me why I stay in that group, I would answer that I don't know. Perhaps to keep me updated on issues that are still close to my heart and on how much Protestant theology is breaking through the thinking of some who, among other things, are teachers of the Catholic religion..
        With estimates,
        a homosexual who does not give in to the LGBT agenda

  9. … I propose another solution for the baptism of “children” of so-called “homosexual couples”, that is to celebrate the sacrament with the ritual in an extraordinary form but instead of doing the exorcisms on the baptizing “couple”.

    I want to see them say “the Church approves it!” after the priest breathed in his face saying “Get out of them, unclean spirit, and leaves room for the Holy Spirit Paraclete” and similar rites …

    1. Gsimy,

      she stated, on the site Messainlatino, that Father Ariel is read by "ignorant people". "His ignorant readers," he defined them. And this with regard to the excellent video entitled The motu proprio is abolished
      I deduce that you too (or he don't know) is an ignorant reader / reader, since he is here to comment?

  10. It seems to me that we are facing a new chapter in the eternal temptation of the Church: please the dominant opinion more than your spouse.
    Certainly if the declaration will not be followed by consequent behavior, even at the cost of attracting the wrath of the world, it will be of little use.

  11. Also here…. I have already addressed this topic several times. Now I will be succinct and I will express myself through questions… it's meglio. Because right now to bring up a topic that we knew very well where it would lead, that is, to the division and conflicts in the Catholic environment itself? The church has sometimes opened up to possibility, albeit remote, of blessings to homosexual couples? All that, together with other externalizations and media events, who have been playing on the Christian faith for some time, what is the point? Spirituality, especially the Christian one, leads the human being, in his research, to embrace individualism, materialism, the competition , the division or the respective opposites? Who represents the first in this company? What forces, of light or darkness? So central is the aspect of the church’s blessing to homosexual couples? Homosexual couples are so destroyed in their lives if they don't have the blessing of a priest? Posterity will judge.

  12. I have read the article, well done the analysis. I would add, if you allow me, that the lobby declared, in addition to the fact of not giving a damn about the Christian sacraments, and then seek only, and I just say, a social legitimacy, it actually is, a tool, among many. A tool aimed at ridiculing, taunt, to divide, until you cancel, the strength of the divine spirit, the only bulwark and dam against the spread of materialism, some money, that is, of all that embodies the prince of this world. The game is clear, to distance man from the divine and bring him closer to his waste. Scrap unleashes its conscious and unaware servants. There will be someone who will say that I came out of a medieval film, but is not so.

    1. Dear Fabio,

      it depends which Protestants, because there are many currents of Lutheranism and Calvinism, so to speak orthodox, that these subjects consider them totally heterodox.
      Unbelievable but true: many professors of the Waldensian Theological Faculty of Rome, after having “cultural exchanges” with them, many teachers of the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo judged heterodox.
      That is all to say, but they were right. In fact, a pastor and a Waldensian theologian is much more orthodox than prof. Andrea Grillo or his devastating mentor the Benedictine Elmar Salmann.
      And to Sant’Anselmo, between heretics and obvious and practicing homosexuals, you would not know – as they say – whom “throw overboard first“.

      However, we are reduced to this: Lutherans and Calvinists who consider us heretics and who often, unfortunately, they are also right to consider certain of our subjects as such.

      1. Not only i 350 Austrian priests, but the entire German church has announced that it will continue with blessings for gay couples, in practice weddings, and Father Martin with his “moving” The communiqué is making the whole LGBTQ world feel sad that he leads inside the Vatican, starting with Elton John. What will happen now, how they will take revenge again, there has already been the crucifixion of the German cardinal who tried to oppose his brothers of the Synod, other real or alleged scandals will emerge, maybe this time in addition to the usual sex and money” Vatican “even at least for our country of immigration and Catholic co-ops?! I expect great twists….
        Good day

        1. Lucia's way,

          11 years ago, in my book And Satan came triune, I wrote an entire chapter dedicated to Germany entitled: "Germany between radical secularization and de facto schism".
          Obviously no one listened to me, because listening was already reserved for the various James Martins who were taking a strong foothold.

          Yes, I also hope like you that certain issues – including coop “Catholic” – come out in the open. I know and am indeed witnesses of cases of priests more greedy than Moliere's miser, which no one has ever managed to remove 20 pocket cents, which today are all charity … migrants … hospitality … up to having set up associations and non-profit organizations for this purpose. But it, if we go to see we discover that the association or non-profit organization is formed by the priest, by the priest's parents, by the priest's brother, by the priest's sister, by the priest's nephews … which receive annual funding of several hundred thousand euros. This is when all is well, because several times it has happened that the charitable association or non-profit organization was even formed by … “boyfriends” of the priest who traveled with the latest model of flamboyant SUV, thanks to their charitable commitments.

          Yes, I also hope that all this will come out as soon as possible, also because so, thanks to a colossal scandal, there will be avoided that certain priests, after arranging parents, brothers and nephews, if not worse, sometimes even engaged, are rewarded for their holy charity with the episcopal appointment and then, in the future, priests like me must run the risk of finding them as bishops, if anything, more false and criminal than ever.

          I hope I explained myself.

  13. Reverend Father,

    his audio readings are very true and sacrosanct, would be enough 300 Priests like her with balls and warriors to inflame the sleeping people.
    Thank you for your commitment God bless you I wish you a Happy Easter


  14. Thanks for the reply Father Ariel.
    Praised be the Hail Mary the mother of Jesus and Christ, from the.

  15. I wanted to comment on the video (audio) to which he sent me the link of his article but it is not possible. I wrote: Bravo father Ariel???
    Faccia sentire la sua voce sempre di più perché questi stanno distruggendo la Chiesa fondata dall’Apostolo Paolo in Spirito di Dio ???

  16. Father's explanations are always very interesting. I regret his distance from Mediaset studios. I wish you a Lent to the Glory of God. Thanks.

    1. The pandemic situation forced editorial offices to review all programs, but above all it is not easy to go to the Milan studios for those who live outside Lombardy. Indeed, as you may have noticed, the commentators are always the same and all those who live near the studios. Making connections from the outside is not easy, because it requires the use of at least two people, if not three.
      These are also the effects of Covid-19

      1. Father Ariel Caro,

        to “Straight and Reverse” of 25 March c.m. the theme has been discussed in this article. Mario Adinolfi and Francesco Borgonovo defended themselves well from the unjust accusations against the Church. Obviously if she had been there, a good exponent of the Christian Catholic Church would have been of great help. I deeply regret.
        God bless you. ?

        1. I'll tell you they sent me, but this time it was impossible for me to go to Milan because for months I had taken the commitment of preaching from Thursday to Saturday at a religious institution before Easter

          1. Good evening Father. I am happy that the opportunity arose for her to be present in the broadcast by Paolo del Debbio But I am even happier that you have made a more important commitment, to the glory of God. Thanks for the reply and… God bless you. ?

    2. Dear don Ariel, there are so many ways to express yourself. And she chose the worst!

      What if it jumped into your mind, know: I am neither bigoted, nor puritanical.
      I'm just a Catholic.

      1. Dear Lauro,

        a journalist friend of mine, to be exact Francesca Fagnani, to the severe and ungenerous criticism of her by a politician during a televised debate, he smiled elegantly and replied: "This was also criticized by Luciano Casamonica".

        to me, something identical to his, one of my confreres reproached me, who didn't just tell me, because it involved some bishops, a couple of which – his and that of another priest who supported him – they made fires and flames, in asking that the right to write and publish be taken away from me.

        Several years have passed, in the meantime this happened:

        1. the priest who made fires and flames pinched him with his hands inside the underpants of two fifteen-year-olds suffering from mental retardation;
        2. the priest who supported him left the priesthood because he found love, today he lives in Brazil with the boy he fled with.

        The two bishops who supported these priests and who called me vulgar, today they are both emeritus. To my question to them if they had no excuses to present me, after the excellent results of those two priests to whom they had given so much credit against me, they never answered.

        I had a guy as a moral teacher who for a “lonely sin” he would send armies of teenagers to Hell. And while doing this he was the lover of the daughter of the American ambassador to the Holy See, with whom he had already had two children. This character, that he would never have said either “poop” in public, his name is Father Thomas Williams. And among the numerous similar characters known, I'll tell you it wasn't even one of the worst, none other than the fact that he had a woman as a lover, not a man.

        Among the dogmatics teachers in high theological specialization courses I had a young monsignor who also left the priesthood, yes it is as well “married”, but with a man, and today he lives in the Basque Country.

        And here I stop not to go further, because I could recite a very long litany to her, in describing to her an army of people who always used the right chastised words in the right place.

        Experience has taught me that the worst perversions lie in those moralists who have nothing to do with Catholic morality, which is founded and rests entirely on the three theological virtues.

        If you want to add anything, The island of Patmos is his complete disposal, she is always a welcome commentator.

        I bless you with all my heart

        1. Padre Ariel,

          I find this extraordinary response and it reminds me of when someone points to me, reminding me that priests who do not leave the, they almost certainly do (according to their) not to lose the eight per thousand, in short, in order not to lose your salary, a powder’ as happens in politics.

          I'm sure that's not his case, but I would like to explain to them, why she doesn't go against it … In the sense that she still recognizes her superiors as such even if they are heretics or whatever, even if they go against the rules, and dogmi, the doctrine etc.… Many think instead that she remains in the Church for a venal reason.

          I would be delighted to be able to put his answer in his face.


          1. Dear John,

            Ecclesiastical Authority can be even if it is defective and even harmful, but I will always be obedient and devoted to it, because my obedience is based both on principles of faith and on theological foundations mainly linked to sacramental dogmatics. I have explained it far and wide in my articles and books.

            For everything else the answer is simple: currently i have 57 year old, I have been consecrated a priest to 45. To live, I perhaps needed the 8X1000 as a last resort after a lifetime of failures? I do not think so.

            To these people, if you want, you can add that I have a family behind me that is so Catholic and so well-off that children are priests like me., commit to pissing balls in a holy way for the love of Christ God and his Church, he would support not one but three, without the need for the 8X1000.

            Finally, he can add that I have never cost the Holy Church a cent and that no one can argue otherwise. For my training and for all the ecclesiastical studies carried out first in Rome and then a little’ in Germania, I paid for everything and at full price out of my own pocket.

            I think it's very hard to try and hit me in the money. Therefore, if certain subjects invented that I have two Kiev lovers of 25 years that I try to pass one for my perpetual and one for my caregiver, they would be much more credible, do not you think?

        2. Father Ariel does not know how happy I am for the answer he gave me regarding the livelihood of the Church. Of course I will keep it and forward it if that's the case, but what matters most to me is that, (I've never told him), years ago when I happened to see her on TV she did not please me at all… I'm not here to explain why, but certainly one of the reasons is that I did not like his anger in speech. And then, maybe I have changed, maybe I have matured, I don't know, but I have learned to appreciate it, to look beyond appearances. Therefore, have a contemporary point of reference, for me who are the crap of all Catholics, goes a long way, and much pleasure. God always protect her. Ave Maria ?

      2. … and according to her in a historical moment in which bishops of the Catholic Church are speaking out against the Holy See, there is nothing better to do than blame a priest with balls who uses the style of prophetic language?
        What should Father Ariel say in the face of this disaster, maybe sigh … haihaihai, little rascals!
        Here it is the worst way to express yourself, here it is … a bishop who defends gay unions and who says "I am ashamed of my Church" who insists on not accepting them

        1. In fact, Don Messina is right, it is just like that. Buona e Santa Quaresima ?

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