A heretic Supreme Pontiff? The blind foolishness of “Party bergogliani”: to defend the Holy Father Francis, and with him the Petrine ministry, it is necessary to highlight also its many flaws, instead sing “osanna, hosannas in the heights of heaven!” and treat it as if it was the most perfect of Christ



The heretic, schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay, with your signature on this document that accuses the reigning Pontiff seven heresies, has given a sound and deserved slap imprudent Francis I, who thought that, among the pastries offered tenderness and flavored cakes mercy, could sweeten concentrates bile as heretical followers located upstream: Marcel Lefebvre, giving example to his followers authority to administer the sacraments in a lawful. And these were then the resulting short rained results on the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, it tends not to listen to anyone. E, when listening to, It tends to listen to the wrong people …




Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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Carlo Caffara: "If a bishop has a thought contrary to what the Pope has to go, but just you have to go by the diocese. Because lead the faithful on a road that is not what Jesus Christ. So lose himself forever and would risk eternal loss of the faithful " – to listen to the video interview click on the image

It was made public a document, sent to Pope Francis on August 11, then made public 24 September by a large group of scholars, mostly secular, who gently titled the letter "branch correction" and in which the Successor of Peter is accused of heresy [cf. documentO WHO]. Since the text was 'Branch', the writers were limited to attribute only seven heresies, Thank goodness! Imagine what would happen, if instead of 'Branch' was instead an angry text.

The real guiltiness of the signatories It is first of all the distressing stupidity, as proof their twenty pages of text containing jumbles, themes and issues in the off topic to no end, far more numerous than they find instead in the far more numerous pages that make up the text of the Apostolic Exhortation post-synodal The joy of love, which is not exactly clear and happy, but that is not, however, a tacciabile text of heresy.

The problem of the seven heresies the short-examine, because first you need a preamble in which the defense is a must for some people, but at the same time also the unavoidable jack ass di altre [cf. WHO]. That said you tranquilize Studio, because St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer said many more swear words than I, that the Holy founder of comparison 'The Work of God I have a language whiteness comparable to that of the Beata Imelda. Then please note that my language, before that of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, It is comparable to that of St. Agnes, virgin and martyr whispering sweet words to the ear of tender lamb holding arm. In this manner it is enough to recall that the confessor saint of Pietrelcina did flee from the confessional screaming at one thirty in the dialect of Gargano: "Get out great whore!». Years after, the "great whore", He entered the cloistered convent of Poor Clare nuns, dying nonagenarian more than half a century later, a reputation for holiness, after the brutal expulsion from the confessional of the Holy Cappuccino. And this nun I knew her, I preached several times in his monastery. And always the same confessor, ad un altro giovane, who later became one of his devotees spiritual children, he said: "You are not just a sinner, you're just a fucking man!». Now, since I am also postulator of the Causes of Saints, taking a cue from certain revered figures, account one day to reach the holiness to which all the baptized are called, Also, if necessary using a language teaching to pastoral carter God.

The name used by most journalists to give prominence to the news, including one of the most famous Vaticanists, even more than the fact and the text itself, was that of Professor Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, until the 2012 President of the I.O.R. la cosiddetta banca vaticana [cf. WHO]. Expenses, like myself, and Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, he got to know this devout Catholic, and man of faith and virtue mirrored life, first he understands the purity of his intentions. Gotti Tedeschi has in fact acted following an instinct imprinted on his love for the Church and the Papacy, but also toward the same reigning Pope. Like him, I presume acted the majority of other signatories lay, that almost all I do not know, with the exception of Professor Roberto de Mattei, which it is a scholar who tends to apply to the Church socio-political schemes and criteria concealed behind the defense of the purity of faith. How indeed do Lefebvre, who are not devotees of the Saint Pius X heirs, to which it is titrated their Priestly Society, but devotees unwitting heirs of Martin Luther's style: overthrow the pontiff on the false pretext of defending the papacy that does not defend them say the purity of the faith.

Among the soaked signatories of this socio-political style pro-Lutheran He could not miss the Katharina von Bora situation, delicious Cristina Siccardi, task of which should be to wash and iron the altar cloths of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, starching corporal with the gelatin and mending amitti reciting the Sacred Heart of Jesus, not to make the historic Church so to say the least clumsy and especially blinded by ideology. And we remember that being said incidentally that von Bora was a former Cistercian nun later became his wife heresiarch Luther.

My esteem for a man of faith as Gotti Tedeschi It has not diminished, assessed the purity of his intentions. This deserves reflection on which is not always, purity of intention, leads to good choices, at least ever since the original sin exists, for us believers and Orthodox theologians is a fact, not an allegorical metaphor. E, like all people exposed to sin, It is worth mentioning that it is one thing to err in good faith in the certainty of doing the right and just, else err is moved by a bad faith made such by multiple seconds purposes that certain spurious utterances often hide. Or good, if the first of the two cases set out above, It is to Gotti Tedeschi, whose "fault" is diminished almost to non-existence of the guilt itself, the second - far from wanting to judge his conscience -, It is instead the case of Roberto de Mattei, of those who follow him and who overseas bankrolls its activities into fights a lot of money. Because a foundation such as Lepanto, with its many national and international activities, including publishing activities to lose, made of printed books and distributed the proceeds fail to even cover living expenses Printing, It can not be sustained by selling subscriptions to the monthly Christian roots ; and who asserted this or other similar, would seriously hurt people's intelligence.

While a coretto VATICAN gods adulanti the first and last hours have been satisfied to take mostly mockery of these signatories, I am doing my part that job that I compete, that is to dogmatic theologian and a person who has acquired a bit 'of legal education, I will point to one and the other of these vaticanologists, those of the first ones and the last hour, who are those who are truly among the signatories mocked: i ministers of the sacred who affixed their signatures on a text that is legally and theologically wicked and delirious.

We all remember with what grace and humility, following an ancient apostolic tradition, four Cardinals presented the dubia to the Pope asking for a reply [cf. WHO]; all in the legitimate exercise of their sacred episcopal ministry, moving within a Church open to such "point" and "collegial" to have ceased to expatiate on matters of doctrine and faith after the death of the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II, and after the act of renunciation of the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI. What about the disputes to which he was subjected as Blessed Pope Paul VI, in defense of which they never arose all atheists anticlerical that at present they are elected papafranceschisti, or that without it ridiculous remember today, us theologians sometimes legitimately puzzled by certain pastoral positions of Pope Francis I and some of his expressions harbingers of each worst ambiguities, that every breath is infallible and that our job is just to keep quiet and obey after turning off the brain and the Catholic conscience, taking rather as acts of solemn infallible teaching proclamations published unofficial organ of the Holy See, the newspaper The Republic. E, while they are forced to live and often suffer these absurd paradoxes, here Eugenio Scalfari, Alberto Melloni, Enzo Bianchi, Andrea Grillo and so to follow, continue undisturbed, but most never denied by the Holy See, in spreading an absurd-grotesque image of a "Pope Francis" which is only their own parody of both the Petrine ministry, both of the papacy, is of the same reigning Pope.

Acceptable would also be a possible "fraternal correction" by a group of bishops, made with all the trappings of humility and recognition of the amount of the Apostles authority of the Prince, Obviously in private, as part of the most intimate and secret talks. E, said this, it is worth remembering - in these times of abysmal ignorance practiced by many who write of "the Church" chores on the magazines or blogs -, that bishops, They are not employees of the subordinates of the Roman Pontiff, but his brothers tied sacramental dignity, called as members of the Apostolic College from the pastoral care of the Church. Indeed, both the Supreme Pastor of the Church, both the Pastors of the particular Churches which make up the body of the universal Church, They are covered with the same degree sacramental dignity: the fullness of the apostolic priesthood [cf. C.I.C. can. 334]. The Roman Pontiff is not greater sacramental able to even the last bishop of the most remote missionary diocese of this world, it is only higher in the primacy of jurisdiction over the whole universal Church [cf. C.I.C. cann. 331-332], because it is up to him to preside over the College of the Apostles, and if necessary choose the Apostles themselves.

The bishops then, first of all, canonical title to relate as equals in the sacramental dignity of the Roman Pontiff [cf. C.I.C. can. 333 – § 1], who shall exercise the leadership authority over all of them [cf. C.I.C. can. 333 §2]. Priests have no such title, neither we theologians, we are called to serve and spread the teaching of the Church, we can correct it, even the masters of logica aletica they can do it, least of all the laity, given that the sheep of the flock can neither drive nor correct the pastor, pace of Roberto de Mattei to better inguaiare the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, years ago he stood a middle ground between a petition and referendum against a measure taken by the Roman Pontiff [cf. WHO], to which it is not possible to appeal or recourse [cf. C.I.C. can 333 §3]. If not, one does not fall even in Lutheranism, but at the worst Calvinism, in which the ordained ministerial priesthood does not exist, Consequently, where there, It should be considered as "a political invention of the Church".

This wholly issue raised in that text, processed with masterly and not a little confused artificiality, It is primarily devoid of a solid legal structure that makes for this logical devoid of common sense, even if one of the signatories priests aspires to be master of philosophy of common sense, referring, others like him, the best logical criteria and metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas. Therefore, the two Fathers de The Island of Patmos, They take note that these people have known and studied a Thomas Aquinas different from ours. Obviously, the authentic Aquinas, It is ours and not theirs, namely that for authentic logical and common sense teaches us between the lines of all its magna opera that give the heretic to the Supreme Pontiff, involves that fact be overt heretics and posters, con buona pace della logica aletica and the various supercazzole prematurate with scappellamento right [cf. WHO].

Having said that we pass to the charge, premise that it, if it were not tragic it would be comical: His Holiness has been publicly accused of seven heresies. E, as just explained above, it must be stressed that address a public formal accusation of heresy to the Supreme Guardian of the Holy deposit of the Catholic faith, It involves being heretics. Therefore, the signatories, have fallen into heresy substantial and formal.

In these days, Dominican theologian John Cavalcoli It is to preach the spiritual exercises to the cloistered nuns, and the precious ministry to which is fulfilling not allow him to devote himself to writing an essay on the issue at appropriate, But given our priestly and theological communion, combined with a mutual understanding very deep, I think I can speak on behalf of this distinguished papal academic, with which at the time I could deepen the most delicate aspects of metaphysics and dogmatic to the school of St. Thomas Aquinas.

If pushing several of the signatories reasons were more political than theological, the result was above all for having turned the faulty Pope Francis I in a victim vilified and insolentita in the worst way, played into the hands of those in its wake, or handling it with diabolical cleverness, They are destroying the Church through pastoral questionable choices and preposterous appointments of persons placed in all key posts of government of the Church [cf. WHO].

The Fathers de The Island of Patmos They can not charge of adulatory spirit towards the Supreme Pontiff, to which we have addressed many times a lot of hard and severe criticism, without ever losing sight for one moment that he is the stone through which, on the rock of Christ, the Incarnate Word of God built his church [among the many items, see WHO]. As proof of what I am not tacciabile of adulatory spirit, apart from my many writings published and available in the archive of all The Island of Patmos, I will only mention a few, for example one in which I wonder about the sanity of the Supreme Pontiff [cf. WHO], or that short essay in which I expressed a fear that a year ago today, to the test, It is proving to be anything but unfounded, Unfortunately! That is to say that "this pontificate likely to end up in the streets and whistles dramatic fracture ' [cf. WHO]. And when the reigning Pontiff will be - God forbid!, May! - took to the streets whistling, to defend him, at the cost of our skin, There we will, we were mistreated in the worst way by pimps his courtiers court of miracles, lanciatisi in large ecclesiastical career marked by poor&refugees and of existential suburbs various [cf. WHO], but ready to wear tomorrow like nothing had a magna hood of seven meters at the first change of wind [cf. WHO]. So I think I have all that freedom and, consequently, all the credibility that leads me to say in clear terms what I think: I fear more and more - may God grant me the grace to have absolutely wrong! - that man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, continuing at this rate, You may run the risk of really go down in history as one of the worst popes that the Church has ever had. I do not like the way he porgersi, di parlare, make pastoral; I consider many of his acts steeped teaching of confused jumbles and especially not few ambiguities; I consider that very dangerous court of miracles the handful of thugs around him and deceives, is reopening in a sneaky way of questions dealt with and closed by his predecessors Supreme, which they are moreover, respectively, a Blessed and a Saint: from the diaconate to women [cf. WHO] the "reinterpretation" of Human life [cf. WHO]. But I never put, I never put in question his authority, whether it can be feared that go down in history as one of the worst Popes of the Church. A thought completely subjective, this mine, that does not in any way affect my faith in the Petrine ministry and my devout bestowed obedience person who actually carries it out in the Universal Church, the Supreme Pontiff Francis I.

Otherwise it would be inconsistent to say the least I proseguissi to exercise the sacred priesthood, for which he requested communion with the bishop in full communion with the Bishop of Rome, not the communion with what "I think". And I could not exercise sacred ministry because every day, the Body and Blood of Christ alive, during the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice I recite these words with authentic faith: "Remember, Father of your Church throughout the earth, make us grow in love in communion with our Pope Francis, our Bishop ... ". Now, I do not know, the master of philosophy of common sense and supercazzole aletiche celebrating the Eucharistic Sacrifice like me, how it can, from the top of its smoky ego-theology, recite such words after signing a document in which it accuses the Roman Pontiff of seven heresies. But above all, I wonder how these words can recite that this bishop emeritus, inexorably trumpet in its spasmodic race to some of the largest and most prestigious Italian archiepiscopal sees, but mostly excluded from the dignity of cardinal, wandering from one living today to throw gasoline on the fire of these malcontents who feel disoriented - sometimes rightly -, by certain speeches or by certain ambiguous expressions of the reigning Pope. Perhaps this is the task of a bishop? And what about that theologian and liturgist, Today the whole liturgical tradition and defend the true doctrine, also more or less loose salottiero, che dieci anni fa, How long he was seventy years old and was hopeful in the race for the post of Archbishop secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, He would never even uttered a fart for physiological excess intestinal gas, even if the Pope had - for almost impossible hypothesis - set out to really heresy? Why these, miei cari Lettori, pernicious are the cowards who are behind the scenes, behind these signatories, that have been used by them so unscrupulous and evil as "useful idiots", to consume in this way, not the defense of the true faith and the true teaching, but to consume their revenge for the umpteenth career expectations to them not granted.

Let me be clear, not even the Blessed Apostolo Pietro was a saint, despite having been chosen by Christ in person. But above all it is worth recalling that the little saint became the first to die, through martyrdom, that was a grace granted by God and accepted by, after that even in old age was about to flee a second time along the Via Appia, also known as the way of "Whither goest thou, O? » [cf. WHO].

Now, things are in these terms: complain that The joy of love It is a badly written text and a harbinger of potential ambiguity, it is true, but assert that contain substantial heresies is false; a serious falsehood that makes heretics those who claim such wickedness.

In discussing among ourselves in the drafting of The Island of Patmos, our wise Dominican Sister Matilde Nicoletti was rightly noted that the allegations made and from which the signatories want to get heresies, does not stand. And together with our young philosopher and theologian Jorge Facio Lince, the three of us come to a conclusion consequential: these people are the same ones that attach to the Second Vatican Council, also because of the language used in his lyrics - undoubtedly new and not always happy compared to the consolidated metaphysical language of the Church [cf. WHO] ―, deviations and the resulting interpretations of the modernist theologians of the post-conciliar season. This analysis and distinction inability leads them always to say with blind fury that the post-council is actually generated by the real evil which is located upstream and, according to them, it is the Council, which also would be "only a pastoral council", as stated by the worthy priest and religious Father Serafino Lanzetta on the wrong trail lamented no less worthy and pious of Monsignor Brunero Gherardini. As if the Second Vatican Council, which has certainly not proclaimed the new dogma of faith, had not promulgated the new doctrines and reforms are and will remain binding on the whole universal Church.

To deny these people must just, though, before their blindness, It would serve little purpose the best logic, more or less aletica. To deny them and put them before their reasoning objectively idiot, It would be enough this simple question: at the time when the Roman Missal in use was that of St. Pius V, before the many priests who during five centuries badly celebrated, so hasty and sloppy Mass, It would be relevant, always after application of the same logic, It said that a large number of bad priests celebrated and without due devotion and veneration of the sacred mysteries, because it was the fault upstream, and he had to be sought whole, the bad drafting of the liturgical text promulgated by the Pope? Io credo che, subject to certain imperfections, then corrected as often happens in all the texts of the Church, Venerable Missal of St. Pius V, I myself always hold in high esteem, both it was prepared very well and that for five centuries has been - and still is - a priceless heritage of faith and liturgical piety that should not be lost in any way, in the same way in which, subject to some imperfections related to the expressive language does not always happy and fit, have been prepared very well the texts of Vatican Council II.

The heretic, schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay, with your signature on this document that accuses the reigning Pontiff seven heresies, has given a sound and deserved slap imprudent Francis I, who thought that, among the pastries offered tenderness and flavored cakes mercy, could sweeten concentrates bile as heretical followers located upstream: Marcel Lefebvre, giving example to his followers authority to administer the sacraments in a lawful [cf. WHO, WHO]. And these were then the resulting short rained results on the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, it tends not to listen to anyone. E, when listening to, It tends to listen to the wrong people …

The Supreme Pontiff may not be declared a heretic, let alone publicly accused of heresy. You should be aware of and accept the man's objective limits Jorge Mario Bergoglio, making him reach heartfelt prayer to publish as soon as possible by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, a statement that explains the teachings of The joy of love and to clarify the following points :


1) the reasons of the indissolubility of marriage;

2) the concept of “It was irregular” dei divorziati risposati;

3) if you are there and what are cases in which the divorced and remarried can receive Communion [cf. note 351];

4) power and authority of the natural moral law, ecclesiastical and divine;

5) l’oggettività, fallibility was excusable and the moral judgment of conscience;

6) the gravity of the sin of adultery;

7) how and why the divorced and remarried can be grace;

8) how can they be forgiven by God for their sins;

9) come, why and when the fault of the divorced and remarried can be attenuated;

10) che cosa significa “state of sin”;

11) what precise constraints creates the degree of doctrinal authority linked to the reception of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation The joy of love and its application.


The twenty-five pages of the text of signature, mostly secular, contain texts soaked objectively erroneous theories, but very processed at the technical level. It is therefore almost impossible that everything has been prepared independently by the simple lay faithful. The question is therefore the penalty: which prelates are hiding behind this, apart from the two mentioned earlier as an example during speech? Because, these prelates, instead go ahead lay not leave them in the open? They are all rhetorical questions, because we know how come out of the closet, It was explained above, but we repeat again: because many of them, even if you already get older, They have not yet resigned to seeing herself denied the cardinal. Probably hoping that the Pope Francis I make the soul to the Creator, and also only a few weeks before their, that moving with walker or wheelchair would reach before the Successor to be finally created cardinal. Why this, It is what only matters, not the salvation of one's soul, but the coveted red biretta, with which burn better in the eternal flames of Hell.

In this succession of events who more and more the characteristics of the game in the massacre and crossfire of snipers on the dwindling crowd of our faithful devotees, la domanda di rigore è: what are you doing, Of pleasure in pleasure, the Supreme Pontiff? Because unlike some commentators affected by devotion to one-way, to love and truly honor the Supreme Pontiff, we have to take him for what he really is, doing the accounts even with those limitations and defects that do not emerge from any certain newspaper article about Catholic, maybe think of limestone forever the crest, almost as if this pontificate would never end.

For this I am afraid that the Pope Francis I runs the serious risk of going down in history as one of the worst popes of the Church, as a humoral smiling tyrant in public but able to be inhumane in private, but always remaining, to the mystery of grace, the legitimate successor of Peter. And this is enough for me and I forward to say, along with one of my late lamented master of sound and orthodox Catholic doctrine, those words now, those who after his death would tirarselo from both sides, They are careful to say and report:


"If a bishop has a thought contrary to what the Pope has to go, but just you have to go by the diocese. Because lead the faithful on a road that is not what Jesus Christ. So lose himself forever and would risk eternal loss of the faithful " [video recording interview, WHO]..


That said Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of venerable memory, not failing to point out:


«[…] I would have had more pleasure that you say that the Archbishop of Bologna has a mistress rather than be told who has a thought contrary to that of the Pope ».


These last words, I wish they can serve as a warning to politicians hunters papal heresies, to whom, more than to say, I intimate with great clarity: write what you want in your newspapers and blogs of Vera&Extract Tradition, even accused the Pope Francis I of heresy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but never Involve, to support some of your wickedness, the memory of that holy man of God Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, or you'll have to deal with Father John and me Cavalcoli, we're two pitt bull of God, we are not two barboncini toy from butter biscuits.

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra died with the spear of Longinus in the heart [cf. WHO e WHO], after a life offered to the highest and valuable services rendered to the Church and its Popes, without ever being received by the reigning Pontiff; the Pope himself but received atheists proud, Pentecostal heretics, grotesque arcivescove Lutheran declared lesbian, dictators two-bit, abortion and eutanasisti proud of their contempt for life and this indomitable and unrepentant … But he did not receive a true man of God, and his brother in the episcopate. What this certainly gives the pulse of touchiness and inhumanity inherent in man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that for some Vatican experts, however, is the most perfect of Christ himself. but yet, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, true man of God, He died venerating the Holy Father and praying for him. And that this may be an example for all, about the increasingly also due to the worst obedience and veneration of the Successors of Peter; lesson worth, also and especially, for all hunters poisoned papal heresies.


from The Island of Patmos, 26 September 2017


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4 replies
  1. Zamax says:

    It seems to me that the title does not nicely summarizes the content of the article and risks being misleading: lo dico – with filial devotion, ça va sans dire – because in the Internet age the exploitation they use much more easily than titles and content. I would correct something like: “A heretic Supreme Pontiff? The blind foolishness of those who accuse him of heresy and blind folly of the party….”

  2. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    It is published “love joy”:
    – 5 Dubia,
    – 7 supposedly heretical propositions,
    – 12 requests for clarification.
    And all because they wanted to apply certain practices used in field hospitals also to all other hospitals…

    Regarding the indissoluble marriage, if not mistaken, the Incarnation took place within a marriage.

  3. Attilio says:

    It is circulating an online petition supported by lay people who do not have academic degrees. Honestly I do not see in the work of the Pope a destructive will of Catholic morality and the sacraments. I do not think can be guilty of omissions or deliberate imprecisazioni of interpreting dell'Amoris Laetitia. However, should it be, this does not excuse me from so serious an accusation muovergli. Incorrect I attribute to the Holy Father a drift which is definitely not due to him.
    Meanwhile, I think that to convict someone of heresy must have faith and a granite, not least, It must have an activity so exemplary that I doubt anyone would be sure to lead. If in addition to this we think that it is a charge equal to some 7 heresies promoted by the figure of the Holy Father, literally I pass out on the floor. Cordiali Saluti

  4. father ariel
    Hector says:

    A bitter account.

    Going on public transport, passengers are warned by signs of Do not disturb the driver, Not to mention the driver under threat of sanctions.

    It seems that in the Church, starting from the highest spheres, We are spreading the rigid same rule of behavior ... in defiance of the theological virtue of charity.

    This is just a pontificate that creates discomfort and confusion, just see the frantic reactions of the "Pope's friends" to those who humbly raises objections, asks questions and advances pleas.
    How contagious example emulation of the upper, the rule has already been implemented in certain areas diocesan, and it goes away even spreading to the suburbs.

    It is almost impossible to talk about these topics with the priests, in increasingly evident embarrassment. Most of them entrenched phrases fact, type "has been misunderstood ', "He did not say that", "The fault of the journalists', "Nothing has changed"; PROBE, some come from rebuked with reproaches and curses, often labeled as stiff e traditionalist.

    The word of the clergy order seems to be Manzoni's "suggestion" given by his uncle 'sopire, truncate, most reverend Father, truncate, drivers ». Almost everyone to pretend nothing, to adjust to I do not see, I can not hear, I do not talk, preferring the quiet life to the clarity, Defense of the Truth, leaving in the lurch the most conscious part of God's people.

    Isolated and rare exceptions that instead, precisely because of the discomfort and confusion, invite you to pray for the Church and the Vicar of Christ.

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