If all priests may absolve the sin of abortion, all priests may absolve from sin to attack the Supreme Pontiff



Remove the reserve the sin of abortion was an act of great mercy and tenderness, manifested through the power of absolution given to all priests who today more than ever show to be more versed and trained in the sacred ministry of confessors, also spiritually, one need only see them when in jeans shirt and short sleeves strolling directly into the Roman basilicas with penitents hereinafter, confessing in a conversational between a smile and the other, or responding during confession also to the mobile phone …



His Excellency Monsignor Ariel S. Levi Gualdo Bishop of Laodicea Combusta



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… the reality in a cartoon ?

My Pastoral Letter It born from a mystical experience I had on the heights of our beloved particular Church. Indeed, while I pondered between the stones of the old-growth ruins of my ancient Church Cathedral in this remote corner of Anatolia, the Holy Spirit was manifested to me in the form of a dove that has taken to twirl on a pistacchieto. The Dove has run then placed over a plant of pistachio nuts, disappearing shortly after; and its disappearance the plant caught fire. At the time I was saddened by the unexplained spontaneous combustion, also because the Anatolia pistachios are very valuable, they say that they are even more than those of Bronte. But the thing that struck me was that the sole of pistacchieto burned, not consumed. That image reminded me anything, but at the time I did not understand what. Then I remembered a lecture years ago at the The Court of the Gentiles Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, one who speaks with Masons the sun for 24 hours [cf. WHO], but of which I do not remember the exact title, roughly he sounded so: "Rudolf Bultmann and biblical allegories". A quel point, as if my memory was of awakened suddenly, I blurted: eureka ! [eureka, What does that mean: I found!]. So I said to myself: "Of course, It is the allegory of the burning bush of Moses Patriarch!» [cf. Is 3,1-15]. A quel point, while the fire burned the pistachio not consume plant, in a total calm that seemed a still image, no breath of wind and without any movement, the voice of the Holy Spirit hit me reproachfully:

- "... Tell me a little ': but I will I look like an allegory?».

I fell to the ground and I answered:

– «No, My God and my all, begin, center and ultimate end of all things in heaven and on earth. You're not an allegory. Mine was a way to tell all theological, according to modern exegesis weather and new testamentarie, or maybe you've never heard of Walter Kasper, Bruno Forte, Nunzio Galantino and Enzo Bianchi, Alberto Melloni …?».

I still question the Spirit of the Lord:

- "Where did you hear, of these so called allegories?».

I reply with their faces:

- "In Rome, my Lord. Of these allegories he speaks in all pontifical universities. Throughout the Old Testament is an allegory, but also the New Testament: the miracles of the Son consubstantial with the Father from whom you proceed, They are explained as an allegory; the Body of Christ in the Eucharist, It is an allegory, or better to say a transfinalizzazione, one transignificazione, born genius of one of the greatest reformers of Christian history, Martin Luther, talking about consustanziazione, teach Liturgical Institute of St. Anselm Pontifical Athenaeum [cf. WHO]».

Then there is silence. I did not dare more replicate, because the Spirit of the Lord will answer if he t'interroga, man certainly can not question the Divine Person of the Holy Spirit, you can pray, adore and glorify with the Father and the Son, but not to interrogate, God forbid, Mica is a charismatic Renewal in the Holy Spirit, or a Pentecostal! And while I was in silence, the Holy Spirit has spoken again:

- "I'll have to decide sooner or later, to go to Rome to visit the Vatican City. I talked recently also with the other two Persons of the Holy Trinity. I was told that deserve to visit the Sistine Chapel and see its frescoes, they say that they are very beautiful. Lately, Father gave, He said he would go to visit a place; God the Son, the begotten not made of the same substance as the Father, He said he would go on a visit to another place on Earth. A quel point, I who proceed from the Father and the Son, I said that I would go willingly to Rome to visit the Vatican City, given that there have never been. However, if things are as you "allegorically" say, Perhaps my visit would be just appropriate, if anything making me accompanied by one of my body guard favorite, The Exterminating Angel of Sodom and Gomorrah, so let us see them to him, as allegories are made, but above all, as it is the one true God's mercy on you now turned into molasses !».

I question the Spirit of the Lord:

- "Because, He had retired here in prayer and reflection? What are you reading, on this laptop screen? And to think that Moses had to make an impact in his time on two stone tablets. Today it would have been enough had climbed Mount Sinai with an Ipad, if anything, he would resume the burning bush and then would loaded on You Tube channel ".


- "I was reading the last letter of the Apostolic Vicar of the Son Divine Land, the Incarnate Word, Christ gave …

Replica of the Holy Spirit:

- "I see. Time ago, during one of our usual briefing between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Son has raised several concerns about this his Vicar on earth expressing ourselves: "For the first time, on Earth I have a good Vicar and misercordioso me, praised by all those who have always hated and still they continue to hate me and my church, as evidenced by the signs of my passion remained etched in my Glorious Body. Because if today I incarnassi again, would find a way and manner to make me a worse end of your previous ". On hearing those words of the Son, He expressed to the Father and to the question: “Maybe we came to the end of time, alla Russia?” The Father replied to me: "Your, Holy Spirit, since you made friends with the Angel of Sodom and Gomorrah Exterminator, can not wait to sow salt statues in the Church of My Son, and you are right to desire. The Son resumed telling speech: "It is not yet time, because the worst has not yet come ". He turned to the Father and to me, It stated: "Yet, in my time, I was so clear when I said ... “when the Son of Man will return, will he find faith on the earth?” [cf. LC 18, 1-8]».

And again it turns to me with a question:

- "Do you think that this question raised at the time by the Incarnate Word, the Consubstantial Son to the Father, the have also taken as an allegory, or as a poetic license? Anyway, you were telling me earlier that you were intent on reading and meditating the last Apostolic Letter ... ".

- "And, I was meditating because the thought of writing in my turn a Pastoral Letter addressed by these ancient ruins the souls of priests and faithful of the particular Church of Laodicea Combusta. You know, I'm a Bishop, but Titular Bishop, my diocese exists only on archaeological maps. For that I return every so often to the souls of priests and Christi Fideles that one day they were, in this now non-existent Church of Laodicea Combusta ".

He meets the Spirit of the Lord:

- "Of this you need not worry, even the bishops who hold many large Diocese, now they are also reduced to turn to the spirits of the dead, think of those of Germany, Belgium, Holland … But it may be that your dead will hear, because they are really dead, I mean physically dead; while those of many other Bishops, who are the living dead, dead to the sense of life and grace that I bestow on whoever receives and accepts, here, so those who are the real dead. Or as he once told me the Apostle Peter, while in Paradise he recounted his story in Rome, where before dying crucified learned during his stay in various dialect expressions: “every Bishop, in fonno, are’ always worth mortacci them his !». Of, that hard work I had to do with Simone, He called Peter from the Incarnate Word, the Divine Son. Perhaps Christ God called him Peter because the Galilean fisherman had a hard head like a stone. I barely had time to take it back by the hair, while he was giving back to the run in Rome during the persecutions. You know, the story of Whither goest thou, O, It is not at all an allegory, it happened for real. In conclusion, the grace and glory of martyrdom, Peter we just had to offer it all three on a silver platter. But I must say that he, come to the gallows, he put his, devoutly humble as he was, asking to be crucified upside down, not feeling worthy to suffer as the Word of God made man.

- "Spirit of the Lord, I dare, as Abraham did during his "deal" with God the Father [cf. There 18, 1-33], then ask ... ".

- "And do you want that I have not already read in your heart? Imagine, I have just appointed Peter, you have immediately thought of Paul, true? But talk ... tell me ".

- "Here, I imagine that the two Blessed Apostles, After their embrace in Rome, Today in Paradise heed to the Church of Christ ... ".

- "Son, to take heed to the Church of Christ, you can be sure, However, as regards the fact that you are embraced in Rome before reaching respectively to their martyrdom, This means that it is your beautiful allegory! Imagine, to find another touchy subject and the confused ideas as the Blessed Peter, you have to make a leap forward two thousand years and get to your time. Or maybe you think in Antioch, when the Blessed Paul rebuked him in a harsh tone and hard [cf. Maybe 2, 1-11] Blessed Peter took it well? Nothing but hug, impermalì is like a monkey which is torn by hand a banana! And basically, What was Peter's problem? His problem was the say and not to say, the attempt to stand with one foot on a bracket and one in another, the ndivago in the mbiguo. If someone advises to? In any case, know one thing: Blessed Paul was only his mouth offer loan, because work, in Antioch, all of it was my doing. It was I who by the mouth of Blessed Paul Blessed Peter put their backs to the wall ".

- "Holy Spirit of the Lord, with the humility of Abraham, I would even dare ... even if you've already read what I have in my mind ... "

- "Of course, But open your mouth, creates, speaks …"

- "I was wondering: it would not be possible to speak today to the mouth of the Blessed Apostle Paul? ».

- "And you think I have not already done? I recently made even better, because if I turned to Antioch to Saint Peter by the mouth of one Apostle, today, to Peter, I got geared up for the mouth of four apostles [cf. the dubia Four Cardinals WHO]. And you should also know what happened, or do you think perhaps that we, in Paradise, we have a group of angels who look after the press every day? Simply said what happened: Peter he has not even deigned to answer. But never mind, rather we come to your Pastoral Letter addressed - as would the Blessed Peter was born a Jew and died a Roman -, to them your mortacci ... If you want I can give you a couple of inspirations for this your epistle …».

A quel point, the Spirit of the Lord, He inspired my Letter Pastoral …



Venerable Priests and beloved sons and daughters of the Church of Laodicea Combusta: Peace to all of you, and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ.


the Bishop of Laodicea Combusta receives the grace of the Holy Spirit before writing his Pastoral Letter

Through this Pastoral Letter I want to show you a step from the Apostolic Letter of Our Lord Jesus Christ Holiness the Pope Francis, in reiterating that the shameful and grievous sin of abortion, He gives all priests a faculty which until recently competed me, your Bishop; powers delegated to me by Major Penitentiary of our Diocese, an elderly priest, deep priestly piety model, right to forgive this sin reserved for the Bishop. He writes the Roman Pontiff in his Apostolic Letter:


[12] Under this requirement, because no obstacle stand between the reconciliation request and God's forgiveness, grant henceforth to all priests, by virtue of their ministry, the power to absolve those who have procured sin of abortion. As I was granted for the Jubilee period it is now extended in time, notwithstanding anything to the contrary. I would like to reiterate with all my might that abortion is a grave sin, because it puts an end to an innocent life. With equal force, however, I can and I must say that there is no sin that God's mercy can not reach and destroy when it finds a repentant heart that asks to be reconciled with the Father. every priest, therefore, you face guide, support and comfort in accompanying penitents in this way special reconciliation [cf. WHO].


As well understood, remove the reserve the sin of abortion It was an act of great mercy and tenderness, manifested through the power of absolution given to all those priests who show more than ever to be prepared and quite versed in the sacred ministry of confessors, also spiritually, one need only see them when in jeans shirt and short sleeves strolling directly into the Roman basilicas with penitents hereinafter, confessing in a conversational between a smile and the other, or responding during confession also to the mobile phone …


Well, Venerable Priests of the Church of Laodicea Combusta, "By virtue of your ministry," I have decided to grant you the right to carry out not only by the sin of abortion procured, but also by the crime provided for by canon 1370 – § 1, which reads:


Who uses physical force against the Roman Pontiff, incurs excommunication automatic reserved to the Apostolic See, to which, whether it is a cleric, You can be added depending on the gravity of the crime, another penalty, not excluding dismissal from the clerical state.


It shall have power to absolve from this sin reserved to the Apostolic See, based on the meaning of those proportions built on common sense. Indeed, reserving the absolution of sin, far from being a lack of mercy and tenderness, implies first of all specify and clarify, with the Reserve, The extreme gravity of that particular sin; and this is called healthy pastoral teaching, never to be confused with legalism, least of all with the lack of mercy. For if sin is a disease, and the priest is the physician responsible for the care, always logical rigor wonder: whom, discovering that he suffers from a tumor, instead of relying on the care of a specialist in oncology, It would turn to primary care physicians in the country? Reserve a sin and put the acquittal of such a sin to Bishop, or in some other cases, the Apostolic See, it simply means that the general practitioner, ascertaining the presence of a tumor, refers the patient suffered from a good specialist in oncology.


Address the clinical skills of the cancer specialist, implies also remember and recognize the severity of the disease, of sin, To this serious enough to require adequate specialist care, which would be the absolution of the same by a particular confessor. This has always been the way, everything pastoral teaching, certainly not merely or coldly legal and legalistic, the criterion of reserve of those sins reserved to the Bishop, as of other sensitive instead to the Apostolic See.


The date concession to my Priests to absolve from crime reserved to the Apostolic See provisions of canon 1370 – § 1, It is based on genus of that aequitas before the same jus graeco-Roman and that dates back to’antico jus nations ; the A aequitas He holds itself and also for himself the sense of proportion. I'll explain: attempt on the sacred person of the Roman Pontiff, it can be possible, but it is an intention not easy to achieve, enjoying fact His Holiness a protection network is internal to the Vatican State, and above all external, for example, when you move into other national territories. The attack in St. John Paul II in St. Peter's Square, and even before that to the Blessed Paul VI in Manila, show us that realize this crime may be possible, but precisely because of these two recent episodes the sacred person of the Roman Pontiff today is particularly guarded and protected.


The aborted fetus, as is well know, no way enjoys certain protection mechanisms and protection, and abort it altogether is something extremely easy. Add to this that the fetus is not protected by the Vatican Gendarmerie, the security services, by the various police forces during his travels, but above all and first of all it is not protected by his own mother who decides to suppress an innocent human life, often she judged as a good available and then suppressed. All thanks to its quell'aborto that Mrs. Emma Bonino - that has often been a distinguished guest of Pope Francis, who had recently also call it "a great Italian" [cf. WHO, WHO] - Continues to proudly call the "great social achievement '.


Therefore, if all of you, priests, now you can carry out without reservation the abominable sin of killing of an innocent human life devoid of any defense, to aequitas and the common sense of proportion, I will grant you your Bishop faculty of absolving from the crime provided for by canon 1370 – §1 still reserved to the Apostolic See, if anyone would do great at the sacred person of one of the men defended, protected and controlled the world.


In this concession, It follows the same spirit of aequitas, also based on a sense of proportion, The inevitable reform of the sacred rite of consecration of priests and consequently that of the Chrism Mass. During the rite of ordination the priest promises fact obedience to the bishop and to all his successors, in a spirit of free and filial piety, while during the Chrism Mass the priests renew their priestly promises before the holy Bishop.


In his Apostolic Letter, the Roman Pontiff, addressing with fatherly mercy and tenderness to the members of the Fraternity of St. Pius X, states with caring heart as pastor :


[12 – § 1] In the Year of Jubilee I had granted to the faithful who for various reasons attend churches officiated by the priests of the Society of St. Pius X of receiving validly and lawfully sacramental absolution of their sins. For the pastoral good of these faithful, and trusting in the good will of their priests to recoup, with God's help, full communion in the Catholic Church, I establish for my own decision to extend this power over the Jubilee period, until further about it, because no one will ever lack the sacramental sign of reconciliation through forgiveness of the Church [cf. WHO]

We therefore inform, Venerable Priests of the Church of Laodicea Combusta, that obedience to the Supreme Pontiff and the Bishops in communion with him and with the Church, today is considered to be repealed "so that no one will ever lack the sacramental sign of reconciliation through forgiveness of the Church". Indeed, if this Priestly Fraternity who denies the authority of the last Ecumenical Council considering peppered with modernist heresies, who judges his documents in blatant contradiction with the Catholic tradition and the perennial teaching of the Church, This is in spite are given by the Roman Pontiff similar concessions, to aequitas - But here it is appropriate to say also for human and Christian integrity -, any priest must also be granted and recognized the full right to disobey his own bishop, and also it is his especially given the option to refuse the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff. Therefore I tell you that from today, each, can consider itself free to refuse to recognize, Authority and the Magisterium of the Church, what in its opinion and in his spare liking it sees fit not to recognize, and the whole "for the pastoral good of these faithful, and trusting in the good will of their priests to recoup, with God's help, full communion in the Catholic Church ".


With this his disposal, the Holiness of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Father Francis, He told us between the lines, on-line and over the lines that the schismatic heretics are given the option of lawfully administer the Sacraments, so that "we can recover, with God's help, full communion in the Catholic Church ". therefore know, venerable priest, we all, until a short time ago, wrong in a big way, we believed that lawfully administer the sacraments depended precisely the subsistent and full communion with the Catholic Church, not by the hope that one day, perhaps, this communion could be recovered. Therefore, from now, celebration and administration of the sacraments is to be considered no longer bound to communion with the Church, but only based on hope that one day, after having celebrated and administered the sacraments to your liking, It ends up recognizing, perhaps, the authority of the Church in matters of doctrine and faith, and in particular the authorities of a whole Ecumenical Council stubbornly rejected by those to whom, the Roman Pontiff, He has seen fit to grant his authority the lawful administration of the Sacraments.


I rejoice, anyway, Esteemed Priests, Most beloved sons and daughters of the Church of Laodicea Combusta, you are all for many centuries dead souls of the blessed spirits, while i, sitting on a stone in front of the few ruins that remain of my Cathedral Church, I have addressed this Pastoral Letter, after seeing a pistachio plant burning but not consumed; after speaking with the Holy Spirit of God from whom I learned, against the other, his desire to see the Vatican City, which until now has had no opportunity to visit, but above all to be able to admire the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, in which he says never to be entered.


Bless your souls, beloved priests, Most beloved sons and daughters of the Church of Laodicea Combusta, ensuring the lasting memory in my requiem Masses for you.


+Ariel Stefano

Bishop of Laodicea Combusta




a glimpse of Laodicea Combusta, province of Pisidia, central Anatolia, national territory of present-day Turkey.




Several readers of’Patmos Island They have asked for lights on fire letter written by S.It is. Mons. Fragkiskos Papamanolis, Ofm. capp, Bishop Emeritus of Syros, Santorini and Crete, President of the Episcopal Conference of Greece [cf. WHO], and addressed against the four cardinals who have expressed dubia, as it granted by order of ecclesial life and the apostolic tradition of the Church [cf. Maybe 2, 1-11]; it is of Their Eminences Rev.me Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Leo Burke, Carlo Caffara, Joachim Meisner [cf. WHO]. Already as the greek Prelate expressed, You understand that he has the rigid arrogance of an orthodox bishop of Georgia, and at the same time the ignorance of a pope who studied a little’ a stick of theology in feudal campaigns of Czarist Russia. In response, we encourage you to commiserate, but at the same time to reflect on what today we can pour into a serious and irreversible crisis, If a subject of this kind, not content with having them made bishops, It even entrusted the chairmanship of an entire Bishops' Conference. For if his argument fanta-doctrinal and fanta-ecclesial it were not tragic, would really worthy of a comic.








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11 thoughts on "If all priests may absolve the sin of abortion, all priests may absolve from sin to attack the Supreme Pontiff

  1. Indeed obedience has already gone to hell long. Since priests and religious dress as they see fit and when the missal of Bugnini is taken as a tea towel.

    For the rest of the “makeup” used to indent the SSPX leaves me a bit’ puzzled. That said, what he hopes his father Cavalcoli, that is, the condemnation of modernism it humanly seems unlikely. Humanly.

    One last thing: when I can, for reasons of distance, I frequent the chapels of the SSPX; maybe it's just an impression, I have no precise figures, but I think the number of faithful is increasing… on the contrary when I go to Mass in the reformed rite I have the opposite feeling, an abandonment…

    There places himself in the hands of the Most High. You can not do anything else.

  2. To His Excellency Monsignor Ariel S. Levi Gualdo Bishop of Laodicea Combusta

    Excellence reverendissimissima, view your association with the Holy Trinity I ask you to ask the Second Person if you can anticipate some’ the return. After the feast of low cost mercy (be damaged?)If possible we would like some intervention such as Justice. I am aware of the risks that this entails, and I do not feel certain to deal lightly Justice but I trust in the mediation of our Blessed Mother that many are consecrated. Also tomorrow we will renew the prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
    Treats, VIVA CRISTO RE!

  3. “… after speaking with the Holy Spirit of God from whom I learned, against the other, his desire to see the Vatican City, which until now has had no opportunity to visit, but above all to be able to admire the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, in which he says never to be entered…”

    The Holy Spirit NEVER entered the Sistine Chapel? therefore, vacant for several centuries… in the?

    1. Dear Beppe.

      The Holy Spirit always attended all the Popes with special gifts of grace, but it does not elect the Supreme Pontiffs in the Sistine Chapel, this shall men.

      The Holy Spirit can inspire the Cardinals a subject particularly suitable and appropriate for that office, but it is said that his inspiration encounters the free will of men, ie their acceptance and implementation of the project.

      It is said that St. Pio of Pietrelcina severely scolded a young girl who had an abortion, saying: "That child had been chosen by God to become one of the greatest Popes in history".
      The expressions of a mystical, also recognized as a saint St. Pio of Pietrelcina, I am certainly not truths of faith, but this expression, however, makes the idea, which it is then the idea of ​​always: God has never turned against the freedom of man, having himself endowed with freedom and free will. If God had opposed the freedom of man, Adam and Eve would not have committed the original sin and contaminated with it all mankind.

      Therefore, I can affirm serenely in certain faith and science do not believe and never have believed in the fact that the Holy Spirit has chosen and elected 266 Roman pontiffs, because nothing like that has ever been taught by the Church. However, what I believe for certain and deep faith, It is the fact that the Holy Spirit has assisted and provided with special thanks to all the Roman pontiffs, doing is that some of them, albeit inadequate and limited, then they would pass into history as the most strenuous and great defenders of the deposit of faith.

      Not to mention the “jokes” that the Holy Spirit did later on purely political or convenience choices often within the walls of the Sistine Chapel. So much for standing up for our contemporaneity:

      Giuseppe Sarto It was not at all in the mind and intentions of Cardinals, that would elect the sacred throne Cardinal Mariano Rampolla, But burned by the Emperor's veto of Austria read by the Archbishop of Krakow at the opening of the conclave. A quel point, Cardinals, fell back on what should have been a “low-profile figure”. Well, Pius X, today saint, It goes only to read his encyclical against modernism, to ascertain what the other hand was in fact her profile …

      Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli It had to be, in clerical choices cynical of Cardinals, the classical transition after the pontificate of Pope Pius XII titanic, lasted nearly twenty years and in one of the historic moments of the most tragic in human history. And the transition Pontiff has announced the twenty-first council of the Church.

      Karol Wojtyla He was elected after the sudden death of John Paul I, a few weeks after the previous conclave; a figure outside of each possible prediction, as repeatedly he acknowledged numerous Cardinals to years after his election, several of them admitted not knowing, if not only the name.

      This is to say that the Holy Spirit, in the Sistine Chapel, leave it to the Cardinals their work, because he, and then, work after, sometimes even repairing and turning into thanksgivings even the wrong choices or pure calculation made by men under the frescoes of the Last Judgement that, for many of the Cardinals entered and exited from the last conclave, It is nothing but an allegory …

  4. Dear “excellence”, I think he outdid himself. But in light of what you yourself write, You do not think you should rethink at least in part on his beliefs and holy man Bishop Lefebvre ? I do not say of Lefebvre, I do not know.

  5. Thanks p. Ariel for the clear words albeit, as often, ironic.
    Irony is a sign of intelligence, listening is a sign of wisdom.
    We pray the Spirit that our S. Father is a disciple of wisdom and humility as the Gospel teaches.
    In the fraternity of Christ.

    1. wonderful article, surreal surreal as they are the actions of this hierarchy ultraprogressista: if illegal priests, heretics, suspended a divinis are dispensed such inconsistent concessions could almost drive me appoint guru too, and I do my binnacle, so then I can hope in’ prevailing misericordina that condones everything and even the contradiction…

  6. Speaking of dubia of 4 Cardinals who are probably also dubia of 40.000 Priests, I am honored to have had for years as bishop Cardinal. Carlo Caffara, who it was the first bishop of Ferrara and Bologna, and he was ordained a priest by him.
    And with that I said all I had to say.

  7. … another that dubia!
    The imaginative bishop of Laodicea Combusta, there went down heavy, a heavy so based on fact real, I wonder: who and how will they respond?
    Because the question is disarmingly clarity, as it regards abortion care to be given as to a medical specialist, and as regards obedience linked to the fact that, Lefebvre is granted if the right to disobey, this right, It must be considered extended to all priests?

  8. to you, Padre Ariel, why your intervention charitable, a “Thanks” unfortunately not obvious, in these hard times of mercy misunderstood at every turn.

  9. Have mercy on us, Domine.
    While growing requests for clarification on “Dubia” according to some, Yesterday the Pope would somehow responded
    ” The reflection on the spiritual works of mercy today concerns two actions strongly linked to each other: counsel the doubtful, and teach the ignorant, that is, to those who do not know.
    …I think someone might ask me: "Father, but I have many doubts about faith, what should I do? She never doubts?”. I have so many ... Of course that sometimes they all are doubts! The doubts in matters of faith, in a positive sense, are a sign that we want to know better and more deeply God, Jesus, and the mystery of his love for us. "But, I have this doubt: I try, studio, I see or ask for advice on how to make ". These are questions that do grow!
    doubts, anyway, They must also be overcome. For this to listen to the Word of God, and understand what the Bible teaches us. .. another equally important way, to live as much as possible the faith. ”

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