Threatening trends? Not pigliateli seriously, pigliateli the piss, is an extreme act of perfect Christian charity. And now I'll explain what really raunchy …



Today, before certain priests, on the one hand, we just have to cry, on the other hand, we just have to take the piss, because it raised the issue in these terms, the jack ass It will be the extreme act, most perfect and loving Christian charity, He says one sees it pretaccio scurrilous, He remains intimately too worried about not swallow camel of heresy [cf. Mt 23,24], to worry about the harmless midge a healthy swearword.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo


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Dear Father Ariel,

I'm not a nostalgic old, I just task 24 year old, and at my age I tell you today as a priest don Camillo, He born from the imagination of my fellow emiliano Giovannino Guareschi, fill churches, especially of young people. While the priests in robes casual, everyone ecology, peace and love, Immigrants who come there's room for everyone and singing away to follow, the churches have emptied. Within the churches today were those who had them in twenty years 1970, They are now on their way to the seventy, but they are always there, to strum with chitarrine. He knows that I tell, maybe my language is vulgar and ask him for forgiveness, but don Camillo once were men with balls that inspired respect even those who did not believe. Today, many priests trendy they just want to take for a ride, especially by those who still believe, because a priest can forgive all, but it became a priest because it totally devoid of balls […]

Edoardo M. (Modena)



… the ways necessary polite and persuasive Don Camillo …

The young player Modena of which I quoted the first part of his letter, He was the inspiration for this new article in which, pulled to the edges of my garment, I return to face the problem of priest robe, although it is understood, as will be explained later, philosophically, theological, Mystical and moral. In this topic I have already addressed in a written published last year, placing in relation to the priests in the historic cradle of Christianity are camouflaged in civilian clothes, while Muslims flaunt all the marks of their tribal or religious affiliation, in a Europe now it becomes their former Christian easily conquered [see previous article WHO]. Spontaneous then the question arises: because you return to this topic? But most of all: How come, before more serious events, as the former Christian Europe to the total collapse, talk about "trifles" as the dress of the priest? Maybe so you do not run the risk of worrying about the daisies wilting from the heat produced by the fire, while the house completely enveloped in flames is burning? In an ecclesial situation like ours, that in many ways it has no historical precedents, there are perhaps far more serious things to think about? [see my previous article WHO]. An example of something far more serious is constituted by not a few priests that when they get to the altar show so clearly does not believe in what they do, after having forgotten that the day of their ordination as deacons received the Holy Gospel with these precise words:


"Receive the Gospel of Christ whose herald you have become: always believe what proclamations, teach what you have learned in faith, practice what you teach ".


then receiving priestly ordination, The priest knelt before the Bishop received the chalice and paten which contain the Body and Blood of Christ living God; and he received them with precise words that should be remembered for a lifetime. And if one day the priest was also affected by senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease, to the point of not even find the toilet door in the hallway of his house, anyhow, while not remembering his date of birth and your same name, however, remember these words:


"Receive the oblation of the holy people for the Eucharistic sacrifice. Understand what you will do, imitate what you celebrate. Conform your life to the mystery of the cross of Christ the Lord ".


how we were: two farmers kneel to the pastor passageway to the Most Holy Eucharist to a sick

Faced with priests increasingly ill-formed, deformed or worse for years inside those devastating pretify to which now the seminaries have been reduced, is the case of open discourse on a seemingly marginal element as the dress of the priest, when many priests, celebrating the Eucharistic Sacrifice, demonstrate not believe that under the appearances of bread and wine, After transubstantiation [1], Christ the Lord is truly and really present, completely, in soul, body and divinity? And when referring to the Most Holy Eucharist, this kind of priests that we conventionally defined priests trendy, everything except speak of sacrifice alive and holy, that is their bad habit instead to call in various other manner: feast of love, joyful table, Dinner brothers, feast of joy ... in short,: Giovanni Calvino pure !


In fact ..., Christ gave, After giving us the mystery of His Body and His Blood [2], after sweating in Gethsemane [3], after being betrayed [4], then he abandoned by his disciples [5], unjustly prosecuted, insulted, whipped and crowned with thorns [6], eventually it came to Calvary with a heavy wood loaded on the shoulders singing one of those songs demenzial-pop that our poor ears must hear in many churches ...


"Unleash the joy, Today the feast is, dai, sing with us, the party here we are " [see WHO].


how we were: a priest who takes the Most Holy Eucharist to a sick, accompanied by a child that precedes it carrying a lighted lamp el'acquasanta

... with the priest saved with the purple color of strong penitential time clapping his hands with beota air and that reassures all about the fact that he, the "feast of joy", what today it is no longer called the sacred liturgy and holy living memorial, much less Eucharistic Sacrifice, the center puts their own: four young nerds that if they were beautiful and stalwart not scatenerebbero joy dancing before the altar, but it would give the revelry in completely different places, for example dancing on cubes of discotheques.

And who thought that the center of the sacred liturgy, you culmen background of Christian life, Christ with the bloodless sacrifice of the cross that is renewed, wrong. And in addition to err it is old and anachronistic; and besides being old and anachronistic it is a "dull dogmatic", a "pre-Trent Council», a "haunted by the doctrine" …


It goes without saying that dogma e dogmatic They are not scurrilous profanity, although now reduced to such rank, because the dogma - starting with the Christological and Trinitarian dogmas -, are the columns that hold the implant of the faith and the whole of Revelation Mystery [7]. Trent term, o Council of Trent, now it used as the spoiled children used in Sessantotto the term "fascist" and "bourgeois", It is nothing untoward, because without the great Council of Trent, celebrated in a time of great crisis and moral decay and political and social Church, it would have been impossible even to imagine, five centuries later, the Second Vatican Council, preceded by short but equally great Vatican Council. Therefore, lifestyle and try to live their lives according to the Catholic doctrine and morals, It is not at all inconvenient, quite the opposite! It is the only system always known by which to live the Christian life that will lead us to the salvation of our souls, through forgiveness of our sins that preserves us from the fires of hell, bringing in all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of God's mercy, as he taught the Our Vergine Maria of Fatima to the shepherd children in a prayer atoning later became a prayer of the universal Church.


For years I have written about spiritual drifts, doctrinal and moral clergy, that if well analyzed would understand right away that in itself and by itself the Luciferian; because only the devil can bring souls consecrated to certain levels of human and moral degradation. All with a single result: give me a reason - place and given that on certain things and in certain of my analysis I have always wished and prayed to have entirely wrong -, They were in private a small army of bishops and cardinals, and a number of good priests unfortunately always lower, that in this debacle they continue to exist, although segregated rigor as plague victims in the most peripheral and marginal seats, so that with their being authentic models of faith and priestly virtues, do not disrupt the much larger number of bad priests, or priests who are real shame of the sacred priestly order, always placed penalty by their bishops in all the key posts in the diocese, starting with the largest and wealthiest parishes.


… a creativity totally different from that of the priests who improvise liturgies socks to the sound of bongo drums and dancing: American priest who established the portable confessional.

My analysis made in deference to the truth and straight on doctrinal bases, canonical and dogmatic sacramentarie, They never scratched these subjects? When I thundered that today's dogma crisis stems from a terrible moral crisis of clergy, because a moral crisis consequently generates a doctrinal crisis [see my previous article WHO], someone is probably ran for cover? My analyzes are written and published, surely I will do that in the future other, but omitting to practice, from now on, the road perhaps more effective: the irony, or if you prefer the so-called jack ass. Because some subjects, which they are insensitive to the truth of the Holy Catholic faith and morals in the same way that a surgeon is indifferent to human blood and scalpel cuts made on patients' meat, poorly tolerate being sfottuti; poorly tolerate that their malvezzi are turned into the subject of public mockery. Or to put it better with an example: If a tall one meter and sixty centimeters per hundred pounds of weight is believed to be a champion football ; if a girl one meter high and half poor on which are distributed ninety pounds of weight, He is so determined to get miniskirts and high heels because it is believed to be a supermodel, nothing worth getting them a deep psychological discourse aimed to recall the matter of objective fact, with related calls to the existential danger that entails for a man and for a woman the complete dissociation from reality, so that these people will step forward undeterred to feel more than ever: the first, a sample of football, the second one fotomodella. Otherwise, if one or the other, after showing in every way a determined refusal to face reality, They will instead be exposed to public ridicule, in one way or another they will be forced to understand. And all those who were convinced that even a woman can eighty, as a woman, participate in the contest Miss Italy, or that a ninety man suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can, for when man, participate in a race with show jumping, no longer believe in such "potential" tall tales, because the lack of logic will be clear and brought to light along with all its intrinsic element ridiculous.


During my happy and painful years of priestly ministry sacred I have repeatedly and unnecessarily called back - and God knows how sincere affection -, many brother priests to shy away sloppiness, to be treated in appearance and dignified in dress, because the outward appearance is not mere formality, but it reveals the inner aspect, the moral and spiritual sense of the person. A little’ such as facial expressions and eyes, which if properly observed reveal to the soul of the person. Or perhaps we forget that our soul is enclosed in a body that contains it and at the same time reveals it for what it really is?


how we were: who has known priests in the youth of this genre, it always brings alive the memory and especially the model

Repeatedly, entering the summer in my cassock in some parish church, I happened to find myself before a brother with bermuda flowers, the t-shirt colorful flip flops and sandals; and at this sight I felt the spear of Longinus on the side of Christ. So I have not failed to take from this brother, explaining face to face how painful it was for me that spear. Faced with similar scenes and events, in practice it happened that the brother has variously derided me, combining its sloppiness and its lack of priestly decorum classic joke mocking: "Ah, I understand! You are one of those who has not heard about that in the Church there was a council '. At that point I said - wrongly -, that in truth, in the Church, of councils there were a total of twenty-one, and that from the fourth Lateran Council celebrated in 1215 until the four decades following the Second Vatican Council held between 1962 and the 1965, the Church and its Popes have in all ways emphasized the mandatory use apparel cassock, Recalling that the role of the priest's cassock and that in case of need, not common practice, It can be used clergyman. In vain I lost time to explain to many of these subjects the deeply spiritual and mystical element of the ecclesiastical, its being a sign of sobriety and moral detachment from the world, but especially testimony and necessary element of recognizability of the Priest. And while I was talking to the passion of faith and deep love I have for the Church of Christ and his ministers, they looked at me as you look at a poor demented, if anything, saying the end, as they say the crazy not to contradict them in vain ... "Okay ... okay, you are right!». All this with the tone of someone who agrees to a mentally ill that you have just broke my balls with his talk but you, person over the sanity, for this reason you do not want to irritate.


On this last line was written my sentence by clerics in shorts, Colorful shirt and flip flops sandals, because a priest can not dare, let alone write exegesis regarding the various breaking their priestly balls. And these clerical, be clear, are the modern whitewashed tombs "in full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness" [8], ready at any time, yesterday as today, to be vulgar to say that they were not. Vulgar, as well as aggressive in the language, it was Jesus Christ with some of his insulting expressions, enough to see each other again saddled with even the title of blasphemer. So vulgar is not a theologian steeped modernist heresy of the worst as Andrea Grillo, you can mock the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI and with him the holy man of God Cardinal Robert Sarah, after having already taken to teasing the Cardinal Carlo Caffarra and Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller. Vulgar is therefore not him, but I am if I dare say that these heretics in power, which on one side stick with arrogance the few good cardinal that there remain, and at the same time they remain in the chair in the pontifical universities to teach sacramental theology, I create such a light-balls that if they should put me into the water at the port of Ostia Antica would arrive in fifteen minutes in the port of Naples, where I was greeted with great fanfare by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, that would declare that my journey by sea carried out in record time for turning the balls as turbine propellers, a greater miracle of San Gennaro miracle [Andrea Grillo to see the last article of Giovanni Cavalcoli, WHO].


how we were: City of Avezzano Abruzzo. A parish priest celebrates Mass in the open space of the church reduced to rubble after the bombings during World War II.

So I began to adopt another system, doing irritate many priests, several of which, as virgins vilified or as adolescents taken by the upheavals of the first menstruation, classes are by their bishops squawking like chickens referring excited that I would be vulgar and I dare even say bad words. Because, as I said earlier, the vernacular is me, guilty of calling great piece of shit a priest in slippers and shorts chatted inside the parish church with the faithful with their backs toward the Tabernacle. Vulgar, be clear, It is not this priest with his back to the tabernacle in slippers and short trousers that makes living in the presbytery, but I who called with a title that the poor did not deserve. And several of these poor people found themselves repeatedly in the face of a bishop, despite being one of the architects of the worst post-conciliar drifts, Bishops in its role has been forced, once seised to issue final judgment of condemnation toward me, not to process the request and to respond to the priest:


"Surely, the concentration of colorful language Tuscan-Roman is what it is! But, if he has mocked you because he found you in the parish church to speak to the faithful with their backs toward the Tabernacle, in shorts and slippers at the foot, a point at the bottom does not have them. Of course, as you say, a priest must not turn to another priest calling great piece of shit. But remember: that language as a longshoreman he used it because I found in the parish church in that state, if he had been kneeling with his breviary in his hand before the tabernacle, I doubt I would have called you great piece of shit, perhaps he would be kneeling to pray with you ".


The next day I will get a phone call from the bishop: I barely have time to respond "ready?»That he attacks me with exact words now mean as they are integrally:


"Senti un po ', great dickhead, how dare you, yesterday, to give the great piece of shit to a priest? Do you realize how much you asshole and vulgar? there, I called you for the joy of sending to hell I personally, and to tell you I have to be ashamed of your bad language, rather: thanks God if you do not suspend peep !».


After I sipped all that claptrap, I ask:


"Excellence, I understand all that he said, or I missed some passage between an aspiration and other?».


A quel point, the bishop, he laughs and says,:


"To be honest, I called you to tell you that you are on the side, But as long as you tell him around, because they see, the sloppiness of these priests I Have filled balls. However, if I dare to tell them anything, if they fail to devour then you just get me the hell. So you were right to tell him what he deserved, but unfortunately I can not tell you. He said that now to go see to do 'n ass, because I have to do, then I salute you, very great face of shit !».


how we were: a Roman presbyter on a bridge over the Tiber. We are quite sure that young people, and threatens, They do not want them in this way?

I've never told anyone this pleasant conversation now a retired bishop, and now that I did I kept myself from also making a vague reference to people and places. From this vulgar subject I am but I can add another example, always linked to this bishop and what was at the time his diocese. Once he entered the dining room Episcopate, where a young priest of thirty, sitting with his legs on a chair, He was watching television. The Bishop will appeal to a young priest to information that remains sbracato the chair legs apart; and in that pose answers to the bishop who he is rather standing before him. After Bishop was left, I took the poor peasant, who also it had more than ten years of training in Blessed seminar, between minor and major seminar seminar, telling him amiably that when it enters the bishop remains seated, moreover legs apart, but we get up to his feet, He mentions the bowed his head and listen to what he says, responding to what he asks. Well, the first all hell broke loose against me for that totally private call, but he reportedly offended by the poor peasant, It was the vicar general everlastingly of that diocese, this indicated because it covers its role by three bishops who have succeeded in almost two decades at that venue (!?). But, like repeat, I am a vulgar priest. And because they are vulgar necessary I dare say even bad words, But always I kneel to kiss the hand especially to the worst bishops of this world, in the figures of which I shall never cease to see and venerate the mystery of Christ and the mystery of the Church. And if my father came out of the grave and suddenly I saw the front next to the bishop, First I would make tribute to Bishop, Then my father saluterei. But I, as they say certain priests trendy provincial when not know where to stick … "He can not understand, because he has not made the seminar, why he lives in a Church that has never existed ". Affirmation before which at the time I said: … Yes, blessing the grace of God I did not do Blessed seminar ! Also because the good Christian education and social family received from my parents and then cultivated by the santi vescovi and priests who later formed me to the priesthood, It would never be in any way even extirpated from most of satanic holy seminars of this world; from those many seminars where, also recently, They were discovered in the computer memories thousands and thousands of porn pics and gay porn movie. And to that end, please seek guidance to the Congregation for the Clergy and its efficient Prefect, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, canonically responsible for these seminars that nobody has yet decided to clean up, primarily by virtue of bad trainers that several of them have always relied. And if in these lines had given false and undocumented, so slanderous, that then the Prefect Eminence proceed with the due denials and related canonical penalties against me … I doubt - unfortunately! —, He raised a single sigh of what I said, if we consider that the cases with which the Holy See must struggle are more or less these … [open the attachment, WHO].


The thing that should worry today many bishops fugitives and omissions, is that the practice, These immense shame of the sacred priestly order, when they come to the pulpit to make the homily on the Gospel, repeated continuously: "As said Pope Francis ... as said Pope Francis ...". Taking the Holy Father not only of marginal discourses, or more or less happy beats or more or less appropriate, but above all, taking speeches dubious phrases drawn from interviews or reported by journalists, often far from Catholics and especially at all versed in our fundamental truths of faith. And I say that it should disturb the bishops because these same priests, Years ago, going up on the same pulpits, They are always very careful not to say: "As he wrote and said the Supreme Pontiff Giovanni Paolo II ... as he wrote and said the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI ...". E, mind you, not what these two Popes claimed Augusti in their talk of this and that the arm, to which both were not quite accustomed, but what they have written and said in important encyclicals and as many important acts of their supreme magisterium. For years, between the sacristies, the canonical and church halls, we heard and how, these priests changed today in large Phrasers of statements made entirely marginal and irrelevant by Pope Francis I, to quote the predecessors of the reigning Pontiff, but they cited them to say in a tone more or less rabid things like that:


"The" Polish "has made his new shot on family and sexual morality. But it is haunted! Have not you realize that the world has changed and that we need to meet the new needs of the people?».


And in their logic, they are right, because the theological principle that they now apply - the school of Cardinal Walter Kasper and the retinue of his - is in practice the following: “fottete, fottete so that God forgives all ".




"The" German Shepherd "made a pre-Tridentine speech on the" uniqueness of the Catholic Church ". What a shame! In one fell swoop has deleted Vatican Council II and ecumenism us back to the times when, the "old" Church, He claimed a monopoly of truth and salvation ".


how we were: we are sure that young people, and threatens, They do not want them in this way?

And in their logic, Also they are right, because when we recite the profession of faith "I think the Church one, santa, catholic and apostolic ", this is not a fundamental truth and absolute, but only a saying that dates back to the times in which we were the sole agents obtuse. Indeed, Christ has not established on earth only one Church entrusted to Peter, but gave rise to a multiplicity of churches, including among many that the Catholic Church is waiting for the miracle required by practices established canonical order to proceed to the beatification of the Martin Lutero, unless the Cardinal Kasper does not intervene with a scholarly theological debate to argue that the real miracle of this heresiarch was his so-called "reform”, which has ... "anticipated and inspired the Second Vatican Council". He explains between the lines the Shepherd Waldensian Paolo Ricca directly from the columns of galantino official organ of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Future [cf. WHO], stating, by virtue of its subjective and wrong idea of ​​Vatican II, that with it he would "fall on charges of heresy 'within the Lutherans (!?). Well, I take this opportunity to inform the Reverend Pastor, He invited for years to teach courses in several of our pontifical universities, from Protestant St. Anselm Pontifical University, than for us, Lutheranism, It is always a dangerous heresy and Luther, pace of personal Congregation for the Causes of Saints established the his motu Cardinal Kasper, nor is it a simple and ordinary heretic, but it is a heretic. Besides the fact that, Lutheran doctrines, including teaching and transmitting the Reverend Pastor, They were yesterday and perhaps worse still a dangerous now concentrate of the worst heresies and deviations from the Apostolic Faith. If we consider that the original core Protestantism are in time multiplied heresies heresy, in this way we can reach the new heresies of third and fourth generation: Mormons Pentecostals. Not to mention the additional streams, for example, the Witnesses, that I am a prime example of a heresy heresy a heresy that arises always upstream from Protestantism, certainly not by a split from the Catholic nucleus or the nucleus of Orthodox Christians.


Now you understand well the true sense apparel with which I began this speech; but perhaps, people of faith and intelligent people, those with the grace of God Faith and Reason, have also realized that what really raunchy, and at the same time those who are my games rhetorical impact, structured both on the hyperbole is on what the Greeks called τόπος.


… an image of Saint Giovanni Bosco during the confessions of young people

The apparel loss which for years complaining unnecessarily, It is not the sale of the old cassock, but decided apparel inner rejection, of which the outer is only visible sign. In this paper, Seasoned with the rhetoric of science outlets ass e dizziness balls, I have joked, despite having given occasion to various heretics who demand not understand, to be able to stick to the fact that the undersigned pretaccio - that I boast of being -, says even swear words. Well yes, I say bad words more or less like saying the Word of God made man the Scribes and the Pharisees, just enough that certain exegetes of new theology the whole mercies and emotional little hearts irrational throbbing, They understood the severe extent and also very offensive to certain of its invective [9]. Ma, as known, Yesterday Pharisees and Sadducees, Today heretics and modernists flirting both with "Dear brothers Masons' [see WHO], are ready more than ever to avoid the scandalized midge the word colorful then swallow in one gulp the camel the terrible heresy [10]. Because the logic of clerical hypocrites of yesterday and today remains the same: deeply vulgar, is not that the Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi apron newspaper of Confindustria The sun 24 Ore directs a love letter to "Dear brothers Masons', Vulgar is me, that before a conceited Cardinal throwing the Holy Bride of Christ on the sidewalk like a whore by two lire, I could even react blurting: now stop, This "blind driving" [11] such is the Ravasi, we really broke my balls, at least to us who, thank God, we've got them!


Therefore, hyperbolic outlets ass Besides, I conclude by recalling that the dress, far from being a black rag that might in itself and by itself leave things as they are, It has a deep philosophical meaning, theological and mystical. The dress comes from the Latin word attitude, and is nothing but a translation of the greek term ἕξις [hexis]. In his deep philosophical meaning, dress means habit, and is a wholly erect habit on character [from greek ἔθος]; that new permanent and eternal character that we have marked us forever through the grace of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.


The dress is therefore a way of being [in greek ουτός ἐkείν] which manifests being and above all behave in a precise way, conform to what was and what is preached doctrinally and morally.


For Aristotle the dress It is "something similar to nature" [12], because through the practice of precise behavior it leads to highlight in us, through the natural characteristics that we possess in power, the changing characteristics in their clothes and constant, almost in a "second nature", that is an acquired nature [13], in our case through the sacramental grace that makes us priests forever after the order of Melchizedek [14].


how we were: a group of priests

Think about it well: who is it, that between the late sixties and early eighties, on false pretexts modernity, Of abatement of distances and of divisions, but mostly based on the pretext of being and of being closer to the young, It destroyed the very concept, robe of the priest? But there is much worse: suffice to say that those who were so eager to strip the priests, They were the leaders of the radical left and the Masons. The Masons themselves that, in cahoots with the modernists, They planned in early twentieth century who had come to give Holy Communion to the faithful standing and holding. We ask: from what was dictated this interest, if not by a desire to attack the Church to the heart through the de-sanctification of the Holy Eucharist changed into a cross between a metaphor and a Social feast of joy ? But it is not appropriate to open a speech in the speech, therefore refer you to the Most Holy Eucharist when he expressed in his keynote Cardinal Robert Sarah [see articles, WHO] …


This article was inspired, as explained at the beginning, the letter addressed to me by a young Catholic Modena. Some people think that he is the only? I wrote days ago Melania, young Neapolitan mom 27 year old:


"Take away the guitars and bongos churches, put in line charismatics swinging and faint and Neocatechumenals dancing around the altars, filled the aisles with organ sounds and spread the classical liturgical songs, put back in the knee assemblies during Mass, place it at the center of the altar Christ crucified instead of the priest show-man, returned to speak in homilies of the mysteries of faith instead of social and ecological problems, because your mission is the salvation of souls, not the salvation of the animal species in danger of extinction. And you will see how quickly you return to have churches full of young '.


… to wear a cassock we were in a few: Don Matteo, but is an actor in a television series, along with a few other priests, who are not actors but real priests. Has anyone ever wondered why, filmmakers, in their fiction, priests that depict positive figures or even funny, They present them to the public more and rigor everyone with “old woman” speaker?

Is not it, but false, that young Catholics craved their priests in canvas trousers and sneakers; as it is not true that no child has ever longed to see his father move about the house among the guests dressed in a pair of underpants falling. It was the devastating psychologists e sociologists Seventies, grown Pane&Marx, who launched the pretext of liberation fashionable costumes and body, for the overthrow of the "bourgeois ideology", under which the parents had to flaunt nudity with their children and vice versa; they were to indicate how good and educational thing going together in the bathtub; they were to launch the "myth" of the "friend-accomplice Mom" ​​and "papà amicone '. It is however, Unfortunately, nobody takes care to go and see what were the subsequent outcomes of many of my peers in the mid seventies composed poignant in elementary schools supply telling her father and mother were their best friends. No one takes care to go and see what were the subsequent results of many of my peers teenagers, at the end of the seventies went clubbing together with their Moms-vamp in appearance of their friends and accomplices, that instead of making the mothers were the bricks, in all directions, reliable, and secure it with birth control pills and a box of condoms placed in a backpack of their small little dog in bloom, everything was in place, imparted sex education and sexual liberation perfectly processed …


… the author of this article with always wearing his “old rag anachronistic

The same principle, iNo different but similar way, It has been applied as it is to the priests, the only difference being that they did not have to do with the father and mother, "my best friends", but with seminary rectors and bishops in the backpacks of these small heretics in bloom they put other kinds of birth control pills and boxes of condoms, Finally, to make totally barren seed of Christ, forget, except perhaps unaware, that God's grace perfects nature there, but it does not replace, and can not make the nature of the priest that there has never been and that therefore there can never be [15], even if the non-priest in soul and body was made years and years of Blessed seminar.


the author of this article: "in summer, in areas where it is really hot, has always existed for priests an alternative to black robe, and the white robe, but certainly not the shorts on the presbytery of the church …»

I reiterate that these priests trendy, in some respects almost irredeemable and sunk in their airtight every action of God's grace, They should not be taken seriously or reprimanded; because they reproach it is useless. These priests trendy They are only taken for a ride. Trust a pretaccio saying bad words and follow my advice: to the cousin priest trendy which comes before you with jeans tight low-rise pants and with the horse in the new models is suspended from above, rimproveratelo not to get thrown to the winds his mystical attitude, ridendovi because that will react in the face and giving you the anachronistic. Or rather telling: "... but you do not know, that in the Church there was a council '? Then you close combat with this way: "Reverend, but what I wear trial was put? With the shooting ass undone by a widow who finds, this pant gives not just; but especially, for the lack of merchandise that she has between her legs, these pants with narrow suspension in high horse, It does not show what is, But just what is lacking in her dramatically, because grace perfects nature there, but it enhances certain that there is no. And she, Rev., for lack of grace He does not own the balls. there, in his place, since she does not have a physical swimmer, I would cover with a Roman toga ". And if anything,, this speech, or a different but similar speech, do not let it do by a man or men, but worse: let it do to women. There is not the worst thing for a man, more or less true, or even one man by birth and, to be told by women: «You have just the balls


Then these subjects s'they will piss off quite a lot of, because you put them in ridiculous. And maybe, in extremis, although it is not said, learn anything, thanks to a healthy and very charitable jack ass. Because today, before certain priests, on the one hand, we just have to cry, on the other hand, we just have to take the piss, because it raised the issue in these terms, the jack ass It will be the extreme act, most perfect and loving Christian charity, He says one sees it pretaccio scurrilous, He remains intimately too worried about not swallow camel heresy and widespread immorality, to heal the harmless midge a healthy swearword.


the Island of Patmos, 12 June 2017





Venerable Brother Bishops and Priests,

definitely want a "empty church for empty»? Then seguitate to invite to speak in your diocese and your priests these churches social-ecologists, everyone justice-social e sociologisms the thirty-year and experienced fallimentarità, in glory accompanied by their retinue of hippies of the left radical chic. Without this, you will see how the churches will be emptied definitely young, to finally be "empty for empty ', since almost no one now thinks the ecology of souls to be redeemed and to be saved from pollution of sin, It is the most urgent and politically correct to fight pollution from air conditioners.





[1] The text reads fee: « If someone says, sacrosanto the sacrament of the Eucharist, the substance of bread and wine as the body and blood of Christ, and denieth that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance of the bread into the body and of the whole substance of the wine into the blood,, unchanged only the bread and wine;, How to change the Catholic Church most aptly calls Transubstantiation ». Trad. "As, then, Christ, our redeemer, He said that it was truly his body that gave under the species of bread (216), so it was always persuasive, in the church of God, – and now declares again this sacred council – that by the consecration of the bread and wine effects the change of the whole substance of the bread into the substance of the body of Christ, our lord, and of the whole substance of the wine into the substance of his blood. This transformation, so, appropriately and right it is called the holy Catholic Church transubstantiation " [Council of Trent, Sex. XIII, 15 October 1551, cap. IX transustanziazione].

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[15] «Grace does not destroy nature, but finish, The natural system must be subordinated faith, As the natural bent swirling ministers to charity», San Tommaso Aquino: S. Th. I, q.1 a 8, ad 2. Trad. Grace does not replace nature that there is no, but perfects nature which subsists …











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  1. father ariel
    lucy.56 says:


    three weeks ago I attended the Mass celebrated by her and Father Giovanni Cavalcoli in our church Varazze dedicated to our beloved St. Catherine, and I saw that when she read the Gospel, Father was looking almost like a dad who is proud of his son. I will read for a long time and I was so glad to see you together in our city.
    Come back soon !


    ... I could be his mom, premised! She is better in real life than in photos, Mom always said to be ...

  2. Zamax says:

    I take it in word and began amiably with an archbishop:
    “because the square is the heart of the city of men
    and just the square gives us the opportunity to listen,
    to dream, look towards the future and also seek answers…
    when you listen to it already lives the communion…
    Today we still widened more our dialogue,
    doing so is difficult but it is the only way for the emergence of us
    something serious and that unites us deeply…
    because the city is hiding the presence of God
    Christians and help to unravel this presence…
    the Church does not want a city of individuals but a square
    where we all learn to recognize us and to help us…
    the church and the city are travel companions
    which tend to the same goal: save the person…
    dialogue today is neither tactical nor strategic
    is the vision of the future and the decision to start building it…”

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Zamax,

      since in this article we are on the subject of “cheerful words” …
      in any case, let's make them say to dear Ugo Tognazzi of lamented memory …

      SEE HERE

      because this is unfortunately reduced a large slice of the latest generation episcopate, all "supercazzole".

      • father ariel
        Don Ciro says:

        father ariel,

        with irony're stealing your work to us Neapolitans, and this is not fair.
        But we forgive you, why the mercy passes forward to everything, Also the Incarnation of the Word …
        And we, merciful, it we were born

  3. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Dear Roberto,

    In his article the father Ariel indicated as shaming and … “put his ass on the ground”, these priests-playboy …

  4. Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
    Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

    Editor's note

    … then we translate:

    "But because this is a priest? Shit, it seems a playboy

  5. father ariel
    Pierpaolo Lord - on FB says:

    Article that many ... “Catholics” They will find it difficult to share ...

  6. father ariel
    Vincenzo Imperatore - on FB says:

    Very Don Ariel!

    You have read my mind.

    Last night I watched for a few minutes, while boringly zappingavo, transmission of Bianca Berlinguer.

    I saw a young man with very thick curly hair, very thick beard, with a polo shirt with short sleeves open on the chest and a steel watch on his left wrist, spirited discussion of the law on citizenship to immigrants.

    I told myself that loquacity has this sessantottino, even though he was too young, to my great surprise I discovered, by subtitles, It was a Don …

  7. father ariel
    Antonio Saccone - on FB says:

    It will be an article “strong” but how do you not agree ?

  8. father ariel
    Ubaldo Katastroff - on FB says:

    I read with infinite pleasure this article, and I think I found the prelate, Why, few Sundays ago, passatomi the phone to my wife, He whispered to me: but you're one of the few balls that still think like me ?
    E’ and it remains a great !

    • father ariel
      Alessio Fiorini (Milan) says:

      … about the bishop cited father Ariel'm sure would not talk under torture needless.
      Good, I was asking myself a thing: but the father Ariel, who was ordained?

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Alessio,

        the consecration of a priest is a sacramental act solemn and public that invests the entire life of the Church. It was no secret that I have received sacred ordination to the diaconate and then the priestly vocation at two churches in Rome for S.It is hand. Mons. Luigi Negri.
        In any case I would like to calm her: if this Bishop hear him utter bad words, I think it would become red with embarrassment, exactly as I'd become …

  9. father ariel
    Don Francesco Messina says:

    Dear Father Ariel,

    Your commitment was admirable, but it is useless for you to make an effort to “be abusive”, you're bound to fail in any case in this endeavor, why say bad words and do not be vulgar why requires an innate ability that manage to have only certain aristocrats …

    • father ariel
      Don Ciro says:

      … in our part [Ed, Naples] the Bourbon period and then after, They swear words were a touch of distinctive style that only the nobility could afford, then later they began to tell as well the bourgeois or new rich, but when he began to tell the people also it was there that came the real vulgarity …
      Seriously, one thing that I thought about it and I'm thinking is “jack ass” does not in itself and by itself, but as an extreme act of Christian charity and truly loving, this, I believe, It is the heart of the matter, on which deserves serious thought …

  10. candiac says:

    Don Ariel Bravo! Cool article that fully endorse!
    and it is true: the churches are empty because they are not an attempt to modernize and disappointing but a very bad copy of what they find in the 'world'. A priest in shorts and flip flops will never be as attractive as it is the world for boys. And therefore, seeing this caricature of his mouth turn up the world…It is inevitable!

    Bravo and thank you!

  11. fabriziogiudici says:

    Up to the middle I went to school with the nuns; in high school by the friars. The teaching of religion to the medium was appropriate. In high school a disaster, no one could ever have lessons: one of my companions wandered class for the classroom in chaos, negating everything. They alternated three teachers trying various approaches: teaching of precepts, the “dialogue”, exegesis of the Bible, …; no way; They were not supported by the Dean in disciplinary action. The institute was indebted to delusions of grandeur (a large sports center) and you could not risk losing the straight lines of the company “well” that sent the little children in that school.

    One of the teachers was a priest in a cassock. A day, seized with holy wrath, He launched the register in the air and cried “I'm sick of me taking the piss!”. Until the end of time he heard a pin drop. Unfortunately then gave up the, but for that episode of “parresia”, including the word, It was the religion teacher who deserved my greater esteem; and I understood what he meant “Priest with balls”, at the cost of say a bad word, in comparison of silly women that I began to see around …

    • father ariel
      don Claudio B. says:


      ... as a priest I am the first to agree with you, adding in this short: Bishop entrusted to me as a religion teacher at a Catholic school where the nuns could not do more than lay teachers with certain gaps on deep Catholic doctrine as the Mariana Trench, and then he asked a priest as a teacher, he had an adequate theological formation. And I'd be a so-called … “Doctor of Divinity”.

      The bishop, however, knew that I was presenting to school in clerical. He called me and told me not to go to school in clerical. I refused to take it off, and he sent you one of those teachers with deep gaps on Catholic doctrine as the Mariana Trench ... so that students and parents to be seguitassero “I am taken for a ride”, but not in a charitable and benevolent sense mentioned by Father Ariel …

      • father ariel
        don Giorgio from the charming Piedmont says:

        Dear brother don Claudio,

        I do not know your age, but maybe you're young, so I tell my: ho ho 72 years and became a priest in 39, after living in contact with the academic world and have taught for a decade at a high school.
        For my previous studies and my experience as a teacher, after becoming a priest, the bishop wanted to put me in charge for teachers of religion in schools.
        we fly over the “Preparation” of these teachers, of which I do not intend to speak even.
        Two years later I resigned from office, because there was nothing to do and nothing to work.

        I live in a diocese “Nordic” in which the two predecessors of the current bishop, for the increasing shortage of clergy, they have picked up “clergy-junk” from various parts of the world, three of which ended up convicted by the criminal court (to overlook what!) and a fourth fled to his home country before his arrest.
        When questioned by investigators I declared the truth: the priest sought from them had been warned by two chatty birds of the curia they were going to arrest him, so he is said to flee, taking with them (naturally!) the parish chest.

        Most of these priests are always put in the larger parishes, but especially in the wealthiest, because it must be understood that in their home countries they have a large army of relatives to maintain.

        … and so I was sent to a parish in … high mountain.
        Surely there is an air that is good for body and spirit, and a population of 612 parishioners.

        When years ago asked me why a priest of that time “as soon as” 58 years was put in a small mountain parish,while the priests were scarce even in the large population centers, I replied that that question had to do it to the bishop …

        I am an only child and at the time my parents, that does not fared badly, I left to live on. Thank god! Because in the parish where I am you collect on average 20 EUR offers at Sunday Mass. But, with the money of my family, I could redo the roof, install new heating, etc … and when I die, this parish will remain without a priest. Imagine, There are parishes with 3.000 parishioners that they no longer have the pastor but a priest who goes there to celebrate only on Sunday, imagine if they send a priest in this little village!

        Ah, I forgot to specify my fault … you know how, shots of age!
        apart from my testimony above made to the investigators on the case of that particular priest fled, my guilt was in its time the following: I declared contrary (and still I remain opposed) the teaching of religion in schools, and you declared that eight out of ten teachers did not know the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but especially to Catholics I advised parents not to give their children religious instruction, but to send them to catechism in the parish.

        The mountain air is wonderful and … Ariel's father is a great, because God only knows how many priests … “mountain” He is giving voice !

        don Giorgio from the charming Piedmont

  12. Hector says:

    Edward, 24 year old, Melania, 27 year old …. two young and wise sentries who deserve to be thanked for having inspired this scathing and healthy reprimand …
    A small note: meeting a priest (in church or even in the way and whatever dress) and he accomiatandoci, would restore “habit” the respectful greeting almost forgotten today: Let Jesus Christ, now and always ( Praised be Jesus Christ, always be praised)

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