Me compels obedience to the truth: "The petition in favor of Amoris laetitia is much worse than the correctio filialis that the Pope of heresy accusation". And in the appendix: a small prophecy in death of Benedict XVI



Day after day, the Supreme Pontiff Francis is showing himself to be a parent at the height of his own irresponsibility, but not for that never cease to be, For better or for worse, our rightful parent. Therefore, son grieved, It can also tell: "I wish we had a different parent ', but always animated by the full knowledge that his parent is. And as such it must also accept it and respect it, up to accept, with great suffering, the fact that correcting and training the parent has never been the task of the children, while helping the parent yes, this is a real duty of children.


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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“In the visible Church you are now the surviving priests of a militant and saving Church which no longer exists, why can you call the paleo-presbyteri, congiungervi waiting for the triumphant Church in the heavenly Jerusalem "

Jorge Facio Lynx, private Talks with Ariel S.. Levi di Gualdo




New cover for the next edition of Les Miserables, Victor Hugo. In the picture: His Holiness Francis I interviewed the Paduan priest Marco Pozza, worthy son of … Friar Cipolla [cf. item WHO]

The ambiguity of the Holy Father, your refusal a respond and clarify, perhaps due to a cage in which he was locked up or in which he unwittingly let himself be locked up [cf. response to a reader, WHO], equivalent to a plane without a parachute launch. And before similar launch, you can't talk about predictable end, but only of certain end.


Just imagine one of those large families made up of two parents and five children aged between five and fifteen, in which the father and mother did not give precise indications and directives on what to do and what not to do, about what you should do and what you should not do, on what is allowed and what is prohibited. And suppose that these parents, if anything even implying or stating what not to do and what is forbidden to do, do not indicate in any way what would be the proper punishment given to those who transgress their command. Well: what would happen?


To this question I can answer through an image eloquently, sad and humiliating in its squalor for the Church of Christ and for this pontificate. This is the picture that accompanies this article, in which the priest Marco Pozza recovered, chaplain of the Padua prison, He sat before the Pope dressed as a casual young man in sneakers [cf.. WHO].


To clarify the example chosen through which we will then talk about something else, We must remember that the Code of Canon Law states today:


Clerics are to wear suitable ecclesiastical dress according to the norms issued by the Episcopal Conference and the legitimate local custom [can. 284]. Clerics are to refrain completely from what is unbecoming to their state, accordance with the provisions of particular law [Can. 285 § 1]. Avoid those things that, although not unbecoming, nevertheless foreign to the clerical state [Can. 285 §2].


Quoted canon, But we also know the answer of certain subjects, which it is more or less this: "But please, let's not formalize ourselves! What only matters is peace, the love, mercy, the welcome. Not fossilizziamoci on hard and dry law, roba of Pharisaic legalisms! What matters it is to stay close to the sheep, take the smell, stinking sheep like them ».


And just before answers of this kind it is necessary to remember that in addition to this "arid" canon 284, definitely no peace, love, mercy, welcome and stench of sheep, There are forty-eight years of papal teaching in the exercise of such, three predecessors of the reigning Pontiff, one of which canonized and the other beatified - perhaps mistaken in the name of the arid law that is not merciful or pecoreccia ―, based on this "barren" canon have made repeated appeals to the members of the secular and regular clergy, reiterating in every way that clerical garb, It is not a simple totally unnecessary accessory. He appeals to that effect made them the Blessed Pope Paul VI to Catechesis in the Hearing general the 17 September 1969 [cf.. WHO], to follow with the Address to Clergy 1st March 1973. Following the circular letter To meet the Congregation for Bishops to all pontifical representatives 27 January 1976. To follow with the Apostolic Letter of the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II, new incipient, the 7 April 1979, addressed to Priests for Holy Thursday. Always under the pontificate of the Holy Pontiff John Paul II - canonized but not heard and much less followed - follows the Circular of the Congregation for Catholic Education the 6 January 1980, and below that of the Congregation for the Clergy in Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests, paragraph 66, The obligation of the ecclesiastical, the 31 January 1994. It's still: September 8 1982 the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II wrote a letter to the Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome, published on The Osservatore Romano the 18-19 October 1982 - at the time when the official organ of the Holy See does not yet talked to San Martin Lutero and his “reform” —, reaffirming the obligation of ecclesiastical dress and establishing that in his diocese he wanted priests to wear the cassock [Then read the text WHO]. On this subject back finally even the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI with his expression turned to the plenary meeting of the Congregation for the Clergy on 16 March 2009 [cf.. WHO].


Assuming that we flee any spirit of pure and dry formalism, every good Catholic evaluates for himself the indignant significance of the public image of a pretino fashion in clothes casual, that with gym shoes bets on the floor interview the Roman Pontiff. From the same pose of the priest in fact anyone can infer that in his long years of santissimo seminario, surely already tense ever since then social-pecoreccio which today makes such trend, perhaps he never even learned the rudiments of good manners, which is not formalism, because education is part of a style of ecclesial life and ecclesiastical linked to the deeper elements of the priesthood and the sacred pastoral ministry spirituality [I refer to my article on pretini trendy: "I seriously pigliateli, take them for the ass " WHO].


While we roped critical assaulting sometimes disrespectfully and even violent, the Supreme Pontiff for his every breath, on the other we'd like, its staunchest defenders, often no less deranged, They entered the order of ideas that the Holy Father is not perfect and that, precisely for the best protection and preservation of its role, must also necessary to highlight its flaws, which they are not few, and often also produce damage [cf.. My previous article WHO]. Otherwise it falls in total imbalance on either side, harming, in one and in the other case, the Church of Christ, the reigning Pontiff and the institution of the papacy.


A few days ago, with firm severity, I criticized the authors of the correction filial [cf.. text, WHO] who accused the reigning Pontiff seven heresies expressed in a more or less direct [cf.. previous article WHO]. In those few lines, in flush with tones in some passages about the "cruelty", I strongly attacked one of the signatories, Antonio Love [cf.. previous article WHO]. And I attacked because first of all the love you very much, I venerate him as an elderly priest and I consider him the last great exponent of the glorious Roman School on a philosophical and theological level.


The deference to truth and intellectual honesty, Today I require all the more reason to say that the correction filial It is really nothing, compared to a defense text of the Holy Father which completely distorts the text of The joy of love, taking for granted and impersonating public opinion of the Catholic openings ever written and ever permissioni dates [see text, WHO]. The correction filial, on which stands for the joy of the noisy pro-Lefebvre Catholics the untimely signing of the schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, We remember that it is not in communion with Rome, despite the improvident and unilateral concessions made to them by the Supreme Pontiff Francis, there's really nothing, a comparison of the signatures that appear at the end of the text of this effusive Defense: those of many overt heretics. Included among them two excommunicated: Martha Heizer, President of the so-called Basic Association We are church [We are Church], to which has been imposed in 2014 excommunication, not by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, but by the reigning Pontiff. Excommunication extended to her husband Ehemann Gert [cf.. WHO, WHO]. And if these are some of the signatories of the defense, There is something to be feel challenged [cf.. WHO].


Precisely because of the severity used a few days ago, the evolution of the facts compels me to say that while prosecutors yesterday are mistaken Catholics, today's defenders are mostly manifest heretics, gangrene in its own subjective view of the Catholic Church, not corresponding to the Church of Christ, with the excuse of The joy of love and specious defense of the Supreme Pontiff, instead they try to defend and carry on only their perilous heresies of all time.


I used the Ecclesiastical Paradigm and painful picture of casual pretino fashion before the Supreme Pontiff in indignified conditions to reiterate that Francis is the emblem of the harmful parent. It is the parent paradigm, Once a decision is made, before the demands of the child explanation, instead of answering, says to him: "Go and ask the neighbor, because he is an experienced parent, he'll give you to the correct interpretation of what I wanted to say '. Just as the Supreme Pontiff said when spurred by questions from journalists invited them to seek guidance to Cardinale Christoph von Schönborn. And you know well that, if there was no cry, it would be funny.


If a parent does not respond to his son, or fails to identify his son, together with the directive or command given, also the eventual punishment in which incur, He is likely to end up with a teenager who returns home drunk and drugged at three am, aware that the other side is not a merciful father, welcoming and inclusive, but a perfect irresponsible unable to assume their responsibilities. Even worse: even able, if necessary, of blaming the other teenage son who, aware of his age and the risks they can run, He leads a sober life and not going to be of joints around the slums with high-risk persons. E, said this, Please use the specialists of turn of the Holy Gospel and its worst adulteration, not daring to bring up the Parable of the prodigal son [cf.. LC 15, 11-32], because it teaches not to take blows to the loyal son and to raise the dissolute son as a model, all sorry and unwilling to correct himself. On the contrary, having run out of money and wondered data earlier by his father, the profligate back to him to ask for more money, and then return to dilapidarli with prostitutes. Because these are the models that often, in Contemporary Church, are made to pass the Prodigal Son, in defiance up to Christ the Lord and his holy gospel they teach anything.


Day after day, the Supreme Pontiff Francis is showing himself to be a parent at the height of his own irresponsibility, but not for that never cease to be, For better or for worse, our rightful parent. Therefore, son grieved, It can also tell: "I wish we had a different parent ', but always animated by the full knowledge that his parent is. And as such it must also accept it and respect it, up to accepting with no small amount of suffering that correcting and training the parent has never been the task of the children, while helping the parent, this is a real duty of children.


Finally, I offer a small “prophecy” at the end of this comment, entitled: In the death of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI. Which might sound like a far-fetched fall style, if not properly explained. And my little “prophecy” it's this one: the Holy Father Benedict XVI, albeit bruised for understandable issues of age, although always perfectly polished, ninety years played is moving towards the natural end of his life, which could happen any day now. If indeed all, from birth, including infants, children and youth, They can be caught at any time from death, more so it is a nonagenarian.


Given that our churches are increasingly empty, that the cameramen the Vatican Television Center and of Sat2000 they do not know from what angle to frame an increasingly deserted Piazza San Pietro, trying to make it appear more or less full of faithful … well, That said, I say to: the day that will be celebrated the funeral obsequies of Pope Benedict XVI, predecessor of the reigning Pope, God's people will give the last square packed the history of the universal Church. And that square packed, as ever the more you will see in the future, it will be the sign and at the same time the judgment given by the People of God on the pontificate of a Supreme Pontiff who has received and bestowed smiles and words on everyone, even to a son of Lucifer like Marco Pannella, to an indomitable and unrepentant abortionist like Emma Bonino, to a wolf now disguised as a lamb like Eugenio Scalfari [cf.. Giovanni Cavalcoli, WHO]. He received in hearing and embraced the worst dictators dell’America Latina, who with great fall in style treated him to pats on the back and hugs around his waist; then using these images in their own countries to make the Bolivian people or the Venezuelan people believe that the Supreme Pontiff was on their side, What obviously false, totally false! But unfortunately, certain images, in the media have devastating impacts, with all due respect guru communications as Father Antonio Spadaro and Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò, prudence of which is probably comparable to that of those who chose them and elected to certain offices delicate.


For all, the Supreme Pontiff Francis had smiles and answers, except for his brothers in the episcopate devotees, as the four cardinals in a very respectful tone demanded an answer, through the ecclesial form of so-called Dubia.


This is what will happen to the death of Pope Benedict XVI. Unless certain clerical luciferin, sensing also that the square you can not control and that a narrow square crowded around the coffin of 265 ° Successor of Peter, It would be a visible resounding judgment on this pontificate featuring interviews to secular newspapers of great tradition anticlerical, but at the same time it characterized by increasingly empty squares and churches, “Parino the image damage” imposing the celebration of the funeral obsequies privately. If anything inventing - because as such does not beat them to be liars anyone -, that the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI had left her hand that his funeral obsequies were celebrated in private.


They are spilled rivers of ink on the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI who has renounced the Petrine ministry retiring to private life, but no one has rated her yet “terrible danger” the dead, before a packed square as ever, with an army of Polish Catholics are able to reach Rome - as among others have repeatedly -, even walking and hitchhiking, to be present at the final burial of Pope St. Giovanni Paolo II, canonized, but not heard and not later. And that square crowded as ever, It would be a judgment on the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, He hated by the worst intelligentsia theological captive-Lutheran, but he loved by Catholics. But, that square packed, It would also be a terrible judgment on the reign of his successor, which on one side has bestowed smiles to Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, interviews with Eugenio Scalfari and hugs to arcivescove Lutheran lesbian clad in priestly insignia, and at the same time ushering in the era of a pontificate with increasingly empty churches in Rome and the increasingly deserted Piazza San Pietro, while two of his cardinal devotees died after devotedly served the church all my life and have confirmed devotion in every way the August Pontiff, but he - the merciful -, It not deigned to receive them and to answer. Perhaps he not received them and did not answer because he was too busy to greet the arrival of hordes giovanottoni in perfect physical health, anything but fled famine and wars, all in the age group far below the Thirty Years', to absolute majority Muslims, which they are launched in the colonization of Europe by now dying dechristianized foraggiati funds from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, But even in spite they called foolish and reckless with anything but name: refugees. All this after having demonstrated the ability to read and to be able to articulate well two Latin words: soli juice


And who will live, will see, the day we bury his Venerable Predecessor Benedict XVI, if they do decide to avoid the big problem giving him a silent funeral, shut up …


From the island of Patmos, 19 October 2017



The Marco Pozza’s show



Here's another priest who unfortunately did not understand that young people in a very special way, Priests of Christ do not want them so tanned, a fare i divetti low alloy jeans before the altar, as demonstrated by the churches in which they speak, where in the audience, more than young people, There are now just old seventies sessantottino, the con artrite reumatoide, remained with them little guitars in hand to sing God is dead Francesco Guccini, increasingly paralyzed in “forbidden to forbid” and sweet icon “Christ-Che Guevara“. But their sloppiness, give him rope and credit the Supreme Pontiff and miserable television of the Italian Episcopal Conference, that we'd least expected …



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20 replies
  1. Iginio says:

    «[…] even able, if necessary, of blaming the other teenage son who, aware of his age and the risks they can run, It leads a sober life[…]»

    More or less what happened to me, with a widowed father too weak and unable to educate her teenage daughter, which covered insults him and me and demanded money under the pretext that “It has a right to do what I want” ; in your opinion, like I did “what I want” going to school and studying, so she had the right to go partying with various thugs, They also took me into fights and profanity. My father Comment: “I do not know, I was not there”, then he began to giggle with my sister with me in the hope of making the buddy accattivarsela.
    I pass on the details of the story. I add, however, that even pretonzoli e pinzochere “family friends” they looked good dall'aiutarci, preferring to make fun of me behind, or tell me to “go to the specialist”: in other words, abnormal would be me.

    Generally I recommend reading M. Fforde, “desocialization”, ed. Cantagalli, cap. “Aggression to healthy souls”.


    Ed. see WHO

  2. Jorge Facio Lynx - responsible for drawing
    Jorge Facio Lynx - responsible for drawing says:

    Suor face Carla,

    we receive many messages, but what she wrote to us is unbelievable, and I tell her not so much in my capacity as head of the editorial staff of The Island of Patmos, but the answer right in my quality of eyewitness.

    The fact she narrated took place in the afternoon of Borgo Pio 23 August of this year, Around hours 16 circa, I remember it very well.

    The priest in question, It was not a forty, but he had just turned 54 years a few days before, the 19 August.

    Sister … the priest in question, Father was Ariel !
    I was with him and I can witness them that the Ladies of the laundry have told the truth.

  3. father ariel
    Sister Carla (Rome) says:

    Rev. P. Ariel dear,

    The photo accompanying the article is the mirror of the article and the final caption which says "another who did not understand that young people in particular do not want the tanned priests as well", is the tombstone fell on the visible Church.

    To give but a pleasant satisfaction, I would like to narrate a story that made me Friday a lady who has a laundry just around the Vatican Walls …
    … “It came a priest in his forties, He dressed in black robes and asked us if they could wash with some urgency white robe, to use in places where there is very hot”. At that point the lady tells me that came his worker who saw the white robe said … “Ah, if the Pope, He will have to come in person to pick, so I salute you”. The priest replied: “no, it's mine, I use it when I go in very hot places”. Then the worker told the priest … “that is fine, it will mean that the Pope greets you there”. Without outspoken priest replied … “if it was less busy talking Eugenio Scalfari and more with his priests, I could salutarglielo”.

    You see, father ariel, she is not so only, and what is the comfort.
    I wanted to relate to this funny anecdote.

    SR. Carla

    Greetings from my sisters

  4. father ariel
    Christmas says:

    Dear p. Ariel,

    the parable of two sons or of the mercy – rubricano like modern priests – It would be more understandable to people today, Always according to these presbyters, if you start well :

    "A man had two sons. One day the younger son said to his father :” Father give me the share of the estate that falls to me because I want to go into town to have fun and to revel a bit’ with my friends “. The father then said, :”Son, you know what I say? I'm coming with you!”».

    We would all armanentario the new ministry: inclusion, accompaniment e, at the end of the adventure, discernment on experience and development of a judgment of conscience.

    For a more in-depth hermeneutics of same, Sosa buzz o Galantino. If absent try Spadaro.

    Thanks for the time you dedicated to me.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thanks to her for the elegant way, ironic and sad with whom he painted with two strokes a sad reality.

  5. father ariel
    Zamax says:

    Not to sound too formalistic, also because I myself – but they are not a priest – mostly dressed casual meaning rather plebeian or literal, but I note that Don Marco has sneakers unlaced, which they are usually the prerogative of brats or under the age of eighteen, or fashionistas in adulthood.

  6. father ariel
    Nicholas N. says:

    Dear Father Ariel,

    I read his latest article: a masterpiece. The conclusion has moved me. I realize I grasp – like many – the drama, if he just does not result in the tragicomedy of this Church “at sunset”, so “output” to be next to the demise.

    I know the comparison holds up to a certain point, but something the article reminded me – as a good lover of Central European literature – The conclusion of the work of Joseph Roth The Radetzky March, with the death of Emperor Franz Joseph and the end of the world that the old emperor embodied. If then it was the disappearance of a social model, of a family, of a modus vivendi, Today we are witnessing the collapse of something much more: perhaps the end of the Church “visible” for as we have known, It crystallized in the venerable figure of the Pope Benedict XVI.

    And I realize the terrible helplessness of us all in the face of everything.

    Nicholas N.

  7. father ariel
    Letter Signed says: the father,

    ho ho 82 year old, most of whom lived evil, the result of damage done by me, with the prompt help of my wife, passed away three years ago.

    I am a former university professor and a former freelancer and early '70s I found myself with two children not yet teenagers.

    My wife (psychiatrist and former militant of the extreme left, as I was), We raised our children out of all “bourgeois schemes”. With the children needed “converse, converse…”, nothing more authority and authoritarianism, no more commands or impositions. The same words “mother” e “Pope” were “bourgeois”, so better that the children they called us by name.

    No secret, total confidence. Modesty? Legacy of the past, of captive-repressive mentality, hotbed of frustration, tabu and psychologies complexed.

    What we have to suffer with our teenage children, we grew up in this way, from mid-80s, not even be narrated, truly, It can not be narrated.

    Life with my wife, from which I have never divorced, while he is having often thought of doing, was that of two separate house.

    Mocked by my wife, always remained unyielding Communist sessantottino, and my children, instead they did not believe anything, if not the money and the good life, In the 1991 I riavvicinai to faith, after having met some friends who were part of the Community of the Sons of God of Don Divo Barsotti, with which I was able to speak several times near Florence.

    After the death of my wife, my children have stopped associating with, and just do not want to see me. Their lives are a mess, in all human and moral aspects. They devoured the patrimony inherited from my wife from his family, the one I inherited from my, and our two entire working lives. I have not owned a home, because my children, after having eaten their first and second homes, they are also eaten my. Acting on the advice of my wife, I had passed the ownership of my house to one of the sons, so that they had each two properties, until one day a bank I notified foreclosure.

    If I had not a good pension, and if I had not ambushed some savings hidden, I do not know today how I would spend in old age.

    I stop here, Father Ariel expensive and, Finally to say that the kind of parent you described in this article, it's me, It is my wife, may God have it in glory, It was even worse than me. At least, I, get older, I turned again, I dealt with my irreparable errors, and I returned to the Father's House, she, instead, It remained for life in “Marx House”, explaining through the media of the best psychiatric science, they had the wrong others, everyone, Unless you.

    The poor Pope Francis, leave it as it is, age that is found. I understand that every day sowing damage, But have pity on him, leave it to his irresponsible parent unconsciousness, it's better.

    You have you any idea what it means, for a parent, become aware of having ruined the lives of two children, with his bad education, even more than he had ruined his life to himself?

    He has 81 year old, this poor Argentine stagnated to the psychological and social patterns of the 70s, is a person visibly never evolved in human and intellectual level, let live and die as it is, With its illusions, because the good Pope Francis is just like my wife … It is only able to see and indicate how and where the others are wrong.

    A prayer for me.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Carissimo X X ,

      His letter to be read, I would dare to say “on your knees”, then meditated as a text provided by our Office of Readings.

      All the rest, there we are told in private, on several occasions; and we will continue to tell us, because we are more of us to need the testimony as his, especially damaging testimony before the Church and ecclesiastical our.

  8. orenzo
    orenzo says:

    He wrote St. Pius X at the beginning of the Apostolic Letter “Our apostolic office”:
    “Our apostolic office makes us duty to watch over the purity of the faith and the integrity of Catholic discipline, keeping people from the dangers of error and evil, especially when the error and evil are they presented with a rousing speech, that veiling the uncertainty and ambiguity of the expression of ideas with the ardor of feeling and with the bombastic words, It can inflame the hearts seductive causes, my deadly…”
    … today instead…


    Ed. Readers can read in the text of that letter WHO

  9. father ariel
    Don Ciro says:

    The faithful sheep seem to have the obligation to kiss the shepherd's staff that the clubs for their loyalty, while the lost sheep, that the fold does not intend at all to enter, and that all his life despised the flock and its shepherds, Today applaud the revolutionary shepherd “came from the end of the world”, It does things of this world, upsetting both this world and the other world …

    • father ariel
      priest from Padua says:

      Dear Don Ciro,

      to you that sometimes ooze formidable inscriptions on the commentaries of The Island, I wanted to say something, hoping for a joyful response …
      P. Ariel, in the article, uses a picture of a certain priest jeans and rock’n roll.
      In common, this priest and I, We Bishop, and the bishop, so, the two of us as priests.
      … there, I will never forget the expression of the bishop, When “Kosai” introduce me to him with the cassock on him.

      He remembered the song of that cartoon who said … It turns into a rocket missile with a thousand valves circuits, among the stars sprints and goes …



      UFO Robot, see WHO

      • father ariel
        Don Ciro says:

        Dear brother Padua,

        eh, already, these days we really are reduced to bread&Onion, times of great famine!
        rather than comment, I would like to invite you and all readers of this happy island, to devote just 10 minutes watching this movie, the protagonist of which is a large and unique Vittorio Gassman.

        This gag entitled Only then, the bishop (Gassman) enters a church by a direct pretino in jeans, used to doing pretty much his social shows with people reduced to collective, or theater listening. But the bishop, skillfully, He can pull out of their faithful old soul ever.

        Watch it, because this, yesterday and today is the story, this, yesterday as today, is the people of God.
        Father Ariel who has understood very well, He repeats the years, to us, his fellow priests, species to the deaf folded on fashions of themselves.

        • father ariel
          Hector says:

          Rev.Padri Don Ciro and Don Ariel,

          just think ', this film is forty years old, was the 1977, They were other times ...

          Authors and filmmakers of the movie, in several episodes, tratteggiavano the negative aspects of the different institutions (the world of the nobility, of politics, the judiciary), Tantum ergo in satire concerned the Church, presented - irridendoli - behaviors, and visas, and defects, The Italian then mediocrity

          Certainly the worker priest and popular leader, more than a minister of God ... he thought Social Justice; the times we were living the challenge to all higher authorities.

          Certainly the aristocratic Cardinal, that gown shape, that ancient shades of purple, that use of gloves, that language polished ...

          Certainly the Cardinal had charisma, annihilates the priest ... it soothes the boiling, restoring respect for the sanctity of the place, drag those faithful to praise the Lord ...

          But ... the Cardinal - indeed hasty – he at least had to finish the song and give a solemn blessing to the people.

          Then we thought we were at the dawn of another world, It was called for a return to the simplicity of the costumes ...

          leaving run, leaving to run, Today we note that the sloppiness in clothing has infected everyone, is request / also shared by bishops, by cardinals, and it is tolerated / accepted even in the Vatican, even in some official hearings ...

          And not just sloppiness, but also the lack of charisma, with rare exceptions.

          long live the cassock



          paradigmatic, exemplary, commendable what he wrote [Ed. below under] anonymous university professor in “Letter Signed”

  10. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Father Ariel has yet touched once the real heart of the problem: the imbalance. And, we are in the size of the imbalance. and will’ by those who attack the Pope for every trifle, to those who seem to consider it (how long ago you wrote an article on the Island) most perfect of Jesus Christ.
    I rather “trembled” in front of the prophecy, with the word prophecy written by Father Ariel in quotes, instead I, the word prophecy, I remove the quotes …

  11. father ariel
    Mr Franco (Bologna) says:

    Dear p. Ariel,

    you are loved and hated, loved and despised … as were the ancient prophets.
    Its one thing, But, all the priests, those who appreciate you (a lot of) like those who despise you (few, at least according to my personal statistics), we all agree: definitely not aspire to become bishop and cardinal to become, This is beyond doubt.

    • father ariel
      Don Paolo - Ferrara says:

      The late card. Caffara had a very deep appreciation for P. Giovanni Cavalcoli and P. Ariel, I know why I suggested to him in private, to clarify some of my doubts, read two specific articles on the Isle of Patmos.
      I do not personally know the two fathers, but we respect them a lot, and I think that we are not a few, to estimate them.

      Don Paolo – Ferrara

  12. father ariel
    Sonia Falsini - FB says:

    I often disagree with its articles, father ariel, but this time has been remarkable, really she flattered the truth and offered the uncommon reader insights about the current pontificate.

    I think this line of defense of the Truth is the favorite of many readers that the estimate as priest and theologian and often do not share his defense of’ indefensible.

    The Lord bless you.

  13. Zamax says:

    Not to sound too formalistic, because I dress casual in the sense rather plebeian or literal, but I note that Don Marco has “sneakers” unlaced, which they are usually the prerogative of brats or under the age of eighteen, or fashionistas in adulthood.

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