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The Martinism is even more insidiously dangerous rahnerismo, who is the theological foundation. Indeed, Rahner principles of epistemological, logical and metaphysical contrary to Catholic dogma, Martini, much less equipped in terms of speculative, did not explicitly taken […]


John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli OP



An urgent need of the Church today, fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, is still that of a straight line and its fullcouncil stamp application, which does not exclude the need or opportunity to some changes or corrections of some pastoral directives, that above all the proof of facts, were less cautious or even counterproductive.

As instead regards the doctrinal or dogmatic of the Council, the problem, even after a long time, remains the correct interpretation, due to a not always clear, some of its doctrines, especially the new ones, which explain and develop the data of traditional faith.

The Magisterium of the Church, in the past fifty years, you are very used to explain the true meaning of the doctrines conciliar - Just think of the encyclicals of Blessed Paul VI or St. John Paul II or Catechism of the Church Cattolicthe -; but at the same time not worked enough to correct misinterpretations, especially brand modernist, that over time have become increasingly marked by obtaining the license interpretation best, more modern and advanced than that proposed by the Popes, it has managed to make it appear to many as outdated and linked to the theology of the pre-council.

maradiaga col sax

“Pop&Rock”. Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga and the new pastoral sassofonica. Nothing to say: times change and that change is good. Without going to “suspicious times” the pre Vatican II and remaining instead under the pontificates of Popes of the post council, a question arises: how they would react St. John XXIII and Paul VI Beato, but perhaps also the Saint John Paul II of the Eighties, before an image of the genre? They would have appointed a member of a grand council of wise cardinal? Meditate people, meditate …

Unfortunately the Popes in an attempt to preserve generous dialogue with the modernists, were not sufficiently defended by these accusations, because it is a success that they themselves have somehow allowed, maybe not to cause greater evils, that in the Catholic world would spread and affirm a double vision of the Church and Catholicism, almost two currents equal legitimacy and coexisting despite the contrasts between them: a current of majority, or at least a very powerful and influential at all levels of the Church, pastors and faithful, with members in the same hierarchy and the College of Cardinals, and especially in theological circles and academics, strong powerful advertising media, expression modernistic interpretation of the Second, and a current of minority, faithful to the interpretation of the Popes.

This current modernist knows well hide its roots disruptive and demolition and his duplicity under the appearances of a modern Catholicism, cultured, pleasant, moderate, accommodating, mitigated, tolerant, understanding, open, ecumenical, quiet and industrious, enemy of exaggerations and fanaticism.

Catholicism a genteel and polite, barcamenante and opportunistic, smart and manipulator, that calms the ire, attenuates contrasts, lover of pluralism and diversity, softens positions, avoids controversy, the stiffness and the meticulousness doctrinal, knows the good education, average between opposites, that all respects, everyone agrees, includes all, all excuse, has compassion for all, is open to all, all save, no one is enemy, of all is a friend, at least in words.

whited sepulchres

pictorial representation of whitewashed tombs

This is a beautiful facade, seductive and grandiose, but already with a careful look shows cracks and patches, behind which it is impossible to see the emptiness, nihilism and squalor. A giant with feet of clay. And this because it lacks a sincere love for the truth and for the absolute values, lacking intellectual honesty and clarity, no basis and metaphysical certainties, replaced by doubt, by gimmicks, by conveniences subjective, by relativism and moral laxity, from skepticism, by the accommodation diplomat, erudition sparkling, from trivial bonhomie, the fake piety.

QUANdo I worked in the Secretariat of State in the eighties I spoke of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini as a character who claimed to become an alternative to the Pope, and he has never denied: until a few months before his death, Corriere della Sera, dared to say that the Church of Ratzinger remained back two centuries [see who]. Still the same newspaper of Freemasonry, in that same period, he said, with apparent contradiction, than ever the Church has gone well in our times and cited as an example of Karl Rahner great teacher.

1985 Loreto. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

Image of 1985. Carlo Maria Martini, 57 year old, for five years metropolitan archbishop of Milan and two years Cardinal. In appearance and manner of porgersi the cardinal has undoubtedly been one of the most beautiful figures of the college cardinazio the last fifty years.

As we know, the death of the last Popes, emissaries of the great powers modernists were regularly called Martini, but the Holy Spirit, as was to be hoped and expected by the good, was of a different opinion. On another occasion, Martini said that there is no need to save the Church, but just the Holy Spirit, contradicting what the Council of Florence 1439-1442, which instead has the famous ruling Outside the Church, No safety, which, naturally, does not mean that God can not save by means known only to him, says the Vatican, those who are not his fault he did not hear the preaching of the Gospel [I refer to our article, who]. But that does not mean that does not belong to the Church. Belongs unknowingly.

Famous then is the thesis of Cardinal Martini, according to which "there is in us a potential atheist who cries and whispers every day its hard to believe ' [see who], so that faith is not absolutely certain and indisputable, but continuing debate and uncertainty never resolved between yes and no. It is not hard to imagine what moral conduct may result from such ideas. And in fact known its positions lax sexual ethics and the favor that he accords to the priesthood of the woman, the false prophecy of Enzo Bianchi, in addition to its relativist ecumenism and feel-good, on the line of one of Cardinal Walter Kasper. Moreover, on many occasions, I was able to receive and hear complaints from priests and seminarians are trained at Milan.

carlo maria martini 2

Image of 2002. Carlo Maria Martini, was truly a man who could see far?

We do not question the great biblical preparation of Martini; but we wonder what's so much doctrine, if he lacks fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church, that should be exemplary in a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, without this serious mistake Martini closer to Lutheranism? Remarkable was the presentation of the book by Vito Mancuso on the soul [see who], where Cardinal steering a middle course between the yes and the no avoiding to condemn as it should with clarity and outrage, - But at this point he could not do the presentation -, the horrible errors of false theologian, which certainly has satisfied hundreds of thousands of admirers of both, but do not know how satisfied a clear conscience as a Catholic and reasonable man. I'll stop here and do not go beyond. Already this essay is significant.

The Martinism in my opinion is even more insidiously dangerous rahnerismo, who is the theological foundation. Indeed, Rahner principles of epistemological, logical and metaphysical contrary to Catholic dogma, Martini, much less equipped in terms of speculative, did not explicitly taken. However Rahner also has the ability to translate in accessible terms and concepts simplified and even popular, very seductive, its abstruse, complicated and convoluted pseudo transcendental musings. He is very skilled in relativize the conceptuality of dogma with his “pre-conceptual experience Mathematical Analysis” (Anticipation) and it evoluzionista and its modernist gnoseology, but then he can use with great skill the more articulated and studied conceptuality to instill in the minds of unwary his mistakes. Utilizes the concept to destroy the value of the concept and to replace the false concept to the real thing.

carlo maria martini 3

Carlo Maria Martini during a solemn pontifical ambrosiano. When he sat on the Chair of St. Ambrose, his figure instilled a kind of sacred veneration

Outhner, Certain, not an exegete but a theologian or aspires to be a theologian or is regarded as such by those who do not know what is theology; and in this regard we ask Antonio Livi what you think. Now it is true that the theologian does not take into account the individual biblical themes for commenting. To him it is necessary and sufficient to cite the biblical passages on which to base his theological theses. But these quotes do not need to be frequent and systematic, as happens nell'esegeta or biblical scholar or even in biblical theologian. The theologian in the true sense and narrow, especially the systematic or speculative, ie the true theologian who does not express simply think vaguely religious or Christian, builds his knowledge through rigorous arguments and firm principles philosophical and metaphysical, always subject to the doctrine of the Church.

Now, Rahner, though explicitly advocate the principle Sola Scriptura, like Luther, neglect and Tradition, rarely cites passages of Scripture, because it knows that almost always would be contrary; think for example to the passages of Scripture that address the importance of the concepts dogmatic, of the Magisterium of the Church, of Tradition, absoluteness of the content of the moral law, of free will, composition of the human body and soul, of merit, of sin and grace, of paradise, purgatory and hell, the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the world, the value of the priesthood and sacrifice of the Mass, etc..

carlo maria senior martini

Carlo Maria Martini elderly and sick, shortly before his disappearance, always retained the manly beauty of her figure and her looks solemn.

Martini, starting from Rahner, still retained a certain modesty or perhaps prudence, prepare a Catholicism that, if non assume il Pantheism rahneriano, However collects its anthropocentrism buonistico pro-Lutheran, e, note well, a Lutheranism farther away from Catholicism than was the same Luther, Since the biblicism Martinian is what Rahner explicitly inferred from Bultmann, known liberal Protestant of the last century, follower of Heidegger as it was the same Rahner.

Martini therefore attenuates Hegelianism rahneriano and processes a Catholicism near Luther, without fully separate from heresies of Luther, nor those of Rahner. Catholicism Compromise wants to be Catholicism, but without detaching completely, to a misunderstanding, opportunistico and confusionistico ecumenism, eh da Rahner, nè of Luther. It is a false interpretation of ecumenism wanted by the Second; but what are the reasons for the success of biblicism Martinian.

The problem posed by Martinism is that it, for its respectability, its prestige, his apparent moderation and his international success, always in apparent harmony with the Holy See, it was stated in the College of Cardinals by the establishment of a powerful current, is very likely that supports kasperiana and other cardinals filorahneriani or filomodernisti. However, it is easy to imagine that within the sacred college currently exists a situation of great distress, given by the fact that even the Martinism, as both a rahnerismo mitigated and softened, is not entirely free from the principles of the corrupters and solvents rahnerismo, closely linked with the Lutheran heresy in its further development Hegelian and Heideggerian.


carlo maria martini coffin

Carlo Maria Martini was a man by the melancholy look, even when he smiled. Elegant and hieratic, of living and the dead. In their sober but solemn her figure has always personified a model of Prince of the Church. Through the intercession of St. Ambrose Bishop and Doctor of the Church, of which he was for over two decades successor, may he rest in peace in God's grace.

So what we "boys" of the Island of Patmos we hope and we pray is that the current best of the College of Cardinals, that was expressed in the recent synod against the separatist tendency, free from temptations modernist or conservative, wants to be close to the Holy Father in the task with increasing urgency is imposed, thanks to the assistance of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church and Queen of Apostles, performing with clarity, decision, wisdom and energy to its irreplaceable function principle and guarantor of the unity of the Church, inducing sinners to repentance, lowering the proud, comforting the weak, reconciling with each other factions adverse, nell’ harmony between the different currents in the reciprocity of gifts received, in the victory over the satanic forces, for the edification of the kingdom of God and the irradiation of the Gospel to the whole world.

Fontanellato, 12 December 2014


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    What admirable frankness in his cry: Who has ears to hear, by the will of God, mean!
    What better conclusion? The humble supplication: I came Regina, come and touch the hearts of us men stubborn, enlivens our faith, reinfondi us your seven gifts: Wisdom. Intellect, Advice, Fortress, Science, Pity, Fear of God, that often the successors of the Apostles seem to have forgotten us and with them the people of God.
    Come by Mary, Mother of the Church and of Mercy, Refuge of Sinners, Queen of All Saints. Full confidence in their action and illuminating Redeeming assist the Roman Pontiff because both safe driving of the Church of Jesus Christ, according to the ways of God's plan, for the building up of His Kingdom.
    God forgive, in his justice, human misery of the deceased and also our.

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