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"I'm gay". The coming-out of Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, between the Pharisees and the sloth suicide clerical



Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa, theologian whom I respect and cherish great memories of which, He's gone with his "boyfriend”, the others are instead left to their places and soon become bishops and Cardinals in the Church of Christ emptied of faith and they reduced to a lobby straight pornocratici policy mafia blackmail and conspiracy of silence.


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



charamsa 7

Bishop Olaf Kryzstof Charamsa, 43 year old, theologian of recognized thickness, Professor at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and the Pontifical Gregorian University, an official of the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, and Secretary of the international theological Commission.

Unlike many others or most of the preface certain Catholic blog, I think I can speak of Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa with some knowledge, because I met him; in fact, he was my teacher at the time I was attending specialist license courses in dogmatic theology. In those years I had “the honor” to have as a teacher also Father Thomas Williams, who, by a hilarious irony of fate, was a professor of moral theology [see WHO, WHO]. I say "hilarious" because Williams — had a dispensation from the priesthood and dismissal from the clerical State — is married to the daughter of former u.s. Ambassador to the Holy See, from which had already had two sons in secret [cf. WHO]. And while this pious Legionnaire of Christ if messed up "Vatican diplomats thalami " [cf. WHO]; While her children were growing up healthy and beautiful, from his chair at the upright Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum - of which he was dean of theology in his early thirties - he thundered towards sins against sexual morality. Williams was indeed a hard and pure moralist, ready to throw lightning bolts and moral and bioethical thunderbolts on a condom and to threaten the poor young religious of the Legion, forced to have him so coercive as confessor, roasting in the fire of hell; because that would be their end, in case you were near misses the virile member prey on juvenile hormone also storms and only in a State of semi-consciousness during sleep. With some priests and religious, former unfortunate penitents obliged by this zealous former Legionary of Christ, I had to work a few years in foro interno and in foro outside, praying and hoping that God's grace, even through a donkey like me, sanasse the deep wounds are going to their souls by this evil being, inhumane and above all hypocritical structurally, worthy of the evil rotten trunk branch decayed by Marcial Maciel Degollado [cf. WHO].

Thomas Williams

the Legionary of Christ Thomas Williams, already Dean of theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and lecturer in moral theology and bioethics expert

I hope that similar events Prof. Roberto de Mattei - and with him all those who in recent days have treated Charamsa with extreme harshness in Corrispondenza Romana and elsewhere - have not lost my memory, including conferences he held together the moral integrity and bioethicist Thomas Williams [see WHO]. For my part I have no problem to say instead of having always considered Williams a mediocre inept put by inept legionaries of Christ teaching theology without first had included the foundations of the Catechism of the Catholic Church; and have highly esteemed theologian to Charamsa instead of that value was and who nevertheless remains. Well wonder: what he has to say to this de Mattei for Williams and Charamsa, apart from its invocation for the second of the mythical and … current Free Gomorrhianus published at the beginning of the 11th century [see WHO]?

charamsa 3

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa, behind her partner Eduard Planas

And if the blog Forward People to the Rescue quickly echoes like a trumpet in the rag of clothing [see WHO, WHO, WHO] I prefer to proceed with the tenderness of affection towards a brother who made a mistake made by his grave further theological formation, in the face of which it is impossible to invoke ignorance and even less unavoidable ignorance. And my fondness stems from those pages of the Gospel in which the word of God invites the rich young man to give up his riches to follow him [MC 10, 17-27]. Now, Anyone who thinks that Christ was referring to material goods is wrong, showing in this sense that I understand this Gospel passage, because the true riches which limit the adverse sequela Christi and of which we must get rid of are those summarized in the Seven Deadly Sins. The sentence of this story is striking: "Then Jesus stared at him and loved him […]». This is tenderness: Let the penetrating gaze of God that one day, everyone, We are called to look face to face, also to submit to his judgment, that will be merciful even though his verdict was our condemnation to eternal damnation.


the return of the prodigal son to his father's house

This is why It is good to clarify from which pulpit preface farisee are the rags of dress on the case of Archbishop Charamsa. Analysing his gesture, the painful and provocative question that I will ask later will be the following: with this coming-out gave scandal or avoided continuing to live in scandal? I believe none of the many laiconi I immediately ran to shoot in bursts of what they regularly show they do not know, He managed to make a correct analysis, because in addition to not having the necessary elements to evaluate a case in itself and in itself very serious, do not have another precondition: the priestly soul. A priest's soul can be understood and, with God's grace penetrated, only from the soul of another priest moved from an awareness that touches not instead certain laiconi the party boat: Kryzstof Charamsa received divine sacrament an indelible character and eternal and as such will be a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech, regardless of his choices and his life. I am aware that my brother made a gesture that betrays the profane and the sacred order of priests, but for this very reason I will never stop praying and hoping for his return, that the father can kill the fatted calf and sightseeing|. And that no one else dare you brother no objection before the acceptance of the merciful Father [cf. Parable of the prodigal son: LC 15, 23].

charamsa 7

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa

Saying in retrospect "I thought so" ... it could almost taste like saccenza, but it is not so, because of the dear and esteemed Kryzstof Charamsa I remember the shiny look but at the same time sad and not clear, typical of the person who tries to hide the discomfort of that suffering about which he has written and spoken so much in his lessons, to be referred to as theologian of suffering, to which he has repeatedly dedicated learned seminars and scientific works [see WHO]. Thus I formed the idea that this very competent and lovable young theologian hid his own discomfort and the secret of his suffering in the mystery of human suffering. An inconvenience and a secret suffering that instinctively emotional sphere ricollegai-affective, because unlike this brother of mine who just became a priest 24 year old, I entered a seminary at a young age, and I got to develop some instinct before becoming adult presbìtero, safe and immune to the "false freedom" that pervades the seminars, where apparently it comes around, but where the repressive and self-repressive spirit is today far worse in many respects than that which prevailed in most of the pre-conciliar seminaries, from which you want by repression you want by careful selection, men came out and not women. And if you come back, in Diocesan presbitèri, There was some problem or some scandal broke out, This was due to the fact that some presbìtero fled with her lover, but with the female lover. I defy anyone to carry only one single case of a priest fled with the boyfriend before 1970s.

charamsa 5

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa

The modern Pharisees who invoke the Free Gomorrhianus from above Empyrean of true&Temple traditio, however, they fail to give the public opinion correct information on Monsignor Charamsa, because if they did they would risk shooting themselves in the foot. It should be pointed out that, in fact, before his coming-out he has always been a theologian of orthodox doctrine trained according to the best criteria of classical scholasticism, end of Aquinas and refined scholar metaphysician; no coincidence that one of his main works is published by Edizioni Studio Domenicano [see WHO]. Students who had the opportunity to follow courses in the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum always remember with which accuracy and reliability have warned over the years future theologians from the old heresies, which, like viruses, transform over time while maintaining their dangerous substance intact. And also remember, his former students, how precise and decisive he was in the criticism addressed to the exponents of the New Theology; remember how in his lectures he emphasized the errors and dangers inherent in the thought of Karl Rahner. So precious he sent anti-modernist teachings and anti-rahneriani. A true theologian model belonging to the world of sound Catholic tradition, not an affiliate to the modernists or the so-called “Progressives”, quite the opposite: their sworn enemy.

Thomas Williams 2

Thomas Williams after dismissal from the clerical State

The editor of Roman Correspondence, who has also been attending the large campus of the Legionaries of Christ for many years, where the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and the European University of Rome are located, he cannot pretend not to have known this theologian of sound and orthodox doctrine, and he cannot pretend not to have known the moralist hard and pure Thomas Williams, also of traditionalist setting, But if it was in secret with the daughters of ambassadors from such as churning out children and with whom I had a public discussion in 2008, When faced with his infuriating statement about masturbation I said that its rigor did not correspond at all to what is reasonable and humane was written with common sense and scientific in the Catechism of the Catholic Church [CF. n. 2352, WHO]. Up to arouse his scandal for this my affirmation text: "If a teenager is not St. Aloysius Gonzaga blessed by God with special thanks had never resorted to masturbation, If I was informed I would urge parents to take it as soon as possible by the neurologist, probably because there is in him something seriously wrong that does not work. If instead a young adult, od an adult, to live their sexuality through masturbation, in addition to putting myself at his disposal as a spiritual director, I would invite him to have a chat with a good psychotherapist, because this indicate that he, on an emotional and affective level, but especially at the level of human maturity, There is something not working right» …

… then, the legionaries of Christ, to build this large campus in the Aurelia area of ​​Rome they paid 18 bribes to corrupt officials, This is an entirely different matter morally, because what only matters is not to masturbate and do not use condoms.

Father Javier Garcia, L.C.

Given the very serious statement Just done, I get my hands on and to avoid unnecessary lawsuits which plaintiffs against ritorcerebbero improvvidi, accurate to claim the payment of 18 bribes to corrupt officials was one of the leaders of the Legion of Christ, the small and foolish father Javier Garcia, than in 2009, before a 27 priests, during a lunch in the Priestly House of Castel di Guido, Turning to me and to each other in that Italian International said before an entire audience of witnesses these very clear words about the devilish level that can reach the immorality of certain moralists: "In Italy you have a weird system. From us, in Mexico, It is not so, just pay one person that will fix everything; whereas, in Italy, you have to pay the various officials one by one, because each wants its slice of cake».


... those areas in which some do not at all apply the rigor of hard and pure moral theology …

After stating this, not in private but public columns in a magazine that exceeded in just one year 1.500.000 of visits, I'd be tempted to hope for a lawsuit from people who on the one hand they corrupted public officials with the payment of bribes, on the other were sleeping teens of their minor seminary in the dorms with the dim lights turned on, your hands outside the blankets and trainers who in turn controlled them strolling through the night, in order to avoid that they touched where resides the entire moral mystery of evil, that is born and grows everything from condoms and masturbation, certainly not through corruption of public officials through the payment of 18 tangents. The whole, goes without saying, while their priests impregnated the daughters of the ambassadors in private and then tore their clothes in public for a pre-marital sexual intercourse consummated by those who - even if wrong - had never solemnly promised to remain celibate and chaste. And having said that I avoid entering into the merit of the intense bond had by the legionaries of Christ with another them beniamino: the former Bank of Italy Governor Antonio Fazio, whose legal proceedings are well known to the public. If anything, about Fazio's ties with the Legionaries of Christ campus we could try to ask Prof.. Roberto de Mattei that teaches structure since its founding and where he still is the Coordinator of the graduate program in historical sciences, If that is not too busy to promote Press Agency At the legendary Roman Free Gomorrhianus, what the latter may take a grueling commitment, up to induce him to overlook understandably out of other things, Perhaps morally less relevant?

mario oliveri 3

S. AND. Mons. Mario Oliveri, Bishop emeritus of Albenga

Besides, we're talking about Catholics by Soviet regime, comparable in all respects to the ideologues of the old European communist parties, When tanks overran in August 1968 the city of Prague, were silent. As with Soviet ideology, affiliates have recently been silent "lodges" of the "Traditionalists" strong and pure before another undeniable fact: the Roman Catholic Diocese of hardcore Italian homosexual priests and scandals related to them, was governed by the darling of Italian traditionalist world: S. AND. Mons. Mario Oliveri, whose pontificals in Albenga cathedral were all full of jeweled pins mitrie, baroque vestments, of the Latins and ... many priests and seminarians sculettanti around him as languorous maidens captured by torpori of the first menstruation.

Gentlemen, as Hamlet said: "Something rotten in Denmark!». Implied: throughout. And those who think that Holiness and morality reside only where there is apparent rigor, the Latin liturgy and Gregorian chant, bel canto, did not understand anything; but it gets worse: he just doesn't want to understand anything, because the ideology that prevents her blinds. And ideology, whatever it is, it has always been the worst enemy of faith.

Recently I was scolded by one of my critics for having treated so "theologically incoherent"Prof. de Mattei in one of my articles focused on family and the Synod of bishops currently underway [see WHO]. Too bad that even in this case, to tear the clothes on my spirit "theologically incoherentWas a subject who spent his life harassing female students in a pontifical university; all healthy girls and women, well and with good memory. However, the inappropriate I would that, in the exercise of my priestly functions, I've never harassed a woman, neither inside nor outside my functions. And when, if anything, someone tried to harass me, I replied politely that if I wanted to accept certain pleasing "harassment" didn't have to do anything other than stay where I was, without any need to become a priest ...

Charamsa 8

What Monsignor Charamsa could and should avoid …

... but back to the case Charamsa, a brother to whom I will never cease - today more than ever - to love. In a relevant way and perhaps beyond reproach you could say that the Act of Archbishop Charamsa was an act dictated by Satan himself. In what other way could define an educated theologian, orthodox, competent and refined that addressed accusations to the Holy Church and the bride of Christ showing off in his verve a phrasebook criticism that rivals the worst ideologues of gender and omosessualismo? The worst heretical theologians, Hans Küng creature worthy of Karl Rahner, or the more Marxist theologians of liberation, they have never claimed anything like this; and they were and are, theologically speaking, obvious and manifest heretics, In addition to dangerous; While Monsignor Charamsa, theologically and doctrinally speaking, It was not and is not, because it is a serious problem mostly moral. And undoubtedly immoral - as well as detrimental to the dignity of all of us members of the Sacred Priestly Order - it was to see our brother dressed as a priest on the television channels of the world groping his "boyfriend", that clung to him and that he tilted his head on his chest as if it were the young apostle John with the Lord Jesus.

Lightning of saint peter

«The modern inability to read the signs» – the famous image of lightning that strikes the dome of St Peter's after the announcement of the abdication from the throne Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI

For my in-depth knowledge of certain Ecclesiastical Affairs and the complex relationships that I have for years as a confessor and spiritual director with numerous priests, often even in serious difficulties, using this my humble made his time training to enable the Ministry to Exorcist, I believe I can say that Monsignor Charamsa was not a direct victim of Satan but an indirect victim of his great acolytes. And his greatest acolytes are those who run major Diocese as bishops of the world; they are many senior prelates of the Roman curia and not a few members of the College of Cardinals. Msgr. Charamsa is just the result of what in a book of 2011 [And Satan came Trino, in other publishing company reprint], pointed to as the tragedy of the omosessualizzazione of the Church. And screaming in the deserts like a cheap little John the Baptist, such am I, I needlessly explained and repeated that a growing army of gay took office in all key posts in the Church, holding entire dioceses through the worst weapons of blackmail; holding their respective bishops hostage, often reduced to Snowmen with their beautiful miter on their heads and their shining crooks in their hands, but not able to govern many churches lost, because totally frocessed as a result of what in an ironic but relevant I define in my book as a universal nubifrossing broke out on the poor Church of Christ.


The powerful lobby gay that rages within the Church he has repeatedly forced Benedict XVI to appoint bishops of subjects that he would never have nominated; to raise to the dignity of Cardinal certain subjects like soubrette that elderly men; people who are not inspired by the memory of the Princes of the Church which is required as a first condition not only a natural maleness anatomical, but above all an adequate psychological masculinity.

The powerful lobby gay lava the worst "criminal records " of priests in career or on the run to the episcopate known for their immoral conduct since they were seminarians; reports will disappear with the ecclesiastical authorities from the few priests who have left a glimmer of courage, so coercive threat who view dissent towards their gossip. The lobby gay prevents healthy and motivated men are ordained priests, because today the majority of Italian seminaries are filled by embarrassing with shrill little voices effeminate and bloodless movements, in particular in Southern Italy, where if a gay is not handsome, then cannot fly to Rome, Bologna and Milan where he would find a rich homosexual fifty immediately that would keep him with all the, as an alternative in comes in seminar, becomes a priest and looking for a career. It is no coincidence that gays entering seminaries are always ugly and physically not attractive, because otherwise they would take other roads and taken all other careers. In all my years of priestly ministry and those of my previous training for the priesthood, the only gay athletic and personable that I knew, in the midst of a growing army of homosexual priests, it was only and uniquely Monsignor Charamsa. Maybe there will be other, but despite having lived mostly in Rome in international ecclesiastical and priestly circles, homosexuals I knew only him attractive.

Christ the Redeemer Rio

«The modern inability to read the signs» – lightning strikes the right hand of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and damages your thumb. For over a Millennium, before the introduction of the “great sign of cross”, the blessing was given or by putting their hands or drawing a sign on his forehead with the right thumb.

I'm not suffering from sessuocentrismo nor is it one that fits the individual through situations and sessuocentrici schemes of Sigmund Freud, but as a man who never denied that he had lived in his previous life a dimension too sentimental and sexual, and that he had known the disorder of licentiousness and living with women, I can't evade the fundamental element of that human sexuality which was incidentally one of the main elements that helped the decline of Roman society. When it was lost virility, gradually took the field and homosexualism spread to the highest levels of social and political. Finally came down from the North of Europe, which barbarians were males and all-round … and to put it in a real way and without modest clerical euphemisms: the barbarians arrived with virile member erected and the sharp sword in hand plucking of the sorpresa “males” Romans plunged into the abyss of the worst frocismi and who made up by women were in orgies with young people at in alcove …

Sack of Rome JN Sylvestre 1890

the “Sack of Rome” by the Visigoths in the year 410

… and so the barbarians put in what remained of the knee decadent Roman Empire, with their erect member and their sharp sword.

Right now it's happening to ecclesial level the same thing in worse shape and with a difference: the barbarians converted to Christianity, and also thanks to their Christianity was saved and spread among the same barbarians. And from what the barbarians were hit? What drove them to conversion? Soon said: their conversion is linked to extraordinary figures of bishops, priests and monks, which barbarians recognized manly hardening, courage, authority, then the authorities. Well let's imagine the barbarians today: What would reactions before bishops figures hybrids and androgyny, who speak in a low voice but do not speak, they don't tell you and not say no, but above all more and more surrounded by sculettanti priests who speak with falsetto voices? Just imagine the reaction of the barbarians …

Gianfranco Ravasi

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi

… who could now, as in the 452, to stop Attila said “the scourge of God“, armed with only their own great authority, as was the Holy Pontiff Leo the Great? Perhaps Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi ordering the King of the Huns: "Dear brother, don't get mad, rather, come be my guest at the The Court of the Gentiles, talk together». Maybe Attila, After a laugh he would respond: «Sweetness, do you think being on set of the Canale5 television studios? See that I am real, But if you do not understand then know that I kill seriously!».

roberto marchesini

the psychologist Bonginkosi Macala

Years ago already I was talking of the homosexualization of the Church with all that goes with it, in-depth theme with the psychologist to whom Bonginkosi Macala complained a real omosessualista coup in progress [cf. WHO]. God knows how I suffer to see some ridiculous falls, Why just attend a meeting of the clergy in any Diocese to realize how low is, If not sometimes non-existent, the level of testosterone that runs between presbyters and bishops, until you reach real grotesque figures of priests; or to clergy assemblies that seem like real gatherings promoted by the Gay Village.

Maybe they were unleashed new persecution against the Church, because the blood of martyrs has always cleansed and revitalized, what they have learned over time our enemies, the devil in my head all that, treasured the lesson, If it looks good by making us a good service, in fact, his service is quite different: making use of the worst deeds of men of the Church often reduced to figures poised between caricature and grotesque, is spilling out of the ridiculous, even the contempt, but the ridiculous.

Today, the Church attacked from within was first of all emptied; powerful consortiums of half men have been created and placed in the most important places, made weak by their congenital smidollatezza and manageable through their ricattabilità. And these men in turn select the most “means” yet they are as such weak and intimidate, then intruppabili. "Blood of the martyrs"!


the pagan triumph festa di Sant'Agata in Catania, notoriously run by mafia clans

Ask us a question, or rather if the Italian bishops or what remains of the Italian episcopate address it: because from Naples downwards the Social Doctrine of the Church does not find application; because it was not developed culture of speakers and of the great Catholic aggregations? And Catholic aggregation means that four of the neocatechumenals means exalted disruption or Charismatic, but something else kind of aggregating aggregates. Because everything tends instead to be limited to a pagan faith made up of popular traditions, processions and celebrations of saints and saints that are reminiscent of the Greek bacchanals, which in his time ended with the great orgy between rivers of wine, while today they end with fireworks, as a simulated depiction of orgiastic orgasms? Because no one will care that the appalling scandal of the feast of St. Agatha in Catania is totally in the hands of the powerful mafia catanese [see WHO]? Well I'll tell you the meaning of it all: because in southern Italy — without prejudice to the individual exceptions of good priests, they are getting less and increasingly harassed by a corrupt church system and corrupting — there is morally more outrageous clergy, poor, and lazy white collar of our country. Indeed, Mafia associations: Camorra, ' Ndrangheta, Sacra Corona Unita and Cosa Nostra, not wanting to disturb their territory. Therefore they do not like the presence and work of antagonists capable of snatching the young laborers from them, educating young people to a non-mafia culture, what this would require the temperament and virility of priests who are first of all men determined and capable as such of inspiring respect and sacred fear. Here then is that the mafias have also insinuated a mafia system within the local Churches, where many bishops actually behave as if they were clan captain, surrounded by priests often caricatured and blackmailed. Inevitable therefore that certain local churches are first and foremost filled with homosexual priests, into the wardrobes of which is in fucking everything and more. This makes the particular Churches of southern Italy weak and subject to organised crime, exercising great power on the Bishops of blackmail, because if they were not in their place as the mafia want, these would bring out such serious moral and patrimonial scandals in front of which one would end up having to admit that the objective reality of certain bishops, priests and Diocese exceeds human imagination really.

storm sedated

Jesus sleeps in Peter's boat on the stormy sea [MC. 4, 35-41]

Over the years, in Rome, How many petitions were received, with all the most serious and detailed explanations of the case, about the urgency to appoint as diocesan bishops from Naples down priests without any bond of birth, parental and social with the place; that you are not trained in seminaries and theological studies locations? For all answer, not only Roma has been deaf, much worse: some of the most blackmailable priests-miss they were promoted to the episcopate and elected bishops of several of these particular churches, within which they have continued to increase and protect the ecclesiastical frocismo.

The Church will survive as it is written in the deposit of our faith, but this survival cannot be separated from the clear warning: "When the son of man will come back, will he find faith on the earth?» [cf. LC. 18,8]. The Son of Man could also find the shell of a Church totally devoid of faith, with small nuclei and persecuted outcasts inside, who tried to keep the faith of the Apostles intact at an immeasurable personal price.

free fall

We're in free fall, and without a parachute …

We are in irreversible free fall, being advanced with a crumbling of the faithful as he had never seen before in certain continents. And because as a Christian and priest are called to realism and not idealism German array — place that Christ died and rose again realistically, idealistically not something I — to be sure, even if in this case it is not appropriate to talk about "certainties": in not many years, the Church as we have conceived it for centuries at the ecclesiastical level will no longer exist [cf. My previous article, WHO]. The Church will survive and will continue to live until the end of time, but it will become "other”, because they are now fifty years that Christ's Church is turning into "other”; and this is not an opinion but a fact which I accept, while others do not, beginning with the members of the College of Bishops, because the best of the worst larded certain twentieth-century teologismi devastating idealist German array, which makes them sick of that idealism that leads them not to understand that realism all based on the flesh of the Risen One who ascended to heaven with the indelible signs of passion imprinted on his glorious body.

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa It came out in the open, but contrary to what many people think, I believe it caused a minor scandal compared to those who reduced the Church to a sort of gynoecium for castrated capons, ready to destroy in the male group if they can't have, to possess, manage and reduce to their toy. And if they can't destroy that are not easily controlled, which is the male, then totally marginalize, so that clergy can triumph queers e checchine dive e divine thirsty for Red ties, of places in the sun and of prebends, subjects ready to be subjected to the powerful as gods geishe and arrogant beyond measure with the weak and the helpless. These are the true acolytes of Satan, Monsignor Charamsa not.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa and his companion on their departure for Spain

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa It came out in the open Why is a male young and good looking, with a physique athlete and swimmer, beautiful and bright blue eyes. A man whose life, for better or for worse unfortunately, may grant all that could not grant the full army of gay priests unsightly in appearance and body, with devilish cunning but not of intelligence nor culture and skilled for this dissimulatori that, like all very mediocre people, or like all gay people angry, can a career only within the Church in our time of decadent implosion. Careers that ecclesiastical authority continues to concede their villain, nominandoli to high academic positions, making them bishops, inserting them in the Roman Curia, in the diplomatic service of the Holy See and so forth, because as I said years ago to the psychologist Roberto Marchesini: "They have made a coup!» [see WHO]. And I add today: «And the abdication at the sacred threshold of Benedict XVI is the tragic epilogue». Or maybe someone thought that the terrible and heavy bundles of investigation carried out on behalf of the Reigning Pontiff's predecessor and entrusted to four elderly Cardinals, It was dissolved into thin air? No, those folders are heavier today, and they contain facts and episodes before which Satan would be able to admit that he, even with all his hatred towards Christ, He could rub the Church as they slashed some Cardinals, bishops and priests.

garbage at home

junk in our House …

The theologian Kryzstof Charamsa it was one of our best items, and is out the door so striking to leave home for the worst that followed albergarvi in; a great item that no trainer and no confessor — to which who knows how many times will have spoken of their sexual urges towards your same sex — ever said: "Be pure yourself, but please, don't become a priest ". This sentence I have repeated several times, until a few weeks ago, several candidates for Holy orders, except watch them then order over time by their respective bishops, heedless of the enormous damage that with those sacred orders would have gone to the Church.

Stanislaw Dziwisz

Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz

This is our irreversible situation: Incapacitated bishops that cannot be removed because it protected by powerful cardinalone their former partner at the clique of the Almo Collegio Capranica, or why become bishops at the behest of some powerful that can not be mistaken in the choice, not even after death. Incapable bishops who in turn make perfect incapable of directing their seminaries, within which gay aggregations are formed, several of them then fly just priests for the offices of the Italian Episcopal Conference, the dicasteries of the Holy See, the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy ... and as the vipers continue to breed and protect each other at the highest levels, digging the ditch around anyone who opposes and call them by their name.

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa was wrong, has betrayed the sacred priestly promises and embarrassed the increasingly small group of his healthy brothers; but he had the courage to tell everyone in the face that he was the product of this ecclesiastical homosexualization that has favored him in a fast and dazzling career since his young age, without anyone, during his formative years, realize the obvious before it was consecrated priest.

How many other gay of the powerful consortium of Polish homosexuals, apparent to the eye but at the same time hidden, remain in service to the Holy See, under the protection of the always powerful Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, also known as "the great gay washer”, He often provided such guarantees to do envy the candor of Santa Maria Goretti, Virgin and martyr?

nuncio in santo domingo

S. AND. Mons. Jozef Wesolowski, already Papal Nuncio in Santo Domingo, convicted of child abuse and possession of child pornography material and dismissed from the clerical State

How many members of the consortium of Polish gay they were promoted to the episcopal dignity? Because if I'm not mistaken, the first apostolic nuncio accused and found guilty of pedophilia in the entire history of the diplomatic service of the Holy See was just a Pole [see WHO, WHO]; Supposing that was in thanks of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, always to talk about this poor Church where everyone knows responsible, instigators and executors but where nobody cut their heads, to promote boundary in different position, or heedless of the damage they can do is leave the Episcopal Chair or at its offices until the age limit occurred. Or: everyone knows that that auxiliary bishop is a problematic subject? And what's the problem: Let's see which diocese is vacant and nominiamolo for that bishopric, so it can be removed on one side to continue doing much worse damage elsewhere.

charamsa 9

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa showed us to be the result and product of true acolytes of Satan, those who are defacing the Holy bride of Christ, hiding behind always reasons and rigor over good pastoral policy and high ecclesiastical diplomacy; reasons in the face of what they consider legitimate sacrifice even Christ and all Saints. And while all of them will end up in hell greeted triumphantly by Satan himself, Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa will end up instead in purgatory to serve his well-deserved punishment, that will be no eternal damnation. To eternal damnation they condemned those who have transformed the Church of Christ in a branch of the Church of Satan, including the rectors of seminar, Spiritual Directors and confessors all those unable to exercise with their own conscience and wisdom ministries, I have never read and feel the character of young Kryzstof Charamsa saying he: "Don't become a priest, because if you will not be able to be free, You can't be yourself, then you will devote yourself to useless suffering ". And not by chance, many years later, Bishop Charamsa was known within specialized theological as a young master of the Theology of suffering.

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Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa

A Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa, also in serious mistake and lacerating injury went to the Church, It should be recognized a "merit": at one point it was no longer in this game, he publicly betrayed the priesthood, she hugged her "boyfriend" at a press conference and left on a "honeymoon" for the Basque Country, While all other, far more dangerous than him, instead they remain in their places to profane the Sacred Priestly Order in a much worse way, decide that the able-bodied men cannot become priests and priests worse morally worse and continue to be promoted to episcopal dignity for protection of political reasons-diplomatic and ecclesiastical-that were created within the now “System-mafioso-Catholic Church”; a system to which everything is expendable, including the mystical body of Christ.

Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa is gone with her "boyfriend", others — much worse ones — are instead left to their places and soon become bishops and Cardinals in the Church of Christ emptied of faith and they reduced to a lobby straight pornocratici policy mafia structured on diabolical dynamics of blackmail and conspiracy of silence.









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  1. One says:

    The only merit I recognize in mons. Charamsa is to be put in the spotlight the issue of homosexual Catholic priests, According to some estimates have the 40%, I think there are many more. Since the Church has institutionalized has always been high concentration of men among the clergy omoaffetivi, so it is now and always will be like in the future. The Church must take note of this situation with serenity, you already know, but pretending to ignore hypocritically. Once accepted the fact, with fatherly and brotherly understanding, It should also reaffirm the priestly State duties to their clerics. In fact for me it makes no difference if a priest has a homosexual or heterosexual orientation, the important thing is that, having chosen the clerical State, is a faithful witness of God's Word and of Catholic doctrine and remain faithful priestly obligations of the total gift to God, of celibacy, chastity, in obedience to the laws of the Church.
    If a priest lost his vocation and do not recognize these promises or no longer incarnarle in your life then it is better to leave the priesthood without trauma, but with serenity. Nobody is obliged to become a Catholic priest, just as no one is forced to stay against their will. Better to have a few priests, they are homosexual or heterosexual, loyal and happy state, rather than many priests frustrated and double life as mons. Charamsa. If the Church pretends to ignore similar cases in mons. Charamsa are thousands worldwide, then explode like a volcano, If you take the road of accepting the phenomenon can be controlled in the interest of the ecclesial community and individual priests.

  2. Lewis says:

    Don Ariel,
    Of course the bewilderment was very strong, and the outrage, at least for me, I am certainly not an example of perfection, but at the same time I would (not in the sense of claim, but in the sense of hope) at least those who occupy certain positions, and she did this challenging way of life to the Lord and to the Church, both Guide and model for all of us.
    Maybe I'm still old school who saw every consecrated as a mirror of the one to whom we must, so worthy of the utmost consideration.
    However, also by virtue of its personal knowledge of Mons. Charamsa, She returned dignity to this person, While condemning Sin without hesitation.
    And beyond the scrutiny on the cruel plight (so we just have to trust him even more), his article will assimilate the Gospel of Jesus with the sellers of the temple, and the adulteress, He calls all of us directly involved, and without hypocrisy of sorts.
    His words for this person, Despite clear and strong as the famous "Yes-Yes, no-no ", are a perfect example of Christian mercy. The real one, not what is in fashion…

  3. Daniela Dian
    Daniela Dian says:

    you have all my sympathy and esteem. You made a picture so clear that not everyone. God bless you. I struggled for years with my former Bishop accusing him of having filled the Diocese of sissies who sculettano under the cassock, but I just hate. In fact there are festering in my diocese scandals that nobody who denounces and quarry is done out ... for my dignity and my health I chose to stay out of all the Diocesan and parish dynamics because unfortunately I have the bad habit of seeing ... and alone is not going anywhere.

  4. DIABOLIK says:

    eighth! The best article on the case. Can I translate it in French (If I have time) to publish it in any blog?

  5. hector says:

    the card. Raymond Burke says: “The Church must be clear about its identity. If someone refers to fundamentalist insists on basics, I am a fundamentalist. Which priest, I don't teach myself and I act not for myself. I belong to Christ. I act in his person. I teach only what he teaches in his Church, why this teaching will save souls”.
    Burke says to drop the labels, the use of which “is a way to serve a person and not to consider the truth of what he teaches or does. I am Roman Catholic, I always hope to be, e, at the end of my earthly life, He died in the arms of the Church”.

    It is now in libreri: Divine love incarnate – The Holy Eucharist sacrament of charity (Cantagalli), his latest book, all dedicated to the sacrament of communion.

    MAh on leaf

  6. father ariel
    Andrea of Bernardo says:

    Find the priest, a common comment for both of your articles, an observation and a question …
    The comment: I think for many Catholics you are now a lighthouse and a lifeboat.
    The finding: you are not with anyone, you are not talking with the progressives talking with traditionalists, you are right above the parties, Why are you with the truth.
    The question: What gives you the courage that you have?
    Aunty, thank you very much!

  7. Emilio says:

    Thorough case analysis, shareable. Two comments though independent from the specific case.
    1 – Unlike animals human sexual pleasure is not only associated with the time of estrus, is a gift second only intelligence; and so important to the creator that the sensations come to the brain for two pathways, spine and nerve valgus, also valid for paralyzed. But the feelings need to grow at the time of activation arrival of hormones, as the word is activated at a certain time, otherwise it is lost. Then towards the 13 unless the marriage – as often happened in the past – an absolute chastity lose a gift. I must criticize the book for teenagers Jill Fendi SJ where facts and thoughts related to “impurities” they were all deadly sin.
    Unknown information on homosexuality. For thousands of years man lived by hunting, must contain the number of tribes for obvious reasons. Solution to the problem, during the 4 years of nursing no relationship with his wife, homosexuality inevitable… normal in all of American rainforest tribes.

  8. MatteoVeca says:

    Says many right things Don Ariel, but he explains why Charamsa is better than those that while doing the same things he did and he does (in forms more or less sordid matter…), are worse than Him? Why haven't they done a public scandal? Because they have written a book about their “Adventures” Vatican? Because she is so moved by this man and it is so little from others “siblings” they do the same things remaining in their seats to spalleggiarsi with each other? Maybe that Satan can only serve in the Vatican and not in Barcelona? You can serve Satan only legionaries of Christ or ugly and if you are not pleasing in appearance? She rails against Queers in career, against the “cordata Polish gay” depositary of episcopi and monsignors, but with this character that just from that side came to notoriety. How did you think career Charamsa? As he became Professor of the Pontifical University (like the Williams that the offended) ???As he became nice and handsome only 43 years Secretary added to the doctrine of the faith? “Cordate Polish gay”?
    Who does two weights and two measures to…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … sincerely, to these questions, but at all, I think I have answered, so comprehensive even, in my article.

  9. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    As always impetuous, even more irrepressible after much prolonged silence. Many facts and arguments, piping hot, to interpret and share with your readers.
    One proposed is perhaps not even the most important, but it offers a somewhat different interpretation compared to media. Beam or mote?
    Each of us must always remember the words of Jesus “et quomodo potes dicere fratri your frater eiciam de sine festucam oculo tuo ipse in oculo tuo non trabem videns. You hypocrite, first remove the log from your eye and then you will see clearly that you are pulling the speck out of your brother's eye”.
    More usual, through an appropriate, emphatic underlining of antinomian situations, Here's an obvious empathy for the “momentum of truth” the “public sinner confess” against hypocrisy in which all fall, more or less aware. A kind of human and social application of the principle of ” lesser evil”, of the two weights and two measures.
    Poor us.
    Have mercy upon us, Dominated

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