Antonio Love: «Enzo Bianchi, “the atheist humanist” throw away the mask»



[…] Bianchi has always behaved like Bruno Forte, Gianfranco Ravasi and many others who faced my theological criticisms [cf. my treatise on True and false theology] they do not even try to refute them but are content to proudly show me their episcopal or cardinal insignia. I don't just have to pray, as I continue to advise everyone not to take to the Magisterium what absolutely Magisterium is not.


Author Drafting of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos



true and false theology

The work of Antonio Livi: True and false theology, is published by the publishing house Leonardo da Vinci [see WHO, WHO]

We recommend Dell readers’Patmos Island reading this article by Antonio Livi posted at The New Compass Daily [see WHO].

Antonio Livi was one of the founding members our online magazine with which for a few months does not cooperate more. We will soon correct the page of “Editors” where yet his card, while his name, with our pleasure and honor, will always stay on home page Welcome to eternal remembrance of this successful experience born of our common understanding.

The choice of Antonio Livi has never affected the priestly fraternity that binds us and the sincere esteem for him on the part of the Fathers of’Patmos Island, that in toto share the contents of this article of his and who will continue to support him in this and other battles of his based on the safeguarding of dogma and Catholic doctrine. It is not by chance, between not long, the three founding members of the’Patmos Island all three will meet together as speakers at a Conference.


Conference in Rome 30 October 2015

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  1. hector says:

    Rev. father ariel,
    Here are always reviewed by S. Cartwright :
    S book. Carusi, A. Livi, E. M. R, Pastoral and dogma. The hermeneutic of the Magisterium since Vatican II the Synod on the family, edited by Antonio Livi, Leonardo da Vinci's publishing house, Rome 2015, pp. 214, Euro 20.
    and the book by a. Di Cillo Pagotto, R. F. Vasa, A. Schneider, Preferential option for the family. One hundred questions and answers around the Synod, Preface by card. George A.. Medina Estevez, Pleading Issues Branch, Rome 2015, pp. 61.

  2. hector says:

    Archbishop Luigi Bressan has opened and closed the Diocesan Assembly: "The pastoral year – He made his debut – the conversion of asking ourselves. We must deepen our faith for us to gift to others. Well the pilgrimages but serve works of mercy, the corporal and spiritual ". Banda cited as places to "translate" the Jubilee of mercy nursing homes, centres for the elderly and disabled, mental health situations ". And did not fail to recall the commitment of the parochial ways refugees, coordinated with the province: "Everyone feels involved in welcoming".
    well other than the article on:

    After a lecture dedicated to the Christian value of mercy, the “religious” took advantage of the questions put forward by listeners to speak on topics of current interest, such as family and divorce, homosexuality and the Union of couples of the same gender…

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