The Holy Father Francis causes “an injury to Christian marriage”? Come on, let's be serious …



During my preaching in the desert for years I have been saying that the source of the problem is the fact that sacramental marriage is granted by the bishops and their priests with a lightness that cries out for vengeance before God. Would not it be better to prevent, rather then try to cure later what is not always treatable?


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo 



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Bride church entrance

a priest who allows a bride in these conditions access to church, deserves due compliments, of course with his Bishop …

Rarely happen read legal documents based on such deep on pastoral criteria. Managed to work wonders in the Apostolic Letter motu proprio of the Supreme Pontiff Francis, The gentle judge of the Lord Jesus on the reform of the canonical process for the causes of nullity of marriage [full original text, WHO]. Unfortunately in the hours we asstop to a different train of bad information and all’Patmos Island I have reached so many letters from readers who have asked explanations on "new procedures" about "marriage annulment" according to the "new rules of the Holy Father Francis». Except for the priests readers tend to base their questions on journalistic news of this kind: "Francis continues the revolution: “Canceling quick and free marriage " [see WHO].

We repeat to readers what we have repeatedly urged them: It should never rely on newspaper reports or extracts often misinterpreted by news agencies; you should always go to the source and read official documents, all available on the website of the Holy See.


bride to church 2 Gwendolyn Tavassi and Umberto D Aponte

Rome, Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina – It is not the image of a pornstars but of a bride admitted under these conditions in a church of the Diocese of Rome. This requires to extend the warmest congratulations to Monsignor Rector of this underground church and those of the Vicariate of Rome …

The title earlier reported he is alone one among many in which there are two words misleading and incorrect: "revolution", lemma dear to the Argentine Passionaria Elisabetta Piqué [see WHO]; and the even more unfair to "undo". For as we will explain any Pontiff, including the Holy Father Francis, You can cancel a Sacramento. It was possible the Popes Clement VII and Paul III, who excommunicated Henry VIII, respectively, in 1533 It is in the 1538 for its double story and its claim to bend the Discipline of the Sacraments to his will, They would gladly spared the schism of the West with all the persecution that followed for the Catholic Church of England, for the clergy and the lay faithful in Rome, as demonstrated by the Thomas More's martyrdom and that of the Bishop and Cardinal John Fisher, both beheaded and later proclaimed holy martyrs.


Let's clarify the terms making use of correct words, why nobody, including the Roman Pontiff, can "cancel”, “delete”, “remove"A sacrament validly celebrated or administered. A Sacramento - in this specific case the marriage - can be null, which is different from the concept of aberrant "sacrament canceled”. For instance: I have received validly and lawfully the Sacrament of Orders whose validity requirements are minimal, as indeed they are for all of the Sacraments. But if it were true that I have not received the Holy Order freely but under threat and coercion, and that in truth it was not my intention to become a priest; if it were established that have come to the Sacred Order for wicked and perverse purposes, animated by contempt for the deposit of faith, the Magisterium of the Church and the truths of faith from it guarded and announced … ascertained everything would be said that the sacrament received from me is null. E, although consecrated priest, formally received the sacrament would not be valid to me, because the imposition of hands and the prayer of consecration recited by the bishop on me and the anointing of the palms of my hands with sacred chrism, then it may be only signs in themselves that they could not produce any sacramental effect on a person totally closed to the gifts of grace of the Holy Order.


spouses Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracaeli 2

Rome, Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Always with renewed congratulations to the Franciscan Friars Minor who are entrusted with the rectory of this basilica and those of the Vicariate of Rome.

The church may declare that a sacrament is null, What materially different from 'cancel a sacrament. The Church has no faculty to "cancel"A sacrament because they can not dispose of the substance of the Sacraments as the goods are unavailable and therefore non-alterable variables and not in their essence, being precisely the means and instruments of divine institution grace of which we ministry we are only the custodians and dispensers according to the different power of the sacrament of Holy Order; Sacraments do not have and they are not masters. All this is not a game of words and not even a matter of wool goats, quite the opposite: who affirms: "The ecclesiastical court has canceled the marriage of Tom and Caia, "says an enormous foolishness. The ecclesiastical court has just declared that the marriage is void after having ascertained the lack of one or more requirements to make it valid.


spouses Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracaeli 3

Rome, Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Always with renewed congratulations to the Franciscan Friars Minor who are entrusted with the rectory of this basilica and those of the Vicariate of Rome

Now I will try to clarify the issue: years ago I was called by an ecclesiastical court with another person to give evidence for a judgment of nullity of marriage. The fact to which I bore my testimony concerned a story that happened years before I divenissi priest; In fact, as many know I became a priest in adulthood. The other person who testified with me was my ex-girlfriend. It happened in the past that during a dinner, the two that became husband and wife had before us an interview that it was a true pact exchanged our presence as condition not To marriage. He said his future wife: «I marry you on a specific condition: I know that I do not want children, and that I will use every precaution not to have. I am happy to live my life with you, but no children. So if you want to have children it is better not to marry ". I replied to her friend - which by the way was also a lawyer - which in my opinion was not one of the best conditions to get married. Two years after we lost touch and after a further 12 years I was called in ecclesiastical courts, deposited before which - together with what in another life It was my girlfriend - what we both heard one evening in 14 years ago.


I will not forget He never told me what the elder brother hearer [ecclesiastical judge], then taking me by face to face. If I have to tell it all first made me this joke: «I notice that before becoming a priest you had good tastes …», referring thus to the beautiful young lady who testified with me, accompanied by his wife and out of the palace of the ecclesiastic tribunal embraced me and told me: "I am pleased to finally meet you in person since I have known through many accounts of my wife," And he asked me if I could baptize their second child on the way, which I did later with great pleasure …

… and after this joke aimed at breaking the ice, the confrere hearer [ecclesiastical judge] She passed with a smile far more serious jokes: "This procedure certainly will fail not because there's half a priest, but because there is half a priest who has faith, who really believe God's judgment and that this never proferirebbe false; What I sensed right away ». He went on to say: "You know how many advance request for recognition of the nullity of marriage basing their claims on the fact that they promised not to have children, who they were married under duress or that they were not able to have sex couples as sexually incompatible?». He concluded: "The reasons given are the most difficult to prove scientifically, why we often resort to the formulas of oath ". I replied: "Are you saying that many have compromised the health of soul uttering perjurers?». He smiled and answered no more, while I continued saying: «… but the priest who welcomed them, who he talked to them and they accepted the consensus that they exchanged, What kind of priest is ... how he knew them ... What has heard before they were united in marriage ... what perception has this priest of the sacraments of grace? Because upstream of these situations, if we want to be honest we always end up discovering the inevitable presence of a bad priest, or a surface priest to whom their bishop permits dangerous luxury Memo be a bad priest or a superficial priest ". It concluded: "This where I just laid are in fact the consequences of not applying the proper discipline of the sacraments on the part of the bishops responsible for the surveillance on their priests'.

Rome, Church of San Pietro in Montorio al Gianicolo. This bride was admitted into a church of the Diocese of Rome covered in a transparent lace. Always with renewed congratulations to the Franciscan Friars Minor who is entrusted with this church and those of the Vicariate of Rome

Do not hesitate to call misleading from the title Article signed by historian Roberto de Mattei on the agency Correspondence Romana: "An injury to Christian marriage" [see WHO, WHO, WHO]. My fear is that the distinguished and myself always esteemed historian - with whom I share and I can share many concerns - has perhaps misunderstood the text, Why l’begins initial of this motu proprio It is the following:


«The Lord Jesus, judge clement, Shepherd of our souls, He entrusted to the Apostle Peter and his successors the power of the keys to accomplish in the Church the work of justice and truth; This supreme and universal power, to bind and to loose on earth, he claims, It strengthens and vindicates that of the Pastors of the particular Churches, under which they have the sacred right and the duty before the Lord to judge his subjects' [CF. WHO].


Santa prisca aventino

Rome, Church of Santa Prisca on the Aventine. the bride's entrance to the shoulders and open back. Always with Rinovati congratulate the Augustinian friars who are entrusted with this church and those of the Vicariate of Rome.

In that text does not speak Jorge Mario Bergoglio, ma Peter expressed in the highest exercise of that power that he has received from Christ, God himself, who gave him the power to "bind and loose" [cf. Mt. 16,13-20].

Sull 'Patmos Island anyone can read one of my recent articles in which I gave the Holy Father a caress branch with her hand covered with sandpaper [cf. WHO] as a matter relating to pastoral matters; a text accompanied by two other article in their own way have uproar [cf. QUI, WHO]. In my article I expressed my concerns to grant to priests Valid ma illegal the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X to administer confessions; and I repeat that in this, the Holy Father, in my opinion, perhaps it was inopportune pastorally. Then, if anything, one day emerge all highly appropriate reasons for his choice, and in this case I will be the first to ask for forgiveness for having formulated an opinion that in retrospect could be totally wrong, unhesitatingly admitting a mistake. Waiting for this seguiterò to dissent whenever the Holy Father, as a media Pope piacione or serving as tele-journalistic your Sympathy instead of his Holiness, He will debut as a private doctor extemporaneously, off the cuff or via private messages on issues and matters not related to issues strictly connected to the doctrine of faith and the discipline of the sacraments. Or better still clarify: I seguiterò to claim the freedom of the children of God and the legitimate exercise of always turned critical with great devotion even to the Supreme Pontiff, limited to what concerns all those issues in which do not satisfy the three different degrees of papal infallibility given in the Apostolic Letter To protect the faith prepared in the form of motu proprio by St. John Paul II [see WHO].


But if I read the heading of a papal document "motu proprio», ancòra first read the following in the text I have already accepted the contents without conditions and discussions, mindful that Peter received from Christ the power to "bind and loose"; and I paid devout and filial obedience to the Bishop who consecrated me in the sacred order of priesthood itself in full communion with the Bishop of Rome; I certainly did not pay obedience to my opinions or my way of seeing and hearing; I did not pay allegiance to my pride and my arrogance. It is in this way that as a priest of the secular clergy have been trained to act and rapportarmi towards Ecclesiastical Authority, starting first from the authority the Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church, the Successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ on earth, to which the Word of God has given power to "bind and loose".


brides Carmelites

them facie Carmelite Friars, to better publicize their profitable little factory of marriages near San Giovanni al Velabro, the official web site of the historic church have entered this photo, just to entice brides to enter seminude [see WHO]

you do not understand so where would come the mortal "wound in Christian marriage", if we consider that the motu proprio the Holy Father Francis begins with the premise of the indissolubility of marriage. In fact, the text reads:


"In the course of the centuries the Church in matrimonial matters, gaining a clearer sense of the words of Christ, He has understood and explained more fully the doctrine of the indissolubility of the sacred bond of marriage, It has developed a system of nullity of marriage consent and has regulated more adequately the judicial process in the area, so that ecclesiastical discipline was more consistent with the truths of faith professed ".


Bride church San Andrea and Gregorio al Celio

Rome, Santi Andrea e Gregorio al Celio. Once these were slips to put under your clothes, do not wear dresses to church. With renewed congratulations to the members of the Priestly Fraternity of San Carlo Borromeo to whom this church is entrusted and to those of the Vicariate of Rome

With this motu proprio the Holy Father tries to remedy uncontrolled and unfortunately uncontrollable drifts related to the discipline of the Sacraments. He may not be present in every diocese in the world to control what nefarious continue to do many priests under the indifferent eyes of many bishops, that with a lightness that ranges between sloth and spirit of the temple merchants allow weddings to anyone as if the sacrament had a "right" before which you can not say no. Because this is the real pastoral issue that we will now analyze; a serious problem, indeed primary, I hope will be analyzed in time and place by the bishops at the Synod Fathers on the family still in progress. If we do not admit with Christian honesty that many of the problems related to marriage fall under the direct responsibility of bishops and presbyters, namely that upstream it is generated just by us and our lack of, sometimes almost absent supervision, little worth talking about marriage and family in the Synods of Bishops.

Then, we are honest: how many times have I heard my brothers after the celebration of marriages make jokes of this kind in the sacristy: "I bet in a couple of years these get divorced". And when I, reproachfully, I replied: "E tu, Why, although aware that this marriage there are no Christian foundation, you accepted their consent?». Bell'O ready the priest's answer: "And what should I do?».

I ask then, the Synod Fathers: of these real problems, intend to speak to the Synod on the family, looking and healing first of all the problems and our faults, before you get lost in the discussion of the problems and especially in the most convenient and easy search of the others' faults, or better to say of those who then, divorced and remarried, claim remarriage “clean” and access to the sacraments as if the one and the other had a right rather than an action of grace?»


The pastoral problems not resolved attempting the impossible task of straightening of a crooked tree grew; It is trying to act behind preventing the tree planted on the river bank to grow crooked. So if you are diagnosed with cancer, you can not let that developments, then attempting unnecessary interventions before the widespread metastases, because at that point you can only intervene with palliative care to try to alleviate the pain the patient, but certainly not to save his life. Or you can take action by placing the sick person who refuses the illness and death in the face of reality and its heavy responsibility: the salvation of one's soul.


spouses to St. Sylvester and Martino to the mountains

Church of San Martino ai Monti, other little factory wedding de facie them brothers Carmelites

During my preaching in the desert for years I have been saying that the source of the problem is the fact that the sacramental marriage is granted by the bishops and their priests with a lightness that cries out vengeance before God. Therefore it would be necessary to prevent, instead find himself then to cure what is not always treatable, all to the superficiality with which to mount the priests administer certain sacraments.

During my years of sacred ministry, how many couples more or less young I addressed the prayer: "Do not marry in church, because they lack the minimum requirements to receive the Sacrament. Do not marry in church, because you are not interested in the Christian life, why not accept the fundamental principles of our profession of faith ". But the answers have always been: "And, I admit to not being a believer, but I do it for her ... it is true, we are in favor of abortion, all’eutanasia, to divorce, we support the culture of gender … But we have to get married in church to make parents happy, because they are keen to certain traditions ... ".


Spouses church of San Pietro in Montorio al Gianicolo

Rome, Church of San Pietro in Montorio al Gianicolo. Shoulders and back and discovery … renewed congratulations to the Franciscan Friars Minor who are entrusted with this church and those of the Vicariate of Rome

a thirty year old who she was allowed to enter in triumph into an ancient cathedral church dressed in tails along with a bride who seemed to Princess Diana in cascades of flowers, sounds of organ and violins, during a private meeting took place a few weeks before the presence of eleven people during a dinner in a private home, he told me not to believe in the divinity of Christ, much less in his physical resurrection; he considered it "childish" believe that the bread and wine could actually become the body and blood of Christ; who judged the Gospel a book of stories and legends that had been in his power would have locked up in jail, the President of the Italian Bishops' Conference - which at the time was Cardinal Camillo Ruini -, because he said stuck his nose in political matters that did not concern him or the Italian bishops. Obviously informed of all this, the bishop of that diocese, Also riferendogli that during this dinner the future wife had entered the abortion issue to support the full legitimacy of the woman to have an abortion, calling abortion a "great vested right" and a "social achievement", and to this end he had brought his own experience, having herself aborted 19 year old, age in which - he said - "I was neither ready nor was I inclined to have a child at the time ', and affirmed: "I could go back I would do the same". Informed of all, the bishop of that diocese sent me, through his presbytery elder, the invitation to be "less rigorous" because "applying your logic we would have maybe ten weddings a year across the diocese".


Church spouses sant Alessio Aventino

Rome, Church of Sant'Alessio on the Aventine Hill. there … This bride has had the good taste to discover decolletage back and shoulders but to cover their hands with transparent gloves. With renewed congratulations to the Dominican Friars who are entrusted with this church and those of the Vicariate of Rome

Today this bishop, in the light of its own motion The gentle judge of the Lord Jesus It must assume all its responsibilities even before such cases, because when later many of these invalid marriages upstream will founder, the good shepherd and his priests will be set before the undeniable evidence of their failures, and it will be up to them to remedy it, on pain of salvation or eternal damnation of their souls.

Atheism of many couples who marry under these or similar conditions should be added the very worst atheism of certain priests, especially those priests appointed as parish priests or rectors of historical and artistic prestigious churches that much pull for these "skit weddings”. In the Diocese of Rome the worst markets They are managed by priests belonging to various religious families. Many of these priests behave in fact as merchants on advanced collection of "parcel"No qualms to be the first to wreak havoc of Sacramento: brides admitted to church half-naked with bare shoulders and breasts media outside, photographers and cameramen who are the masters on the presbytery, assemblies consisting of friends and relatives totally disinterested in the sacred rite, it is not for them that space a sacred place and what takes place inside a Sacramento, but a charming theater in which we recite a scripted this is only for souvenir photos or the movie ... and in front of this many pii Religious silent and raking in as much money as they can for their religious provinces, often retaining evil historic churches, with often the sacristies inside of which are crammed synthetic vestments, yellowed and badly smelling gowns, tablecloths for altar worn, ornaments and sacred vessels ingiovabili and corroded inside, because the practice tends to be that of the “to take” and yet not invest a penny in “maintenance“.


San Anselmo aventino

Rome, Badia di Sant'Anselmo Primaziale. In this case any comment on shoulders, arms and necklines is superfluous, because by the Benedictines of St. Anselm everything is permitted except what is Catholic. With renewed congratulations to the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation and those of the Vicariate of Rome

These are the problems to be solved upstream on the basis that the sacraments are the actions of supernatural grace, not a right, not a market, not a mess profane and sacrilegious. Therefore inside the churches to join in marriage should only be accepted believers, aware that during the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, the couple will exchange the agreement before the priest and the assembly of the People of God; and that consensus is an eternal and indelible sacrament, unless tomorrow is not recognized that because of a major incidence on Sacramento, although formally celebrated, It lacked one or more requirements that make it valid actually.

These serious underlying problems, to which must be added the lack of preparation of the spouses, the marriage preparation courses reduced to two or three meetings made by some priests with people who did not enter the church from the day that they had received Confirmation, They are not solved only by proclaiming the streamlining of judicial canonical procedure, but really doing pastoral catechesis and above, reserving the sacraments of grace to believers and the disbelievers who use our historical churches like the studios for their dramatized. Certain problems are solved by saying: no, you can not marry in church, why you not have the requirements to do so, and you must have paid the full and unconditional acceptance of what is contained in the Profession of Faith Catholic and concrete demonstration of having a tense will at least try to live a Christian life.

Over time I happened to witness the most renowned in the Churches of Rome - just to take the Diocese of the Roman Pontiff - at weddings, during which the priest spoke to the altar was answered by himself; with the couple who could not even replicate "amen ”, who did not know how to respond during the offertory rite, who knew not even the Our father … All these problems are resolved with decisive and serious pastoral firmness by saying: no, you're getting married in church, because as far as baptized, despite having received the sacraments of Christian initiation, in concrete facts you are not a Christian, Why not Christian is your thinking and your life; and as such we bishops, we priests, we Church respect you as well, but do not come to the House of God to make fun of Christ and his saints because, all polished, next to you with your woman totally scollacciata and more like a Strumpet in dress dressed up to the nines at a Christian wedding, you have to make a photo album or a souvenir movie inside a suggestive 16th century church.


holy bride constancy 2

Rome, Basilica of Santa Costanza. What kind of “Shaman ritual” He is doing the priest in this church entrusted to the Canons Regular Lateranesi altar dressed with a wedding so that it seems to have just unplugged from pole Lap-dance of a night club? Go for it: renewed congratulations to those of the Vicariate of Rome and in particular those responsible for the Office Liturgical.

To solve these problems difficult to manage, the Holy Father has chosen the right way to recognize the bishops the exercise of their powers, so before some damage products then provvedano their pigs remedy; and to any remedy that will put in place, will somehow clear to them the failure of their pastoral, because they will have to solve the problem without the ability to download it on to others.


Dear de Mattei reports in his article an expression of Cardinal Raymond Burke who said Leonard:

« […] It exists in about a catastrophic experience. In The United States, Since July 1971 to November 1983, entered into force the so-called Provisional Norms which they eliminated de facto mandatory double conforming decisions. The result was that the bishops' conference did not deny one request for dispensation from the hundreds of thousands received and the common perception of the process began to be called "Catholic divorce" [Remain in the Truth of Christ. Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church, Cantagalli, Siena 2014, pp. 222-223]».


holy bride constancy

Rome, Basilica of Santa Costanza … renewed congratulations to those of the Vicariate of Rome

Cardinal Burke, as a former President of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura it should be informed of the fact that in those years came several instances the United States of America to the Roman Rota from people who had seen deny the nullity of marriage ruling by US diocesan tribunals; just make a thorough and serious research in the archives. Apart from this, before such true or partially true problem, It remains more than ever, standing as I previously stated: Bishops put in a position to assume all their responsibilities without the ability to do damage and download problems and solutions often difficult on him to others.


in fact the impossibility views to prevent bishops and priests to reduce marriage to a lucrative Street market de-sanctifying and often truly sacrilegious, who then proceeds to put them in a position to assume full responsibility for the damage which they have produced not allow him to continue in their bed pastoral bankruptcy.

marriage 1

Santo Spirito in Sassia, placed in Borgo Santo Spirito, behind the Bernini Colonnade, Millionaire marriage Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci

For when the bishops They will have to solve certain problems judicially, at that point it will come out the lightness of their priests: catechesis in preparation for marriage often reduced to two or three meetings farcical during which many pastors are limited only to say how much money they pay to the church and at which florist and photographer should contact, for certain parish priests lucrino further percentage gabelle; the inability of ignorance or worse often in real intent through which, and threatens, prove unable to distinguish even the believers from nonbelievers. And the main problem, that is what non-believers who claim the "right" to Sacramento, It is often solved with several hundred euros left in offering to the priest for the celebration of marriage. But when tomorrow the Bishops of these priests should solve problems of unprecedented lightness unpleasant welcoming couple instances that a few months from the wedding demand recognition of the nullity of their marriage, will be forced to collect their own hands what nefarious also allowed it to be sown in the field of the Lord.


This motu proprio the Supreme Pontiff is an act aimed at empowering the bishops of a contemporary church in which everyone wants to become cardinal, but no one seems willing to take on even the slightest responsibility. Well, that the bishops are beginning to take responsibility for all of them own their apostolic office. What this for which we thank, with reverence and devotion, the Supreme Pontiff Francis, for putting them, juxtaposition, in a position to take their responsibilities.



«Pecunia non Oleta»*




marriage 2

Dear readers: which of you, seeing this picture, He has paid attention to the beautiful neckline of the bride and who, instead, He has paid attention to the valuable Archbishop's pastoral staff celebrant owner? Reverend Signatory of this article, He admits he was admired by the breast of the bride and not to have rather paid any attention to the pastoral staff. But on the other hand, could a celebrity multimillionaire and marries naked, not be joined in marriage at least by a Cardinal, to enrich also of this “accessory” their princely frame? And a veil on offer in several zeros that will surely slipped into the old Cardinal Paul Poupard pockets, obviously for the benefit of his pious foundation … is intende! Why does everything always goes to the work of God and God's works, obviously!



* «money does not stink», Vespasian said in response to the members of the Roman senate when hurled the coins after he had set the fee sull'orina.



All images used in this article does not violate the privacy any person these are photographs taken from the internet, so public and as such available to anyone.






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  1. father ariel
    Marisa Rosi says:

    Today more than ever for me, ma, I believe, also for many other faithful, What it is beautiful and uplifting, heard of priests who respond so serene and lovable, and for that I thank.
    As a woman, certainly not younger (ho ho 71 year old), I remain puzzled by the photos of the brides put in the article, e, sincerely, I wonder. in Rome, precisely in Rome, there are priests that do get into those conditions?

  2. Sandro55 says:

    But they are the only one able to appreciate to the same extent a beautiful female breast (in other contexts also naked, why not?) is a valuable artistic work pastoral staff?
    They are not incompatible: the one does not exclude the other!
    (without forgetting that the nude, that has nothing to do with pornography, It is an essential part of all the classic visual arts).

    • Paul says:

      I begin to believe you are the only one who does not understand that I'm special pastoral… 🙂

  3. father ariel
    Don Luciano says:

    In our presbytery (Bologna), is always alive the historical memory of the card. Prospero Lambertini, elected to the holy throne as Benedict XIV, Man not least with sense of humor.
    The elderly priests, when we were seminarians, we recounted that the secretary of Cardinal. Lambertini, in the palace of a family from Bologna, during a dinner eyes fell on the generous neckline of a beautiful lady, containing as many generous breasts. Cardinal noticed.
    Returning carriage, Secretary justified himself by saying … “that lady had a very nice cross around his neck”. Said Cardinal … “and just as beautiful were the two hills on which it rested”.
    Do not be clerical, kind friend catholico.1980, we try not to be so we priests …

    • Sandro55 says:

      Benedict XIV Lambertini (made famous by the masterful interpretation of Gino Cervi) It was one of the Popes (and before that one of the Cardinals) the largest in the history of the Church.
      It deserves to be rediscovered… also for his habitual use of a certain expletive too often branded as “dirty word”!

  4. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    … let's put it this way: They will have two seminarians aspiring, and I, for cognitive purposes, I put the photo under the eyes “offending”. One of the two aspirants, it leaves the mouth to escape a sentence like … “But, to become a priest, I have to give (I will pass the word) these beautiful boobs” , the other instead, with rapt air, whispers … “ah, what a beautiful pastoral staff!”
    I do not know, our friend catholico.1980, which of them would take and which of them would reject, but we may, however, request advice from product to our dear Don Ciro …

    • father ariel
      Don Ciro says:

      … of course, I admit it right away in the seminary that responded that these maternal lovely breasts pose even more emphasis on the authorship of the pastoral.

  5. father ariel
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Stephen.

    I confirm that you have written and admitted that in seeing that picture I was admired by the breast of the bride and not the pastoral staff that holds the Cardinal.

    The only please, to tell the truth, but if you also want to honor the Christian moral sense, not to confuse spirit admired with the spirit of lustful concupiscence, because they are two entirely different things, at least for those who know the Catholic morality, foundation and support of our virtues, which is quite different, compared to moralism wild.

    The bishop, for now, He has no canonical and theological reason to get in line, since I became a priest under a prerequisite for every priest, namely this: every candidate for the priesthood must be attracted to women, and women must please him, Why, if not, it is good not to priest.

    I chose celibacy and priestly celibacy, so far respected by the grace of God, because I have been called to live, through the priesthood, another dimension of love and emotional life that is built on a total gift and totalizing.

    Therefore, the invitation to scandalizzasi – if he wants – for those many unfortunates priests and often harbingers of terrible scandals, that not all enjoy a similar cleavage, They would put instead to admire the stick right away, or if you prefer the rod of the old Cardinal.

    These, are the subjects that the bishops have to put in row, rather: they just do not have priests.

  6. father ariel
    catholico.1980 says:

    Scusi, let me understand, in case I got it wrong I … I'm wrong or she, who is a priest, and I suppose the Catholic, before the picture of a bride unglued over decency, he literally wrote, and then admitted, that “Reverend Signatory of this article, He admits he was admired by the breast of the bride and not to have rather paid any attention to the pastoral staff” of the cardinal?
    Because if the style phraseology of the priests of the new post-conciliar church is this, we can close up shop!
    But a bishop who for some things it calls into line, lei not it ha?
    Stefano Lucidi (Rome)

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