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pedophilia: “The case Spotlight” It is an excellent representation of the film clerical dell'omertà plague



The case of Spotlight"It is a film that deserves appreciation for the way in which the director and the actors have been the heart of this painful problem, It consists of clerical quell'omertà that has always characterized and wraps both the worst cases of child abuse and the various sexual disorders experienced by many members of our secular and regular clergy. And now I'll explain I lived on my life and on my skin, what it means for a priest violate the clerical conspiracy of silence, since the prices I paid them all, one by one …



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo


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If the spotlight

the movie poster

A devoted reader He pointed me to two articles in the New Daily Compass, one signed by Massimo Introvigne [cf. WHO] and one by Stefano Magni [cf. WHO]. The object of these two items is the film "The case of Spotlight”, award-winning film-complaint on cases of child abuse that shook the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and the Catholic Church in several corners of the world [cf. Italian trailer, WHO].

The two authors on Compass Daily They signed their articles, treat the problem with that journalistic propriety that at times can lead to fall in the partial and superficial. Or Massimo Introvigne, which shows a very complex problem through its known sociological preparation; nor Stefano Magni, who in his excellent article could in my opinion avoid defining the work as "ideological film", are not even touched by the partial and prevailing superficiality today appears the main protagonist.

I that certain problems I have touched them with his hand and there I found myself embroiled finally paying a heavy price, I say that this film, far from “ideological”, It is above all free from any "strong scene" stretched to touch the feelings of the audience to arouse in them contempt for the Catholic Church; otherwise feelings aroused by many other films, for instance “Primal Fear” [USA, 1996, WHO], “rebellious angels” [Ireland, 2003, WHO], “Magdalene” [2002, UK, WHO], etc ..

The case of Spotlight”, despite some inaccuracies due to the vast complexity and severity of a theme not easy to treat, It deserves appreciation for the way in which the director and the actors have been the heart of this painful problem, It consists of clerical quell'omertà that has always characterized and wraps both the worst cases of child abuse and the various sexual disorders experienced by many members of our secular and regular clergy.

And now I'll explain I lived on my life and on my skin, what it means for a priest violate the clerical conspiracy of silence, precisely because the prices I paid them all, one by one …

The limit for years reflected in many who "presumed" to be able to talk about certain topics that touch and shake at times our entire ecclesiastical system, It is given by the reluctance often shown by more or less authoritative representatives of the Catholic world to take the bull by the horns, because we all know that you can run the risk of being impaled, so better to stay on the stands of the arena to scream for the bullfighter or the bull. Or rather: if you have the best bullfighter, he shouts "Long live the bullfighter!”, if you have the better the bull, he cries, "Long live the bull!”.

In the years I deepened the complex problem of the gaysmo within the Church and in doing so I never looked at anyone, paying until now the consequences. What they have not however ever paid certain committed lay Catholics and militants, I am taken to shout seconded the wind pulling the arena for "the bullfighter" or "the bull". These committed Catholics and militants, although notified in detail, well they looked from raising time low voice in my defense, When I was within my church passed into the meat grinder from the worst ecclesiastical conspiratorial for daring to utter the truth and to have complained to the Ecclesiastical Authority certain intolerable situations. Something proven by the fact that for two years, in the diocese of the Bishop of Rome - which is not governed by the Bishop of Rome but his Vicar General - he celebrated the Holy Mass in the Catacombs of Priscilla [2011-2013], assisted by my precious student and collaborator, only person. While in, those who could say a few words in my defense, I do not say they were fugitives, They were simply engaged in political correctness, all we are taken to pay their respects to their masters for whom they were committed to leading as the devotees owner-operators vans-goods made available to them.

On certain topics I think I can speak with sufficient authority why sigh sigh behind, everything I have said and all complaints at the time presented to the Vicariate of Rome, the Congregation for the Clergy and the Secretariat of State, I paid beating behind beating, nastiness nastiness behind, ostracism ostracism behind.


loneliness, often a companion of the priest …

I do not know how many lay Catholics that every evening they return home with no one erodes them, I can speak with my knowledge of the facts, at the end of the day instead I remained in my house, which is the church understood as the ecclesiastical world, enveloped by gloom of that silence the clerical ruling whose evil results are now detailed in the written judgment given by several courts scattered around the world. Judgments anything but unfair and far from being moved by anti-Catholic sentiments, enough to consider that on the words of those judgments was then celebrated the painful liturgy of the MEA culpa by those same clerics who until shortly before had rebuked, threatened and ostracized the few priests who courageously had reported facts, situations and, above all, those high-risk individuals protected by entire roped powerful prelates. And certain people, in this case the homosexual clergy on the one hand, pedophiles on the other hand, They have always had, inside the church world, protectors armies, but above all the diligent and often powerful "copertori".

And whoever pays the price I paid, as it is beaten to a pulp, however, Leisure, and being free I have no debts to pay, because the "secret" of the Christological freedom that really known if will make us free [cf. GV 8, 32] It is based on the lack of any aspiration of career and ecclesiastical benefice; despite claims by certain careerists, not potendomi define "free man", if anything, they have called me ... "dangerous man”, or "loose cannon” (!?). This is also why I have no creditors dressed in red who knock on my door to introduce bills due to be paid, or that remind me of the loans obtained, or if anything donations or gifts bestowed to me in the form of accommodation, prebends and ecclesiastical privileges, I saw that I have donated only copious slaps; and slap - as we all know - we are always free, get the grace to the soul that receives and often lead to Hell that of those who grants it free or calculated nastiness, in supreme contempt for the evangelical truth that will set us free.

And Satan became triune (cover)

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo. And Satan came Trino. Relativism, indivdualismo, disobedience. Analysis on the Third Millennium Church. Published in 2011 and shortly in print

In 2011, in my book currently in print, I analyzed in depth the problem of omosessualizzazione of the Church and the number of gay priests always higher, stating the reasons, triggers the origins and also the possible remedies, even if with these results: not a single bishop and cardinal, those who later approached me, gave me wrong for what I had written and for the clear way in which I had written the. Far from it, collezionai compliments sometimes even embarrassing, inside the closed private rooms of the various sacred buildings. It made only except for an elderly owner archbishop, who welcomed me at the end of 2011 taking care of my father's lifelong training for the priesthood, None, these prelates in private laudatori, middle finger moves for me, while an army of mediocre monsignorini incattiviti tried to attack me like a pack of hyenas angry.

Facts are facts and these remain, but especially documented. And the Ecclesiastical Authority, from Roman, You know this, in what way I am accustomed to document the facts; and also how do they never speak without proof.

Preaching in the desert sands and reeds in the wind I needlessly spoke a omosessualista coup inside the church [see WHO]. In vain I explained that the gay lobby does not just aim high, because a long time is now arrived at the top. In fact years that gay clergy and their gay friendly affect the episcopal appointments of more or less candidates belonging to the gay "pious confraternity”, and once they become bishops begin first to place their faithful friends in key positions in the dioceses, in many of them more or less overt gay reign in all of them the so-called the nerve center, with immediate access to activation buttons of the launch of the ground-to-air missiles on the good priests, or on the few that survive in some dioceses where, those who have the misfortune to participate in them at a meeting of the clergy, It may sometimes have the impression of being finished by mistake in a branch of the Gay village.

modern religious

new insight into the religious style, before which St. Pio of Pietrelcina would surely jump for joy …

How is all this never happened? The problem is upstream in the early seventies, when in the post-conciliar season it ran from the previous penalty, perhaps excessive, responsive to lax. And so, in a society undergoing rapid transformation and with the so-called "sexual liberation" now prevailing, seminars you went emptying, more still novitiates and student halls of religious families and the same historical orders. It was then that many bishops and superiors of religious orders opened wide the doors and allowed access to training for the priesthood and religious life in people who never, earlier, They would be admitted to a seminary or a novitiate. And when you create nests of vipers, it happens that the vipers reproduce with each other and the occurrence all together good bite and attempt to poison anyone looking for some way to hit them.

If forty years ago it was reasonable to say that the problem was born upstream from the formation of future new priests and religious, today, Fully occurred degeneration, it is rather reasonable to say - but unfortunately no one tells him - that the problem is all the episcopate. For as I explained in my book that the 2011: "Those who in the seventies capeggiavano inside of the seminars gay fraternity, Today we find them bishops, and just become such, first they have placed in all important positions and carried on in the hierarchy or in the so-called ecclesiastical career of related matters to them ". This is the dramatic root of that problem pointing to for years, but unfortunately to no avail, because no one in the church wanted to pay even hear my words, especially when the evidence of the facts gave me full reason.

I also explain, always in that my work, that physical homosexuality, that actually practiced, It is only the tip of a now radicalized that homosexuality itself is much worse and harmful: that psychological homosexuality She is gone now in power and in virtue of which the Church was finally omosessualizzata. And today we are not infrequently before priests, but especially before bishops and "men" in delicate positions of authority who sometimes think with the anger of women's psychologies living with their typical disorder, which it is hysteria, word the meaning of which says it all, since the greek etymology of this lemma [afterbirth, hysteron] It means uterus.

vicariate of rome

the palace of the Vicariate of Rome

But let's rigorously documented facts, given that certain documents and reports the handed in my own risk following the Ecclesiastical Authority: the then Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rome S.It is the center of the field. Mons. Ernest Mandara, man I will keep the memory alive and lovable; the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, at the hands of then my Bishop. It's still: to Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, former apostolic nuncio in Italy, office at the time vacant, appointed Governor of Vatican City, which went to deliver my text in its new office at the Holy See with a prayer to have that my relationship to the then Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, because at stake it was the image of the Diocese of Rome, ie the particular Church of the Supreme Pontiff that on certain issues and problems had already been expressed in a decisive and severe expressions and through more documents, Therefore it was necessary to prevent precisely in his Diocese, without his knowledge and because of the bad people's government, certain burst scandals.

In my two different reports drawn up at the beginning 2011 They were referred to various cases, from that of the rector of a prestigious and ancient Roman basilica which for years maintained a round of young prostitute, What, however, that for years everyone knew: He knew Cardinal Agostino Vallini, he knew his predecessor to the Vicariate of Rome Cardinal Camillo Ruini, He knew the Prelate Secretary of the period at the Vicariate, Mons. Mauro Parmeggiani, later promoted Bishop of Tivoli; He knew the then Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco castrense, later promoted Archbishop of Genoa and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, who attended the official business for several years that basilica during his apostolic ministry to the Armed Forces, to follow with so many other silent prelates, all variously masters of that sum “prudence” leading sometimes to see and at the same time not to act. What was, indeed, the reaction of Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, at the time when the then Bishop handed him my hand that my relationship? He took note of it and said that the unfortunate situation of the basilica had long been known to them. And shortly after, The bearer bishop of my report - which with all its strengths and weaknesses, however, has always been a true believer and above all a man of moral and ethical sense that the extent of its possibilities tried to protect me from that grave injustice -, He came out of the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, saying: "Let's go well, We informed them of what they already knew!». And he added: "But what's worse is that nothing do '.

holy church teresa

Underground the church of Santa Teresa in Rome

In one of those two reports Also I pointed to the delicate problem of the Carmelites of the Parish of Santa Teresa, from which year after a scandal erupted from hell implications [cf. WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO]. But as soon as I named the Carmelites, the prelate my interlocutor's face darkened and he said: "Molla suddenly the piece! The Carmelites are in the good graces of Cardinal Agostino Vallini who wanted to promote one, His notorious protege, also like him canonist, prior to the post of auxiliary bishop Napoli, then to that of the Bishop of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo. And I'll tell: He is trying to take him to the Vicariate as archbishop vicegerent ". And so, effectively, occurred shortly after the 2012, when the Carmelite S.It is. Mons. Filippo Iannone was elected to that position, so that “staffing manager” the Vicariate was complete in its framework of fearful and obsequious “secretaries” e “subalterns“, certainly not the brother bishops are called to collaborate in perfect communion for the good of the diocese of the Bishop of Rome with his Vicar General. It is known that certain ringleaders want around itself of subalterns, not the brother bishops, much less of the minds who reason; and they want those in the proportion in which they are subconsciously aware of being mediocre sensational that must precisely why try to shine in every way and by every means in its own light.

After a time as private as dramatic interview had with two senior officials of the Digos of Rome in the early 2012, I was made aware of the "wild life" conducted by the then Archabbot of Montecassino, Dom Pietro Vittorelli, whose blatant gayezza he would have seen and perceived even a blind man, except the good Ecclesiastical Authority, literally falling from the clouds when it was finally made public that this unworthy successor Luciferian of St. Benedict of Nursia was an unrepentant addict and equally unapologetic gay that it still good life and the services of its expensive prostitutes gay with the money withdrawn from the Caritas of the Diocese of him entrusted. Needless to mention today - although to have to remember though - what brought all these cases I reported years in advance, thanks to the inaction of the well informed Ecclesiastical Authority, that if you put in front of some of their responsibilities for action, before certain nasty business is mutassero in public scandals, it is not uncommon that irritate against those who warn certain things, if anything, making her pay dearly to the victim, just as it did to the undersigned.


this great soul rest …

Apart from certain information related to me in a confidential way by various members of the police who frequented the Roman basilica in which at the time was serving, before proceeding further I must incidentally clarify how I became aware of certain facts …

… from a few weeks after my priestly ordination I began to be a confessor and spiritual director of a growing number of priests, religious, secular and religious seminarians in formation, which several times, in the internal forum and external forum, prostrate in a deep inner pain conditions or real shock told me the very serious situation that they found themselves living and appropriate to incur. Because not all are born lions or eagles, several of these brothers and several seminarians and religious, not knowing how to act or simply as contact their superiors and remain unharmed, They freed inviolable sacramental seal of confession and after having me they provided free transfer details, evidence and documents, authorizing me to report cases and to talk to the competent ecclesiastical authority. Think, between the various documents I delivered a playful figure even complete photo collection in which, seminarians of a prestigious Roman College, had found nothing better to do than celebrate Christmas itself as "whores" in a bacchanal of Bacchus and Ceres, then devising a photo shoot in which you were mounted on photo-images of naked and half-naked female paired with their trainers, of women with shapely figures and so to follow. This institution obviously has a name, however, even prestigious, It called Almo Collegio Capranica, breeding ground of many bishops and cardinals Italian, of different species of our worst current, which all together, as a sort of "secret lodge”, if necessary protect this almo College, within which happened at all and more, with dismay of the same Secretary of State to which he belongs and from which its jurisdiction, in addition to the dismay facts long known, we would expect these measures are still far from coming; from the organic unless the Secretary of State should not proceed before you fire the affiliates to seletta “secret lodge” the Capranica [cf. Correspondence Romana, WHO].

Here then explained why for which, those responsible, He was always treated with caution, knowing that when I talk or say certain things, I never do nonsense, neither hearsay nor the devastating "seems ... seems ... it says ... 'that emerges instead punctual on the lips of those clerics who wish wholeheartedly impallinare anyway someone. I speak for always habit and only on the basis of evidence tested and documented.

nights out Movie glimpse 1

a little uplifting glimpse of video taken by the service “The good nights of gay priests”

In what has been narrated Also join a precedent dating from the late 2009, at the time that I lived in an international priestly house of Aventine Hill. At that time it happened that from that hill I became aware of what was happening "downstream", ie to Testaccio, where an alarming number of priests attended plainclothes various gay clubs. Something quite understandable that these gay priests would pass unnoticed, because it seems that the monsignorini the Vicariate were too busy making jokes on me when I dared to present myself on several occasions in their offices with the dress I wear cassock, transposed as though that my ecclesiastical vestment represented some kind of contempt of others injured clerical majesty; or rather the majesty of those who, instead of laughing on my cassock - that the practices I wear, and I always carry every day -, perhaps they should be cured of many priests who jeans e t-shirt They went to "palpate the bird" in between the legs to the Cubists dancing half-naked in the Testaccio gay clubs.

When I signaled the coming and going of priests in these gay clubs, in tones flush with the threat the Mafia was clearly made me realize that if I wanted to live well in Rome, I had to learn to mind my own business; and in that sense I was invited to do mine and to live the clerical pernicious silence so well depicted by the director and the actors of "The case of Spotlight”. Spent less than a year, while in the summer of 2010 I was in Germany for in-depth studies, I was joined by telephone by a family member who told me: "You can get the weekly Panorama?». And he explained to me: "From the cover on, you will find written there all that you have reported on time but to no avail to the Ecclesiastical Authority". And the title on the cover was as follows: "The good nights of gay priests' [see WHO]. the service center were reports, accompanied by videos of the gay revels in the Testaccio local to which participated many priests, one of them even dared to celebrate the morning Mass in the apartment's living room in which he had given to sodomitic bacchanalia with his friend occasional, This is also the sacred celebration [watch movies WHO].

the short nights of gay priests cover

the sad cover of the weekly Panorama in July 2010 He published by Carmelo Abbate service then accompanied by video footage still visible on the net

Faced with such evidence, think that the Ecclesiastical Authority has summoned me and said: "... We note that you were right, and that in advance we had shown the true, pointing out people and situations scabrous, but unfortunately we have not acted "? Never! And it was precisely because I was right, because I had seen it right, that have been subjected to harassment by repeatedly ringleaders army of conspiratorial who judged me guilty of conspiracy of silence denied clerical. Because as you can well understand, the important thing is that the Church ask forgiveness from the Jews, to Muslims, to the Lutherans, I pentecostali, the natives ... well: to everyone, unless its priests devotees, which in serious danger if necessary they have risked all and for all, just to find some way to defend it.

Besides, let's be clear, Why, especially in this climate of stifling mediocrity ecclesiastical, if I had accepted the omertose rules of the game and all that it entails, not only I would have already become the holder of a professorship in a pontifical university, not only I would have had a very different kind of accommodation, not only I would have been entered in the ambits of the so-called most prestigious ecclesiastical career … more still: perhaps, after a short period of years, I would even find themselves “strut me” with the miter on his head and the pastoral in his hand in the midst of an army of bishops who see but do not see, who they know but pretend not to know, who bow their heads before the bullies who beat up and the weak, which often punish the victims and defend the executioners. And I was - I always -, the right choice, because I have never pointed the immediate present, but to eternity, namely the salvation of my soul that aspires to attain the beatific vision in the Trinitarian mystery of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit, to which I intend to also drive many more believers of Christ as a pastor in the care of souls. And to point LORD must choose to need the cross, without which there is no resurrection.

when in 2009 I said to a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the young Bishop. Krzysztof Charamsa, amiable and good person dogmatic theologian, It was clearly gay [cf. WHO]; when I explained that in his studies on the "theology" of "human suffering" [cf. WHO] I had found hidden behind the lines discomfort coming upstream from its definitely due to his sexuality was human-affective inner, behold, in response, This respected member, meeting following the then my Bishop, He complained that I saw homosexuals everywhere and I was obsessed by homosexuals in the Church. Even in that case, the then my Bishop, instead of reproach he said: "The problem, It is not that homosexuals see them you, the problem is that instead he did not see them!».

retrospectively demand nothing short of lawful: after the public coming-out Mons. Charamsa, He arrived at a young age to the prestigious post of assistant secretary of the International Theological Commission, what you should tell me, today, this time a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, promoted later also bishop for his "vision" estrospettiva?

I find really impressive that these prelates e prelates, although aware of a mistake, have criticized in the past only one who was right because he said, and pointed to them the true; that although aware of the fact that I had been right while they in fact no, for no reason at all they never admit they were wrong, even at the cost of denying the obvious facts. Or maybe because they are too busy in the painful "liturgy"Presented the apology and directed by the Holy Mother Church to the Jews, to Muslims, to the Lutherans, I pentecostali, the natives ... well: to all - as I said - unless its priests devotees?

Tdazio death in venice

image of the main character of the young in the film adaptation of Tdazio Death in Venice Luchino Visconti, accentuating in a masterly way ephebophilia contained in the pages of Thomas Mann

And I close this long "litany" with the last in the series of order: months ago, upon direct knowledge of the person, the situation and the facts, I informed a Tuscan bishop that a young man was kept at a distance prudently from contact with adolescents in parish areas, because affected by proven instincts efebofili. I addressed at a respectable priest of that diocese, with psychological experience, a teacher of my acquaintance to accompany with him one of the former teenage palpeggiati in the past by this character, moved by a report to be defined with the faith and the Church, both lived in a sort of aesthetic dimension decadent flavor of "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann. Of course I wrote a detailed report at this Bishop, who, when in May 2015 I crossed at the plenary of the Italian Episcopal Conference - where I had gone to greet some prelates and meet others who wanted to talk to me -, in response to my letter-report he said that he was not a magistrate and that if I had something to report I had to turn not to him but to the judiciary. And a few months later, this bishop, he found something better to do than to demonstrate its maximum villainy admitting this efebofilo, lover of the beautiful and liturgical-musical aesthetics, in his seminar.

Needless to say: if that person became a priest for our great misfortune, and once a priest palpeggiasse a teenager, I immediately take my report sent to his time, Witnesses sent to make private testimony to that bishop and, without any hesitation, I will turn to the judiciary, but not to denounce the efebofilo caught in the act, but the bishop. And in my exposed make clear that not only he did not acknowledge listen when I warned him in time with a wealth of evidence, but after being informed at all points on the subject of very high concern, He deemed it right and good to admit it in your workshop. And we'll see, especially with the times they live today, with what face this bishop will say to the judges who knew nothing; or in what spirit will dare argue before the courts that he is not a judge and therefore, not being such, He had no duty and obligation to oversee the diocese entrusted to him, to the point of admitting no problem a fox into the chicken coop, although this had been warned to advance and with all the details of the case.

Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, It imposes the ashes on the head of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI

That the Church has issued documents on the subject it is not in doubt, as there is no doubt the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI wrote a memorable Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland [cf. WHO], I considered one of the most important acts of his apostolic ministry to and for this several times stated in my paper referenced above. Document which, The Holy Father then reigning, He explained how and to what extent dangerous many bishops have not taken into account, and how seguitino to ignore those exhortations, continuing undeterred to admit in their increasingly empty seminars veritable armies of asexual - best hypothesis -, if not worse than the people who reveal a clear lack of male hormone testosterone and are looking for aesthetic apparatus, and aesthetic-liturgical or aesthetic-clerical species, their point of refuge, vent and, unfortunately, secure career, that practices and rigor make, because if on the one hand aim to redeem, the other aim to exercise power over others through roles of great importance.

Over the past few years It was not missing on some serious issues or the foresight of the Popes nor the documents that give clear guidance, like the one in which he urges the non-admission in the seminaries of people with homosexual tendencies [cf. WHO]. The problem is that when a "government" system is found to be infected from these now over people inserted in key leadership roles, this may be the result: I end up for two years to celebrate Mass without people Catacombs witnessed by my pupil and assistant, while many "Bishops-Madame"Acting with the typical moodiness of menopausal women, they do not find something better to do than to take one of your favorite gay and naming it directly rector of the seminary, ... nothing but non-admission in the seminaries of people with homosexual tendencies! Unfortunately, in many religious seminaries and novitiates, the first gay were found to be precisely the trainers. And if you do not want to believe me, then you believe that the judgments given by criminal courts in various European countries, including Italy, based on facts and evidence of a shame and squalor that disfigure the poor Church of Christ with the launch of the worst organic substances on his face.

What I pointed solutions, in the pages of that my study? First, the obvious solution: with authority, severity and courage, vipers was severed head. I wrote this in 2011, except see several of these vipers becoming one behind the other bishops in later years.


asexual worldwide: unite!

Why not wrong but devastating judge, that today there are clergy who continue to think that if one has homosexual tendencies, what matters it is that physically does not exercise his homosexuality? I consider this wrong because, Catholic morality, too long it is only focused on the physical-sexual dimension and little of the psychological, forgetting that sex and sexuality is above all a mental thing, an attitude. And as I have stated in the past, Following today to reiterate that the repressed homosexual, he who does not give any kind of physical outlet for their sexual urges, It is always more dangerous than what at least is unleashed in sex with other men. The repressed, by me also defined as "homosexual psychic”, is more dangerous because he lives in a captive dimension and increasing incattivimento that is mainly found vent in three things: the perverse pleasure he derived from bear harm to others, the lust for power and the rampant careerism, in attachment to money and material goods. These people are also blackmailed, easily manipulated by their "benefactors", ready to betray and to violate the secrecy, if they thereby give thanks or benefit from their godfathers, or simply protect one of their members gay fraternity. For this repeat: the "psychic homosexuals" who are self-repressed are worse, so why vent their worst repression in the Church and often give good priests is healthy, that have always been their favorite victims, under the eyes of more and more powerless and bishops of the ecclesiastical authorities.


after midnight when teenagers dancing half-naked on the cubes of gay nightclubs, in this case it is not legitimate to speak of either adolescents nor pedophiles, indeed we must proclaim “sacred dogma” Of “faith” that Gay is Beautiful. But if a priest groped a young hustler Of 17 years and eleven months, it is rather a dangerous pedophile.

In our society schizophrenic dominated by the ideology of gender, the Church is showing a distressing weakness and inadequacy. For instance: How come, whenever newspapers, sites and powerful blog Gay lobby They are thrown in your face the inevitable "pedophile priests", no one has the courage to reply that most of the alleged pedophile priests, far from being such, in truth they are homosexual priests, as such deserving of the best protections and safeguards as part of the all-powerful socio-political and economic mother known as Gay lobby?


When it comes to us priests, it happens by magic that gays suffering from “puri” and "wonderful" homosexual instincts, as such deserving of protection and if not of homophobia shouted accusations against anyone who dares to dissent, putacaso become pedophiles. a arcano, this, now I will explain, as the trembling ecclesiastical authority has not yet explained, while having available a deluge of Catholic magazines, Press agencies and offices for social communications. however Rasserenatevi, dear Catholics, because thanks to God there The Island of Patmos, John's last place of revelation, with its aggressive Fathers who do not have godparents e masters other than our Lord Jesus Christ.


Montecassino, the historic West abbey founded by St. Benedict of Nursia in the seventh century.

The truth is that priests They decry in two main ways, or better with the two notorious "they": sex and money. Of course: as clergy, in recent years we have given the worst of ourselves in balance sheet scandals and sexual. Just return to the paradigm Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino, that to the best so far ascertained arrived to spend on whims, and especially in the vagaries of a sexual nature, 36.000 euro in a single month. But before we continue I open sore parentheses the Ecclesiastical Authority hath looked from opening: what kind of relationship "ill"Passed between the previous Archabbot of Montecassino, Dom Bernardo D’Onorio [1983-2007], later promoted Archbishop of Gaeta [2007], and his successor Dom Pietro Vittorelli [2007-2013]? Why will the first Vittorelli responsible for training monks as novice master and vocational animator - always to return to the speech of the fox guarding the chicken coops placed - hereafter as his personal secretary, it was the then Arch-Abbot Bernardo D'Onorio. Therefore I ask: it is legitimate to ask where ever had eyes and with them the wisdom and Christian prudence, quell’asexually psychic Arch-Abbot Bernardo D'Onorio, when he brings up such delicate roles a person from apparent disordered sexuality like Pietro Vittorelli? And while a asexual He passed their own to a ministry sexed messy, in such matters they were bustling the authorities of the Holy See, to whom belong the acceptance and then the confirmation of the appointment by Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino? Because, as you can see, certain tragedies stem from an evil chain that no one has yet taken care of interrupting, because to do so would have to go against entire roped parties of friends of friends of friends … And who has reasonable grounds to deny them, who denies me, if necessary also with strokes of complaints, I can not wait to receive at least one! And if some Ecclesiastical Authority raised a sigh of what has been said by me, if anything, accusing me of "disrespect" and "inappropriateness", my defense will call a team of urologists experts, andrology e Psicologi. And after they have appraised the D'onorio, father giving birth the monster Vittorelli, oozes really manly male hormone testosterone from all the pores of the skin, I genufletterò to publicly ask forgiveness, I will retire to private life and not even write more article, indeed I not write more I miss my name. And if I will be forced to sign it will be with an "X" to stop so as not to write, proof that a real man and a real priest - if you really do not want and can not be conspiratorial - then it is good that not even write, because it must be deaf, blind, dumb and even illiterate.

nichi vendola testimonial

Nichi Vendola with fellow Ed Head testimonial of the twentieth edition of the Gay Pride Roman [cf. WHO]

On the ultra-secularist newspapers, on sites and the powerful blog Gay Lobby, anyone can read the written words of fire sull'Arciabate of Monte Cassino Pietro Vittorelli, about who, the ultra liberals, omosessualisti to the gender and the ideologues who have pointed to the public pillory, However it lacks a critical step that disingenuous ignore: the Vittorelli was neither a pedophile nor a dangerous bankrupt, but simply an unrepentant homosexual, that in a government role, or if you prefer to power, used means and money to have a good time around the world with young men paid so much per centimeter, based on the length and the circumference of their virile member. Just as they always most of the gays, having money available, whims can afford paying them with necessary travel, with designer clothes, with stays in hotels with five stars ... all so much per centimeter, calculated for both the length and the circumference of the male member of their lover on duty. If in the end the turns, some gay also take a womb for rent, pay a woman in need, and if anything, they manufacture a toy boy for the consumption of their unbridled egotism satanic. And frankly, per me, do this and promote it all as "right”, is much worse than what the steal - as did the Vittorelli - money to Caritas to pay the marchettari, pace of new father-gay Nichi Vendola just returned to the doors of the sixty years since an American factory children with her partner, which in turn could be his son. Because before this people, I do not say I'd be willing to rehabilitate the former Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino, but surely to consider, in due proportion, As his guilt is less. Ben is in fact more to blame for a Gianna Nannini, of Elton John and a Nichi Vendola that manufacture children to their own use. Indeed, while the hustler adult is free and consenting in their mercimoni with prelates and priests just as consenting adults, a child or a child in similar places inhumane conditions, are neither free nor consenting to choose similar aberrations destined to score all their lives in a negative way and deeply traumatic.

hyenas priest pomicione

Hyenas Of One Italian, now specialized in hunt priest

Request: if this and more is permissible at all moneyed homosexuals that the poignant music of Sir Elton John clamoring "Gay is beautiful”, Why should it not be the same for the former Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino? I wonder then that the very Gay lobby they have not protected, or who have written that all in all it was a great to have a good time as he could, exactly as they are accustomed to the rich gay lobbyists.

Rather than have them protected as homosexuals on the basis of genderista "dogma” Of “faith"That" gay is good ", just gay lobbyists have rather literally massacred over time various ecclesiastical, often using the armed wing of the Hyenas of Italy One, who went to film them and hunt them down one by one on the sly. And are those same Hyenas at the same time protect the culture of gender, marriages between same-sex couples and their "right" to adopt or buy fabricate and children.

Well I challenge anyone to see a member of the scientific community, the specialized field of neurology, neuropsychology, of psychiatry and clinical psychology, willing to support that an adult who has today a sexual relationship with a willing guy 16/17 year old, which if anything is a prostitute for three or four years and that 10/11 old was full of porn films collected files in his computer and his cell phone, is a dangerous pedophile. I believe that no member of the scientific community never assert such a thing, especially knowing what levels of knowledge and sexual degeneration have already reached many of our young people at the age of 13/14 year old.


Lecco, lush city in the Alps

A Rome is a hospital that treats infectious diseases Also related sexual apparatus. Now I invite anyone to chat to the specialists of this hospital, which is the San Gallicano, because it will be their eagerness to explain how teenagers of both sexes in the age group between 14 ed i 16 years come with serious infections for practicing pleasant little things that, as known and known, ... it is just "typical" of the "early adolescence", for example the so-called anal intercourse, the so-called oral reports, the so-called relations group where only one person is infected to transmit the infection to all, or the contact of the mouth and tongue with the vagina and the anal orifice and so on ... …

To save me from disapproving of those few individuals ready to manifest scandal before certain details related to the sexual sphere provided by a priest, clarify and precise that wanting to be understood by everyone in some of my writings, addressed to the general public and not only to theologians or specialists, put me to flaunt clinical latinisms, you know well, to indicate the existence of precise reality, it would not be appropriate, if hugging the ridiculous and especially the prudish spirit that should never be confused with the human value, social and Christian modesty. If in fact the boys and girls of 14 years end up with serious infections at the San Gallicano because an already sailed girl sent an infection of the mouth of a peer who has hunted the language in the vagina and the anal orifice, you understand well that it is useless to use euphemisms. And if this happens, I think it is urgent to ask themselves a serious question, especially then if one of these teenagers will gladly let you groped by a priest in back of the Ipad change, We are wishing that we can and should also call perverse and perverted, we must isolate, condemn and suspend from the exercise of the sacred ministry, but always pointing with his real name, which it is to "homosexual", not to "pedophile", at best we can mark it as efebofilo. And as homosexual, or as efebofilo, this priest, according to contemporary trends, It should also be safeguarded and protected if attacked with an outcry by the Gay Lobby shouting "homophobe, homophobe!"Directed at anyone who dares to question its legitimate sexual tastes.

vallini video

Cardinal Agostino Vallini, taken from a fragment of the interview movie SIR

From the playful speech the openings and infectious diseases the most experienced lower than they were half a century the fifties ago, I would like to conclude by switching to a reply given by the vicar general of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, about which I refer to video in which he responds, in his capacity as President of the Episcopal Conference of Lazio, about the exploits of the former Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino, and as such was for several years a member of the Italian Episcopal Conference and then the local Episcopal Conference of Lazio. Cardinal Vallini, also known as the greatest canonist of the world, before the exploits of Vittorelli, making use of a language typical of the politicians and not the shepherds in charge of souls, referring only to the capital illicit said that if the judiciary will experience the elements to proceed with a conviction, in this case the Church of Cassino is a civil party through an action for damages (!?) [cf. movie with interview WHO]. In short: were years that the Vittorelli led a life not in keeping, who attended the most discussed Roman salons, that was absent when and how he wanted the abbey, that made luxury holidays; but mainly it was obvious to anyone that his poses and his way of porgersi were more similar to the movements of a Princess capricious instead of a man trained in the rigors of the monastic cloister, but above all to a man. And despite all this, someone wants us to believe that no one knew … that no one had ever noticed anything?


i whatsapp messages exchanged by Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino with its marchettari: «I do everything what I want» … «I'm going to look’ cocks». But this dissolute life no one knew anything …

I also have another question to ask how many now tear their clothes because they say They knew nothing. This is the question: the agents of the anti-narcotics team, How long before the scandal broke, They did leak out discreetly to the Ecclesiastical Authority this Princess-priest used drugs? Because in a totally informal and secretive, with me some insiders of the anti-narcotics, They consulted at the beginning of 2012, lying to treat the delicate case of this prelate somewhat in view that, inter alia, acquired illegally and equally illegally held drugs such as ecstasy, Cocaine and crack. And besides doing nothing, What did the Ecclesiastical Authority, albeit informed? Perhaps he began to prepare the ritual of cloth robes and dell'addolorato “we did not know”, to use in the day when the inevitable public scandal would erupt, as evidence the video reproduced here from which radiates all the terrible sufferings of the President of the Episcopal Conference of Lazio, first ahead of all in … I know nothing? [cf. movie with interview WHO]

Sincerely, in terms of Catholic morality and Canon Law, the appropriation and squandering money, in this case just described is just the consequence of much more serious disorders and everyone summarized in the dissolute life of Vittorelli, that with such attitudes and expressions of disgust even the irreverent Marchese de Sade, in phone calls and intercepted numerous messages through which communicated with marchettari Gay his more or less strong providers of sexual services, used to define drugs, sex and vice as "Paradise". Of course, no other Italian court will condemn the former Arch-Abbot of Monte Cassino to have practiced extensively homosexuality, or for the personal use of drugs, nor to have had around him a court of young men, nor to have sought sites in gay young consenting adults who were particularly gifted in between the legs, because none of this is pursued and is punishable by the Criminal Law Code.

fog of saint peter

image of the Papal Basilica of St. Peter surrounded by an unusual fog

So here's my question accurate and in no way nebula facing the greatest canonist of the world: it is not by chance, pending the ruling of the Italian criminal court, the ecclesiastical Tribunal, in the hole of its powers, He would have already had to act and proceed from time through strict canonical penalties paid to load this unworthy ecclesiastical finished for the entire sum disfavor catholicity head and guide of the historic Abbey West mother? And once paid these canonical penalties, it would not be appropriate to give public notice, to clarify how and when necessary with what severity the Church falls dark mercy of some of his sons unworthy and harbingers of enormous public scandals? None of this has happened, however,, because the Cardinal Vallini, which apparently it seems to be the emblem of hyper-legal guarantor and that perhaps has run out of more liberal sudden Cavour, most partisan of Garibaldi and Mazzini Republican, completely forgotten that he was for years also the Chairman of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, declares and states that it is awaiting the … judgment of the Criminal Court of the State so that it is then assessed how to act (!?).

there, I hope that no one, in high political and administrative spheres of the Italian Republic, discover that in our home we have a canonist of this kind, because they could “rubarcelo” to name the first President of the Supreme Court and then afterward a senator for life.

Having said that now you see, dear readers of 'Patmos Island, to who we are in hand for years and years? We are in the hands of the bicycles that are put on the racing track of Monza in the sure belief that they could run like the Ferrari. We are in the hands of people enveloped by the most appalling mediocrity yet convinced that the People of God is made up of villagers from the countryside Obtuse unable to understand and grasp the immense gravity of their turns of phrase, just as the greatest canonist of the world that claims to await the judgment of condemnation of the State - regarding offenses asset background - only to see eventually how to proceed against a prelate who managed their lives as S'Essa had been a brothel ancient Pompeii; a living proof that, however,, if it is not declared as such by the State Court, no one can the ecclesiastical Tribunal?

ten girls

Ten girls, Old cover a 45 rounds of Lucio Battisti

Given these premises, I could safely take and implement the song by Lucio Battisti's wit "Ten girls for me, Possoni enough " [cf. WHO]. And no one could tell me anything and least of sanzionarmi canonically, because if before the Vittorelli who has rehearsed young men far and wide, Vicar General of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome, President of the Episcopal Conference of Lazio, as well as the largest in the world canon lawyer and former President of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, He declares to wait to know the judgment of the Italian criminal court if there are figures of exquisitely asset relief offense to eventually act, flying on a life marked on a immorality that really the satanic; That said you know well that I can enjoy myself without any moral problem with ten girls, that as the Baptists 'Possoni said enough'. All without any ecclesiastical law pursues me canonically, unless the Italian criminal court determines that for a priest, have a good time with ten girls, it is a crime; I do not think we'll ever establish, if anything, could you give me a certificate of merit and perhaps the honorary citizenship of the place where the crime has unfolded, if it can prove to them straight and brightened all of them.

Mindful that some ringleaders no case Spotlight He teaches nothing and still they claim to continue to rend their garments to the false cry of sorrow “we did not know”, I hope in the Jubilee Year to the greatest canonist of the world be able to complete as soon as their mandate as Vicar General of His Holiness, devoting the time of life that the grace of God will decide to grant him, to ask for forgiveness from Christ for the damage he went to the Church, in particular the Church of the Bishop of Rome, which maybe someone, from its powerful Secretary of State, would do well to print and take my writing, because right when the Vallini and their flattering scagnozzi Career will allow you to beat the priests like me, damage which consequently will accrue to the Church will be increasingly incalculable and irreversible.


dall’Patmos Island, 3 March 2016



Author Drafting of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos



Appendix posthumously [7 March 2016]



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federico lombardi

In the picture: Federico Lombardi, S.J. Official spokesman of the Press Office of the Holy See






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36 replies
  1. Paolo Milani says:

    Unfortunately clerical silence does not just stop at the origin of sexual problems… because if you report a problem to ecclesiastical authority, you become the problem…

  2. Beppe1944 says:

    … None, for now, devoted to mechanical engineering…

    the question do: Alan Turing, the computer father (physical, mathematician, electrical engineer), it was gay… who committed suicide for being convicted for his homosexuality by a British court to chemical castration…

  3. Riccardo Toscano says:

    Reverend Father, It could deepen the liturgical taste, musical and ecclesiastical gay?
    What causes and preferences have?
    It is also about the celibate homosexuals?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Richard.

      Try to make a parallel with the secular society. E’ public knowledge that homosexual personalities abound in certain sectors, for example between the designers in the fashion world, or of the most talented hairdressers, among specialists in furniture and interior architecture, etc … much more difficult to find them ventured into other kinds of specialties. For instance: in the course of my life I have known many dedicated, and also with great success, al designer, None, for now, devoted to mechanical engineering. I've known others who had the most beautiful and exclusive fashion boutiques, but I do not yet know which one dedicated to the management of an industrial butchery.
      This does not mean that certain “crafts” They are gay and others for so-called tomboys rough, understand me well; let's just say – de facto – certain professions or arts attract them always and always, in them, many have excellent professional and artistic achievements.

  4. Gianfranco says:

    Item very well documented and in most shareable enough steps. The only thing on which I disagree with you, dear father is the distinction she makes between practicing homosexual priests and homosexual priests who would be suppressed because no praticano..Più that repression wonder: It can be in some cases a sublimation as also happens for heterosexuals? I say this because the homosexual orientation is not a sin but a disorder, more or less accentuated that all – homo and hetero- we because of original sin. If a Christian with homosexual orientation, He disagrees with the gay culture and its diktat but lives his tendency as a cross or as a test, It can be a good Christian. Because this discourse cannot be valid for a priest?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Gianfranco.

      First of all, the priesthood – which can often be a cross to bear – not, however, be seen as a cross, rather: just when they are called to the cross, we priests must try to “change tears into joy” [Shall 30].
      She tells me how much I really speak unnecessarily and how equally unnecessarily trying for years to explain the psychological dimension of sexuality, the fact that sexuality is primarily a movement of psychology that affects accordingly the entire human existence, ie do, the act, Being, becoming, relations, relationships …
      And invariably I find myself speak with people who, as she, pull the ball chastity, continence … “and, But, If the homosexual does not practice homosexuality and sexually remains chaste”.

      Scusi, but in my article, which can be naturally questionable, I not explained how and why, in my opinion, psychic homosexuality homosexual who self-reprimendosi not practice physical homosexuality, can be much worse than homosexuality of the man who, at least, It is unleashed physically and sexually? And I also explained that, the repressed homosexual, one who is apparently chaste and continent, their radical psychological homosexuality the vents in other ways and always rigor and very damaging to the Church.

      You question: "If a Christian with homosexual orientation, He disagrees with the gay culture and its diktat but lives his tendency as a cross or as a test, It can be a good Christian. Because this discourse cannot be valid for a priest?».
      I answer her: no. This can not and must not apply for a priest, because a priest is called to be above all himself, to appear again for what it really is, certainly not to live in concealment and duplicity.
      This is not true for the priest who, to be truly such, It must be a for probato, It must be a male with natural attraction and natural sexual feelings toward women. The priest, through celibacy and chastity, It is called to change this natural attraction and drive “In another”, in an act of total donation, through which he accomplishes stoic sex waivers, not even if auto-camp,, quite the opposite: It transforms their sexuality and their natural sexual impulses in a different way to give and to love. Therefore the Lord Jesus, use the expression "eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven ' [CF. Mt 19,12].

      The mistaken belief “but if it is chaste and do not practice homosexuality” He has brought us to where we are in fact: a Church literally overrun, today, it gives “psychological homosexuals”, with all that goes with it, regardless of whether that practice and not practicing homosexuality.

      • Gianfranco says:

        Ok I understood his position. However I met gay people who practice with courage continence, precisely experiencing their condition as a test, He lived in joy. (everyone has his daily cross!) I speak of the laity.
        In fact they remain in the church many priests with homosexual tendencies who do not share the gay culture. The document of the Congregation for the Doctrine which prohibits homosexuals to enter the seminary speaks of three categories: 1) those who practice; 2) those who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies; 3)those who support gay culture. So there is a distinction between people with deeply rooted tendencies and people who live as a transient condition. I personally met evidently religious homosexuals, (I talk trendy), but of great devotion to religious life. Obvious speak of the outer hole. But you know better than I the situation from the inside hole perspective. Thanks for the clarification.

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Gianfranco.

          I will try to clarify with three different examples related both to the outer hole.

          1. A young ultra twenties, who years earlier he had had several sexual experiences, both women either for fun or as any transgression even with young people of the same sex, after a radical change of life, he turned to me and told me that he felt he was called to the priesthood and wanted to do so to be helped to understand whether this was his illusion or whether it was really a vocation. He then opened his life and his conscience, worried – in my opinion excessive, as I said, – to have had, overall, even those specific sexual experiences. In him riscontrai a real authentic vocation to the priesthood and in conscience I addressed to a religious family of contemplative life, believing that this was his true calling. I have passed since three years and it seems that the choice was excellent.

          2. A young thirty, also eager to take the vocational path towards the priesthood, He told me that since he was a teenager he was attracted to persons of the same sex, but who had never had sex with them. What this that made him particularly safe in order to take the path of the priesthood without problems. The sconsigliai strongly and so much decided to move towards the priesthood. My advice, however, the too seemed imprinted on “radical rigor” and he turned to another spiritual director, who gave opinion totally contrary to my. He was admitted in a seminar, from which he was discharged after a year in a very discreet way, He saw that he was surprised about the fact together with the vice-rector of the seminary itself, his age, He wanted at a young age in that role by the bishop of that diocese, despite the negative opinion of the senior priests.

          3. Another young 23 year old, while it was the first year of seminary told me that he had never felt any kind of attraction towards women and that for this reason he understood what was on his way: the priesthood. In conscience said this suggestion: “If as you say, in your life, from early adolescence to follow, I've never been attracted to women, in which case I suggest you an accurate and in-depth consultation with a neurologist and then with a urologist”. He reported everything to the rector of the seminary, who replied: “that priest” – that is, the undersigned – “It is obsessed with sex” (!?). He also took the opportunity to ban two other seminarians who occasionally made me visit, to have contact with me and especially to ask confessions.
          a 28 years is ordained.
          One year after his ordination he fled abroad with a man 42 saying years in practice “Gay is beautiful” e “the Church is outdated sexual morality“. He sailed, But, after taking the taste of a young astray weak and fragile priest, spent a month and had the pleasure of scandal, I dropped out of hand, after having collected a whim more to add to his long line of wealthy whims.
          His bishop, not being able to take back to the diocese after the public scandal, He began then agrees with the bishop of a diocese located on the opposite end of Italy to do it discreetly evade military service in his diocese. Because that's how we continue to work things out.

          My experience teaches me that people with homosexual tendencies, who in the world can be maintained even castes, But they do not maintain those in priestly life, because the Devil builds, of always, on our most secret weaknesses, brilliant as it is to pull out the skeletons hidden in the deeper parts of the cabinets of priests.

          Let him bear in mind that when the document that you cited says "those who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies», this rootedness, in my opinion, It should be understood primarily as a psychological roots.
          That out of the teeth: a man overflowing with testosterone, with faith and the grace of God can hold off their erections. Not so easy it is instead for a homosexual to hold off their own instincts, that being born of a disorder – often completely innocent – is in itself and by itself is not easy to control.
          This is the word that I would repeat for years as confessor of many homosexuals who have approached the grille of my confessional: « … it's stronger than me, I can not control!».
          Unlike the speech when you are approached unrepentant adulterers, who told me the exact opposite: "I have not wanted to check». While in the first case, complained is the ability to control on themselves because the impulse seems almost superior to their own will, in the second case, It is instead complained about the practice of not having took control, implicitly admitting to own, even in the face of a real seduction, the ability to control.

        • father ariel
          Letter Signed says:

          Dear Gianfranco.
          I am a priest of 78 years and 35 years ago I was nominated for my misfortune rector of the seminary of my diocese, in early 80s, after that in the previous decade ( i “terrible” 70's) seminars had gone emptying.
          The problem mentioned in a wise father Ariel, I have lived, and it took me years to overcome harrowing guilt, because long, For years,I asked myself: you can obey a bishop, when the bishop claims and commands wrong things?
          In the seminary, I witnessed scenes of jealousy between seminarians … stole the “boyfriend” each other, and I stop here because I do not want pace over. And before these cases, I slipped away to confer with the Bishop, demanding the resignation of seminarians, but nothing to do, Bishop needed priests, and why he had decided to defer on that dirty, which I, in good faith hidden behind obedience, I helped.
          From the decade 1980/1990 They have exited the seminary priests scandalous, that several times, I, during the rite of ordination, I presented to the bishop in front of the presbytery and the faithful, and the bishop's question “you are certain who is worthy”, I answered: “From the information gathered at the Christian people and according to the judgment given by those who have taken care training, I can attest they are worthy”.
          Two of these subjects in particular, became priests thanks to me, vehicles were horrendous scandals, while the bishop, cloaked in amazement, He answered journalists, lawyers, magistrates, falling from the clouds, explaining that unfortunately, a bishop, It may not be aware of all.
          Because one of these priests (that when he was a seminarian prayed three times the bishop not to order), I was called into question, and while the bishop who had wanted to order at all costs did not know anything, on me, instead I had begged him not to order it, He fell the responsibility of … no supervision, and I was so exposed to the public pillory, as irresponsible rector of the seminary.
          Before I run out of nerves, then they aged twenty years in a couple of years … then … then in 2010 I met Father Ariel, who became my confessor, and that the first confession he said these words: “It makes one thing clear, God does not want our guilt, want our repentance, and after repentance, He wants our rebirth”.
          When I told him: “you, three confessions, He did for me what the therapist did not do in three years”, he answered me: “to treat the soul of a priest takes another priest, not a psychotherapist … who sent you the psychotherapist? “. And I: “my new bishop”. He said his father Ariel (if I can bring the answer) “you have to say to that demented your new bishop going to be fot …. and even if you tell him that instead of doing the prima donna, Excellence over … Excellence below …. themselves among his priests, and did their father, He would not need to wash their hands like Pilate with water psychotherapists, moreover sending an elderly priest from a psychotherapist who could be your daughter, and c….!”.
          I live for several years in a nursing home for elderly priests, e, after many years, now in old age, I regained serenity. Behind the scenes I collaborate occasionally even with the Isle of Patmos, when it comes to control layout of long articles, because I handle it well with technology, and point out interesting news, When I find them, since I have time to do it.
          I learned to live with the fear, but at least, I have no guilt, especially for the sins of others.
          too many people, talk about sensitive things that unfortunately does not know, but she believes at least, kind Gianfranco, certain mistakes to those who paid them at high price, and it is run by a bishop who wanted to believe in the legend of dangerous’ … “homosexual chaste”, just to have anyway priests.

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Venerable Brother.

            Thank you for having communicated between the lines to our readers that in private, when I talk to priests, it is not uncommon that says bad words.
            You did well to clear it all because otherwise, reading all the other part of the text, They could be misled and mistaken me for a holy confessor and take me already living in San Pietro between Leopoldo Mandic and Pio of Pietrelcina, exposed them to public veneration.

          • Gianfranco says:

            Your explanations have helped me better understand the reasonableness of your hearing. And that's why I thank you very much. But I would venture to argue that in the century there are so many homosexuals living with discomfort their condition ( fragmentation of emotional or sexual relations – discomfort for the LGBT culture that does not tolerate those who think according to the mainstream political correctness ) and try to live their condition with dignity. Chastity is a virtue which is reached at a high price, but mostly it is a gift from God…and I do not see many within heterosexual chaste. E’ ascertain the outrageous gay priests scandals but frankly I remain equally scandalized dall'appurare the scandals of priests who leave children to right and left, or have relations with perpetual duty.
            The will is educated with patience and even after many falls. I know, for example, groups such as Courage who are committed to a pastoral serious to gay people, according to official documents of the Magisterium.

  5. Beppe1944 says:

    I see that I was deprived of the right of reply… in truth, there was to aspettrselo

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Beppe.

      But she, for case, is convinced that a priest, for more in a “special time” as Lent, do not have better things to do than to respond to a person who, as she, He does not want to talk, but only accapigliarsi? Here it is at stake is the right of reply but the fact that I told her several times and several times she pulled right blindfolded claiming things ecclesially, historically and theologically wrong, But she believes irrefutable truth.
      And then he takes his irrefutable truths from first to last.

      I have to celebrate the sacred rites, I have to confess, to listen and respond to people eager to reason, I have to preach and to serve the People of God in various ways. And I have not time, believe me, for those internet users who have no time to lose. Per me, Internet and this online magazine, I am a means of apostolate, not a waste of time with those who claim the right not to reason, replicating in the wrong way again when he is shown and documented his mistake.

      The Internet is full of sites and blogs where Catholics, or the presumed, They throw themselves to each other with insults, discussing what you do not know and that replicate and discoursing on what they have never read. So, He has only spoiled for choice.

  6. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Brother.

    I believe the answer to this we have the date of the blessed apostolo Paolo: "One believes he may eat all; the other, which instead is weak, eats only vegetables. He who eats, do not despise the one who does not eat; one not eating, not judge those who eat: In fact, God has welcomed him ". [RM 14, 2-3].

    Assuming that I have good teeth to eat, more so ever, criticize or despise those who eat only vegetables, because it is not what the grace of God gave me my teeth.

    Each of us priests have their own utilities economy of salvation, Perhaps you could have a much greater than mine.

  7. father ariel
    Don Andrea says:

    Because, you you and not me? Sai, occasionally I wonder.
    Because Father Ariel is able to run these risks while I faced with certain injustices I have limited myself to suffer silently?
    Nor do I believe it is a question of courage but of character, although both of us were marked by the priestly character …
    thank you for this article which, Once again, You pay for all!

  8. Beppe1944 says:

    Lei says: “if I marry, and then I put the world two or three children, tell me you: his wife and children, chi li keeps me?” … with a machine-building 1.200 Euros per month breadwinner; maybe his wife works and contributes… the wife of the priest could work, and contribute… the Anglican clergy – I lived many years in England, and this I can speak knowledgeably, as a couple I also visited them – has family, yet plays (generally) admirably parish work (e – always generally – that of father and husband), and can even become bishops, or even primate of the Church of England… but then there are the Orthodox priests (these, provided they have no ambitions), Lutheran pastors, Calvinists … all married… are Catholic priests (and only those of the Latin rite) who can not get married; and I think that this poses a problem… The case in the film spotlight at some point you say that celibacy is not respected by 50% the Catholic clergy… By the way, the apostles were married, and committed seems to me more than just a pastor (and the imperial administration did not pass them fair)…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive.

      Also Talk to people who do not think is a pastoral duty, least until the “no reason” It is pushing at levels that induce to apply the prudent and wise maximum of the Gospel: ” … and then shake the dust from your sandals” and proceed to another city, where will listen.

      She has received more responses from several priests, even though he insists in claiming to know the priesthood and the dynamics of the priestly life better than us; it's this one,briskly language, It called lack of reason, except perhaps presumption.

      She starts from an absurd example, that of married metalworking … Know then that the married metalworking, ended its six hours and work forty, benefiting from a half day off per week and a weekly holiday, Free returns home from work and more time to his family, while the priest is not so, He is the father of a family that has no working hours and union tables. This is proved by the fact that the undersigned could not visit his elderly mother – I have not seen for several months – when he made 76 year old, because he engaged in pastoral activities, of necessity, also pass before the birthday of the elderly mother. Perhaps, heavy engineering, to go to the birthday of the mother takes half a day or a day off, but I can not do it.

      She brings absurd citing examples of worship of other faiths ministers, showing that you do not even know in depth the problems of the ministers of worship of other confessions and complaints of their faithful, which are nothing compared to the complaints of our Catholic faithful, What that explain it:

      1. for years, the Anglican or Episcopalian community is in free fall and suffer a terrible haemorrhage of faithful, try to verify the reason many Anglicans have entered mass in the Catholic Church …

      2. luterani, Calvinists and so, They have armies of faithful who complain of seeing their ministers only for the Sunday service and not ever find them available outside of the purely cultic functions.

      3. the Orthodox have always been huge problems with the married clergy, me three eminent metropolitans explained in 2011, when during an Orthodox-Catholic meeting so they debuted behind closed doors: “You who have priestly celibacy, tight tenetevelo”. It explained: “the 50% problems of an Orthodox bishop consist of quarrels between the often furious wife of priests or priests who quarrel with each other due to friction created by their wives among priests and the faithful of the community”.

      You talk about what you do not know, without any knowledge of the facts, with the claim, frankly not acceptable, explain to us, that the priesthood we live, What is right and what is not right, What is possible and what is impossible.
      Well: what is not possible, or that in itself and by itself is bankrupt, we priests have always known and above all better than her.

      As for the Apostles, I repeat what I said in the previous answer that eludes her in this her reply: I return then to reiterate that the Apostles, to follow the Lord, They left their families and those who were not married never married and never had children.
      This I told. Needless then you answer with a joke on “stipend”. Rather try to disprove, if it believes it has arguments on the subject, that the apostles who were married in fact chose celibacy leaving their families, those who were not married, They chose celibacy and never married.

      Celibacy, like it or not, It has its origins and reasons from the first apostolic times.
      I'm not saying that, the Gospel says so: “And let the families followed him” …

      • father ariel
        Don Andrea says:

        … If the engineering is sick, enters illness and return to work when it's healed.
        Last year, when I did not care to influence the Passover doors, and I was part of the rite of the Palm Sunday outside the church, and soon after I made the Easter Triduum fever … at the end of the celebrations I butcher me a pneumonia that I dragged myself back to the gates of this Passover 2016.
        But, if I had a wife and children, I could stay in bed to cure me and send my wife and my children to celebrate the rites of Holy Week in my place, because in certain situations it is not easy to get into illness, ma, above all, it's not easy, indeed in certain areas it is almost impossible to, find a priest who can replace you for certain celebrations.

        • father ariel
          P. Andrea, M.I says:

          In 2005, while I was a missionary in Africa, my father (67 year old), It was attacked by a severe form of leukemia. I was at that time in one of the areas of Angola in which happens during the year that the rains isolate the streets and various communication networks, it would be necessary to come to a helicopter to take me to the nearest airport. In that situation, But, we wondered, Why, give the impression that a religious, whose ministry is the care of the sick, He could enjoy the occurrence of certain "privileges"? My father died and was buried a month after that I could not give him the last visit.
          I'm sure, But, that ... if I was married, with a wife and children, things would have certainly been different. And if instead of my father, It was seriously ill wife, or my son, I could behave exactly the way I behaved, not even when I went to visit them ...
          Eh, when certain subjects “experts” speak and give solutions “magical” just to give breath to the mouth ...

  9. Beppe1944 says:

    Would it not be better than it was allowed for priests to have a normal sex life? we will have a percentage of married heterosexual certainly high priests, a certain percentage (certainly less) of homosexual priests but they could have a normal life together with their partners (maybe marrying) and finally – as in civil society among the laity – a certain number (certainly very limited) bachelor by choice and vocation, and not by constraint … the same course for the female part…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Beppe.

      She belongs – and there has already given ample proof in the past – to that category of people who talk without knowing what they talk, but even despite claiming to debate on really complex topics, but the penalty does not know.

      Having said that I throw it to him on a purely economic level: if I marry and then I put the world two or three children, tell me you: his wife and children, chi li keeps me?

      But apart from the material maintenance of a family with all that this entails, he explains to me – place that the priesthood entails a total act of donation to the Church and to the service of believers of Christ -, how can I take care, in the spirit of totality, Church and his people, having a wife and especially children to raise, look after, maintain and fix, with all understand the problems that children can derive? How could I not take care of the needs and the needs of my children, pastorally to take care of the children of others?

      You see, the problem is that too many want to give their wives and children to the priests, if anything, pretending at the same time priests available round the clock, but nobody, whore, never explains how and especially those who, these priests who should in fact dedicate themselves to pastoral ministry full time, It should take steps to keep the wives and children.

      And I repeat, I just limited to a purely economic discourse, without going on the more complex is the theological discourse, same place that the Apostles chosen by Jesus, to follow him, They abandoned their families; families and those who had none, They never married and never had children.

      And this choice of our Lord Jesus Christ, not say anything, seeing … "Let their families followed him»?

      • Don Stefano Bellobuono
        Don Stefano Bellobuono says:

        Excellent, Never answer was fairer! And if you want to add my load to what you said.
        E’ one year they celebrate Mass in a former property of the cinema hall, because the roof of the parish church before had water infiltration, then it began to rain inside, then it became dangerous, and so we closed the church, waiting to have 250.000 EUR to redo everything the roof.
        But, if Mr.. Beppe wants to give pastors also their wives and children, go ahead, but like you said: then, chi li ce keeps, perhaps … the generous heart of those persons who so yearn to see us married?

        • father ariel
          Don Ciro says:

          And, and! You are right … “everyone” They want to give us the wives and children but no one would be willing to mantenerceli.
          A me, sincerely, even more than the wife, scare to death a mother-in-law.
          Can you imagine a poor priest with a Neapolitan mother-in-law? Stuff to reformulate certain pages of moral theology and elevate “suicide” ad … “heroic act” !


          Editor's note

          For those who have not understood it, This priest is a Neapolitan priest, and avoid to tell the show they could do in Rome he and Father Ariel when they were together. Once they started telling irreverent jokes about Germans with Swiss guards at the entrance of Porta Sant'Anna. Another time, at the Study the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, where the two were training for postulators the Causes of Saints, Don Ciro began to observe the iron chain that a couple of the Heralds of the Gospel wore around his waist, and then he asked: “OEH, diciteme Nu poco, that you are, a sadomasochistic congregation?”. And the next time he wondered also why these two religious not salutassero more. We do not go beyond … do not go beyond, because who was one evening at dinner with these two together, He remembers it for life …

          • father ariel
            Don Angelo Rossit says:

            but yet, when the faithful encounter this kind of priests, not whether it should be more from the churches, whereas, when they meet the earnest if not worse than the peevish, can not wait to hear the liberating sentence “The Mass is ended, go in peace”, to go away as soon as possible.

  10. father ariel
    George Sullivan says:

    The article deserves careful reading !!
    I put the load of twelve, even if it is known … Ever that hides some reasonable explanation behind some barrels c…O.


    premises located in Testaccio and mentioned by Ariel Levi Gualdo are the property of the wife and Cirinnà. It will be remembered also that the Monica Cirinnà has been called into question "for a house 100 sq.m., on two levels, Bear in via, a few steps from Piazza Navona, rented by Propaganda Fide (the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples) just 360 Euros per month ». (The Corriere della Sera).
    The Cirinnà, obviously, he shouted “the plot”.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear George.

      After I “resigned” the basilica where I was working and where I lived, having no office and unable to effectively serve in parish structures of the Diocese of Rome, if not in the catacombs – all thanks to the evil of certain services monsignorini the Vicariate – I rented a two-bedroom apartment (40 sq.m.) and Via Nemorense, which he was in a state of quasi-decay, because by the end of the thirties it had never been renovated, and he had his water pipe system, power supply lines and everything else Igualada. I caught 800 € per month rent, plus the costs of supply various.

      At the time I took Ente Livelihood Clergy 750 euro per month salary.
      It was able to survive in that situation because my mother and my brother supported me, giving me all the necessary economic aid.

      Do you think of me, the stewardship of Propaganda Fide, He would give an apartment for rent 100 square near Piazza Navona 360 € per month, as it was given to Monica Cirinnà, champion of homosexual culture and gender?

      Ma, precisely as I wrote, the important thing is that the Church ask forgiveness from Jews, to Muslims, to the Lutherans, I pentecostali, the natives … certainly not to his devout priests.

      Or maybe she thinks that sloth, among the seven deadly sins, There has been set for the event? And I think I do pretty well, What is the clerical sloth.

  11. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    E’ time to not leave you alone, and we do not leave you.
    Thanks for everything dear brother.

  12. father ariel
    Alberto Monari says:

    Dear father Ariel, Now I do not know if she will pass me the joke in public, however, the reach in each case in private. I wanted to do them, from old Catholic doctor, this consideration: In another certum, testosterone, It is definitely lacking (and it is), for strange “law” compensation, she was given just in abundant excess!

  13. father ariel
    Luisa M.G. says:

    Dearest Father.
    Two weeks ago my husband and I have taken back our archbishop archbishopric at the end of the pastoral visit to the parish. The driver secretary during the day was caught influenza malaise and came home, and in the evening we had the great honor to bring us our Archbishop at home. Gently, my husband, During the journey, he said it is increasingly difficult to read interesting and edifying writings of Catholic authors, many of whom, your internet, likely to confuse, instead of clarifying them. The archbishop was a little’ silent, and then he responded … “I would advise you to read the Isle of Patmos, perhaps because the two priests who carry it forward could clarify what others confuse you”.
    In the following days we devoured read all your archive, and today, even if just for two weeks, we are your loyal readers.
    My husband and I think that friends, also “up”, There certainly is no shortage.
    And I think (but perhaps I will be romantic?) that right in front of articles like this, friends “up” will not miss … how many, within themselves, share your beliefs, and if anything, support will?
    Thank you and thanks to the great Dominican Father.

  14. father ariel
    Giorgio Ghergon Mastropasqua says:

    Shocking. We demand the intervention of St. Michele Arcangelo for a provident and thorough cleaning. How can the Bride of Christ continue to be fouled in such a vile manner? Thank you dear Father Ariel for his unique courage.
    God protect and bless.

  15. Mattia says:

    Reopen fundraising because I could give all my belongings after this pearl!!

    Jokes aside, I can only imagine the pain and frustration, dear father Ariel, to see the mystical body of our Lord Jesus Christ humiliated and offended in this way, and even see his efforts to save Him thwarted not by His enemies, but His apostles. It is useless to try to encourage her because certainly a man firm in the truth as she finds the courage in his good conscience, undivided and clear; thing that seems certain to miss our pastors, that seems to love only part of the truth that brings benefits, more than anything else terrains, why are cowards….but a pastor without courage or wrist what is?
    It seems, dad, that now no one knows more about faith and therefore not recognize it knows more…I do not know give me no other explanation for these facts and for the continuation of this situation abhorrent, for evidenzato unimaginable corruption in all its scope.
    Anyway thanks for your service here on the island.

  16. Gianlucam says:

    "Irreversible" until “… at the end of the old Almighty will dry, moves one tenth of a millimeter the top joint of the left hand little finger around the world goes to air”.

  17. hector says:

    Mina wandering, outspoken.

    Today comes a justification only estrospettiva,

    Unfortunately, the same families, the whole society, all the churches, all religions, not only the Catholic Church, from kindergartens to schools, from sports clubs to the armies, all over the world not only the West, They are infected by the applicant, diabolic “sexual homo-pedo-ephebe gangrene”.
    As narrated in the Bible several times, as prophesied by St. Paul, This occurs whenever the man aside God and the natural ethical principles, running towards disaster. Pride and lust lead dissolution, desolation.

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