It is not "prematurata supercazzola", to this day it has matured completely through the conspiracy of arrogant

Father Gabriele
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[…] the territories of the kingdom are supercazzolaro Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even all his social network, where the reigning smart pretend to pontificate in theology and sacred sciences without having to deal with any subject matter expert. The situation becomes serious when widely, the supercazzolaro, It wants to extend the territories of his kingdom beyond the virtual reality. That is when, once the computer is turned off and apostrophe have friends and family with "encyclicals" chemtrails, about the dangers of vaccines, on the evidence of the flat earth, and other similar nonsense, He decides to go to church and start to spread their word.


Gabriele Giordano M. Scardocci, o.p.














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12 replies
  1. Always a free mind
    Always a free mind says:

    Thank you so much for this enlightening article Father Gabriele and well descriptive of reality.

    I just wanted to draw the attention that the phenomenon of “I supercazzolaro”, already damaging itself when referring to a single person, assume devastating proportions if organized movements or associations, starting from the head supercazzolaro, spread supercazzole “unified” and the same in substance, from around the world.
    As one large “super cazzola” by enormous proportions.
    Without bothering to make controversy, I will only say that unfortunately, to my great gullibility and naiveté, as well as total absence of knowledge and training, for a long time I was also an unwitting propagator of such obscenity, involved in the network of “supercazzola organized and unified” by some organized movement.
    Our Lord took pity on me and at one point he opened my eyes and saw.
    I tried burning repentance for having just joined the “supercazzole” They were being passed off and unfortunately I have spread.
    I recognize the sheer realism of the father Gabriel and written alerted by anyone “organized supercazzole”.

  2. Alessandro Martinetti
    Alessandro Martinetti says:

    Thank you so much for Father Gabriele bright and beneficial intervention.

    Allow me to point out the danger of theologians supercazzolari, that is (I know of more than one and I can testify to the harmfulness and modus operandi) those who have been lawfully acquired academic qualifications, have addottorati magna cum laude, and from the top of their qualification in fact put in the dock, the Magisterium, pretending now to correct it, Now to deny it (to make examples: one denies the transubstantiation, the other denies that Jesus Christ ever intended to make marriage a sacrament and he wanted the indissolubility, the other claims that Jesus was just a man but had a supernatural relationship with our common Father, the other is Humanae Vitae in such a way that, in the end, encyclical remains only the title…).

    In short: the truth about God, His will on, how you go to Heaven, we should know how to end of the last scholarly dissertation that they are preparing: The poor ignorant wait faithful that God will finally reveal to them through.
    These supercazzolari theologians do enormous damage.
    I'm sorry, I conclude thought:
    supercazzolari these theologians do enormous damage, worse when they become bishops.

    Thanks for your kind attention.

  3. father ariel
    Antonio Falciani says:

    Excellent article Father Gabriele, we could reconnect to an upstream article Ivano who spoke recently of the Catholics “in my opinion …” not to mention those written by Father Ariel on the laity who are the priests and theologians who are not, but unfortunately often the priests make the laity.
    I follow the Isle of Patmos from 2015 and I remember many articles on this topic.
    Noto a popular sport that is to blame the priests for the malfunction of the parishes, the diocese and the church in general. But few people wonder: what they should do and especially the priests could?
    Often, the characters of which speaks Father Gabriele, parish priests make life very difficult or nearly impossible. And from what I have seen in my dealings with three different pastors followed one another in 25 year old, Their aim is often to avoid quarrels and fractures by unreasonable people, and is not a sign of weakness but of objective difficulty speech. Example: it is not easy to say to a lady divorced and accompanied with another man “you can not do the catechist” because that will answer by telling you what it is not written on Amoris Laetitia and will put you in front of those “openings” Pope Francis, who in truth does not exist, if anything, there is a crazy ambiguity from which everyone can pull off what they please.

    I Got 68 years and when I was a teenager when the pastor spoke no one dared even replicate, Today if a priest says a sensible thing,They rise up from all parts of the replicas “in my opinion…” as he wrote his father Ivano, or the pastor has publicly denied by the supercazzole “theology” acculturatisi internet, as explained in this article Father Gabriele.
    The answer to this was given by his father several times Ariel talking and explaining in more items in the Church has developed an unprecedented crisis of authority.
    And now dear Father Gabriele need vedervela with supercazzolari, and I know it, what they are intractable and even dangerous.
    Best wishes for all.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Sir,

      I cut her comment and reply that one of Patmos is an island of idiots.
      She insists to post comments in which one side provides absolutely false news about me, then, after casting the seed of falsehood, He asks me to answer publicly.
      By education I sent a private response but with this result: (
      The address to which you sent the message was not found in the target domain. It may have been typed incorrectly or not exist.

      This means that you as a good troll – presuming champion of smart – to lay their “semi” It has made a false address, just as false as the things he writes.
      Will continue this sordid game, which is certainly good for the health of his soul?

  4. father ariel
    Michela Franceschini says:

    Thanks Father,

    his article is really a light in the darkness of the world internetico, But where can you find what you want, because it is true that it is a whole swarm of pseudoprofezie, pushed millenarianisms, catastrophe, improvised theologians between yesterday and today, but it is also true that in this vast wilderness you can also find The Patmos Island with its talented fathers.

  5. Kerigma
    Kerigma says:

    Unfortunately supercazzolari exist well before the 2010: catechists of the Neocatechumenal Way.
    It took me thirty years to realize that they were ignorant and incompetent without a shred of elementary knowledge of the Catholic faith; In fact only they know the catechesis of Kiko: bunch of Protestant heresies! But as one who tells is an ignoramus who thinks he knows, he says with a confidence that the listener (ignorant like me) He was impressed and convinced.
    The seriousness of the matter, Unfortunately, It is that they are accompanied by priests.
    Where I thankfully, his 400 only a dozen pastors have “sympathy” for the journey and only 1 following them in his parish.
    May God deliver us from this weed!
    Praised be Jesus Christ

  6. Giuseppe Cirincionei
    Giuseppe Cirincionei says:

    It would be all well and good that Don Ariel clarify to all of us what his qualifications and where he was trained.
    Yeah, unfortunately, it has refused several times. Other biblical scholars have the Bible or the Gregorian. Or did they state universities.
    Among the disciples of Don Minutella a rumor that in his life he has never attended a university.
    Notwithstanding that this comment will never be published.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      First, she posted a comment – I guess by mistake – at the end of an article by Father Gabriele. What that requires me to answer here, Comments can not move in the right place. At least, when she writes her pearls, see the insert at least in the right page.


      No, I do not refuse: I just do not want!

      You have not listened to my video-conference if he heard did not understand, or he does not want to understand.

      I do not intend to fall into the ridiculous and childish titles trap, for a simple reason that I explained in the length and breadth: no title, Academic or not, It is superior to the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit resulting from the Sacrament of Orders.

      No priest is truly such, this deeply and culturally this, according to academic papers.

      Everything I said in my video it based not on the chat, but the dogmatic sacramental.

      And if law, or sbraitanti minutelliani, you do not understand, it is your problem. So I am not obliged to clarify anything and the only certificate that I can present you my certificate of ordination, before which there are no overriding titles, both academic and non-academic. At least for me who revere the priesthood and who are not, above all, neither insecure nor complexed.

      • father ariel
        Don Antonio Mignanelli says:

        I'll answer, Dear Sir.
        Do not worry and do not give it, because if the fanatical followers of Christ Minutella appeared in person and tell him that their guru is wrong, Christ himself accuse them of being a heretic and filobergogliano.
        So things are and, as he did when his father Ariel, They are placed with their backs to the wall, then begins the sowing of doubt and slander addressed to the person on the basis of … if he says … they say …
        So is, not now but always, with some people.

        I apologize to the great father Gabriel for this invasion of the page and thank him for his wonderful article, really enlightening.

        • father ariel
          Don Bruno Fini says:

          Dear brother I agree with what you wrote.
          I believe our dear fathers of Patmos Island, in the great sea of ​​the Internet we are playing for years a highly meritorious work, and God knows how useful are.
          There are many people through this tool look for interesting scripts that can support them in the journey of faith, or chiarirgli ideas before facts and ecclesiastical situations often, Unfortunately, not very edifying.
          The article by Father Gabriele is a real guide to that effect, a true guide to discernment.
          Not a day goes by that we pastors say it feels … “eh, but on the internet I read that …”, and then when we go to verify, we can visit the most absurd argument, gathered in blogs and variously named sites “Catholics”, “mariani” etc…
          The article by Father Gabriele is the antidote to this.
          Thank you.

          • father ariel
            Don Ciro (Naples) says:

            … dear confreres, first of all a greeting to all and best wishes for a holy year rich in spiritual and pastoral fruits.

            Having said that I add … but yes, let's face it: every time a believer goes to us and starts the conversation by saying “on the internet I read that …”, we begin to shake and sweat, or smile, e, as told by the young and wise father Gabriel in his article about supercazzole, our eyes falls on a kind of lens, You do not see the faithful, But while he speaks we see Tognazzi in the role of Count Mascetti and all other “My friends”.

            Many thanks to Father Gabriele for this article rightly indicated by Father Bruno as “a real guide”.

            I saw you years ago when soggiornavi at the Dominicans of Naples (with whom I go to deposit my sins with the confessions) and even then it made me feel good, I was not mistaken.

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