"From Friar Cipolla Alexander Minutella". That is: when the satire of high literature Boccaccio is transformed instead into grotesque comedy and ruin of souls

- topical benefit to the Church



the priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella, from Home “paesano phenomenon” that many believed was wrong, He has turned into a poisoner of souls, while with cynicism that often characterizes, our Church authorities seem to think that to solve the problem just will not give it importance. Then when someone asks them tomorrow: “you have not given importance to those who poisoned the sheep of my flock”, with which justificatory cynicism and “clerical diplomacy” They think they respond to the Divine Judge?


Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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If the Ecclesiastical Authority He had made wise treasure of great laceration produced in the Church by Martin Luther, in front of the priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella tremble, because da meteor believed was, hath been turned into a poisoner of souls that drives many of our faithful to ruin. Yet there are those who think with blind cynicism that to solve the problem just does not give importance to him and to his followers, that more and more national and international level. I wonder: when tomorrow they will be reprimanded: “you have not given importance to those who poisoned the sheep of my flock”, how cynical justificatory think they respond to the Divine Judge?


the priest excommunicated Alessandro Minutella

The Church is experiencing a severe crisis, our people are lost and disoriented and when they seek answers and guides, on one side are social priests who have embraced the world and lost its sense of the sacred, the other the Minutella riding the wave of unease and discontent claiming more and more victims. Those with blind cynicism are leaving these souls in the clutches of this heretic, schismatic, convinced that it is only a flash in the pan destined to fade, We are taking a serious responsibility, because in this climate of confusion and bewilderment, a Friar Cipolla is more dangerous than a Martin Luther, the time overlooked and considered only an angry Augustinian monk originally from a village in Saxony ranted in outlying areas, from which he could not harm proud Rome that was said above good and evil, then we saw how it ended. there, Today will end up worse …


the Island of Patmos, 9 January 2020


Video Ariel S Conference. Levi di Gualdo: "From Friar Cipolla Alexander Minutella" (Youtube channel)


If you open the way “full screen” and click on the video center YouTube above the arrow on which it is written “scroll down for details” will open all the links to videos of Minutella called by the Father Ariel in his video-conference





our Dominican brother Francesco Maria Marino explains Alexander Minutella the error on “one such” (First part)


Neuro-video-delusion fanta-theology of Alessandro Minutella reply to the Dominican Francesco Maria Marino


Short replica of Father Francis Mary Marino Alessandro Minutella beginning of his catechesis on Guide to Examination of Conscience


Short catechesis: "The ministers Priests of the Sun '



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40 replies
  1. Simone
    Simone says:

    Dear Father Ariel,
    advance that I am not at all competent in Theology e, in all honesty, I cannot declare myself a fervent believer. But, I have always had great respect for the Ministry of the Church and, for cultural interest, I love to study the history of the Church and its message over the millennia. I am too, quite casually, came across a couple of Minutella videos (I do not know, in conscience, if I can still call him Father, after the effects of the excommunication. For real, I don't know and about this, so, I don't pronounce myself). What bothers me most, in his videos, it is the enormous dose of narcissism that overflows from his words and that, I think, in stark contrast to the Evangelical message. He always talks about himself, of their own preparation, of their culture, of its own size. Not to mention the comments posted by his acolytes, which are not exuding political and cultural ignorance, on which I don't have enough space to dwell on, ma, above all, they exude hatred towards those who do not think like them. Obvious, I don't think this can actually be considered a danger; of course, as they say, the reading of those comments is disheartening and the result obtained from those is not unlike the vulgar quarrels, often between politicians, who are no longer politicians but showmen without talent, stuffed with frightening clichés, that television so often gives us. I've read scary comments like: “Imagine” by J. Lennon is satanic song, Of “strong powers” (?) and so much other spacing so fashionable in recent years.

  2. Andrea Maccarini
    Andrea Maccarini says:

    Thank you, Don Ariel, a perfect synthesis of Minutella's thought, I wanted to listen to it three times. Having followed this priest for a few months in the process of excommunication , and having been partly conditioned by his catecheses and partly displeased with some of his statements on Facebook, I can confirm that everything you said about this priest corresponds to pure truth. Don Minutella constitutes a danger for souls because he misleads the souls from the right path and instigates hatred against the Church.

  3. German
    German says:

    Praised be Jesus Christ, dear brothers,
    accurate that I'm just a soul scandalized by these prelates from Bergoglio. I feel as if suspended in limbo, and I no longer trust any priest or almost….
    The unsympathetic style and full of hatred Father Ariel is preventing me from being able to listen to peaceful discernment, otherwise I feel that I would end straight into the arms of Don Minutella. I'd rather bring a more substantial matters little because in this way it is not at all convincing. When one insinuates falsehoods in their concepts everything collapses and you lose all credibility.
    I will not go on too long, I would just ask why you can dinning Luther in Vatican, parecipare common masses with Protestants or common prayer…. say that Luther was moved by the Holy Spirit and no Minutella? it all depends on the number of followers? Luther in his day he apostrophized the Pope and the Catholic Church with the worst epithets , yet he is worthy of respect, indeed, the Catholic Church has to stoop to his doctrine. Don Minutella brings just and very Catholic arguments and never hateful, I say this not being his follower , I follow only Jesus…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Bravo, also follow the “his” Jesus, because the real Jesus, Instead we follow what we, a mandate to teach, sanctifying and guiding, He gave it to Peter and the Apostles.

  4. Robert Benson
    Robert Benson says:

    Do not intervene on Don Minutella as they did not intervene on the Neocatechumenal led by two disturbed nor circus Medjugorje….
    Don Ariel rightly points out the existing gap between the demand of the faithful and the clergy proposal very.

    • Maximum
      Maximum says:

      A US bishop ( It seems to Tucson) long ago did the same declarations of Don Minutella ( Mons. Gracida I think it's called ) . A week ago, a Polish bishop can not remember the name did the same thing ( he was ordered not to celebrate and make public statements , but I think it will ignore ... )

      2 Bishops !!!! That is an apostolic college ......
      They will go out out more and among priests in Bishops .
      The rift inside the Church is already c : explode ... it is inevitable .

      D Anyway, it is in the scriptures ...

      D Besides, after the destruction of Pachamamma with Bergoglio Blessing……
      ( when I saw that video for the first time I am pinched several times …… I looked at him and focused ….. from that moment I found lawful not to follow "those guys…. said and given that not even adhere to Don Minutella …sto in Stand By…)

      • Attilio
        Attilio says:

        This traditionalist world is much more fragile than I thought. Until a few years ago, I thought as a healthy part of the Church, the most faithful and most devoted. I believed that attendance at Masses Extraordinaria Form and adherence to a traditional view of the Church to be more reliable and love for Peter.
        Nothing further from the truth. Minutella, indeed, darts within traditional consciences using mental levers from Protestant inveterate. It does not take a PhD to figure it out but love for the Church, love that is absent in these areas where traditionalism becomes ideology of crap to fill the hierarchy and the Pope. They say they are devoted to Our Lady, but what they're talking? Madonna which was the inspiration for antipapists instincts? We are sure that it is precisely the Madonna to inspire offenses, calumnies and epithets tavern?
        I am bound to traditional concerns, but I note that this sensitivity can be insidious and harmful because it lengthens the tongue and makes us rattlesnakes.
        We try to be Catholic before being traditionalists. Fine the episcopal gloves, but even better is the Vicar of Christ

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    I state not to agree with Don Alessandro knowing you do not attend Mass if the priest does in “communion with Pope Francis”.Not one of his spiritual children. I myself, however,, the words of the priest of “Pope francesco”, I disagree because it would be like to be in communion with Judas (look down). I am in communion with the true Vicar of Christ, that Benedict XVI [N.d.R. etc … etc …]

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Gentile Alex,

      she has, first of all, a virtually non-existent compared intelligence and others preparation, and also the work of others, because we, before writing an article, or before a video shoot, There we document up to the smallest detail.

      She posted a long comment we divided into four parts in which repeated like a nursery rhyme all the worst cliches about the alleged invalidity of the conclave, the election of the reigning Pope and the inevitable “St. Gallen Mafia”, without which for years it has been able to make people understand that it was a mere joke of the late Cardinal Danneels Gotfried, he wanted to be witty, perhaps but it failed: “… we find ourselves in Switzerland, a powder’ as a mafia”.
      On this line we were embroidered things absolutely the most absurd, to which we do not want and we can not give voice.

      If we do our work for people like her, for some time we would leave into permanent vacation, the series: lost time, because so much, you can show the sun at noon, they respond by insisting that there is no moon.

      Of all that I said, explained and demonstrated in a one hour video-conference, she could not care less, rather: ignoring all, It sends a rant in which emphasizes urban legends, non-facts, absurd assumptions that do not stand.

      This is the reason why it is impossible, just useless, publish his comments: she does not intend, and do not mean, but most do not even holds out questions and comments, emanates judgments based on anything presenting them as incontrovertible truth, but they are not just in heaven or on earth.

  6. David Maria
    David Maria says:

    As Don Minutella bases its position on the premise of loyalty to Father Benedict XVI, it would be better if Pope Benedict wrote the two words?
    I think this might help if Don Minutella same, at least in the wake of sheep who follow him.

  7. Gianluigi
    Gianluigi says:

    Under the current rules of canon law Bergoglio was never Pope, Furthermore “excommunicated” as in connection with the “Mafia S Gallo”, as from “confession” the deceased Card Daneels: as then one gets “excommunicated” e “false pope” to emit “excommunications” It is seen that his acts are all zero?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and if anything she, individual well-educated, It is also a scholar of the Babylonian Talmud, enough to recognize the scent.
      Instead I only knew what I feel fragrance, reading his words, but overflight …

  8. Sasso
    Sasso says:

    Ieri will,14/01/2020, The Report program has gutted the insurgent controversy with the resignation of Ratzinger and continue the’ election of Bergoglio. The journalist analyzing the increasingly serious confusion, said that Ratzinger, after resigning and he promised that he would have kept quiet and obedient, passed the “hot potato” the poor that Bergoglio, given the situation inherited poisoned, He would have been quite happy to stay where he was. And now, pretending to forget what was promised, the old pope comes out with considerations and judgments that put the uncomfortable Bergoglio policy! I want to think that this is due to senility Ratzinger on which the opposing fringe Francis makes powerful lever to criticize. I think and hope that the reigning pope straight shots according to his program, and leading this poor Church anachronistic towards modernity of the third millennium. One final thought: in past centuries, men of great intellect were silenced inflicting death (by way of example: Meatballs, Palearo, Bruno, etc.). I hope that the energetic inquisitor Levi Gualdo not think to use the same treatment for any Minutella!

    • Iacopo
      Iacopo says:

      A sincere question Mr. Sasso: but what the church would be anachronistic and what exactly would the third millennium modernity? And why this' automatic mechanism that puts something does not comply with contemporary thought with what is morally evil?

      However I fear that inquisitorial trials or less if a Minutella any exploded in popularity the church projected into the third millennium just succeed forgets; But I imagine that his defense of the extraordinary psychic guru is based on the idea “I disagree with what you say but I'd die etc etc”

    • Alessandro Martinetti
      Alessandro Martinetti says:


      Just to give you an idea of ​​how much she (which speaks of “senility Ratzinger”) both polished, I point out that yesterday was the 13/01/2020 (not the 14/01/2020), and that the transmission to which it refers is not Report, but presadiretta.

      So you do not even know which program he saw and on what day.

      I add that this program is so obviously biased that lean to defend the reigning Pope Francis does not make it a good service to the same Pope.

  9. Alessandro Martinetti
    Alessandro Martinetti says:

    Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI intervenes, with Cardinal Robert Sarah, in a new book dedicated to a clear and strong defense of priestly celibacy, stating that “celibacy (priestly) It becomes truly indispensable because our step towards God can be the foundation of our lives and express themselves concretely”.

    I guess that unfortunately minutelliani and related stand to excuse to rekindle the heretical and schismatic rage against Pope Francis, while the fanatics bergogliani, illusion to make good service to the reigning Pope, minimize or lashes out against Ratzinger, guilty of not sit silent and want to do the reigning Pope despite being only Emeritus.

    The truth seems to me under the eyes of all those who want to see it: Emeritus Pope does not intend to replace the reigning, ma, experiencing an attempt to disruption of priestly celibacy at the Synod ominously consumatosi Amazon, You want to help the reigning, in a spirit of fraternal and frank harmony, to avoid the big mistake to indulge in any way similar unfortunate attempts, that they have nothing to do with the genuine evangelization of peoples…

  10. one that does nothing matters
    one that does nothing matters says:

    Do only my testimony, I don't mean to argue.
    Intrigued by many controversies, I searched on youtube a video in which there was this Don Minutella, and I was surprised by what I've seen in a couple of random videos. I do not know if other video will change the judgment.
    In my opinion, I found a real priest, with all faults and human limits that you want, but a real priest.
    I found it curious that raise up against him many controversies, even as
    the bishop dressed in white that many, Thank God not all, consider Pope, obviously “link”, as if that would make him legitimate to profane the most holy places of Christianity and the destruction of religious orders remained faithful to the Holy Church doctrine, and all backed by perverts declared by him appointed to the posts of the Church summit. How sad! I am a sinner too heavy, but those who infangono a real priest (Now they have taken the fashion to use in talking terms what language “presbyter”, ridiculous) I fear that are made worse than me. For my part, when I happen I will try to follow this priest.

    • Fabrizio Giudici
      Fabrizio Giudici says:

      I already know it will serve no purpose, Anyway… Orthodoxy is like a circle drawn on the ground, as in that famous advertisement for a bank. Heresy is all around us. Everywhere, in any direction. There is now prevalent heresy which manifests itself in a particular field outside the circle, which it is what she has shown. No one criticized for having denounced Don Minutella, even with strong language; rather. The problem is created when in the heat you end up out of the circle in the opposite sector. So: wrong ones, backed by a corrupt hierarchy, They think they can pass off as well a whole series of things. But even those who err, denouncing this fact, end to support that the hierarchy can be invalidated from the bottom.

  11. Angelo
    Angelo says:

    I wonder if Don Minutella , at the dawn of his rebellion against the Pope, It has been in good faith or whether, at the root of all, There has not been a ”non served” which he caused him to prefer obedience to the bishop the reign of an illegal building equipped with polluted well…mAh…certainly if it is started from legitimate positions of discontent towards the weaknesses of post concilare church arrived, getting lost, the scariest pride. Poor guy, let us pray for him.

  12. Fabrizio Giudici
    Fabrizio Giudici says:

    Curious… Recently I came across some references to Don Minutella and I said: He is doing very much damage. M'era occurred to me to write, but you did before you.

    It's not just Don Minutella. A group of English hermits was excommunicated. They are good people, They have always preached orthodoxy, and were felt. But now they have written that do not recognize Francis as Pope, recognize Benedict. Excommunication is inevitable. I think / hope for them that is not a mortal sin, because it is not made with the intention of separating from the Church, but as decomposed reaction to the chaos generated by Francesco. But the act itself is very serious and can lead the faithful in error.

    I can not do more to read comments of people continue (which is neither a theologian nor a canonist) that “declares” decayed Pope… Every time you try to make people understand that being in communion with the Pope does not mean approving and follow the false teachings is a hole.

    But the blame is also good cardinal. In seven years they have failed to find a common position that will be the reference for all. Finiremo atomized.

    • Alessandro Martinetti
      Alessandro Martinetti says:


      I too am frankly tired (very much) to make the water you speak of holes, but so, this is the time when God gave us the grace to live, order to become holy in the tests and to fully mend for our sins.

      “We'll finish fragmented”? A human views yes. How do you know, There were times when the greater part of the bishops adhered to Arianism. So they may be that await us and our children to decades of divisions.
      Or it may be that God will send us a short signs and punishments so eloquent and striking as to lead in a flash crowds to dress in sackcloth, do penance and fully embrace the true faith (it being understood that those who do not convert will not be issued, even if the resurrection for the dead before his eyes).

      I do not know that will happen because.
      But we have all the tools freely bestowed upon mercifully by God for our own eternal salvation. We think that.
      Reminding us that we are in good hands, because the Holy Catholic Church is Christ, our only Savior adorabilissimo … better than that you can not!

      • Fabrizio Giudici
        Fabrizio Giudici says:

        Yup, Alexander, there is no doubt that the end is. We must see what we went down until then. I would not test wail that is inflicted on us – it is almost ridiculous to think that Christians in other parts of the world risk their lives – I only say that I wish we had a little’ longer supported by some members of the hierarchy still healthy.

  13. fabio
    fabio says:

    dear father Ariel,

    I agree with her on what he says about Don, that is heretical.
    she writes “The Church is experiencing a severe crisis, our people are lost and disoriented and when they seek answers and guides” unfortunately the most loss comes from the vertex of the church, from him that we should confirm the faith ,however it is ambiguous, I ask it is normal to bring in the Vatican gardens Pachamama? To say that Madonna has meticciata with the world or is not born holy? Or refuse to give the blessing to not offend non-believers or followers of other religions or that a bishop for emulation does not recite the creed not to offend?or show openings for divorced and remarried when the catechism 1650 only care?
    These questions are a judge?
    Thank you

    • Maximum
      Maximum says:

      A US bishop ( It seems to Tucson) long ago did the same declarations of Don Minutella ( Mons. Gracida I think it's called ) . A week ago, a Polish bishop can not remember the name did the same thing ( he was ordered not to celebrate and make public statements , but I think that ignores … )

      2 Bishops !!!! That is an apostolic college ……
      They will go out out more and among priests in Bishops .
      The rift inside the Church is already c : will explode … It is inevitable .

      D Anyway, it is in the writings …

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Throughout the Catholic Church bishops are over 5.000 and form a well-largest Apostolic College of these two bishops, or not?

      • Asia
        Asia says:

        Being ignorant on the subject, I do not understand why people say the same things as Minutella says, like Don Curzio Nitoglia or Mons. Viganò, they do not incur excommunication. Leaving aside the mystical cialtronate of Minutella, many theories coincide, and for example the accusations of apostasy to the Pontiff are the same. They even point to him as the antichrist, etc. Because there is no excommunication for them? This is by no means a controversial question, it is pure curiosity. It is considered legitimate by canon law to affirm that a Pope is the antichrist?

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Asian way,

          None of the clergymen you mentioned have ever declared, as instead the “goliardic” Panormitan in question, that the Supreme Pontiff Francis is an antipope, that his election is invalid, that Francis I does not exist at all, because it is a fiction, etc … etc …
          None of the clergymen you mentioned, not having the brain electrocuted by a cerebral short circuit like the “goliardic” panormitano, ever stated that "all priests who celebrate Holy Mass in communion with the false usurper Pope Bergoglio, celebrate invalid Masses, in which there is no graceful action of the Holy Spirit and therefore the transubstantiation of the Eucharistic species does not take place ". Or in other words: at this time, circa 450.000 priests around the world, among the members of the secular clergy (diocesan priests) and of the regular clergy (religious), in his opinion they would be out of sanctifying grace, because only the guru of Carini, with that other capon escaped from the Benedictines and the other deranged who recently joined, they are the only priests in the world to celebrate valid Masses.
          All of this, it seems possible, logical, rational, sustainable?

          And notice well, when the madman was asked for an account and reason for this, he did not answer, preferring to continue whining: …. «Nobody compares with me on the merits … nobody compares with me on the merits!!!». And to the question of merit, clear and precise, one of the many addressed to him, however, as usual, he did not reply. The question was this: assuming that you continually affirm that the Holy Masses celebrated in communion with the false Pope Francis are not only valid, so saying you are stating that about 450.000 priests are celebrating invalid Masses all over the world. Well, answer on the merits: and, or not?
          there, we always await an answer on the merits.
          And with this it is made clear – or it should be clarified – the obviously unbalanced character.

          It is not true that H.E. Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò and the Rev. Presbyter Curzio Nitoglia "they say the same things". She is wrong and just confuses things, none of these ecclesiastics has ever denied the legitimate election of the Supreme Pontiff Francis I and the validity of Holy Masses celebrated in communion with him, none of them called him the Antichrist, if anything, they evoked in their speeches the figure of the Antichrist referring to our times, but they never claimed that the Antichrist has come and that he is the reigning Pontiff. Similar affirmations were made only by the electrocuted one of Little Nazareth, also known for these and other reasons such as Little Neuro.

          In short: accuse a pontiff of heterodox thoughts, or heretical drifts, it is undoubtedly unfortunate, especially far in the air, because in the exercise of his office the Supreme Pontiff, until today, he never made heterodox statements or wrote them in his documents and changed them into new doctrines and ecclesiastical disciplines; he has never denied the dogmatic foundations of the faith.
          Instead, speaking privately or outside the exercise of the supreme magisterium, he often gave the best of himself, but speaking precisely as a private doctor, not as the supreme custodian of the doctrine of the faith.

          On the contrary, instead accuse the Pontiff of being an illegitimate usurper elected in a false conclave and at the same time declare invalid all the Sacraments administered by priests in communion with him, as well as being aberrant and insane, involves incurring excommunication for schism and heresy. Excommunication which they did not incur, nor for now could they ever incur, the other ecclesiastics you mentioned.

          • Asia
            Asia says:

            Thanks Father for the answer. Indeed, the ecclesiastics I have appointed have never questioned the validity of the Masses, despite having accused the Pope of heresy, to have a secret plan for the destruction of Christianity, et cetera. Serious things, Certain, but they did not attack the priests. I have confused two similar but not the same things.

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Asian way,

            it is a pleasure to answer questions and dissolve doubts, it is one of the principal duties of our sacred ministry.

  14. father ariel
    Marisa (Bologna) says:

    I taught for three decades history of the greek theater in Bologna, before retirement.
    If you pass me a note of color …
    But who is this certain Colombo freaked out that defined Father Ariel … “queer hysterical”?
    give of “pansy” to a person as the father Ariel, it would be like giving the “pansy” to a subject such as Ugo Tognazzi.
    A devout Catholic lady 70 years like me, soon becomes clear that Ariel's father before he became the father Ariel was definitely a Ugo Tognazzi …
    But do not be ridiculous minutelli&friends, do not be ridiculous …
    A truly stylish video, gentle and effective, from which not only understands who the real theologian, but also that parent level Ariel is a theologian, and communicator!

  15. Alessandro Martinetti
    Alessandro Martinetti says:

    The Minutella is certainly one misguided and pernicious barker which are not to be lent any condescension or any sequela. We need to pray for his repentance and the salvation of his soul unfortunately lost.

    As serious and obvious are the defects and errors of Francis, he is without doubt the legitimate successor of Peter and the duty of all Catholics is therefore to pray sincerely for him, for his personal sanctification and why fruitfully fulfill the great duty of shepherding the flock entrusted to him profusely and confirm the faith of the Holy Catholic Church, in accordance with the Scriptures, Sacred Tradition and the authentic Magisterium and irreformable.

    Thanks to Father Ariel for clear explanation.

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Rev. Don Ariel, I apologize in advance for the length of the message, but I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to don Minutella: I admit that I followed Radio Domina and slowly convincing myself that I was in the true Minutella, although they are a “one such”, as he defines us. I hit his sentence (Sorry to paraphrase): Satan is recognized by hatred; and in fact I was going to feel hatred towards Francis Pope and all the bishops loyal to him, instead of compassion. And, because the worship of the goddess inca during the month (mariano) October and some sites Articles, as Famiglia Cristiana, that the Marian cult derives from the cult of Isis, they are serious, maybe skim heresy and apostasy. Regarding the excommunications of Don, I can understand the charge of schism, but because the accusation of heresy? Why Enzo Bianchi, after saying in an interview that the baby Jesus is just a man and “who deifies Jesus on earth make a mistake, deifies him too early ", It is not excommunicated for heresy? Of course I do not pretend an answer, since she is not the Pope, it is an observation
      PS: the fact that they have shared and followed his catechesis, He makes me an…

  16. Maximum
    Maximum says:

    What bad thing envy. The faithful are lost through no fault of Don Minutella but a false Pope and pastors who do not have the courage to point out the real culprit of this debacle. I am sorry… I thought I would find interesting items on this site, and instead … I pray for you

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … Listen to me boy: “can minutelliani” You have really broken … trallallerotrallallà!
      I can envy Minutella the same extent in which Marcello Mastroianni could be consumed with envy in front of Alvaro Vitali, I can be consumed with envy as Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val would have envied Don Ernesto Buonaiuti, etc… etc …

    • Dorotea
      Dorotea says:

      No Maximus, He can not accuse Father Ariel or envy this site. We all have our faults but can not obscure to them the seriousness of the video content of the Don in question. The balance and the caution expressed in the words used by Father Ariel, also they tell us the delicacy of the issues that are those contents which Minutella says of wanting to compare, but it never does, as it demonstrated in the video in response to the Dominican Padre Marino, the final insulted and teased. The Veritas hurts because it lays bare, always, all of us, our consciousness that only true humility, But, It is able to know how to accept. Everyone will face, if anything, and now after meditating video, the examination of one's conscience and answer to God for where we are, without jeopardizing other if things are going wrong and we pray for Don Minutella.

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