Father Ariel back Thursday in the late evening in the Straight of Mediaset Studies Program and Reverse led by Paolo Del Debbio

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Father Ariel was invited back by the friends of the Editorial Board of the program and Straight Backhand led by Paolo Del Debbio on Rete 4, from which it will be present at the direct transmitted by Mediaset Studies of Cologno Monzese in the second Thursday evening 16 January starting at 23.30 circa.


Editors of The Island of Patmos




the program hosted by Paolo Del Debbio on Rete 4

We inform our readers tomorrow evening our Father Ariel back in the late evening to the program live Straight and Reverse led by Paulo Debbio on Rete 4, where he was already a guest in the past in the betting 31 October and 7 November 2019.


Friends of the Drafting They demanded his presence among the guests to participate in the debate on the issue of priestly celibacy, returned to prominence on the national and international press these days.



the Island of Patmos, 15 January 2020



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8 thoughts on "Father Ariel back Thursday in the late evening in the Straight of Mediaset Studies Program and Reverse led by Paolo Del Debbio

  1. Congratulations to Father Ariel, you see that you are getting used to the format and the answers seemed to me very timely and I enjoyed the refusal to respond to the false equivalence presented by his brother on married priests and pedophiles. Unfortunately usual it seems the biggest problem are those who want to remain within the Church, They want to say Catholics, but to feel comfortable they want to make a carbon copy of the non-ecclesiastical world. However a dream to see him day “one versus one” with Cruciani, I think that would be an interesting discussion, or at least once without Adinolfi that no judge in any way his person in these situations only makes a considerable rhetorical casino.

  2. Dear Fathers,

    I state that I have not seen the episode so I can not express myself fully. But I have seen a video 1 minute when a priest asked the following question Father Ariel: ” preferable pedophile priests or married priests? ” .
    I felt disgust at seeing Father Ariel having to answer a question so meaningless to more enriched with a southern warmth more suited to a barroom quarrel with such a sensitive issue that touches the flesh of our clergy.

    At the moment, there is no scientific correlation between celibacy and pedophilia, if this onsite pastor of incontrovertible evidence based on measurable data and may disclose certain to poterceli to read and comment. Until then I will be forced to despise his imposture as, to date, he only of ridicule himself and the entire Italian Church.

    1. Sorry about that priest, but it is a functional subservient to the prince of lies: the actual details of the cases of pedophilia in fact testify that, If the laity the vast majority of pedophiles family, the clerics, instead, the vast majority of cases of pedophilia are linked to homosexuality… So what goes on about that priest with forked tongue?

  3. I saw the episode and Straight Backhand in which there was Father Ariel. I was somewhat disappointed because it was carried away in a sterile debate about the marriage of priests and the maintenance of a possible family.
    I appreciate so the intervention of Major Mario Adinolfi who tried to bring the discussion in its principles by highlighting how the priesthood has an exclusive relationship with Christ and the grace that comes from that relationship.
    Shameful and doctrinally unacceptable the intervention of the other priest present in favor of the marriage of priests and communion for divorced and remarried. Not commentable the intervention of Cruciani.

  4. Caro father Ariel,
    I too have seen 1 one minute beyond the broadcast where she was asked whether he prefers married priests or those pedophiles and I said: but possible that Father Ariel does not know that we should not argue with fools? I wonder if programs like this serve the cause of truth, or rather do not leave the time they find especially now that the Sanhedrin and the high priest are the most powerful in the world of which we know well the Prince.
    You fathers in a sense you are privileged because you live in Patmos, island. Stay there with your lit torch, place it as you are already doing in a place where those who want to see it will see it, guard it safe, put on a boat to take her to the world in these times of storm risk to turn it off in a shipwreck. We must be realistic, not a battleship sinks with a gunshot but eventually rust also consumes armored unless they sink prior to some unexpected event.

  5. So di essere o.t. mi piacerebbe che in quest’isola si parlasse della partecipazione si Junior Kelly a San Remo con quei testi satanici un vero apostolo del male veramente siamo arrivati alla fine, come si possono mandare certi messaggi da una TV di stato a cui dobbiamo pagare pure il canone

    Poveri i nostri figli
    Veramente abbiamo bisogno di nuove crociate

    Gentilissimi Padri aiutateci

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