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… There are also some Church historians, whose bad faith stems from facts that they should not ignore for scientific duty, for instance: during the first great dogmatic Councils, between the 4th and 9th century, the church fathers not discussed maybe freely on everything and then its opposite, before reaching the definitions that today are dogmas on which faith rests and stands? If representatives of some so-called "right"Catholic had inhabited in the 4th century in Nicaea during the celebration of that Council and if those years were already existed The Gazette the devout atheist Giuliano Ferrara and the press agency Correspondence Romana, through which spread as sensational scoop what some Father deep throat had decided to exit the courtroom about the way the meeting was discussing the nature of Christ, how they would have acted? They would boycott actions ... were invited to the rebellion ... were invited to “resist” against the Bishop of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople through handwritten threats made through campaigns on Papyri made lead in the cities of East and West by pigeons?


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo



Eucharistic Celebration in St. Peter of the Synod Fathers at the end of the first part of the Synod on the family

Before speaking of the Synod of the family and the topics that will be discussed in it "place that any decision is there to come and that no one should set up processes to less than ever and preventive wars based on nothing" is necessary to clarify what in concrete facts is the status of the European Church and clergy, Why do good pastoral care, and pastoral species of the family, with the increasingly empty churches and with clergy and episcopate that seems a rimembrare theArmata brancaleone, might be difficult even to the Holy Spirit, who has the divine power to mutate even donkeys in horse breeding; provided in the asses, noble and useful animals, There is a basic assumption: accept to be turned into horse breeding, because if you don't exercise the freedom of the children of God opening for grace, donkeys are and will asses in saecula saeculorum.

The Italy, is it not a sick country within which a Catholicism roso from Cancer Metastasis is Italy illnow underway to their natural state of agony? That statement might look defeatist, If laid from the pen of one who has been made to describe in articles, homilies and conferences, the importance of "Theology of Hope” [see WHO]. Maybe the question should be posed in other words and wanting even worse: the Italy was never a truly Catholic country? I tried to explain it long ago on these our columns of’Patmos Island:

«… to answer this question I think we should analyze why Protestantism in Italy has expanded as in Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavian Countries, and later in the United States of America, from the sixteenth century. This did not happen because the nobility and the bourgeoisie divided into many principalities and dominions, in the 16th century sought immediately compromises more attractive with the Catholic Church. In Italy the nobility and the bourgeoisie, Although dedicated practice to Deism and agnosticism, in materia religiosa nutriva interessi meno radicali rispetto al resto dell’Europa. This meant that rulers, political, nobles, merchants, bankers and mercenaries were more Protestant German Protestants in practice, but Catholics in politics and in the outward forms. That's why in Italy has always opposed the bourgeois state a strong Catholic Church and compact, often formed by armies of "devotees" faithful unbelievers, but all sorted and tasks in procession with the tear to the eye and the candle in hand» [Article on Lutheranism, WHO].

outlet roma
illustrative image of Rome 20 September 1870

Another answer to these questions, In addition to history could also push other statistical data. After the 20 September 1870, that date marked the fall of Rome, the last shred of the Papal States, absorbed gradually in the ten years preceding the nascent Kingdom of Italy, What are the areas where the turnout at churches resulted in lowest percentage? What other dioceses that have the lowest number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life? Are the former territories of the old Papal States with the Lazio region in the head, for centuries the heart of Church Government, to have a shortage of priests and faithful attendance at churches. The dioceses of this region, in particular the suburbicarie of Rome Diocese, have a clergy made up of priests coming mainly from developing countries, that in some of them the proportion exceeds 50% of the total number of priests; to them must be added several former released by their respective religious congregations, which have found ready acceptance in the secular clergy, especially in the dioceses of Albano Laziale, Palestrina and Tivoli. Among these "defectors" priests have emerged over time even a good number of subjects of concern which the Bishops of origin were well pleased to get rid, in safe assurance that some bishops in need of Italian "manpower"he would come to accept them, given its need resulting from the shortage of clergy. What with all the consequences that these evil choices may result, When a diocese is starting to be composed of a considerable number of priests whose primary purpose is mainly to raise as much money as possible to support their families in their countries of origin, or poor children that "starving". Except discover below, as sometimes happened, What to feed children were the children that the priest had spread to the villages; This is the real reason why the Bishop, after it is moved from one place to another, found that every where the priest left pregnant girls, He is finally freed of problem sending him to Rome to study at the expense of the Congregation de propaganda fide, Pending if you take some Italian Bishop "starved" of clergy and therefore willing to pick up even Paris et boves et et nummularios columbas sedentes. Of all this there is no need to ask account to various Italian Bishops, nor those of Lazio used as a paradigm, because the complaint that in dioceses erected around Rome there were too many foreign priests was raised by the Venerable Pontiff Benedict XVI, those who felt so stung by similar claims if not take it with me, but with the Supreme Pontiff's predecessor now happily ruler.

rabbit lion
sadness and reality …

With this premise does not intend to open a theme in the theme, but only clarify "before engaging in talks tied to the Synod on the family" that you have to deal with the reality of a de-Christianized Europe where swarming armies of former faithful, or the best guess of faithful who ignore increasingly lost the fundamentals of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, What this attributable not so much to them as to the increasingly poor training of the clergy. A clergy made up an increasing number of priests that arouse serious embarrassment sometimes ― albeit often provided by all "most holy"academic papers now pull behind anyone from Pontifical universities today" and including, In brief, the new Bishops will be selected, selected shootout between the most insignificant, for some value of personality, that with great effort we can still find in some corner of the Church, don't end up with the hacking mediocrity, the flat calm is the deadlock created by the Bishops of the region, because the half-figures must of necessity play even more figures half of them. On the other hand we know that putting a lion in a cage of rabbits or an eagle in a courtyard in the middle of the chickens that abrade, for many it would perhaps be desirable to, but for other impossible. Better then protect certain clericalmente "balance" by allowing “rabbits” and “chickens” the full "right" to operate the “best "of their inability, regardless of the fact that they are affossando Christianity. On the other hand, the "arcane" clerical balances, well worth the destruction of the Church, that is just the bride of Christ; and in the name of "arcana" clerical balances the bride of Christ can be sacrificed, Indeed thrown directly on the sidewalk under a streetlight, with Bishops and Cardinals that the approach of the Board flush scooters trying to scipparle handbag, but … just to give the money to the poor, is intende!

rubble …

These are the reasons why in my last lecture I concluded by wishing the «big bang», that is the inevitable implosion to which we are approaching, then start over again to build over the ruins, because in the processes of decay, Once passed the so-called boundary of no return, It is no longer possible to go back. Or better to express everything with a relevant example: a car that ends up on the edge of an Escarpment can be saved with all the people that brings on board, If you do reverse it back promptly on roadway safety. If it is launched along the precipice, at that point it is useless, Indeed it is more harmful to try to reverse gear during the fall; the result will be to split the Exchange, given that back you can no longer return.

This the real situation in which the Synod Fathers will be working and from which we can not do without, because doing it will emerge from the real to go to space in the surreal. Fathers must therefore move aboard a car about to crash down the precipice, While the driver view all their broken gearbox wondering: «And now, How can we do to get it back?». Now, as to agitate the broken automobile Exchange in the fall is the driver, namely the Holy Father Francis, with foresight he held a extraordinary Jubilee of mercy; and never was more appropriate Jubilee! Thing that I say with those priestly and pastoral knowledge which have not touched certain commentators, those species groups of Catholics sad that would contravene the Holy Father also have stated that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the father and the son and the father and the son is worshipped and glorified and spoke through the prophets» [CF. Symbol of faith].

jubilee 2
Jubilee logo of mercy

To understand the meaning of the Jubilee of mercy You must be some priests with their hands in the dough of the pastoral, some mechanics with dirty hands of oil. Time ago, The Holy Father, He used the picturesque expression "be shepherds wearing the smell of sheep» [see WHO]; which at the time made me smile, for example, imagining his vicar general for the Diocese of Rome, hear those words, He tried to comply by commissioning shortly to the new Chanel perfumes parfume des moutons [smell of sheep], be distributed among the presbyters of Rome. Though perfectly understood what the Holy Father very fair meant to say and what little there was to joke about those words and that much serious invitation how deep.

But we still see an example: days ago, to a sick person in Terminal I brought the grace and mercy of God, granting him — as is the rite of the sacrament of anointing of the sick "absolution from all sins, including those reserved to the Holy See, According to the powers conferred on me by the Apostolic See, According to the formula: «Ego, facultate mihi ab Apostolica Sede tributa indulgentiam plenariam et remissionem omnium peccatorum tibi grant …». Or good, The Holy Father, in the bubble Misericordiae vultus with which launched this Jubilee [see WHO], has perhaps made it clear "to those who have heart, soul and true Catholic sentiment "that we are in fact Terminal State? Soon said where we can figure it out: not only the Roman Pontiff decided to send around "missionaries of mercy", What should induce to think is that it has given them full and stable power to perform throughout the Jubilee year, starting Lent, even the sins reserved by the code of Canon law to the Apostolic See [CF n. 18 see WHO]. And as we all know confessors, absolution from sins reserved to the Apostolic See can just grant it only to a dying person or to a person in real life threatening, never on other occasions; because in the absence of real life-the acquittal of a reserved to the Apostolic See Sin would constitute a very serious abuse by the Confessor, and the priest that he imparted would be subject to strict canonical penalties [cf. on sins reserved see WHO].

synod family 2
Synod on the family 2014-2015

The interweaving of the Synod on the family and the Jubilee of mercy It is not a superposition of "activities", but a necessary logical path, If we consider that Europe, the family now in agony, is likely to celebrate a solemn funeral shortly with the orchestra of the Freemasons, members of liberalism without values, by the puppeteers of the economy without ethics and the ideologues of the omosessualista culture, all together playing the funeral March to trumpets explained. And we, in this situation we have already been established in some sense gravediggers, We cannot play do obstetricians with corpses, We can only bless them and bury, If before the corpses will not have already buried us.

Burke cappamagna
Cardinal Raymond Burke Leonard, elected as “resistant” by circles of so-called tradition, installation cappamagna at one of the various “beauty centres” of pizzettari&merlettari. And for sure these are the things that make particularly rejoice a subject as the Holy Father Francis.

All of these things in the obvious in fundamental part, they are escaping from almost two years to all those pseudo-Catholic ideologues that having to give vent to the worst of themselves, the Synod have mutated into a political battle ground. And before an agonizing started to discuss on strategies to be adopted for win the next general election, first of which is in their opinion useful defeat the "Kasper theorem" [see WHO, WHO], the "report heretical Erdö " [see WHO], the Group of “false prophets” German bishops [see WHO], giving while meticulous news even on how many times he went to the bathroom one who was elected by them what great antagonist and survivor "champion" of "non-negotiable values" true "traditio catholica”, Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, which was conferred by them the Palma of resistance … but to those who, Maybe Peter? [see WHO]. Then informing day behind day through the Bulletin of the now legendary and comic site Church & Postcouncil, how much of his operation is perfect prostate eminentissima, but especially in accordance with the Usus antiquior Roman Rite, as proof the first morning urination, followed by lauds in the Tridentine rite, first of which is a healthy urine pale yellow color that rivals the angels, that not having sex may not pee, for this I am envious.

Caffara and Cavalcoli
the Metropolitan Archbishop Carlo Caffarra of Bologna with our Dominican theologian John Carlson in the Dominican convent Patriarchal bolognese

Doing all this, which is equivalent to showing that they do not want to understand what is the delicate pastoral action of the Church in times like those we are living, These topics assume as well that you have or possess the true faith in a Church, saint, Catholic and Apostolic, oblivious to profess concrete facts in another baptism, in particular through their motions of animosity towards Peter [example, WHO].

Repeatedly, as a pastor in the care of souls — and certainly not as certain free citizens who play to sociologists or political scientists and as such must always have an enemy on which to vent their own inner discomfort "I remembered that lust is not the first of the deadly sins; the first is the pride followed by greed, envy, IRA ... On the seven deadly sins lust lies in fifth place. There will also be a reason, If in order of ranking, before the "notorious" sex sins, We are in row four? But journalists secularists for a verse, some Catholics on the other ideologues have banked shortly on the ancient obsession with always, sex, to change this Synod in a conference call to discuss problems related to human sexuality and its various implications. What indeed false, Although the Synod is present also an eminent expert in bioethics and sexual ethics as Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, that in the course of his apostolic ministry, however, also many other things, from the ethics of Christological dogma economy, just read his Homilies, some of them — without exceeding in lure, Since the Cardinals usually Witcher crina ferrata with brush and I hardly caresses — really worthy a doctor of the Church, species in this increasingly bleak Episcopal homiletic [It refers in this regard to the theatrics of the Bishop of Noto, WHO].

Despite this, the message about this Synod was passed by members of the "thesis" and those of "antithesis" is the usual prurient hunting pants and to the search of the bedrooms.

John Cavalcoli photos order
from these columns John Carlson explained how, The Holy Father, He clarified his positions on certain speech concluded the first part of the Synod, dispelling fears that they had no reason to exist

To create ideological confrontations and wars was taken the problem of eventual admission to the Eucharist of divorced and remarried persons, so once again, that sacred mystery that is the engine, life and center of unity of the Church, It was used as a means of fiendishly Division and ideological clash; all, What severe, on the basis of nothing. And repeat based on nothing, Although some deep throat Cardinals or Bishops ' did leave the synodal Hall speeches or private relations, and at that point, in newspapers around the world and aggressive of telematics magazines usual suspects, has begun to Thunder against "blows", potential "coup" … until reaching the worst: pastoral practice through the dangerous hazard on which modernists "did not discuss" would have ended up changing the substance of the sacraments, launching in this sense very serious alarms, ignoring, or pretending to ignore, that the Church cannot alter the substance of the sacraments, ever, much less with the pastoral practice [see WHO, WHO, etc. ..]. In conclusion, as explained by the historian Roberto de Mattei: "The Church is on the verge of a schism» [see WHO, WHO]. Nothing is served my distinguished colleague senior John Carlson, from our magazine columns, explain with the theological richness that distinguishes how, The Holy Father, He had already made clear its positions on certain speech concluded the first part of the Synod, in this regard, dispelling doubts and fears that they had no reason to exist [see WHO].

Pigeons used at the Council of Nicea in the 4th century, When there were no The Gazette and the Agency Correspondence Romana, for the dissemination of private discussions of the Council fathers

Among these people There are also some Church historians, whose bad faith stems from facts that they should not ignore, for instance: during the first great dogmatic Councils, between the 4th and 9th century, the fathers of the Church, not discussed maybe freely about everything and its opposite, before reaching the definitions that today are dogmas on which faith rests and stands? If the leaders of today and the so-called "right" to have Catholic town in the 4th century in Nicaea during the celebration of that Council and if those years were already existed The Gazette the devout atheist Giuliano Ferrara and the press agency Correspondence Romana, through which spread as sensational scoop what some Father deep throat had decided to exit the courtroom about the way the meeting was discussing the nature of Christ, how they would have acted? They would boycott actions ... were incited to rebellion ... they called for resistance against the Bishop of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople through handwritten threats made through campaigns on Papyri made lead in the cities of East and West by pigeons? And in this case, What controversy they basted, admitted and not allowed between adverse and schools especially dangerous heresies in windingOrbe catholica by the time "just think to the Arian heresy", He was discussing, No communion for divorced and remarried persons, but the very foundation of the Church: the incarnation of the word and the mystery of the person of Christ?

fruit market
fruit market in Campo dei Fiori in the statue of Giordano Bruno

Aunt Pasqualina that sells fruit in Campo dei Fiori under the statue of that bad boy of Giordano Bruno, these things don't know, but I know not to use the case expression to intellectual dishonesty and lacking scientific criterion by these people for almost two years they build entire theorems on mostly private speeches made by the Synod Fathers which should always, rigor and practices, discuss in complete freedom and then its opposite, before Peter, assisted by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to say the last word, as always happens and as always happened. And doing it, until today, Peter has never wrong, included in the Vatican II, that the Church was the last great Council celebrated, Although some of those warring against improbable Eucharists granted to divorced rispostati with blows of the modernists and progressives, It was not an Ecumenical Council but a big mistake, or at best, only a third pastoral Council, up to the second degree, According at least to fanta-Ecclesiology theological duo Gherardini&Lanzetta.

Gay village
poster of Gay Village

From the Eucharist to divorcees the usual suspects move then the shot about gays, Fearing risks of homosexual unions recognition and to follow; and with a distressing spirit, In addition to aggressive and bad, We must sorbirci the inevitable Paul Samson and Vainio, supported by a harem of women who are passionate about that instead of with brain writing articles with the stomach laundry, through which speak in harsh tones and often derogatory "reversed, perverts, pederasts, Sodomites …” [see WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, etc. ..]. Articles in which only the final gloss is missing: «Hangman who spring!», If anything, inviting readers to a pilgrimage to Predappio Memorial tomb of Benito Mussolini led personally by Vainio, seen the latest articles really indecent, that have been written on Levied Christian on the occasion of the feast of Italian Republic celebrated the 2 June, day in which I, as a priest who at the same time is pure Italian citizen with full rights and duties, celebravo a holy mass for the benefit and prosperity of our beloved Homeland and its inhabitants [see WHO, WHO, WHO].

Rolando Rivi
the martyr Rolando Rivi, assassinated by Red partisans. A picture of the ceremony of beatification, by the prefect of the Congregation for the causes of Saints, Cardinal Angelo Amato

Since we fell upon this theme that I do not intend to leave neither vague nor suspended, Add also the instrumental use done earlier by these blatant nostalgic on the feast of liberation, that falls on 25 April, on the occasion of which he abused the memory of the venerable priests killed in the so-called "red triangle"Emilia Romagna by Communist partisans [see WHO, WHO], including the blessed soul of seminarian Rolando Rivi [see WHO], thinking to which it is rare that I take off the cassock off, If not replace it, in case of real need, with a decent clergyman. People so much ideology, These columnists incattiviti by strange feelings "truly Catholic", you don't even understand the words written by themselves, since before his death, refusing to take off the cassock off, the young man said: «I study from priest and the robe is the sign that I am Jesus». Did you understand, Paul Samson? You've written yourself trying to set up yet another ideological Theatre: the Blessed martyr Rolando Rivi didn't say ' I'm against the Communists fascists», Neither said ' I am against communists fascists», but he said exactly what you bring back, «I am of Jesus» [see WHO]. That statement in itself implies: are the one who immolated lamb died for our redemption and calls not partisan hatred toward none, calls to hate only sin that separates us from communion with him and his Holy Church erected on the rock of Peter.

It is true that were murdered about 80 priests from the "beasts" in that case redheads, that lifted the killer shot even on an adolescent "guilty" to bring the cassock by seminarian, but to ideologues of counterfeiters Levied Christian should not escape even the “praiseworthy” beasts Black, Although in fact are capable to exploit and distort for their ideological purposes questionable even the heavenly blanket of the Blessed Virgin Mary, willingly waging of wives to wash incattivite [example, WHO] to pull mud piles on the Supreme Pontiff and the Bishops ' College, and everything — it goes without saying — in the name of true and authentic Catholic faith by which these nasty subjects from pride even holders feel luciferin.

Don Minzoni GIovanni
Don Giovanni Minzoni, Archpriest of Argenta (Ferrara) killed by the fascists with a stick 23 August 1923, martyr of Christ and of the homeland

Wonder therefore to all of them, with historical facts and documents in hand: because, the 25 April and 2 June, don't celebrate the memory of all those Italian priests also superior in pure "number" that during the "glorious" twenty years of fascism were tramortiti with a stick and repeatedly assaulted by black shirts, Some even while they were in the Church to the altar to celebrate the Holy Mass? If Paul Samson, instead of playing with the story together with the hood contessina Cristina Saif, that on the feast of the Republic has pulled out the garbage hoax of electoral fraud for which the monarchy would lose the referendum in 1946 and weaving the “Catholic” Masonic House of Savoy's praise through the figure of a well-known womanizer [see WHO] "unaware of this dynasty thing of Pirates at the gates He acted for our country and for the Italian church by 1850 to follow ", You premurasse instead of read up properly, would figure out how many times the agents of "meritorious" fascist Act they even faked suicides of priests. One of them was buried at the time Earth blessed and no funeral, Why was believed to really think he had committed suicide by hanging himself under the altar of the Church before the Tabernacle of the Holy Eucharistic reserve; then suicide and sacrilege. Only around half the fifties, putting together that several suspicious deaths, He began to nurture serious doubts that that priest no sympathy toward the fascist regime was really suicide, you chose to not deepen further and in that corner of southern Italy was made to fall silent on that and other sad deaths, but the coffin was revived and buried discreetly in the corner of the cemetery reserved for priests; and with this was clarified everything without having to spend even a Word. And to the delight of Hos, of Vassal and around the club nostalgic of Levied Christian, We could continue with the youth of Catholic action groups of Scouts and taken a stick, some of them were disabled or semi-permanent disabled for life, Since breaking the bones in the 1930s was a joke and not replace a fractured femur in four or five points was not easy even for the best surgeons; to follow with the Catholic printing burned, including the Civiltà Cattolica and follow. Be remembered with historical rigor that the so-called infamous “red triangle”, before being red, It was a “black triangle”, incubator and cradle of the nascent fascism, whose founder was a romagnolo away in Milan and his first companions were faithful to much Emilia Romagna. And in that region become fascistissima then comunistissima below, every wrong by reputed sigh “Sante” black shirts priests were toned with a stick, as happened to Don Giovanni Minzoni, at Argenta, Ferrara, which broke his skull with a stick. I think it is therefore proper to remind columnists of Levied Christian inviting the outrage the public through images of the corpse of the duce and his poor lover [see WHO, WHO, WHO], that the priests deaths prior to 8 September 1943 amount to 422, between these 158 were slaughtered by nazi-fascists and 33 by soldiers of the fascist Republic of Salò. The parish priests died violently before the Italian liberation of Italy from nazi-fascism were 238, to which must be added 41 Deputy parish priests and 129 among seminarians and novices. Statistical data, names and descriptions of the dead can be found in the history section of Vatican Archive.

Don Umbeto Pessina
the corpse of Don Umberto Pessina murdered by Communists in faith hate the 18 June 1946 in Correggio (Reggio Emilia)

At the end of this painful issue I say — and certainly not lightly — that "bless" more or less subliminal "cattofascismo" and “Devotees” Savoy “Catholic” on the day that the Italy celebrates the liberation of the country from nazi-fascism soil and yet on the day in which we celebrate the Republic day, makes these subjects both as authentic Italians both shames as “Catholic”. All expressed regret and severe in tone from a descendant of a family whose members have had the "privilege" to take before the beatings of the fascists and then those of the Communists, except that for me are both evil and each other. It is therefore my duty — even for some discreet prodding from some church authorities who have left everything to my free decision — to make known through my pen, nonbelievers and to all the people away from the Catholic Church which, erroneously, may swap these subjects and their written very livorosi as an expression of the Catholic World, or worse than think and feel of the Italian church, that these characters are only “loose dogs” without master who as such represent only themselves, they do not represent any title the Catholic World, much less the priestly College Italian, who always cried and prayed for the victims of fascism and for the victims of communism, without ever exalt those killed on one side and ignoring ideological bad faith with those killed by the other party. The Church has always honoured the memory of his priests killed in hate to faith by both fascists and Communists, including a blessed martyr of just 14 year old.

homosexual I cried
… not all gays are at all of the pathetic bad boys dressed as bitches in heat performing without dignity and modesty in Sodom and Gomorrah of gay pride or the orgiastic festivities of Gay village

Here's the real painted wood pulp which is made this dark and incattivita people to whom wonder: have you ever had to do — — talking with pastorally homosexuals? Have you ever accepted in a confessional these "reversed, pederasts, Sodomites”, These are used to define "caritatevolmente" these humans with spirit and phrasebooks from Social Republic of Salò and ideological methods from Gulag Soviet bloc? Have you ever stopped to listen to these subjects, to learn what they lived and often suffered in the course of their existence, given that not all gays are pathetic bad boys dressed as bitches in heat performing without dignity and decency in the Sodom and Gomorrah of the gay pride or the orgiastic festivities of Gay village? Apparently you have never met and heard, According at least to what for months been writing and saying in "your" pseudo “church” steeped in politics, by ideology, of nostalgia passed, in which the charity is not needless by circuitous route, taken as you are so stubborn to refuse this and that become future that characterizes the Church of Christ on Earth Pilgrim. Have you ever received, listened and learned and lives almost always shocking experiences of transvestites and transsexuals? I you, I listened to them for hours, When for one year I served in an ancient Roman basilica; and remember with affection this group of guys who all Saturday evening were to Mise vespertina, you put at the bottom of the basilica and listened devoutly, obviously not approached to do the Communion, as he did in his time for political provocation genderista sacrilegious Vladimiro Guadagno, said Luxuria, at the funeral of heretic priest G.s; and at the end of the Holy Mass, These guys, I waited to ask the blessing and prayers for their dead or their family members living in their home countries.

elder girl
… If on judgment day the Lord would send these connoisseurs and rich old people to hell, in such a case could provide the Pharisee leader as well as schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay to raise quaestioni "canonical" with his father, the son and the Holy Spirit, complaining vigorously about the fact that these "good customers" had regularly "paid" suffrage masses until the Parousia.

But all these are pastoral actions a priest must not shirk. Actions that are not made by the Lepanto Foundation, too busy to contemplate the pond of water rafferma of the lefebvrists, If anything, they give support to promote conferences against "invertititi“, “pederasts"and “Sodomites“, explaining with inhuman “morals” the Pharisaic how a teenager, casomai died without confession, would unquestionably to scorch in the flames of hell for having masturbated. Place from which would instead all rich immune of the extreme right American entrepreneurs or those arricchitisi in Brazil in ways and forms to clarify, that shade of sollazzandosi their 70 years in pools of their villas with their twenties — think not statuesque male, This is pure chanting nieces lauds and Vespers with the Tridentine Breviary — will fly straight to Paradise instead all the money broke up in favour of the schismatic and ereticale fraternity of St. Pius X and for perpetual masses that it offered to celebrate after large donation. Obviously, If on judgment day the Lord would send these connoisseurs and rich old people to hell, in such a case could provide the Pharisee leader as well as schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay to raise issues "canonical" with his father, the son and the Holy Spirit, complaining vigorously about the fact that these "excellent customers"they had regularly"paid"Suffrage masses until the Parousia; and is not to be excluded that invitations to “resistance” against the Supreme Court, that is to say its and its, would have arranged bad Judgement, If anything, with de Mattei that puts up a collecting signatures to protest the measure taken and the judgement given by the Almighty.

Worlds Largest Crocodile in Captivity
… We can't close ourselves within a Fort from which scream "executioner who spring!”, Once you have pulled up the drawbridge and have filled the moat of alligators kept fasted.

From "cattofascisti", that are worse than the "cattocomunisti", Let's move on to the concrete pastoral dimension; and forgive me if I refer once again to my last Conference in which, throughout the first part, I speak of that social progress and science with whom the Church of the twentieth century was called to take seriously the accounts, to equip pastorally through Vatican II [see WHO] We live today in a company subject to radical reciprocally, in front of which we cannot close ourselves within a Fort from which scream "executioner who spring!”, Once you have pulled up the drawbridge and have filled the moat of alligators kept fasted. Before these radical changes affecting the family and perception increasingly deteriorated and deteriorating of the idea of sexuality, interpersonal relationship, by love life or couple, We pastors in the care of souls should be equipped with adequate Church Pastoral tools; because in the face of such situations the Church cannot leave the bishops responsible to the Government of the particular churches, and all their priests to act alone or individually according to personal conscience, If not worse according to free will. Once again proceed with those concrete examples of where you won't find any trace in the article of the club of "Executioner who spring!"throwing Fireworks and lightning on “boyfriends“, “pederasts"And"reversed”, with thundering shouts from dive against the “Patti sodomitici” [see WHO]. Given that sodomy, yesterday as today is always a grave sin but given that it condemns SIN, always, but the sinner does it every time he is repentant, our problem today is not being opposed to that dangerous Carnival that is the marriage between persons of the same sex, Why do we have to take note of the fact that now we are beyond this and that Europe — and beyond — has now succumbed to this sad reality that we, Christian speaking, is a real aberration, that can only lead to the first madness, then the madness to self destruct, because the culture of life that in unborn life and the family has its own core Center, are replacing a culture of denial of life, thereby imposing an authentic culture of death.

gay couple
… If a pair of twos "of"or two"She"I come to ask for the baptism of"baby toy"taken in adoption to Crown of fiction and mass family standing, I priest, How should I involve?

But we must understand and accept — and here the word accept It should be read as acceptance of a colossal failure — that in several European countries the marriage between same-sex couples and the possibility for them to adopt children date is stipulated by laws in our opinion unfair and monstrous. Now, before laws that have stipulated a fact, the problem is no longer the fight against gay marriage, that is a fact because State law in different countries; the problem has now become another, namely that to which we will soon Act and react, for instance: If a pair of twos "of"or one of two"She"I come to ask for the baptism of"baby toy"taken in adoption to Crown of fiction and mass family standing, I used to take orders priest from the Church — and certainly not from The Gazette and from the Lepanto — Fonfazione How should I involve? I definitely need to baptize a creature and perhaps even the obligation to do so. How can I though, two lesbians or two playing the gay family and parents and they have created a real Satanic parody of family, to recite the profession of faith? How do I get subject like, According to the sacred rite of baptism: «Renounce Satan ... to all his works ... all his Seductions?», If in fact the work of concrete Satan have incarnated them through what they did and set up through the wombs for rent, -surrogate mothers and genetic manipulation? Soon said that in that case would act according to their conscience, given that my priority would be to baptize the creature, then take the two, premetterei that I do not intend to review on their private lives and their public choices that absolutely do not approve and, If you really want to baptize the creature, I do have a godfather and godmother, male and female, authentic Christian feelings animated, because otherwise, presented by their, I don't administer the sacrament of baptism, that many of these subjects would be asked only to purely provocative purposes catch attempting once again to force the Church to bow their heads before the their will and then accept that unacceptable that we cannot and we must not accept.

unmarried couples
… If a cohabiting couple receiving the sacrament of matrimony, After also had more children, How should I involve, place for the Church are made public two boyfriends?

Not the pastor but I work with parishes for their various needs not only but especially pastoral liturgical, so I can get easily in the shoes of my brethren pastors. For instance: If a cohabiting couple receiving the sacrament of matrimony, After also had more children, How should I involve, place for the Church are made public two boyfriends? Should I perhaps, How many pastors, pretend not to know that the two live together for years and who continue to subscribe their coexistence while preparing for marriage? I have to invite them to separate and go live together only after marriage, or, with a family of fact put up and with children who are already growing, I have to respond by imposing them to live as brother and sister until after the wedding? In conclusion, What should I answer and, above all, How should I behave in the exercise of the sacred Ministry, that some army not in my name but on behalf of the Church of Christ, calling for each Sacrament and sacramental celebrated, given or administered the grace of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit?

couple engaged
… two young people who have found employment at a distance from their places of origin and who work hard to pay the mortgage of the House and get married as soon as possible, living in a studio apartment sharing spaces and especially saving on expenses, What should I say, going to live in separate houses?

And yet: two young boyfriends in their twenties that with sacrifice go off-site to study at the University "what they can do just because in two share a room and then the costs are halved, otherwise their families could not support them to individual full costs because no means "what should I say? How should I consider these young people with sacrifice, success or non-success, try to live under the same roof as two boyfriends Christians? I have an obligation to impose “flee from temptation”? Should I treat them boyfriends living and exclude them from the Sacraments only because in this situation live under the same roof? Two young people who have found employment at a distance from their places of origin and working hard to be able to pay the mortgage of the House and get married as soon as possible, living in a studio apartment sharing spaces and especially saving on expenses, What should I say, going to live in separate houses and burning a large part of their profits to pay for the rental of two individual accommodation, otherwise they admit them to the sacraments? Certain, are always imposing conditions to evaluate case by case, I could then act by responding in consciousness, but, as far as pure, the consciousness of man can be very defettibile, for what is appropriate for my priest's conscience is adequately supported by precise indications given by the Church, that face these realities cannot nor escape or hide our heads in the sand like the ostrich, thus leaving uncovered and exposed to the worst attacks on the most vulnerable part of the body and more deserving of dignified protection.

When some remarried dirvorziati occurred to me telling me which below were divorced but that "his friend" priest had told him that "they could receive communion", I have always responded by saying: «The priest who told you this – if I said – did wrong, Therefore I urge you not to receive communion»

More complex the discourse of divorced and remarried persons to which I do not administer the Eucharist. And when some occurred to me saying they were divorced but that «friend» priest had told him that "they could receive communion», I always answered: «The priest who told you this – if I said – has severely wrong, Therefore I urge you not to receive communion, while inviting you to participate with devotion to the Mass». The examples are many, including priests who have even replaced the judgment of Church authorities, commissioning even as catechists catechists and men and women divorced and remarried persons, allowing them to receive communion without even the ecclesiastical courts asked for the case to be expressed on the validity or otherwise of the sacramental previous constraint, through which you were United in marriage and for which continued to be bound to the Church from Sacramento indissoluble.

Court of Cassation
… the Synod on the family, that then must give us clear answers and especially precise pastoral directives to which stick with zeal, so we pastors in the care of souls you can now proceed to explain them and forwarding them to the people of God and if necessary imponendone the scrupulous observance.

Can the Church help pastors or individual priests to legislate in a personal capacity on such delicate matters, or leave them free to act in conscience, Whereas often the conscience, and especially that of malformed priest, It can be — as I explained shortly before — even several flawed? That's why I started this article just talking about the sad present-day level and increasingly scarce training of priests, certainly not to pull the usual deserve stored to bishops and those in charge of the seminars, aim on which, today, equivalent even more to shoot on Red Cross, but on a hearse carrying the coffin of the deceased to the cemetery.

These are some of the real problems and very sensitive to be discussed at the Synod on the family, that then must give us clear answers and especially precise pastoral directives to which stick with zeal, so we pastors in the care of souls you can now proceed to explain them and forwarding them to the people of God and if necessary imponendone the scrupulous observance. Use and abuse of all this for political confrontations and idologici, often played on the Holy Eucharistic mystery used as collision, What is harmful and dishonest; dishonesty is typical of the politicians missed, or politicians trumpet, who chose the Church as their field of rein and clash; dishonesty is typical of those who, the mystery of God's mercy, replaces the howling of the Executioner who spring!». And those who operate in this manner can also proclaim himself Catholic from morning to night, play at ecclesiologo and write articles dyed apocalyptic tones about the Synod of that family will mark "to them ― the total fall in the great apostasy from the faith. While sad and tragic the fact remains that those who act so you are not in communion with the Church, because as the rich young [cf. MC 10, 17-22] they have never been emptied of the worst "riches" of themselves to fill with Christ and follow him, which through the Apostle Paul tells us as the most important virtue charity [cf. The Cor 13, 12-13] , that do not hold nor on sentimentality nor on "do-goodism", nor on misericordismo mundane, But even on fierce justicialism and less than ever on ruthless and inhumane Pharisaic morality; is based on justice and truth, mix it by faith and hope. And who writes and sowing things so sad and bad, However, in the name of their presumed and only real “tradition”, has faith, has hope and has charity; I mean it's not Christian, is other, but he won't realize its sad otherness, because if the devil manages to take in pride, First there blinds, then we will do everything he wants.

Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying:
«This people honors me with their lips, but their heart
is far from me.
In vain do they worship me,
teaching doctrines that are precepts of men

[Mt 15, 7-9]


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25 thoughts on "The Synod and the “cattofascisti” the party boat

  1. I and the father are talking us Ariel for a long time and we know each other in person, and several times I received absolution from him. I discovered my teenage homosexuality, going to college out of Office, When I walked into the vortex of gay clubs, believing in this way to be able to conquer the ... release. I knew the gay world in General, that of Arcigay in particular, the landmarks etc. At the end I was just (as Ariel's father knows) to "fight" with my homosexuality, to which I started to not feel at ease, After the 25 year old, and after you try all of the 19 and the 24 year old, but its all.

    Laugh today to love on this beautiful tears gay world, presented in a non-real, from politicised lobbyes, their sole common denominator all the hate towards the Catholic Church and Catholicism.

    Three years ago I met a Roma Father Ariel, We talked for several hours near san Pietro where we gave us appointment. At the time I was always a bit in a bit out, I was torn. At one point this priest (If I'm not censored I would say ... with two balls from fear!) folgorò me with the following question: “Let's take a ride on all official websites of gay associations, on their magazines, on the images publicly presented. And tell me, What we see? We see young beautiful, tonics, Athletic, with the sculpted abdominal ... we see the triumph of hedonism raised to maximum power. And who are the exponents of this fantastic world? Architects of cry, super paid professionals, fashion entrepreneurs, of cinema, actors ... all successful people with very high incomes. But tell me, There is (lovely pastoral words n.d.a its, If the island is not the censorship) Some gay loving that take into […] It is ugly, fat, without hair ... There are workers in a thousand euros per month in salary that the Assembly line they say colleagues, You know, I am gay, and gay is beautiful! Those workers in layoffs that on one hand complain for loss of job, and on the other they say: You know, I am gay, and I guarantee that gay is beautiful?”.

    When the habit at some kind of world, do not take more aspects, for a discourse of addiction. And Ariel's father increased the dose with another question: “How many pairs of homosexual men, you have known over time, living permanently together for years and years, in a deep relationship and inseparable love?”. I replied, sincerely, that I known one, in their fifties who lived together for almost 30 year old, but, and then, I had to admit honestly that you, they were together, COSTARS (were one one with common engineer architect design studio), but then their lives were, Sometimes we passed each other also boys”. At that point the father told me: “Of, I understand, young interchange charitable marchettari!”. And I had to say ..., it is true, and.
    The speech would be long, Provo, If I will be allowed to publish it, to explain the humanity of this priest who sometimes starts with terms and words so harsh and severe:

    1. Never tried
    2. I was always acquitted on purpose "I propose with your holy aid not to offend (Lord) never again and escape the coming occasions of sin.
    3. Never came out of his mouth a word against homosexuals, many and severe are output on political lobbyists instead of gay associations.

    Of one thing I am convinced: not born homosexual, Nobody is born, everyone will become, and homosexuality is not said that both permanent state, irreversible, of man or of the woman. I started from this awareness, aided by Father I asked for psychological support, He advised me to choose a woman as a psychotherapist, instead of a man, and so I did, and after two years of continued psychotherapy, I started to collect fruits.

    Last year I went on holiday in Sicily, and I made a bet in Syracuse, because his father was in Sicily for a period of time, and celebrating mass at the shrine of our Lady of tears. After church I went to greet him in the sacristy, and arrived outside the sanctuary I: “Father, dressed in white in this way seem the Pope!”. He (If I always censored) replied: “But Davis went to see […], can't you see that I have the buttons and the black sash at waist. I'm glad to see you, I see you couldn't help but break my […] also here”. Then hugged me and told me: “Ugly faggot!”.
    One might think that, this, is an attitude from barracks, not by priest, Moreover by a priest who has a very aristocratic style, so why? Here, I can tell you that that hug, and that joke joking "ugly faggot”, It made me feel good, because it made me feel welcomed, appreciated, and then half of goliardic jokes. That "ugly faggot"said by a person who never uses the words at random, was the acme of sdrammatizzazione.

    We went to take a granita together and I said the announcement that I was engaged, and I was thinking to get married. And yet here is the best of Ariel's father: “boyfriend? With a female-female? Oh what horror”. The legendary phrase "Il vizietto"I said to his mate Alben (Ugo Tognazzi) When he announced that his son had before their coexistence with his wife, He was to marry.
    And yet it made me feel good, made me laugh, to better get a speech so serious that it was this: “Son(and when he calls you son, you calling us because you feel this seriously), If now I put you before a nice guy with ... (If I always censored) a […] standing along both, you what you think you have reactions, especially if the guy is?”.
    I thought that the father did back flips, learning that I was planning to get married, I thought that, for him, this, It was a personal success, rather no, and I said: “Don't you just love a girl, which I am very happy, but just because you love her, It is necessary that you, by lying in a possible situation, as I described, before that guy you put laughing saying: Sweetie nice, forgive in your Parida, because if it turns me wrong and I'll show you my, remain traumatized for life”.

    I followed your advice and am delivery to mature and strengthen me, I love a girl and I want to marry me as soon as you can.

    Maybe, talking about family and sexuality, should be called Father Ariel, that would pull out a language not from barracks, or fraseologie to arouse the envy of Boccaccio, because if you need to do is Boccaccio, If you need to be able to say as the angelica rhyming Abba.

    I authorize you to delete things that no appropriate feel, If you don't you can publish, without problem.

    Letter Signed

    1. Dear Reader.

      Ariel's father did not want to publish this letter for a simple reason: for obvious reasons, not being signed, some pious soul could leave the attack saying it was packaged by us.
      We have not removed the text and we fully understand that sometimes, of colorful words, in strictly private dialogues, can encourage reflection on certain situations, or other sdrammatizzarne.
      We are not deleted from the speech, how you can make, the colorful words, nor have replaced with other, We only put them in place of suspension points, to prevent certain characters, bashful to dialogue on the subject and context, but to continue the hunt for “little words” to them wrong, can waste time and effort building adult theorems on a colorful word said by a priest in a strictly private to face to face with the other person and then referred to himself in his public testimony.
      We then allowed only to put the parts in italics following dialogues.

  2. Reverend Levi of Gualdo,
    I agree with what you write about the need for the Synod to priests, and not only to them, the pastoral criteria suitable for new situations determined by life today. I also agree with almost all of its original incarnation. Puzzles me the example of two boyfriends who must attend University College in a city far away from home. It would seem that in that case you couldmake solution already without waiting for the address of the Synod, and is the most lax, that, i.e., feel normal that the two convivano to split the expenses. But why not advise them to resolve the matter as we have always done: She's going to live with other girls, him with other guys? With the advantage that will divide the costs not only two but even three or four!!!!!

    1. Dear Antonio.

      I will give you a long and articulate response that may also apply to similar questions from other readers.

      … instead, one of these pairs of young university students, I have given another kind of Council: “Why don't you marry? If you feel ready to live together, Maybe you don't feel ready to be husband and wife“? And then, to dampen a little, I tore them a telling smile: “I am a student and co-worker who lives with me, that I have followed throughout his theological studies and now I follow in those specialist areas, which gives me a very valuable help and sometimes essential for my "publicistic activity, editorials and even pastoral; but this is a young man 30 year old, not a girl 30 year old. Because I am 50 year old priest well I'd watch from living with a young girl 30 year old, species currently being still far from peace of the senses, because the fact that a young and beautiful girl can live with me under the same roof in a pure and chaste relationship between priest and Secretary, perhaps the first to believe it would not really me. And in any case, as priest, I wouldn't give a good example both the Catholic World is the world of secularists. It is not by chance, If any young ladies or ladies need to talk to me, I always get at a religious institution, None of them ever came into my house, where enter only: o people, or some older women“.
      And that said, so playful but clear, they heard perfectly what I meant.

      Some examples that I've brought in my article are examples, There are no answers or solutions to the problems articulated and complex. Are the lure at that concrete before which we priests, species we practice with dedication the Ministry of confessors and spiritual directors, We are slogging behind day day.

      Don't say then how many times I had to clash with “pie” Mamas Catholic, one of which even zealous Catechist, which so instructed his son to 28 year old: “Before you get married, you have to live at least two years, why so you can check out if you are compatible with the real life couples, thus avoiding future divorces“.
      I felt compelled to take that Mommy, and even Catholic Catechist, domandandole first how come are quite numerous cases of couples who, After having lived not two years, But even ten, After he finally married, within a year they are divorced?
      For the simple fact that cohabitation is the “parody” a marriage in which you “play” to “do” the “be” husband and wife, but without having undertaken any sacramental or civil liability as therefrom; so you are always one foot on the door, free to air without any problems at any time, in a climate of total non-accountability.

      Always limiting myself to Mamas Catholic: Another committed Catholic mom, also a Catechist, She told me that her daughter had gone to live with her boyfriend, so I asked what could make us. The answer that this woman was giving, was really the last thing I could spettarsi by a priest, as I answered: «If you want to, I can tell you what my mother did with me, the times that I went to live with my companions». The woman's eyes and replication strabuzza: «Father, But what does, joking, true?». But I'd argue: «No my dear, no joke at all. I became a priest 40 year old. Born and raised Catholic with all the best trappings in a Roman Catholic family, but then, among the 25 and the 35 years I left for the so-called tangent, until I re-adopted, with the results that you can see: I not only re-converted, but they also become priest». And then I told my mom action: «… my mother never accepted me in her house with my various partners at the time had over the years, telling me: If one day you are going to get married, You can bring your wife, but know your concubines of the moment don't care and I don't really know. I remained so bad that I did not visit my mother for a few years, Needless to say though, today, Thank you for that as his tough attitude and decided».
      Incidentally: I reported my mother only because at the time, My father had already failed, Because maybe, of, would react even worse.

      I considered superfluous to point out in my article – giving to scontanto – that I am opposed to cohabitation of couples of young Catholics, but I must point out, however, that in the exercise of the sacred Ministry we find ourselves faced with cases in front of which we have no guidelines of behavior on the part of the Church, as for example in the case of cohabiting couples who decide to receive the sacrament of matrimony and that continue to live quietly. Time ago, one of these couples preparing for marriage, the first thing I said to the two: «Ask and receive sacramental absolution, then take the public as going to live, for a few months, before getting married, Home of your respective parents, Since you can do it without any problem». They went from Pastor, told him what I had suggested them, and the pastor, After a good laugh, reassured them by saying: «Of, but don't be listening to what you said that priest, is a good person, but it is a means … Taliban». And having said this he spent talking about things far more series, namely that getting married in that Church, given the historical prestige of the place, We had to pay in advance 250 Euro, or rather what I call the profitable fabbrichetta which wedding, before the money, Many priests are closing their eyes and not see anything around him: brides who come to church half-naked, of witnesses who appear to have just detached from the pole Lap-dance or just be removed from employment as entreneuse at a night club … and so.

      The last example: I do not accept as Catechist a woman who has a son/daughter living, with a son out of wedlock and that strives to wide for all to offer you money, to clean their house, to make your shopping and cooking for two, to act as a baby sitter the child and so on, Why do all this means publicly approve their choice and support, For more in a training role within a structure of Parish Church. Otherwise instead, my mother – He never made the Catechist – It could have been a trainer more than ever and credible copy, just for the fact that she – responsible at all for any of the choices of the son – It showed in everything and for everything not to approve them and not supporting them, This thing that would have made particularly credible, If placed in an educational context as a Catholic Catechist.

      But when a pastor I raised questions about the opportunity to make the Catechist a divorced remarried civilly that she had a daughter who had gone to live with her boyfriend and that she took care to keep, He looked at me from top to bottom and I replied: «You know, We live in 2011, We no longer live in the middle ages».

      And since we are dealing more and more with the bishops that if they “studied” by bishops from the seminar, But despite having spent the time to Toddle and elbowing as aspirants to the great officials taking career they never doused with parfume des moutons (scent/smell of sheep to scent the Shepherd, According to the Holy Father Francis), I don't want the same Synod – quane will also to these subjects together with several trombones or ex trombones academics – It ends with the mention of the universe systems instead of the real and concrete pastoral emergencies related to family, couple reports, so the discipline of the sacraments, in a world that has become totally soggettivizzato and into perspective is the idea of family and the idea of human sexuality.

      Understand why I said that in certain things and on certain issues., We priests we need precise directive from the Church? And believe me, all this I express myself and write it not only as a priest, but with all my past experience and rich sinner who through error correction and Sin is first returned to faith, then he became priest of Christ, faithful to this day the promises made before the Bishop and presbytery-wide day of Holy order, What is not due to any to my merits, but only the grace of God that I followed simply to accommodate day behind day and that makes me faithful to my life choices and to the sacred Ministry.

      1. Thanks, Reverend don Ariel, for his reply to my letter a while’ provocative. I imagined the contents, but I wanted to esplicitasse them for me and for others. Needless to say: I agree with everything up to the last comma.

  3. That these people are very harmful I always knew, but a little’ Maybe because in the end I got a little’ cynic, I enjoy as well to give us a sneak peek at sti sites. However he is right, father, There are many Catholics naïve, and many do not have the tools to defend cultural. In church and C Post., for example, the situation seems to be totally out of control, now the articoloni appear, or the car – don Curzio Nitoglia articulated, but who is he? I tried to understand something, then taken by a poignant sense of compassion for myself, I left more willing. Then there is radio sword, but they have run amok? At the beginning I had also misled, and we want to mislead a canny motorcyclist like me. These fucksters “SED gladium” radio's sword: sedevacantists, lebfevriani, vetus ordo Catholics, United in a holy alliance against neo-Church which then would be composed of all those who do not think and do not reason as their. I got an idea of these people: fighting for their Catholic vision of things, but they lost the Christian soul of existence, and they'll do much damage. Continue to say father…

    1. Dear Louis.

      As I have repeatedly explained, to me mostly interested, at this time, those who are outside the Church or distant from the Church. Indeed, If they were to take certain “expressions” and “aggression” as a manifestation of the natural thinking, feel and act Catholic, sooner or later, at the exit of the churches, We even there we get nothing with their “follies” We'd taken a stick, While those responsible for instigating certain reactions, would be closed in their villas at Olgiata, Castelli Romani or their super-penthouses Parioli, to continue to be with each other: because we are Catholics … What we are really traditional. Or in their offices to say academics and Manrico between them: they are metaphysical, How are epistemologist …

  4. I think the Card. Burke an important reference for orthodoxy. It's not her fault is estimated by cattofascisti: It would commit the same error of the same cattofascisti to charge the Pope blamed to be “the idol” of cattocomunisti. Or perhaps both have responsibilities not to clarify their positions…? In any case ' fight’ for the truth (even with uncomfortable conferences) means loving sinners ' remarried’ or gay, which with a hypothetical s. access communion persevererebbero in sin and another commetterebbero. I am sure that this will not come true to Divine Providence that continues to lead the Church, and which also acts through these brave Cardinals. Thanks, may the Lord bless you.

    1. The repeat, as I wrote above in response to another comment, that in my opinion – the opinion expressed in the legitimate exercise of freedom of the children of God – Cardinal. Burke has shown repeatedly to be a reckless and through their own imprudence has proven to be to ever denied exploitation by clubs and people who are really your own which stood “being Catholic” the antagonism to the reigning Pope.
      We won: the Cardinal didn't never publicly proven wrong, indeed has continued to be their host.

      As confessor and as a pastor in the care of souls, I note that there are a number of very serious sins ranging from all above belt.

      Concrete example: the entrepreneur “Catholic” It does work in black, If anything without even adequate security systems, 10 underpaid workers, which alternative should be protected by not having to work hours 10 hours per day, with the fear of being whisked off at any time from evening to morning.

      The results for the case that in the circles of pure, only genuine Catholic tradition, ever been to expense these people, situations and, above all, for these very serious sins? Because if you have to March for life, seen that life begins from the moment of conception, It would not be appropriate to focus our attention on these humans “thoroughly designed” and now grown?

      Focus excessively and sometimes obsessive only about sins ranging from down belt, leads to the inevitable loss of the true Christian essence, door to ethics, not to sound Catholic sexual morality, but only leads to worse sessuofobiche drifts.

      Rest assured, No one promises that the divorced and remarried persons may receive the Eucharist, but give me straight: do you think, but above all, try scandal and disgust even many other sins, the worst is the coexistence of both the anal. Because the life partners, or gays, make a questionable choice and wrong for us, but who, as the entrepreneur “Catholic” brought just for example, play on the life and vital needs of people through the exploitation, unpaid work and blackmail, It is much worse than a cohabiting couple or two gay men who engage in anal, undoubtedly serious sin, but that involved two life partners or two gay, do not 10 employees and all their families.

  5. Who can say? Lacking evidence to the contrary which, It seems to me, weakens not just the topic introduction. Opponents of Arius, Nestorius, Marcion, Pelagius,… media did not have available to them today how much I disagree with Kasper, Marx, Strong,…
    Praised be Jesus Christ.

    1. Dear Richard.

      … but we can say.
      They had the telematic network nor the news in real time, it is true, but within a few days, the news is spreading from North Africa to the whole Costantinopoliti or vice versa, Thanks to effective mass standing information network by the administration of the Roman Empire, Paradoxically, a letter sent from Rome to Constantinople, took much less time to get than instead today employs a courier to deliver a package in many countries of Latin America, which delivery times are minimum of one month and a half. Otherwise, from Constantinople to Rome and vice versa, an epistle came within 7/8, maximum 10 days, Thanks to the postal system set up by the Romans.
      Just as the “publications”. And’ true, There was no printing, but the writings of Arius or other, within a few weeks there were for all current Northern Africa territorii, in the Middle East and Turkey.

      1. Don Ariel,
        but it is so paradoxical that, almost almost, you were passabilmente well when all induced to believe to be worse. And the finding increases the admiration for the work of Athanasius and the cappadocians who, Despite the powerful means of Arius, managed to halt the heretical preaching. Menino not boast the right of nowadays, If technologically armed with everything and point to what they say, for higher purposes, damage actually hunting “little words” to them wrong, as if in the kitchen is usually a fly rincorresse annoying armed with cannon shot. How much nerve to declare their bewilderment; then go in’ insufferable presumption and intolerable security, with which they claim for themselves the role of supplementary ¿katéchon, in subrogation to a church they believe disertrice, Since it does not teach more than is far preferable to have your bare hands and congiungerle in prayer, ask the creator grace to accept his condition intrascendibile creature, they hold with the left the winning ticket to a lottery and with the right the ominous report with a diagnosis of cancer.

  6. What father Ariel bothers, and rightly so IMHO, are the rants of self-styled theologians even if they have no title, sometimes even academic. I think it's the same annoyance as an engineer I would try to feel under my rantings of discipline. I personally tend to traditional, but I stress “personally”; I would never hate the Pope or any Bishop or Priest because it is less traditional than me.

    1. Dear Alessio,

      with his typical pragmatic people who have to do with logic and with precise calculations – because otherwise we would see the collapse of the buildings and the flyover one behind the other – She expressed that there was to express.

      Faith is structured on solid principles that have different but similar in ways its own scientific rigor. Think only the scientific rigor of dogmatic theological language that can be spoken only through terminologies and criteria to be defined have necessitated more ecumenical councils in the course of the first eight centuries of the Church's life, because the theology, and in particular the Dogmatics, requires a very precise language.

      Believe me if I tell you that is distressing, sometimes really frustrating, try to speak with people who wouldn't be able to give a simple definition on doctrinal Mystery of the person of Christ, but with rare arrogance and hubris come to discuss and to deny people their, first: pastoral experience; second: a theological education developed through years and years of serious study and research.

      I can therefore say: get internet and piazza in front of the screen first of fools pseudo anonymous Catholics and in short it will escape out the apotheosis.
      I'll try to explain it with another example: several times, I that the sacraments celebrate them and administer them, I found myself with aggressive that sacraments have a vision and perception-subjective-romantic aesthetic and humoral, which have claimed before the lie and then explain the “being” discipline of the sacraments, regardless that even with all my limitations and my defttibilità human, the study of disciplines of Dogmatics I devoted sacramental years, but mostly I celebrate in communion with the Church of the sacred mysteries, not them; I participate to the mystery of grace to the ministerial priesthood of Christ, not them.

      The damage that these people, or how any of these “loose dogs” are doing around through telematic tool portentous, are irreparable; and these will be when our “opponents” and “antagonists” use them for sbatterceli in your face as proof and example of “closure” and “aggression” they say is “typical of the whole Catholic World”.

      This is why I insist and I explain, sometimes even through long articles and not infrequently “by bending” even to speak with the foolish – thing that I would gladly unless – that an account is being, for instance, against marriage between homosexuals, an account is attacking these humans with terminology from circle “avanfascista” epitetandoli with contempt “perverts, reversed, pederasts, Sodomites” etc. … all columns of a magazine that is not called telematics “The Rescue Of Fascism” the “Stalinist Rescue”, but Levied Christian.

      Therefore it is good to reiterate to all those who are distant from the Catholic World or who have low esteem towards it or sometimes real animosity, that these subjects do not represent nor Catholic feeling, nor the Holy See, Neither the Italian church, but they represent only themselves, putting in place attitudes against common sense, Catholic doctrine and above all the basic principles of Christian charity.

      And doing this, not as “Maverick” but as a member of the Sacred College for priests, I do a service to be both enlightening pastoral can only go for the good of the Church and its faithful.

      Anyhow, When then “perverts, reversed, pederasts, Sodomites” etc. .. We will present the Bill to pay for having made the “about homosexuals coup“, at that point you will understand what I meant, but to take a whistle, to be insulted at the exit of the churches, and perhaps even to take whacks, There we will, While the heroic “Catholic” as it were “avanfascisti” which today are charging the “enemy” so soon we wallpapers JAWS punches, the first if the parade will ache in legs, and sorbirci the ire of angry crowd, with whom does not practice reason, as always we; and those who know a little’ the story, particularly well understand what I mean.

      The “politics” and l’ “act” of these people is outrageous and is severely detrimental to the entire Catholic World.

  7. Praise don Levi! Praise! Praise!
    The I express my heartfelt appreciation for this article fondatissimo and
    especially for the courage with which “…shouted from the rooftops” and for how he managed to find
    Christian conviction, for the one and the other sides that defy the divine Jealousy.
    Although I disagree when he speaks of the lefebvrists as
    schismatics and heretics, and when you pull over to pizzettari and merlettari, Since
    in the chapels that I attend I – from more than 20 year old- do not show this and species
    a right-wing political propaganda (on the contrary: I saw that some group managers
    are from a past left everything), I cannot help but express my
    support for this article worthy of someone who wants to serve only Christ.
    I would like to, It was the Pope to take hold with tradition celebrate
    the Tridentine Mass publicly, just to make that this mass
    does not belong to these people but to God and to the Church of mercy not politicised!
    The Immaculate the drive always and always protect!

  8. Good evening,
    I don't “I attend” These sites you don Ariel and I did not mention the time and brainpower in order to form an opinion. I'm sorry the way speaks of the Card. Burke, that is, however, a Prince of the Church, a his superior even if not direct, and it showed in my view fairness, faithfulness and courage. If certain groups traditionalists have exploited his words and his testimony and’ a ballgame. He specified well in what was his “resist”, as he explained why he wore “CAPPA magna” for the various photos circulating. As for the Synod can only say that the “Relatio post disceptationem” read worldwide demonstrated how much confusion there is today among the shepherds. It is true that it was not an official document and final, but for this in my opinion it was more cautious in making public. His written I threw even more confusion and wonder if she would like to see some kind of regularization for ecclesial coexistence. Always welcome and all, but in truth. Don Ariel because so much has changed?…

    1. Dear Simone,

      I'll try to be clear: I am the last priest of’Orbe catholica, I have not received the fullness of the Apostolic priesthood, so I am not Bishop, Neither the Roman Pontiff chose me among the bishops to give me the dignity of Cardinals, yet – at least to the test of facts – in indiscretions in which fell the Card. Raymond Leonard Burke, who is Bishop and Cardinal, at least for now, always test the facts, in the exercise of my priestly Ministry there have never fallen. And anyone who has any evidence to the contrary, the present.

      Cardinal Burke was taken to banner against – nientemo! – the Supreme Pontiff, elected “resistant” the true doctrine and “Paladin” of the true tradition.
      This cardinal is celebrated in glory even by sedevacantists, which is all to say.

      I invite you therefore to think through a simple question: because, Cardinal, He never denied nor nor taken public distances from these circles that exalt in ways sometimes verges on the downright worship of the person? And because instead, on the contrary, took part in public meetings and conferences promoted by people and societies that do not lose the opportunity to challenge any hard sigh that comes from the mouth of the Supreme Pontiff?

      Try to answer them alone and especially tell me if in your opinion this is prudent.

      But I can tell you what I would do: If any group, Association or single person make use of my priestly person, to get a banner against my Bishop, against his choices and pastoral directives, I smentirei its public session, but mostly I would accept not to attend any public meetings and conferences to promoted by these people and societies.

      But I'm not a bishop and I'm not a cardinal, are just the latest of the priest’Orbe catholica, thank God!

      If you read well my article, you will find written in a very clear way, I hope the regularization of cohabitation, I hope anything that the Church gives us a very precise guidelines on how to behave in situations of irregularity and how to handle them before the discipline of the sacraments, Since no priest can and must act in this sense of free will.

      And yet, all this, I explained somewhat clear.

  9. “They would boycott actions ... were invited to the rebellion ... were invited to "resist" against the Bishop of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople through handwritten threats made through campaigns on Papyri made lead in the cities of East and West by pigeons?”

    Surely you and it looks like it happened just so. Has St. Nicholas slapped Arius? It seems to me that the story say that the theological battles have not been angelicali discussions. Perhaps what c is agreement again today are the arguments. First settled Truth you want to change today.

    PS: Give by “fascists” to those who think otherwise it seems a bit out of fashion.

    1. And’ always difficult to extrapolate a part from an articulated and complex discorsco, anyway … I have not given “fascist” to anyone, in my time, at the University, I have repeatedly taken with subjects for every little dissent from anyone gave the “fascist” your partner.
      I have known how – having extensively studied for years and years – that during the early councils of the church fathers have taken not to slap but wood and several times had to intervene in places soldiers guard outside to quell fights.

      First settled truth, Today you want to modify” ?
      I am not aware that in the course of church history, the Council of Nicea to Vatican II, they never changed the truths of faith, that is the substance, If anything has been changed the damn quota external. Let me give an example: She knows that once, the confession, you could do once in life and that the acquittal could be imparted only once and never again, as, This Sacrament, like all the sacraments, It was absolutely not repeatable?
      We have to go back to those days?

      And tell me, When it was determined that the confession was a sacrament which could be repeated over and over again – What happened after the mass conversion of the barbarians to Christianity – He altered the substance of a Sacrament instituted and donated for divine will, or were just changed the damn exteriors including quotas?

      In conclusion, was impaired or not, the substance of a Sacrament of divine institution, resulting in alteration of the truths of faith? Because in case there was an alteration, We must return as soon as possible to administer absolution of sins once in a lifetime and never again.

      Let us know, me and our readers.

      1. Dear Don Ariel, She makes me a question I know I can't answer, and that puts me in the position of having to accept his arguments for his authority, but really fails to persuade me. But that would be nothing. I follow from when he wrote in the blog that today and I appreciate the criticism , I have faith in you and what you crederó tell me. But that would be pointless. How many are those who read? How many would accept his argument by authority? The coment a case. A relative of my mother who lives in irregular status spoke highly of Francis, my mother understood that the admiration for Francesco comes from the fact that hopes that state its status regolaritá. Do you think I can use the change argument in the sacrament of confession?

        1. Dear Blas.

          The “issue” the Holy Father Francis is that many press, especially secularist print, report of things out of this world, the Holy Father never said and that, above all, don't think it can't think. You think only when the Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica wrote that … the Pope had “abolished SIN” !?!
          Over and over I wrote, over and over I explained also in public speeches and conferences, How was abused his expression reduced to “who am I to judge gays”, whereas, the speech of the Holy Father, meant anything, compared to what the newspapers have written.

          The Holy Father Francis reminds me in some respects even blessed Paul VI, But even the Blessed Pius IX, hailed his election to shout “long live the Liberal Pope!” from all the worst enemies of the Church, that they had put on his head to knock down directly thanks to the successor of Peter. We know rather well how Pius IX has protected the Church, living vilified, dying insulted and suffering attacks even from dead.

          In conscience I can tell you that the Holy Father Francis is already around and around on the road of blessed Pius IX, because today we are more or less in the same situation, differently in similar form but in substance.

          Many people are auto-created expectations that the Holy Father, that is the supreme guardian of the deposit of faith, will never grant, just as he could not answer our prayers Pius IX, because does not have the power to do so; and it will not.
          This is why, time ago, I wrote this article:

          If you want to, do also read to her aunt, Maybe you will understand that you are creating expectations that will not be answered.

  10. Article extremely hard, Dear brother, really hard, but from which emerge


    but above all truth.

    I bless you and please bless me.

    1. If this is the cautious justice Temperance fortress born priests from conciliabolo vaticansecondista, It means that the sound of the trumpets of judgment is near

      1. … and the Lord, those trumpets, you will sound directly to your ears, spiegandoti that the real protagonist of the “conciliabolo vaticansecondista” was the Holy Spirit ' who is the Lord is life and proceeds from the father and the son and the father and the son is worshipped and glorified and spoke through the prophets».

  11. Reverend Levi of Gualdo.

    I read your article to my father who 91 year old, and remain in a wheelchair, but it's no problem. I read several times the parts where he speaks of mattanze of fascists and Communists, and it is moved.
    Now I tell her, In brief, the story of my father: in 1943 had just 20 year old, was reluctant to lever, It was given “the stain”, and collaborated with the “Red partisans”. During a roundup of Germans accompanied by the fascists, risked being taken in areas of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines of Modena, the four who were taken out of a country while trying to escape, they were shot on the wall of the cemetery, the largest, had 23 year old. My father was saved and hidden by a priest in a recess of the wall of the Bell Tower, and they remained two days, until the end of rastrallamenti, before taking the road to his mountain hideout.
    After the liberation he went to thank that priest, and only then discovered that, his younger brother, He was killed three months before the priest had rescued, a team of Red partisans.
    After the war, my father had a conversion, and that priest has baptized me, and my two sisters. Today, My father, He lives with the Rosary in hand.
    That priest, d. 1971, thought as she. He watched the man, and safeguarded the man, without asking if he was black or red.
    And’ For you, the Church still exists, and for those like you, that we, We continue to believe in you.
    Greetings from my old dad and my family.

    (An old family from Modena)

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