Author Father Ariel

Reflections on Luther, the doors of the anniversary of his pseudo “reform”, for which nothing, the Catholics, They would be celebrated

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"We Catholics have no reason to celebrate 31 October 1517, the date considered the beginning of the Reform that led to the Schism of Western Christianity "

[Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller¹]



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



As they approach the celebration of pseudo-reform heresiarch Martin Luther, the fathers of’Patmos Island propose to the two short essays Readers: the first, drawn these days by John Cavalcoli ON, The second one, It is the revival of a written text and published over a year ago by Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo.



Francesco gives goblet Lutherans

the Supreme Pontiff Francis, during his visit at the center of worship of the Lutherans in Rome, donates the Reverend Jens-Martin Kruse a chalice for the holy Eucharistic celebrations. The question, very subdued and devout, is the following: to what purpose that gift, perhaps to celebrate the simple “memory of a Dinner“? By clicking on the photo you can see the Vatican Television movie, of which we recommend the vision by minute 6.15 following, which speaks repeatedly of “price” without ever naming the Eucharist, memorial of the holy and living sacrifice …

Luther wanted an internal reform of the Church, I wanted the purification and renewal, He wished that many believers were released by forms of mere popular superstition; and both of purification both of renewal is liberation from mere forms of popular superstition, the Church had deep need. The movement away from him and that after him came to life any reform but only a never break soon became schism has not yet generated; it more for interest and for political self-interest for the requirements and ideals of faith. This is the reason why I do not like to use the popular term - unfortunately, even in Catholic circles, indeed even repeatedly mentioned on The Osservatore Romano - The "Reformation". I believe that Luther would want a reform. His followers and those who have collected and appropriated his voice instead have combined to create a dramatic break in virtue of which the Catholic Church, soon led to a bath of healthy and perhaps even deserved realism, It was forced to react with internal reform: the Council of Trent, called in my opinion in a completely improper under the name of counter-reform also - unfortunately! - As part of what should be the most educated and highest theological and historical-theological studies promoted within our ecclesiastical academic institutions.

The Church reacted to the painful laceration through the means, language and effective ways and relevant adopted by the Council Fathers at that time their historical. But since the term "Tridentine" has become a sort of synonymous derogatory, unfortunately also for "theological" Catholic, you may lose the extraordinary significance of that great Council that the facts did the reform that Luther wanted, but that in part to his guilt, in part because of his blind and deaf Roman interlocutors, but above all because of the political and personal interests of many rulers, He could not pass.




[1] From the book interview with the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Report on hope, 2016



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14 replies
  1. hector says:

    Rev. Fathers,
    in the daily review of what is being reported by the media and uniformly published by the secular press and the Italian Catholic “predominant” about the work and commitments of the Pope and the Church, one can not but detect a crescendo of attention – indeed of “satisfaction” to the impending meeting of Lund. Besides you and some recent proscribed, very few exceptions… including foreign.
    I lost even the bill – every day there are dozens of services dedicated to the event so long coveted, I struggle to read to the end and I gave up, and comment on them to report. MAh … it's stronger than me, – certainly I'm the one in error – to me it sounds very least exaggerated all these paeans, these “red carpets” I hung out for Luther ….

  2. Beppe1944 says:

    “And coincidentally, in three months, the first pope "Ignatian" will make a formal tribute to the heretic ...”

    So, if Pope Francis will pay tribute to Luther, this means that – at least for him – Luther is not a heretic…

  3. Orion says:

    My congratulations on the article, Don Ariel.
    I would therefore ask you if she shares the terminology of those historians who speak of “The Protestant revolution” rather than “Protestant Reformation”, and of “Catholic reformation” rather than “Catholic Counter-Reformation”.

    Moreover, I was very impressed that one thing I read on my history book, in high school. It was said that Martin Luther and Ignatius of Loyola were both deeply disgusted by their sinful State, which resulted in them a profound crisis of faith. However, If Luther overcame this crisis of faith by setting aside the Catholic doctrine on sin in favor of sola Fide, Ignatius instead overcame the crisis to make the spiritual exercises. You could therefore say that the origin of Lutheranism there was some frustration in the spiritual life of Martin Luther.
    I would like to know if they share this thesis.

    • hector says:

      Rev. Dad,
      It was very inspiring parallel / comparison detected by Orion between Martin Luther and St. Ignatius of Loyola, the two of them so “Masters”, fruits “providential” for the Church of those times.
      And coincidentally, in three months, the first pope “Ignatian” make formal tribute to the heretic…

  4. sheep and goats says:

    It seems to me that the user would like to point out that Giano are published only favorable comments, often close to flattery, that have the characteristic of a uniform style. In fact, says: “seem to be written by a single hand”.
    And what does the student worthy of his teacher? Instead of answering on the content, automatically identifies among the ' capri’ the dissenter and gives him a lesson based on the imperfections of the form. Humiliating him with highlight that whoever fixes isn't even Italian language.
    Also known that messages are published so-called traditionalists, often fanatic, They also seem to “pureeing”. Why it happens that many serious and traditionalists don't ever recommend not fanatics in certain terms nor would use the same insulting Editor's style. Is this, true or false they are those messages, gives you more tools to denigrate the category.
    Vice versa, I happened to post with another nick which were not published even if their content was reasonable and calm.
    Not even publish this. But at least be aware that not all readers are morons and eventually stop…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Its woollen goats issues are laughable for both sheep both for the Capri.
      Over and over again I replied privately to our readers with excessive generosity have undoubtedly sincere congratulations but sent at least embarrassing for me, I then thanked them and I explained that I felt to publish certain expressions so flattering. On the contrary, instead, I did not hesitate to publish dozens of comments where I was also often heavily insulted.
      So is, I don't say it, prove the facts.
      As regards its censorship complained, We do not publish comments which are contained:

      1. insolenze to the Supreme Pontiff and the bishops on employees;
      2. errors that doctrinaire attempting to present as truth of faith;
      3. direct insults to people or institutions;
      4. comments totally out of subject matter from the article on which you have posted a comment;
      5. comments deliberately and blatantly aimed more or less self-evident to free and sterile controversy.

      So if a comment was not published, It was because it was someone of these points.

      You have posted this comment in the space dedicated to a study of Luther's figure that consists of over 30 format pages page-book, without mentioning the text and the subject matter covered in this article for which there is this space for any comments by deepening, of rebuttal, further clarification, etc …

      This means use a space intended for one purpose for making unnecessary controversies that do not concern nor the subject matter, nor wrote, or its contents.

      And now you dare to say that all this is not true.

  5. Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
    Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

    Dear Janus.

    If for “perfect” you mean grammatically correct comments, It is obvious why: Why did the sgrammaticati prefer to write their comments elsewhere.
    Not all, as she, they manage to concentrate 7 errors in a single line.
    Let me explain: It begins with the period capitalized, so “Me” and not “me“, do not write “xched” ma “Why”, the word “comments” you write with the double, so “comments”, on the final word “as” you need to put the emphasis, so you write “like this” . The word “they seem” is incorrect because in this sentence is correct writing “seem to”, and finally, When the word is feminine, do not write “a only” ma “a single”, with the apostrophe.

    I note that these directions to give you is not an Italian native speaker, because those who responds is native Spanish speaker and began to speak Italian as their second language 10 Years ago.

    Jorge F. L.

  6. father ariel
    Janus says:

    I explained xchè all comments posted are so perfect they seem written by a single hand!

  7. father ariel
    Andrea B.. says:

    Dear Father Professor, I just posted a comment about the article of Prof. Father John Carlson, I wanted to thank you for this masterful article, I have already commented in the column precisely Prof. Horses.
    From these articles have much to use them except for use in academics.

  8. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Paola.

    I understand what you mean, because several years ago, in a Roman Pontifical University, I had the opportunity to listen to a teacher Conference, a German Jesuit, which he called Luther “inspirational real father of the Second Vatican Council” and added: “To get to where [at the Council] the Roman Church took almost five centuries“.
    Not content with this called the Luther “reform” and called the Council of Trent nor “Counter-Reformation“, as improperly is often indicated in Catholic areas, but worse, He called “restoration” (!?).
    Unfortunately I do not have neither the power to fire certain professors Canon avoiding them to poison minds, nor to remove certain University – starting from Gregorian course – the title of “pontifical”, I can only confine my, in my private dealings with the faithful, the direct spiritual and penitents, in my sermons and lectures to work to the best of my ability and possibilities for DAB damages that are produced not only by certain Pontifical University, but also from dozens of colleges in religious studies where they were placed to teach small armies of friends of friends of friends … and where they often teach so-called leftist intellectuals, feminists distraught and characters who flirt with abortion, euthanasia and the omosessualismo.
    But the worst thing is that all this, our bishops, they know very well; and for their non-Act, in time and place, must make God seriously, having instead they all the authority and the means to prevent through teaching has spread the error between the people of God entrusted to their care and their custody Apostolic.

    • father ariel
      Frances C. says:

      Rev. Many congratulations to her father and father Cavalcoli you (as always you) Once again lit readers on both theological and historical topics and sensitive … (Unfortunately!) treated badly in some Catholic areas.
      About his incisive response to Ms. Paola, I can tell you that I studied from 2003 al 2006 in a higher Institute of religious sciences, in private emails that contextually to this comment I sent to the e-mail address of the editor I provided all the details about the Institute and on the teachers listed by name, I seemed appropriate to do it here, publicly.
      Having already done the courses for the master's degree in Classics with historic address in an Italian University famously quoted, When I found myself follow the courses at this superior Institute of religious sciences, It seemed to me to be catapulted backwards from college to high schools.
      I follow the island of Patmos at the end of October 2014 and article on article, in many your writings which criticized modernism, rahnerism, Historicism, the religious sociologismi, etc.. I found everything … rather, I found the worst known teachers at that time.
      About the feminist theologians (and I say this as a woman: are the worst!) during a lesson one of these asserted (We were in November 2006): “John Paul II has brought back the Church before the French Revolution and Benedict XVI gave the coup de grace”.
      Unnecessary protests addressed to Bishop who refused to take action towards these teachers.
      No need family economic, having my ego and my husband being a freelancer well remunerated, I began to teach religion in a secondary school, continuing Meanwhile specialised courses with enthusiasm at the ateneo Regina Apostolorum, where I found myself well.
      After two years I retired from teaching embarrassed for the large number of religion teachers that colleagues should not play that role. A single example: to not a few teachers parted and life partners with other fellow (It seems to me that you call moral concubinage, or I am wrong?), the head of the Diocesan teachers of religion said “There were no problems until convivevan”O, but they were careful, because if you were married secondly civilly, their irregularity would become public, and the Bishop should have the right to revoke the teaching of the Catholic religion in schools. Chiara the “morale”: Let the husband, go to live with another, but don't you marry secondly civilly because in that case you lose your job.
      I close the speech with a request: If the feel, Dad, write anything, on the teaching of religion in schools, and especially on the level, of this teaching?
      Well done, and happy wishes to you and to continue father Carlson.

      Frances C.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Francesca,

        his private email I already answered in private, While his comment the answer through some my personal experience, It might be useful to understand certain situations become degenerate outside – seems – any possible control. I also omit the place to which I refer, but not because who knows what theme, Since I'm getting everything and everyone by name, but only because I feel that certain people don't deserve any advertising, even the negative.
        How many friends and acquaintances know, I am a priest of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro, for which I was ordained priest. First to study, then for some reasons my specs and theological-pastoral activities cultural, I lived mostly out of my Diocese, which are canonically linked not only but also emotionally; in particular its elderly priests, because in my small but ancient diocese we still have the grace to have elders who are holy priests, men of faith, wisdom and great mercy.

        Many years before becoming a priest bought a small house in the historical centre of an ancient Sicilian town, I like all the old houses has required at some point to major restoration work, made possible by the good heart of my family that I have paid, because I I could never afford similar expenses with my priest entries that are really laughable, even more than modest.
        My Bishop I was then allowed to spend several months at this location, where the local bishop – you know me well – I gladly gave her hospitality. I then could be present during the execution of these works and devote myself while my pastoral activities than ever, periodically visiting Rome to fulfil my Ministry as a confessor and spiritual director with various Italian and foreign priests who have relied in this respect to me, going to preach in various parts of Italy, giving lectures etc .. so being grateful served as confessor, spiritual director and preacher in the place where I stopped for several months, especially at a religious institution.

        Once said, a pastor that I had complained the embarrassing unpreparedness of his catechists, that if he wanted to and that they needed, both I and my pupil and collaborator who graduated in philosophy and that is cool by theological baccalaureate earned at the Pontifical Lateran University, potevavo teach catechism to teens who were getting ready to party!.
        He answered me: ” … and how do I, then it we are evil!”.
        And despite the availability offered by a priest of 51 years that are presumed to have a certain knowledge of doctrine and by a young and talented theologian by 31 year old, He left that to prepare the confirmations were delightful boys in their twenties not able – I do not say to explain – but not even list the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit's grace.

        Now, I can also write about religion teachers in schools, of which I know the situation, I can also say so convinced – and not at all provocative – I hope there will be soon in abolishing state aid in the name of secularism and religious pluralism this teaching and with it as well, taking away a large number of people who don't even know what the Catholic religion; but do it, believe me, would not unfortunately nothing, though, in private, the first to give me reason to face to face and tell me “Bravo!” would the bishops responsible for this state of affairs, first topping all know, for instance, that often, people really worthy, are excluded from this teaching, in which not infrequently are placed around all Italy's unemployed and equally unemployed sisters, grandchildren, cousins and cousins of the priests, and in particular of those responsible as responsible for the Diocesan Office that deals with religion teachers.

        I have nothing to add but a warm greeting.

        • Ricky says:

          Reverend Father Ariel, I understand that the State of mind of Catholics there is a psychological problem, that is, not knowing how to handle the diversity of opinions. You may have different opinions, You can tell a person that's wrong, and that seriously mistaken, without this means to insult her, and without even putting it in embarrassment. I believe that knowing both a manly quality. On the contrary, do not add other words because, even without having a psychological training, What I mean is perfectly described by the first lines of this Wikipedia page:

          Obviously I don't want to reduce everything to psychology. But perhaps at the root of many ambiguities, or actual doctrinal failure, together with little faith there can be lack of ' assertiveness '?
          Because maybe they think support with something security amounts to insult those who think differently, and then the next step would be that Jesus cannot ask this.
          Then, Reverend Father, I'm afraid we're very few Catholics. I have had the grace that I was taught that in the church there are dogmas and who are infallible; At that time, naively, I thought it was obvious to all that the Catholic dogma to be believed. Today I suspect a few faithful are called these things.
          Suspect it's literally a disaster, and no one wants to take note of this failure.

  9. father ariel
    padigre says:

    Caro Father, I devoured this article.
    Three years of theological studies at a higher Institute of religious sciences, then a two-year period to a papal specialist in Rome, where no one had ever made me so hitting the problem referred to Luther to be honest I have always rather spoke completely different in terms.
    Now it's late, tomorrow I will know me article by Father Michael Carlson.
    Thank you for everything that you offer to readers dear fathers patmosiani.

    Paola Di Gregorio

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