Domenico Giani, Guardian Angel “Pope Cecco” seen from a “divota vecchiaccia Tuscany”



Domenico Giani is from 2006 head of the Vatican City security services. Fifty years old, Tuscan born in the beautiful Arezzo and with a remarkable career behind him in the State Police and in the security services of the Italian Republic [see WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO]. Since March 2013 is perhaps one of the least envied men in the world. Few, at this moment they would like to be in his place to manage the safety of the Holy Father in situations that are sometimes unmanageable. A mother from Arezzo who could be the mother of Commander Giani, with maternal transport wanted indirizzargli this letter in Tuscan vernacular — or better in vernacular aretino/chianaiolo — entrusting to our Hypatia Roman cat on publication’Patmos Island. Although this is not a philosophical and theological character according to the usual cut of our online magazine, publish it too with a smile, This letter is not at all devoid of maternal common sense and Christian.


Roman cat Hypatia

Hypatia author Roman cat


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  1. Irapuato says:

    from Roman I feel good what, I really appreciated the healthy Tuscan 🙂 as for the content of the letter what to say? The fact is that a Pope is rated to martyrdom, but this Pope specifically did not understand what martyrdom it is since he would be martyrdom what failed to John Paul II, or, die…. and instead (God forgive me but not my wickedness and he knows), the Blessed Virgin that day “intruded too”, blurring the martyrdom of a Pope. Now it is known that Pope Francesco like Pope (he said so) but he doesn't know how to get out and have ready any resignation, but in truth wouldn't give her, He wants to die a martyr in’ “field hospital” of his invention, in the trenches and certainly pray our lady not to keep it if someone were to try again during his usual smell bath between the sheep…. but to take it immediately to heaven now, also why would die between the sheep, the dream of every pastor and not a pensioner without any power….

  2. maria says:

    I think that the Pope is not simpleton. He doesn't want to own the bodyguard, If the found in Vaticano. You could walk around freely and only it would, even at the risk of being killed. Not afraid of this. Afraid the detachment between the people of God and her pastors, unreachable. Not so the first apostles or Jesus himself. Of course the Church then had not one and a half billion people, but they were always in danger they see as Jesus died, the persecutions in Sao Paulo and all the Apostles… This Pope would Termini station to preach the Gospel if you could…or Metro, or where there is humanity that bring the good news. Greetings.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      And why, the preach the Gospel instead from the Chair of St. Peter in the basilica papale, Maybe today has become a cause for shame?

      Why not preach the Gospel – not only “at Termini Station” – But even in the suburbs of Rome or residential ultra in the most exclusive areas of the villas of the Castelli Romani?

      The conversion and Salvation are perhaps some sort of privilege only to the poor of money and material goods?
      Because he sees, to me they are also poor rich people without Christ. Every human being devoid of Christ for me is a poor, He lives in a cabin or living in a villa with pool and tennis court.

      At the time when the subject of the Gospel, of the good news that object as such is addressed to all people of good will, become refugees only real or imagined, the poor real or imagined, Poodles that are almost always those for their free lifestyle choice and not by compulsion … at that point it is be one of the worst betrayal of the Gospel, making it no longer “universal” (that is addressed to all) ma “exclusivist” (that is addressed to people or specific social classes).

    • Beppe1944 says:

      “…the preach the Gospel instead from the Chair of St. Peter in the basilica papale, Maybe today has become a cause for shame?”… No, St. Peter preaching has become totally useless; you have to go to preach to Termini station…

  3. father ariel
    Antonio Maria Luini says:

    … but you're “SABO”!
    I've reread it twice, with my wife who came to see what was going on, because I could hear laughing like crazy. I did also read to her and laughed as I.
    You are right and also writing Adri “the Holy Father should meditate on the latest words of Tuscany and mother think the welfare and safety of families of his guardian angels”

  4. adri says:

    When the Roman cat meets chianina becomes irresistible wit.
    Irony apart, the Holy Father should meditate on the latest words of Tuscany and mother think the welfare and safety of families of his guardian angels on earth when you move so lightly and unconsciousness because not only endangers his life but also the lives of others.

    • father ariel
      Don Francesco Messina says:

      Dear Adri, When you say you women's wisdom, they often take for the mark …

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