Domenico Giani, Guardian Angel “Pope Cecco” seen from a “divota vecchiaccia Tuscany”



Domenico Giani is from 2006 the head of the security services of Vatican City. Fifty, born in the beautiful Tuscany Arezzo and with a remarkable career in the police and security services of the Republic of Italy [see WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO]. Since March 2013 is perhaps one of the least envied men in the world. Few, right now would be for him to manage the security of the Holy Father in sometimes unmanageable situations. A mom of Arezzo which could be mother of Commander Giani, with maternal transport wanted indirizzargli this letter in Tuscan vernacular — or better in vernacular aretino/chianaiolo — entrusting to our Hypatia Roman cat on publication’Patmos Island. Although this is not a philosophical and theological character according to the usual cut of our online magazine, publish it too with a smile, This letter is not at all devoid of maternal common sense and Christian.


Hypatia cat Roman
Hypatia author Roman cat


Dear Dominic.

Domenico Giani 1
Left Domenico Giani, the head of the security services of Vatican City

I settantacinqu years and my son was born in the largest 1963, you are only a year older and for this I feel treated as a son., as if you were the ' murmio [1]. You were born in 1962 and you may èsse pe ' really ' me son, so I know that's a if you want me to treat you like you if you were one of my darlings.

When the other day I saw ' the Pope in an optical shop of Rome ' by guess went pe’ I redid the lenses of eyeglasses [see WHO, WHO], I thought so, do you know’ sincera: so much I thought.

domenico giani 3
Left Domenico Giani

When I see certain images are transmitted is a I can hide the fact that I take a magone and the stoma salt me straight to the heart. And I take just pensà to you, My Darling, not that Baldwin still have to understood sometimes forestay [2] or instead is it a straight that the forestay makes.

Come, UNN is my intention to offend anyone, much less the ' Pope. You, Darling dear, you're terra nostra's stuff, you know as we people of Tuscany: you swear word, Malan and pull you swear, but always with great respect to God and the Blessed Virgin, You guai a chi ci tocca the Lord and our Lady, because basically we heart bigger than that of our Chianina cows. This I very dittelo, Why are you the’ first to testimonià that one could "forestay" released fòra from our mouths a ' nothing is an offence, because sòna more to compliment on the other. Imagine, the mì vòl me well for fifty years and fifty-one gives me the zumishi. But it … of, that's the one you go to the toccà ' wife because who you had to provà I could from head to toe; just like noaltri, that snot and the other will be ready to cavà the pens one by one who is attempting to give an toccacci to the’ Pope.

Domenico Giani 4
Domenico Giani in full uniform at a ceremony

I said just because I'm shaking all over, the stoma ' or heart, When I see you around behind the Pope. ' Then immaginà a ti manco times as I sighed: but you see I'm poor … Oh, or that he was subjected to pore me baby [3] and he will have even suffered on the other!

I think this EP and tell time: but it is easier he ran a child that makes the tantrums of the Pope Cecco! Or how will they, These poor people who are around, at left you as their leader and you have to tenè everything under control including other security òmini?

Certain ' a I can hide that when he made the joke about pe hours, We all know there are engaged in ' beasts in Val di Chiana ampagne — pe ' hours ' du ' laughs we made up, to say those words sentillo. Or you spiegà me you, He's fired: "Be shepherds with the smell of pe's hours»? [WHO]. And he thinks there's also who took very seriously: the’ Cardinal Agostino Vallini is ario You did set up the first floor of the palazzo de ' Vi ' ariato of Rome a little fold with three pe ' smelly oracce; and he and the auxiliary bishops, before he climbed in their offices or went AWOL before [4] in any parish, go to da ' na pe just wipe off’ well pigliassi that smell pe ' oreccio make them Holy shepherds and credible in a Rome in which, If the parishes de’ ill’Urbe remove those four neo ' shit umenali rowdy so dear to the’ Cardinal Yes ario, and I know’ all vòte, but vòte vòte …

Sorry Dominic, but you you're near, I you tell n'a bona time pe ' all in ' Sant ' omo as wash our pastors ' pe ' avè the unn’ stench of pe hours when they come home? ' One could, St ' omo santo, usà of the terms a bit more from the Pope and a bit less imaginative herding that unn ' and is ' no heaven nì nì ' n Earth?

PE ' divine charity, He is the dad, and we understand well what intends to tell, talking about pe ' hours and Pastor. But if he wants so much to do the simple and humble, come from ' people like us campaign, that maybe some Holy lesson modino if piglia, at left from the first and sacrosanct that to him seems just a enter nil's uptake: around the herd of pe hours, Every Pastor there has always to protect dogs. If the Pope comes to us we show them we find the herds, and we show also that wicked shepherds maremmani we protect pe hours, because even though I'm a bit more wolves, thieves know there is always, and many other bad stuff still there are. Then the’ Pope, seeing the real pe ' hours and the true shepherds, will see how the’ Shepherd who lives in ' true ampagne, is protected to the task along with up to 16 dogs that are always around.

domenico giani 6
Domenico Giani in full uniform in front of the Palace of the governorate of Vatican City State

Or Domenichino my [5], but you know that sometimes, When I see tivvù, It seems to me like you had something to do with a capricious child aged? And in those moments come to mind the words of the ' mom when I was eighteen I said: O Daisy, mind you, If you are a grown now grow more!». This wisdom of the people, You pòle also applicà the ' Pope, Since the people he loves? And as i said mom, It might be the’ say to him: O Garcia, Please note that if you are a raised to 78 year old, ' a grow more!». And since I've got all the fear that under certain aspects of both a child of 78 year old, If I wanted I got confirmation during his trip to Brazil. UNN ' wanted the machine blidata because he is the Pope of the people who must ' is in the midst of the people and the pigliassi smell of pe hours. And having such a feeling like someone ascoltà, to set out from you and all your saints who occupied angelini of on safety, Here one by one the up and I know estroversie ' fòri sorties: epprima unn ' wanted armoured Popemobile [WHO] and then wanted the open window of the machine [WHO] ... and wanted toccà pe fassi from hours to felt better the’ their smell, Besides, remained bottled up in the middle of the’ traffic with people who thronged around the machine [WHO] ... and in those moments, Dear figliolino, I immaginà than you've been sweating cold.

domenico giani 5
Domenico Giani in full Uniform

In our country all this is called your first hard, the rest I'll tell you then below. If indeed a mì recall, in Manila crazy attempted by’ ' na cortellata to Pope Paul VI [WHO]. At the beginning of the 1980s the world shocked rimaniede, When that lunatic murderer shot Pope John Paul II [WHO]. A few years ago, When you were already in the service of the Popes under Benedict XVI, in San Pietro ' na poor demented jumped from hurdle and to him to the ' what you said you did by throwing you to the ground pad does dad fall on you and not on marble [WHO].

I wonder: Pope Cecco, This is a customers say anything? When at the end of mass in a parish in Rome came out and the whole andiede fòri randa for a stroll [6] in the crowd of people pe ' makes the Pope's simple, UNN is that he realized the problem that created you, you head Domenichino dear, that how you ran vediede on television now with eyes of media fòri, While he's aggrovicciolava [7] between the pe hours pe ' piglianne good smell? [WHO].

optical Pope 1
… «Hi, I have to change lenses and eyewear have come in person, because … you know how it is, No one would give me a Commission and no optical Rome would never directly in Vaticato by me»
optical Pope 2
… Boys, outside the Smartphone There is the Holy Father in this shop!

In the ultemo [8], PE ' menalla not long come to the conquibusse [9]: and if while Papa Carter makes simple ' l Papa, the Pope, who who do vol vòle pe’ felt the odor of pe hours, a fine day to exit to fòri among the people crazy, the’ What? I know what: what you're close, as soon as you see a gun or a knife with you tail’ Hawk's eye, you'd smack you for before the Pope, and almost surely you piglieresti a gunshot or stab wound pe ' padmanabhan with you ' body. Because this is what you would instinctively and they would all you’ stickmen. We know well that, but we should also Pope sapè Cecco.

You, Sweetie dear, you have a beautiful wife and father of three children six. We offer pe ' misfortune that you murdered for defending or pe ' cover ' the Pope '. A quel point, Pope Cecco, who told you to go ' beautiful bride and you beautiful little children? Tell him that he is a Papin simple, poor Pope, a Pope who makes what vol seems, a Pope who vòle felt like a shepherd the smell of pe ' hours at all costs? And before all this, or whether you have been killed to defend what I, mother of Val di Chiana, ' a I can read neither as simple nor as humility. I will be tough and merciless in June Nanadizio, but I say precisely with a mother's heart. And as a mom I say and I will end you: a real Santa head, simplicity simplicity or not, PE ' hours or not pe hours, SA is’ Yes the place up when standing at the top place defends life and the safety of all on’ little children, you ' ompresi that protect and what you all wives and children.

optical Pope 4
Yay! Pats on the back to “ER Pope de noartri” and caress the waist by the Lady [see movie WHO]

Tell Papa Carter, on behalf of one of the pe hours which he likes a lot of smell on me avè. Because my smell is the smell of a pe is now a mom, a woman among the pe hours true there has grown for real and that this has all that prudence required by the case, included love and the’ respect pe’ the beautiful Maremma pastors mì I stand guard at flocks and they would do for anyone is vedè close at pe ' hours ten centimeters of claws.

Aag Domenichino! [10] I send you a big kiss co’ all the love you Gilmore pole avè pe ' his children ' and pe the sons of others who might be his children. And I recommend: When you happen to shoot Pope Cecco, Please by du's kiss on ' Holy hands, one pe you and one EP ' this devout vecchiaccia Tuscany, that snot and other amarebbe and defenderebbe the Pope if the Pope had mange on me, because the Pope is always the’ Pope, because the’ Christian people, PE’ how easy can they, AMA ” the’ Pope “, No this and that Arthro Pope, but love’ Pope so as Pope, whoever it is.

Margaret of Cortona
Mother of Val di Chiana



(1) My love
(2) Silly, used in vernacular expression in affectionate way
(3) Maternal affectionate expression: my poor baby

(4) around
(5) Typical expression of affection to contact the person through a diminutive of the name
(6) Went to gran tour ride
(7) Tangle, rally around.
(8) At last
(9) At conquibus, I come to the point
(10) Aretino expression-chianaiola (AAG/aloe), in this case: courage Domenichino!


A great interview in which Domenico Giani speaks of the particularity of their service to the Supreme Pontiff and the Holy See

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7 thoughts on "Domenico Giani, Guardian Angel “Pope Cecco” seen from a “divota vecchiaccia Tuscany”

  1. from Roman I feel good what, ho apprezzato molto il sano toscano 🙂 quanto al contenuto della lettera che dire? The fact is that a Pope is rated to martyrdom, but this Pope specifically did not understand what martyrdom it is since he would be martyrdom what failed to John Paul II, that is, die…. and instead (God forgive me but not my wickedness and he knows), the Blessed Virgin that day “intruded too”, blurring the martyrdom of a Pope. Now it is known that Pope Francesco like Pope (He said) but he doesn't know how to get out and have ready any resignation, but in truth wouldn't give her, He wants to die a martyr in’ “field hospital” of his invention, in the trenches and certainly pray our lady not to keep it if someone were to try again during his usual smell bath between the sheep…. but to take it immediately to heaven now, also why would die between the sheep, the dream of every pastor and not a pensioner without any power….

  2. I think that the Pope is not simpleton. He doesn't want to own the bodyguard, If the found in Vaticano. You could walk around freely and only it would, even at the risk of being killed. Not afraid of this. Afraid the detachment between the people of God and her pastors, unreachable. Not so the first apostles or Jesus himself. Of course the Church then had not one and a half billion people, but they were always in danger they see as Jesus died, the persecutions in Sao Paulo and all the Apostles… This Pope would Termini station to preach the Gospel if you could…or Metro, or where there is humanity that bring the good news. Greetings.

    1. And why, the preach the Gospel instead from the Chair of St. Peter in the basilica papale, Maybe today has become a cause for shame?

      Why not preach the Gospel – not only “Termini station” – But even in the suburbs of Rome or residential ultra in the most exclusive areas of the villas of the Castelli Romani?

      The conversion and Salvation are perhaps some sort of privilege only to the poor of money and material goods?
      Because he sees, to me they are also poor rich people without Christ. Every human being devoid of Christ for me is a poor, He lives in a cabin or living in a villa with pool and tennis court.

      At the time when the subject of the Gospel, of the good news that object as such is addressed to all people of good will, become refugees only real or imagined, the poor real or imagined, Poodles that are almost always those for their free lifestyle choice and not by compulsion … at that point it is be one of the worst betrayal of the Gospel, making it no longer “Universal” (that is addressed to all) but “exclusive” (that is addressed to people or specific social classes).

    2. “…the preach the Gospel instead from the Chair of St. Peter in the basilica papale, Maybe today has become a cause for shame?”… No, St. Peter preaching has become totally useless; you have to go to preach to Termini station…

  3. … but you're “SABO”!
    I've reread it twice, with my wife who came to see what was going on, because I could hear laughing like crazy. I did also read to her and laughed as I.
    You are right and also writing Adri “the Holy Father should meditate on the latest words of Tuscany and mother think the welfare and safety of families of his guardian angels”

  4. When the Roman cat meets chianina becomes irresistible wit.
    Irony apart, the Holy Father should meditate on the latest words of Tuscany and mother think the welfare and safety of families of his guardian angels on earth when you move so lightly and unconsciousness because not only endangers his life but also the lives of others.

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