Of “Imago Dei” to “Imago net”. The next time the Holy Father will buy zucchini in Campo dei Fiori?



Man created in the image and likeness of God wanted to rebel against Him making himself God, and today, instead of kneeling in front of your Creator, no longer even kneel before idols, but he prostrates himself before directly to digital cameras, giving up totally to live the present and projected future, as if from the philosophical and theological language of our dying world was missing the word eschatology, to make room for all other questions and purposes: … and tomorrow, What I invented, to impress again? Or: Today I gave the daily dose to mass media going to the optician, but tomorrow I will be forced to increase the dose. If you then do a jump to the fruit market in Campo dei Fiori in buying two courgettes under the statue of the "holy man" by Giordano Bruno?


Author Jorge A. Faccio Lince
Jorge A. Faccio Lince
imago of
… never as today the man was committed to deface the creature being created in the image of God-likeness

The expression of Saint Augustine Imago Dei the imaginem Dei [II sent. d. a. 16 1, q. 1], today should be the subject of in-depth reflections, having regard to the social upheaval that seems to have changed now Imago net. For this I resonates in the ears a well-known expression of St. Thomas Aquinas: Agere sequitur esse [the Act follows the be], principle in Thomistic ethics Foundation. For St. Thomas, from being the descendant Dover-be. What exists has its own ontological nature that affect the action of the same entity, in the case of male moral action. The man, as a creature created by God and therefore God's creature will not only possess the simple ontological creature feature, Why must also have an appropriate moral behavior and in its way as a result of the Dover-be that will take him to aspire to perfection ultra Earth. For Saint Thomas being mean Act of being [They actu essendi ab] that is, action, News. In Thomistic perspective everything exists to implement actions, and in this way be coincides with the action in its final fulfillment.

Valeria Lukyanova barbie
The future that awaits us? the model Valeria Lukyanova photographed with Barbie doll, which has come to resemble …

These days there are about ten years Since the Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova became famous throughout the world for its natural resemblance or artificially created with the famous Barbie doll. For many of those who grew up watching the advertising of this toy and seeing the girls play with this famous doll, has always been the question of how this would be if it were a doll real person.

The first impression we seeing the pictures of this woman is: "But it is true?». And anchor: «How did ... it's all the result of Magic of the computer?». And then, After the first impression, begins to take a negative rating given by the fact that it is a person totally falsified, or as it is now customary to say: all redone. In others it may instead rise to a sense of complacency in the see in the flesh a toy with which one has grown up. In both cases the curiosity pushes almost morbidly looking for more images and data of the model that elicits a range of emotions and chain reactions in the world Cyberspace that made her famous.

Valeria Lukyanova in costume
The future that awaits us? The model Valeria Lukyanova posing in a swimsuit at the beach with her body transformed into Barbie doll

If the reputation of this model It was the result of an advertising campaign the same company Mattel makes sense, especially considering that now more than ever in the world of advertising as in fashion slogans stand also on components of aggression, the transgression, the upheaval or the total reversal of real data. Because this is the planet where it is born and increased the fame of this model through photographs and video clips that have been around the world through social networks [see WHO, WHO, WHO]. And today the social network have become much more of a fundamental part of human communication, in particular the younger generation; for many are the only form of expression.

Ever as before, those in possession of a computer, a Table or smartphone has the ability to find everything they need in terms of information; as well as the possibility to express their reviews toward anything. Technological progress is so large now that we don't need to argue our choices, because with a simple "I like it"on Facebook and a Tweet everything is done on Twitter. We can then spend time commenting everything and its opposite with a thumbs down or up, with a little heart or a emoticon.

The electronic means — that could be a means of communication and dissemination of knowledge and culture, But even the pastoral care — have become genuine tools of annihilation, Sometimes the Guillotines, of parallel worlds that you put in a destructive manner to the real; a "real" now reduced the immediate, as if there had never been a "before"and there wasn't a"after”. Worlds ruled entirely out of snapshots that require continuous updating on the part of those who want to be the center of attention on the part of those who want to be informed at every moment of the day. Then begins a new day, in which you do not even remember the day before and do not take into consideration the future day that will follow and which you will need to "raise the bar" of surprise and then amazement. In one of our newspapers private interviews the father Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo told me long ago that ' the story progresses so fast through its increasingly policy-historians who sometimes has the impression of not having my living, not having more time to process it, But what's worse: to live».

jorge drowning
the new people …

This immediate update became an archetype of conduct in all directions, not only in the virtual world, because it is increasingly imposing in the most varied spheres: in political as in the religious and pastoral care. The aim seems to be to become "famous" or have a role and a group of followers, finding the reason of their being, the purpose of the right to live and exist.

Social networks are not only audiences of auto-exposure, But even the assize courts making reviews following the "law"dictated by the statistics of personal success or failure; a trap in which they fall even our pastors who sometimes seem more concerned with pleasing the world that Jesus Christ, all with an aggravating circumstance: the world to which they want to pleasure has no body and has no soul, It is a world made such is precisely because without Jesus Christ.

The virtual world will inevitably produce a virtual reality

Every person who enters this virtual circle sooner or later is forced to take precise and variable forms of behaviour and expression that tend to mutate itself, Why stay in the success is based on the principle of continuous update; It is therefore necessary to provide elements of "wonder"higher and higher and escalating doses. Just like the Ukrainian model that has undergone a process of constant mutation and that at this point could be called the "new eve”, the prototype of the new or future world that is not coming, but who has already taken possession of reality through the virtual form.

This instant update not only involves the world of show business – that it's not only cinema, the world of tv or swimsuit –, because, as I said before, It affects all social scopes, political, religious and scientific. Needless to say, what dangers this can lead: not only the loss of values and laws that for the entire course of history have governed civilizations; not only for the loss of a conception of life, time and relations with others, because this path leads to a consequent and total emptying of the man in action, in his being and his human creature role created in the image and likeness of the living God [cf. There. 1, 26-27].

jorge like
the new slavery "like», I like it …

The instant update "that is the negation of Theology of the body of Saint Paul the Apostle [CF. With the. 1,18] and Christian who becomes a living image of Christ [CF. RM 8,28; The Cor. 15,49; ] ― imposes to please always a distant world that is without penalty and body without head, made anonymous and hidden behind a screen on which symbols are proclaimed liking or not liking it meant to do number. Finally will be indicated with a Clik What to do for better pleasure, thereby generating the danger that will soon be imposed misconceptions all-out, but above all it ends up being imposed a style that will bring the men of near future ― in any social role, political or religious they are ― to a dramatic choice: be similar to their predecessors, or exceed that limit thanks to which today no longer even able to distinguish from the ridiculous far-fetched?

This is the real and final reversal of God, of real substance and man; a reversal that blocks all in a time instant that lasts longer than that taken by the Flash cameras. Today, a Pilate ghost without a body and soul, speaking from an undisclosed location in computer network to a mass without the head and without a tail would have ended up asking the same question: «Who do you want to be free, Barabbas or Jesus Christ said?» [cf. Mt. 27,16-26]. I leave readers to evaluate the response in this case would end up being shouted "democratically" from Cyberspace ...

3 September 2015, the Holy Father Francis makes an improvised in an optical shop to change lenses to glasses

The man created in the image and likeness of God wanted to rebel against Him making himself God, and today, instead of kneeling in front of your Creator, no longer even kneel before idols, but he prostrates himself before directly to digital cameras, giving up totally to live the present and projected future, as if from the philosophical and theological language of our dying world was missing the word eschatology, to make room for all other questions and purposes: ... and tomorrow what I invented to impress again? Or: Today I gave the daily dose of amazement to mass-media going to the optician to change lenses, but tomorrow I will be forced to increase the dose; If you then do a jump to the fruit market in Campo dei Fiori in buying two courgettes under the statue of the "holy man" by Giordano Bruno?


TV2000 is perhaps already feelers to the fruit market in Campo dei Fiori?

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26 thoughts on "Of “Imago Dei” to “Imago net”. The next time the Holy Father will buy zucchini in Campo dei Fiori?

  1. Navigare necesse est: “…. the executioners, even when they act in the name of the most noble institution, are individuals, and as such took personal responsibility …”

    Yes, but we the Bellarmine we did santo! the “noble institutions” are not responsible for what they do individual members, But if there are some Saints’ the managers are…

  2. It makes me very sad the way it concludes. I express here the reasons for my disagreement and my sadness. You can be "imago.net" and, through this, "imago Dei". The two things are not mutually exclusive. I think one of the gifts of this Pope to be specific to be a media figure, on the contrary, much more: a "media Pope". And the term "media", per se, has a negative connotation, but neutral. The media, as the term itself, are the means, and a half can be used positively or negatively, and this not only depends on the intentions of those who use it, but from many circumstances. Furthermore, we must not confuse the difficulties associated with the use of certain means of communication with some misinterpretations and misleading information given by some newspapers, that increase these difficulties . I believe that with this gesture, the Pope wants to show us that the Gospel message is present in everyday situations. In conclusion, You can start to evangelize with the most simple and ordinary gesture, because behind this gesture there is loyalty to a person and his project. The Act does not preclude the catechesis, but prepares.

  3. I get the impression that you Err greatly in assessing the behaviour of Francis. He himself said that, He became Pope, He wondered if he should change. Thought it was ridiculous to do it. Behaves like always has done in his student life, from Jesuit, as cardinal and Pope now. He doesn't like to be served and the like concerning the practical tasks, How to pay the tuition of St. Mary for Cardinal, bring the bag, go to contend the powers, etc, How do normal people. He wants to be and is normal person and think this is appreciated by the people. And’ also a way to not feel a prisoner in the hallowed halls. See you studied behavior to please find it inappropriate and downright offensive. And’ done so, Although we wonder. Pleasure to mass media? I think even think. Why waste time on these things? Boh!

    1. Dear Vincent.

      I answer to its question as priest.
      Becoming a priest I have radically changed my life and my way of life, for a very “simple”: I have not “certificated priest” and are not entered in a service “company“, but through the sacrament of Holy orders I acquired a new character, However indelible and eternal, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit; However transforming character.
      Allow me therefore to say that a priest, which remains as before, to me, sincerely, worries me a lot.

      This to dilre to what extent has lost the perception of the sacrament of Holy orders and especially the sacrament of order understood as new character, a character that forms and transforms and cannot leave us as before.
      And do not go beyond explaining the reason for my disquiet …

  4. And speaking of his sentence: “If you then do a jump to the fruit market in Campo dei Fiori in buying two courgettes under the statue of the "holy man" by Giordano Bruno?”, will see, Pope Francis soon will go to Campo dei Fiori, not for purchase two Zucchini, but to ask forgiveness for the “martyrdom” by Giordano Bruno…

    1. Ask forgiveness for Giordano Bruno's conviction wouldn't make sense: as rightly pointed out a Waldensian Pastor which in recent times has had the bad idea to ask forgiveness for vaguely similar events, the executioners, even when they act in the name of the most noble institution, are individuals, and as such took personal responsibility; just as individuals are the victims, where the sun touches the right to grant any personal forgiveness to persecutors. So among men. Then there is forgiveness of God, but here you have to leave the ground floor and the first floor up.

      That said, the killing of Giordano Bruno was not a nice page, Although similar at that time were not unusual outcomes tortures. Bruno was, What if they know, anything but a holy man. He was a good thinker, with some vein of gold lost in a jumble of coal.

      If the fruit and vegetable market in Rome is done under the statue of Giordano Bruno, any purchases of zucchini can be made there as well.

  5. I really appreciate this article, However I also, as other readers, I am puzzled at the end.
    It is true that this Pope is often motivated by some desire to impress, But beyond this, does it really make sense to wonder of a Pope who goes from changing optical glasses?
    I mean, the Blessed Mother of God, conceived without original sin and assumed body and soul into heaven, However normal handled chores like any other woman. I don't see that in the Holy House of Nazareth there were legions of angels intent on doing laundry, wash the floor and prepare dinner, While the Blessed Virgin he was seated on the Throne committed in sacred conversations with fathers and doctors of the Church.
    All Saints lived everyday life, so I don't see why scandalized by a Pope that goes from the person changing optical glasses.
    Maybe, the fact that we are surprised, the fact that we consider what it actually extraordinary and ordinary (and Conversely we consider ordinary what actually is extraordinary), It is also a form of clericalism that so often (rightly) execrated by Rev. don Ariel.

  6. Nice and young Jorge, from his birth date known that she just 31 year old. I will give you many compliments. I have two grandchildren more her age but think and live like I was living and I reasoned when I was 15 year old (and 15 years I had them 60 years ago).
    I retired 11 years ago from a high school where I taught for almost 40 years Humanities. If teaching in recent years had found only two students as she, I would have retired far less bitter than as, unfortunately, I went.
    Let me, but, to make compliments to the parents of the island, because reading it, you understand that for those who have grown and who cultivates it so well.

    Calogero Maria Geraci (Rome)

    1. We are Catholics, We are not philosophers, We are followers of Christ spoke in parables to make themselves understood by people like me. Not cited nor Plato, Neither Aristotle. I understand that this magazine is aimed at scholars, but you can not attack the Pope because it lowers the level of the woman who goes to the market. Jesus did it. Spoke to the scribes and Pharisees, the doctors then, the coincidence, I do not want to understand. Those who followed him were a few of them, It seems to me and many like the rest of the illiterate then that “felt” the truth in what he said not having to deal with so many mental superstructure. Greetings.

      1. Dear Maria.

        Many elements of the philosophy of Aristotle were used by great Saints and doctors of the Church Fathers to build a “vocabulary” Christian able to define the main mysteries of faith, because before the Christological mystery we didn't have at the time even of the words, even suitable vocabulary for it, It was necessary to take loan from Greek philosophy and shape them into Christian key.

        The Gospel is not a rubber band to pull as she does.

        And’ true that Jesus spoke to scribes, Pharisees and doctors of various, but he did from time to time trying to open their closed hearts to God's grace, for this every now and then healed the blind their eyes, or the lame, also to remind them that the real blind closed to God's grace and true crippled and unable to walk in the ways of God's grace, were their.
        In conclusion, the Lord Jesus wanted their conversion and to this end in all ways for their conversion.
        Or the case is that some of the time Eugenio Scalfari came from an encounter with Jesus by proclaiming to all: “He didn't try to convert me!” the series … why I am an atheist, do I want to stay and being that I pride myself?

        Christianity “simple” and without “superstructures” She invokes, or the so-called much-vaunted “early Christianity”, can find it made wonders in the Pentecostal sect, but it is precisely a cloaked behind the heresy false reassurance “early Christianity“.

        Then when Jesus “lowers the level of the woman who goes to the market“, at this level “lowers” for a purpose, to say to women: “your sins are forgiven”, and adding even “go and Sin no more”, certainly not to give her the opportunity to get a few pictures with mobile embraced the Pope, or better to say AR Pope de noartri, that in fact, when, fills the squares but empty churches …

        1. But she is sure that this Pope fill the squares and empty Churches… Maybe not the churches found them empty and that needs to be done to fill them?

        2. Many elements of the philosophy of Aristotle

          Aristotle enters fully into Christian thought relatively late. Greek philosophy that for centuries provided the whole apparatus to Christianity and categorical “vocabulary” Christian is that (neo)Platonic.

          This clarified, the reduction of Christian revelation to the philosophical and theological speculation (and eminently the reductio ad Thomam) There is much less of its reduction to the banality of daily desacralized.

      2. Dear Maria,

        for she is so difficult to reconcile reason with feelings? Why you should oppose the philosophy to Catholicism?
        St. Anselm of Aosta said «fides quaerens intellectum» (faith requires the intellect).
        Sin was also necessary to use philosophy to understand the complexity of the name of Christ that she uses ....
        Perhaps it would be wise for you to stop at only the end of Jesus and then look for any association or group but certainly not Jewish the Catholic Church.
        Unfortunately I have to say that even the Roman Pontiff made philosophical studies with the Jesuit priest Juan Carlos Sacristan founder of Filosofia de la Religion y de la Teologia del Pueblo (philosophy of religion and theology of the people), then he is guilty of such philosophical wisdom of which there is no form of RID.
        Be careful with anachronistically judge our illiteracy with the society in which he lived and spake Jesus, in which people were able to listen to him because he spoke both of fisheries and agriculture that maybe today we can't know so well; as he spoke of Jewish law likewise known by all those who sought to be faithful Jews.

  7. Today I met closer my neighbor and he invited me to his house. In chat, and having known the mass, We walked into the talk between Christians and jubilant says: This Pope is driving me crazy!!! then slowly it came out that she can't pray, does not always go to mass, do not confess by years, so a cattolica “not practicing”. I tried to make her understand that in this way does not honor the Pontiff and offends him because he is working because we become, She explains to me that reference “He loves” This Pope because “He's one of us”, And’ HUMAN, is the hand, does everything we do, She sees the TRUE CHRIST forgiving the prostitute who MAKES Abortion and who DIVORCED! all caught by the Media, obvious! After turning off his enthusiasms a bit talking about true Gospel and Christ with the Gospel in hand I advised to fire its source which are MEDIA and seen that occasionally use the internet, to go and read the original texts of the Pope.

  8. Excellent article and I am low: but did you know you that Pope Lambertini (Benedict XIV) came out in “Borghese” to go to buy fruit in Trastevere? 🙂 (could not miss the emoticon) at the time it wasn't news because Rome was der Papa nostro…. other times he went out early in the morning, Pope dress but with the black cloak, and go knock on some Church of Rome and asked to be able to celebrate Mass, who was there was, who wasn't there, There was…. the difference was remarkable (Stefano), eventually everyone knew, but it wasn't a scoop.
    The rest would have much to say, the article offers a really profound examination of conscience. For more on the optician was no surprise was all prepared and it cannot be excluded that all took place after the bearish data turnout papal audiences. The coincidence is too clear to not think about it. Barbie woman is really disturbing and perversely diabolical….

  9. Dear don andrea, in continuation of his comment, and my earlier (at the risk of sounding chatty) increasingly known expulsion of people not only from Christ, but from all the spiritual sphere, as if it were something useless, If not harmful. Surely you have noticed, as pastor, as it is easier to deal with people of other religions (even with the magic addicts or spiritualism) that with people “atheists” (the quotes because I don't want to post the militant atheists, but people who don't care to spiritual component), Since the latter do not even know what we're talking about, have no experience of the spirit, or if they have it, don't know how to figure it out. This many times I sconforta very, Since people seem to be two different planets. Often then, even among the priests you can see this “flattening” the material, with consequent loss of administering the sacraments (first confession) rites (Eucharistic adoration) and sacramentals, so the faithful can either “live” the spiritual part of the Christian way. If the priests do not believe, why we should believe the…

  10. The masters of the world would make the total annihilation of our intelligence and cancel the peculiarities of our “be” and our speculative capacity, would like to clear the ethical and spiritual principles of Christian civilization, the teachings of the Greek philosophers, St. Augustine's (You sum fallor), St. Thomas's and in other respects also of Descartes (Cogito ergo sum), etc… Would like to shirk individual freedom and private time, blind us to think and reflect, to ponder the decision, to distinguish the real from the fake, right from wrong, to choose, and act according to their conscience, to be Christians …
    The manipulators want us only binary responses,immediate, approved, are convinced of our strength SAP, to win our opposition, to make malleable, acquiescing to their desired.
    Jesus told us to persevere for God, The father and the spirit, certainly has other projects …
    Sure Pope Francesco is unpredictable,shuns prudence,.. in my small way I'd rather hear him finish every intervention with “Praised be Jesus Christ” rather than wish you buon appetito.

  11. I find it interesting (and true) Article until it gets to the point of optical. And then, incredibly, I comes to mind spontaneously and powerful phrase Manzoni's memory; Omnia munda mundi. I am very surprised at the fact that no Pope can go to make eyeglass lenses, but quite the contrary; that is, it cannot.

    1. you're right Stefano, but the author of this article has the right to sell and we should reflect carefully on this relevant analysis, When he speaks of the media who need higher and higher doses of wonder, and they need to the extent that they are disinterested amazement of the revelation of Jesus Christ. And’ This tells us that the author, and also tells well: We are moving towards a faith without God and to Christianity without Christ, alarm already launched (Unfortunately in vain) by Benedict XVI.

      1. Verissimo, However, this does not contradict my comment. In fact, journalists do not want to know of the revelation, they are interested in selling, and have a morbid attitude towards the Pontiff. If they could, they would tell us what brand of tissues used to blow your nose. And this is the fact that people want this, and here is the problem. Also people seem to ignore the revelation (Ah we) and wants the Pope's picture that you change your glasses. I am surprised though that the article author practically sentence that the Pope should not change in the optical glasses beside St. Peter's square because of journalists, and to imply that he does it on purpose to show off. From there the phrase between’ Christopher. The Pope to me can also go to the market, If they like, This should not undermine the fact that both the Supreme Pontiff, and who is head of the Church. It almost seems as if the Pope goes to market is no longer the Vicar of Christ.

        1. I agree with you Stephen. The end of the article is bizarre and perhaps reveals some resentment against the Pope. I don't think they had planned the media presence that all citizens are now fitted with mobile phone. It's nice to see the Pope walking among the people, How did Jesus, shopping as did the Apostles, talk to anyone who will listen how to the Samaritan woman. The Apostles were going towards people, Today we must look for a priest who is available to speak with us. Yes, they are the mass and then are always busy elsewhere…This Pope is fresh air. The author of the article is all head and little heart.

          1. Dear Maria.

            But she realizes what she's saying and how he's saying?
            She has never read really John's Gospel which narrates the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well?
            She realizes that the Gospel is not a commercial National-popular … is a proper catechesis made by divine master to a woman who had had a rather eventful life and that the words of the master begins to think and understand, up to welcome and accept the truth of the word of God made man?

            His last sentence, and then, reveals how little both in you the Christian spirit, Since it allows you to syndicate and to judge a man's heart.

            As a person very dedicated to Ministry of priest I can tell you that, even before the most abhorrent sins confessed by people who do not confess even for fifty years, I never judge a man's heart, that only God can penetrate, read and judge.

            The Council, therefore, to regain control of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and spread out from there, certainly not from gravure, titled “My Papa“.

          2. Dear Maria,

            She gave me a nice compliment with her phrase "all head and little heart". I explain: I come from a culture that is the sudamericana, that is commonly described as a full culture and full of feelings. Just think that one of the main export products are so-called telenovelas or soap. The fact that she has defined "head" mean that after so many years of academic training I managed to put my head in place, take my feelings with my head, and especially for the reasons argomentarne. I regret having to read the joke about the Pope indicated how ' cool-air ', because for me all the Roman pontiffs are "fresh air", being accustomed to seeing beyond the mystery man of faith Petrino.
            I try to learn a bit of my church and I believe or imagine that things worked out as I'd like. I'm sorry that you only see the Pope today walking around people and does not take into consideration instead the story of many other popes that the Holy Father as they walked among the people; and among people they walked between the bombs, the debris and the injured in serious danger situations, you just open the clips below to realize ...


    2. I too am surprised that the author of the article finds it surprising that the Pope to get change lenses should go to an optician…

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