Conservatism and Progressivism, two categories journalistic, not the Church's magisterium

Conservatism and progressivism:


Magisterium of the Church


The skipper of the boat is sleeping. No need to wake, not to feel criticized for having little faith. He knows when and how to intervene. It's up to him to wake up, if anything,. About noi, continuiamo the remare, as our action seems ineffective. If the boat really run the risk of sinking, He will think to calm the waters.


Author John Cavalcoli OP
John Cavalcoli OP


progressive conservatives
Liberals and conservatives, two categories never endorsed by the ecclesiastical language

What the purpose of these two categories journalistic, that held the bank for fifty years in the big media, never appropriated the language of the Magisterium of the Church? They reflect a very rough surface and of the moral and doctrinal, confusing the debate and the problem with church disputes and conflicting opinions as ephemeral currents and the political. As I will demonstrate in this article, they are totally inadequate and misleading with respect to the issue of doctrine that the Church today has very serious. I'm kind of hypocritical smokescreen or, as they say, of “bait and switch”, that for fifty years the modernists and the enemies of the Church, open or hidden, been able to impose the public with a powerful propaganda, conniving weakness or impudence of the ecclesiastical, to spread with impunity their mistakes and moral vices in the Church.

remove mask
it is time to remove the mask …

That's why it's time to say enough is enough and to unmask once and for all impostors recovering the wisdom, the Onesti, the seriousness, the accuracy and clarity of the language of the Church, certificate in the history of two thousand years of Christianity based on the same common sense, who feels the need to distinguish fundamental, the vital issues, not so much the preserve of the progress, Things certainly respectable but not decisive, but rather the true from the false, right from wrong, justice by sin. It is permissible in the language, when the subject or the opportunity it imposes, a certain style undetermined, diplomatic or gradient; you can not always do a hatchet, even at the risk of being offensive (1), this is true, but also the costume now widespread systematic ambiguity, disloyalty usual, to say and what not to say that ironically called the Void polically correct, What is repugnant and a source of infinite evils.

Cardinal martini
ll late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, lent itself as a benchmark critical of Pope Benedict XVI and the leader of a progressive and liberal theology.

And’ true that these categories misleading, though in themselves not illegal, are favored by very powerful in the world today that wing and Catholic theology, strutting narcissistically title “progressive” marginalizing condescendingly, haughty condescension and barely concealed impatience with those in the Church who do not share his modernism, by Lefebvre and sedevacantists up to Catholics purest, upright and faithful, and even the progressives to Maritain or Congar. But this progressive for them is still not enough, since they are so far advanced towards the Church of the future, who consider the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent reign as passed and still tied to the remnants of the past. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, few months before his death, he stated on the BBC that the Church Ratzinger has been back two centuries [see which].

The Holy Father Francis

Francis Pope in his recent speech to the synod condemned the “Progressives”, [see which] but it is clear that he was referring to the modernist, which for fifty years have so far been able to survive by parasites of the Church, appear as the top of the class, and to reap success by hiding under the honorable title of “Progressives”. In fact, there is no doubt that the council has had a progressive character, as it has furthered the advance of Christian piety, ecclesiology, theology, of morality, dialogue with the world and the spiritual life. The other part, We can understand why the Popes have not yet spoken only on very rare occasions “modernism”; because we all still remember the dramatic modernism of the time of St. Pius X, who defined the phenomenon as the “sum of all heresies”. And yet, fifty years, prominent scholars and authoritative pastors of the Church, as were Jacques Maritain (2), Dietrich von Hildebrand (3), Cornelio Fabro (4), Cardinal Giuseppe Siri (5), Cardinal Pietro Parente (6) and Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, prophetically signaled the return of a modernism that occurred since the immediate post-conciliar. It is true that there was also Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, which, however,, unfortunately, falling into a serious misunderstanding of modernism accused the Council itself. That is certainly the word “modernism” scare. And yet, to a careful analysis of the situation of the Church and theology today, the way things are. Of course we should not say that this disease of the mind affects all patients at the maximum degree; However, we know that to speak of malignancy is not necessary that the body is in metastasis, but it is sufficient that an initial presence, thanks to an emergency, can also be eliminated. Thus one may use the name of “Modernist” for subjects in which there are only traces of this serious disease of the spirit.

Painting by Ruben

The important thing is not to be confused with the progressive modernism. Progressivism, as I said, is an entirely normal and healthy Christian life I would say mandatory. “Charity, St. Augustine says, if not progredisce, is not charity”. And St. Paul urges us all to strive with all our strength and to advance continuously towards perfection. The Church, on the other hand, assisted by the Holy Spirit, moves continuously through history towards the fullness of truth. Modernism is instead a false progressivism; An attempt is misleading and wrong, fraudulently claiming to refer to the Council, wants to modernize the Christian life through uncritical assumption of modernity, which, instead of being judged by the Gospel, claims itself to judge. Progressivism legitimate, therefore, can be an expression of a healthy appetite for the new, effect of a free choice or preference quite normal of certain faithful within the Church, more affected than others to the dynamic element, evolutionary and propulsive. Nothing wrong with that, rather it is a lot of good. A valuable service, certainly not without risks, worth to run in order to suggest new ways, research projects and implementation, in order to promote the advancement of the Church in history towards eschatological fullness.

The splendor of the liturgy is a legacy of faith that can not be lost or to be lost

Essential and vital, in the Church and in theology, is also a certain element or office storage or tradition, as it is to deepen, clarify, explicit, develop, improve, to grow and develop a legacy, we could say a divine treasure, incorruptible, incorruptible and unchangeable values ​​of theoretical and moral, “non-negotiable”, universal and absolute, revealed, operated and founded by Christ and entrusted by him to the apostles. In this light, St. Paul commands Timothy: "Guard the deposit" [The Tm 6,20]. Obviously this is not to cling to use, institutions, Things, doctrines of the past, having exhausted their function, mostratesi or harmful, no longer needed, they have nothing left to give and even become dangerous: here is the “traditionalism” condemned by the Pope in the aforementioned speech. This “traditionalism” would not have loyalty, but backwardness and impediment to progress, as they say, “a ball and chain” or even a poison, as it would for example consume expired food or “muzzle the ox while it is treading” [The Cor 9,9].

Nokter Wolf
Dom Notker Wolf, Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation, during a rock concert

Progressivism and healthy conservatism refer to each other, as well as a body needs at a time to grow and maintain their identity. A rigid fixity and closed, without movement and adaptation, or conversely the disorderly movement of its dissolution of a body deprived of their identity are not the phenomena of life, but death. The conservative, as the lefevriano, which opposes the liberal or progressive modernist, waste that are both conservative extremists that ruin the Church and lead out the truth. It is urgent, therefore, to make some changes to a certain way of speaking about these issues. For instance, Recent events in the great debate about the story and the conclusions of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, you have to make some clarifications. The great modernist print and Masonic has been pleased to present the current Cardinal Walter Kasper as “progressive” vicina and the Pope, while the power of the now famous five cardinals including Cardinal Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has been slanderously or at least improperly touted as “conservative” and contrary to the Pope “progressive”. This means, as they say, change the cards on the table so mean and unfair. We then things right. The five cardinal, they did not do anything but remember the core values ​​and dogmatic of marriage and the family are not “Conservatives”, but perfect Catholics. Cardinal Kasper and friends, to talk, with their assumptions malcelatamente relativistic and historicist, should not be called “Progressives”, but rather modernist.

Paul VI
Blessed Pope Paul VI

Father Al poi, obviously super partes thanks to the charisma of Peter and as a teacher of the faith, if we want to give a qualification, we assign at most that of progressive, ma non all Rahner all Kasper o o All Royal, but in the Pope Paul VI, to Maritain or Congar, not sure, therefore, a modernist, pace of the modernists that if you would like to buy up. Even a Pope is free to choose a given current theological or express its cultural line staff, that has nothing to do with his office of infallible Universal Doctor of the Church, beyond all possible opinions or theological tendencies. Therefore, if there is one on the Pope, teacher of the faith, beyond its heralded and unreliable statements represent the Pope, this is just Kasper; and if there is a teacher of the faith with the Pope, these will be just the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Do not be so to tell the stories. Journalists improvised theologians, before you write nonsense, who do you teach theology if it means a little’ most of them.

One final thought on this topic, and it is this. The problem of modernism in itself is much more serious than that of conservatism or lefevrismo. Except that the former is much more difficult to solve than the second, because while Lefebvre and the like are a very small minority, thus very little power, Modernists, After a tireless work to climb to the top, that has lasted fifty years, are now able to win in the Church and in the same hierarchy enormous power. So we understand how, while it is easy to take action against Lefebvre, of conservatives and traditionalists, is much more difficult to remove modernism, since it is precisely those impelagate authorities should intervene. It is, said humorously as a good journalist, how to keep mice to the cheese. Thus there is an obvious injustice that is taking place today. These are called “two weights and two measures”. Striking examples and paradigms are on one hand the ongoing persecution against the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the other impunity and the continuation of the huge success of which still enjoys the rahnerismo, still ongoing after fifty years, despite the opposition and reports of distinguished theologians. There is in fact to be considered that, on the one hand lefevriani have at least compared to the immutability of dogma and reject the dogmatic progress, modernists are much worse, because of their dogmatic relativism and evolutionism, which leads them to destroy all the dogma and undermine the foundations of the faith (7) leading souls to apostasy and immorality, beyond all their mock Catholicism.

Burke Mattei
Cardinal Raymond Burke Leonard at March for Life, to his left Prof. Roberto de Mattei, who for years it was the main organizer

The remedy, or at least an important remedy in this climate of falsehood and injustice, for which, according to the effective expression of Cardinal Raymond Burke Leonard, we feel the “seasickness” in the boat of the Church that seems without coxswain in the storm, seems to be a strong part of the Magisterium, wise and courageous recovery of authentic and genuine language of doctrinal and pastoral, that has always distinguished the great leaders of the Church, the great reformers and saints pastors and teachers, the pedagogical knowledge, catechetical, therapeutic, healing and evangelization of the Church, inspired by the Word of God, Guided by the Spirit, wisdom teacher who excels on every other school of theology, Spirituality, and moral perfection and virtue of mankind. In particular, it is necessary that the Church back to talk about the distinction of heresy by the dogma, orthodox heterodoxy, that is, in essence, the true from the false in the field of faith, as it is normal for the doctor to talk about health and disease. What is the doctor who does not dare to tell the patient that is sick? There is too much care in the authorities and among the pastors to speak frankly error, as if to do so would offend the wanderer. Of course you must learn to talk, but talking about is actually to the benefit dell'errante and those who are deceived by him. Today there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Catholics or other people deceived by heretics.

The Holy Father Benedict XVI

There is no use to pretend not to see or be limited to convictions or complaints are vague and general, which do not disturb any, if not worsen the situation of wandering and end up giving a free hand to impostors. It seems that the Magisterium of time is taken by an excessive regard for the erring, which then reverses to their own detriment. You should not be afraid to touch famous theologians or pastors or cry, although close to the Holy See or of the same Roman Curia or in the papal Faculty. The frankness with which the Cardinals faithful have criticized, in defense of the Church's magisterium, the brothers who make mistakes, is exemplary and comforting. It's about time that the good cardinal to come out of the closet. Of course, the modernists complain that Rome is too severe. But we understand this very well and we should not take any account of. The allegation of error just serves to correct the errant, while an excessive regard, an imprecise language and generic, too soft and forgiving mercy is not, but in the end connivance with error, with obvious damage dell'errante.


A language shy, stuttering and tergiversante shows a lack of conviction, want to praise and does not generate any respect, you do not need to moderate the arrogant and even raises only rice or compassion. Things have to be called by their name. I would be cautious to qualify a proposition as heretical; but if we find out for sure that it is heretical, it must be said that it is heretical. It should certainly sometimes, indeed usually, be mild and gentle in action, be patient and learn to wait. But to shake a sleeping consciousness or bold, energy is needed and severity. The expressions suggestive and euphemistic, circumlocutions, the paraphrase or circumlocution, sistema se living in a, are totally ineffective to show the evils and to correct the customs and misconceptions, as shown for the sake of completeness the experience of those dedicated to education, the formation of the next or guide of souls.

The skipper of the boat is sleeping. No need to wake, not to feel criticized for having little faith. He knows when and how to intervene. It's up to him to wake up, if anything,. About noi, continuiamo the remare, as our action seems ineffective. If the boat really run the risk of sinking, He will think to calm the waters.

Fontanellato, 3 November 2014




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