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Enlightened confessors: “when sleep, where do you keep your hands?”

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Every time I heard: "I am twenty ... thirty years '', or even "I'm 54 years since my last confession ", always and invariably he came out from the memories of the penitent, but especially by penitents, the figure of a bad confessor.



Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo




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05.02.2016 Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo – Confessori ILLUMINATI: "WHEN SLEPT, WHERE TO HOLD HANDS?»







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  1. Irapuato says:

    In the meantime, Father expensive Ariel, thanks for the attached text, very interesting. But I confess that he had never seen in my whole life, embarrassing confessors, no doubt it is God's grace while, on the contrary, I had problems with confessors modernists, not a few anecdotes to back them even funny book, wanting to be humorists ^ __ ^ As explained above Maria Luisa, and as you said in answer: ciao, how are you? and not even know me… Once I confessed a sin for me seriously, He laughed and told me that it was no longer a sin… as a catechist ended that I came to him a short lesson on the commandments ^ __ ^ and assolvendomi told me to study me the council and not the commandments… Many times they do not even ask you the pain Act, but I'll tell undeterred and often do not say certain formulas or prayers, only that of absolution (Fortunately) e, you confess, as these do not return more, but no I never abandoned the Church, therefore,, We not justify too those who go for some uncomfortable question, often only convenient excuses not to deal with sin. Ave Maria.

  2. Gianluca Bazzorini says:

    Who listens and follows “l'environmentalist Bergoglio”, especially in the videos with which time each month there “gladdens”, you must confess that if the penitent perceives his inner adherence to these heresies.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Themselves. Bazzorini.

      Maybe she's just one of those who Night holds his hands in the wrong place and what then, in the morning, when he wakes up he imagines the “popes heretics”.
      One time, certain things, They did become blind Catholics, today they make them become only fools.

  3. father ariel
    Antonio says:

    The confessionals are empty, They complain in flashes occasionally bishops?
    Apart from the fact that many denominational churches are just gone, as she tells, explaining even seeing them in some rich living room transformed into bar furniture.
    Apart from this …
    I would like to know how she would react in this situation happened to me …
    Wonder of confession. The priest (35 year old) in colored sweater and jeans he gets me in office, sitting at a desk, I'm in front of him in the chair, with the table in the middle. Start to confess, and during confession the priest replied twice on the phone, and twice I interrupt me.
    Need I say more, or you just need this?
    Ah, I forgot: all this happened in a central parish of the Bishop of Rome, just to clarify …

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      dear antonio.

      And she asks me how I would react well I?
      Maybe I would have taken him up the handset of the phone to sbattergliela hand on his head and then make him eat. Without this I would have said: and now go to complain to the vicar general of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, if anything making it also gives a liqueur that favor you the digestion of the phone that you have forcibly swallowed.

      Ma lo sa, basically, what is the problem? And that a response like the one I just gave, It is judged clericalmente “inopportune” and variously “non-compliant“, and everything to justify the fact that it is rather clericalmente “appropriate” e “according” administer a sacrament in the way that you described.
      This is the real problem, Unfortunately! The problem is that for years I have been preaching to the desert sands like “great reversal” through which the good becomes evil and evil good, the virtue of vice and virtue vice, the sacramental and priestly zeal becomes an element to be punished while the lack of priestly zeal and sacramental element to be awarded and to carry on the hierarchical ladder.

      • hector says:

        smoke diabolical, makes me think!
        We are in the hands of the Lord.
        “The Lord knoweth them that are his.” 2 Timothy 2:19
        "So I say to, whatever you ask in prayer, Believe that you have received, and it will be yours. "Mark 11:24,
        Jesus Christ be praised

    • father ariel
      Letter Signed says:

      Themselves. Antonio, the story would be very long, however, the proper authorities know that anything goes in the Roman parishes and more, especially in those run by religious, which in the past were the most cured parishes, in which they were the best ones confessors and the most talented preachers, but today it is not so long ago.
      After ordering they send me to the second assistant pastor in a parish (we are still talking of the diocese of Rome). Sunday morning, I go to church with my cassock, I wear the purple stole and put me in the confessional. The parish priest arrived, me “save” a laugh in your face, I'm out of the confessional, my says “go to take off the black cloth off, or go by lefevriani to do the little priest oldfashioned”.
      Months were horrible in every sense during which I was asked, and imposed all that was wrong, antiliturgico and sometimes even anti-Catholic.
      One night I met Father Ariel that between Friday and Saturday confessed in a Roman basilica, where there is perpetual Eucharistic adoration (if I can indicarla, was S. Anastasia on the Palatine Hill, otherwise deleted as well as). I had with him a long confession and then a long conversation (what it is that we ignore the lay priests ourselves are often the first to have a hard time finding a good confessor).
      Later I left Rome and after a trial period I was taken in a small diocese where I do my ministry as pastor in a country parish, to my satisfaction and, apparently, Also parishioners.
      Since then there have been several years,but sometimes I wonder what would have become of me if that evening, in the grip of despair, I had not gone night Eucharistic adoration and if, there, I had not found the confessor found?
      You see, Themselves. Antonio, if you lay a bad priest found, you can go elsewhere, or return home dejected your … but for us priests it is not so, and perhaps you do not even imagine how sad it is when we find evil superiors without having like you the chance to return to our home, because our house is the church in its entirety.
      That's all, almost can serve my testimony.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Brother.

        I understand what you wanted to say and I understand the readers also, but I believe merits remember what both take for granted, namely the fact that inside the confessional to which you're referring to have found Christ, the eternal Father's mercy and grace of the Holy Spirit which if necessary can also use me, just like every day we need you.

        A fraternal embrace priestly.

  4. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Maria Louisa.

    the first thing that comes naturally to me to note is that all these priests and confessors have a bishop. Therefore, this finding, following my question: “And Bishop, before such barbaric administration of the Sacraments, in such matters … much more serious, it is busy?”.

    She asks me what rite use. I reply that I use the Catholic, confessors that instead you quote me, I do not know, I honestly don't know …

    So I try to answer illustrating them a confession from me administered by the rite to which I stick with each penitent, varying only the end the choice of “acquittal formula” when they administer confessions to priests or religious / and.

    Place: confessional, or, if there is or is not feasible for an elderly person or by physical problems, a secluded bench in the church. In the latter case I always sit down to half a meter by the penitent, I'll never look at your face, I offer contour ear and I always keep it lowered gaze.

    I do not like to say: “Salve … good morning … good evening … How is it going?” Are greetings that turn off the celebration of the Sacraments, therefore greet all penitents in this way:

    Confessor: Praised be Jesus Christ.
    Penitent: always be praised!

    Confessor: In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Penitent: Amen!

    Confessor: The LORD gives light by the grace of faith our hearts, You will give a true knowledge of your sins and His mercy.
    Penitent: Amen.

    Confessor: Lord have mercy.
    Penitent: Lord have mercy.
    Confessor: Christ, have mercy:
    Penitent: Christ, have mercy.
    Confessor: Lord have mercy.
    Penitent: Lord Pietà.
    Confessor: Almighty God have mercy on you.

    confessor Question: son / daughter dear / a, what do you want to ask forgiveness from God?
    Penitent: follows the confession of sins, so the answers and the exhortations of the confessor in the narrow and exclusive merit of what the penitent has confessed or what the penitent has specifically asked.

    Confessor: finished confession, before the acquittal sacramental penance formula is indicated to be met, mostly consisting of prayers, sometimes in prayers and acts of reparation.

    Or, whether it is a penitent that I never confessed:

    Confessor: son / daughter dear / a, how long you've confessed?
    Penitent: follows the confession of sins, so the answers and the exhortations of the confessor in the narrow and exclusive merit of what the penitent has confessed or what the penitent has specifically asked.

    Confessor: finished confession, before the acquittal sacramental penance formula is indicated to be met, mostly consisting of prayers, But sometimes even in prayers and acts of reparation.

    confessor: before giving absolution is requested reciting the act of contrition:

    Penitent: Pain act, My God, I repent, I long …

    Confessor: holding his hand extended toward the penitent in the confessional over the grate, or by holding his hand imposed on the head of the penitent outside of sectarian

    It gave, Father of mercy,
    that has reconciled the world to himself
    in the death and resurrection of his Son,
    and he poured out the Holy Spirit
    for the remission of sins,
    grant you, through the ministry of the Church,
    forgiveness and peace.
    And I absolve you from your sins
    in the name of the Father and of the Son
    and of the Holy Spirit.

    Confessor: We praise the Lord for He is good
    Penitent: His mercy is everlasting:
    confessor: the Lord has forgiven your sins go in peace.
    Penitent: we give thanks to God.

    After the confession never say “See you later, good evening, good lunch or nice dinner”, but I like to reiterate the initial greeting:

    Confessor: Praised be Jesus Christ.
    Penitent: always be praised!

    But when I confess priests and religious / religious, eventually use this formula acquittal:

    Confessor: May almighty God have mercy on you, forgive your sins, bring you to eternal life.
    Penitent: Amen.
    Confessor: indulgence, absolution, May the Almighty and merciful Lord grant you remission of your sins, and.
    Penitent: Amen.
    Confessor: Our Lord Jesus Christ absolve: and by His authority I absolve you from every bond of excommunication, suspension, and interdict, as much as I can, and you Indiges. Finally, I absolve thee from thy sins;, In the Name of the Father, and sons, and of the Holy Spirit.
    Penitent: Amen.

    Confessor: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the saints, whatever good you do, you suffer the wrong, you the forgiveness of sins, the increase of grace, and the reward of eternal life.
    Penitent: Amen.

    I hope to have them answered exhaustively.

    • father ariel
      Luciano Ferrarri says:

      Rev. father ariel.
      I Got 71 years and I confess I once a month, but to remember a priest who confesses in the way she has shown here, I have to go back 40 year old, the confessions made by priests who at that time had the age that today I have, ie priests born in the early '900, or at the end of' 800. The fact that she adheres to this form, she being young, It leaves me good hope.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Luciano.

        I never did a day of the seminar, having become a priest in adulthood, indeed very adult, for the accuracy to 45 year old.
        But say that “I did a workshop day” and leaving the sentence hanging there, It could give rise to wrong interpretations, because no Bishop, let alone what he has anointed me in the priesthood, mi ha “picked up” As I was walking in the street. I do think they have far done “canon” seminar, is my maturation in faith was indeed long and equally long my training for the priesthood.

        In my childhood I have known several authentic and holy priests who lived the priesthood with a true spirit of authentic holiness and with a sense of deep respect for the sacredness of the sacrament of Holy Orders and the ministerial priesthood. Being child next to these holy men of God, do to them as an altar boy at the altar while celebrating the Eucharistic Sacrifice, follow their catechism classes before and their catechesis then as a teenager, he blew me. Participate in their liturgical celebrations and receive from them the sacraments of grace imprinted on me certainly not the sense of … liturgical aesthetics, or worse than liturgical oddities, but the innate sense of the sacred mystery.

        That's why I repeat, although often unfortunately to no avail, many of my brethren: “You have to take them and educate them to be small, because what is imprinted in them in Christian sentiments will then remain indelible for life, even if one day leave you alone for long years, but without ever losing the teaching they received. And if then one day, after many years, forties or fifties will return to the fold, the first thing they will do will be entering a church to kneel before the tabernacle, as he was taught by children”.

        But mine is unfortunately a windward talk, especially to those priests who travel with the briefcase 24 hours looking for funding and financing, wandering from one meeting to the most diverse parish councils, after Chief of adequate notions unable laity and fasts doctrinal teaching catechism to children, after having delegated the inevitable “pretesse” to bring communion to the sick and so on. always busy, never available for confessions, for spiritual direction, a middle ground between social scientists and managers, that all give the keys of the tabernacle, but that no one would give the keys of their cash.

        As a trainer he had retired priests of the so-called “old school”. But I clarify immediately that for “old school” I do not mean those who today are improperly defined as “traditionalists”, but priests who had received a true priestly formation and having it received could pass, unlike many today rectors and spiritual fathers of many of our seminars that can not pass on what they have not received, ie a real training for the priesthood. Here then multiply in the seminars psychologists, sociologists, Theologian … Today are all the rage you poor and so on.

        You can not become priests, in my opinion, after years of “most holy” seminar in which you have watered the theologians, to the sociologisms and to the stravagantisimi liturgicaland the sacramentals of the worst kind, without ever having had as reference points as models of priests and saints.

        To make a priest takes the laying on of hands of the Bishop, but before the imposition of his hands, to make a good priest takes the holy priests, so that the laying on of hands and the holy anointing really produce effect on the priesthood and consecrated in the People of God may it will then serve, look after, Drive, to teach, to correct, direct …

        This is to say that I too, as she, I met some saints senior priests born in the early twentieth century if not in the nineteenth century; and then seizing the vocation to the priesthood I have taken them as my own models of priestly life. And although not as young as she says or thinks, because I am moving towards the 53 year old, this is not the way of being young and keep me in the living faith in Christ.

        If from today's seminars results that emerge are priests who then, scollacciati and slovenly, kicked his legs apart on a bench, confess bored an elderly lady who could be their grandmother, would it not be appropriate to rethink the seminars, When put to the test, the first not to show respect for the Sacraments, it is the priests?

        And I repeat: by confession you can retrieve the souls, but you can also drive out and lose forever; and of this, It gave, only then will ask us, without giving us the opportunity to justify ourselves with psychology, sociologisms, theologians and so on …

        • Angelo Bellettini says:

          “The first thing they will do will’ kneeling before the tabernacle”. As well says, father ariel. When I was a kid in the early 80, those gestures I was taught by my parish priest in Ravenna, and the example of my parents. The pastor was not a Lefebvrian, said his Mass in the ordinary form, in Italian, but without smudging, no idiocies antiliturgiche, a simple and quiet Mass, it was the feast of the Lord, not that of the celebrant. I was an altar boy in the tens of masses of Don Ugo, and again today 42 years played a tender feel pride for those moments. Removing me for years by faith, when I got back “to home” I found as the most natural thing -. exactly as you say Father Ariel – those gestures learned as a child.
          Speaking of good confessors, I would like to tell a little incident happened at the end of my confession before Christmas. As you know I live in Canada: one day, when I have time to tell you how hard it is to find a good confessor and a good set up here in Canada. But that night I was lucky: the listening priest’ my confession and then as penance told me to pray "In front of the Tabernacle for the souls in Purgatory". I was pleasantly surprised, I remember that I went home as walking to a meter from the ground. Not only raised for the forgiveness of my sins, but also for finding a priest who still believe in Purgatory. Among many priests lost between sociologisms and sophistry of every kind and nature, it is good to find a confessor who still has faith. a rarity, I assure you, at least here in Canada ...

  5. father ariel
    Maria Luisa V. says:

    Caro Father, I could ask, she, as he confesses? Let me explain … to which rite abides, how to open confession, which form follows?
    Perhaps it will seem an absurd question my, but every confessor had a different approach. For instance, more than a confessor, After that I started to sit, He asked me “mi tip!” Lately, one, nor he did the sign of the cross, at the beginning. Another time, He sat down on the bench next to the confessor, I put myself on my knees all'inginocchiatoio bench and he told me: “what does he do, who gets to sit!”. And another one was looking at me in the face, and I was embarrassed, sincerely. More than one, in the end, just he told me “I absolve you from your sins in the name …”.
    For this I ask, she, that rite follows?
    Thank you !!

  6. hector says:

    Rev. Fathers,
    appropriate, icastically Savonarola each, more sweet and persuasive tones in the other, your two energetic and healthy references to canonical teachings.
    Merciless, amara, disconsolate affirmation:
    "The first ones often do not respect the Sacraments ( and much more, both liturgically and as witness of Christian life) They are the priests who administer them (upward and upward in the ecclesiastical hierarchy the shepherds who were running them and watch) reneging on obligations of “apostolic mandate” of which St. Paul speaks extensively in Chapter. 2 Letter to Titus.
    Not teaching the action of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and (almost neglected) spiritual works of mercy. Today, the emphasis rather than the teaching of the Church is directed only to the corporal works of mercy. The social conditions of men, rather than their Salus Animarum.

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