The Gramsci cultural Marxism, released from prison to bring in prison Catholicism

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Friedrich Nietzsche on the one hand and Antonio Gramsci on the other, they had guessed everything. While we Catholics, unaware of their intuitions, undoubtedly brilliant, rather than working to prevent certain serious and potential problems, one by one we have made them all in our present. And today we have to admit, with serene and pained intellectual honesty, that they had seen it right and that, Unfortunately, for now they were right.



Author Jorge A. Faccio Lince

George A.. Faccio Lince



Today, anyone who is unable to speak in the manner prescribed by fashion, that is, to easily reproduce the formulas, the conventions and sentences of mass culture, as if they were his, it is threatened in its very existence, suspected of being an idiot or an intellectual.

Theodore Adorno



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NOTE posthumous 30 SEPTEMBER 2017


Bologna, 18 February 2016

Ariel Caro,

I read this article written by your young student and collaborator with great interest, and I really appreciated it, especially knowing he has suns 33 year old. His philosophical maturity is remarkable and commendable. I recommend that you continue to cultivate it, together with Father Giovanni Cavalcoli. I will then have the opportunity and the opportunity to express my opinions on his writing when you will soon come to Bologna with him to visit me.

Greet me so much Father Giovanni and remember me in the prayer to Our Lady.

+Carlo Caffara









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  1. hector says:

    Complementing his great work, I point out this article:
    Enrico Cattaneo – with a more journalistic slant and more exhaustive words than mine – he explains how the legacy of Marxism and in some respects also of Nazism was taken over by the dominant culture today, liberal-radical ideology, enslaved to the Prince of the World. The techniques and tools used today are even more sophisticated and the purposes only marginally different. The goal is always the same, the deception that flattered Adam and Eve. Happiness, earthly well-being, man who is master of himself and his own destiny, free to act according to the’ istinto, without constraints of a natural moral order, No longer distinguishing between good and evil, truth and lie, The seductive demonic strategy advocates spiritual aridity, the dulling of conscience, the cancellation of the Church, liberation from God, the self-destruction of humanity…
    But history teaches us, between courses and appeals, and the Gospel guarantees who will stand firm: The gates of hell would not prevail against it;

  2. hector says:

    Nietzsche and Gramsci brilliant thinkers of evil,they had ALMOST guessed everything, (but why be pleased?) After them new thinkers appeared and new sciences arose. The technique, la tecnologia, the material world has evolved so much that it is believed that man no longer has limits of knowledge and power.
    In the present hour, atei, agnostics, Satanists, Masonic lodges already sing victory, convinced of having definitively conquered man “material ”in the service of the prince of the world.
    About us Catholics, I don't think you can generalize. Next to the unsuspecting, there were the “wooden horses” and the servants “fools”. And there are those who still try to coax them:
    Finally, there are Catholics assisted by the grace of God, All already written in the New Testament, Santi, martyrs and prophets, popes and humble laity – they too unheard, leather, marginalized. I'm, we are few. Their example is their faith, may our prayer be the bulwarks of our resistance

  3. father ariel
    Davide suman says:

    Dear and promising young philosopher, in my time I graduated in philosophy at the Cattolica in Milan (as I wrote just now in a post to the masterful article by Father Cavalcoli), even though in life I have dedicated myself to completely other things, do you think for 35 I was first a clerk and then a bank officer (!?).
    when in 1969 I graduated, if someone had circulated a beautiful article like yours in the university Milan of the time, the author would have seriously risked the “gambling”.
    I congratulate you on the depth of your analytical content.

  4. father ariel
    Serena G. says:

    Dr. Faccio Lince, I also studied at the Lateran, and its own philosophy. Terms 5 Years ago. I have read your learned article very carefully, and reading it I wondered how it could have been possible, than someone who thinks and argues like her, both came out of a Lateran in which, philosophy, it means first and foremost Hegel?
    Thanks and congratulations.

    • George A.. Faccio Lince
      George A.. Faccio Lince says:

      Serene face.

      Unfortunately, you are right, but at the Lateran I only did my theological studies, having previously obtained degrees in philosophy. At the Lateran I went to get only the useless paper of the theologian, and I took it with a lot of suffering. I must confess that I did my studies with great difficulty due to the subjective ideas presented as absolute truths by many teachers..

      But see the positive side: she managed at least to finish them, his philosophical studies; while i, if I had had to do the philosophy courses at the Lateran, I doubt that I could have finished my studies and obtained the title.

      I recognize the greatness of Hegelian thought but consider it wrong to present it as a dogma O neo-dogma to diminish or trivialize the thinking of other authors or other eras such as the Middle Ages or antiquity; but above all I consider it wrong to use Hegel's philosophy as an instrument and a means (sometimes even unique) of theological speculation.

      The surprising thing is not so much that the professors present Hegel as other authors by proposing their ideas as absolute truths, but which deny in the lessons themselves the fundamental presuppositions of philosophy, of theology and faith in an appointed university pontifical and which is the University of the Supreme Pontiff, whose teachers also boast openly, during their lessons “self-centered“, to be the great experts of the largest theological and philosophical commissions in the world ...

      I must therefore tell you that for me, the most beautiful day, it was not when I entered the Lateran but when I left, to begin to do true theology with authentic Catholic teachers.

  5. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Kind young philosopher.
    More than a comment on his writing, deep and illuminating, I would like to make just one observation: I noticed, from his biographical note, that she just has 32 year old.
    Well done!
    I am more than twice his age and I would not be able to argue that way, like she did, but one thing I want to let him know: I totally agree with her.
    I was struck by his final logical deduction, regarding the fact that, Unfortunately, for the moment, certain thoughts and strategies, hanno vinto,
    Best wishes, and keep writing for us.

    • George A.. Faccio Lince
      George A.. Faccio Lince says:

      Caro Don Angelo,

      la ringrazio per il suo commento. I Got 32 year old, it is true, but from the age of 17 years are in the midst of books and studies around Europe; so I guess I just did what I had to do after many years of work.

      Anyway me, more than arguing out of thin air, I have not done anything else, I only produced a synthesis after having studied the materials for a long time and carefully.

      I'm glad my message was able to touch people like her, because in this way the work and the time spent were well paid.

      Rest assured that I will continue to write. Certainly not at the same level as they write, for quantity and quality, of giants like Father Ariel and Father Giovanni, with whom I have the infinite grace to collaborate, learning little by little from them so that I too can pull out something with time and maturation.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        … giant i?
        Come on, figlio carissimo, some might think I paid you!
        The only giant on our columns is the Dominican Giovanni Cavalcoli.
        Instead, what about me, if I hadn't been a priest, maybe I would have a bright and successful future as the leader of the dwarves at the circus of the late and mourned Moira Orfei.

        Let's say in life, sometimes, you have to be satisfied; and you, you had to settle for a “maestro” like me, in other times you could have had a lot, ma molto di meglio.

        You know I really enjoyed your article, really a lot, indeed to tell the truth a lot.

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