Bible, homosexuals and theology. The substantial difference between those who speculate and discuss and those who want to introduce a dangerous Trojan horse into the Church

From the doctrinal disorientation of the Church to the sin of priests and the recycling of lay people. Prospect of an intransigent culture which while condemning sanctifies and condemns by sanctifying

The priest's bad words, the Latinisms of the new cat-kaifans suffering from doctrinal illiteracy and the laughter of the disenchanted old Cardinal

It is being distributed “Sadness of Love”, latest editorial work by Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo dedicated to the memory of Cardinal Carlo Caffarra

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia is not simply the “idiot brother” of Don Abbondio but the whore of Babylon kneeling before the Prince of this world

The Catholic Church does not take orders from anyone, much less from the Ukrainians who have lost contact with reality in a triumph of arrogance that will cause serious damage to all the people of Europe