«Bergoglio, heretic and apostate, blaspheme the Madonna". Word of a solar heretic with the obsession of Mary co-redemptrix who would ask for the proclamation of the fifth Marian dogma

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Even Arius and Pelagius would blanch at such words: «Fatima can be considered for its prophetic effect, ecclesial, mystical, historical … we can call Fatima “private revelation”? I think not. Then it would be good to speak of "primary revelation", which is the word of God, the Holy Scripture, the tradition, and “secondary revelation” […]»



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It youtuber most heretical of the solar system, Certainly Alessandro Minutella, former presbyter of the Archdiocese of Palermo, incurred excommunication for the crime of heresy and schism and finally hit by the extreme and rare measure of the dismissal from the clerical state, gave birth from 2017 to a mariolatric cult imbued with esotericism and millenarianism; cult that has nothing to do with the devotion always paid to the Blessed Virgin Mary by the universal Church, but not even with the popular faith of the simple often animated by that holy ignorance which will lead armies of people to earn the salvation of their souls with half a Ave Maria badly recited "in the hour of death". While instead to us, that we have been endowed with intellect, science and knowledge, much more will be required to merit the eternal salvation of our souls (cf.. LC 12, 48). Ours thunders in one of its daily live broadcasts:

“Modernists are smart, Fatima can be considered for its prophetic effect, ecclesial, mystical, historical … we can call Fatima “private revelation”? I think not. Then it would be good to speak of "primary revelation", which is the word of God, the Holy Scripture, the tradition, and “secondary revelation” […]» [cf.. video, WHO].

After this heretical statement which touches the very essence of Revelation - which is one and is linked solely to Christ God - what will the next step be, perhaps the inclusion of the Madonna in the Holy Trinity? but yet, sand we take the person concerned and in the face of this theologically delusional statement of his we ask him to account, in response we will be hit by a machine gun of sophisms. Or, if placed in front of the video document where he is speaking making these statements, he would not hesitate to reply that people misunderstood, that he didn't mean that but something else.

Obsessed with the idea of ​​“Mary co-redemptrix” [cf.. video WHO] (d)For years he has continued to launch violent accusations against the Supreme Pontiff Francis, manipulating and distorting historical data, writings and speeches. He's been doing that for years, deeply regrets that some of his followers blinded by his storytelling speeches do not really want to realize his castle of contradictions and falsehoods.

on the theological level and in the light of the Mystery of Revelation, there is no doubt that the Blessed Virgin contributed with her Divine Son to the redemption of humanity, but crucified as a sacrificial victim for the redemption of men, the Redeemer died, not the Madonna, who stood at the foot of the cross, on which she was not nailed, but Jesus Christ. Then, if we want to go to the deepest and most intimate substance, it would be enough to remember that Jesus Christ was not a creature, was God "begotten not created consubstantial with the Father" [See. the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed]. while Maria, however immaculate and preserved from original sin, he is a created creature, it is not God, much less generated not created of the same substance as the Father. And incidentally we recall that the Trinitarian God is worshiped in all three of his Most Holy Persons, while Mary is venerated. In the theological lexicon we usually speak of toilets, dulia e hyperdulia. With term toilets means the cult of adoration reserved only for God. With term dulia means the cult reserved to the Saints, which is worship of veneration and not of adoration. With term hyperdulia means the cult of high veneration reserved and due to the Immaculate Conception, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mater Dei, which however remains a cult of veneration aimed at the most perfect of created creatures, which remains created creature.

The most heretical youtuber in the solar system thus accuses the Supreme Pontiff Francis of having despised and mocked the “co-redemption” of Mary and to have defined — listen, hear! — the Marian dogmas of nonsense. And that's exactly what he says:

«[…] Bergoglio considers the Madonna an ordinary woman, one like all the others […] Bergoglio does not believe in Marian dogmas and has defined them as silly stuff (nonsense)».

Far from denying Marian dogmas as he attributes it to him youtuber most heretical of the solar system, indeed the Holy Father said these exact words:

“When they come to us with stories you should declare it [Maria] this, either make this other dogma or this, I say: let's not get lost in nonsense" [cf.. homily of 12 December 2019, full text, WHO].

It is again:

«Christ is the Mediator, the bridge we cross to address the Father. He is the only Redeemer: there are no co-redeemers with Christ, [Maria] as the Mother to whom Jesus has entrusted us, envelops us all; but as a mother, not as a goddess, not as a co-redemptrix: as Mother […] It is true that Christian piety always gives it beautiful titles, like a son to his mother: how many beautiful things a son says to the mother he loves! But let's be careful: the beautiful things that the Church and the Saints say about Mary take nothing away from the redemptive uniqueness of Christ. He is the only Redeemer. They are expressions of love like a son to his mother, sometimes exaggerated. But love, we know, it makes us do exaggerated things, but with love" [General audience the 24 March 2021, full text WHO].

Totally distorting the speeches as its use and style, from the 2019 accuses the Supreme Pontiff Francis of being an unbeliever who denies Marian dogmas, who has a Lutheran vision of Mariology and who despises the title of co-redemptrix that Our Lady herself would have insistently requested to be proclaimed by entrusting this message to the visionary Ida Peerdeman, to which the Blessed Virgin would have asked between the 1945 and the 1959 the proclamation of a fifth Marian dogma for Mary co-redeemer and mediatrix of all grace [cf.. video WHO].

«The false Church of the false Pope Bergoglio has caused the apparitions of Amsterdam to be denied […]. This Lady of all peoples who introduces herself “they will call me Lady” and who announces, anticipates the proclamation of the fifth Marian dogma [of Mary co-redemptrix] it's on his stomach, can't stand it. He can't stand Marian apparitions, of course. Fatima: went to Fatima and said “I prefer the Mary of the Gospels to this Madonna who appears and threatens punishment”. And the people who are unfortunately kept in ignorance by the priests did not understand that they were blaspheming […] Bergoglio is an excellent student of Freemasonry, at the highest levels. Bergoglio has this ability that comes to him from Satan: destroys his opponents [cf.. video WHO].

Psychiatry and the social sciences they teach us and demonstrate that the violent fanatic must first of all find an object on which to direct the hatred of the masses, using false news and totally manipulated data. The history of geopolitics has repeatedly shown, after the fall of certain regimes, how these had efficient and special offices, managed by excellent specialists, whose purpose was to manipulate data and information until creating a reality completely different from the objective one.

Of course it is youtuber most heretical in the entire solar system forget that the issue about the proclamation of the fifth Marian dogma of Mary co-redemptrix was not accepted, for theological-prudential questions, by all the Supreme Pontiffs in history, even by those particularly devoted to the Blessed Virgin, from Pius XII up to St. John Paul II who wanted the Marian emblem in his papal coat of arms and put his pontificate under his protection since the homily delivered in 1978 for the beginning of the Petrine ministry.

The Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, whom this huckster defined for years as one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century, already as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he explained several times that the term itself “Redemptrix” on the theological level it created objective problems with Christology.

The passionate Mariolatri fideists reply that some Supreme Pontiffs, for example Pius XI and Saint John Paul II, in some of their speeches they used this term. It's true, but they used this term to indicate in the precise context of the discourse that Mary had collaborated for our redemption, different from the definition of a dogma. Nor object, as total theology fasts do, but that precisely for this reason they presume to be able to dissect in the most delicate spheres of dogmatics:

«… But St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort in his Treatise on true devotion to Mary wrote that … but Our Lady of Amsterdam in a private revelation asked that … such a mystic, the seer said that in a private revelation Our Lady asked him that …».

Really someone is willing to believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary would ask to be proclaimed co-redemptrix with a fifth Marian dogma? Let's smile so as not to cry over what the Holy Father Francis rightly defined silly stuff (nonsense) which make some subjects quite arrogant and difficult to manage, precisely because their arrogance goes hand in hand with their ignorance.

Try to think: it is conceivable that the Blessed Virgin who defined herself as a humble servant, the woman of gifted love, silence and confidentiality, the one who has the purpose of leading to Christ, can truly ask seers or visionaries to be proclaimed co-redeemer and put almost on a par with the Divine Redeemer?

The very term of co-redemptrix is in and of itself in conflict with the essence of Christology and the mystery of redemption operated solely by God the Incarnate Word, which does not need co-redeemers and co-redeemers. The mystery of redemption is one with the mystery of the cross on which, as already mentioned earlier, he died as a sacrificed lamb God made man, not the Blessed Virgin Mary, that at the end of her life she fell asleep and was assumed into heaven, she did not die and rose again on the third day, defeating death. The Blessed Virgin, first creature of the whole creation above all the saints for its immaculate purity, he does not forgive our sins and does not redeem us, he intercedes for the remission of our sins and for our redemption. When we turn to her through prayer, both in the Ave Maria than in Hi Regina, of always, throughout the history and tradition of the Church, we invoke her saying "pray for us sinners", we do not ask her to forgive our sins or to save us. It is to the Trinitarian God that we ask "forgive us our debts", that is, forgive our sins, we do not ask Our Lady, who can intercede for the remission of our sins, but don't forgive them. When we recite the litany Lauretane, in the first part where the Father is invoked, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we respond to every invocation: "Have mercy on us", we respond to the invocations to the Blessed Virgin: "Pray for us". This alone should be enough to close an unthinkable discourse on the theological level such as that of Mary co-redemptrix.

That said, it needs to be clarified that many people wholesomely and holyly devoted to the Blessed Virgin, what they mean by the term co-redemptrix is ​​something exact, but expressed with a wrong word, which I understood while discussing with a very dear friend of mine whom I consider a true model of Marian devotion. In fact they mean that Mary cooperated in our redemption. A fact to which we can add: and he did it in a particular way and as no Saint could ever have done, because she alone is there Mater Dei. All with all due respect to the youtuber more heretical than the solar system which might even make us laugh, with its pseudo-theological and Mariological follies. But unfortunately, behind it is the disaster of souls that drags into error, something on which there is little to laugh about and much to cry instead.

the Island of Patmos, 11 May 2023


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The Fathers of the Island of Patmos




5 replies
  1. Claudia Scaramuzza
    Claudia Scaramuzza says:

    Esteemed Fr. Ariel
    I too am convinced that Holy Mary is the co-redeemer; certainly she was not nailed to the Cross but her soul was pierced with a sword (LC. 2, 35) and this killed her internally and her sufferings continued even after the death of Jesus and even beyond His Ascension, until His Assumption into heaven. If Maria wants this title, she does it for us, because we can become co-redeemers like you, She in the most total full and perfect measure, being immaculate, and we according to our purity and the intensity of our pains; after all, also St. Paul writes: 'I complete in my flesh what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ’ (With the. 1, 24).
    Certainly Our Lady cannot forgive sins, but not even Christ can do it as a man, but only as God.
    In the end, she too agrees with the accuracy of the title which is not that of redeemer but only of co-redeemer, for the mission entrusted to her as dispenser of graces, offering His sufferings to cooperate in the salvation of all

    • father ariel
      father ariel says:


      theology is not a subjective emotional feeling.
      What she thinks and what she believes in is completely irrelevant, why in theology, but particularly in the delicate area of ​​dogmatic theology, only what the Church defines as the truth of faith counts.
      And the Church, until today, she has not made her own and dogmatically defined the things she is convinced of.
      And the Church is mater and Master's degree.
      If not, there is a risk of living a faith marked by emotions based on “I am convinced that …”

      • orenzo
        orenzo says:

        When I read: “that Jesus Christ was not a creature, was God "begotten not created consubstantial with the Father" [condemnation of Arius who maintained that «the Son of God came from nowhere»]. while Maria, however immaculate and preserved from original sin, he is a created creature”,
        I understand (but mine is a limited intelligence), that the divine nature of the Son is contrasted with the human nature of the Mother, and I wonder if the Monophysite heresy, which affirmed that human nature had ceased to exist in Christ because it had been assumed by the divine Person of the Son of God, come back through the window…
        Confesses 4th CE of Chalcedon: “We teach one and the same Son, our Lord GC, perfect in divinity and perfect in humanity, true God and true man, [composed] of rational soul and body, consubstantial with the Father through divinity, and consubstantial with us for humanity, “like us in everything, except in sin"; begotten of the Father before the ages according to the divinity, and in recent times, for us and for our salvation, born of the Virgin Mary and Mother of God, according to humanity. One and the same Christ, man, only begotten son, which we must recognize in two natures, without confusion, without change, without division, without separation. The difference of natures is by no means denied by their union, but rather the properties of each are safeguarded and united in one person and one hypostasis".

        Regarding the possible title of Coredemptrix of the Immaculate Ever-Virgin Mary Mother of God, two clues could be deduced from the Gospels.
        In Matthew 21.7 in fact we read that Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusalem riding both the donkey and her colt (attacked on’ their clothes and sat on them), almost as if Matthew wanted to unite Mother and Son in the Passion.
        I find the second clue in the two Gospel passages from Luke 2.35 and John 19.34: in Luke the old Simeon tells Mary that one “ῥomphaea” it will pierce her soul, and in John we read that Jesus is pierced in the side by the “lance”; Mother and Son have in common not only the fact that they are both pierced, but also by the similarity between the “ῥomphaea” the A “lance”, which are both very similar weapons, made with a wooden handle to which a long tip is attached, sometimes sharp sometimes not, both approx 115 cm. in everything.

        • father ariel
          father ariel says:

          Dear Orenzo,

          between the First Council of Nicaea, the following of Constantinople (Symbol of faith Nicene Creed) and to follow centuries of study on the figure of Mary up to the definition of four Marian dogmas, it may be that certain exegeses of the passages of the Gospels you quoted have escaped all the Holy Fathers and doctors of the Church?

          But, put forward hypotheses, in the context of theological speculations, it is more than legitimate.

          • orenzo
            orenzo says:

            I don't know if certain exegeses have escaped, but I know that those things are written in the Gospels and that, just to give an example, in the almost three centuries that separate San Luca from San Girolamo, the use of the term “ῥομφαία” to indicate a type of Thracian javelin has been replaced to indicate the short curved sword used by the gladiator called the “Trace”. And I also know that, in popular piety, the “spade” have become seven, making however to lose sight of the fact that the prophecy of old Simeon speaks of only one piercing of His “soul”, that is, of His Soul, distinct from body, which does not dissolve with death, which is why that piercing remains forever.

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