– Theologically – Creation and Evolution: the method of science and metaphysics

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Author John Cavalcoli OP
John Cavalcoli OP


The theory of evolution could replace the creationist just in case you imagined that the man has its origin, as indeed supports the materialist evolutionism, by a form similar animal and lower, without solution of continuity between the animal and the nature or human species, so as to deny the immediate creation of the human soul by God […] The evolution can therefore agree with the doctrine of creation, are, how he felt at the time Humani Generis of Pius XII in his encyclical 1950, it is admitted fact that God immediately creates the human soul, also admitted or assumed that it be infused in a previous sub-human living: «former living matter went exsistente ac »

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John Cavalcoli, OP – Creation and Evolution

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One thought on "– Theologically – Creation and Evolution: the method of science and metaphysics

  1. Article very interesting, of which I thank.
    The question interests me very much, also because we play all the merits of our faith.
    The reference of St. Paul to the death which enters the world as a result of sin, I've always understood as 'death of man', the loss of the original state of immortality, preternatural gift that animals have never owned. The animal dies of a “nature of evil”; not so the man. One element among many that makes me wary of the irrational man / animal passage is the soul quesitone: how could God “destroy” a soul liable to make room for the immortal human? God does not do evil, allows him only. In an article that once I read and translated (English) it is argued that 'ex iam exsistente etc.’ It should be understood as “existing organic living matter” and not “lower animal” to exclude a direct parenting from animals. And then there is the question of…

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