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Book Giuseppe SiriThe awareness of a close relationship between dogma and liturgy led the Popes from the early decades of the twentieth century to the present day have made the necessary updates in the liturgy: think of the Venerable Pius XII, who restored the rites of Holy Week; St John XXIII, that he inserted the memory of St. Joseph in the Roman Canon; to Paul VI, which provided the implementation of the new pastoral directives issued by the Vatican with the Constitution on the Liturgy Holy Council; Lastly Benedict XVI, which expanded the scope of discretion in the use of The old rite of the Mass. Even among the numerous residential bishops were the ones who set their pastoral work to ensure compliance with the diocese's liturgical norms, both traditional and new, wishing that the proper knowledge and personal assimilation of the revealed mysteries served to increase in the faithful a spirit of worship and fruitful participation in the liturgy Community. Among these bishops, a prominent place must be recognized Giuseppe Siri, publicly praised, for this, by St. John Paul II's pastoral visit to Genoa in September 1985. The theological criteria that guided his pastoral action can be a valuable training aid to practice today need "discernment of spirits", that is, to properly interpret the "signs of the times" in the light of Revelation. This is the reason why the curator has collected here some of his most important doctrinal and disciplinary actions; they range from 1955 al 1972 and are intended to animate with a constantly updated catechetical liturgical life of the people of God in his beloved diocese of Genoa.

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Giuseppe Siri

– Luigino ZARMATI

Book Luigino ZarmatiThe Presentation, the director of the series, Antonio Livi writes: "Luigino Zarmati addressed in this book, the real problem of our age, the redemption of consciousness ideologies - apparently opposed to each other, but actually shared the same false premises epistemological - of rationalism and fideism , thus arriving at highlighting, as stated already the subtitle of his book, that belief in the necessary testimony of others and in the end faith in God who reveals Himself is the largest resource of what the man has to be fulfilled as a person, that is, how to be smart, free and responsible, endowed with the ability to profitably put in relation with the natural world and human society to understand the meaning of his life and wisely manage their own
destination '.

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Luigino Disassembled

– LO Status

The truth of theology

MARCO BRACCHI and JOHN COVINO: What epistemological
for theology
GIUSEPPE BRIENZA, The theology under the "dictatorship of relativism"
Exposure of the thesis LIVI
FRANCIS PISTOIA, UNo example of intellectual charity
Fabrizio Renzi, The issue of epistemological instances
the "scientia fidei"
ALEXANDER BABY, Theology as a "rigorous science"
Massimiliano THE BIG, Between metaphysics and theology fantasy
Seraphim LANZETTA, A contribution to substantiation
of theology as a science
CHRISTIAN FERRARO, The premise of epistemic
"Science of faith"


PIERO Vassallo, The science of faith and philosophical
DARIO BAGS, "True and false theology". A counterpoint
NICOLA BUX, The status of theology, "Periphery" in which
There is an urgent need to intervene
JOHN Cavalcoli, Why is it necessary for a return to
speak of "heresy"


MARCO BRACCHI and JOHN COVINO, The theology through
common sense and metaphysics
ANTONIO Livi, Some clarification, in dialogue with
admirers and critics

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The truth of theology


Exemplary figure of the shepherd who always work for the common good and the salvation of souls, PietroBook Giuseppe Brienza Fathy (1916-2004), mentioned here on the tenth anniversary of his death (2004), seems to correspond to the vision of the bishop who, second Pope francesco, the Church "wants to be": determined to make choices free from 'influences of stables, cliques or hegemonies ", in imitation of those who live holy bishops as "sowers humble and confident of the truth" (cf. Address to the Congregation for Bishops, 27 February 2014). Mons. Fiordelli has worked to bring Meadow, of which he was pastor for 37 year old, to the full practice of the Christian life. Actively involved in all areas of society, and is done so staunch defender of life and family, beginning with the indispensable restoration of the dignity of marriage and the resistance to the legalization of abortion. Heedless of those who oppose dell'intollerazna Christian social teaching, Fiordelli was one of the most courageous advocates of the social values ​​of the family. A's and deve, The Other Brother, the theological definition of the family as the "domestic Church", implemented by the Second Vatican Council (costituzone cf. Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic, n. 11) and now commonly used in the pastoral care of the family. The first part of the book is devoted to a historical perspective of the life and activity of the ecclesiastical Fiordelli, especially at the head of the Bishops' Committee for the Family of the CEI (Today the Episcopal Commission for Family and Life). The second part, instead, examines its production journalism, showing how the proposals for social reform have been made by this bishop really farsighted and courageous. Today, a religious and social background even more degenerate than that in which he was called to work Fiordelli, it is hoped that his example will be followed by the entire Italian epicopato, giving up behaviors that seem dictated dictated more by fear than by virtue of prudence.

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The defense of the family's social



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