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We are the change of an era, the Holy Father Francis is necessary to suspend judgment and proceed on the wings of faith



There is a growing army of ranting “traditionalists” who can not understand thatChurch is not the Holy Father Francis, as he first was of Benedict XVI, Pius XII, of Pius X. It was not Peter himself chose as his vicar on earth by the Word of God in person. The Church of Christ is, and is still governed by the Holy Spirit; and as has been and may still be disfigured by men, will always remain holy and immaculate Bride of the Redeemer.

Author Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

John Cavalcoli in chorus 2

the papal theologian John Cavalcoli in the choir of his Dominican monastery, living proof of how theology is firstly be praying

The task of the fathers of the Island of Patmos is to convey the virtue of hope, inviting the living members of the People of God to live and practice this theological virtue that the Apostle Paul puts between faith and charity [CF. The Cor 13, 1-8]. Placed as a virtue because watershed "in the middle" there is no compromise, there is the point of union, l'amalgam. And since the rows of this magazine we are not accustomed to proceed by moods or passions but for broken free from the theological rigor sociologisms and newspeak, it is necessary to reiterate that faith and charity are not even thinkable, without amalgam of hope. Each player inspired by sincere Catholic sentiment, free from the closures originated from 'I want»Increasingly substituted"What does God want from me», will understand that from a faith without hope, or a charity hopeless, will come out a body without a backbone, a clam. And a shellfish can not be the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church of which He is the head and we limbs [on "hope" to refer my previous article, who].

Antonio Love - academic Senate 2

the metaphysical philosopher and theologian of the Roman school Antonio Livi during a session of the Senate of the Pontifical Lateran University, with which he has dedicated his life to form in healthy Catholic theology generations of students

Giovanni Cavalcoli, Antonio Livi and I, in various writings have already complained to sorrow, without envy dictated by ulterior motives, as a team of incompetent belonging to the world of so-called "Tradition" it is falling more and more in the role of theologians, ecclesiologists, canonists, Church historians ... without having the preparation and maturity required when addressing certain complex issues in public, or by means of written statements directed at undetermined numbers of readers. It is neither healthy nor Christian practice often lightly soaked omocentrismi the delicate areas of ecclesiology, theology and pastoral; matters to which the three of us spend long years, or entire decades of life, as in the case of my two older brothers, always accompanying good doctrine with pastoral ministry and above all with obedience in faith to ecclesiastical authority. Then, if the blatant incompetence list further presumption and self-righteous fanaticism, everything will be even more serious. And if this aggravating in itself already sufficient in terms of harmfulness, the lack of freedom deriving from the voluntary imprisonment in the microcosm of the ideology within which dwells the only true and pure and unique Catholic thinking is added as an extreme touch, then the disaster is total and these individuals will be seriously harmful to all those devout Catholics who often end up in good faith by taking seriously some of their erroneous statements.


the now historic Playboy magazine

For this call Catholics Devotees that are moving with increasing difficulties in these our difficult scenarios ecclesial, looking more and more comfort at us priests, both in the confessional and in spiritual direction, reading the pleasant background articles that accompany the images of the models of perturbing Playboy, but not books Cristina Siccardi and Carlo Manetti, avoiding to drink with them as if they were texts containing irrefutable truths. I'm serious and without penalty scandal: because doing the proper proportions, a magazine erotic result in any case less harmful of fanta-ecclesiologies, theologies of fiction and fiction stories of the Church spread by praticoni burdened by ideological prejudices and poor of adequate knowledge of theology.


to listen to the complete conference of the author who tries to use and manipulate the figure of Paul VI to legitimize the schismatic bishop Marcel Lefebvre, by the same compared to the Fathers of the Church, click WHO

As my paradox is evident, inviting good Catholics not to read the works of Siccardi that exploits St. Pius X to pull water to the mill of Lefebvre and advance an ideology of anti-Vatican II, remains entirely undisputed that invite them at the same time not to read even Playboy, because inside there is little uplifting. A similar call applies to misleading conjectures "theological" Mary Guarini, director of the following blogs church&postcouncil, which recently awarded sum sacredness to a external accident, the Latin language [see who], used to implement inevitable discussion behind the lines the authority of the Second Vatican Council, whose seated was formed by all the bishops of the Catholic lacking though the analytical capabilities of the sum theologian Guarini, which would send gladly a famous sermon in honor of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori on pride. The Guarini is a lovable person, exemplary wife and mother, a life of hard work tocristina siccardi winterand shoulders during which hath been adept in theological studies, I love myself and for this I will not be touched by the fact that she is characterized by a limiting element and at the same time dangerous: the inability to listen beyond herself good teachers, except for those who tell her what she wants to hear, or those being bad teachers and living in the error approve what wrong often says. A woman animated by human seriousness and the best intentions of the sacred liturgy that made its workhorse, although it is not clear the metaphysical concept of immutable substances and accidents outside itself and by itself changing, including the tongue — which remains an external accident — used to convey the eternal immutable substance from the ineffable Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Disquisendo of liturgy and polemic on Novus Ordo Mass the Guarini does not state norMaria Guarini true nor plausible but only the ideological cloaked by an unlikely theological. From some of his writings emerge deficiencies is about the history of the Church is dogmatic about the sacramental, especially when you leave to go to secure statements - taken as such by many -, which in turn make the own circulating it as if they were Word of the Lord. Just one example to understand what I mean when I speak of the damage that can result from deficiencies often supported by the ideology of knowledge: a Catholic I wrote a paper citing the Guarini that doing criticism Novus Ordo Mass and enhancing the The old order, speaks of de-sacralization of the Eucharist also linked to the fact that with the reform of the liturgy, the celebrant took to recite the "formula of consecration" aloud. I answered the young: "Maybe this theologian does not know about the history of the liturgy, hence the reason for which was imposed the recitation of that softly and other parts of the Mass. Choice at all connected to some kind of arcane sacredness linked to audible tone of the words themselves, considering that the Lord Jesus said aloud audibly to the Apostles: "This is my body ... this is my blood"; and as was clear in saying those words, if the Holy Spirit had not descended later on in the Upper Room above the Apostles, these would not be able even to perceive the extent of the mystery that was made through the Word of God made man. The soft voice inaudible assembly, or the so-called Secrets, were imposed for reasons of pedagogical-pastoral, thereby avoiding the People, who had already memorized all the parts of the Mass, to recite aloud with the celebrant the entire Eucharistic Canon. Long would the speech and numerous liturgical rubrics posed by certain "traditionalists" on top of the very mysteries of faith, that arise only for reasons of pure motives and opportunities pastoral, not for some kind of arcane and sacred mysteries; and these motives and reasons are called "accidents external", characterized as such by mutability, those damn that Guarini and the retinue of “traditionalists” to follow his and other authors of similar area Lefebvrian not likely to change in the sacred elements, but in real idols: l'idolatry del rubricism.

dumplings and PalmaroParticular stir made the article "This Pope we do not like» Alessandro Gnocchi and the late Mario Palmaro [see who] containing views and concerns of all legitimate, starting from which we should not only be open to discussion - salt and yeast of the Church of theological speculation - but also to listen. Known however that these people seem too busy to listen to themselves to listen to others. Gnocchi was made also their views, respectable and legitimate, pursuing so decided not bothering to listen theologians, ecclesiologists and pastors in the care of souls that they might have to say to him very, in particular certain elderly confreres of mine who in half a century of studies, research, application to the ministry and pastoral life of prayer, perhaps they could also send a lot, if his part there was a willingness to listen and eventually to welcome, instead of living folded safety of 'own' the truth that just because you do not have this, you listen meekly and obediently serves equally.

And the truth is serving in the Church, with the Church, for the Church and in the Church, certainly not accusing the Church of not being faithful to the Truth. Unaware that certain thoughts and attitudes are often born very insidious upstream from our idea of ​​Church, because when you are unable to project themselves into the future with hope, then you take refuge in the status quo of a past made static and as such should not ever go. For those who can not live with serenity the present and projected to live in the future hope, not only remains to the refuge in the past, negation, this, fearsome and terrible, who refuses an element not just secondary of our faith: the Church as the people growing and perennial way until the return of Christ at the end of time.

cristina siccardi with Paul VI and lefebvre

With Paul VI … and Lefebvre“, which is to say: with the monarch and the anarchist … if anything they were not clear confused by this author see who

Given then that all these people active in the defense of the Truth and non-negotiable values, always talk about consistency, would be to do a very serious talk not so much about the content of some of their writings, but also on the container in which privileged to time collect them. Speech in which he would also involved the historian Roberto de Mattei, object of my profound esteem yesterday, today and tomorrow. This my perplexity: it is appropriate, for Catholics who claim tireless defenders of true Traditio increasingly menaced by stormy winds, use as a container of the newspaper as an avowed atheist Giuliano Ferrara, man known for his shrewd intelligence but also known to have gone through everything there was to cross into the world of Italian politics, changing repeatedly chariot and rider, flags and banners? Because if these "masters" of the "Catholic coherence" is not clear, then I'll try to clarify the obvious obvious. Giuliano Ferrara and Eugenio Scalfari are both linked by a connecting element: atheism.

the dumplings sheet and Palmaro

One of the many articles appeared on the sheet signed by Alessandro Gnocchi and the late Mario Palmaro, based on a lack of knowledge of how complex and even grave through which took place really certain facts that have imposed Ecclesiastical Authority to intervene [see who]

These champions of authentic traditio who sign articles in the paper about an avowed atheist and groaning from his columns about how "we do not like this Pope», have no reasonable right to rend their garments before the talks of the Holy Father with the atheist Eugenio Scalfari, to which we must instead recognize the linear continuity of thought protracted that seems a bit 'lacking in Giuliano Ferrara; all stating, a maximum benefit and well-deserved honor of Ferrara, that only fools never change their minds and that often, changing opinion, can be a sign of intelligence and also of consistency. Otherwise instead, forty years ago, Eugenio Scalfari was exactly what it is today, What this could denote both consistency in continuity is lack of openness to an evolution and transformation of human thought. Faced with all these inconsistencies - which are not incongruities of Ferrara but of certain hardline Catholics&pure who use the columns of his newspaper as a showcase - the interpretation key in which we can find an adequate answer is once again all contained in a word: ideology.


Newspapers Communists no longer exist even in Russia, But survive in Italy, France, Spain …

I would never dare to present myself as a defender of the authentic truth and pure Traditio "The Church is drawing" - place of Truth and Traditio are just devout servant and in the ways in which the Church commands us to be me — I'd never not to publish my writings on The Manifesto Communist, because in addition to the content you need to evaluate the container, who runs it and who directs. That said, I wonder: to all this we have never thought Roberto de Mattei, Alessandro Gnocchi and all the tips of their combative and prominent critic entourage?

young and old

in some quarters of the “Tradition” hard&temple where they make the fleas at all, by the Supreme Pontiffs to entire documents of the ecumenical councils, circulating really such couples and usually it is never elderly pensioners who receive 500 euro per month pension; and when the priests Lefebvrians attend antenatal circles to celebrate, do not pay attention to certain never “original pairs”, perhaps because they are too busy preaching to teenagers than for “unclean acts” you go to Hell rights?

This type of "traditionalists" that I recently compared to the Communists Italian and French before the Russian tanks invaded Prague silent, when to be touched was their darling, the Bishop of Albenga Mario Oliveri [see who], reacted with silence, palesandosi as a new edition of Animal Farm by George Orwell: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others ". It pains me to say it, but the disaster emerged in the Diocese of Albenga, and especially on the side of morality, are not verified incidents of such gravity in the dioceses governed by certain bishops so-called hyper-conciliarists. Then we must assume that these champions of Traditio they receive no special moral problems in their foundations and their Mass in the ancient rite small armies of pluridivorziati; for these defenders of the sacred values ​​of the family not remain troubled, rather just pretend not to see some of their wealthy benefactors sixties that arise in their circles traditional with his girlfriend of three decades Cop Francescani.indd… Well, for these defenders of the sacred family values, Perhaps, also two types of atheism: atheism left, to Scalfari, that atheism is bad because of the left; and atheism right, to Ferrara, instead it is a good atheism, because it is right. And having said that I look forward to denials, not silence, like when I recently accused these people in the public square to have used the poor Franciscans of the Immaculate for ideological purposes bringing them greater harm that could be avoided, sending for this purpose the office the famous “ecclesiologist” and expert “canonist” Zeljko M, author of a book divorced from reality, as to time and place will be demonstrated by the competent offices of the Holy See [see who], place this author, subject my irony to say the least due, does not even know where to lodge, the ecclesiology and canon law; and this not because I say so, but because it shows his book.


” […] They tie up heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders, but they will not move them with one finger” [Mt 23, 1-12]

I wish these people from morality malleable, capable on the one hand to threaten with their catechisms teenagers toast in the flames of hell if they dare to masturbate, but on the other hand so lenient, or better Blind when it comes to the lives of some of their cheerful wealthy financiers, reassure us that he has never taken a penny from the extreme American right, nor by some wealthy Brazilian entrepreneurs, or by Europeans who got rich by magic in Brazil, through which and because of which there are in that country on the one hand their villas Pharaonic - if anything with adjoining chapel built near the Olympic pool where we celebrate Mass with the Missal of St. Pius V - the other slums and abandoned children on the streets who can not march for life, being too busy trying to save his life. Needless to say: who knows my writing and my books, knows that I am not a member of the Liberation Theology, I am a priest and a Catholic theologian, Apostolic Roman with a certain vocation to give a little 'hard time to the Pharisees hypocrites, saying if necessary to the good loyal: pay attention, because those "filter out the gnat and then s'ingoiano camel […] clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and excess " [CF. Mt 23, 24-25], and in this case, in addition to not do what they do, our good faithful do not have to do mostly what they say seriously wrong and diffuse.

de Mattei book in Portuguese

Brazilian edition of the book by Roberto de Mattei: “The Second Vatican Council, an untold story”

In the sixties, the Church celebrated its twenty-first council in which all did not go well, but one fact is certain: that Council celebrated by the Fathers of the Church under the authority of Peter has sanctioned the new doctrines that are binding on the whole body of the faithful, especially for bishops, i presbiteri, the deacons, the men and women religious. Using the concept of pastoral to reach say above and below the lines that "basically it was just a pastoral council" and as such leaves the time it is, it is not wrong but theologically aberrant. We all know that the Council was followed by a post council that in the name of the interpretation or the application has created problems, with powerful cordate of modernists and theologians that by listening only themselves have fallen in heresy, after creating their own council egomenico and their doctrines. Awareness, this, that not only is clear to me, but which are stuffed, because God has been good enough to get me on my way to meet great men and witnesses of the faith as Divo Barsotti and Cornelio Fabro; because for years they are in connection with the two older theologians together with whom we carry this magazine, both members and heirs of the most distinguished schools of theology, who have lived in close contact with some people for whom it is possible that tomorrow the Church to proclaim the saints and confessors of the faith, as in the case of the young and talented Dominican theologian Tomas Tyn. And the proof of facts, as a man of fifty, I think I have matured a useful feature to me and to the faithful who approach me as a confessor, spiritual director and teacher of doctrine: the wise masters with caution, justice, fortitude and temperance, I listen to them and follow them praising God for giving me blessed facendomeli meet on my way human and priestly. I know better dall'aggredirli or censor, Unless never forget them or deny them in the name of my questionable and arrogant "you're wrong" because "I say…”, therefore “is true only what I say”.

gherardini misconception council

the famous theologian Brunero Gherardini, has in fact ended up claiming that the Second Vatican Council is not in continuity with the previous tradition

Be aware however, that within the Church we are experiencing a great crisis of faith that generates a terrible doctrinal crisis and consequently a moral crisis, does not mean to say erroneously, as do Lefebvre and people close to their area, the problem is that the council and that the council after it is the obvious consequence, because this is equivalent in every way to assert that because a young incapable took secretly to a professional driver in his Ferrari, causing an accident with it and damaging the car itself, is the fault of the Maranello factory and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who was managing director of the company.

I fear that some do not want to understand that the problebut the current ecclesial is no longer the council or the postsubstances and accidents council which often has upset the council; the problem is that after half a century by the celebration of the council, after decades of devastation made by the best of the worst of many theologians, Today we have come to the radical change of an era during which will sepoltto the church structure as sin today we understood and lived outwardly, to project in the future become the Church the Mystical Body of Christ that will live up to his return to the end of time. Accidents external, metaphysically speaking, before have changed, then they ended up no longer be adequate to preserve the immutable and eternal essence of the Word of God made man who turned out being born from the womb of the Virgin Mary, dying and rising from the dead; and that before offering himself as a sacrifice, he founded his Church on the rock of Peter, giving us his perennial presence alive through the Eucharist, his memorial holy and living, center and heart engine of ecclesial life.

The danger and the authentic aberration in the world of a certain "Tradition" is to have lost this basic metaphysical concept ended up believing that the existence of the substance depends on the external accidents, from the past that does not pass and that this should be splinted, mummified, up to consider elements such as eternal and immutable external accidents; just as if they depended essentially eternal and unchangeable. No coincidence that I used the term aberration theological understanding in the etymological sense of the term: wander outside the path of truth.

In Filipino culture this gesture means “I love you”, but now we try to explain it to the absolute majority of the inhabitants of this world consists not Filipinos, that it is not a re-edition of Il Marchese del Grillo …

In this time in which the Church is undergoing a radical change of epoch, the central figure and decisive is that the Holy Father Francis, that pontiff that many Catholics do not like but that at the same time is liked by all those who have based their lives on a non-Catholic way of life and thinking. Many who feel disoriented or embarrassed by some of his gestures end up by saying "we do not like this Pope». Some examples: the Supreme Pontiff who opens her hands clasped to a small altar boy asking "have you glued hands?» [who], saluting with pollicione up like old Uncle of America, you put a nose clown next to a married couple with a lot of bride introduced to the presence of the Holy Father a bit 'too discovery and scollacciata. Or the latest of series: in apostolic visit to the Philippines, the Holy Father greeted by a pair of horns together with one of his cardinal. Obviously it was immediately explained hereinafter that the gesture, in Filipino culture, has nothing to do with rock satanic which they did immediately recall the apocalyptic and hunters antichrists, it is a gesture that means: "I saw Love».

Marquis cricket 2

Paolo Stoppa in the role of Pius VII and Alberto Sordi in those of the Marchese del Grillo

Obviously I'm not the first to discuss fears and false modesty clerical on what can be undesirable a similar gesture made by the Roman Pontiff taken by photographers and television stations across the world, Also because it is said that it is neither simple nor easy to explain to many Filipinos do not - that the majority of the inhabitants of this world - that those horns mean "I love you" and that this is not a gesture instead of straight out of a scene from the film The Marchese del Grillo, where the great Paolo Stoppa in the role of Pius VII closes pièce comic by the horns, after the Roman nobleman played by another great, Alberto Sordi, had toppled as usual using the Supreme Pontiff on the chair gestatoria, who felt the shock blurts: "You want me to break your neck?». Replica gentleman joker: "Holiness, a dead pope if he makes another!» [see who]. But it was precisely Paolo Stoppa in the role of Pius VII and Alberto Sordi in those of the Marchese del Grillo, was not the reigning Pontiff in apostolic visit to an Asian country in the company of one of his cardinal, surrounded by photographers and cameramen of the press agencies and television stations across the world, while both ended up immortalized smiling with a nice pair of horns printed on their right hands.


example of archaic solemn promise, in this case addressed to the Italian people

In Jewish tradition archaic, to seal a faithful solemn promise the men would put his palm open on the genital organ, on which he had been impressed with the circumcision Covenant Alliance. Well, say that the Holy Father, after eating peppers in the evening and other heavy foods decides the next morning to create me Cardinal, thus risking to cause cardiac arrest in all those examples that certain paradoxical because they do not make them in the red biretta us hope for real. I doubt that during the consistory, receiving the red hat, I would take my hand genital organ to manifest through a significant gesture archaic my faithful devotion to the Roman Pontiff even to the shedding of blood, I would limit myself to kneel and kiss his right hand. Why I am I, are not the Marchese del Grillo revived, at least during the public official ceremonies, then, in private with friends, I can be even worse than the collegiate nobleman played by Alberto Sordi.


one of many satires on the Holy Father who in increasing numbers are circulating around the computer network and through which messages are transmitted precise and sometimes of the clear warnings …

Another complaint I sometimes hear is "this Pope is not adequate '. If we think about it no one is suitable to be a priest, bishop, Roman pontiff. A certain offices, within which lies the mystery of the Church and the mystery of the sacraments of grace, one can never be adequate. Not even the saints were worthy to participate in the ministerial priesthood of Christ or to become successor of the rock on which Christ himself has built his Church. As proof of the above-written would be enough to go to St. John Vianney or St. Pio of Pietrelcina and ask: "You feel worthy, to participate in the mystery of grace to the ministerial priesthood of Christ, vero?». I'm afraid that the second of these two saints, in a particular way, He could have reacted in a violent way. Among other things we must never forget that Peter himself, chosen by the Lord Himself, was a limited man who showed all its weaknesses and frailties. So let's see what the other hand: and if the Holy Father Francis slammed in his face in a direct and healthy as any of us, from him, is adequate, before the mystery of grace of the ministerial priesthood? And if behind the lines, beyond certain gestures sometimes baffling, would break the patina of all those processed accidents external changeable by means of which, through layers and layers of solidified clericalism and Dad&fat with the worst worldly powers, we ended up feeling even appropriate to that for which no human being can be said to be suitable and worthy? And if the Holy Father wanted to dispel all those structures and those trappings that have come to be used not to honor and dignity to the Holy Church of Christ - as it should be - but the clergy who hold themselves to using their high honors excuse the honor that we must always pay tribute to the Holy Bride of Christ, to which no building, no metal, no stone and no fabric can be sufficiently valuable? Why poverty should always end up under the steps of the altar and inside the churches the word sloppiness should be banned, because God always offers you the great and the maximum.

Three months after his election, responding to an interviewer, I defined the Holy Father Francesco an enigma. And every man in his own way it is [see who]. Today, after almost two years, I confirm what I said at the time, with a certainty gained further: behind this conundrum is the Holy Spirit, we do not know yet how it will operate. One thing is certain: is operating, are we that we are not yet able to decipher his work; perhaps not even the individual concerned is able to understand the plans that God intends to accomplish through him.

doubtful of the council authorities

this text oozes genuine lack of knowledge and a refusal to think the Church is promoted on the website of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X [see who]

I am saddened by the continuing rise of magazines telematics behind traditionalism conceal sedevacantism. It is blasphemy that would-Catholics put in the network of blogs titrated See Journal FALLEN [acts seat apostatic], where to make the Roman Pontiff, indicated as an apostate, object of insults and insults. It is distressing to note the large number of sites and blogs chasing catastrofismi apocalyptic in the most unadulterated sense of the term, because the Revelation of the Apostle John is the book of hope par excellence that tells the great conquest of the ancient enemy, l'Antichrist, whose defeat is already written since the beginning of time. The Apocalypse is the triumph of faith, of hope and charity in an eschatological key. And all Gentlemen and Ladies much titrated and noble I mentioned one by one in my article, are directly guilty of all this, because for these people, they and their writings, represent a reference point, therefore have little to do false lovers Church suffering inside, because the truth is quite another: with a foot are inside it, with each other between Lefebvre who idolize the past that does not pass and the sedevacantists catatonic.

In one of several sites Vera&Pure Tradition time ago I read the rant of a priest of the Society holy church 5Of Saint Pius X showing that the squalor of a theological education and training for the priesthood perhaps guided by four formulas of neo-scholastic decadent however misunderstood, explained that the reigning Pontiff was just punishment given by Christ to the Church for the drifts post conciliar. That in the post council there were some serious drifts is indubitable, readers who follow us on these pages telematics know how and by what reasoning articulated fathers the island of Patmos have always shown one by one. State, however, that Christ, through the Successor of Peter, punish his Church, is such stupidity that does not even deserve the high title of heresy. How can exist and find followed by petty minds to the point to say that Christ, by Peter on which he built his Church, decided to punish himself ...? Just so: himself! Because the Church is the body of which Christ is the head and we are living members. The Church of Christ is, is not of the Popes of the period before the Second Vatican Council or of the next. The holiness of the Church of the Body of which Christ is the head, is in that power of sanctification which God exercises despite human sinfulness. For this reason the Church is defined by Ambrose chaste whore, holy and sinful, while paragraph VIII of the dogmatic constitution The light recital:

Christ, "Saint, innocent, spotless” [cf. EB 7, 26], knew no sin [cf. 2 Color 5, 21] and came only to expiate the sins of the people [cf Eb 2, 17], the church, embracing in its bosom sinners and therefore holy and always in need of purification, always follows the path of penance and renewal.

Affirm that the Church is sinful is misleading, if the whole is expressed out from a clear context such as that whichholy church 4 refers Sant'Ambrogio or The light; because sinners are the men who make it up and that often disfigure.

I'm not afraid to admit with pain and honesty that many of our seminaries and theological faculties from many of our priests come out of the worst heresies stuffed modernist, or grown with poisonous teologismi of Karl Rahner. But also by the “most holy” seminar Ecône out apparently disturbing priests able to speak of Christ, who through the successor of Peter, the Church punishes. For this I wonder if at Ecône, where, however, recite or sing profession of faith in beautiful Latin "sacred", Are not accustomed to recite words that sound something like this: We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Or are we to infer that after Vatican II, the Church has lost its inherent sanctity and indefectibility, has ceased to be the body of which Christ is the head and that is why she was punished by God? Why say that Christ punishes his Church is theologically consistent as it would be to say that God the Father, through his sacrifice on the cross, castigated the Son and the Holy Spirit, disagreeing on such choice, ended in turn to get angry and fight with him.

Pope clown nose

What the Pope should avoid, since Jorge Mario Bergoglio is called to make room for the Holy Father Francis expresses the supreme dignity of the Mystery of the Church under the ministry entrusted to Peter by Christ the Lord.

To all those who feel uneasy about noses clown, horns greeting to Filipinos and so on, I repeat what I often repeat in the confessional or during spiritual direction to many of the faithful bewildered: go beyond the man himself and worshiped the truth of faith in the mystery of the Church built on Peter, who received a mandate from Christ sent his own ministry of authority in all its successors. The Church is not the Holy Father Francis, as he first was of Benedict XVI, Pius XII, of Pius X. It was not Peter himself chose as his vicar on earth by the Word of God in person. The Church of Christ is, and is still governed by the Holy Spirit; and as has been and may still be disfigured by men, will always remain holy and immaculate Bride of the Redeemer.

During the Second Vatican Council 1 del l'assise, Blessed Pius IX did impress these words about the relationship between faith and reason:

[…] although faith is above reason, there can never be any real discrepancy between faith and reason. The same God, indeed, who reveals mysteries and infuses faith, has also deposed the light of reason in the human […] not only faith and reason can never be in conflict with each other, but there may be a mutual help. The right reason, indeed, demonstrates the fundamentals of the faith, illuminated by its light can cultivate the science of divine things; faith liberates protects reason from errors and enhanced by multiple cognitions. Therefore, the church, is far from opposing to the study of the arts and human disciplines, anything but the favors and promotes in every way [Session III 24 April 1870, Chapter IV: "Faith and Reason"]

One hundred and twenty years later, Saint John Paul II, referring to the teaching of his predecessor Pius IX, in his Encyclical Fides et Ratio wrote:

"Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth. And God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth and, definitely, to know Him because, knowing and loving God, can also come to the fullness of truth about themselves ".

Up to a certain point, we used the reason, with which we came to the big open door of faith, now, to cross theOpen the doors 1 door of hope beyond which there is Christ, Proceed with a real act of faith, which is not a blind act, but an act that certainty entirely summed up in the Creed. In the Holy Father Francis we must see the mystery founding of the Church, without getting trapped in front of the entrance to this door wide open, netted un nose grant clown and a pair of horns. Because the Holy Spirit is working and Christ will save anyway his Church. And in a future, perhaps close, when we will be revealed those who were God's plans, understand that this Pope was the fruit of grace and mercy of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For this I need to pause the reasonable human judgment and proceed on the wings of faith, then believe, worship and follow the rock on which Christ built his Church.

Can some "traditionalists", apocalyptic cosmic, discoverers of antichrists, hunters alleged heresies papal, worshipers of headings and a static past that must not pass, indomitable defenders of the fly of their non-negotiable values everybody subjective yet Gobblers professionals camel, abandon the dark charm homocentric of Pelagius and follow faithfully the pattern of the holy bishop and doctor of the Church Augustine of Hippo, despite seeing it all and beyond all God's work even in poor and inadequate person of the Holy Father Francis, servant of the servants of God, not up before the Mystery as always we are all of us born with original sin and subject to the snares of evil, but potential and extraordinary means of grace and salvation.


Christ conquers eseguito dai cathedral choir

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  1. Falconet says:

    “…How can exist and find followed by petty minds to the point to say that Christ, by Peter on which he built his Church, decided to punish himself ... ?”

    Rev. Don Ariel,

    In this sense he wanted to read his comment to the words of Paul VI in his speech to “Lombard Seminary”, where he says:

    “Turning to the second consideration, The August Pontiff repeats the question: "What you see in the Pope?». And he answers: Sign of contradiction: a sign of protest. The Church crosses, today, a time of unrest. Some practice in self, it seems even nell'autodemolizione…”

    How can Christ if autodemolire?

    As if the Pope can see a signo of conttradizione?

    Don Ariel, with all respect, traditionalists who you spoke in the article are sheep together, because she does not have attacked their pastors? He P. Cavalcoli once polemizato with peridioco Sisi Nono, received a rebuttal and the matter is over. So, because she does not polemiza with Don Curzio Nitoglia or with Sisi Nono? This debate is the interest of all, can respond to the shepherds instead of attacking the sheep together?


  2. yr says:

    Dear don Ariel,

    I would like to ask you a question. There are those who excessively enhances the Vetus Ordo, cone gianlub1, that the saints Peter and Paul used the same Eucharistic prayer-and I hope he meant in a substantive way, not quite the same.
    To answer these positions seems to me it would be enough to mention the fact that the Church has and has always had a plurality of rites, also very different from our. You could tell them that, if they want to do the traditionalists Catholics and not those that promote their own ideas and their own feelings, should look at what is the Catholic tradition integral, West and East.

    My reasoning is sensible?
    How come no one ever answers this way to the advocates of only Vetus Ordo?

  3. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Friend.

    Have the goodness to wait a bit’ of days, because it is a topic, this, on which we are preparing a special written to the Isle of Patmos.
    Thank you for joining us … read my mind!

  4. father ariel
    Frame B. says:

    Caro Father, I know that you are a rock and he would not need (much less by a poor ignorant which are) however it is some days that I feel the need to renew all my respect and my affection after dell'indegna uproar unleashed against you. I will not remind you why he ragionissima on everything you wrote.
    Caro Father, I ask him as he would a son against his father, keep writing, to tell the truth. He does not know what his words do good to those like me who need a safe driving. Him confess: when I read it in my heart every time the hope is reborn. With great, high esteem.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Mark.

      I will do everything possible to deserve your esteem, perhaps excessive, but I will try to be worthy of it and not let you down.

  5. father ariel
    Gianni Toffali says:

    ANOTHER COMMENT FOR HER … Ariel Levi … a name of a program … and someone is surprised hatred towards tradition … If a demon is hiding acting within pontifical … How many Jews were confused between the clerics of Christendom to crucify Jesus again …

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Toffali.

      The Pharisees accused Jesus of not being faithful to the Tradition of the Fathers, of being a blasphemer.
      Apart from this, with regard to “a name of a program“, she is an expert theologian, color stay, biblical scholar, etc … we want to explain why, the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Blessed Joseph Spouse, brought Jesus to the Temple to be circumcised? And why, Maria, postpartum went to purify?
      Ah, I forgot: Christ had not yet converted to Christianity, What happened after this, vero?
      However: Christ on the cross we have put those like her who stepped aside a gnat and the camel s'ingoiavano, yesterday as today.

  6. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Lone Wolf.

    The Lord has forgiven my sins like before me has forgiven them to Aurelio's Thagaste who later became Bishop Augustine of Hippo; as has forgiven them to many other “former colleagues” St. Augustine and my.
    As regards the achieved “peace of mind” I doubt that my urologist would give reason, while i, before God and before men, I can however say that with his grace have always been, as a priest, happily faithful to the solemn promises made in the hands of the Bishop on the day of sacred ordination; and with the grace of God and the prayers of the living members of his Holy People are sure seguiterò to be faithful to my sacred promises, while reaching the peace of mind in very late age.

    In any case there is no need to say that “it is well known and many (and many ...!) it may confirm“, because I am not the first to deny my past, just read some of my lines, for example, these, in which I relate that in other times, my lifestyle pre-priestly, was not exactly that of San Luigi Gonzaga:

  7. father ariel
    Lone wolf says:

    Too good dear Toffali, too! The “Reverend Levite” was a womanizer patented, it is well known and many (e … many!) it could confirm and became a priest as an adult, maybe once reached the peace of mind?

  8. father ariel
    Claudia Genovese says:

    Dearest Father, mr. Toffali attributes to things that she wrote and said and why I was struck that the editors have published this aggression towards him. What is certain is that this paper qualification and reveals what circulates in this world. The answer she gave the title for the priest who she really is, but unfortunately, for these people, priests ordained after John XXIII … are truly priests?
    E’ truly a world of dark Pelagians most Christians of Christ (that was not Christian, Christ was and just!) more papist than the Pope … but most especially Catholics Catholics.
    I repeat, the preparation could avoid to publish this concentrate of venomous insults.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      How to Claudia.

      I was the one to ask the staff to publish this long comment, If anything is not clear, in certain so-called “traditionalists”, I do not censor who insults me, as is their censor who, without insulting anyone, no doctrine and theology according to their schemes very questionable, if not sometimes unhealthy.

      • father ariel
        Claudia Genovese says:

        Old … witty! I do not know the person's father Ariel, I hope to meet him one day because I've read all his books and I always read his articles. Apart from that I will only tell you that I 78 years and surely, the father, if you would “overdriven” … I doubt they would do it with me.

  9. father ariel
    Gianni Toffali says:

    I read the article in the penalty Levite Don Ariel Levi Gualdo, Levite priesthood and not in the sense of the word, attacking with impunity all traditionalists, thus laying the mask of false anxiety about the fate of the Church, killed (humanly speaking) by crazy innovators that have occupied 50 years and more. That is to say, just to be clear, from the 1789 of the church, which was the Second Vatican Council.
    Article disgusting and unworthy, also for the incredible vulgarity that it contains, even the name of the Catholic, to say nothing of the priestly robe wearing Levi, so moved by disordered passions.

    All the deadly sins (but mainly the pride and envy) are well represented in this paper, proof that the Conservatives are infinitely worse than the progressives and are the weapon of reserves of subversion working in the Church and in society, when the first do not make it more. The rescue of gray false right, Marsh, cloaked in seemingly noble reasons, has always been fundamental, indeed, for the Revolution, to intimidate fools and to sow confusion among the good. Feature conservatives, indeed, is to be progressive slow travel, that will approve tomorrow what progressives realize today; while criticizing farisaicamente and in words, what do the first.

    From the text of Levi fact emerges:

    GREED – The concern's place, for comfortable living, for worldly honors or for bourgeois respectability, that is compromised by those turbulent traditionalists, which launch alarms, not resigned horror present in the Church and in the world (which is not so bad, true Levi?). Who we do it? Traditionalists would have you take up arms against the devil, the world, the Revolution, false doctrines and superstitions, i vaticanosecondisti, the false hierarchy that promotes heresies, Roncalli forward, and so on. So give us a life of trouble, worthy of the Cross of Christ, but not for those who want the peace of mind and the world.

    PRIDE – We are those who know, suggests the author; I say us the doctrine, the right one. The others, all stupid or amateur. Not lovers of Tradition, but of an ideology. Too bad that our Levite does not address a, one of sesquipedalian hogwash bergogliste (the God who is not Catholic to who am I to judge a sodomite, parents rabbits) but is limited only to examine the exterior of our antics, despite very considerable in the desecration of the figure of the Roman Pontiff, Bergoglio where it was: clown nose, thumbs up, gesture of the horns etc.. If not hate the sordid and typically combine the Levi for trine, laces, lace, or for the pomp and decorum triumphalist (what a lovely word!) the traditional Roman liturgy. Levi even theorizes that would sort a new form of Church, Jorge Mario embody (as if it were Christ founded the Church to have her, but the council!) but not to obey what the perennial Magisterium teaches on false ecumenism, Religious indifferentismo, uniqueness Church's saving, Catholic State, so-called freedom of religion and conscience, etc..

    IRA – Lash out with such ferocity against gl'integristi or fundamentalists who, with all their limitations, defend the faith intact, oppose the destruction taking place in the Church, while he crosses his arms in front to the traitors or even akin to destroyers and giovannipaoloduisti bergoglisti, is not an iniquity?

    LUST – A priest, a conciliar, shameless, proposes the cover of playboy, who jumps to speak with such license and public masturbation, of sodomy, gory of topics that the manuals of moral theology treated once and deliberately in Latin, not to stress base passions; that shearing judgments about divorced present to the Masses of the traditionalists, without distinguishing between those who cultivate relationships with third parties and who is not, between those who communicate and who is not, Then as if to put Reformed not seeing every day a new filth, o un masturbate defaming one unaccustomed; that recycles the most outrageous rumors, allusively leveled against this or that institution, and picked up on by the eternal furnace of gossip priestly; speaking from the chair of a follower of that Bergoglio or what pseudosinodo, where it was the communion for divorced and remarried, of applause to the public sinners who cultivate relationships and illegitimate concubinarie or who are second, third wedding and more appreciative or even the nefarious vice dell'omofilia: this one, what credibility can have? Which spiritual life and grace, if he can not restrain the tongue and pen? What thoughts of purity?

    ENVY – What remorse of conscience stirs Levi to animate so against the traditionalists, the true friends of the people, unlike the innovators, thundered as St. Pius X? Perhaps the awareness of having betrayed its mandate, in the sense that, rather than defend the Holy Church by the traitors who today are primarily in Santa Marta, preferred to adapt? Envious of their fortress, their grace (with all humans defects) because they preferred God to the world or themselves, What he first, priest, should have done?

    Apathy – A life spent in sin, especially of sensuality, induce all'accidia, ie the spiritual laziness. If Don Levi really pray or pray or more, if he said the rosary every day and resorted to the means of sanctification that the Holy Church makes available to his faithful and, particularly, of his ministers, fanfaluche would like? Would use a language so imprudent? Evidently, no. Neither would make outrageous claims, Also on the ground of sexual morality as those above the erotic magazines and related.

    GOLA – We do not know if ours is a glutton or not; but this vice of sensuality can only follow the other.
    Levi then that is not in good faith, demonstrates an article of strong criticism Bergoglio, he signed only a few months ago and we enclose below, having preserved, in the naive assumption that ours was an ally in the common struggle to modernism and not as that agent of the enemy, in the trenches, shoot behind the comrade who stands beside.
    Reading that article, of only a few months ago, one gets the idea that Levi knew, who was well aware of the disaster in progress; but then he wanted to go to the same field, as it were; better: siding with the powerful caste progressive, defenders of truth. With indulgences even to the executioners of the Friars of the Immaculate, that traditionalists are not even. Congratulations!
    In one thing Don Levi is right: when he declares that the Vatican II was not a pastoral council and say that this is to proclaim a solemn nonsense, having it and moreover defined new doctrines. In fact, the Vatican II was a doctrinal assise, proclaimed errors contrary to truth always taught by the Holy Church and therefore was huddle.
    I do not believe that ours was hypocritical, when (was on 11 October 2013) invested criticized the Argentine came from the end of the world; I think instead that he was sincere. But I also think that he preferred to adapt and now does not know how tacitarsi consciousness, or how to find peace.
    Which explains the remorse of conscience and his ferocity in attacking the good, which is a way to justify himself and what he did. Maybe he had so boldly against neoterici, heretics and schismatics that with Vatican II and his new religion are separated from the Catholic Church to pursue the dream of a new church to reconcile! He would have to remember and draw conclusions from the bull of Pope Paul IV, of holy memory, With the Apostolic Office (1554) infallibly proclaiming that no heretic can validly acquire or maintain any office in the Church, let alone a Pope! Instead ...
    However, reading her piece, the initial irritation gave way to exultation: Yes, exultation, because in view of the fulfillment of the Fatima message, in which he has not only the Restoration, it is necessary that the two fields, to those who defend the Church in every, and its immutable doctrine, reflected well and often also in the accidents; and that instead of who is queued to the Revolution and betrays the perennial teaching of truth, to chase a new form of the Church ... that there is no, must become increasingly clear, online, separated.
    Bergoglio, great ciaparatt of conservatives, This is truly priceless. Makes clear every day the border: just passing through, di chi is. And we will see that progressives in good faith will have the grace to repent and go into the chambers of Tradition and defend, even at the cost of living; while false traditionalists and conservatives will only mediocre massing at the gates of the Revolution dying, of the world and ... to propylaea Hell, is to be feared. O Inquisition, for the lucky: and Levi, the Cavalcoli and others have removed the one-way ticket, seems; O, in alternative, to appear before the Court of Faith. In the company of singer progressives, housing them last car, in the third or fourth class, the same train as the first revolutionary hold firmly commands and the direction of travel. Nor miss the rash that will go up on this train of fools fin'anche the penultimate station. AND, the rest, the mystery of the human heart.
    And yet these two opposing camps, these migrations bidirectional, Who to truth, who towards the error, are a prerequisite for the divine intervention that will restore in all its glory to the Holy Church and the temporal order Christian. Let!

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Son.

      Thank you, because she confirms what I wrote in my article.

      Anyhow: because my writing is public and therefore readable, anyone reading this his indictment and then my written, or viceversa, will have to admit evidence: she accuses me things that I did not write, alters what I wrote, misrepresents what I wrote and then becomes more and more processes intentions. In short: you judge my conscience, that God only can read and then judge.

      The only remember one thing: i am Priest forever devoted servant of the earthly Jerusalem waiting to come to the heavenly Jerusalem, she is instead a clerical imprisoned on this earth in a past that does not pass, without the future and especially without any eschatological vision. In short, she is a Pharisee who yesterday accused the Lord of having performed a miracle on Saturday – thereby desecrating the sanctity of Shabbath – and that today, as she demonstrates, with the same feeling of fund would be able to reproach him for not having a valid Eucharist celebrated because the celebration of the Last Supper was made without the Missal of St. Pius V.

      Contact a priest of Christ in the way she did, noted publicly as a repository of all the deadly sins; it was also the most unworthy and sinful priests of this world – which I have no doubt – to deny the mystery and then be free of that faith by which she, in me, should see and respect still a old christ, for the sacrament and mystery of grace; just as I venerate and respect, despite many perplexities, the Supreme Pontiff, in which I shall never cease to see the mystery of the stone on which Christ founded His Church, beyond its limits and all its human inadequacies, which are those of all of us;and to nourish faith always devotion to him and lend him more and obedience.

      But I do understand that people like her, a old christ recognize it as such only if wearing the handpiece, is the bisbiglia Secrets and if you use the “divine” e “sacred” of the Latins.

      Believe me, l'eresiarca Pelagio – in practice his “patron saint” – before what she has expressed and overt hatred with which the expressed, much more towards a minister bosomes attacked in this way by one as she proclaims Catholic, I remain shocked, rather, it would remain just shocked.

      So I can only wish her: happy and successful defense of pure, alone and true Apostolic Tradition.

      The cordially bless with priestly fatherhood.


      The things she imputes are truly many, therefore I take only two among the many. He wants to tell me and the readers where I stated in my written some things that she attributes, namely that:

      1. the Vatican II was not a pastoral council
      2. Levi theorizes that would sort a new form of Church, Jorge Mario embody

  10. federicofontanini says:

    Thank you Don Ariel's fine article with which takes stock of the situation in a very difficult crisis in which it is easy to swallow from the jaws of wolves in sheep, or rather from “Defenders of the Catholic Church”. The varied and extensive world of the web offers many good opportunities, but also exposes the risks which you refer. That his words will seize the truth is demonstrated by the reaction to this in the comments and in which there is no shortage insults to his person; probably just the matter, but this is a sign that tells the truth because the truth always operates a division. If we decide to live as Catholics professing to believe in unam, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, we can not continue on a line sedevacantist and filolefebvriana. Only regret that many people, like myself, have discovered the treasures of the beautiful old liturgy, you may bear then deviate from writers, journalists, historians, etc. I encourage you, therefore, in this meritorious work of clarification of which we have many in need, me first. I assure you and your colleagues my poor prayer.

  11. Simone says:

    The article is very clear and written with truth. In some places the words of Don Ariel can do some’ bad but provides opportunity for growth in faith, at least for me. The current situation and’ difficult but one can not doubt that the Lord guide the Church. I am a poor man, I have no qualifications other than to a Christian by the grace of God. I suffer a lot because of Pope Francis I often disorients. I offer my suffering for the Church, I do not pray for the intentions of the Pope because I did not understand what, But I pray for him every day. I was born after the C.V. II and grew up with the post-conciliar Mass. I recently found the Tridentine rite and every Sunday I'm going with the joy “Old Mass”, while during the week I participate in the one with the Missal of Paul VI and not live badly this “bi-ritualism” (I do not know if it's the correct term). I'm not expert on the liturgy but, participating in the “Old Mass” the question arises why the liturgical reform, although necessary, in my humble opinion, has left so much beauty and sacredness. Thanks Don Ariel I ask you to pray for me. A curiosity, who would be the “Brancaleone of Norcia” ?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Simone,

      is a character played cinematically by the great Vittorio Gassman, if you want to this link can find the full movie

  12. Giuseppe Phallic says:

    Dear father Ariel, I follow a long time and I thank you for this valuable article.
    Only two notes, if I may: 1) rather than writing “new doctrines of Vatican II” it would not be better to write “the reformed doctrines of Vatican II that are obviously in continuity’ with tradition” ? 2) I agree that the Latin language is a “accident” and as such is not essential, but’ Our Lord has a particular fondness for the language of His Church seems confirmed by many reasons. One example among many: many exorcists have experienced that the rite of exorcism and’ more, effective if recited in Latin. What do you think? Thanks & Regards

  13. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Very expensive.

    I have not blamed “ancient rite”, because I consider the venerable Missal of St. Pius V with whom I always celebrate once a week. I also believe that this missal and this rite contains a heritage of faith that should not go in any way lost and therefore must be preserved.
    So I am one of those priests who contribute concretely to the protection and preservation of this heritage also.
    Instead raise questions, and so also alarmed, of groups and people who are in fact a number of years that the missal and brandishing their supposed and presumed pure Traditio against the Church, all aggressively, decomposed and ideological.

    • Giovannis. says:

      Good, but understand father, that the 'world of tradition’ not just the lefevriani. There are many of his fellow priests of the FSSP, ICRSS, Accessories, etc. who have chosen the only ancient rite with the consent of the Church. Without precise distinctions might be offensive to throw them into the cauldron of the Pharisees, reactionaries, queers, fascists, when these are a minority even among lefevriani. What then are the same offensive that use anticlerical against all Catholics, do not understand them… The same journalists blogs traditionalists, in my opinion, are not proud of the Pharisees, but faithful in good faith of the Church rightly concerned that they love: organize prayer groups and invite to prayer. Wrong, Certain, when approaching theories sedevacantiste lefevriane, and the tradition it is the first victim, when it is identified with them. We must say clearly that the equation = lefevriani tradition is wrong.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dearest John.

        Far be it from me to generalize, thing that I clarify with an example of a life lived: In the 2010, return from Northern Europe and Germany after several months in those areas, I stopped in Switzerland where I had to visit the elderly friends. I arrived late in the morning of Saturday,, the day before I had celebrated Mass in Austria. In the afternoon I went in search of a church in which to celebrate on Saturday and next Sunday.
        This is the scene that presented itself to me coming in three different churches in the center of that city: in a, There was a strange being Eucharistic celebration in which people were sitting on the ground in a circle around the altar to make a kind of guided meditation Buddhist. In another church, was in progress, the liturgy of the word and finished the second reading, I saw what I had already seen in various German churches: a layman proclaimed the Gospel and after, a woman, a feminist theologian, went up to the lectern to do the homily, while of course the priest was sitting. In the third church into which I entered, was going on the distribution of Communion, was probably the Mass of the Child, and they were just children who are passed from hand to hand ciborium using the Body of Christ and intingendolo as a biscuit inside the chalice of the Precious Blood; scenes, however, already seen, also in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium …
        After Mass I asked the pastor if he could give me a chapel to celebrate privately. He replied that the “private Masses were not like” and I could concelebrate the Mass of the late evening. What this amounted to saying that, as already had happened to me in Germany, keep all their antics liturgical, I could not tolerate, especially since it is the Church that prohibits and therefore forbids me.
        There Was, in the Swiss city, a community of the Society of St. Pius X. I turned to them asking for a chance to celebrate. They received me with great courtesy and priestly fraternity and told me even if I would try to see if in their library had a Missal of Paul VI. I replied: “can you give me quietly to the Missal of St. Pius V because I can celebrate quietly with that, once a week I use it”. They put me in also two assistants.
        This is to say that one must always distinguish the private relations, interpersonal relationships, relationships with individual communities, from those who are different relationships with institutions characterized by precise and often harsh positions.
        As regards its assertion: “The same journalists blogs traditionalists, in my opinion, are not proud of the Pharisees, but faithful in good faith of the Church rightly concerned that they love“, try to read this article …

        … then tell me if it is unthinkable to be worried or to confess “the Church who love” pulling mud in this way on to the Supreme Pontiff.
        Because if this is love for the Church, I dare not even think of what are possibly the hatred and contempt of the Supreme Pontiff that holds, the guidance and rules.

        • Giovannis. says:

          Satan is cunning in confusing the minds… But from evil it will stretch a greater good; I confess that if it was to do BXVI foster tradition, FrancescoI was that I was initially impressed making me closer to religion and then after she deeply disappointed (or was I deceived) fattomi approach the ancient rite, just curious after reading traditionalists who criticized him. So thank you all: Bergoglio, LaRepubblica and traditionalists; all evil act, but from this evil (that does not justify) I have gained good. Thanks to her father Ariel, if I am capable, I will also benefit from her 😉

  14. Giovannis. says:

    Dear father Ariel, thanks to this comforting article, now all the media portray the Pope (not without its troubling complicity…) as a communist leader, praising and criticizing those who. It is good to let go and trust in Divine Providence! Having said that I do not share the criticism of the ancient rite, when i (young and former Progressive) is just imbattendomi the old custom that a few years ago I discovered the depth and beauty of the Catholic Faith, with all that sacredness and silent prayer in which he meets Jesus! And it is not empty formalism! It's like an ancient frescoed basilica: it is not necessary but it helps to immerse themselves in the mystery of the Mass more than 4 concrete walls…. I know nothing of the problems she encountered in the traditional world, perhaps unique to the ffspx, but from here to blame the ancient rite that has fueled the Church for centuries exaggerates! I am personally convinced that in the future a return to tradition will be inevitable throughout: Mass, architecture, orthodoxy, etc. Only thus can the Church continue to live and work, that in order to be updated continuously fads? Grazie1000 Benedict XVI.

  15. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    … never mind me being a poor and miserable we borrow my brother priest “senior” that is first and foremost a priest, so minister in sacred, then a distinguished theologian with a curriculum of the highest level, finally appointed an ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy of Theology. I refer to John Cavalcoli.
    Well, dear Reader, you can imagine what would have happened a century ago, but perhaps only 50 Years ago, if this priest and theologian had been censored on issues pertaining to its close and as such closely linked to his ministry as a theologian, because some magazine was annoyed by discourses not in line with Lefebvre?
    If you want to read the first editorial I wrote to the Isle of Patmos, the will is unclear what happened to John Cavalcoli, both the metaphysical philosopher and theologian Antonio Livi, dean emeritus of philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University, both me, fifth wheel, but still a priest and as such established by Church doctrine teacher.
    And these lay people present themselves well in public and boast of being the defenders of “only” e “vera” Catholic tradition.
    Go by Lefebvrians, censoring their priest 24 years just ordered the week before, to see that pulls air …

  16. Orion says:

    If Mrs Guarini today pontificates about the validity of the Mass celebrated this or that, it must at Vatican II.
    Indeed, I doubt very strongly that a hundred years ago would be allowed to a woman, moreover secular, of debating theology and liturgy.

  17. father ariel
    Giammarco says:

    I understand that I can not write here the story of my life, I try to synthesize the maximum. I Got 34 years and thanks to the Father Ariel went back to faith in 2010 after 10 years since I walked into a church.
    November 2010, Rome, I was with a friend, one evening, that before returning home I asked if I could take her to the church of St. Anastasia on the Palatine. I said it and I asked her how come that late, they were the 22 pass. She told me that in that church there was the perpetual adoration, and he had to go to confession to a priest. That priest was Father Ariel who was the confessor there. I said “I'll take you, but I'll wait outside”. An hour later she came out of the church with this priest that a skin made me a very positive impression, handsome youth, tall and strong, a more physical sport that priest, with a deep voice. I was smoking a cigarette, He greets me and says,: “is from 6 Tonight you are to confess and I could not smoke a cigarette”. I take off my pocket the package and offer him my cigarettes slim read. He looks at me and then looks at me says “that stuff is? Sigarettine thin, stuff Ursuline nuns or culattoni. Son, when you have to kill to do it well”. It pulls out from the pocket of his robe a package of Marlboro.
    I realized that I had a priest before he was above all a man, a male, of those with whom it is better not to quarrel, no smiles languid, no little voices sprinkled with honey, nothing haggard eyes to the sky … and this man was a priest totally different from the priests to whom I had been accustomed.
    My mom and my dad were disbelievers fù, when I was 10 years were converted (so to speak) and entered by lefevriani, the community of Albano. And I met so all laps from Lazio to the Italian Piedmont through Tuscany, then the community … aesthetics of Gricignano etc.… etc… I spent the worst years of my life, I would have too much to tell, too many. During the harvest it was all one to be careful gestures, bow, hands clasped … I witnessed discussions crazy faithful that questioned the validity of the Mass when the priest overdriven a nonsense. And confessions … confessions were a torture, and always remember with horror and disgust.
    As several other forced by families we had the classic rejection become great, and many forced by their families to grow in these closed environments, obsessive, oppressive … today are mostly whores, fags, alcoholics … I know how many come out of that environment today in band 25/35 years that if you mention the word church become beasts!
    Later that evening in front of the church of St. Anastasia, I felt attracted to that priest, I saw that if a habit I felt a sense of disgust in, because for me that black cassock were memories to forget.
    Smoked cigarette Father greeted us saying to me “I do the witty but I know that smoking is bad. Unfortunately, I can always make me a few kilometers of the race, I do not stop because it still does not hurt, but if you do not give up sooner or later will hurt me too”. He greeted my friend (only a friend) and tells me “trattamela well because otherwise I'll again from head to toe”.
    I do not know what happened to me, I accompany my friend to his house to Testaccio and instead return to my home I returned to St. Anastasia. I waited until after the first night before the Father come out of the confessional and when he saw me standing there told me “ah, you came to smoke another cigarette?”. I spoke with the Father until 4 in the morning, and then I stopped to put, because before 5 he celebrated Mass dawn, I went down to the church and saw a priest with faith, but with true faith, celebrating Mass, and I was impressed. A priest that the night between Friday and Saturday passed the whole night in the confessional, and I think, even with people who had serious problems. And so I found that faith that I realized that it never had, and so I went back to the church where I had never entered, because my parents made me grow up in a pantomime of church, with the results that I have tried to synthesize, if I have succeeded …
    Father Ariel in this article was his delicate, and I can tell you that I, and many others like me, could tell things to be creepy.
    father ariel, i love you so much, you know, and do not get me wrong, because if you do not publish my testimony, I'll just wrong.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Giammarco.

      Do thee no wrong, but if I could avoid this I would have avoided inserting your testimony.
      Only a clarification, many times I've told you again and I repeat: you are not returned to the faith thanks to me but only thanks to the mystery of God's grace that operates and acts through instruments to be inappropriate.
      Far me cospargermi dust on their heads: "... I am not worthy, not worthy“. I know that some "cartridge" in the "shotgun" I have it, human level, pastoral, theological, communicative, even because, Unfortunately, Today is all too easy to end up look of eagles in our poor clergy who sometimes seems more and more reduced to a chicken coop of chickens that abrade the courtyards behind the sacristy. But faith is a gift of God that proceeds from his grace able to carry him their children using both the thoroughbred breed is using donkeys, animals that are still noble.
      I confirm to you all my good.

      Readers in general say this instead:

      about the "masters" of "do not do all the same brush“, What I do not do; of the "don't generalize“, What I do not do, I would say only a few words: you have no idea how many situations similar to that of the author of this message I have collected during my priestly ministry?
      I understand, however, that when you touch everything about a certain world of "Tradition", we are met first with armies of lay people who, based on their assumptions - understood as presuming -, precisely presume to know much more of us who are in the confessional, spiritual direction and that we do not collect even a few cases of this kind.
      And as you'll see, these lay "opposed"And"clericalized"Which are then to deny us the shepherds in the care of souls saying: "Do Not, is not it ". Personally - God forgive me - like them less and less.
      And this kind of lay "opposed"And"clericalized"That abound in the world of so-called" Tradition "rather not abound in what many" traditionalists "call the world of so-called progressives, where there are other problems, no less serious.


  18. gianlub1 says:

    As the liturgy was established by God and is not susceptible to change by man (because what sets God is unchangeable in both time and space) logical consequence is that talking about “damn external” in reference to some liturgical elements considered by Don Ariel is incorrect. In God and in his “decrees” there are no accidents.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      My dear,

      she is confusing metaphysics with video games, therefore followed to play with these seconds and let it be the first.
      However: I communicate that the Saints Peter and Paul did not celebrate Mass validly, first because they had the missal “unchangeable” from the “Mass of All Time” St. Pius V, second because they had no deacons and subdeacons in dalmatica, priests assistants cope and so …
      Please, wants to tell us which “Eucharistic Prayer” they used during their celebrations of Saints Peter and Paul?
      And the Eucharistic liturgy celebrated by their, as it was structured? Recited the Holy Apostles: I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth ?
      Thank you, await response.

      • gianlub1 says:

        E’ the opposite, e’ the Missal of St. Pius V, which incorporates and is equal to how they celebrated the Saints Peter and Paul, then the Missal of St. Pius V is valid just because resumes exactly as they celebrated the S Peter and Paul. I understand that for her there is no tradition as a source of revelation but come on they face a reason and return to read Playboy, indeed continue to deepen the Talmud.

        • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Very expensive,

          we take note, as she writes, that “and 'the Missal of St. Pius V, which incorporates and is the same as celebrating the Saints Peter and Paul“, then the Holy Apostles celebrated in practice with the Missal of St. Pius V.
          But the question that I have turned, and I repeat that because she did not respond, it's this one: Eucharistic Prayer which used the Saints Peter and Paul?
          So I asked, and again I repeat the question since not responded: recited the Holy Apostles I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth ?
          I can also study the Talmud, but she goes to study the Catechism of St. Pius X where you explain the basic elements of the Mass.
          Let us know.

          • gianlub1 says:

            The Eucharistic Prayer that used the Saints Peter and Paul is the same of the Missal of St. Pius V and the Holy Apostles recited introibo altar to the Gods to Deum here laetificat iuventútem meam. The Vetus Ordo was at least 1000 years before recovering in turn essentially the same rite of St. Gregory the Great. The rite of the latter dates back to apostolic times.

          • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            sit, I think she saw a scary movie on the radio color 3D.
            she can not get out of the corners of the ultras and enter to do theology on the internet with shouts from stage.
            Faced with such ignorance wrapped irrepressible arrogance, I will not answer more.
            The time I have available does not belong to me, is at the service of the Church of Christ and His people, and as such I can not and I must not waste it with people like her.
            Thank you for having given evidence, together with those who have given me the “son of a bitch” and dozens of other insults worst that I have not published – not for me, but for the decorum of the journal – that everything I wrote in my article corresponds to true.
            She is a glimpse of the world of “Tradition”, made of closures, screams from the stadium and insults towards “The Infidel”, just like that poor Pucci Cipriani who today, on Riscossa Christian, took mockery of the Holy Father Francis worse than they did the editors of Charlie Hebdo with Benedict XVI.


          • Orion says:

            I highly doubt that the Galilean fisherman who was the Prince of the Apostles speak Latin; certainly did not speak Latin Missal of Pius V. Oh yeah, because Latin Missal of St. Pius V is actually a medieval Latin, which is not exactly identical to the Latin of the first century AD. Also because, udite udite, in the first centuries after Christ, the language of the Christian liturgy was not the Latin, but the greek.

            No one here denies that the Missal of St. Pius V has roots which reach back, far behind in the centuries. But from there to imagine a St. Peter, coated dalmatica planet and whalebone, celebrate the Eucharist on a polychrome marble altar praying “Thee” etc., etc, it passed…

  19. Orion says:

    Don Ariel, she always writes beautiful articles, but this time he wrote an article more beautiful than usual.
    That's why this time, knowing that she does not love salaams, I'll make a compliment nicer than usual: Don Ariel, for me she is Rosmini the XXI century. And various defensorS fidei who call “modernist”, worthy are the spiritual children of those who in the nineteenth century called “heretic” Blessed Rosmini.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Would to God that I could reach only a vague pallor of Blessed Antonio Rosmini!

  20. Jacopo P. says:

    Curious, Don Ariel, the comparison with the Ferrari had come to me recently discussing with a friend, but in a slightly different context: the traditionalist who meets tradition, falls in love but can not find a church that put him in the hands of the instructions for use, and then is exposed to the risk dell'autoreferenzialismo, DIY, of all she reveals in this article, it seemed like just the inexperienced pilot who finds a Ferrari, it poses to driving and crashed at the first corner. All right, has its faults also the pilot, but it also has a church that has cleared through customs in theory the old Mass in 2007, invited by the mouth of the Supreme Pontiff to rediscover the treasure of tradition, which has certainly increased the interest towards the latter, but then it is completely disinterested affair, or has even opposed, and left the traditional world in the total deregulation? It seems clear that in this way we are unconsciously favorites fanatics, the drift, the autoassunzioni skills not possessed etc..

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Jacopo.

      In a short time I will write an article on the speech Motu Proprio doing an analysis of all the best intentions that have animated, but at the same time, Unfortunately, many unhappy results that are achieved.
      In my next writing will then all responded to his questions.

  21. George M. G. Locatelli says:

    Dear Don Ariel the problem that I seem to see is that Catholicism is composed of many, many “damn external”, but if they were eliminated or replaceable, following the changes in the world and men, then they would be right modernists who would maliciously pave centuries of Tradition, work and indelible imprint of S.S., to return to the meager origins…but how could it be God's will deny in toto even accidental elements if these are the rich outline of His teaching? I tend to be always and only men to want to mess with the dictates of God and that God is always to allow certain lewd, not to want…and that even the accidents are so fully intended and thus can not be so calmly thrown from the window…what do you think?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear George.

      Over the centuries, from the apostolic today, the sacred liturgy has evolved and has undergone many changes over time, while remaining unchanged the substance of the mystery revealed and given: l'Eucharist.
      I'll give you an example: certain forms valuable and uplifting Eucharistic adoration, arise only in the second millennium.
      The blessing that today we priests impart to meetings or to individual believers, through the great sign of the cross path with the right hand, also born between the end and the beginning of X / XI century, before you blessing or laying on of hands or by drawing a cross with his thumb on the forehead; so did the faithful to write down.
      This is to say that the elements are born accidental, evolve and often change.
      What is important is to never throw away – as the famous proverb says – the baby with the bathwater.
      In the immediate post council, after the liturgical reform, things happened very serious, sometimes really aberrant, that have nothing to do with the liturgical reform and with its clear and detailed documents.
      Let me give just a few examples and then I close, why certain topics would not really ever end: when after the Communion of the faithful I purify the cup, paten, sometimes even the ciborium, after coming in contact with the Body and Blood of Christ, I Detergo hands with the water in the cup and then I drink. One time, in all churches, there was the so-called shrine, a spa drains which discharge was connected to the foundation of the church, placed under the altar. This drain tub independent and isolated from all other pipelines was intended to raise the water used for the purifications vases and linens sacred, or the remains of blessed objects first reduced to ashes; and quell'apposito spillway was poured the water that I drink today, not just having no intention of throwing knows where the water used for cleansing of the fingers come into contact with the precious Body of Christ.
      In no document of the liturgical reform has written that “to be consecrated” were walled, or that the bags used to contain inside the body to stretch out on the altar under the body and blood of Christ were used as envelopes for collecting alms, as containers of sheets for notes or as bases of furniture oddments in the pastor's home, etc …
      I don't know if you know what I mean, because as I say, the topic would be very long and very complex.

  22. Andreal. says:

    If I understand the evaluation of Don Ariel on the diocese of Albenga and the FI. is similar. Two actually led by two clergymen modest, pious and doctrinally beyond any suspicion. However, and it seems to me that Don Ariel was rightly sensitive about, deficient in the ars gubernandi. Hence most of the problems encountered.
    A question “with fear and trembling”: made all the dutiful (and notevolissimi) I distinguish the case, is not that future historians will doubt that a similar problem has lived Benedict XVI? Ie that’ against doctrinal magisterium and liturgical which are a precious and dazzling treasure of the Church there was a hand slightly’ uncertain in guiding the helm of Peter?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Andrea.

      She centered the problem in every way.
      Benedict XVI was an extraordinary man in doctrine and sensitivity also targeted to a recovery of good liturgy, that is no longer a necessity, but a real emergency ecclesial, is beyond doubt; but it is a fact now proven that Benedict XVI was not at the same time a man with a wrist of government as Pius IX, Leone XIII, Pio X, Pius XI and Pius XII, but also the same as Benedict XV, great figure unfortunately almost forgotten that such extraordinary proof if during the First World War.
      Strong in the teaching but weak in the government in a situation in which no, perhaps, would be able to do better than what he did to the best of all his human forces and possibilities.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … please! I do not sbugiardi front of everyone, I wanted to remain a secret of the fact that I, when I paro for Mass, around the neck, instead amice, I wear the apron of the Masonic lodge of the Grand Orient of Italy to which I belong to the degree 666.

  23. gianlub1 says:

    Do you think that will have the honor of doing the same end of his “chief”, expert rabbits Bergoglio, both to warm up in hell

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      … and, if anything, with the Playboy bunnies dressed as devils with pitchforks in hand.

  24. Giancarlo says:

    Given the record comments, I want to clarify right away that I agree with everything you say, and I thank you for the light they give me in this time so full of confusion. Thanks Don Ariel.

    But. What do we say to the faithful who are divorced remain faithful to their marriage? And faithful homosexual who think that their homosexuality is a big problem and that, if practiced, is a very serious sin? What to say to all Catholics that , of always, are used to looking to the Roman pontiff, two years, was replaced by the Bishop of Rome? And the church founded by Christ ... is the Catholic one or ...? And the millions of Catholics oppressed, put to flight, jailed, killed, raped in every way, set on fire, hanged, slaughtered in the square, crucified ... not only by the fanatics of ISIS or boko aram, but also by the angry mobs of Muslims around the world ... well, to all our brothers what we say when Pope Francis "forgets" to openly accuse the violent fringe of Islam? Ad Asia Bibi, who has openly called for the comfort of the Holy Father, who decided not to utter a single word in his favor, What we say? Thing…

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Giancarlo.

      Thank you for the number of clarifications in the form of questions that, how well you will understand, all require a response, theme by theme, and also quite articulated.
      Maybe I, but perhaps better yet the Father John Cavalcoli who worked for 9 long years in the Vatican as a theological adviser at the Secretariat of State, we will soon offer our readers an appropriate article to explain what terrible inevitably happen to our brothers in the faith undergone persecution and tuna fishing around the world, if the Holy Father expressed in harsh tones against certain regimes and bloodthirsty killers.
      Believe me, if accuse certain fringes of Islam as some would like him to do, really would put at risk many of his children around the world. Just think what happened under Pope Benedict XVI when so much calm as applicable, the Supreme Pontiff waved purely historical-theological Islam in the famous speech in Regensburg.
      We will try to treat as soon as possible this topic.

  25. 1900 says:

    I share many of the things I wrote in this article. I'm just wondering where you see all these pluridivorziati. I see, next to many good people, fetishists, queers, investigated and fascists. Divorced single one…are all fled from sedevacantists?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive.

      Thank you for having appointed “fetishists, queers, investigated and fascists“. Not that I would like us to appoint article, but I simply preferred not to expand too painful to the radius. Also because, as you will have noticed, when I write certain things I call by name institutions and people always avoiding to use those formulas much in vogue in the world of clerical type: “It is said that …” because the ones that start with “It is said that …” then end by assuming even the worst things on the basis of nothing; and this I do not do for my costume.
      So I preferred not having to fly over for names of people and institutions in which the riot of lace, of lace and “magical” of the Latins avvvolto by clouds of incense, accompany armies men-donnetta, while their populous seminars are centers for homosexuals more or less repressed before which I wonder in very serious tone and worried: those of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei S.It is chaired by. Mons. Guido Pozzo, that some of these institutions have given canonical recognition, in front of certain dances, “queers” before which many of our faithful amused laugh while others cry from sorrow, what do they do, in addition to pretend not to see and not to know?
      I have therefore decided not to open this chapter even painful and humiliating to which you mentioned with a joke unfortunately lapidary containing nothing but the truth.

      Regarding pluridivorziati: in some of these environments I have personally known in considerable number. I remember years ago, for example, a “aesthetics” Commissioning “ancient rite” celebrated the Pantheon by a team of clerics that seemed out of a picture of the early nineteenth century, which participated in a cloud of noble, more or less in vogue, or more or less fallen, besides an army of aspiring aristocrats; there were also a couple of members of the former royal house Italian, who were the first ahead of everyone to have a second wife married civilly, not to mention numerous among the various present.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      For a speech understandable modesty, what I hide under the cassock prefer not dirglierlo, fact is all well and good that a priest in public never fall style, aware of the sacredness that marked him and the sacred mysteries to which is assigned responsibility as a faithful instrument of grace.

  26. father ariel
    vivamaria says:

    I could hear his mother on the sidewalk where he worked, to have given birth to a son who writes like crap?

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      As I recall my mother worked in the sidewalk in front of the one where he worked his, But with a difference and a formal not exactly irrelevant: my mother, by its nature and character an honest woman, customers always gave the rest.

      Just a curiosity about the name "vivamaria" with whom he signed: with it you mean "Long live the Blessed Virgin Mary", or alive "Maria" (I assume also badly cut) maybe you smoke before writing certain things?

  27. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    What strange things that reserve life: Angels of the Lord, before even the most unworthy priests, step aside, why they, not participating as us to the ministerial priesthood of Christ, although angelic creatures are inferior to us in dignity; while good “traditionalists”, to the priests, insult them.

    Or good, caro “Defending Fidei” to begin with this masculine noun of the third declension of good Latin that we remove “s” final that there is like a finger stuck in … eye.
    I do not want, My dear, but you know how: the fathers of the Island of Patmos are the lovers of Latin; but the literary Latin caught by Marcus Tullius Cicero, of Lucretius, of Sant’Agostino, St. Anselm of Aosta, of St. Thomas Aquinas … not of latinetto clergyman of the late nineteenth century or the of the Latins liturgy of the early twentieth century that does dissolve “hearts” in the environments of this writing, evidently pricking in vivo.

    From Latin caught we turn now to the dogmatic sacramental, what a defender fidei – and not “Defenders” – should a bit’ know: the priesthood is not mine, Sacramento is a grace that I was given on loan to use to serve the Church and the People of God and that no one can take away, from the Roman Pontiff in person. I could be suspended divinis, I might be excommunicated and banished from the Church in cases of extreme gravity and danger of grave scandal for the People of God, but even if that happens, as suspended or excommunicated, would remain always a priest validly consecrated in Sacred Order of Priests. As no one could take away from her the Sacrament of Baptism, place the Sacraments mark us with an indelible seal and give us, as in the case of the Holy Order of Priests, a character.
    And you have not even priests and only for this world, but forever.

    I'll just teach catechism well in some quarters of the “Tradition” populated by such advocates fidei, congratulations!

  28. father ariel
    Defending Fidei says:

    Obscene, simply obscene! A priest who writes these things is not worthy of being a priest, and I think there is enough to take away the priesthood.

  29. hector says:

    Rev. P. Ariel,
    Cui bono MISUSE outcry towards the traditionalists? They are real enemies of the Church?
    Come on, are ancient, nostalgic, related to religion learned in the family,born and raised with the Catechism, with Commandments, Sacraments, Precepts, Virtue, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Works of mercy, etc. are children of their time, resent the news. They are good Christians, Devotees, attending churches and sacraments, recitano rosary, promote repairs, etc are grumblers “DEMODE”, more haughty than dangerous. Do not have an army, Rather “army Brancaleone” mercenary patched, distinct weapon specialty. poor affinity, many altercations, rare alliances, having as captains or a standard-bearer of the people by you, with so much honor, fraternally ammonite with metaphorical punches or kicks as new “pedagogy” morale. “Folklore elitist” more threatening! What about their referents ecclesiastical: deceased popes and cardinals, Bishops and priests living? We are the change of an era! Catholic is one who goes on the wings of faith by the grace that God has given him and pray for the Church of Christ and for the Pope.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      You are quite right: blame a Armata Brancaleone, is useless, rather, if so deserve to be accused of wasting my time with those who, upstream and downstream, however, does not think.
      The problem my, as a pastor in the care of souls, is what I try to explain in a few steps Article: many faithful disoriented, in our ecclesial climate of considerable confusion and instability, to seek answers or comfort are in good faith to drink to those sources, totally ignoring that are water sources poisoned.
      Just for that I made my “robbery”, to say and to explain that the books of certain authors and certain magazines telematics, sites and blogs are not reliable; that certain alleged ecclesiologists, theology, canonists … are not such, far are people who know little about the evidence shows the Catechism of the Catholic Church, while presuming to know and to indicate to others the true way.
      E’ was therefore good for many of our faithful who have written some things, precisely in order to prevent exchange quell'allegro scoundrel of Brancaleone da Norcia for Alexander the Great.
      Thank you for your timely comments always so relevant.

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