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The Christology of the Eucharistic light and darkness of totalitarian political and religious

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… it may happen that the blindness of Marxism and the blindness of certain expressions of religious life they meet, despite battling hard, united by materialism homocentric and Pelagian heresy


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo


[…] certain theological currents and religious have modulated their movements faith and thought drawingmarx unknowingly just by the enemy and was designed to combat: that Marxism applied in the communist regimes where the individual was emptied and turned into a gear that personality mass called State, a kind of perfect entity or so to say pseudo-divine that together with its leaders Charismatic could not be questioned. One should not overlook that Marxism is a "religion" atheist and that his structural system "dogmatic" is built on the patterns of their religious absolutism.

On the philosophical before theological, be depersonalized gear of a Marxist system is something antithetical to being members of the Mystical Body. As well as being impersonal gears of current theological thinking and religious systems modulated but not on the absolute theological ideology over absolutism is an antithesis to being members of the Mystical Body of the Church which is Christ, even worse, because while Marxism attacked the Church from outside these currents have struck from inside with the dryness of his thoughts de-structuring and confounding. And the leader of the twentieth century this de-structuring is confusing Karl Rahner.

Legionaries of Christ

Have many vocations, is really a test of the grace of the Holy Spirit? One of the new religious congregations in which are merged in time many vocations, including excellent and motivated young, subject for half a century to the dark figure of its founder in a regime of blind obedience which did not admit any critical sense. To the members of this congregation was also imposed vow of “noncritical” of superiors, perhaps in deference to the best Catholic criteria Faith and Reason?

On the structural currents Marxist totalitarian religious thread flourished in parallel in the history of the Church of the twentieth century who felt right to direct and control the human reason to “cristiano” order that they would not fall reasoning in sins of pride, that restricted his freedom as a child of God to spare the potential risk of falling from liberty to licentiousness, who judged the critical sense a sort of attack of lese majesty of God to cure readily with the panacea of ​​blind obedience … ebene, these religious totalitarianism plant pseudo neoscolastico based on the school's decadent late eighteenth century instead of the great heritage school whose recovery was hoped Encyclical Eternal Father, showed their historical closure spiritual and theological grace, their way of thinking-not stagnate, to act in confined spaces and limited to prevent any act independently in order to avoid some kind of pitfalls, the desire to close any question of doubt because they had an answer for everything metaphysical ready. And all this has marked several bursts of Pelagianism modern religious, if anything, even as the propagators of these thoughts were busy teaching Nature and Grace St. Augustine in the deepest deference to formal schemes of the best Catholic orthodoxy.

rigidity of thought


Their approach of thought practice of rigid, sometimes ruthless in his conceptual formalism exasperated and exasperating ricalcava often - unconsciously - the psychology of Pelagius: the belief that they can attain perfection through the rigor, self-discipline, the lack of any failure of any doubts or concerns; that expressed in more modern terms equivalent to Superman and to Will to Power Frederic Nietzsche modulated version religious. Some of these schools of thought in the late nineteenth and twentieth century have opened the season of religious quell'ateismo of one who closes his heart to the grace of God in the certainty of being able to achieve holiness with the rigor of the discipline within and without, we find precisely depicted in the diagrams Nietzschean de The Will to Power.

John Paul II signed fides et ratio

S.S. John Paul II signed the Encyclical Faith and Reason, next to him the then prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Ratzinger

Today we speak theologically with great ease of the theme Faith and Reason; argument certainly not new in the history and economy of salvation if we consider that was debated by the great Fathers of the Church: it was by the Cappadocian Fathers, by Anselm of Canterbury, by Thomas Aquinas, until reaching the Pope Pius IX who did write to the Vatican Council these words:

[…] although faith is above reason, there can never be any real discrepancy between faith and reason. The same God, indeed, who reveals mysteries and infuses faith, has also deposed the light of reason in the human […] not only faith and reason can never be in conflict with each other, but there may be a mutual help. The right reason, indeed, demonstrates the fundamentals of the faith, illuminated by its light can cultivate the science of divine things; faith liberates protects reason from errors and enhanced by multiple cognitions. Therefore, the church, is far from opposing to the study of the arts and human disciplines, anything but the favors and promotes in every way.

[..] what is the relationship between faith, reason and freedom within the religious orders and certain new religious congregations that in the season of Vatican II rewrite them all their constitutions to bring them to the theological thinking and pastoral reconcile, for example by deleting any reference to vague obsolete forms of blind obedience did not admit that human reason, prior to setting and tradition at the same Council of Trent, as well as in direct contradiction with the theological thought of the great Fathers of the Church?

immaculate Franciscans

The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, painful case of a congregation commissioner by the Holy See without many other, including several orders historians, we followed the same fate for reasons far more serious. To worsen the situation and cause tremendous damage to this Congregation is immediately rushed to the army of the so-called “traditionalists” who have used these religious to carry out their hatred of the Second Vatican Council and to legitimize the use of purely ideological old order posted

These questions, if they are never certain places "traditionalists" ideological diligent hunters heresies - including alleged heresies papal - before starting the attack with pathos liberal and democratic spirit referendum, then with a "petition", after the legitimate authority of the Church had decided to intervene on a young congregation within which were also emerging problems ecclesial theology, of proper discipline and adequate training? And in many respects the ecclesiastical authority has done well, why not healthy nor Catholic turn back the clock and to establish new criteria for religious training of models of late nineteenth century early twentieth century. But since this religious family celebrated with the old order of Mass, before the of the Latins reduced by certain “traditionalists” a fetish Pelagian, here you are immediately shown so concerned about the mote not see the beam, namely that proclaim “de facto” the dogma of Mary Co and determine its theology and worship internally and massive campaign of external diffusion, is much worse than the de-construction of the dogma of implementation from the worst abuses of the New Theology; because "proclaim" or "give to the existing" a Marian dogma that to date, the Church has never meant to proclaim - something that personally I'm happy - it's much worse than the de-construct and destroy the dogmas of faith proclaimed by the Church. All to sing it in an honest and truthful to certain ideologues “tradition” which for months have unnecessarily repeated in numerous private interviews that the problem was not the Missal of St. Pius V, that therefore stop using those poor friars for ideologize a missal and to legitimize themselves. How many of these people have explained in tone hugging the supplication that I myself had ceased to make references in my articles in the affairs of this congregation, after having a trial and error that the problems were others and not the Mass according to the old rite? On the results - or better: not on the results - overflight bitterly, I believe, however, that anyone would seriously question the instrumental way in which these friars were damaged by “traditionalists” d'assault, able to bring everything, even the art of pastry napolenata, to a matter of old order posted … unable to understand, although it had been explained to them, which is not always "Paris is worth a Mass", When he had to say that cynical Huguenot Henry IV of Bourbon. And having said this, I avoid going into all the theological merits of the stubborn closure to God's grace typical of those who are certain that they possess the Truth and are the only faithful propagators of it., even against the Authority of the Church …

Judge always pernicious theology of Karl Rahner, but the honest intellectual and my gherardiniCatholic faith requires me to state that rightly and legitimately criticize this German theologian, to reach through it to affect, if not worse to invalidate the authority of the Second Vatican Council, is much worse than giving life to confused, equivocal and ambiguous theory “anonymous Christians”. This thing that our venerable and wise fellow of the caliber of Brunero Gherardini should teach us all, in old age, rather than lend to certain misunderstandings that revolve around the theory of that Council “Pastoral only” who for years sends sollucchero the best of the worst of a certain “traditionalism”, that on the concept of “pastoral council”, ergo undogmatic, ended up sentencing: … “namely that counts for nothing”; abusing and spending in support of such aberrant argument the name of this illustrious theologian who never would support similar things, simply because he has not ever think, being a man of God devoted to the Authority of the Church and an authentic master of theology.

Serafino Lanzetta

Father Serafino Lanzetta, young man of deep Christian piety, acute theologian with genuine talent, received their training within the Congregation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Even a diamond can however be license for about an entire religious institution, just as one swallow does not make spring can. Father Serafino is a license credit for the Church and for the world theological, that despite the tough times today can give birth thinkers like him.

Overflight total lack of consistency on the part of these ideologues of "tradition" who for years have taken to pull Brunero Gherardini to the edges of the garment. Subjects which on one hand are capable - and they did, written and published several times - to enhance the encyclical Wondering You Gregory XVI, in which they are expressed in the distant 1832, or in a completely different world, society and political contexts, Also words of condemnation towards the freedom of thought and press, or towards the concept of separation of church and state ... And finally calling it the application salutary in the Church today. Without this, enhance and put into practice, however, forms of liberal democracy referendum against the ecclesiastical authority in the Church (!?). I wonder: I lost something, I'm being inconsistent, or maybe these ideologues “tradition” to have serious problems in their relationship with the alleged insane Catholic tradition, the ecclesiology and above the legitimate authority of the Church?

Cop Francescani.indd

Regarding those who insist on doing a job that is not their, refer to’ article by Father John Cavalcoli on fantateologia journalists, then the ecclesiologists and canonists variously improvised … WHO

This Congregation to which an army of preface "Traditionalist" fasts of theology and ecclesiology have ended sadly with the situation worse by using it for their own ideological purposes, maybe I will devote a separate written, if I have time; it is said, however, that time and he has to do it, wanting to take care of the most interesting things in the course of decades of life that separate me from my death, fixed roughly around 120 years of age, as He has entrusted the Blessed Person of the Holy Spirit the apostolic mission to gnaw different livers.




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  1. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    I submitted the pleading because I felt was made in good faith, civil and decent, far away from the sectarian tone, sententious other sites "traditionalists" and who can not tolerate distinctions,dissent,replica. Indeed in the caption to the photo of the group and in the call to P. Lanzetta, I caught a note of regret nell'inciso "without many others(congregations), including several orders historians, we followed the same fate for reasons far more serious ". Thanks for the clarification, confirming what already stated in’ item. The existence of "problems of ecclesial theology, of proper discipline and adequate training "and later almost to" proclaim "in fact" the.. "In the article, in tune with the contributions of M. Livi and P. Horses, the emphasis was more on that congregation, sull'improprio and deleterious side role played by the ideologues of Tradition and journalists "variously as improvised ecclesiologists, theology, canonists ". This rule abnormal, she repeated, is encountered in all blogs, even non-religious themes: "Fideists" touchy, susceptible. I took too many. Thank you

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      If we take the author of the article that you quoted me and one by one the show that the “counts of” they do exist, but by a speech of Christian charity the ecclesiastical authority has avoided giving unnecessary publicity to a series of unpleasant matters on the theological, formative, disciplinary and also asset, these will answer that it is not true, Why, as I explained, is at stake The old rite of the Mass transformed by these fringe ideology and unfortunately in the battlefield.
      The mention just a point in which the author to whom she refers writes:

      8 – You tried to “TREATMENT”, probably also for his kindness to brothers and sisters FI, the Bishop of Albenga Mgr Mario Olivieri

      The truth, Unfortunately, is instead a completely different: this bishop, always beloved by the world of “Tradition”, welcomed in his diocese and consecrated in the priesthood also subjects that the altar of the Eucharistic Sacrifice should never have to approach even as altar boys; including those expelled from religious houses and more than a seminar for reasons moral serious, etc … etc … Having said that I do not mean unnecessarily detailing facts and events that in some cases have also affected the judiciary; facts and events that are for me severely damaging to the dignity of the priestly order and personally I could mention and detailing only if doing so would be done the good of the Church. For who has read my books and miscellaneous writings, knows what I am opposed to hide the dirt under the carpet, and, if necessary, to carry out certain rots, I paid in the first person of very high taxes. At the same time, however, are opposed to turning the ladle into the murky when it would not produce any good at all neither the Church nor the Christi faithfuls, because it would be nothing short of shameful thing for a servant of the Church and its pastor in charge of the care of souls, engage in chatter end in itself.

      All this reflecting the fact that – pass me the paradox really absurd – if a priest “traditionalist” sgozzasse a child into the baptismal font, these ideologues “most holy” Traditio would find a way to justify it, or try anyway to say that is not true, if the priest celebrated in Latin with the Missal of St. Pius V.
      No coincidence I defined them as communists Italian and French before the Russian tanks that invaded Prague silent, why so act always acolytes of ideologies that serve their own truth rather than the truth of the Word of God made man, through that obedience in faith passing of need through obedience to legitimate authority of the Church, What this does not mean to be neither “normalists” neither “papacechists”, but simply Catholics.

      In his penultimate article [2001 Space Odyssey: The fantateologia of some journalists], Father John Cavalcoli explained in a masterly way that it would be prudent to avoid improvise of theologians, ecclesiologists, Church historians, canonists, etc … because there are people that certain individual disciplines have devoted a lifetime of study and practice, and when they express themselves on certain subjects always do with knowledge of the facts and with such prudence. Unlike certain internettari and blogghettari which just a keyboard and an internet connection to sow every evil sort of nonsense and presenting them to the public as if they were expressions outputs from the divine person of the Word of God.

  2. vincenzodatorino says:

    The commissioner of the FI having no direct experience of the Friars prefer not vouch without trying to read up on different sources.
    I think that the Vatican has had valid reasons to act that unfortunately can not express publicly just to the right and discretion useless mudslide. Hence the accusation of a commissioner made on nothing, worse for purely ideological reasons ie action of the usual modernist.
    It should be clear now that all religious owe obedience to the Church and not always to their superiors, when these are replaced authority.
    Therefore seems absurd to the invitation to disobedience made by De Mattei and C.. How absurd is the alienation of goods by the Vatican Congregation without authorization.
    Understandable discomfort in seeing its founder ousted, but it must be remembered that the Church is always approving or not. I have no doubt that this congregation has great merits, visas of esteem received from many quarters. However we must also hear other bells, such as the Friar of the Immaculate Father Alessandro M. Calloni: “Santo Padre Manelli has anche …saint?” etc.
    Thanks Don Ariel for his writings.

  3. gianlub1 says:

    The Lords of CR ChiesaePostconcilio and Manetti did not respond because what he said about the Father Ariel FI is rubbish and these true Catholics have no time to waste to run after all the speculations and hallucinations that are exchanged as does Father Ariel executioners (Bergoglio and Co) with the victims of these suprusi (The Franciscans of the Immaculate), Since it is also a lawyer because you do not inform on Father Carballo (a participant in the receivership) implicated in fraudulent bankruptcy.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      The answer to order:

      1. The trash is being demonstrated and it is argued using the gift of faith, which implies charity, hence the reason, to be free from moods and ideologies; and the people that you cite are not free in thought and judgment, is proved by the fact that when you stay involved in unpleasant events was recently the Bishop of Albenga, celebrated darling of the world traditional, thanks to the situations of unspeakable clergy, all the champions of the tradition to which you refer, their magazines and blogs have been shut up exactly as they remained silent communists Italian and French when the tanks invaded Prague, proof of the fact that certain “Catholics” are ideologues who use towards the Church approaches incorrect political, sociological and especially ideological, because nothing like the ideology blinds and angry if necessary.

      2. Find a single line of my book or an article of mine in which dares to take the liberty to say who is right and who is not Catholic, not as I had no authority to impose excommunication. As priest and theologian can only say, in the exercise of my sacred ministry, in total obedience to the doctrine and teaching of the Church and with proper manners, What is Catholic and what is not; but determine who is Catholic and non-Catholics, this is up to the Authority of the Church, not to me, imagine if it is to her that it was not established to the sacrament of grace nor pastor in charge of souls nor master believers of Christ.

      3. The one she calls with contempt “Bergoglio” is the Roman Pontiff, legitimate successor of Peter, to whom Christ himself has mandated full, immediate and supreme power over the universal Church. The Supreme Pontiff may please her or not like – something completely irrelevant – But one thing is certain: as a Catholic she must first respect and reverence for the mystery that embodies [cf. Mt 16:14-18] and if necessary to obey, unless they ask things against the doctrine and Catholic morality, something that until now has never happened.

      4. As for Father Carballo to which you refer, I can try them – I assertions that I support them with evidence – that the Church is full of figures who have not actively participated in “commissioners” but the drafting of dogmatic truths of faith which are now well defined and that the characters were immoral, simonists, corrupt and so. Mi tip: dobbbiamo abolish some’ dogmas defined, considering that the list of signatories of various councils, all made prior to “demonic” e “apostate” Vatican II, are their signatures?

      And now do something: go to that good man the Father Stefano Maria Marinelli and ports one after another all comments overflowing insults to the Pope that she usually writes in the name of no one knows what true Catholic tradition; comments that this is not the online magazine published because if she insults me, I feel almost obliged to publish the insult, but if she insults the Holy Father, neither my brother nor I the Island of Patmos presteremmo never be her sounding board. And after having reported to the Father Stefano all its sequela of insults on the Pontiff “heretic”, “apostate”, “Antichrist” and so on, write to us and tell us what she has answered the founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, that never would question the authority of the Church and the reigning Pontiff, because that the facts show without penalty denial from his: the founding father has never opposed the action of the Holy See. All this shows just how much people like her have severely damaged the Franciscans of the Immaculate trying to use them and abuse them as flag idelogica against Vatican II and against the liturgical reform sanctioned by Sacrosanctum Concilium.

      • gianlub1 says:

        First point: Bergoglio is not because Pontiff, as well as the same newspaper had to be admitted, yet the present Pope Benedict XVI was made to resign as a result of mold Masonic conspiracy, so this is already more than enough reason to assert that no conclave was to be held with a Pontiff still alive and given the adverse conditions. But then just see what he has said and done in the almost 2 years to remove any doubt about the legitimacy not to the Pontifical Throne of Bergoglio. So I have not criticized a pontiff Bergoglio simply because it is not. Second point: the story of the Bishop of Albenga stà to demonstrate ( but it would be needed) the struggle waged by Bergoglio against Catholic clergy (those that the wolves in sheep's call “Traditionalists”) also seen as contrary to the Vatican he encounters heretics and immoral of every stripe welcoming them with kindness (is very helpful to the “Pannella” shift) so what more wonderful opportunity to hunt a Catholic Bishop pretext facts certainly not “edifying” occurred in the Diocese. Catholicism was not founded by cxix.

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Although what I embitter, because I confess that I would like you belong to another religion, I note that she is Catholic; a Catholic who unfortunately denies the fundamental basis of the same Church built by Christ on the rock of Peter. I am saddened that you despise the supreme authority of the Church with such arrogance, arrogance and blatant hatred, claiming the right to define the reigning Pontiff a real anti-pope, thus picking up on the right and left of the scraps of writings and turning them often in the exact opposite of what they say in the context, such as the writing of Avvenire from her so brutally extrapolated and manipulated.

          Reassures me that she – as much in his own way – both Catholic and a citizen of the Italian Republic, because this makes it harmless. Indeed, if the spirit that animates she belonged to certain groups or fundamentalist Hindus and Muslims were citizens of other countries, almost certainly would be today around the world in the name of the slain “his” God and the “its” truth infidels Christians who worship false idols.

          I have given you, with due pastoral charity, not so much the opportunity to express its obvious errors, but to repent. Did this to inform you that from now on every comment will be trashed, because of this our online magazine, through which three priests seek to serve and to spread the best teaching of the Church and its magisterium, she is not welcome guest. The network sites and blogs are full of so-called “traditionalists”, “sedevacantists” and holders in various capacities for the truth, with whom she will find all the necessary space for insulting the Supreme Pontiff, the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Church of the last fifty years.

          May the grace of God that can transform even the stones in children of Abraham to be able to penetrate her; if she will allow the grace of God – that never would and never has turned against the freedom of man – to penetrate the depths of his conscience and convert to the hope and charity.

          • father ariel
            Don Emanuele says:

            I have thirty years and a priest for two and I sincerely hope to be able one day to become a priest like you.
            A hug, dearest father Ariel.

          • father ariel
            Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

            Dear Brother.

            Spare the embrace with deep priestly fraternity, but please, tries to focus really much higher, then hopes to one day become a priest like St. John Vianney. Because in this we are all called through the waters of our baptism, to become saints. As priests, we are then called to further the mission, to sanctify the People of God.
            Believe me, I tell you convinced and certainly not false humility priestly: I am really a small thing, in earnest, believe me …

  4. father ariel
    Michele De Vito says:

    Rev. father ariel, far from me a defense motion not required. This is evident: she pulled (jauntily) a blow to the Roman Match, its branch Riscossa Christian, at Church&postcouncil, to Manetti who published a book on the FI and many more of the world than the Tradition that she always puts in quotes … insults aside, and perhaps influenced by my profession of lawyer (which leads me to think in terms of evidence), I have to ask myself a question that others should also ask yourself: how come none of these gentlemen replied to his lashes on this story? Usually (so I experience teaches), is silent when subjects without credibility and authority to shoot zero. While for its credibility and authority do not write what I think even as a little above responded by saying that they gave her some compliments to the point of embarrassment not to publish.
    Wishes for happy 2015 also Cavalcoli father and to Bishop. Livi and thanks for the work you are doing in support of all the Catholic minds free and thinking, Today disoriented, that you have quickly found a lifeline.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Thank you on behalf of myself and my two older brothers Antonio and Giovanni Livi Cavalcoli; but as you can see below, there are those who are of another opinion …

  5. father ariel
    Andrea Naldoni says:

    I do not think my father Ariel needs the defense motion but I find it shocking that a priest ends publicly insulted for expressing an opinion, and I find it disturbing that a guy who calls himself “true Catholic” uses to a priest a language from longshoreman. father ariel, acutely, sang it clear to those who had, in my opinion also right: some people did not care of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, what interested him was the glutton pretext for ideology, only cursed, indeed damned ideology.
    The answer is no arguing and insulting.
    Because the Island has published these comments so insulting?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Andrea.

      The comments he has not published the editorial but me and I'll explain why: repeatedly came comments so excited that I responded privately to different readers thanking them and telling him that certain judgments so flattering could be sent directly to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. So I explained that enter at the bottom of my article lavish compliments so I would have embarrassed.
      This is to say that the comments of our readers not only, are flattering, but sometimes they are to the point of creating precisely embarrassed to publish, at least as far as I'm concerned.
      I am unable to censor, despite the trivial fall style, a subject that I will appeal calling me an "ass-licker" , thing in its own way also fun, because as I read I thought about the kind of reaction I might have if someone, parlandomi your per your, to tell me in the face in a serious and convinced ... I fear that the happiest of all might be his dentist.

      • father ariel
        Don Severino says:

        well, I remember that in the priestly house where we lived in Rome, when two masons were unable to move a heavy marble you arrived you to move it alone … that another dentist …

        • father ariel
          Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

          Dear Brother,

          Perhaps it is good to me refresh your memory I: that day I had spent all morning to your room to give you a hand for your thesis about “weight” Holy Spirit in the Trinitarian dogma, then we passed from hand to hand texts pneumatology for several hours. What do you want it to move a marble in the afternoon, after it has been all morning to move a “weight” how the Holy Spirit?
          Do you always feel so happy, a hug and best wishes for your sacred ministry.

    • gianlub1 says:

      The S Vetus Ordo Mass she calls her ideology? But she knows that what she indicates how ideology is the only Catholic Mass? seen that the Novus Ordo is a blending of Protestantism and Catholicism and whose fruits are visible to everyone? Empty churches, seminars empty, secularization etc. etc.

  6. father ariel
    gianlub says:

    For what he wrote on the Franciscans of the Immaculate one would say that she makes use drugs that procure states hallucinogens.
    Shame on you.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Very expensive.

      I assure you that I will speak with my pusher La Paz, begging him not to send me more stuff from Bolivia badly cut.

  7. father ariel
    Verocattolico says:

    … mi tip, because of his indecent Licking ass to the torturers of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, which they promised the bishopric?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Verocattolico.

      I am sure that she has studied the etiquette in Cambridge, because the idiom used reminds me of my distant past at the university of that city.
      No, no bishopric they promised me, because I was aiming a lot higher and have been granted to that effect.
      Soon I will appoint Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans.
      Lord bless you.

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