Muslims and communists. The case of the magazine Charlie Hebdo and the limits of “satire”



In the massacre of Paris we saw a brazen attack, Front and barbaric against Christianity by two forces occasionally joint, as each other in some respects ferocious enemy: Communism and Islamism.


John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli OP


the maiden raped by Magi

Cover blasphemous before which the usual … “Catholic bigots” might even get annoyed, to see the Mother of God to which the champions of freedom of thought and expression have dedicated this title: “The Holy Virgin raped by three kings”

The tragedy of the massacre in Paris of the editors of the periodical Communist Charlie Hebdo at the hands of Islamic terrorists suggests some reflections. First, we ask what we need to give moral judgment or evaluation, as Catholics, the shocking event; which may be the meaning or consequences of something so horrible for many reasons, a fact which marks a step in the escalation of forces in the most anti-Christian and anti-human against Christianity and civilization. Secondly we will ask what may have been the causes near and far. Thirdly we will ask ourselves what we can do because they are not repeated such facts.

The first feeling that there is in the soul is that of deep mourning for the dead, Editors, bombers, innocent victims taken hostage, officers order. People tend to think, to speak frankly, that editors such a disgrace if they are pulled on him, knowing the susceptibility of Muslims. A thought then for the dead: disdain for terrorists, pity for the victims, admiration for the heroism of the agents. We invoke for terrorists the God of justice and mercy. As for Christians, they also disgustingly targeted by satire sacrilegious, obviously feel hurt. But draw from this episode only an incentive to testify more clearly and suasività their faith, praying for the conversion of the wicked. We wish to courts competent to operate wisely and effectively to restore this incresciosissimo and difficult case the rights of the injured justice and apply the law with justice towards the people involved on both sides.


charlie-hebdo - Trinity

Freedom of thought and expression. Cover blasphemous on the Holy Trinity.

The first thing that I feel I have to say is that in the massacre of Paris I seem to see the intersection of two factors potent anti-Christian, that are strengthening today internationally against Christianity, that seem to be worth more than ever the words of Psalm: "The kings of the earth rise up and princes plot together against the Lord and against his Messiah" [Shall 2,2]. I take as a reference point for the reflections that I propose the cartoon blasphemy against the Holy Trinity, cartoon that, as a result of the attack, now all know, or because it was slammed in their face by the media or because if I went to look for morbidly, that has been around the world, for the belief in many widespread here that there is in the game the defense of freedom of expression.

At the same time the infamous magazine has dramatically increased sales, This is evidence of the level of cultural interests of many of our contemporaries, edified by the heroic witness of the martyrs communists. We know on the other hand we Catholics as the sublime mystery of the Trinity is the heart and the summit of Christianity and are differentiated from all other religions and cultures of humanity. So, hit or deride this most sacred mystery of universal salvation, means undermining its essence more and more profound and of Christianity, for those who do so knowingly and willingly, involves incurring the lightnings of God's wrath, as well as to offend the faith of all Christians.

charlie-hebdo- Christmas

Blasphemous depiction of the nativity of Jesus Christ: “The crib in public places”. The Word of God, that for our faith became man and died and rose again, taken and thrown into a latrine by these cartoonists in the name of freedom of thought and expression …

In fact in Paris we saw a brazen attack, Front and barbaric against Christianity by two forces occasionally joint, as each other in some respects ferocious enemy: Communism and Islamism. Joint attack, because both reject the Trinitarian mystery. But there is a significant difference, that while the Muslim rejects the Trinity in the name of God or of how he conceives God, and then in the name of religion, the communist atheist rejects religion as such, whether Christian or Muslim. For the Muslim religion ennobles and saves man; for the communist tricks him and makes him a slave. So the impiety of the Communist is more serious than that of the Muslim. These at least accept God, although he does not believe in Christ, and pays reverence to God; the Communist, instead, as is known, denies the existence of God and hates the very idea of ​​God and then neglect to worship Him and to obey Him, replacing God himself. With Muslim you can arrange in interreligious dialogue, and in the worship of the God of which all reasonable men know how to grasp the existence, even if they have the grace to accept the mystery of the Trinity.

charlie hebdo - Benedict XVI

Blasphemous cover that laughs at the Eucharistic Mystery represented through the display of a condom for the work of these masters of freedom of thought and expression

Unfortunately, with the Communists, we can not give even the existence of God and there remains for us Catholics who hope that at least they understand something of human dignity. It remains only, for dialogue with the Communists, the reason, that we and they possess as human beings (animal rationale). The truth that is not little, suppository in their good will. Apart from the fact that many of them may be in good faith and implicitly serve God through service to others.

What is the meaning, the meaning of what they have accomplished killers? What they intended to do, at least from what we can see or conjecture, the protagonists of the tragedy, where on one hand we talk about the martyrs of freedom and on the other end of the martyrs of Allah? Would to God that all those who were involved in that bloody, though objectively wicked or killers, acted in good faith, so as to meet all in paradise, as Paul met Stefano! But I have my doubts, because unfortunately we are far from the gigantic size of those two heroes of Christianity. But that's not what I want to talk, mysterious thing, for which I refer to the judgment of God.

Charlie Hebdo - Virgin Mary

Cover blasphemous parturition of the Virgin Mary, within a sneer on “The true story of Jesus“, through the work of the masters of freedom of thought and expression …

Instead, what I want to emphasize is that, during this episode extremely significant and almost paradigmatic of the situation we are experiencing epochal, two serious faults objective, regardless of the good or bad faith of the actors, emerge clearly: a, matrix liberal, effect of a skeptical and relativist epistemology, which does not limit the freedom of opinion in matters of religion, up to allow the vilification, l'mockery, l'imposture, defamation, the lie, l'insult, the injury. In this conception, Today authoritative in terms of the constitutional system of Western states and civil law, religious belief or religious faith, whether Christian or Muslim or Jewish or of any other kind, not affect the truth or justice, or the public good, but are mere private opinions, mostly fabulous and maybe superstitious, however overcome by science, which, if you give them the public space, they would become, sources of fanaticism and intolerance.

hedbo - jesus magician next week we will do that the resurrection

blasphemous cover on the Mystery of the Resurrection, Jesus announces the magician “Next week I will make the number of the resurrection”. The masters of the free freedom of thought and expression knew very well that the resurrection of Christ is the foundation of our faith …

Note then the hypocrisy and cunning of the Communists, operating in democratic countries without being in government. As long as they are not in power, advancing the right to freedom of expression for their mockery and slanderous campaigns and to spread their lies in religion. But only that they reach the power, As history demonstrates, no longer tolerate any dissent Marxist ideology and start a fierce and systematic anti-religion, choking with violence any attempt of self-defense on the part of believers. So much for freedom of expression, from their defense with protest marches, when they are still in power. But today makes its way more and more arrogance and Islamic fanaticism, which, after fourteen centuries of attempts never succeeded, realizing the crisis in the Church, the decline in many of the certainties of faith, and abandonment of Christian customs, see for example the decline in religious practice or family crisis or sexual corruption, believe that it is now approaching the time to give the final blow to Christianity, possibly with the conquest of Rome, as at the time they did with Constantinople, so as to finally subdue the whole world to the Koran.

Charlie Hebdo - jesus casinos

Cover blasphemous: Jesus operates the casino table, mocking image which enhances the highest concepts freedom of thought and expression …

Like this, on one hand we have the impiety that mocks profanely, own Communists, the other witness the religious zeal violent and cruel Muslims, who continue somewhat anachronistically the style of the Old Testament prophets or leaders, an example of Mattathias, who, as Scripture tells, having witnessed an act of idolatrous worship of a compatriot, “ass very di; twitched his bowels and he seethed with righteous anger. But when it was ahead of the race, jew killed the altar; Also killed in the same time the king's messenger, which forced to sacrifice, and destroyed the altar. He zeal for the Law” [I Mac, 2,24-26]. It is clear that we Christians, with all due respect for the Bible, we passed by a piece these attitudes even praised by the Old Testament. Christ taught us ensure justice for the wicked, but especially, his example, meekness, sacrifice and trust in divine mercy, all being called to salvation.

charlie-hebdo- crucifixion

Blasphemous cartoon on the crucifixion turned into a magazine of vaudeville. Even non-believers remain humanly touched thinking about this terrifying and painful punishment of the ancient Roman criminal law, But not the masters of freedom of thought and expression

One may wonder, however, if it is the case that the law of the State, without imposing or prohibit a given religion, for which it has no jurisdiction, imposing a limit to the extreme expressions of atheism, where they clearly do not offend this or that religion positive or revealed, both Christian, both Muslim, either the Jewish or other, but the natural religion as such. The state certainly can not enter into the merits of the various positive religions and their dogmas and not competent to judge their disputes, that must be addressed and resolved by the respective communities believers. However the State, without being confessional, should be aware of the fundamental importance of theism, no matter what, are Christian, Jewish or Islamic, in order to guarantee or ensure the welfare, order and justice in society, as well as the common good, the pace, liberty and security of the same State. The story in fact demonstrates that the state officially atheist, as indeed the State expressly confessional, is the source of totalitarianism, intolerance, of economic disruption, injustice and social disorder, which then lead to subversion, the suppression of freedom and anarchy.


… freedom of thought and expression

Apart from the advantage of the right to religious freedom, the citizen can actually qualify, civil legal modern, not to be religious or not to profess any religion; However, the state must ensure through appropriate provisions that the mere agnosticism or religious indifference does not become positive struggle, insult or ridicule of religion, because it would threaten the same good state and civil order. The State atheist, that it intends to destroy the Church and religion, signing his sentence, as demonstrated by history. Instead the theocratic state or cesaropapista, that deifies himself, as found in Hegel and in Freemasonry, purporting to guarantee the human civilization, Justice, freedom and happiness, replacing the Church or enslaving themselves to the Church, has also voted to failure, as is well demonstrated by the history, see fascism and Nazism. But also the State Lutheran, which claims to organize the Church, and the same Islamic state which claims to guide man in paradise, are harmful illusions, that end up causing all sorts of conflict, of oppression and injustice, as always is demonstrated by history. The State must be the promoter of the human, while the Church creates the children of God. But if the state does not respect the Church and does not cooperate with you in building the human, turns against man and destroys it.

inside sticker

… freedom of thought and expression

If Europe has universal values ​​and beneficial for all mankind, it has two thousand years of Christianity. Doubt these values ​​in the name of a false modernity or a false progress, denying the sound traditions, means to reopen the doors to barbarism and tragedies of the past, you thought outdated. It means falling into the hands of that communism, that some deceptively thought over and condemned by history, and that quell'Islam, noting the weakness and laziness of Europe, believes that now is the time to make us his slaves. I remember that about twenty-thirty years ago we talked with some satisfaction, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Of “end of ideologies”. Wishful thinking! They now have more lives, fierce intransigent than ever and came even in the Church with the ruthless struggle between modernists and lefevriani. The State, for its part, always preserves a precious task: one side has to ensure order and freedom through peaceful methods; but must also be able to intervene at the right time to oppose the forces of violence, oppression, terrorism, subversion or fanaticism, in order to defend and protect the interests, the safety and rights of individuals and the population, especially the weakest and most defenseless. This applies as much to the social harm caused by Islam, As for those caused by atheistic communism.

weekly - papa

Insult to the person of the Supreme Pontiff, within the number copious saga of insults to Benedict XVI, also the manfestazione freedom of thought and expression

It is not necessary to recall in brief the historical causes of Islamism and Communism. We remember only, But, that to effectively remove bad, must go to the roots. The deepest roots are in that diabolical tendency to hate Christ, call from the New Testament “Antichrist”, consequence of original sin, that always pushes in the history of sin and injustice. We have come today to this humanitarian crisis and ecclesial because in past centuries the Church has not worked properly for the evangelization of Muslims and communists. Too you stopped to condemn the errors and too little has been done to promote dialogue. The risk today is the inverse: that of a dialogue end in itself that stops the common points and do not invite the other party to correct from their mistakes. One important thing to do to resolve this difficult situation is that the Church, in concert with international organizations for peace and human rights, take studies or agreements with the Islamic religious communities to advance the dialogue on the subject of monotheism, so as to eliminate the communist atheism. Also need agreements between democratic states and Islamic states, so that even those inside them from granting the right to religious freedom renouncing Islam State.

vignette_hedbo fascist priests

… and could possibly miss the “priests fascists”?

As for the supernatural element or revealed religion, as for example in Christianity is given the mystery of the Trinity, This is the field of competence of the Church. It should be about it, based on the similarities between Christianity and Islam, reported by the Second, organize an action or a pastoral in favor of Muslims, which helps them to free themselves from the errors contained in the Koran - especially the opposition to the Trinitarian mystery -, so as to be able to approach, with the help of grace, the mystery of the Trinity, and in general to the truths of the Christian faith. Finally, we need to advance the dialogue with non-believers and the Communists in order to persuade them with evidence and testimony convincing to recognize the existence of God and remove the obstacles that oppose religion. With the Communists must talk on the basis of the simple reason, heritage belongs to every man. Democratic states founded on universal human rights recognized by the United Nations (HIM-HER-IT), with the diplomatic support of the Church, have a duty to defend by force of arms or coercion democracy, Justice, the pace, freedom and the common good endangered by violence communist or Islamic. Next, as regards Christians, remember the precious witness of martyrdom, that was and is always a determining factor of the spread of Christianity among peoples, as Tertullian says: The blood of the martyrs, the seed of Christians.

charlie-hebdo- We come to you muhammad jpg

The epilogue of the cartoons “satirical” against Islam, that we have deliberately not mentioned in this article, They were 12 murdered dead

One important thing to note is finally the mystery of the Parousia. Christ predicts that the imminence of the end of the world, the Church will be severely persecuted: "You will be hated by all nations for my name's sake. Shall many be offended, and shall betray and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and deceive many; because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will grow cold ". Seem today's times. But there is a difference. Continue the Lord: "Meanwhile, this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world, because a witness to all nations " [Mt 24, 9-14]. There are areas for truth immense human, which is not yet preached the Gospel: we think of Communist China, India Hindu, Ad huge area animist o o idolatriche dell'Africa dell'Oceania, to the same Islamic countries. For this post-conciliar Popes, taking driven by the same Council, invite urgently evangelization, order to fulfill the mandate of Christ and prepare, when the Father will, his Advent.

Fontanellato, 15 January 2015

In a few days on the Isle of Patmos continue on this issue with a new article by Father John Cavalcoli: «Killing in the name of God»


Author DRAFTING of the Island of Patmos

of the island of Patmos

we chose to accompany in this article a series of images that the magazine “satirical” French vibrate as stab wounds to the heart of the Christian sentiment. Crude images and fiercely offensive through which wanted only help graphically Father John Cavalcoli to make the way the idea of ​​what he wrote. Moreover it is public images spread hundreds of thousands of copies printed and available in the electronic network through any search engine. But we have not inserted, purposely, images direct to the Islamic world, because the way in which they have insulted our faith is more than enough, without the need to insert images “satirical” towards the faith of others.

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  1. senior38 says:

    I fully agree with p .Livi sull'inopportunità to publish the rubbish from your side! To understand the enormity of the offense was enough to publish two or three of the less scurrilous. It is not true that everyone now had seen them on the web; I had not felt the need at all, Having enough (and advanced) the simple description of the crudest. Even now I have not had the courage to look at them all! This spread seems to me almost a partnership in the bad. (And then I do not understand why the symbols of Islam deserve more respect than those of our religion…) And when I heard the news I thought: it's really true, God not only pays to Saturday!

  2. vincenzodatorino says:

    It seems inappropriate to speak so insistently “communism”, by which time the real communism and ideological is gone permanently, except for some insignificant fringe, while we have a left and a radical democratic left. The radical left is typically French Voltairean especially in its “crushed the infamous” maintaining Marxist aversion to religion as the opium of the people and is materialistic as a fundamental value. Instead, what is worrying is the ideology of the ruling liberal-Masonic at the highest political levels that cultural both in Europe as in the US and UN.. Here is the real battle as Catholics and not only: the imposition of the single thought in the name of freedom without limits and a humanism values ​​relativists and atheists. So it seems to me. Thanks peri your writings.

    • yr says:

      I totally c'accordo with Vincenzo, even if I take his distinction between the radical left and the Democratic Left.
      The problem today is not communism, but the radical ideology. Just to do some’ of confusion, maybe use the word “radical” in a sense different from that in which he used it Vincenzo. I'm talking about the ideology of the Radical Party: liberal, liberal and libertarian. The radicals have always taken an insignificant percentage in the elections but they were able to influence society in the deep, and now everyone thinks like them.
      This position actually denies that there is an anthropology, and then pretend that man can do what he wants.
      Communism was perhaps the most noble of this ideology, because if I do not go astray in some way recognize the existence of an anthropology.
      Moreover, liberalism lived today seems less noble liberalism as could exist in theory, because it is attached to the frame of mind that liberal ideas. As just one example, the alleged right to abortion, that a true liberal should abhor.

  3. hector says:

    In the preparation of Charlie Hebdo, they figured (some were killed in the attack) and still appear there several Masons. The evidence of the official messages of condolence to some French lodges relatives of the victims and that he will also express official from the main lodge to the corresponding Italian sister transalpine. The ganglia of this “malapianta demonic – heartless, devious, enemy of the Church” are even more insidious and harmful because it has long been his followers “known and secrets” (president, ministry, bankers, economists, financiers, professionals, Industrial,etc and there are rumors some men of the Church) dictate the agenda and monopolize political events, economic, Financial,civil liberties and religious etc. worldwide,including Italy, Their influence is far more important than the current few islands of communist ideology. In the article the theme is just mentioned, it would not be appropriate to frame it and deepen it to unmask the ability to camouflage. Thank you.

  4. hector says:

    Skewer. Drafting,
    This is your home and you can freely publish all the photos that you feel more consistent and appropriate in support of your insights. Often the images seem thrown together at random and are not relevant, almost in dystonia, to the subject, except that the intent of your “art editor” hiding subliminal messages. Which guest, in deference to the good manners, I have always respected the rules of the landlord, I never raised specific objection. This time, although it ye ​​offer the reasons, with equal frankness, I think your decision a serious fall style. The publication of the cartoons “basfeme” adds nothing to the arguments above proposals (on which I intend to speak or not), much less was required here provide the evidence of the guilt of “Anarchists, agnostics provocateurs” Too much honor to call it satire!. With unchanged.

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dearest Ettore,

      I answer instead of Father John Cavalcoli because they are directly responsible for the choice.
      I assure you that we thought very carefully before inserting images in the article this week, What we have done – and imagine how disgusted – after having found that not a few Catholics, and unfortunately even some priests, stated that there was no need to take it in an exaggerated way to the “undoubtedly irreverent satire” that there have always been since the period of the French Revolution to follow throughout the period of the Enlightenment.
      Not the few people – priests included – which are expressed in this way, But they did not clear the contents of this infamous weekly, as rightly defined our Author.
      I can tell you that this morning I received the messages of two priests baffled that read the article and seen the pictures I have written: “But really have published such things?”. And either one or the other but are otherwise similarly stated: “… but this is not satire … all this has nothing to do with the mocking and irreverent humor … these are demonic attacks deeper essences of the Catholic faith!”.
      The port the example of these two priests to tell her how they reacted several people who spoke yesterday of “satire” perhaps “heavy” e “inopportune”, but that given the brutal image of the cover given by us with the Blessed Virgin Mary mocked for having suffered a rape by the Magi, have been shelved the concept of “satire” and began to speak instead of “sacrilegious dissacrazione luciferin” that “nothing in common with satire, even with the worst”.
      As you noted, in addition to the word “satire” is repeatedly used in the captions to the cartoons, the concept of “freedom of thought and expression”.
      but yet, in the face of all this, in the front row at the funeral of the heroes of “freedom of thought and expression” there were political notables of the European Community, including our Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, all to say “I'm Charlie” to commemorate these fathers of freedom than in “great” Country of freedom, equality e fraternity, they put the Word of God made man in to a latrine to celebrate Christmas.

      So try to understand, notwithstanding the cruel and sacrilegious images that we reported.

      • father ariel
        Don Gino says:

        I answer with delay because just today I read this response and why Ariel's father by age (ho ho 76 year old) and for a while’ of imbranataggine, I'm not a computer whiz, with which, however, me “Toggle”.
        If it can be of some use: I am one of those priests who discussed (indeed almost quarreled) with Father Ariel. Indeed, his, I spoke of the reach blasphemous and sacrilegious of these cartoons, I tried to calm him by telling him, by Tuscan Tuscan, that we are the first to (Unfortunately) accustomed to blasphemy and irreverence, even though our people have feelings, of always, anti-Christian and anti-Catholic far. And I told him that “is from the late nineteenth century that make cartoons against the church, the saints and priests”. So I tried to mitigate. But when I saw the pictures, Captions … oh, Lord God! I told myself: but these are demons!!
        In my view, Ariel, was right to publish those images, Why, people like me and many others, had not seen, could not realize, rather, I repeat: not that condoning, my propendevo to say “not treat yourself lor but look and pass”, whereas, on certain things, you should not just pass over.
        Greetings to all from Florence.

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