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[…] the time has also come for the faithful to choose what is necessary, crossing the burning coals of modernity and absolute rights assumed to fanaticism against the Church. These rights, even in times of pandemics, they never constitute a remedy for evil, they self-destruct immediately and become secularized and legalized, becoming positive rights that affect the flesh of the weakest and most defenseless and attack that sacramental and liturgical component which has in the Eucharist its apex of necessary faith, celebrated daily.


Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp.



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Note from the director in charge of The island of Patmos published at hours 19.45

the article by Father Ivano Liguori, Ofm. Capp. which follows was published at hours 17,45 of 4 November. A couple of hours after the drafting of Avvenire.it deleted the piece to which our editor referred. That article now it is no longer visible. Traces of it remain in the newspaper of the Diocese of Senigallia which I have reported almost entirely [see WHO] Well, all in all, one less amenity on those columns. I regret the fall of the Soviet Union, because if it remained standing, today the director in charge of Future could be loudly claimed by the Duma as director of the Truth.

Ariel S. Levi Gualdo





gift from one of our Neapolitan confreres: «facite ammuina!»

A newspaper that calls itself Catholic, what it should do is first of all to support and accompany the faith of Christians in daily life, preserving the simple ones from stumbling.


Without many frills and the inevitable sacristy bigotry, use a charismatic journalistic style capable of instilling trust, so as to read the world in a prophetic way, according to that Kingdom of God which is already present among us (cf.. LC 17,20) and which a believer should recognize from afar.


In all probability I am wrong, i am as usual too vintage and too naive for this century, in which being an adult Christian means reforming the unreformable and proposing an alternative God wisely glittering that overlaps the God of Jesus Christ. However, to cost of being repetitive and obnoxious I have to insist on a fact: I always find an evident lack of that beautiful cardinal virtue which is prudence. Virtue that must be asked of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis and that is required not only for a consecrated person in the episcopate and in the priesthood but also for a simple baptized faithful who plays a role within the Church, especially if that role involves information and training.


Why do I say this? I come straight to the point. I learn from Avvenire [cf.. goods WHO] of an investigation conducted by the Institute IPSOS according to which two thirds of believers would have deemed it necessary to suspend the celebrations with people during the lockdown national between March and May. Apparently, 88% of Christians in our communities have promoted anti-Covid measures in the church.


Possible? It would seem so! So according to these data and according to the reading given by Future, the Scream: «Give us back to S. Mass ”is the work of a certain vulgate of kissing fanatics. The stop of the "open door" celebrations sees the full promotion of Popolo of the Parishes. I don't know about you, but I, to read certain things, i'm really bad. In fact, if the solution seemed successful the first time, it will also be in the case of a second lockdown Christmas, as well as rumors rumored these days.


And I say this with the deepest concern because, after almost a year of living with Covid, this position can no longer be justified by emotion or surprise. It is clear that it assumes the connotations of a real reasoned choice of field, a precise decision between faith and necessity as I wrote in these columns a few months ago, a choice supported by an interpreted “do-good” right that sees in public safety the suprema lex.


To all Catholics who are passionate about law and Cicero, I remember the first for a Catholic Christian suprema lex is, and will always remain, Jesus Christ, foundation and way to reach the salvation of souls. In this regard, I quote and share what Cardinal Sarah thinks:


"Earthly existence is important, but much more important is life everlasting: sharing the same life with God for eternity is our goal, our vocation " (cf.. Letter to the Presidents of the Episcopal Conferences on the celebration of the liturgy during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, Let us return with joy to the Eucharist!).


For this reason this survey appeared in the newspaper of the bishops, it pains me in the double role of priest and Christian, revealing a very specific flaw among Italian Catholic believers that should be cured rather than sponsored.


I can only identify myself as a parish priest in the care of souls to the numerous brother priests who have not yet finished explaining to their Pastoral Councils the splendid letter from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments which invites us to resume Christian life by starting from the Eucharist celebrated as a community in Dies Domini.


How priests will be able to educate their faithful to feed on Jesus the Eucharist and to transmit the truths of the Catholic faith in Sunday ecclesial communion, if these faithful prefer a Creed Smart Working, easily lived from home?


How to justify to catechists and families of children and of the boys on a journey of faith that a new one lockdown liturgical / catechetical is not only good and just but it is even desirable, when the National Catechetical Office issued clear guidelines for catechesis in Italy at the time of Covid? Responsible guidelines, prudent and sure but who cannot repudiate and undermine the dutiful kerygmatic announcement that he has in the Gospel of St. Matthew [cf.. Mt 28,19-20] the binding seal of the Savior to the Apostolic College.


You will understand well that we are facing a crossroads and between the two, one is true and the other false. Or the Catholics in Italy have conquered in 2020 the Nietzsche trophy and have come to the death of God seen as an unbearable burden in times of pandemic, and then it is good that they officially communicate it to their bishops, beautiful souls of hospitality, so that they take note. Or, if not, bishops should prevent such positions from circulating in their newspaper, which have no other consequence than increasing the consternation and unease of 12% of Catholics who still consider the Holy Mass indispensable.


Because the Holy Mass belongs to Christ, not of any "Franceschiello" who with his edict galvanizes sailors to the cry of "Make Ammuina» (confusion).


And of ammuina - confusion - in this historical period there is too much of it, inside and outside the Church so much that it needed prudent and wise pastors like the good Bishop Emeritus of Ascoli Piceno, Giovanni D'Ercole [cf.. My previous article, WHO] who had the audacity to affirm that "The Church is not the place of contagion", thus demonstrating a rare balance between pastoral prudence and love of neighbor, all combined with that primacy of obedience to Christ before Caesar.


They tell us to obey? Well we will do it and with joy, as reported by the Blessed Evangelist Luke in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Obey by listening to that apostolic voice that tells us in our days:


"We decided, the Holy Spirit and us, not to impose any obligations on you other than these necessary things ... " (At. 15,28)


This is what we want to hear, dear fathers bishops. Impose the yoke of necessity on us, we will gladly turn our necks and our backs to the sweet yoke of the Eucharist celebrated as a community on the Lord's day, the only Lord necessary in a Church of fake indispensable.


In the same way, the time has also come for the faithful to choose the necessary, crossing the burning coals of modernity and absolute rights, taken to fanaticism against the Church. These rights, even in times of pandemics, they never constitute a remedy for evil, they self-destruct immediately and become secularized and legalized, becoming positive rights that affect the flesh of the weakest and most defenseless and attack that sacramental and liturgical component which has in the Eucharist its apex of necessary faith, celebrated daily.


Laconi, 4 November 2020



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Ivano Liguori Dell'Ordine dei Frati Minori Cappuccini Presbitero e Teologo ( Click on the name to read all its articles )

19 thoughts on ""The Holy Spirit and us". There are no longer the bishops and Catholics of the past

  1. On the newspaper in question, i noticed that da “Catholic newspaper” has become “Catholic-inspired newspaper” and I fear the next step, now close, will be to become “Inspirational newspaper”. Personally, I still read it just because it is sent to me - I don't know why- free home, despite having long since canceled the subscription.
    Unfortunately,, in my small, I also noticed the decrease of the faithful after the resumption, as I had feared when the suspension of masses was decided. Unfortunately,, but, I don't see that the over-65s are missing from church (from me there are several among the 80 and the 90 year old), but the youngest of 50. I hope I no longer have to see the lack of harvest this spring, which was a real pain for me. For this, but, we Catholics should claim our constitutional prerogatives to the state…

  2. Reverend Father Ivano,

    I share with you that there is a clear choice on the part of most of the episcopate to make people understand that the Sacraments, and in particular the Eucharistic Sacrifice, they are not the beating heart of our life of faith, with many greetings to the liturgy culmen et fons’ promoted by the Council
    I also noticed this from a recent interview with the Holy Father Francis ( https://www.adnkronos.com/fatti/cronaca/2020/10/30/papa-francesco-all-adnkronos-covid-corruzione-benedetto_chrA2saxr5INZHQvsZT44N.html?refresh_ce ), of which I quote a passage that personally scandalized me more than the pontifical affirmations on gays and the like

    I do not want to enter into the political decisions of the Italian government but I will tell you a story that has given me a disappointment: I learned of a bishop who said that with this pandemic people are “unaccustomed” - that's what he said – to go to church, who will never return to kneel before a crucifix or to receive the body of Christ. I say that if this “people”, as the bishop calls it, he used to come to church out of habit then he better stay home. And’ the Holy Spirit calling people. Maybe after this hard test, with these new difficulties, with the suffering that enters homes, the faithful will be more real, more authentic, Believe me, it will be like this

    i.e., practically the Pope gave the green light to violate the Sunday precept to all the 'untrue' faithful, not authentic '. in fact it is also a denial of the sacraments as a medicine for the sick man

    1. The Pope has not given the green light to anything, he only said that you don't go to mass on Sundays “for habit”. Or why “it has always been like this”. He is perfectly right to say that the church does not need such faithful today. In my opinion, this Pope scandalizes not because he speaks in a confused way, but because it speaks in a real way, without too many words.

      1. but a person is better off going to church out of habit or not going there at all?
        in the first case a person can be stimulated by the Word of God, from the sermon, from the liturgy and pass from a cold relationship with God to a more true and full one. it is true that God can give the grace of conversion when and how he wants, but the more good good opportunities the better
        in the second case, instead, by staying at home, what does he end up doing? ends up looking at pornazzi!
        with the story of the best few but good’ we really risk killing the life of our communities, and we will end up locking ourselves in an elitism that is harmful to us and sorry to God
        then Pope Francis did not say that the Church is a field hospital’ to heal the wounds of humanity? and the 'faithful by habit’ he is not one of these patients? and we want to throw it out…

  3. estimated P. Ariel,
    regarding the alleged serious violations of papal secrets by Msgr. Viganò, even Christ has transgressed the law (“Saturday is for man and not man for Saturday”); the purpose of the good of the Church (which concerns the totality of people) it is much more important than protecting a minority of people, as in the comparison you reported which I do not consider equivalent. Lately, I find it hard to recognize the current Pope as such (in the Creed we say “I believe the Church” do not “The Pope”), moreover, the resignation of Benedict XVI seems to have been forced and therefore invalid, it would have been enough to leave him the spiritual guide and the rest of the executive administration to entrust him to a College of Cardinals. I don't know what to do with a Church dominated by the world and by Satan, and I am still there “only for the Sacraments” as Don Milani said.

    1. How to Claudia,

      the subject is very delicate and its evangelical comparison tends more towards the emotional (understandable) than to the objective.
      Let me be clear, this reasoning is not his fault, if anything it's our fault that for too long we have waived our fundamental mission: guide and teach the People of God, as guides and teachers instituted by the sacrament of grace.

      The answer to order:

      – You cite an evangelical passage through which Jesus Christ highlights the element of hypocrisy and the idolatrous worship of the precepts created by men around the Mosaic Law. In many other passages of the Holy Gospels, Jesus Christ shows not only respect for the Law, but it teaches what true respect is for the Law of the Holy Patriarchs and Prophets.

      – We are endowed with conscience and free will as thinking and rational minds. The Church has a complex set of laws that in appearance, in very special cases, they may appear in conflict with our consciousness, with what we consider good, assuming it is. If this conflict arises, as it was created in the poor Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, what should we follow, as bishops or presbyters bound by precise and solemn promises: what the Church indicates to us, or what we think is good? And it is clear, this, it's not a question of style, in the shape or worse of a brain thrown into storage, but it is really a question of faith. Obvious than ever, The Church, may ask me, through the legitimate Ecclesiastical Authority, to carry out actions contrary to the Deposit of Faith and to Catholic morality, or crimes, but it may ask me to observe and obey many things on which I disagree, or that I even believe to be wrong and harmful. In that case, what should I apply? I apply the “but in my opinion … I think that …” or I put myself back in obedience to the Church?
      Perhaps a concrete example will clarify everything better: almost a decade ago, totally unfair, I was forced not to write and not to publish. But not because I wrote false or inappropriate things, anything! But because I had whipped several clergymen with just and deserved reason, especially the poisonous gay lobby. And so, some mischievous curial who had felt stung, had convinced my bishop at the time that “this troublesome priest” it could have created problems for him in his race towards the cardinalate, given almost certain and certain.
      I might have had all human and apparent reasons to say that I was not required to obey a command given by an ambitious bishop who, made fun of by the curials and touched by them at its weak point, he had given me a completely unfair command.
      Instead I obeyed that unjust command and for a whole year I did not publish anything. That bishop did not become a cardinal, indeed he has made numerous petty figures and finally, his retirement from the episcopal chair, was hailed by the whole presbytery as the ill-fated end of the government of a “public danger”.
      All this to say: I have the right to criticize the Ecclesiastical Authority, it is the Church itself that grants me the right to exercise a critical sense, even severely, always within the limits of the permitted. But what I cannot and must not do, it is disobeying the Ecclesiastical Authority by placing myself as a judge above it. This I cannot and must not do.
      Disubbidire to a command, it was also unfair, for a priest it is a very serious thing. Better to do something wrong in obedience to the Ecclesiastical Authority, than to do the right thing in disobedience to the Ecclesiastical Authority. And then, before God, the Ecclesiastical Authority which used its own potestas to induce a priest to carry out an unjust or wrong order or injurious to his person and human dignity, he will have to seriously answer for it up to the real risk of ending up suffering eternally in Hell.

      – And’ true, in the Creed we say of “believe in the Church and not in the Pope”, but it must be remembered that the Roman Pontiff is not the president of a democratic parliamentary republic, but the Vicar of Christ on earth, legitimate successor of the Blessed Apostle Peter to whom Christ God gave the power to bind and to loose. So be careful to split “Church” and “Pope”, as she risks doing, because it is very dangerous. That said: I can also affirm – and I've done it more than once – that the reigning Pontiff runs the serious risk of going down in history as one of the worst Supreme Pontiffs in the history of the Church. This I can say, no one can stop me. What I can't do, nor will I ever, it is to question his legitimate authority and deny him due obedience and due respect. Warning: obey and respect does not mean esteem. In fact, one can obey and respect a person without being in any way bound to esteem him. The estimate, indeed, if the Supreme Pontiff wants it, he must earn it, because it is not due to him, but respect and obedience yes, those are due to him.

      – About “discharge” he said “forced” of Benedict XVI and for this “invalid”, you are simply stating that the Venerable Predecessor of the reigning Pontiff is nothing but a miserable liar. In fact, I remind you that Benedict XVI, on several occasions, reaffirmed the full and total freedom of his act of renunciation. Then keep in mind that a Roman Pontiff does not resign, but he can make an act of renunciation. Now, one of two: o Benedict XVI is indeed a liar, or he signed the waiver with a revolver aimed at his head. But neither one nor the other is true, he told us, Benedict XVI explained and reiterated that in this sense, or tell the truth – and I believe it says so – or is a liar – and I don't think it is -.

      – Don Lorenzo Milani I consider him one of the various bad masters of the twentieth century, but this is my opinion based on several of his writings, speeches and actions. Imagine, there is an army of Cattocomunists who would like it “saint now!”. That said: in the Church one does not remain only for the sacraments, because the Sacraments are that supernatural grace that sanctifies an entire journey of faith, through that obedience that – as much as Milani rationed by saying “obedience is no longer a virtue – it always remains a fundamental virtue.

      After replying to your statements, I would like to clarify that when we priests meet faithful who think like you, the question we should ask ourselves, very seriously it is very urgent, it would be one: if our faithful think so, where is it that we have made a mistake? Because one thing is certain: it is we who are wrong. And I limit myself to us priests, out of modesty flying over our bishops capable of speaking only of “poor and migrants”, “existential suburbs” and “Church output”, while the members of the People of God, more and more lost, they are orphans of solid and sure guides and our churches are becoming more and more empty.

      She, dear Claudia, in his wrong reasoning, it does not have one but a thousand justifications. We priests, instead, No. We don't have a single and miserable justification.

      Pray for us and accept my blessing.

        1. Dear Stephen,

          who has not given me a bishop's chair, that neither in the past nor especially in a moment like our present would have absolutely never accepted, have all my sincere and deepest gratitude, because he saved me from Hell on this earth within this Church. I believe that within a maximum of a year I would have had to give up my professorship due to the war to the death they would have made on me, but above all for the insurmountable problems that would have created a good part of my priests and all the bishops of the neighboring dioceses who would have helped him, overwhelming the Congregation for Bishops with protests, simply because I would have been guilty of being a Catholic bishop.

        2. In my diocese to one like Father Ariel, on 90 priests that we are: 20 (10 of the youngest and 10 of the oldest) they would take him to the old gestation chair, and they wouldn't just kiss his hand, but also the shoe, and they would also have proposed him already in life as patron saint of the diocese, others 70 priests would have poured cyanide into the cruet of wine for Holy Mass.

      1. Dear Father Ivano,

        I believe that the theme you deal with in this speech is very important. I realize that very often just the theme “Saturday for man” the “the man for Saturday” I am very confused if I try to extend it beyond the specific case of the Sabbath for Jews. I am also often confused by the theme of conscience versus obedience to authority, and the concept of “primacy of consciousness” it torments me not a little because’ often I can't quite understand if some thoughts I have come from my conscience (and if therefore I have to give it primary importance) or if they are other and therefore to be ignored as much as possible (but at the same time I'm afraid to ignore them in case they are conscience and it would be a sin to go against them)… and ultimately, therefore, how to recognize the true voice of God within us. I believe this issue is very important, and I would like to ask you kindly if you can’ write an article even more in the future’ detailed of his answer, as a form of catechesis on a topic on which I believe I am not the only one who has some ideas’ confuse, and at the same time I believe it is of fundamental importance.
        Thank you for your reply to Claudia, and in advance for any further information on this topic.

  4. During the closing I missed the Eucharist. After the churches reopened, I went back, confident in everyone's respect for the rules. Use of masks: often priests without saving Communion, distributed in a row instead of in place, some faithful with bare noses and others even mouths, singers and readers without. This in all, all of them, the church where I've been. At the last there were people with uncovered noses and mouths, and the priest at the end took off his mask to sing a hymn, with the ventilation on to better spread the virus eventually! To my grievances he said that the mask would never take it off again, alright then, but for people without masks he couldn't do anything about it and stay at home. I asked him at least to remember its use during Mass. Watch the Masses on TV, you see the same thing; last Sunday the priest was even coughing. In a closed environment they are very high risk behaviors, as amply demonstrated: having the nose uncovered is equivalent to no mask; singing spreads the virus within a radius of many meters. . I also have a fragile person at home. I consulted with a priest who follows us and we resumed seeing Masses on TV. And’ so difficult for the celebrant and the readers not to take off the mask? And’ so difficult for the faithful to properly cover their nose and mouth? And’ essential to sing when the organ would be enough? I am experiencing all of this as violence. I do not find it right that in fact I am prevented from participating in the Eucharist for…

    1. I understand that unfortunately, the emotionality based on “in my view…”, “I think…”, “I feel that…”, it's literally blinding people.
      If anything it can serve to make you think, I copy and paste the text translated into Italian from the faithful Latin version of the solemn oath made by the very little heroic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano:

      «I ... in the presence of ... touching the sacred Gospels of God with my hand, I promise to faithfully guard the pontifical secret in the causes and affairs that must be treated under this secret, so that in no way, under any pretext, is of greater good, is of a very urgent and very serious cause, it will be lawful for me to violate the aforementioned secret. I promise to keep the secret, like above, even after the conclusion of the lawsuits and business, for which this secret was expressly imposed. If in any case it occurs to me to doubt the obligation of the aforementioned secret, I will stick to the interpretation in favor of the secret itself. Likewise, I am aware that the transgressor of this secret commits a grave sin. May God help me and these Holy Gospels that I touch with my hand help me "

      having said this I ask you: in your opinion, What does that mean

      «[…] in no way, under any pretext, is of greater good, is of a very urgent and very serious cause, it will be lawful for me to violate the aforementioned secret "?

      Carlo Maria Viganò did what I would have done if by unfortunate hypothesis – It is an example, it is clear – I had violated the sacramental seal by publicly reporting that Signor Caio, 50 year old, husband and father of three daughters, he confessed to me that he has an irresistible attraction towards underage prostitutes with whom he has had sexual relations several times.
      At that point I decide to violate the secret, motivating everything by saying that it was my intention to protect the young prostitutes and publicly shame Mr. Caio.

      This did Viganò, so please, don't bring it to us as a model, this poor straw idol that many have raised on the ashes of our poor devastated Church.

      1. Viganò, one who argues that Trump must save the world from darkness and that Pope Francis is an antichrist emissary. But how do you go after these people? As? He, don Minutella… Now there are also the comments of a certain vicar of Savonese against the Pope who would be a heretic to be converted. All to tear their clothes for the Pope's phrases about gays, when in the church the vast majority of priests are now gay, (all proven, verified, not least by the journalist Martel with his essay Sodoma). What then, one of the few certainties we have today is that Pope Francis is not homosexual. And it is curious, as written by Martel himself, which happens often the prelates who attack homosexuals most vehemently and the alleged openings are precisely homosexuals. The celebrities “rigidi say” (also known personally). All with the same style. Pizzi, laces, obsession with the liturgy, often the ancient one. Custodians of the sacred doctrine, but until it's about their bedroom.

      2. His answer is interesting
        Maybe later on I express a comment .
        Having said and given that I "do not sragiono" ( I deduce this from his statement ) and I do not try to introduce the "Vigano virus" in this forum ( as you imply…)
        What Vigano expressed ’is in perfect agreement with what I think and what I have matured over time regardless of Vigano’.
        It's not all white or all black .
        I can make some things of Vigano my own and others not like Father Livio's ( I just heard today's morning catechesis 9 November: and literally perfect ) like the videos of you dear Don Ariel and this online magazine that I consider good at times excellent as I share and follow the Minutella ( forgive me the serious lack …. but so it is….) .
        Yet in Vigano 'Father Livio , Don Ariel , Minutella …. there is absolutely no uniformity in the discourse you carry out … on the contrary…

        I follow listening with keen interest ( even from this precious blog of his I download the articles in paper version and keep them in the form of a pantry in the library ) all without prejudice and without partisanship as a "fan" for one or the other and then I summarize keeping what through my discernment ( good or bad ) I feel good ( nothing enters the “in my opinion…” )
        Subjecting everything to continuous verification . The partisanship of "fans" either all white or all black , I don't like them and they distort .
        By the way :



      3. I developed the idea that this picture clearly described by Cesare Sachetti is clearly true ( it is not conspiracy at all … for nothing) , net of Vigano 'or not , the appeal made by the same to the prayer of Christians of any condition , age , social status , health or not , because the moment is very serious , crucial …. it is valid and now more appropriate than ever

        What is happening is of an unprecedented severity and the consequences will be even worse( especially for Christians …in particular the Catholics : Kamala Harris & Company teaches; that doting / puppet Biden worries less ).
        They will promote and sponsor all that is anti-Christian throughout the West as never before : the preconditions will come to accelerate or rather impose the anti-Christian spirit .
        Call it the time of the antichrist if you like …

    1. Dear Fabio,

      that the expression "Make ammuina"Whether or not to be considered a historical fact, for the purposes of the article, it does not appear decisive. Indeed, the quote was chosen as a simple example, reporting a well-known dialect expression, rooted in the Neapolitan culture, than to express a very clear situation of confusion or, rather, of noise. And we don't really need noise at this moment in the Church, even if the noise comes from a newspaper defined as "Catholic", which although it is no longer bought by anyone – as you specified - it is always to be considered as the voice of the Italian bishops. And in this regard - let me say – a noisy voice no longer animated by the Word of Christ but by a secularized and laicizing word that should arouse concern. Every good.

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