The Fathers de The island of Patmos, John's place of the last revelation, and their collaborators, thank Readers, increasingly frequent and numerous, reached the considerable number of ten million visits.



John Cavalcoli, o.p. – Ariel S. Levi Gualdo




The editors of The Island of Patmos met in Villa Imelda in San Lazzaro (Bologna). Left Giovanni Cavalcoli, o.p, al centro Ariel S. Levi Gualdo, Right Jorge Facio Lince

L’Patmos Island It was born on 20 October 2014 under the auspices of Blessed Apostolo Giovanni that on this island - known for this as site of the last revelation —, He wrote the Book of Revelation. At that time we had a counter exterior, then reset to a technical problem. So the creator and curator of the site, Manuela Luzzardi, installò a engine Internal by starting the daily count of visits from the date of 15 February 2015.



SR. Matilde Nicoletti the Dominican Congregation of the Beata Imelda, for years collaborator of Giovanni Cavalcoli, o.p, and the young Dr.. Jorge Facio Lince, a pupil and collaborator of years Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

Progressively The island of Patmos it is equipped with the best professional services, the first of which was the Server business to allow unrestricted access of visitors. Indeed, the number of the growing increase in visits since the early 2015, often it involved the website blocking, When connected persons were numerous and when sforavamo than the number of visits allowed by that service, reached a number, blocking the view to the beginning of the month.


This the reason for which, several times, we turned to the readers pointing out that nothing is for free on the internet but everything is paid when you work in a certain way by taking advantage of certain services.


The maintenance of the site de The island of Patmos It has gradually become more and more expensive due to the acquisition of a range of professional services that renew every year for a total amount in 2016 It amounted to 5.200 Euro, not counting other kinds of charges always related to our journalistic and editorial activities.


John Cavalcoli, o.p, Matilde Nicoletti e Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

A European statistical level The island of Patmos It is among the first 10 most visited Catholic sites. Numerous sites and magazines, including specialist, that over and over again and have embraced the theological and ecclesiastical issues often thorny treated by the Fathers de The island of Patmos, without having neither the decency nor the nobility to make the necessary calls, or by passing the whole as flour sack them. However, if on one hand it is the date of our publication, often very certain antecedent cheerful appropriations, the other is just as obvious incorrectness of these subjects on which we have always done an amused smile. You want a single example, only one among many? Well, go read this article that dates back to 16 December 2016, written not by a secular praticone that when the evening back to her home or when to stop damage via internet, closes the door or the computer and no one can scratch it in any way; Today reread this article written by a priest subject in all respects to the full jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Authority, with all that it could result in prices to be paid sometimes for life. Without this, then verified as the harsh and stringent analysis imprinted in one written, Today are the subject of widespread discussion and especially to a growing discontent that pervades both the People of God is the civil society of unbelievers, for example about the supreme worship real or alleged refugees and migrants inaugurated with this pontificate. And we do, as we said, only in this example, among the many, while today, journalists and analysts, cry “eureka !” to have finally discovered the hot water, using our arguments happily without us - which incidentally we have not really needed, as evidenced by our readers numbers -, any necessary reminder, especially when they cite as their all how many of our sentences and expressions, foolishly unaware that Father Giovanni Cavalcoli one hand, Father Ariel S. Levi Gualdo on the other hand, They have among other things one figuratively and unmistakable style lexical, besides not being properly two strangers [Article invoked in these lines is readable WHO].


Yet until today we could not find one sponsor who supported our expenses in exchange for advertising space that would be displayed daily by tens of thousands of visitors. When you are presented some possibilities we have to reject them, because we were getting those problems better known as “gags”. Indeed, before some of our writings and critical analysis as flawless as incontestable, the friends of friends They would react relying on sponsor, linked directly or indirectly to certain groups, people or so-called roped. And of this we have had immediate wise when an entrepreneur, well disposed towards us, he began by saying: "But I am bound to the group of […], so it would be necessary that you mitigaste tones and critical of certain things " …


John Cavalcoli, o.p. and Sr. Matilde Nicoletti

… and when the Father Ariel, donning the candor of St. Agnes with white sheepskin in hand, complete with wide open eyes and eyelashes beat, Enlightenment asked on what he meant by "mitigating tones and criticism ', It was clearly told that we should not have any direct criticism of Lefebvre and all the groups that were circulating around them, including blogs and magazines grappled for years in the spread of heresies of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre and his current supporters. Said in other words: the sponsor tried to buy our silence for the benefit of those Catholics increasingly incattiviti and depressed that behind the world of so-called improperly and said “traditionalism”, they built their lucrative market of public visibility, of books, publications, conferences and so to follow, foraggiati of money both by wealthy Italian entrepreneurs and especially by members of the American ultra right, because with the sale of books is both in print magazines, They are not even able to recover only the expenses of printing. If in fact the strings of the modernists are served hand and foot with all the money they need, so I am the so-called and said improperly “Traditionalists” belonging to the currents and related Lefebvrist. We instead we are not on the payroll or the one nor the other, we have to do solely and exclusively rely on the support of readers, who until now we have supported us, despite our many difficulties, past and present, not hesitating to admit I always walk a tightrope and periodic fear of not being able to do it for lack of funds.


Twice we run the risk of closing, it not been for a single benefactor who live on the banks of a beautiful lake and has pulled us out of the waters as we were running the risk of drowning us in a different kind of lake, eared.


John Cavalcoli, o.p. e Ariel S. Levi Gualdo in Varazze Dominican Convent while shooting video lessons recorded for de Readers The island of Patmos

The satisfactions collected for our apostolic work are not counted, and every day I thank God, among the many we mention one: several priests, especially Italian and Polish, every month they send small sums of money to support us, in the order of a few tens of euro each. More than a decisive help, it is a great moral satisfaction. Or to put it, at times dry and hard the Father Ariel:


"The priests, since the first months of Blessed seminar, learn to ask, but not to give. And, when they give, if so they give what after all does not cost them anything, from many useless advice and often even required rigor. But it, immediately, develop the ability to ask, to ask, to ask … In conclusion, pull a penny out of the pockets of a priest is firm almost always destined to total failure ".


Theor understand well what is important for us also to be supported by many priests. And the priests, every month, There also should send only 10 Euros in support of offer The island of Patmos, more than a success for us is something as unexpected as it is extraordinary, especially if you placed the Father's premises Ariel, it will often be hard and severe, but not devoid of deep contact with what is the world of real ecclesial and ecclesiastical.


Varazze, May 2017, the filming of the video lessons of Giovanni Cavalcoli, o.p.

From 15 February 2015 to date 16 July 2017, in two years and five months The island of Patmos He scored ten million visits.


For a month now we decided to put at the bottom of each of our product an invitation to the many readers to remember us, because the invitation "You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free" [GV 8,32], It must be followed by the realization that the truth, to be announced and broadcast, It needs means, also and above all economic. The same Word of God, Christ the Lord, to carry out his preaching, He needed to be supported; and in that sense it was supported by wealthy Gentile converts, from wealthy Jews who believed in his announcement, by wealthy widows who supported Him and His Apostles.


… what they can do “irrational” a Dominican friar and priest, a member of the secular clergy priest after celebrating Mass on Sunday? Going to take a … cappuccino, and of course to stop and talk about the latest theological fantasy shoot of Father Raniero Cantalamessa … [see WHO]

This is the real world: the truth coast, in all directions, and every man of faith who believe in it and believes that some people are good and faithful preachers, is called to uphold the truth is one who announces and spreads, so very special in today's ecclesial and ecclesiastical world in which, more than the good theology now been lost for decades, They are losing the basic fundamentals of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, while the People of God are increasingly disoriented, and the few good priests and there are often extremely difficult to find at least one confrere who can support them humanely, morally and spiritually, a good spiritual director and a good confessor.


To sustain The island of Patmos it means much more than supporting some congregation of lay people who are improvised from evening to morning historians of the Church, canonists, dogmatic and ecclesiologists theologians; It means supporting first two priests who for years have confessors, spiritual directors and counselors of many priests increasingly lost and in trouble. Other than the work often devastating, almost always politician and above all dividing and destructive, He brought forward by many praticoni lay, none of which, at least at the present time, He can raise high his hand and say to a priest in a state of profound moral crisis: "I absolve you from your sins …», nor any of them, Two political-ideological formulas, It can be close and spiritually support a priest in a crisis of faith.


That's what the concrete reality The island of Patmos, the first economic support which should come right from the Italian Episcopal Conference, if it was not General Secretary S.It is. Mons. Nunzio Galantine, which increases the disorientation of the clergy by passing on the newspaper of the Italian bishops, Future, Articles that are increasingly an affront and an insult to the deposit of faith and Catholic doctrine. And to mention in this regard only one among many, or rather between too much now on the agenda, just read a recent article by Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, where is explained with all the wonder of the case - given that the Church's doctrine on the Holy Eucharist is not to have been changed -, the authentic anthology of heresies written on Future by a religious priest for the commemoration of the feast of Corpus Christi [see WHO].




in two years and five months, The island of Patmos He scored ten million visits




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  1. In this article, I read textual and, I dare say ... definitely "obscenities"

    "... and when the Father Ariel, donning the candor of St. Agnes with white sheepskin in hand, complete with wide open eyes and eyelashes beat, Enlightenment churches ... ".


    In conclusion, When you overdo it you overdo it!
    Father Ariel as St. Agnes with lamb in her arms ...
    But please!

    In May 2012, on the Rome-Naples, we stopped for a coffee at a motorway, we were three priests, including Father Ariel, We were going from Rome to Chiaia in the house of the parents of one of the Neapolitan priests for a weekend.

    our dall'autogrill output, there were six truckers, and, between them, one, pointing us, he said with very derogatory ... "look beautiful frocetti".

    Other than lamb and candid blinks of an eye as the ecstasy of St. Theresa! Father Ariel scandalized the poor turning truckers as one that seemed in part a Satan and partly Jack the Ripper, saying these sweet words to the poor and least improvident trucker ... "Look here ', Big Belly great that you are nothing, then just pick the most famous porn star of the moment, then bring it before me, and see if she chooses to have a good time with someone like me, or with a poor loser like you ".

    And we went off while the truck drivers, with the face stunned, They wondered with each other ... "but are really priests"?
    The lamb of St Agnes, I only missed to read this !

    Support economically The Island of Patmos is very important, I am one of those priests who, in my small, I do it every month. I want to send more, but what little I can always send.

    1. Dear Brother,

      your humorous comments, always and lapidary practices, except for this, which required a narrative articulated to the noble purpose of partenopeo expose me, often intrigued several readers who repeatedly have written privately to ask if you were a priest actually exists, or if you were a literary fiction.

      Of course I said I know you for years, we lived together for several years in Rome, you also, like me, sometimes you spent entire days in the confessional to penitents, you're a good theologian and a good preacher, a shepherd beloved by the faithful ...

      … in conclusion, I said what you really are, so that you are real.

      Thank you for having informed the readers than I was on that occasion the truck driver of the truck drivers, but surely you will remember well what were, the stretch from 'autogrill Cassino, where everything happened, to Naples, the speeches that I made both you and another brother traveling with us ...

      First of all, I justified the rudeness and lack of respect for that trucker saying: "If the image of a priest that we give is that of the adolescent and effeminate priest, or certain ceremonies inebriated by incense, lace and damask that sculettano around the bishop during the pontifical; if we continue in our seminars to abound overt homosexuals; if our bishops we continue to ordain priests of those with a sexual identity to say the least to be defined Well ..., we then be surprised if, before such frociaggine that abounds in our clergy, a retainer to a trucker autogrill It takes the liberty of giving the fags Three priests, to the test, all they could show except effeminatezze, for types that the three of us we were and that we are still ? ».

      Se in quell’autogrill in Cassino we were to stop today and we could find as many six truckers, if anything, informed that the historic Abbey of Monte Cassino in truth is not destroyed by American bombing at the end of the Second World War, but from a crazy fag started to do the abbot, who squandered money with prostitute, Gay partying and drugs, Perhaps their reaction would be a lot worse than it had five years ago.

      A quel point, I should bow their heads, saying "we are not so, but unfortunately, Oh, you are right to treat priests with similar preventions ".

      Using a language so not really ecclesiastical let alone clericalese, I can tell you in all sincerity that I look forward to, some bishop androgynous entering saved to the nines in his cathedral church, a group of people screaming one day on the square ... "but go away, fag giuliva !”.

      A quel point, with the fact narrated in the newspapers and the incident recovery transmitted to the national television, some vescovoni and cardinaloni who insist on not seeing reality, and above all not to address this issue dell'omosessualizzazione the clergy which has become an epidemic level alarm, They will finally be forced to admit that, all in all, both in the clergy and in the selection of the new priests, and unfortunately today even in the bishops, "perhaps", There is something that does not fit on a human level, moral and spiritual ...

      Pray for me as I always remember you in my prayers.

      1. Don Ciro, Padre Ariel,

        I dare say, resorting to figurative and familiar language, are just two “shapes” somewhat atypical of the priest of our time, imaginative and always surprising ... even I horrified much of the clergy now nestled in the quiet living.

        As can be seen from the episode you told, you are men of faith, formed and hardened, guided and enlightened by the truth Johannine, animated by an ardor Paolino in your mission.

        You are virile priests who live among the people and they understand feeling and talking. Priests of the past - one might say - first of all priests strict with themselves, who know their weaknesses and include the consolidation of the people, why you were also surprised and respected by those unfortunate truckers ...

        You influential pastors in action and reassuring in the word, The "your" sheep – recognizing the familiar smell and firm voice – follow you with confidence, quiet to graze on land guarded, He protected by wolves and certain not to get lost … among the enticements of the world.

        I am convinced that - Deo volente – your constant references to sound doctrine, Your tireless exhortation to bishops to intervene, combined with the incessant prayers of the faithful, the growing initiatives of the laity, independent from those of the sloth shepherds, sooner or later cause a gradual but salutary reformation in the clergy.

  2. Don Ariel,

    ChurchMilitant of an article with this step was recently published:

    The homoheresy and its resulting lifestyle leads to the homolobby, as coined by Polish priest Fr. Dariuz Oko in his 2012 article titled “With the Pope Against the Homoheresy.” During an interview in Poland, Fr. Oko told Michael Voris that as many as 10 percent of the clergy worldwide are homosexual, but in Rome that number is as high as 50 percent.

    10% homosexual clergy in the world, 50% in Rome. They are numbers that return?

    1. Dear Fabrizio,

      I know the Polish priest and theologian Darius Oko, with which we have dealt with since 2011 certain arguments.
      Yes, the numbers come back to me.

      I can only add that the proportion in certain individual dioceses to arrive 60/70% and that, sometimes, gay priests exclude from the path to the priesthood candidates to sacred orders strictly heterosexual, based on a simple principle: because they can not “intruppare” of persons who are not then blackmailed, in situations within which structures and, by now, everything is based on the moral and financial blackmail.

      On these topics Darius Oko and I wrote and wrote and wrote again, but we have not yet seen a sharp intake of ecclesiastical authority position on the issue. anything! As I wrote in my book 2011 … "Those who in the early eighties capeggiavano within the seminars pious brotherhoods gay, today, one after the other we are seeing them become bishops. And once you become such, first of all, in all the key posts in the diocese, simply place immediately related matters”.

      It is not by chance, Darius Around, talk about gaymafia, while I have several times given the example of the nest of vipers that breed among themselves and that bite and poison anyone who approaches.

      For charity … before my words many bishops and cardinals have given me always right, but I do not at all the reason, Also because giving reason does not solve the problem.

      Then we got the ambiguous … "Who am I to judge a gay». And, as they say, the so-called omelet was made.

      Under this pontificate is the admission of persons with homosexual tendencies in seminaries, both priests with homosexual tendencies, They increased exponentially.

      If the Cardinale Beniamino Stella summoned me at the Congregation for the Clergy, him give account, Auditors and especially evidence.
      But for this, They are careful not to summon me …

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