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"Dear Fathers of Patmos Island, I came across a video of Prof. Roberto de Mattei in which relate to certain natural events such as the Messina earthquake of 1908 yet … divine retribution (!?). I am appalled that you still use certain tones and understand why Ariel's father pulled some lashings in his articles. All this in addition to the Jubilee gates of mercy. I'd like to know your opinion "



Author Drafting of the Island of Patmos

Giovanni Cavalcoli, ON
Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



"Dear Fathers of Patmos Island, I came across a video of Prof. Roberto de Mattei in which relate to certain natural events such as the Messina earthquake of 1908 yet … divine retribution (!?). I am appalled that you still use certain tones and understand why Ariel's father pulled some lashings in his articles. All this in addition to the Jubilee gates of mercy. I'd like to know your opinion " [N.d.R. see video WHO ]

John Salvitti, Rome



Dear Reader.

roberto de mattei foreground

Roberto de Mattei, born in Rome but belonging to a family of the old Sicilian aristocracy, talking about the earthquake of Messina has not delivered “personal opinions” from “Catholic opinions part”, It is based on historical facts.

The answer together to explain why we share what he presented Prof. Roberto de Mattei and because the difendemmo when it was attacked by the “fundamentalists” secularists so decomposed and no arguments, as he himself explains in detail and calm in the video that she sent us.


Do not wrong his father Ariel Mal as his ' stripes ', because it's colorful exchanges d ’ opinions sometimes from his Tuscan spirit, through which never has dwarfed this talented Catholic academic, We both know each other in person. So don't confuse certain normal pinch among scholars with forms of hatred that does not touch the fathers of’Patmos Island. Know that philosophers, theologians and historians accapigliano since nate philosophical disciplines, theological and historical, and then dinner together, because the quarrel ends up put their hunger, many are burning energy in certain discussions.


In the context of certain debates ’ We do not accept criticism of de Mattei at Vatican II, that regard we all ’ contentious issue if necessary. And here it is not opinions, but loyalty to the Magisterium of the Church, on which we cannot compromise, While in deep respect of the dear person.


Through its application She offers confirmation of what today is difficult to talk about a “language” Cattolica. For this several times the fathers of’Patmos Island They insisted on various articles on “language loss”, or the drama arising from speaking a language that the secularist world, but often even some Catholic world steeped in modernismi and sociologismi is no longer willing to acknowledge and understand [see WHO].


Roberto de Mattei Plagues of God

the book by Roberto de Mattei [ed. Faith&Culture]

The mention of Salviano in Marseille [CF. The Governance of God] by de Mattei is relevant and applicable to our time, given the apparent biblical reference to ’ famous episodes of Sodom and Gomorrah. A company like ours, increasingly condescending to say in favour of behaviors contrary to divine law, What exactly can be sodomy, may actually suffer a severe divine retribution. If indeed God, How often does the Holy Father Francis, is always ready to accommodate anyone who repents, don't forget the needs of Justice, they want the punishment of sinful arrogant, Cheeky and obstinate. If we stuck with this concept of Justice is common to all religions and based on natural moral conscience, would collapse the entire legal order ’ of Church and State. One man wolf. The thugs crush the honest, the bullies would make the righteous slaves.


The important distinction must be taken into account contained in the letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the pastoral care of homosexual persons of the Congregation for the doctrine of the Faith 1986, n.3 [see WHO]. This is the distinction between condition or homosexual tendency and homosexual acts. L ’ tilting, explains the document, «though is not in self pity», because it is instinctive and spontaneous, and sometimes the innate, «is however a trend, more or less strong, towards an intrinsically bad behavior from moral point of view», Since the acts to which pushes or prompt, «are deprived of their essential and indispensable aims», which is procreation. Therefore SIN or guilt is not the mere presence of the stimulus homosexual, but voluntarily agreeing to this inclination. Comply voluntarily to a bad angle ’, though unintentional, can only be a bad action ’. Which leaves the ecclesial and pastoral civil law a fair and ample space for specific interventions and calibrated, as the case, be implemented with caution, charity and respect for people, Since you must always remember the fundamental distinction between the objective moral qualification of a sin or offence in relation to moral law or civil and concrete responsibility entity ’, If there is and how much there is, in specific circumstances, the person who commits. Judge of the Act in principle is not the same as judging the individual consciousness in certain circumstances. It is in relation to this second aspect, not at first, You should refer to the popular and articulate the Holy Father's sentence summed up by newspapers in: "Who am I to judge?» [see part II of Ariel's Conference. Levi di Gualdo, minute 18,40 WHO].


bologna show profanity

the new Sodom&Gomorrah, show profanity on the passion of Christ staged by’Arcigay Bologna [see WHO]

To support the Theology of doom o la Theology of Hell ’, We refer to the numerous times the Lord Jesus references in the Gospels, indicated variously as "fiery furnace" and as a place where will be weeping and gnashing of teeth» [Mt 13, 42]. Even in the old testament ’ frequent reference is made to the judgment of God and his punishment for sinners. In biblical literature l ’ the wrath of God is placed together with the ’ love from the Psalmist who sings the praises of God celebrandolo as "slow to anger and great in ’ ’ love» [Shall 102,8], and yet «patient and merciful is the Lord, slow to anger and rich in ’ grace» [Shall 144,8].


The divine retribution It is not always necessarily a positive act of God against the sinner, as a necessary consequence of the same sin, he commits, as it is logical that died who drinks a poison. But, According to inscrutable Justice plans and mercy, God in this life sometimes punishes, in others not, leaving the punishment to the future life. Better to suffer the punishment now, because you can redeem, rather than in the ’ beyond, where there is more ’ remedy. Because of this, It is good to take advantage immediately of the divine mercy, doing penance for our sins, because if you don't do this now, beyond, instead of mercy, There will be justice, whose rigour does not wish you to anyone.


The pains of this life may also affect innocent, While certain criminals seem to get away. It would seem at first that there was a lack in God of Justice, Why not punish the criminals and does not defend the oppressed; and mercy, Why let the innocent suffer? The answer comes to us from faith, which tells us that the innocent are joined by their father to the cross of Christ, the Innocent ’ par excellence, become in Christ salvation the world tools. Towards these innocent justice is mercy, According to the Pauline teaching ’ [RM 3,21], because it is God who justifies for mercy. As for miscreants, There is mercy for them, but as long as you convert. And God is right for them, because it offers them the means to save himself.


L’IRA Divina in the Biblical sense does not mean then give outrage, nor does it mean much less cruelty, is simply the divine will to do justice and then the fitting punishment. Be slow to anger not so ’ say be free of anger, because the immense grace of ’ ’ God's love also righteousness resides in that mercy through which the divine Judge will grant the bliss of paradise, assign the destination of ’ soul to purgation, i.e. to purification in Purgatory, irrogherà and eternal punishment in Hell for those who ’ so stubborn and persistent have refused his love, His gifts of grace and his mercy and forgiveness.


Paul Rubens 1615 lot flees with his family

painting by Paul Rubens (1615) Lot flees with his family while on Sodom and Gomorrah fire and rain zolto

As priests and theologians We realize that we need more and more start from a thorough catechesis of the people of God, eliminating the imposture of a false "do-goodism" and a fake emphasis on forgiveness, and at the same time giving proper training to priests, given that many of the faithful, but unfortunately also individual shepherds care d ’ anime, have a ’ bad idea of God's mercy, that does not exclude punitive justice, as well as the existence of good ’ does not exclude the existence of evil ’; and the good deed does not exclude SIN. Mercy is not only a gift, but it's also prize. Do not reward the evil, but the good.


The divine mercy supposed the punishment and penalty of sin. Mercy is the divine will to free in Christ the ’ man from sin and lift it from its miseries, consequences of original sin and, sometimes, of personal sins. It puts the SIN, but not necessarily removes or alleviates pain, which therefore, for love to the cross of Christ, takes a value and expiatory repairer. The remission of sin free from punishment of hell ’, While the penalty for sin is venial timeline, or redeem with down here with the penance and the ’ use of indulgences, or in Purgatory. Where pure souls can take advantage of indulgences.


God wants to do in all mercy. If so — and in fact this is the truth of faith — some are rewarded and the object of mercy, while others are damned and smitten, This difference does not depend on God, but the typical swing of ’ free will human beings, able to work now well now the bad. It is therefore right that the good are rewarded and the bad are punished. It would be unfair that God would impress the bad. It would be like allowing them to do evil. May God never allow such a thing? The other part, If the ’ man wants to avoid punishment, didn't that make good, What in which God will infallibly rescues and surpass with his grace and his mercy.


The punishment does not contradict nor denies mercy, which takes place without limits, as well as the existence of ’ bad does not mean that good. If someone is punished and rejects the mercy, It is not because God does people's preferences, but it's just the fault of the sinner. We're just us, with our sin, to put a stop to the divine mercy, which, by itself, as an inexhaustible torrent, would flow all the time.


The divine mercy removes the punishment or transfigured. Our forefathers received a punishment that has echoed throughout the human ’. But God had mercy on us giving us his son, so using the cross we are forgiven of our sins and we transform the punishment in Atonement. And not only, but we also made children of God. If someone does not receive mercy, It is not because God does not want to give it to him, But why is he that arepenteth not of his sins, so the punishment, instead of Atonement, remains as punishment in all its severity.


Pope francesco mercy

the Holy Father on the Jubilee of Mercy

So much mercy that the punishment are dictated by ’ love. Indeed, l love what ’ asks? Wanting the good of ’ more. If so it is good that the malefactor, If deserves punishment, both chastened, and eventually forced to repair the badly done or to pay damages, at the same time, possibly do waves reflect, one is that the Cherubim, by the competent authority ’ [It gave, Papa, bishop, judge, superior, parent, educator, etc.] is an act of love, Although this may seem strange to those who have an emotional-only concept of love ’ love. On the contrary, can we get to say that the same damned by ’ Hell continue to be loved by God, that keeps them alive in the infernal city order and — as St. Thomas Aquinas considers — not so much to punish as deserve. For this the divine mercy is felt even in Hell ’.


It is wrong to believe that one who punishes hates the punished. On the contrary, who chastens must give a glossy rating, prudent, objective, dispassionate and impartial, in law enforcement ’, as the judge of a court, for the audio if you can the same chastised, to safeguard the common good, as for the defense and the satisfaction of those who received wrong, without going by private interests or by passion, otherwise they would implement justice.


Qhis spirit with which invite you to participate in the Jubilee of Mercy, Open all ’ acceptance of grace and forgiveness of God, There are granted on condition of our conversion and repudiation of our sins, sincerely dedicated to the works of Justice and mercy, taking care of our salvation with fear and trembling "», but also great confidence in divine mercy. «Here's the time!»- Saint Paul would say -. Behold the hour of salvation ’!» [II Cor 6,2].


If God allows natural disasters It is only to admonish us on this earth, not for launch on us their revenge, but to give to men his mercy, so much want our conversion to snatch the eternal punishment. But to snatch the ' furnace ' where ' will be weeping and gnashing of teeth», He needs our consent, why free created us, free it takes.


destruction scene after the earthquake in Port au Prince Bel Air Center neighborhood - Haiti - 15/01/2010 - FOTO JONNE Roriz / AE

the terrible earthquake in Haiti, before which, in the opinion of certain, You may not remember that that country was: crossroads of all vices, of the worst trades, with a high rate of murders, one of the world's centers “black magic”, a center of prostitution, especially child labour, suspected place and of trafficking in human organs, etc …

The problem is that today we fail to read the signs in ever greater numbers: unusual climatic changes, drought, earthquakes, tidal waves … and if anyone in all this invites to read also some divine warnings or admonitions, ends under the crossfire of those who were evicted God from history and human experience ’. And precisely these, that in all ways want to deprive the humanity of God ’, all ’ occurrence as well with blows of unfair laws, end with ’ then accuse us of failing of humanity, What this also happened to Roberto de Mattei swamped at the time d ’ insults, but also to us, When preaching the Gospel or certain pages reminding the faithful of certain warnings of the Lord Jesus, We felt respond, even from some fellow priests, that ' l ’ hell is a contradiction in terms of the mercy of God who is love and who as such would not ever the condemnation of all man ’ ’ eternal damnation». And all this, in the Church's doctrinal language, It's called heresy, only and nothing else ’ that heresy.


By’Patmos Island, 30 May 2015




Super Quark, service on the earthquake of Messina-Reggio di Calabria

10 replies
  1. Giancarlo says:

    Dear don Ariel, Therefore it is correct to think that God punishes his children, not only purgatory or hell, but already now, here on Earth, with diseases, wars or catastrophic events?

    I wonder why I happened to say just that, that God chastens his children, even hard, here on Earth to get conversions and faith, but I was literally assaulted by a large number of so-called Catholics who have been pulled out a God full of mercy and unable to punish his children. I believe instead, that God punishes, all right if punishes his children, especially those who love him, Why is a good father and, When punishes, want to avoid worse trouble (Purgatory or, really, the hell) to those who struggle to convert.

  2. Beppe1944 says:

    I regret having given the impression a reader “deaf and rancorous”, with which – obviously – not worth wasting time… Simply, to hear that shares what Roberto de Mattei remained, as Paola, deeply shocked… Yes, scandalized! in the comment text to speech by de Mattei (I had already heard in his time, as I had already listened to the “justification” the same theological de Mattei of the earthquake occurred in Japan in 2011) She openly declares that surgery to share it… and this, just as the believer, offend me… Have a good evening!

  3. Beppe1944 says:

    first question, you haven't answered…

    because the earthquake hit Nepal? what you were in Nepal atrocities? or did God wrong aim…and struck Nepal to punish atrocities committed in California? or God, Since the atrocities they commit anywhere, hit some’ at random, just to give a signal?

    secondly, with reference to the intervention by Paola, I remain “thrilled and shocked myself by this lack of human compassion and charity” … I think that God behaves differently from pro-abortion suppressing innocent lives, as for you (theologians and priests) It seems that God does not matter to the Suppression of innocent lives, is a God which strikes ' in pile ', like this, at random… just to give an example ….

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      She does not intend to nor ask questions or express opinions strongly opposed, that for this would be published in compliance with the freedom of God's children and their freedom of expression; you search only the brawl, futile and free, because he refuses to listen and understand. Sets of questions which have been given precise answers and replies in response attacking.

      In his repeated question has been answered above, with a clear indication of article lines, all evidence that she does not read the contents of the texts that assumed then counter.

      Today is Sunday, Feast of the Holy Trinity. I have already celebrated the first mass, I confessed all morning before and after mass, I preached, I entertained with people. This evening will celebrate the second mass at 18.30, will be available from 16.30 for confessions and, How to practice, I will stay in the confessional at least up to 21.
      Etc …
      A priest is not missing work, but mostly there are people, sometimes unfortunately increasingly “orphans” of pastors, that if a priest are simply willing to listen to the children of God and dedicate themselves to their, take as a sum with our good words, our advice and comfort.

      Having to do all this, I assure you that I can't do I have to bother with a stubborn person as herself – aside from its shameful lack of respect towards the priests shown in his comments – view just being able to talk to each other on, with anger and malice not Christian, without hurrying to read what has been written and read what was answered.

      So goodbye, because I wait for God's people, before which I have so many heavy responsibilities and, why I can't lose my precious time with a dull resentful as she, that between an insult and the other, If the singing and the sounds alone.

  4. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
    Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

    Dear Paola.

    Wishes for his valuable work that brings in contact also with the unborn life.
    First of all, we assume that you are conscientious objector, given that in many of the departments of obstetrics-gynaecology hospitals and clinics practise Italian chain abortions.
    Said this: If two priests who gave so soft-spoken and doctrinally unimpeachable what they teach the doctrine and the Church's Magisterium, She turns to this way, the medical and para-medical which suppresses every day innocent lives through the practice of abortion, Usually, in tones that caters?
    Because we assume that as both Christian and also even more 'astonished and shocked by this lack of human compassion and charity» medical staff and para-abortionist who suppresses innocent lives, Unlike us, Instead the children called them, remembering properly to certain subjects in both judgment and punishment of God.

    • Paola Finocchiaro
      Paola Finocchiaro says:

      But you know what it is for a woman an abortion drama? Long would be the speech. However, my colleagues “abortionists”, as you call them, have, those that know me, more of your humanity.

      • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
        Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

        Dear Paola.

        Like Exorcist – in the sense that I have this Ministry that I exercised very rarely because over 90% cases are made up of people from direct prudently and pastoral feel by psychiatrists, because only the 1 or 2% Maybe they are authentic cases, and yet I repeat perhaps … – I can tell you that it is very difficult to wrest the demon its name.
        Yet she, before “to the exorcist” that has made any direct question, he replied … revealing his name!

        Answer to your question immediately “but you know what it is for a woman an abortion drama?”. Yup, we know it: is the drama of an innocent who was killed in his mother's womb and that, as innocent, cannot defend himself in any way.

        Tell the priests who defend life that those doctors that kill "have more of your humanity», It is not just inhumane, It is really Luciferian.

        Therefore we know very well 'What is a woman to the drama of an abortion». In abortion, the element of drama, lies in the fact that there is only one tragic victim and: the baby killed by her mother, a will at that moment before the evil where there is justification. Can exist and there is forgiveness and then the readmission to the grace of God after deep and sincere repentance, but there are no excuses for what the mother has made unclean.

        As confessor who may, I have always absolved all women that I have confessed this very grievous sin against God and against life, but I've never done shortly, I've always done after more talks, because God goes always offered, and especially before such sins, your sincere repentance, We cannot and do not offer their guilt.
        Only when I realized that the penitent was truly repented – and that didn't feel instead simply guilty -, I sent it paid, precisely because God wants our repentance and not our guilt.
        More serious and terrible is SIN, multiple overflows, before the sincere repentance, mercy, forgiveness and the grace of God.

        See not even reject her, This mercy, This forgiveness and grace, because speaking this way, She is in serious error; and in this context I would remind you that it is not a flaw only in “works” e “omissions”, but in those first “thoughts” e “words” that often give rise to the worst “works” e “omissions”.

  5. father ariel
    Paola Finocchiaro says:

    I'm astonished and shocked as Christian from this lack of human compassion and charity, and thank goodness they are theologians and priests!
    I work in a Department of obstetrics-gynaecology, Please visit my Department, and you will learn a little’ What is humanity and what is life.

  6. Beppe1944 says:

    … and the recent terrible earthquake to hit Nepal which atrocities have been sent?

    • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
      Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

      Dear Reader,

      try to read better, rather, try just to read what the fathers have written in their article, for instance:

      « The pains of this life can also affect innocent, While certain criminals seem to get away. It would seem at first that there was a lack in God of Justice, Why not punish the criminals and does not defend the oppressed; and mercy, Why let the innocent suffer? The answer comes to us from faith, which tells us that the innocent are joined by their father to the cross of Christ, the Innocent ’ par excellence, become in Christ salvation the world tools. Towards these innocent justice is mercy, According to the Pauline teaching ’ [RM 3,21], because it is God who justifies for mercy […] ».

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