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Le vocazioni adulte al sacerdozio

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[…] in my priestly life I always ended up making all that I wouldn't do, thing I thank God. This has also taught me to distrust, and so very deep, of all those people and all those priests to whom Christ, always and rigor, chiede solo ed esclusivamente quello che vogliono loro, some of them have even godless effrontery to brag by saying in public: "Jesus said ... Jesus asked me ...». Per non parlare di certi laici, in particular of certain charismatic and the neocatechumenals, they have instead a holy spirit to its staff saying service and suggesting their – often against the doctrine and discipline of the Church's liturgical and canonical – what they want to hear and suggest.



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

Caro Father.

Sono un terziario domenicano, e se non sono indiscreto vorrei domandarle: Why not become a priest in the order of Friars preachers? If the question is indiscreet and erase everything and do not answer me. Heartfelt wishes for the Island of Patmos.

Andrea of Bernardo

Dear Andrea.

Dominican novice

A novice as the habit of the order of preachers at the headquarters of the Italian national Dominican provinces in Naples

As I'm sure you will understand this is not the place to make my vocation story, also because the speech is complex. Numerous people, priests including, They asked me to write a book about the history of my vocation, ma per adesso ho sempre desistito. Maybe someday I'll do it in old age, at the bottom there is a public thing vocation, considering that it takes itself as more public can exist: the exercise of the sacred Ministry of priests.

I didn't choose the order of Friars Preachers or other orders because adult vocations: o fanno scelte radicali entrando in ordini claustrali di stretta osservanza, Trappist Monks or type, o in uno di quei pochissimi monasteri benedettini che pur nella decadenza irreversibile che ha colpito questa benemerita famiglia mantengono un certo rigore. The experience teaches me that adults usually enter the contemplative orders or the secular clergy, Why can hardly be formed for religious life, salvo grazie speciali.

Given that the seminar – cleverly set up by the Council of Trent – don't fit the dogmas of the Catholic faith, My Bishop, as in the past have made many other bishops in the exercise of their legitimate authority, stabilì per me, che avevo compiuto 40 year old, a more suitable ITER formative: in Rome was entrusted to a priestly house, living where I did the theological education, on the other hand, the training for the priesthood under the guidance of trainers selected by Bishop. Fu un’esperienza molto preziosa, because I got to live in contact with 30/35 priests in age between 32 ed i 45 anni provenienti da tutti i continenti del mondo, acquisendo anzitutto una visione universale della Chiesa Cattolica e non certo una visione limitata all’orto attorno al campanile del paesello, Since one of the major tragedies that devastates the secular clergy is the provincialism.

Ritengo di avere fatto la scelta giusta, o come mi disse un pio monaco trappista: "You are made for Fireworks, not for the silence of the cloister. In you is the innate sense of prayer, meditation and contemplation, but as support for fireworks will have to shoot». Thesis confirmed recently by a brother priest, also take the adult priesthood, già medico psichiatra e oggi monaco, che con vena simpatica mi scrisse: "You were born to do Hunter, io sono nato per fare il veterinarian». Joke before which, un mio giovane confratello sacerdote replicò: "You're not only limits to tear, because once you do it you're hopping around festive shreds, happy to have done a good service to the Church ".

In that House International priestly There was with me another Italian was ordained a deacon and then presbyter of the secular clergy a few months away from me, at the age of 43 year old, oggi sacerdote missionario in una zona indigena di Panama. A day, talking between us, scoprimmo che entrambi avevamo pensato a una scelta radicale: “out of this world"And"rinchiuderci"in a Trappist monastery, but he too, so different but similar, era stato detto: "you have the missionary spirit in the heart».

The formation of a religious, After entering the postulancy at ordination should not in my opinion – and a last time in certain orders lasted not less than 10/12 year old. Quando nel post-concilio Vaticano II certe famiglie religiose ridussero la formazione a 5/6 year old, deleterious results in next time you are seen all. For instance: a few years ago, leading a group of families in Assisi, I had to translate and explain what it meant to the Latin inscription above the Porziuncola, la quale altro non era che l’indicazione della indulgenza riservata a quanti, repented and confessed, avessero varcato quella soglia. Nella basilica c’erano infatti quattro apatici e grassi fratacchioni messicani che non erano stati in grado di rispondere a questa banale domanda a loro rivolta dalle persone, segno cheet invenit in templo vendentes oves et boves et columbas, et nummularios sedentes [«ed entrando nel Tempio (Jesus) He found people who sold oxen, sheep and doves, and the money changers seated at school». GV. 22,42]; and we also know how the Lord Jesus was angry before the painful scene [cf. GV. 2,13-25].

What I reproach to some religious families and certain orders historians is this: yesterday, le migliori vocazioni, se le prendevano loro, perché da loro entravano persone particolarmente colte e dotate per gli studi; presso di loro trovavano il proprio nucleo naturale le migliori menti speculative. In many historical Orders entered even the sons of aristocratic families or of the richest families, so much so that the "luck" of certain monastic congregations also stems from certain vocations through which convents and monasteries acquired substantial assets then to the death of parents of some monks and Friars, grazie ai quali poterono aprire molte case in giro per il mondo. Just think of the intense and productive missionary activity carried out by Dominican friars in the 16th century. And over time as different areas were evangelized by the Dominicans and the Jesuits evangelized, considering that in those evangelized by the Jesuits developed all below, from liberation theology to preti-guerriglieri, from the syncretism indigenist theology. For charity, the Dominicans have grown in their breasts one among the worst heretics in the post-Council, Edward Schillebeeckx, I do not know, however, that we have exalted as the theologian of theologians or how the new Thomas Aquinas, as did the Jesuits at the level “institutional” with a subject much more dangerous: Karl Rahner.

Today, alcuni Ordini storici, declined to accept those that we hit off seminars and almost always serious moral reasons; and simply said that it takes, to be tossed out by a seminar now! What several of these religious families – Benedictine and Cistercian monks in the lead – remains, is the ancient "smell under her nose”, unless you have many of their abbeys, however, full of "misses” e di “disturbati mentali "at various levels. Non dimentichiamo infatti che “boni them Benedictine monks ”, grazie alla “Mirabile” opera degli ultimi due Arciabati di Montecassino, hanno portato al collasso la grande abbazia dell’Occidente, now totally decayed and reduced to a handful of old monks. What in fact failed to make the American bombers that razed at the end of World War II were able to do so in the most dire of post-Conciliar seasons Dom Bernardo D'Onofrio, awarded with the subsequent election as Archbishop of Gaeta; and Peter Dom Vittorelli, già suo segretario particolare e appresso suo successore, sul quale il pudore impone di stendere un velo pietoso.

But nothing prevents me to be close a certe spiritualità, lo prova il fatto che appena ordinato diacono prestai i miei primi servizi presso i Domenicani a Sant’Alessio all’Aventino; e quando cominciai a predicare, my style of preaching was everything inspired by the old homiletic Dominicans who'd known as a teenager and who had left an indelible mark in me by serving as a model of my preaching. As though said that Trappist monk, Maybe I was born really for «Fireworks», because in the economy of salvation, in the church there is also need Fireworks operators.

In my priestly life I always ended up doing anything that I wouldn't do, thing I thank God. This has also taught me to distrust, and so very deep, of all those people and all those priests to whom Christ, always and rigor, chiede solo ed esclusivamente quello che vogliono loro, some of them have even godless effrontery to brag by saying in public: "Jesus said ... Jesus asked me ...». Per non parlare di certi laici, in particular of certain charismatic and the neocatechumenals, they have instead a holy spirit to its staff saying service and suggesting their – often against the doctrine and discipline of the Church's liturgical and canonical – what they want to hear and suggest.

Una vocazione è veramente autentica to the extent that they are applied and experienced two principles: the principle However has not made my, but your will» [cf. LC. 22, 42], ed il principio «Sono stato crocifisso con Cristo e non sono più io che vivo, but Christ lives in me. This life in the flesh, I live it in the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me " [cf. II Gal. 20].

In the absence of these two principles rooted in the consecrated person with the sacred order, contributing significantly to impress our indelible sacramental character, or we are dealing with a non-vocation, or are we faced with a fragile vocation, o siamo di fronte ad uno di quei tanti soggetti che non per sua colpa, but for serious responsibility of seminaries and novitiates today and bad trainers who often populate them, non ha ricevuto una adeguata formazione. E chi non è stato formato in modo adeguato ma bensì infarcito di filosofismi, sociologismi e psicologismi, It always ends with l’ “the” next to “It gave“, between confusion and disorders of body and soul.

As for the rest, my spiritual closeness to the sons of Saint Dominic of Guzmàn I think blatant, not just because I work with a distinguished Dominican, But why this man of great faith and wisdom represents for me a model of doctrine and theology that inspire me and to draw from it safely with both hands; in the same manner in which I draw to producing another great Dominican, Tomas Tyn, of blessed memory [1950 − † 1990], died at a young age and has really all those germs that would lead him in later years to become an authentic Thomas Aquinas of the 20th century.

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  1. Giovanni. 25 says:

    Reverend Father,
    If you don't mind me asking, may I ask if you have considered some postulate societies of apostolic life (Redemptorists, barnabites, Oratorians etc.)? If it did not, they would apply the considerations made for the religious orders?

    Thank you

  2. father ariel
    maucant.21 says:

    … Ariel's father by Carthusian monks? Imagine, the monks ' voices would be heard soon after even outside the walls of the monastery.
    Ariel's father from the Trappists? He'd turned into a platoon of troops.
    But there is also another possibility: Ariel's father would have really taken off the world, locked away in silence, and finally would become Holy.
    I think you're right where you are and how you are, because surely this is your natural path to holiness.
    I say this from experience: a 30 years I wanted to enter a Trappist monastery of the strict observance, oggi ho 72 year old, I returned to Italy from 4 year old, rather shabby, including insomnia, After doing for 30 years the missionary in the Congo.
    With the exchange of mutual prayer.

    Don Mauro Calderon

    p.s. and I'm a toscanaccio like you …

    • Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Brother.

      A framework, your, to say the least realistic.
      Thank you.
      Reflecting on the many stories and events that many confreres have brought to my attention in foro interno and in foro outside, I confirm what you cleverly expressed: I myself have known men's vocations that already seen around the world to do the missionaries, but then ended up in the monasteries of contemplative life; and I've known people who wanted vocations joining monasteries of contemplative life that, Comets, Instead, the missionaries have done for decades.
      The mystery of true vocation is related to the question “what Christ wants from me” and not “What I want“.

      The reciroche spare prayers.

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