The darkness of the world and the “Morning Star”




[…] the Deposit of Faith has always been undermined by the devil, but it is also attacked by the pride of men. It seems incredible, in fact, see how much and what pride there is, eg, in many theories "theological" fashion which unfortunately often are successful in some "men of the Church".


Gianni Battisti 1


John T. Baptists

burning church

One of the many churches torched by Islamic fundamentalists

We live in difficult times, also in the ecclesial sphere. Many believers do not know more than the basics of their Catholic Faith, not be more passionate about the things of God. We practice, by many believers, a form of religious individualism - and that even educated people and prepared - which leads to neglect the fundamental spiritual works of mercy, works that have always been part of the DNA Christian and Catholic, works that contribute, as no, the moral rectitude, spiritual edification and salvation of souls.

Distracted by the siren worldly, flattered by the success and pleasures that the world has to offer, often men of our time choose a religion "do it yourself", easy, comfortable, who can go hand in hand with the demands of contemporary society materialistic and hedonistic and often, Unfortunately, become the prey of a biased form of sentimentality that runs from Revelation and therefore the true and living God.

via the councilDuring the course of the ancient councils we know that markets, struggled, Competence with and holy enthusiasm, about the nature of Christ, we reasoned that for altissimas causas and saw things under the form of eternity. Today, in the company's "well-being", in society "evolved", the Deposit of Credit guarded for centuries by the Church of God, A, Santa, Catholic and Apostolic Church is a well overlooked by most, well that would instead be preserved, to grow, by Comprender always better, to live. St. Paul the Apostle exhorted the disciple he consecrated bishop: O Timothy, guard the deposit " [1TM 6,20]. In fact, the Deposit of Faith, well really sublime, yes it is, of always, undermined by the devil, but it is also attacked by the pride of men. It seems incredible, in fact, see how much and what pride there is, eg, in many theories "theological" fashion which unfortunately often are successful in some "men of the Church".

atanasio crushes ary

Painting of the eighteenth century representing the Bishop Athanasius crushing the heretic Arius

It is amazing to note also that these "new theories" are actually, in most cases - as for years they point to the most careful theologians such as the Dominican John Cavalcoli - the revival, in contemporary salsa, heresies old as the hills, heresies condemned over and over again, moreover, by various councils, succedutosi by the Magisterium throughout the centuries. Apparently this unfortunate situation gives rise to an ecclesial malaise that winds and restless good - Cardinal Raymond Burke Leonard spoke in this regard of "seasickness" - because the evil inside knows to be more subtle and insidious attacks from outside, attacks that although there are a large amount, attacks while they are painful and help to make, in turn, suffering the Mystical Body of Christ and civil society. Many suffer in silent prayer. The confusion is great and sometimes seems to have the upper hand.

statue of St. Michael the Archangel

Before his abdication from the throne holy Pope Benedict XVI had placed a statue of the Archangel Michael slaying the devil, with the writing in evidence … not praevalebunt and the text below: “Protector of the Vatican City”. With that said, more or less all

The Lord, however,, through His infinite mercy, has always placed on the bumpy road of our life Baluardi, of Bright Stars, Brigade of the Sentinels , Champions of Faith operating, with their doctrine, with their works, by their example, with their wisdom, their inspiration, with their brilliant insight, with respect to the perennial Magisterium, with the sanctity of life, to the service of God and His Immaculate Bride, who work tirelessly on behalf of the true Faith, society and souls.
For this we are grateful to God who gives us, amid all the difficulties that we all face, Although trto the storms that often, as for the Holy Apostles, seem to overwhelm the Barque of Peter, true shepherds who know how to lead us to Christ who is the Truth, Christ Jesus calming the waves and supports His Church. And the Lord gives us as well, if we ask with trusting prayer, discernment that makes us distinguish good teachers and pastors toutentici by the many false prophets and bad teachers raging, Nowadays, May not eat forse.

The Lord preserves. The good Lord keeps His Church. We know that the Lord's promise is true. We are deeply aware that evil will never win, that Portae hell not praevalebunt. Heavenly Father never abandons us. Mary the Blessed Pope Paul VI, at the end of the Second Vatican Council, proclaimed "Mother of the Church", enlighten the darkness of our world as the "Morning Star". You and that '"our hope", gives us the confidence to repeat again: "Protect me O God, in thee I shelter " [Shall 16,1].


* This short: written, with a small addition, appeared already in Truth of the Faith, what to believe and who, by John T. Baptists editions of Leonardo da Vinci Rome 2014 [see who].

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