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The College of bishops in Union with the Bishop of Rome continues and will continue to be the infallible guide in the Catholic faith, whatever the way in which the Magisterium is expressed, simple or solemn, ordinary or extraordinary. It is up to the Bishops, fraternally United in collegiality, remedy the serious crisis of faith which meanders in the Church today.



Author John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli OP

Giovanni XXIII opened the Second Vatican

San Giovanni XXIII at the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council

The Holy Father John XXIII in the famous opening speech Mother Church rejoices of Vatican II, the aim of the Council stressed it was not so much to condemn specific errors of this, but rather to bring the Christian message in a style and a modern language, suitable for people of our time. He stated as existed convictions; they were assumed and should not be forgotten; It was instead of giving prevalence to the purposeful tone, without completely exclude "which would not have made sense for the pastoral character of the Council ― the condemnation of the errors, and this conviction there was actually, Although the Council confined itself to General complaints without going into details and without citing the names of the authors. The Council also considered abandoning the traditional formula of the fee and thelet him be, which did not mean that the Council sentences could be taken lightly.

So we find the Council condemns dell’ateismo, del materialismo, of individualism, del secolarismo, of anthropocentrism, of liberalism, dogmatic and moral relativism, the exploitation of workers, of contempt for the poor and the weak, of political crime, the arms race, the war of aggression, dell'aborto, dictatorships, State totalitarianism, of racism, the exploitation of women and children, social injustice, of economic inequality. The Council also looked good, in reforming the Roman Curia, by abolishing the Ministry security guard and defense of doctrinal faith, which until then was called "the Holy Office". Instead this Office, with the new name more clearly than "Congregation for the doctrine of the faith", It was adapted to the spirit of the Conciliar renewal with losing that exclusive and excessive character repressive intervention and sanctions and buy a setting and a more human and Evangelical, for which the reasoned and substantiated refutation of the error was aimed to promote the positives of the erroneous doctrines and human and cultural qualities of the Wanderer, through the use of interpretative and corrective procedures, and the errant insurance greater ability to defend and explain his positions. The penis then were mitigated. At the same time was abolished the index of banned books.

This wise Council setting you would assume that balance that it suggested; but unfortunately often in environments of the episcopate and academic institutions, under pressure from the so-called "progressives", that were actually crypto-modernists, the use was, intensified in recent decades, to tolerate the revival of old mistakes and the emergence of new, lest you be treated by pre-Conciliar and Pastors in the belief that they recognize as pluralism and freedom of expression.


marble bust of Epicurus

What happened then? It happened that many errors already condemned in the past are resurrected and, not being condemned, resulted in many the belief or the impression that the previous conviction had been superseded or canceled by the new doctrinal and pastoral climate initiated by Council. This was accompanied by the rise of the modernist ideas that supported the mutability of dogmatic concepts, without that this unfortunate phenomenon has been properly restrained, which resulted in many a historicist mentality, relativist and evolutionist, that has led to the contempt of the old convictions and the peaceful assumption of modern errors, also recognized as such only by experts of the history of ideas and heresies, Since in reality many doctrines presented as new and advanced, in the eyes of serious historians of thought, are almost always return, Perhaps with terms or different shades, timing errors immediately preceding the Council or even old or ancient dating back sometimes even philosophers presocratics, like for example the aphorisms of Heraclitus, Anaxagoras, Pythagoras, Epicurus, Democritus, O Parmenides Protagoras or mythologies of ancient India or China.

diritto aborto

that “diritto d’aborto” that you can't touch …

We could do many examples of these errors condemned by the Church before Vatican II up until the early centuries of Christianity, errors that remain and that the Council has not denied, but it assumes, at least implicitly: the negation of demonstrability of God's existence rationale; the denial of transcendence, the immutability of divine indifference and; the denial of Christ's divinity; the denial of miracles and prophecies; the idea that God in Christ you dumb man; the negation of redemption and then of the mass as sacrifice for sin and repairer; the denial of sensitive corporeity risen Christ; the negation of hierarchy; the idea that everyone and always in grace; the possibility of salvation even for atheists and for those outside of the Church; the identification of the Church with the world; the idea that every religion is salvation; the negation of primitive pair and of the transmission of original sin by generation; the idea that God never punishes but does only mercy; God forgives those who repent not; the denial of the existence of the damned in hell; the denial of the existence of the devil; the conception of man as a supernatural being or divine; the negation of the immutability of dogma; the conception of faith not as truth but as an experience or as a practice, or faith as essentially linked to doubt or unbelief; the denial of the natural moral law; the exaltation of homosexuality; the lawfulness of artificial insemination, extra marital sexual relationships and use of anti-fecondativi; abortion and euthanasia are intended as; the priesthood of women, etc ..

concilio chalcedony

the Council of Chalcedon in a Byzantine icon

So similarly believed that the doctrine of the two natures at the Council of Chalcedon is no longer present, refuses the dogma of the human soul as substantial form of the body from the Viennes Council taught in 1312; rejecting the condemnation of Eckhart made by Clement V in 1329; you deny the doctrine of the immortality of the soul proclaimed by the fifth Council of the Lateran in 1513; It is believed that Luther's condemnation made by the Council of Trent is wrong; It is believed that the condemnation of liberalism made by blessed Pius IX is exceeded; no account is taken of the condemnation of Pantheism is made by the first Vatican Council and St. Pius X; he despises the Encyclical Feeding of Dominic's Sheep of St. Pius X; not more mistakes tien of Rosmini condemned by the Holy Office in 1887; There is care of the condemnation of Freemasonry is made by Pope Leo XIII, Communism made by Pius XI, and the excommunication of the Communists made by Pius XII in 1949; There is care of the condemnation of spiritualism is made by the Holy Office in 1918; do not take heed to the dangers of a certain ecumenism reported by Pius XI in the Encyclical Mortalium animos; you forgot errors reported by Pius XII in Humani Generis; It rejects the warning about the teilhardismo made by the Holy Office in 1959.

freud cartoon

celebre vignetta su Sigmund Freud

Not to mention the contamination of Catholicism that arise from the fact of mixing it with the thought of the Italian Renaissance, of Descartes, of Luther, of the enlightenment, of empiricism, Kant's, Fichte, Schelling, of Hegel, by Marx, Freud's, Existentialism, by Husserl, by Heidegger, by Severino, Historicism of Bohnöffer, Indian thought, of Buddhism and other.

The lack of critical or corrective action on the part of Bishops or academic institutions or people of Catholic culture leads many to believe that all these theories and ideas on balance have become accepted and acceptable: the church, you think, changed or opinion is correct in most critical studies and more documented. If we want to be modern, updated and followers of the Council ― such is the thinking of many ", We must follow these publicists, journalists, Philosophy, theology, moralists, exegetes, Bishops and Cardinals who have taken positions contrary to the traditional ones presented above. The fact that Rome or other ecclesiastical authorities not to intervene is believed to be a sign that Rome tacitly acknowledges that he was wrong.

This crisis of faith within the Church and among the pastors themselves, esclusi, is intende, dad, and the Magisterium, enjoying the charism of infallibility, can be characterized with five attributes: subjectivism, "do-goodism", relativism, modernismo, secularism.

Subjectivism. Faith is not conceived more like listening to a doctrine taught by Jesus the teacher, per il tramite della Chiesa, but as instant meeting, esistenziale, affective and experiential with Christ, even without going through the Magisterium of the Church: a typical concept of the Protestant faith, which appears not as the jointly adapt our intellect to an objective truth — what Saint Paul calls "the obedience of faith" ―, but as free expression of subjective consciousness, believed to directly illuminated by God, possibly by Writing, but in the sense of Sola Scriptura.

Buonismo. Then faith is not virtue of intellect, followed by the charity as a result of the will, but faith is resolved in charity and confused. Faith is not the Act of knowing, but it's practical involvement of the whole person, What actually belongs to the charity and not the faith. The charity in any way replaces the truth. It is not based on truth, does not presuppose the truth, but it appears the same as a foundation of truth.

Behind this there is a vision and a dysfunction in the relationship between intellect and will. It must be said that in the past they lacked to charity in the name of truth, see for example the trial of Giordano Bruno; today is missing the truth in the name of charity, for example, to rahnerismo today on the loose.

Relativism. Since each man needs the truth, It is believed that all are in truth understood as charity. Then all are good and in good faith, Although each in their own way. In fact, respect for diversity, the freedom and pluralism requires that the truth is not an objective fact, universal, binding, uno per tutti, but is something related to the subjective consciousness and creativity of each, as each one is different from others.

liberta religiosa

religious freedom is also based on the recognition and especially from that reciprocity from which comes then true peace …

From here a false concept of religious freedom, that pretty much is the absolutizing of individual consciousness, liberalism and religious Indifferentism is: Why bother to proclaim the Gospel? So everyone knows the truth already, everyone is saved, all are in favor, all are forgiven, all have good intention and good will. No one does evil willingly. According to them all are in truth, Although my truth contradicts to your. But anyway God is in all and save all. There is no clear opposition, assoluta, unchangeable, objective and universal between true and false: the same thing can be true and false for me for you. We all have reason. Depends on point of view. So you must condemn errors and heresies. At most you can express your own opinion but you must also respect the ideas of others, However contrary to our.

It would be good therefore for some close the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, body that still reflects an outdated mentality pre-Conciliar, inquisitorial. Faith is not a certainty, but a mere opinion among other, by its very nature dialogue, confronto, living with doubt and unbelief. Only in this way is open and tolerant; otherwise you become of Taliban and fundamentalists.

Secolarismo. We observe that faith has lost its speculative orientation, contemplativo, spiritual, transcendent, supernatural, escatologico, Although we continue to use these terms, as does Rahner, but falsificandoli and secolarizzandoli. Actually it says "and Rahner explicitly" does not believe at all in the immortality of the soul and an afterlife, but salvation is only here.

christ old

Christ is God in history

God is not above or beyond history, but only in the history. There is another world beyond this and over this, but Christianity is only for this world which is the only world. There is an addition to the sacred profane, but the same profane is sacred (Rahner). The priesthood is not founded by Christ, but emanates from the people of God ("Low Church"), There are no hierarchies ("pyramid"), but we are all equally priests brothers (Schillebeeckx). The Church's action is a political action and not supernatural (liberation theology).

Christ transcends the world but is the evolutionary World Summit ― "Omega Point" ―: "cosmic" Christology (Teilhard of Chardin). It is not the spirit (divine) that creates matter, but is the matter which becomes spirit and becomes God (yet Teilhard, with reference to Darwin, Schelling and Bruno).

Modernismo. All these ideas and perspectives are processed in the belief of being modern and entertaining dialogue and confrontation with modernity, in the wake of the innovative approach of the Council. The idea in itself is good, but the trouble is that here "modernity", instead of being seen as a complex of data to examine in the light of the Gospel, in order to take the positive and reject the negative, is considered itself an absolute, in the light of which the Gospel only what fits into modernity. Is the serious error of modernism of yesterday and today.

Italian bishops

Assembly of Italian Bishops

Spontaneous suggestions branches arise to the Bishops: the College of bishops in Union with the Pope continues and will continue to be the infallible guide in the Catholic faith, whatever the way in which the Magisterium is expressed, simple or solemn, ordinary or extraordinary. Can't go wrong just the single Bishop or bishops (for example, a National Conference) If they are not in communion with the Pope. It is up to the Bishops, fraternally United in collegiality, rectify this serious crisis of faith. Benedict XVI, not for nothing called the year of faith and had plans to publish an encyclical on faith, If the modernists, Obviously alarmed, They stopped. However I think it is good that the new Pope the project put in place by Pope Benedict, without fear of the modernists. They must give, certainly not Rome.

Leap of Faith

the leap of faith …

You have to go back to having genuine appreciation for the theological virtue of faith, that is the beginning of salvation. If the faith is strong and healthy, then can practice any other virtue, first charity. But if faith is watered or confused with other important things, everything crumbles and nothing you can build. Faith can be without charity although with difficulty: but the charity cannot possibly exist without faith, If it doesn't decay in mere philanthropy, to emotion or, worse, a rash of subjective instincts. But faith is truth, to return to have respect for the truth, Some charity. But there is no charity without truth. Proper respect for subjective consciousness and religious freedom should not be an excuse to disparage the objective truth, universal and unchanging. Ecclesiastical authority must reconcile respect for wisely subjective consciousness with the care of the common good in terms of doctrine of the faith, promoting sound doctrine and claiming its disseminators and Apostles, and refuting with good reasons and persuasively continually arising errors, appropriate remedies and opposing lovingly correcting with justice walkers and the rebels.


the pastoral staff of Bishop, a tool of great charity which should also serve to correct the rebels

This function of Bishops, However today suffered a major crisis, is a vital function of the Church that Christ founded guaranteeing that is won of the forces of hell. How so today the situation is distressing and shocking, as Catholics we are absolutely sure that this crisis will be overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit to a holier Church and stronger than before, true light to the Gentiles and the universal sacrament of salvation.

Varazze, 27 August 2015

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  1. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    certainly knows what they're proposing the German Episcopal Conferences, French and Swiss: Sowers of discord, more that preachers of the Gospel.
    See here the complaint by Magister:
    The Synod shadow of Switzerland and Germany has a sequel. In two books
    We read that the divorced and remarried and homosexual couples do not expect “mercy”, but recognition of the goodness of their condìzione.
    See also the theses published :
    and references to two books.
    Finally the criticism of replica Vicar of the Diocese of Chur mons. Grichting.

    A picture of desolation and despair for so many of us … in torment waiting for the intervention of the Holy Spirit

  2. hector says:

    Maybe this can be useful:,News.html
    It took place in four evenings, between 15 April and 27 may, the course of introduction to the Holy Mass held by father Andrea Brugnoli, parish priest of S. Zeno Zai (Verona), founder of Youth Ministry morning watchmen.

    The course, a small masterpiece of catechesis on things "high" – and not on "smoke" often carried by many meetings and many pastoral initiatives, and youth – is not online. Four videos, filmed in the Church of the Centre for education in the new evangelization, via Righi 2 in Verona, they are a valuable resource, to use and disseminate.

  3. James notaro. says:

    Dad, in her article highlights the discomfort, the need to get out of this mess of ideologies that you mentioned and which unfortunately current thinking is not in line with changing times and suddenly. Confusion reigns undisturbed. But the rescue can only come from within, in the struggle to establish the truth and not finding convenient solutions for the common good. True doctrine must be affirmed and who disagrees, is out. The example, but there are many, is that priest saying Mass on a skateboard; who is the Bishop who has laid his hands, He knew that S. He told Paul to Timothy :”Don't rush to impose someone hands you an accomplice of the sins of others”. How many of these bishops should reflect on the words of Paul and then mea culpa! The faithful must understand and protest to prevent the destruction of a Holy rite which is. Holy Mass we have to understand; How many times the word liturgy and homily (sometimes long and boring) seem to have more importance in the Eucharistic liturgy? It would not be appropriate to explain in brief comments what occurs in the Eucharistic liturgy? Thank you

  4. father ariel
    srlucy.122 says:

    Father Cavalcoli, She knows how to be (and is sometimes) very strict but with great grace, Ariel's father sa be (and is sometimes) very strict but with great irony.
    E’ from this fusion, in my opinion, a winning line and addicting, la vostra.
    Thanks on behalf of my sisters that I follow.

    SR. S Lucia. Heart

  5. father ariel
    Don Angelo Rossit says:

    Caro Father, Thank you for this article and most learned thanks to father Ariel for the surgical precision with which he dealt with in his case Galantino.
    For us priests follow you is a pleasure but also a great comfort and spiritual theology.

  6. father ariel
    Paul F. says:

    I don't want to fall into the professional deformation of psychotherapist … had long wanted to send you a message because I follow you for months but now only I do.
    I would like to say to you, But even at P. Ariel, that “analyze” your writing is a pleasure to scientific level. I also talked to my colleagues, below Patmos, because many are the peculiarities of your, I start from the first: two very clever minds (and your writings they say everything about your IQ) can “live together” together in a physical space, or academic or living variously, including a blog (that is one coabitativo and common space management), only without the narcissism that produces the typical egocentrism brilliant intellectuals, exponentially high to the extent that they are smart. You have allowed to come into contact with a rare element that is true humility, the work (as I read in an article, can't remember which, If his or P. Ariel) per “It gave” and not for the”I”.
    Una cosa, P. Horses, mi spiace, I recently found out that she lived many years in Bologna, my city, I knew I was going to visit, but maybe it will happen elsewhere.
    This I wanted to tell you, Maybe for “Professional deformation”, but with esteem and reverence, Paul.

  7. father ariel
    Alberto Molina says:

    Dearest father, read it all in one breath, as father Ariel, God vi … strabenedica!!
    Welcome back to your and (if you allow) also on our island where we do breathe air cattolica, mangled as we poor faithful from the homilies “Bouquets” and to “Cesar”, by masses celebrated even in shorts … That's right! In early August in a church of Salento a priest got a rainbow stoles on the knee breeches and short-sleeved shirt, and me and my wife scandalized replied that in making just the substance, and the substance was a preaching where Christ appointed for 30 minutes Tonino Bello.
    And then some as the Confessor, When it happens to say that she missed Sunday mass because there was a Catholic Church with a Catholic priest to go.
    Thank you.. thank you!

    • father ariel
      Michela Giardina says:

      I've seen worse in Melbourne where a priest began to celebrate mass at sea on a skateboard, After the consecration two waves slammed the raft and capsized the vessel falling overboard with all the hosts, and he has resumed as if nothing had happened. Viva and viva bishops Galantino which speak in another article … Viva, Viva!! Sydney fish have made communion.

      • Redazione dell'Isola di Patmos
        Drafting of the Island of Patmos says:

        Dear Michael.

        What she says is an unprecedented severity and that's why we'd like to believe some kind of grotesque, as far as heavy, “jokeestiva. But, Unfortunately certain visas priests in circulation, what you said might be true.
        Milano Marittima is in the territory of the Archdiocese of Ravenna-Cervia, of which is Archbishop s. and. Mons. Lorenzo Galloway.
        For the sake of conscience you are required to inform the Diocesan happened to be aware of very serious from her narrated, first of all, verifying if the priest is a priest or if he was a priest of passage, so taking all measures more severe canons laid down for such a case and the unprecedented severity if it is a priest, or informing the Diocesan priest of this if you were a priest of passage.
        If you have any kind of problems to do so, We write in private that we advise, or her indication to inform us directly the Archbishop.

        We await your news.

        • Angelo Bellettini says:

          Dear Editors, are of Ravenna although moved to Canada for many years, but I feel alive belonging to my home town. Forse voi non lo sapete, but remember that Ravenna Mons. Gamil attended the opening of the mosque of Ravenna, in parentheses, the second largest in Italy after that of Rome. I hope our Archbishop between ramadan and a foot-washing has time to investigate the sacrilege described above, but i have my doubts…

        • father ariel
          Angelo Bellettini says:

          Dear Editors, are of Ravenna although moved to Canada for many years, but I feel alive belonging to my home town. Forse voi non lo sapete, but remember that Ravenna Mons. Gamil attended the opening of the mosque of Ravenna, in parentheses, the second largest in Italy after that of Rome. I hope our Archbishop between ramadan and a foot-washing has time to investigate the sacrilege described above, but i have my doubts ...

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