Karl Rahner between sociologismi, teologismi and heresies: the theory of “anonymous Christians” – Lectio magistralis by John Carlson

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Among the various "theories" of the German Jesuit Karl Rahner, one of the best known is that of "anonymous Christians". An ambiguous theory that if read and applied could lead to real nullification of the entire mystery of redemption.



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The Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner (1900-1984), expert of Vatican II, in the immediate post-conciliar it acquired a reputation as one of the greatest Catholic theologians and interpreters of the Council. Sennonché però, other eminent theologians, as Fabro, Lakebrink, Cardinal. Relative, Von Balthasar and Cardinal. Ratzinger signaled serious pitfalls contained in the system rahneriano and the falsity of his modernistic interpretation of the Council, does not conform to that of the post-conciliar Church. An interpretation of continuity but not breaking, which provided pretexts to ultratradizionaliste reactions. From the reports of these theologians, at first unheeded, It is rising an international theological movement, faithful to the Church and to the Pope, which he is committed to correct the views rahneriane, the consequences of which have proved harmful in the moral field, as put forward by some moralists, including Don Dario Composed. This movement aims to contribute to the true interpretation of the Council, without disregard the merits of the German theologian.

We present anew on 'Patmos Island one keynote held at the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Seminary Pontifical Academician John Cavalcoli in which the metaphysical philosopher and theologian dogmatic Dominican refutes this subtle but dangerous heresy Rahner.



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4 thoughts on "Karl Rahner between sociologismi, teologismi and heresies: the theory of “anonymous Christians” – Lectio magistralis by John Carlson

  1. I am surprised that before the colossai nonsense established for 1 Now this anonymous and gloomy Dominican yesteryear, none the theological academy has yet told “You are welcome, please, take a seat …”

    1. We, however, we are surprised that she ever gave anyone fool, so that we do in response to his haughty disrespect paid to the profound and uncommon wisdom, a man recognized as a true fount of knowledge even by his “enemies” (to “enemies” They mean adverse theologians). Let him bear in mind that the Father John has lent his valuable service for nine years as a theological consultant at the Vatican Secretariat of State, and as a metaphysical philosopher and dogmatic theologian, he enjoyed the esteem of St. John Paul II and Cardinal. Joseph Ratzinger at the time Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and many were his contributions made during the drafting of important documents of the papal magisterium.
      To deny Karl Rahner, this distinguished Dominican took three decades of study, starting upstream from criticism ingenious already made by the Servant of God Father Tomas Tyn OP [1950-1990]. From long work of Father John Cavalcoli were born as a result of scientific publications and by disseminating books that no rahneriano still has never attacked the merits of philosophy and theology, but what can she do, through scientific studies and publications, but by no means irreverent jokes that only manifest foolishness sake.

  2. Grandioso Father Cavalcoli, great! And yet, if at the time of my seminary had not learned all rahnerismi served up a massive overdoses, in 1988 I would never have become a priest. A Rahner (perhaps wrongly) I fate pretend to believe not to be ousted from the seminary, but … how much damage, how much damage has been produced in all those priests who have believed and believe in Rahner really and seriously.

    1. I share, I approve, I endorse all respects the text of Don Angelo.
      This Father's conference Cavalcoli I heard it three times and several times while listening I went back to listen to the various steps.

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