The New Compass Daily and the whores of the Gospel that "precede you into the kingdom of heaven". E’ given rise to a worse religion of Protestantism: the whoredom



Unfortunately in contemporary Catholicism has long threatened another parallel religion, which is that of whoredom. And this whoredom, a level of information, it is the paradigm The New Compass Daily, which we could be defined as a real magazine on-line weather democristiana.



Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



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«[…] And then the charisma is not preserved in a bottle of distilled water! Faithful to the charism does not mean "pietrificarlo", is the devil that "petrifies", do not forget! Faithful to the charism does not mean writing on parchment and put it in a picture. The reference to the legacy that has left Don Giussani can not be reduced to a museum of memories, of decisions, rules of conduct. Certainly it involves fidelity to tradition, but fidelity to tradition - said Mahler - "means keeping alive the fire and not worshiping the ashes". Don Giussani will never forgive you lost your freedom and you trasformaste in museum guides or worshipers of ash. Keep the fire burning the memory of that first meeting and be free!

[S.S. Francis I., speech in Communion and Liberation, 2015. Full text WHO]



It is not evil, he is alone … natura et gratia

I do not like talking about myself, my past nor my present private. I'm not a subject to be selfies published at every turn the pages whatsapp e Facebook, because the suitable place where "I manifesto" in public is from the pulpit of the church, where he is proclaimed and preached the Holy Gospel. And when I have to talk about myself, I must make a great effort, sometimes a real sacrifice, especially when it comes to telling at all edifying episodes of my past life.

Although I never had any connection neither training nor of belonging to 'The Work of God, which I very much appreciate the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, We respect this as the only truly Catholic institution in the disastrous panorama of ecclesiastical universities [cf. WHO], at the time she hits a very succinct answer given by the Holy Founder of, Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer - who also said bad words like me -, that to a young priest who is considered worthy to rise to certain ecclesiastical offices, He answered: "Remember that you became a priest to celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice, to administer the Sacraments of Confession and Grace relevant to your degree, to serve and build up the People of God. Because of this, did you become a priest ".

These words touched me deeply and that both shared, I who in the Church I have never aspired to anything, especially being aware that for certain roles - always left to others with deep joy -, I would by the grace of God qualities and skills that those who practice them so mediocre, They do not even distantly; and not have them either by the grace of God, nor for those gifts of nature, however, also related to the principle of natura et gratia [cf. Mt 25, 14-30].

The first lesson holy that I did since the beginning of formation for the priesthood, It derived from the manifest desires and high career aspirations nourished by a bishop. The lesson I drew was as follows: If the devil can take ambition, we can do anything he wants, first taking away the freedom of God's children, because then every sigh, action, human relationship and so on, It will be conditioned and aimed only to their wild ambitions. that bishop, it was an ambitious pathological, He never understood for giving me, through this his serious flaw, and saving the most valuable lesson of my future priestly life. It is sadly certain that one day he, received the Holy Sacrament of the Sick and Holy Viaticum, before expiring pronounce these last words: "Man, because that such and such and such other jerk were made cardinals, whereas I do not?”. E, said this, make up the ghost, and I will pray a lot for him, because I loved both the, while he spent his life to be surrounded by fawning pimps, keeping a great distance from those who affection and genuine reverence they would have told the truth, but most would never have betrayed, even if he has betrayed himself.

In the exercise of my sacred ministry, some times I have to take myself as an example, but it is clear: as an example almost always be negative. It so happened that during some homilies, addressing certain topical issues, strictly related to the words of the Holy Gospel proclaimed just before, He has reminded that they bring certain debauchery of life they place us as the Ferrari on the race track much of that mortal sin that I have traveled at full speed. Here then again, in the secrecy of the inner hole, during sacramental Confession, some young boy or girl who explained to me that it was' an important period of cohabitation test, before taking a major step like marriage ', in reply that that choice was the wrong path, I explained: "I do not think I do not know what you're talking about, because I'm not a priest came to eleven years in the seminary. Certain experiences took place before you, but above all more and worse than you. So I can explain on my own skin that a de-empowering wedding parody, It is pointless, for these reasons …".

Not to mention how severely I have dealt certain Mamas Catholic engaged, of those who tear their clothes on around the network The joy of love, or sacrilegious danger of Holy Communion for divorced and remarried, but at the same time they are justifying their son or their daughter who lives with his companion or the companion, because then it comes to "living together for good", or because "any time soon marry '. At this army holy mommies, to avoid that someone could reply "who knows, her priest, of certain realities?”, without going for the subtle I answered: "My mother, which it is really Catholic, when I was doing the pimp, or when in times of "seriousness" I was a partner jumping from one partner, he never allowed me to visit her together with some of my occasional ganze. And once, very sternly, mi said: "When you're married, then you can bring your wife, but your love I do not want to see or meet in my house ' ". I remained so bad and I felt offended at this point, who did not want to see and feel my mother for several years. But my mother, that a Christian conscience have it for real, as I had my late father, He never accepted my debauchery, rather than lose his son. Dissoluteness instead, rather than lose their children, They are accepted by the army of holy mommies which then vent from one blog thundering against "concubines" and "adulterers", to which the "infamous" The joy of love He would open the doors to the Most Holy Eucharistic Communion. What in any case is not true, as we have already explained our Fathers de The Island of Patmos [see WHO e WHO]. These people are going crazy for the electronic network, They are in large numbers mostly frustrated women, if we go to investigate, we find that they have sons and daughters living together peacefully and husbands who made merry more or less in the light of the sun with the young office secretary. Here then by reaction, after having thundered against "adultery" and "concubines", begin to tie "heavy burdens and lay them on men's shoulders, but they don't want to move them even with a finger " [cf. Mt 23,4]. And while imposing "burdens on people's shoulders", They do not care about the fact that their daughters not even limited to making life partners in "civil unions", but they live and behave like real whores. Of course, none of those who read on the internet some invective against "adultery" and "concubines" written by this race of people, You can see the exploits of their daughters and sons, maybe even why, to see the work of some offspring always so strict and zealous Catholics on the skin of other people's children, rather than on the sites of Vera&Temple Apostolic Tradition We should go on porn sites. And if anyone wants to see the real riot of remarried divorcees, di Cheese unlike married that no one calls in certain cases "adultery" and "concubines" but "precious benefactors of our protection work of the true faith and the true teaching ', enough that you facing in certain environments and improperly called the so-called Vera&Temple Apostolic Tradition, including Lefebvre, given that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X have never puzzati the money of those many "adultery" and "concubines" who have real or imagined-quarters of the old nobility and that melt like snow in the sun, together with their wallets, before to aromatic smoke of incense and magic of the Latins. If anything, introducing himself to the solemn liturgy Old Catholic Churches, seventy substantially exceeded, with their "nurse" that does not resemble at all to how bad talentata Tina Pica [cf. WHO], but which seem to climb out of an erotic film. Or come to the so-called "mass always" with their lovable twenty-five year-old granddaughter, just arrived fresh and beautiful from Kiev. That and much more speaks volumes that the Pharisees were less hypocritical of heretic and schismatic Bishop Bernard Fellay, the one who very filial corrects the Supreme Pontiff, but it is careful not to correct many of the benefactors of his fraternity, and especially those many generous and Brazilian and North American members of the ultra right, who collect divorces with the ease with which a collector collects stamps. But on the other hand, I also said the Emperor Vespasian when he was facing reprimand for having put the fee sull'orina: «Money, non're » [money does not stink, cf. WHO].

But back to me and to my debauchery to arrive later to the heart of an entirely different matter ... only twenty years after the death of my father, when I was already a priest, I was told that my father, died just 56 year old, He prayed and offered him during his illness his sufferings for their return to the faith of his son, that refused to even walk past a church for ten years. But wanting, the suo time, I did worse: I said that even on the baptismal registry - the one where he is now annotated my priestly ordination -, it was noted that I did not belong to the Catholic Church.

Not that seeks to justify that my gesture villain, But it is worth pointing out that he was a juvenile reaction completely wrong - but always a reaction -, to the truly devastating priestly figures that I had known and with whom I had to do on several occasions, form me up to the idea that the Catholic clergy there were only a few mele marce, but it was getting hard to find a single healthy apple. And all this generated in me particular pain and discomfort, because as a child, then as a teenager, I had had from God the grace and privilege of coming into contact with truly holy priests, I mention all of them a particularly well-known to the great Catholic public: Father Divo Barsotti.

I know so well what it means, and how young people in particular can run forever from the Church, when instead of priestly virtue models, They are presented to them before certain alleged sculettanti Priests entered the College of the wickedness of those bishops who in the late seventies and early eighties found themselves with deserts seminars, to the point that often fill them queers and checchine, dive e divine

Of all this and worse ancòra, But the fault is not of the reigning Pontiff, who started his pontificate, even after four decades of devastating choices made by its Supreme Predecessors, or by those to whom they have entrusted, or of which they trusted, while on one hand the priests competed in every piece of crap, to the point that often, most were pigs, Most were career under different pontificates now much regretted by those who have given life to a mythical past history embalmed, but in truth it never existed. And while our clergy became increasingly morally impossible, the document in the document do not hesitate to get shots of morality in the bedrooms of our faithful with sling goldsmith, to measure the deeds and misdeeds. And these are not my opinions ungenerous, least of all "subversive opinions" against the Catholic morality and who know that I myself practice; the one just described is the history of the Church over the last forty years, a story written and documented act of act, Official speech of official speech, many of which reminds us of that terrible warning: "They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men's shoulders, but they don't want to move them even with a finger " [cf. Mt 23,4].

If several times the grace of God has used me to resume and bring him several of these traumatized and driven from feats of certain priests, maybe it's because, for life experience, I could understand fully what they saw and what they felt, a result which had developed reactive rejection against the Catholic Church and especially its clergy plunged to historic lows moral. And while the moral situation of the clergy was now precipitated, Holy Church of God ruled by the Holy Father Giovanni Paolo II was committed to reiterate its categorical "no condoms", but at the same time ordering a homosexual priest after another, up to allow the development of a real epidemic frocismo clerical, Finally paid in the United States with the diocese into bankruptcy because of subissate judgments of damages to victims of harassment, or until the collapse of the Church of Ireland deluged with scandals truly unspeakable sexual. It was above all from this point of view that the Venerable Pope Benedict XVI faced a moral crisis of the clergy of proportions at times frightening, while the reigning Pope has inherited all the after-effects of a situation of total collapse, It is now come to be missing for a long time the trusted collaborators, faithful and capable, essential to keep up a good reign and to make this really.

Often, talking to people re-converted to Catholicism, I said and explained that the experience of the Blessed Apostolo Paolo or of Blessed Vescovo Agostino, are not, as it is often thought and is believed, of isolated cases, unique and exceptional. Far from it: I am a paradigm. For this reason I have narrated these lines between the synthesis of my personal story and my subsequent radical change of life; I did it to show that this corresponds to the dynamics of the shock of the Blessed Apostolo Paolo on the Road to Damascus, or the conversion of the Blessed Vescovo Agostino, behind which there were the prayers of his mother St. Monica, that behind many of our conversions or re-conversions there were many holy mothers Monica. And as Saul of Tarsus was called Paul, and Aurelio Thagaste to Augustine, with the baptism that I am called by my parents Stefano Maria, before my ordination I asked to be able to call Ariel, what does it mean Lion of God, having considered - if I'm not wrong in analysis and interpretation of the signs of the Holy Spirit -, that to me, Father gave, just he wanted what was imprinted in the name I assumed before the sacred ordination. In the economy of salvation, There is in fact the painstaking monaco that is silent, and the lion roaring. A me, He would have liked the seclusion of the Charterhouse and withdrawal from the world in silence and total concealment, but I wished I, God did not want him; and a choice of selfish pleasure, You can never be called a vocation. It can not silence those who in fact is called to roar, He can not roar who is called to be quiet.

The key word in all this talk, I repeat is the word 'coherence'. Or as I wrote earlier: if a person has not been and is not at consistently in their own sinful choices, riafferrata will never be recovered and the grace of God and then be consistent in faith.

The converted or re-converted, never hesitate, without discomfort, to bring himself as an example, launching without any shame, to the many light and superficial Catholics, This clear message: «Dear son, but if I did I who I was in his time a citizen of Sodom and Gomorrah honorary, not make you want?».

This also involves another aspect: the ability to admit, to declare and publicly reiterate a radical change of views. Because a conversion or re-conversion, this also involves: a radically different way of thinking and to face reality and life itself. In fact, if I were a bishop - it is an example of purely academic, of course -, cost of closing of parishes for lack of priests, I would look good from consecrating Priests in the Holy Order of the subjects that after years of seminary, changed only the exterior surface appearance, these were and what were. Who in fact she reaches the Priesthood remaining as such, He can not get through the Sacrament of a new character that turns and forms for life. That's why no one is ever occurred to you to appoint the rector of a seminary or of electing a bishop's seat. And they were right not to do it, because I do not fill the Church of garbage, I empty the Church by trash. And a rector empty-seminar or a bishop-garbage man nobody cares, even the Church "revolutionary" of Francis I. And that being said I want to be clear that with these words I do not self-nominated, who knows me knows that is not so.

Unfortunately in today's Catholicism hath been threatened by another parallel time religion: the whoredom. Of this whoredom, a level of information, paradigm is something that magazine on-line the indomitable and diehard politicians de The New Compass Daily, which we could be defined as a real magazine vetero Democrat.

Changing times, people and situations, but some subjects are always there, with them bishops reference working to ooze poison behind the scenes, to act as if we were always in 'italietta Democrat fifties, where to be hired as a janitor in a public school was decisive letter of recommendation from the parish priest, to be hired as a clerk in a city municipality office, that of the Bishop. And when they approached the elections, not a few bishops summoned all the clergy not to the necessary training courses, or to instruct them on how best to build the People of God, but to turn them into election propagandists. And for weeks, from church pulpits, instead of the explanations to the Holy Gospel, They were heard verbose election rallies. there, i bishops reference of the Director of The New Compass Daily, still dream of this, which is to say: like dreaming the calessino driven by donkey while the missiles flying toward the Moon.

Before the charges of my whoredom facing The New Compass Daily, not just as a reaction to the outrage, even because, in the words of one of their vescovetto politician far reference when we had to defend Silvio Berlusconi and his brothels in the open: "The outrage is not a Christian sentiment". So it's not that reacts with indignation, but with the truth, which it is always objective, never subjective, because the subjective truth is not the truth, but it is their opinion, which as such always leaves things as they are.

As of March 2013 following, The New Daily Compass it is more papist amply Pope. Making a sigh on Pope Francis I would have been unthinkable. Several signatures who attempted a veiled criticism and delicate expression on the pastoral style of the reigning Pontiff, They felt respond by the provincial secretary of the Christian Democrats failed, ie Riccardo Cascioli, that "The editorial policy does not allow any expression also indirectly critical of this pontificate". And it is clear: the living witnesses, kicking and equipped in such a sense of good memory, there is no shortage at all, in case the applicant intends to protest, but above all to deny.

At the time,, his The New Compass every day He wrote the sociologist Massimo Introvigne, which incidentally is an excellent specialist in the sociology of religion, and founder of the worthy CESNUR [cf. WHO, WHO]. Each article in which he extolled the wonders of this pontificate, Massimo Introvigne was attacked by all the Catholic fronds that showed concern for pastoral certain styles of Pope Francis I. There were even blog they created dedicated pages of teasing more or less headed 'daily introvignata », and on to follow.

You can then ask the penalty: What happened to this well-deserving magazine, legitimately criticizing today Future, The Osservatore Romano, the closest collaborators of the Pope, but above all the pastoral decisions of the Supreme Pontiff? Which, the central nucleus of "conversion" which has led to such a radical change, but above all to discover that critical sense in which between 2013 and the 2014, The New Compass Daily, defenestrò several employees as deemed insufficiently papist, or as we would say today Bergogliani ? How could it happen that the director of The New Compass Daily, yesterday as recommended today behind the scenes by the same bishop - namely that between a phone and the other on Eurostar He hoped that the reigning Pontiff soon reach the Father's house, then pumping below, always behind the scenes, several signatories Correction filial -, went to meet this metamorphosis? Why indeed compared, the Methamorphosis Ovid, They are likely to be just a joke, together with Praise of Folly Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Let us see what happened to induce the then ultra-papist New Daily Compass to discover suddenly that even a Supreme Pontiff, if necessary can be criticized, with all the good grace of the case and provided it does not put in question his legitimate authority. It happened this: In the 2015 the Supreme Pontiff Francis I, He has awarded two sound and well-deserved slap in the movement Communion and Liberation, through a very strong and very severe speech that invite you to read everything in full, because then you will understand the origin of the sudden "conversion" to the freedom of the children of God de The New Compass Daily and its director [cf. see text WHO].

After the papal speech occurred before a conversion, then a transformation. E, suddenly, we have witnessed the metamorphosis that today we have before: the publication of correction filial passed for pure duty of chronicle, to the next article by Antonio Livi it ​​was like a new mail patch on an old dress [cf. Mt 9, 14-17], as well as both offensive to the intelligence of the man who wrote it is the intelligence of those who, and in species canonists and theologians, they read. To follow up with attacks targeting to Andrea Tornielli, guilty of being papist and so-called Bergogliano.

I state that I am a friend for many years by Andrea Tornielli, as are Antonio Socci and Marco Tosatti. It is three different people, with a dissimilar approach to what is referred to as the journalistically Bergoglio phenomenon.

Andrea Tornielli is a person who by his character and professional style moves cautiously, and in him I never had heard the approach based on opportunism turncoats that often is challenged by those that Gabbana have turned to the right and upside down, but not only, because after you have turned and turned, they even dyed with different colors, as did Riccardo Cascioli to the direction of The New Compass Daily.

Antonio Socci It is a Christian Fire, a passionario and in many respects a man of God went through trials and suffering do not wish on anyone, in which not only he kept his faith, but he strengthened, giving an example in this sense certainly not insignificant. His position in respect of this pontificate is very critical, and is its legitimate right to be critical, criticizing the hard way, sometimes ruthless, certain choices of the Pope, without ever having been disrespectful to his Augusta person and without ever questioning his authority.

Marco Tosatti It is a great lord in delicacy and expressive spirit, he is puzzled before certain pastoral decisions of the Supreme Pontiff, but his style is different and everything marked in the manner of an "old" gentleman of journalism.

All three of these professionals, in their diversity, They are characterized by an element: are men of faith, husbands and fathers specimens, models of Christian family life, People who really love the Church and even the papacy.

I can estimate and have relationships with animated people from totally opposite feelings, relative to the present ecclesial and ecclesiastical situation, that as I have often written is in a state of decay and crisis without historical precedent. But I can not feed esteem for the obvious turncoats banner of "nothing happened ”; who do not find something better to do that explicitly or implicitly give the turncoats to Andrea Tornielli, who runs an information server, Vatican Insider, that makes no opinion or analysis, But as news and comments, when it does not just give you news and just.

The latest attack in order of series addressed to Andrea Tornielli in those days was a real falsification. An editorialist The Corriere della Sera, Gian Antonio Stella, which it is a great journalist but not an expert in church and ecclesiastical matters, supportandosi just for this on an article written by Andrea Tornielli last year, He wrote exact words:


«[…] The Catholic fundamentalists who days ago, the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, they said the rosary against immigrants, in particular Islamic (including Syrians fleeing by the ferocity of Assad and cutthroats Isis), pretend to ignore that "their" Papa never let go of certain principles. First: the Christian duty BUSINESS. May. He remembered a year ago the Vatican correspondent Andrea Tornielli in a piece titled "Immigrants, as well as Poland "buries" Giovanni Paolo II " [A text. Tornielli 10.15.2016, WHO, text G.A. Star 10.10.2017, WHO].


The reaction falsante de The New Compass Daily was an article so titled: "Because the power defames the Poles helped by certain Catholics". Article in which, starting with the title same, Andrea Tornielli has slipped into a cauldron of accusations, without ever he has mocked the Polish Catholics, in the Christian celebration of the victory over the Moslems at Lepanto 7 October 1571, They have organized the recitation of the Holy Rosary on the Polish territory boundaries, with the participation of about one million faithful [text B. Frigerio of 12.10.2017, WHO].

Now you understand well that the lines and behind the lines of The New Compass Daily, that ultra-papist that was between 2013 and the 2014, It has become critical-sour day after the reigning Pontiff has given up two healthy sganascioni to Communion and Liberation, It is not that it did not happen exactly nothing, but it happened very, species in inconsistency and consequent arrogance towards other professionals of journalism. for no one, slab column The New Compass Daily that bestows implied or express licenses of turncoats in right and left, ever he told: "We changed my mind". What not only legitimate, because as I think I have explained in my skin and in my own life of past debauchery and deadly sins, The change view is what often saving, sometimes essential for a true journey of faith. In fact, if I myself had not radically changed opinion at the time, Today I would be a different kind of man, but above all I would not be a priest of Christ.

Therefore I say in all serenity that the slap given by the Supreme Pontiff to Communion and Liberation, in addition to being entirely deserved, has helped more mice come into the open, from Riccardo Cascioli that makes fleas to other colleagues annotating them with great fall of professional style as the snipers, ie snipers. Now, I do not know if the director of The New Compass Daily he did as the undersigned military service, or if it was reformed to visiting lever, or if it is declared pacifist and did alternative civilian service passing the time playing with videogames, in any case it is not necessary to have studied The Art of War to know that sniper, the sniper, especially after the bloody war in the former Yugoslavia, It has become synonym for coward. The snipers on the buildings of Sarajevo, shooting at unarmed civilians, including women and children, often deliberately hitting behind, and they were usually padded euphoric drugs; and when the euphoria passed, They became even worse and more bloody.

Here are described mice that the Pope Francis I did come out with two slaps. It is opportunistic and inconsistent mice, of low alloy politicians who represent the paradigm of mice of a religion entirely new and much worse than that Protestantism brought to life by a schism and a heresy born from the Christian core work of Martin Lutero. And this new religion, that is not born precisely from any Christian nucleus, It is the whoredom.

It is to these people that our Lord Jesus Christ says: "The prostitutes will precede the kingdom of heaven" [cf. Mt 21, 38-32]. What this Riccardo Cascioli should have explained in great detail his bishop of reference, what, If the Pope Francis I had been made a cardinal, He would have incinerated at the stake anyone who had longed for this pontificate, instead wish the reigning Pontiff soon to pull the bucket talking on the phone in the crowd from the first class of a Eurostar.

And if these are all mice today madness that the Pope Francis I did jump out from behind those scenes where for decades have worked to damage the Church, well I tell you: even though I have been and am critical of many pastoral choices of the Holy Father - as demonstrated irrefutably many of my writings -, for just about to have littered the papal rodenticide, I would be ready to shout, already while it is still alive ... saint now!

Last note is style is of a professional nature: our online magazine The Island of Patmos It reached in these days of October the twelve million visits. Our work, it's all free, however it involves high management costs, as is the case when working with means, instruments, programs, server-provider business and so on. Always and now we have entrusted to the providential and free charity of Readers, that until now have supported us, first of all in our full and complete freedom. But when you have certain sponsor or certain patrons, You always end up on the unfortunate pay book whose, in the end, reaches amounts what to say and what not to say.

At the New Daily Compass today by the snipers to the others, we want to give this lesson in style and especially of Christian freedom, I saw the way he turned as if nothing had gabbana, after the first two slaps data from the Supreme Pontiff, a righteous and holy about, Movement of Communion and Liberation.

It is not by chance that - it's just a question -, have imposed a change of editorial line their lenders?

The emperor Vespasian, stating Pecunia non olet, he was wrong, because the money, in truth, always stink, when you buy your freedom and when will make your Christian conscience in the same way a rubber band that drives an accordion portfolio.


the Island of Patmos, 12 October 2017



Video of the speech of Pope Francis I



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    • Redazione de L'Isola di Patmos
      Editor of The Island of Patmos says:

      Dear Beppe,

      It is a typo, every now and then captain, although we try to be careful while proofreading.

  1. father ariel
    Don Francesco Messina says:

    This comment is for the author of the article, to which I have nothing to teach, but a comment addressed to readers of this happy island.
    I do not know how many will be able to grasp the deep love that pervades the lines of this writing, Over and under, because it is an item made of several layers: everyone can read and understand it, not everyone can grasp, But, the different layers.
    The author is, per me (and I do not think just for me), a model priest who loves the Church, He loves the people of God, He loves the Pope, He loves the Bishop.
    I am increasingly convinced that there are bishops (today many, Unfortunately!) that they are not really worthy to have some holy priests, because they did not deserve them right. Of course, It always deserves and at the Church, if he deserves the people of God.
    Then, at this point, or it starts to get bishops priests saints, instead of those wise guys who now come to the episcopacy on fashion of the poor Church for the poor, or, because I say bad words, know that we are destined to drown in a sea of ​​shit, from scandalous priests and bishops deprived of pastoral fatherhood that behave like political career.
    but be careful … including political career bishops today, to career, They speak only of refugees and immigrants, because they are too political, perhaps even worse than their predecessors who sent their “pizzini” MPs Deputies.

    Praised be Jesus Christ !

  2. George M. G. says:

    Illuminating as always dear Father. If these are the results of Francis I, while also keeping the potential concerns, I echo: “Santo Immediately”! The action of God seems to be exposing a lot of weeds…much…

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