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Giacomo Biffi has missed the train?



With Cardinal Giacomo Biffi returns to father's House one of many Bishops of the last fifty years of church history which seem to have lost the train, Despite having spent his life talking to great wealth and competence of railway stations, always and pontificando penalty from the first class waiting room of Central station, while in all the other stations of the railway network the systems to lower the bars at the level crossings when the freight trains were passing were not even active.


Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



corpse biffi

the coffin of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi taken inside the palazzo arcivescovile di Bologna

I do not intend to do the so-called contrarian, because it was for me I would like not to do it and least of all to be. However, I do not intend to share this Italic mania to beatify the dead at all costs.

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna from 1984 al 2003, is one of several Italian Bishops that I respected and more appreciated aspects, but which I have not estimated. Nothing bad, because as a priest I must be devoted to any Bishop as such, Why is their due respect — as in the case of Bishop having jurisdiction over me, for my part, the branch is also due obedience — but no estimate, that is not due to no Bishop; and if the Bishop wants it, he must deserve it and earn it. This was written in a very polite to Cardinal Giacomo Biffi in 2011, When I sent him a copy of my book And Satan came Trino, in which I dedicated to him a polite critical section, what I propose below at the end, and through which I let the person concerned understand why I venerate him as a bishop but did not respect him.

Carlo Caffara funeral Biffi

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, in prayer before the corpse of his predecessor

Faced with the current ecclesial situation in which Peter's boat is battered by the stormy waves, the responsibilities of men like Cardinal Giacomo Biffi are enormous; and this responsibility must meet face to face with God, regardless of whatever style of italic which I said earlier, certain characters will then beatified during the short drive that leads them from the mortuary until the Tomb, even newspapers ultra secularists specialize always reduce the Catholic Church in real pulp.

Carlo Caffara funeral Biffi 2

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra blesses the corpse of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi

My modest and painful experience of priest and Pastor with the care of souls taught me to measure certain men of the church based on what they say, but what they do, or often what they don't do, because the sin of omission, together with the Sin capital of Sloth, they are the two most practiced sins of these times by clergymen. All beyond the fact that I am willing, as the Gospel, doing what right and wise to say but not to do what wrong do: «What they tell you, do it and look, but do not do according to their works, because they say and do. In fact, bind heavy burdens and impose them on the shoulders of the people, but they don't want to move them even with a finger " [CF. Mt 23, 3-4]. Unfortunately, really serious problems come when we find ourselves in difficult condition of not being able to do what they do but not what wrong say.

The bishop, depositary of the fullness of the Apostolic Priesthood and rightful heir of the Apostles, he is a Father who governs the particular Church entrusted to him. And a Bishop is not measured nor is judged historically by insightful jokes that gave us or from books he wrote, but from what he did, by the way in which he governed his Church and cared for the portion of the People of God entrusted to him. Therefore, if on one hand I consider Cardinal Giacomo Biffi a shiny pen, a sharp orator, a man of refined intelligence and a man of faith, on the other hand I have many reservations about his long pastoral Government, that is measured on all other items, I will mention only some of the many:

1. While a large slice of Bologna clergy slid in deeper secularization and modernist theologians led brilliantly out a real blow in the diocese felsinea, where he was and what he was, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, that that particular Church was not a simple sharp and ironic observer “exterior”, but the Supreme Guide?

2. While for lack of vigilance and inadequate training offered, over the years even priests who were not suitable for the priesthood left the Archiepiscopal Seminary of Bologna, often bad formats thanks to "good" offices of several villains masters, with all the problems, even serious ones, which usually ensue from this in the clergy, where and what did the Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Since priests he consecrated them? Mistake, or the word “bishop” derives from the Greek bishop, which literally means “controller”, “vigilante”?

3. When several senior priests and long-time parish priests begged him several times not to ordain certain subjects as priests, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, with irony - or perhaps with cynicism? — which has always characterized, leaving awestruck these elders replied that in the Church there was also need for labour» (!?). Responding to this way, he was never touched by the dramatic dilemma as to what would happen to the Church, When many of these "unskilled workers", good as few to snatch the good branches in the vineyard of the Lord, would become trainers, Faculty of theology, or even bishops?

4. While the scope and theological formation of Bologna was a powerful and impregnable feud of the dossettiani, while being recognized and allowed the license to teach in subjects who were delighted to sign posters against the Italian Bishops ' Conference and in fact against the Pontifical Magisterium [see WHO]; While a large number of teachers in charge of formation of future priests openly criticized the Magisterium of John Paul II in theological studies in Bologna, where and what did concretely the shrewd and ironic Giacomo Cardinal Biffi?

5. In a publication of the Cairo Cardinal Giacomo Biffi wove the praises of Joseph Babu, on whose sensational do not intend to dwell doctrinaire errors, I'd rather leave the unpleasant task to John Carlson, If you have time and desire, given that it was he — later our dear and esteemed Antonio Livi — to refute his Dominican friar, paying a very high price, aware of how they made it to unfairly pay for attack … “lesa majesta” [see WHO, WHO].

6. How many times has happened that Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, by no means exempt from that humor which is hardly suited to a man of government, in his capacity as President of the Episcopal Conference of Emilia Romagna led to the appointment of persons unsuitable to the episcopate and how many, then, when certain candidates proposed by him difettarono, rather than admit to having wrong to evaluate them, protected them before the Holy See, rather than invoke for them all due and strict references?

7. Because the Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, President of the Episcopal Conference of Emilia Romagna, Member of the College of Cardinals, Member of three important Roman dicasteries, with the possibility of contact and direct access to the Supreme Pontiffs John Paul II and Benedict XVI, of whom he has always enjoyed the profound esteem, It is instead limited to be ironic right and missing, through speeches and books, rather than exercise all the prerogatives of his high office for example epurando from theological studies some bad teachers responsible for breastfeeding future priests with poisoned milk of the worst heresies and modernist thoughts and ambiguous misunderstandings of Hegel and of certain theologians of the New Theology?

homage of mayor of Bologna Giacomo Biffi

the homage of the Mayor of Bologna to the body of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi

The universal Church and the particular churches do not save with two shrewd ironic jokes, nor with very relevant and intelligent banter with dozens of publications; because when you got from God the gift of prophetic read in advance the evolve of certain problems in the course of time, It is required more than ever to act, always paying high prices, as we teach the story of salvation, as we teach the order given to Prophets of Israel, as in their little have paid without hesitation the fathers of’Patmos Island, never haggle on the truth and the mystery of salvation.

funeral Biffi

the homage of the faithful at the mortuary of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi

It's true, as the beatificators have written in recent days, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi had talked beforehand about the new danger "the Islamic invasion", as recently I reminded myself to its undoubted merit [see WHO], But while he spoke about this problem from there would create short-term emergency situations no longer arginabili, many of his priests were active more than ever to accept Muslims to glory, to put them to the best in our House; many of his priests were industrious in encouraging mixed marriages between Italian and Catholic Women Muslim men, as they were in carrying on that false and misunderstood ecumenism - which, moreover, does not reside in any document of the Second Vatican Council - which he always and rightly criticized. Unfortunately, While Cardinal Giacomo Biffi was insightful jokes, During the eighties, many of his priests organized inter-confessional meetings that would make the skin crawl to the most extreme ecumenisms of the Northern regions of Europe, in total silence and complete non-action and non-reaction of their Bishop.

corpse Biffi Ernesto De Vecchi

the Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Bologna, S. AND. Mons. Ernesto Vecchi, blesses the body of Cardinal GIacomo Biffi

I believe that Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, for gift and special grace of the Holy Spirit, have been able to read and describe the reality of the present and the future that awaited us, limited though to play before the home foil ironic enveloped by flames. Or to put it in other words: the Cardinal Giacomo Biffi was given not only the light of awareness, because with it he had been given a precise task and with it also the most adequate action tools, but with that typical cynicism of clericals cloaked behind as many clerical reasons “always higher”, did a halfway job. Returning to the father's House with a perception and objective awareness of that very dramatic reality which he has spoken and written, but which in fact he did not face and before which he did not act by making use of all the apostolic powers which he had been invested with by the gifts of grace of the Holy Spirit.

Giacomo Biffi John Paul II

an image of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi with John Paul II

Not only the Cardinal Giacomo Biffi it had been equipped with all the pastoral instruments of government, but also the best supports, including the esteem of two Supreme Pontiffs and that of many Catholics who would have protected and followed him even in the face of his very unpopular decisions. Therefore, one of the many Bishops of the last fifty years of ecclesial history who missed the train returned to the Father's House, Despite having spent his life talking to great wealth and competence of railway stations, always and pontificando penalty from the first class waiting room of Central station, while in all the other stations of the railway network the systems to lower the bars at the level crossings when the freight trains were passing were not even active.

And may the Lord have mercy on him, because who like us priests has had so much in gifts of grace, for both had very seriously will have to answer to God, He will use towards us a totally proportionate severity, opinion having entrusted his Church, his People and his message of Salvation.


Opera And Satan came Trino

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In memory of Giacomo Biffi, bishop

17 replies
  1. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    see it now and I am keen to say also this article by Sandro Magister, that explores the theory “aptitude test” by me above mentioned:

    Headhunters for future bishops with twelve criteria for their selection. By Paul Australia proposes to. McGavin, theologian and Economist
    It will say that the paper is already done so, with little success.
    Of course the criteria grid could (should) be even more extensive and refined, cover not only the Bishop but even his closest associates involved in the various roles of the Diocesan structure to build a coordinated and complete team roles, functions, professionalism and expertise. E’ as important as the Bishop's charisma, spiritual guide (helmsman) as the best organization of the boat and the harmony of rowers.
    Precise mission, municipality: paddling with sync, all together effectively, witnessing to the Gospel, to pursue the salvation of God's people.

  2. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    to my comment yesterday, two final words: Jesus Christ.
    Still on the subject of arbitrary licenses, Today I read with similar bewilderment about,News.html
    When rev. Fathers of the island a thorough review of the Encyclical ecologica?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      We are going to publish on Theologica an article by Father John Carlson, a matter of a few days.

  3. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    Thank you for having clarified some concerns: men have not always styles and behaviors relate to the rank or whose titles are awarded, beyond the merits. Our has repeatedly shown to be vain and subservient attitude, elegant con man who does not mind appearing; never imagined seeing him in a situation so little "in tune" with faith, role and function. There should be an example?
    I am reminded of: "dispersit superbos mente cordis sui".
    I don't get to the pads instead designator, as if the Papal decisions in choosing collaborators (and even before that the Ministry has proposed the shortlist with virtue, curricula, titles, experiences, skills) should always be “centered”, right man in the right place and always guaranteed (I testify that the company, society and politics of disappointment "to betray human qualities" are recurring, even with thorough selections).
    And even fewer understand the contrast between digits and papal styles and their own "human" quality: I read the performance effect of appropriate repositioning.
    I believe that, whatever the formation in the field, in the end, always wins…

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      I gladly accept the challenge and say that father John Carlson on the one hand and several times, I on the other hand and several times, We have repeatedly refuted on the theological level Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi; and we did it in scientific articles, in published books and conferences.

      In a book of mine, I also contestai point by point the inopportune preface written by Card. Race to a book by Pope Benedict XVI, doing this, however, that, Since the world began, a Supreme Pontiff does not need to be presented his works and much less.

      And all these are facts and existing publications and not punishable as such by denial.

      As well as remains a fact not subject to denial that the Card. Ravasi, whose thesis peregrine always notes, was neither elected Bishop, Neither Bishop nor created Cardinal by the Holy Father Francis, but since that Venerable Pontiff who was wearing the vestments of blessed Pius IX, He had pulled off the baleen and that, If things didn't go as they go, soon they did wear the tiara on the sedia gestatoria, surrounded by a retinue of masters of ceremonies more similar to parakeets that men.

      Go to see who has consecrated Bishop and promoted to the dignity of Cardinal Ravasi and complain if anything with the architect of his episcopal consecration and his appointment as cardinal, as it is always alive.

      If scans well, perhaps, before Ravasi Cardinal, will say like me: I'm glad the Holy Father created Cardinal Bishop of the island of Tonga and that good man of the Archbishop of Agrigento, Although not a great intellectual.

      Undoubtedly, during the pontificate of Pope Francis, he card. Ravasi has lost prominence he had under the previous pontificate and ceased to turn to the tv networks with hair dyed an improbable and color with a pound of Foundation on the face.

      And of this, as to other, We must be sincerely grateful to the Holy Father Francis.


  4. Orion says:

    If the bishops at the time of consecration is delivered the pastoral staff, It is certainly not to give them a walking stick, but always remember their duty to Shepherd the portion of the people of God which is entrusted to them. She said that Saint Pius X plugs, hazards and a Bishop's responsibilities are not offset by “gloriuzza mean a pastorale”.

    E’ clear that today one of the biggest problems is in the exercise of authority. For example, many clerics from secularists dress. Why they do? Because apparently their bishop has abdicated its authority to practise, allowing its priests to dress as they want, in blatant violation of the canonical norms (not to mention even more serious violations).

    I was very impressed when I read that the then Bishop Albino Luciani, which is universally known the meekness and humility of mind, She arrived at the launch point on the interdict an entire parish, After very serious facts that there had occurred. Today how many bishops have the courage to do what is necessary, without wash their hands? Few, very few.
    Maybe because you don't deserve more bishops like an Albino Luciani.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Ettore.

      Thanks for reporting the article to which I answer that some Bishops belonging to a precise area and equally precise lay movement that imbeccano Marcello Pera, should have the manly attributes for Episcopal tell them certain things openly in their capacity as members of the Italian Bishops ' Conference, without a forward their illustrious friend “He has nothing to lose”, thinking that we are all of the poor fools who fail to understand who is the ventriloquist who does speak the Parrot.

      I repeatedly disapproved certain releases of s. and. Mons. Nunzio Galantine, What I wrote and explained that many times, but I did just putting my face and my name, certainly not ahead mandandando Marcello Pera.
      In my language, these characters, named simply fearful.
      And who needs to understand, understand, Why is this, the real gulf between the true Church of Christ Church reduced to a chacchiericcio prelatizio of wives to wash that send back other wives …

  5. Cristiano says:

    Praised Be Jesus Christ!

    I got a Jolt when I read the title. Then in continuation of his article I had the certainty that she meant what she said!
    Now Her Father or has a lot of courage or has a touch of madness. Or maybe both. Let me explain.
    E’ clear that the memory of the dead is to be respected and prayer is the best thing to do. That the Lord may welcome s. and. Card. Biffi in his mercy!
    Having said that his is the only dissenting voice in a panorama of praise unisona. Now while your article asks questions about facts they don't know but are plausible and legitimate, condolence comments on sites that knows You are a staggering banality: is the age of facebook, beauty!
    Similar story for the article on s. and. Mons. Sigallini to Announo.
    Only she has pulled out of the argument and said what It was necessary to to say.
    I wanted to express my appreciation of the time already. Do it today: Finally a man, a priest who faced with questions and uncomfortable realities does not hold back!
    If we are not what rooms serve except to be thrown out and trampled by men?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Always praise!

      Dear Christian.

      Pray for me, that should not be to fall into error by some hard analysis, purpose of which must always be the allegiance to the truth and the good of the Church; and to do this you should always be careful and genuine spirit of charity. If these two elements are essential and fundamental to sound criticism fail, you could create scandal and bewilderment among the people of God, accencando the eyes of the faithful rather than open them. And if so I would open the gates of hell with my bare hands.

  6. father ariel
    Antonio Martelli says:

    But she has no idea of the problems that the Church should live today? She believes that everything is just black or white or? I say lay engaged who knows quite well the situation from inside.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Lay Engaged Dear.

      I don't know the situation from inside, because I live on Planet Pluto, and in truth I don't do the priest, to be honest I do the dentist. And just today, in my “dental practice” , While I expected that the anesthetic was to effect devitalizzare a tooth to a patient, I read the Gospel of the day on which Christ God says: «Do not think that I have come to bring peace on Earth; I have come to bring not peace, but the sword» [Mt, 10,34].
      I don't think that everything is black or white, is that, another time, always in my dental practice, by the same Gospel of St. Matthew read: «Is your talk Yes, Yes; no, no; the more you from evil». But if the “and” and the “no” We want to put all the many shades of color, I think that all in all you can, but this would be asked a chemist, because I do the dentist.

  7. father ariel
    donga_mart.2011 says:

    … you've been hard, very much, but it's really hard to give you wrong, and I tell you as a priest from Bologna, ordered in 1990 from Card. Biffi.

  8. hector says:

    Rev. Dad, I find a little distressing title and subtitle, and even more structure and article processing method: stiff, selective and point “charitable”. Poor us, in comparison!
    Such severity – evaluation in the budget of a lifetime – does not belong only to God's merciful judgment? He knows every man in underwear, from the first to the last moment, and justice will ask you account of the "fruits" of the talents he has given?
    As the Church teaches, It's just human nature, in particular every Christian, do some good deed and commit sins in "thoughts, words, works and omissions "many times, Every day. Every believer – After examination of conscience, in the confession dares ask God for forgiveness and grace not to fall.
    Even the cardinal, man with limits, strengths and weaknesses, as each of us, have lived this experience many times ... and aware of their miseries and weakness, will humbly asked forgiveness for all sins.
    The way to Holiness is full of temptations, sins and forgive.
    Santa Maria, intercedes pro eo
    Santa Maria, pray for us

  9. father ariel
    Lu.mac12 says:

    About how the author of esserisce “letter signed” about his experience in our seminar …
    … when in 1991 a group of 5 priests spoke behind closed doors to the cardinal after a pastoral visit in a parish by raising the issue that our seminar had churned out in recent years, several priests … “pages”, ironic but also replied annoyed: “If I remove half the priests with factory defects, risk of half-empty Roman Catholic Diocese!”, and changed speech by not allowing to continue on that theme. The parish priest of the parish I, and me and my parish vicar had previously prayed the superior of the seminary not to admit in a seminar our young parishioner for which I refused, in my capacity as pastor, to make the cover letter. He changed and another parish priest gave him the letter, He was admitted and was added to those with … “factory defect”. At this point I should mention the results and consequences, but I am not going to do it and I close here the speech.

    Rest in peace!

    Don Luke

  10. father ariel
    Letter Signed says:

    Caro Father.
    Have passed since 18 long years but the memory is still alive, Although now I have a wife, two beautiful sons, a job that gives me satisfaction and also gains.
    I was in the archiepiscopal Seminary of Bologna, from which was released eight months before becoming Deacon.
    What combinai? Anything!
    I tried in every way to talk to the card. Biffi, because in our workshop there was a moral situation in late 80 's where not within either, and several professors, as you have mentioned, in public, not to say in private, on John Paul II said of all colors.
    I was never received by Cardinal. When once came to visit the seminar, I took courage and went over him telling him that I wanted to talk to him in private. Smiling but annoyed told me to ask for appointment to the Secretary. After three months I was received by Auxiliary Bishop to whom I said that it was fair to say.
    The Rector made me after a month the resignation letter from motivating seminar ambiguously that I was deficient in Christian charity. Held in seminar (I suppose for Christian charity?) several other characters, two of them ended up years later respectively condemned one for sexual harassment and one for pedophilia, I am not going to talk about instead everyone else become priests today wink to arcigay and uplifting many of their followers say that making a mistake not only them but the Church with its retrivo spirit.
    Can the card. Biffi rest in peace, or at least buy the eternal peace on this earth that I bought as a husband and as a father.

    (Letter signed)

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