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cosa sarebbe accaduto se durante una visita apostolica in uno dei tanti Paesi da lui visitati nel corso del suo lungo pontificato, some head of state had given to John Paul II Christ crucified on a sickle and a hammer?



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sickle and hammer

donato al Sommo Pontefice un Cristo crocifisso sopra la falce e il martello [click WHO]

Faced with this photographic image the thought is going to the Holy Father John Paul II, through an application that is entirely spontaneous: what would happen, if during an apostolic visit to one of the many countries he visited during his long pontificate, some head of state had given him a crucified Christ on a sickle and a hammer?

On the hammer and sickle They were “crocifissi” many martyrs in the twentieth century, ma era proprio questa, the true intention of the Bolivian President Evo Morales?

We have no answers to give, But we can pray for all the victims of Communism, asking for all of us the intercession of the many blessed and saints who have given their lives for the Church of Christ and who were martyred in the supreme hatred of the faith by the sons of the worst Marxist ideologies, in nome di una Lotta di Classe that has nothing to do with the Gospel and with the announcement of salvation contained in it, much less with the defense of the poor and oppressed.

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sickle and hammer

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  1. Giancarlo says:

    I ask: I know, after what happened, in the near future a politician of extreme right regalasse to Pope Francis a Christ nailed to a swastika, the pope would accept it?

  2. adri says:

    The gesture is certainly blasphemous but, at the bottom of, It is also a boomerang towards communism. Perhaps John Paul II or Benedict XVI would respond: “Caro Morales, you are right: the hammer and sickle on which you put Christ symbolically represents all died martyrs to the cause of communism. He also died for them and to redeem those who crucified, both of Golgotha ​​wood in the altar of so many perverse ideologies like the one you represent.”
    We just have to join in prayer.

  3. hector says:

    What happens in the real world, always exceeds any extravagant or diabolical imagination.
    As for temperament, ognuno di noi, even the popes, we have different sensitivities and reactions.
    Whatever the intentions of the donor – blasphemous, deliberately offensive or kind Financo versus host, It comforts me- in prayer – think that – always – Jesus ” vince” even when it is represented unseemly. His Sacrifice on the Cross took place and continues, for the redemption of all men of good will,believers and unbelievers, ideologues and martyrs,perpetrators and victims, …

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