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If Giacomo Biffi loses the train, Luigi Negri rushes behind



According to the direct preaching of Jesus Christ ' every tree is known by its fruit ", not by his words, not from her non-fiction production, not by the critical writings in retrospect. Or to put it more clearly: do not criticize, as Archbishop Emeritus now, those damages that enthroned as Archbishop to avoid, repair and, good occurrence, eliminate and punish.



Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo



chasing the train

stop the train …

I have a lot of gratitude to h.e.. Mons. Luigi Negri, which I marked with indelible character of the sacred order of priests and to him will ever be less my deep devotion, Although today it is no longer my Diocesan, having been promoted in 2013 the archiepiscopal see of Ferrara. However, with filial boldness, I would like to say a few things. Because before I say what he wrote on New Daily Compass [cf. WHO], Cardinal Giacomo Biffi is an example of obedience to the Magisterium of the Church, It should be understood for what it really is obedience in an eschatological dimension, because his sense and Foundation is found in various sacred texts, from the prologue to the Epistle to the Philippians, where is taken as a model of obedience — until the death of the cross — the word of God made man [1].

If we consider obedience for what it really is about the metaphysical plan, do not obedienceI think Cardinal Giacomo Biffi is a model of purity in obedience to the Magisterium of the Church, whereas for over forty years has supported the heresy of “Instant resurrection“, Perhaps a misinterpretation of a Pauline step contained in the first Epistle to the Corinthians [2]. This theory of heresy was condemned by the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith in the 1980s, so that the same Cardinal Giacomo Biffi was invoked by it on this specific topic, Although only a few years ago published on’Roman Observer a retraction, Why to process the meaning of humility can take some decades; Meanwhile, But, the damage had already been done.

louis blacks during a lesson

S. AND. Mons. Luigi Negri during a lesson

Also concerning the “christocentrism” mentioned by the Archbishop of Ferrara, who was for three decades professor of philosophy at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan — while showing off more experienced political sociology of metaphysics and dogmatic theology "would have to be very careful, because Christianity is not Christocentric, ma patronocentric. Christ is not by himself but by his father and leads us to the father: "Whoever has seen me has seen the father" [3]. Of course, the father willed to glorify the son, but because the child glorify the father [4]. God had no need to incarnate and the incarnation is a pure and free gesture of love and mercy of the father to us.

biffi montanelli

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi and Indro Montanelli

Who knew not conceiving God, If you do not incarnate, was Martin Luther. A heresy that brought to the extreme ends up being summed up in the famous aphorism of Hegel: «God is no God without the world»; and this, de facto, is pure Pantheism.

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi you declare then implicitly to the ancient pagan principle A-All. Is the school of Parmenides, by Bontadini Severinus and, the much-celebrated “School of Milan” ― Mohandas is a large Mohandas! ―, a school of "genes" from which came Joseph Babu. The school rightly attacked and severely criticized by Cornelio Fabro, of which the spouse personally criticism.

Biffi Andreotti

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi and Giulio Andreotti at a meeting of communion and Liberation

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi was an admirer of Soloviev, that in turn was a disciple of Schelling, which is a reference point of Cardinal Walter Kasper. And by this we understand how and why the Cardinal Giacomo Biffi admired Joseph Babu: because everything was played in family.

I've never come across in Giacomo Biffi's thoughts, nor any he ever reported; What I know of him is for experiments or for direct readings of his works.

Giacomo Biffi umbrella

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi in one of his last public appearances

For instance: never came in a concrete way in the post-Council tackling as Bishop all problems pastoral governance plan, not only through his fiction production? In the reality of his pastoral governance, seriously defended Church teachings? Has never openly criticized the scientific and the modernists by preventing them from taking the field in the areas of training of clergymen and especially his Archdiocese? Aside from its great late criticism [5] made in 2010 Giuseppe Dossetti [1919-1996] four years after his death, have you ever place some concrete barrier against pernicious "School of Bologna" di Dossetti & Alberigo, During his two decades as a Bishop, started in 1984 and certainly not in 2010? Because to me it appears that be Archbishop of Bologna and as such also Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Faculty of theology of Emilia Romagna, does not involve, in one and in the other case, being awarded two meri honorifics, but a real office of government You should avoid those who exercise to let go to criticism just before the empty stall, When the horse has already escaped from years and run wild for the Prairies, devouring everything on their path. Because according to the direct preaching of Jesus Christ, "every tree is known by its fruit" [6], not by his words, not from her non-fiction production, not by the critical writings written in retrospect. Or to put it more clearly: do not criticize, as Archbishop Emeritus now those damages that enthroned as Archbishop to avoid, repair and, good occurrence, punish and eliminate, because similar and incontrovertible facts stimulate throughout the exercise of my critical sense based on reason and freedom of God's children.

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi was a man of culture, He has good ideas and offers high, but without going into too much merit and without delving into and clarify that much; What this typical of socio-political scientists, theologians not, those species that through certain issues linked to Christology and Ecclesiology move on dogmatic rigour.

biffi giussani Dossetti

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi with his left Luigi Giussani and right Giuseppe Dossetti

What is all this: vision deficiency or opportunism? Because Cardinal Giacomo Biffi wasn't so brave as you want to spend and how he believed he might be, quite the opposite: before serious pastoral situations and ecclesiastical and doctrinal drift, She turned her face often elsewhere, If anything, giving two tasty, witty but unnecessary quips, that oddly liked first of all at his opponents regrouped in some circles the left Radical-chic.

The fact that Cardinal Giacomo Biffi It was praised by the columns of Future from the Mason declared Fabio Roversi Monaco, former Rector of the Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna [cf. WHO], I'm not at all good impression, because the subject which are Catholic, Personally I would be attacked by certain people, do not praise; unless the praise is not the consequence, or at least the prelude of their conversion to Christ and to the truths of faith announced by his Holy Church.

biffi fifth gospel

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi during the presentation of his new publication

For this reason I wonder and wonder: all the teacher's lessons for many years Cardinal Giacomo Biffi has held at the University of Bologna, they were a witness to Christ, or effect of an Andy played on the promotion of its image, both Fabio Roversi Monaco?

Theology, more than phrases for effect, the jokes and witticisms, do you citing authors, sources and specific facts, arguing reasonable motivations and based strictly on dogma. And on this point — like many other "metaphysical theologian Antonio Livi has sacrosanct right.

ariel black

Bishop Luigi Negri and shoulders before him Ariel S. Levi of Gualdo, which pays homage to him

I wonder then if the Archbishop Luigi Negri is aware of the defects of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi's pastoral, some of which were mentioned in my previous article [cf. WHO] based on facts and not mere opinions; defects that might disprove Dane pastoral entering though the merits.

Allow me then to smile the expression through which goliardic Archbishop Luigi Negri closes his laudatory commentary talking about "poor timing" and "ecclesiastical mediocrity». It is true that these are mediocre and times that reeks of mediocrity and stifles the ecclesiastical world, for years on this topic I write and throwing analysis public cries of despair in the deserts of clerical acedia, in practice, however, with all its consequences, including some past rampogne of Bishop Luigi Negri, who today speaks of certain intra-ecclesial dramas of which I spoke and I wrote between 2010 and the 2012 and I reply I procured his reproaches, including the threat to ban me writing, something no Italian Bishop has never forbidden public heretics as G.s., Paolo Farinella, etc … that of selfishness and of disobedience to the doctrine and the Church's Magisterium have done their ideological flag public.

I wish to express to the Archbishop Luigi Negri It is then that the Holy Spirit, at the end of his mandate that Bishops ' is coming to an end, the fill his gifts of fortitude and wisdom.



[1] CF. Fil 2, 5-11.
[2] CF. The Cor. 15,51-52.
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[5] Giacomo Biffi, “Memories“, Second Edition, pp. 485-493.
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10 replies
  1. Wallace says:

    «[…] the Holy Father has his own fear of failure, for this you throw, so happy now, now so unhappy. But with a difference, compared to some "sacred cows", at least, his, will not have to answer for his oversights, If anything for his actions».


    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      well, There is little to laugh, or maybe very, Depending on your point of view.
      When the Holy Father, of which I am a secret Adviser, but only today make public, I asked this question:
      "Suppose I wanted go wrong, It's good that you're wrong for -do not, od is well you're wrong for fare?».
      Said this, Here I get a sudden slap of Charismatic holy spirit, hit by the Holy Spirit of the neocatechumenals, and at that point, filled with grace, Although half a woozy, I answered: "Holiness, do … make ammuna (Neapolitan dialect: get confused), because of these multiple times If ammuina and more we'll be selling mice».
      He followed my advice, but not only, He also appointed next Archbishop of Naples.

  2. hector says:

    Rev. Dad,
    She often criticizes a priest now, a Bishop,a cardinal, the Vicar of Peter and meticulously records the circumstance, the fact, the moment, the words, where the criticized would come at her original role, wrong style or tone would, It would have been inappropriate to, indecorous, etc,, compared to a precise reference model (ideal profile, requirements) a sort of “etiquette” in force in the Church, that teachers and learners are required to observe.
    Social reality, human behavior is extremely diverse, everyone has a heart, an indole, a temperament, a character with passion, aspirations, ambitions, virtues and defects, that distinguish it from other for several “his own personal interpretations” occurring just when it relates to other,
    Even the priest, the bishop, the Cardinal and the Pope, they are sinful men and as for all men it is demanding to always be of God, very often we darkened by pride.
    Humility, piety, et fiat voluntas his … ready to hop on that train when the call arrives,

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Even the priest, the bishop, the Cardinal and the Pope, they are sinful men and as for all men it is demanding to always be of God, very often we darkened by pride

      We are sinners, and how. But we are not sinners any, because mystery of grace we are called to account for the sins of others. Of course, We spare them not in our name, but in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
      Because of this, on the day of judgment, the Lord will be particularly severe with us, so proportionate to what we gave gifts of grace.
      Be aware of this and act accordingly, It means having both a sense of compassion and a sense of humility.

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Michele.

      The priests hope that really doesn't answer this question even if taken with crowbar. Those that we hope your “bad”, before daring to question like them equally daring interlocutor, simulate redness in face, manifest imbarazzatissimi; then roll your eyes and retort by declaring himself not worthy. But in truth, inside the drawer have already drawn Episcopal coat of arms and the choir dress purple ready in the cupboard.

      I never hoped to become a Bishop, I think it is blatant proof what I write and how to write it. And let me tell you: I don't even feel unworthy, rather! Having regard to certain views I guess I am more of a variety of people come to this high Apostolic Office with deception and intrigue to embarrass the old courts of sixteenth century and that instead of caretakers and fathers of various particular churches have proved their destructors, often leaving their resignation from the Chair a divided and fractious clergy, bad subjects ordained priests and problems of all kinds on the human, morale, doctrinal, and economic pastoral. A quel point, in order not to disturb the water too, the supreme authorities have not found better things to do than choosing a subject as weak and limited that not to touch anything and that does nothing, to ensure that the problems were left in apperente State of stall, While in truth are fermented more.

      Despite my well-known human constraints, I doubt that I would do the damage I've seen do some bishops in various dioceses, because they are good by nature, not really a fool, because I'm a man of faith and why I'd really fall apart for my priests and faithful, not hesitating though to let me into pieces those who talked as if inoculate divisions, poison and discord in my particular Church.

      So the answer that no, I would refuse. And I would refuse because the bishops I mean it for what it really is: a heavy service, certainly not a personal power given to the beautiful face of the newly-promoted “Excellency“.

      And I do not exclude nor, one day, to really become Bishop. As though she knows, There is a time for everything. Therefore, my chance of promotion to the episcopate, It would be only linked to specific events and not-so-improbable situations, Indeed entirely possible, maybe even far. That is when we get to the day when most bishops will call “Excellency“; When the Bishops can no longer bring their Episcopal insignia because it will be forbidden in public use of distinctive religious; When we will celebrate Holy masses are no longer external triumphs “power” in our historic churches, with the highest civil authority, present political and military to the Pontifical of his Excellency Reverend Bishop, but celebrated in discrete and secluded lounges, hoping and praying during the sacred rites that do not breach the door closed of troublemakers to pick us up to bludgeon, the first bishop in the head …

      A quel point, make me Bishop and the few like me, will be obliged choice, because in the meantime, the others, will be escaped safely in Switzerland with the last money stolen from the Church now reduced to a few faithful monitored seen as a middle way between the exalted and dangerous freaks.

      The truth of what I say is confirmed by history. Go to see, for instance, How many were the French bishops that during the period of the revolution refused to sign this unfair and blatantly anti-Christian of Constitution. In all, there were four, and were hidden to not end up guillotined.

      When the great storm is over and in the meantime I'll be was killed under some improvised altar as my other brothers, at that point, refugees in Switzerland will return home to speak of the heroic virtues of the dead killed bludgeon, a pistol, or experts of starvation in prisons, and open up their processes of beatification and finally we will proclaim blessed martyrs.

      E’ the history of the Church, My dear, the history of the Church from time to time repeats, between small or large armies of cowards, courtiers, of weathervanes and ahead of thieves.

      And this is proof of how much the Church is truly Christ's work and what is actually ruled by the Holy Spirit, If in 2000 years we couldn't destroy us priests.

      The latter is not a joke my, but an 18th century Cardinal. When in fact in the 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte translated in France prisoner Pope Pius VII, with its arrogance to Cardinal Consalvi said, Secretary of State: "In few years, I have destroyed the Church!». The cardinal replied calmly and safely: "No, Majesty! If we did not we priests, to destroy it in 17 centuries, I don't think she even succeed».

  3. readysteadygo says:

    I do not even publicherà this time?
    Biffi may no longer respond, If not in the courts Right. Bergoglio Yes, can still do it before men: Why not answering questions that she shared so arises, Don Ariel?
    And why not make a nice article on the ridiculous-ecological and environmentalist encyclical anthropocentric? Maybe bringing the contents to a nice comparison with Inimica Vis of Leo XIII? Want to, at least she, from his small but interesting pulpit to emphasize with adequate and proportional to the seriousness of the fact hardness, heeling-Masonic thread of Bergoglio? Style increasingly confirmed by recent trip South American land, full of Communist nostalgia (like all “Browse”: masonry)? Buy a scythe Cross and slaughterhouse, in honor of the shameless and awkward first Vatican representative?
    You understand that whether or not, Despite his claims to the bitter end defenses of counterfeiters in white, the Church is something else? I want to say that we are living or not II Tess, 2,11? And if you want to say, She explains what we are living? We want to say clearly that defend against this is right thing?

    • father ariel
      Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo says:

      Dear Reader.

      If I, with all respect, turn occasionally critical of the bishops in the legitimate exercise of the freedom of God's children, without ever having questioned their authority and in particular that of two bishops who have successively exerted on me as my Diocesan ordinaries, Imagine if she doesn't have the sacred right of answer back to a priest like me.

      To answer your question immediately 'What we are experiencing?», Let me tell you that as far back as 1984, in apostolic visit in Germany, visiting the city of Fulda John Paul II said that humanity was living the 9th chapter of the book of revelation. Well, I believe that today we are at the beginning of the 12th chapter.

      That being said I continue telling her: the thing I regret is a critical spirit, and illogical mood with which certain people react to certain analysis, If anything, having created their own idols more or less made to measure. What you say is partly true, but misspoke, especially with little Catholic spirit and with almost total absence of hope, which as you know is one of the three theological virtues.

      Try then to reflect: the Holy Father Francis, with all its undoubted shortcomings that I have never denied – It is enough to read in our articles archive – think that all of a sudden out of nowhere?
      Well I say: no!
      The Holy Father Francis is in its way the “just grace” that the Holy Spirit gave us after several decades made of many Giacomo Biffi, so much ironic and shrewd, but in practice did nothing to curb certain drifts, While avendove had all power. The real culprits are thus their, These great bishops e cardinaloni they have continued to behave like feudal untouchable in a society that was turning the eye, While without realize the world collapsed on him and the House took in a Europe at an advanced stage of dechristianization.

      The making of Holy Father Francis, who can attend like it or not, is the result of much “talk” without anything “fare” of the many, too many Bala of the last fifty years of church history. With a difference: the Holy Father has his own fear of failure, for this you throw, so happy now, now so unhappy. But with a difference, compared to certain “sacred monsters”, at least, his, will not have to answer for his oversights, If anything for his actions. And believe me: better to err by trying to act, instead of being trapped in high-prelatizi to discuss who nominate there, on those promoting to that venue, on those who cut the legs … all according to the highest and intangibles that clerical logic led to dramatic ecclesial situation we are experiencing, Thanks to the clericalons that all-out behaved logics ultra from bankruptcy Italy Democrat from the 1950s.

      Today we have to deal more with priests not preposterous and embarrassing, but with preposterous and embarrassing bishops, because several of the worst persons consecrated priests from various Biffi in the 1980s and 1990s, today is our bishops. Or do you think they made priests and bishops alone? If you went to see who ordered certain priests or those who wanted in all the ways that others were promoted to the episcopate, not only would scare, but would lose esteem for many untouchables “sacred monsters”.

      Therefore, I prefer the Holy Father Francis in two-year pontificate has collected gaffes to no end; and seguiterò to prefer it to many who have spoken Biffi and spoken, written and rewritten, sometimes ironic, While their home was invaded by thieves while the universal Church and the entire fire broke out indomitable.

      As a man, as a Catholic and as a priest I have the right and freedom to express with all due respect to the living and the dead which I never nurtured esteem for Cardinal Biffi and that in him I always saw the expression of that sagacious clericalism that I intend instead to fight as a man, as a Catholic and as a priest, because clericalism, and intelligent one species and high-level, has always been the worst poison of the Church.

  4. Wallace says:

    everything right and true don, pity that this yardstick so severe she apply it to Biffi and not to those who are still above…

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