Farewell Antonio Livi


Between Antonio Livi and the other two fathers John Cavalcoli and Ariel S. Levi Gualdo there has been no disagreement, only serene and fraternal differences of theological and pastoral. As we have outlined, about the problem is not slight of Lefebvre on which we have decided not to postpone, two different opinions, they could easily coexist together. In the legitimate freedom of the children of God Antonio Livi chose instead, to our sorrow, leaving this online magazine; we tried to dissuade him, but finally accepting her decision. The reasons are contained in written below. Our illustrious confrere confirm our highest consideration and our human and spiritual closeness with the best wishes of good and sincere grace of the Lord.



Author Antonio Livi

Antonio Love

[…] a theologian can be found in the speeches and actions of ecclesiastical Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre a doctrine contrary to the dogma of the infallibility of the Magisterium, and when the formula of the dogmas that when it speaks with a solemn and universal magisterium, as it was for the Vaticnao II, that Msgr. Marcel Lefebvre (which had also participated in the work of the council and had signed the final documents) had at some points considered in contradiction with Tradition, that is, with the teaching of the magisterium previous. But this legitimate theological consideration does not allow to put the hypothetical content heretical ideology of these traditionalists on the same floor of the heresies formally condemned by the Church, because this kind inevitably a very serious doctrinal confusion […]


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ANTONIO Livi – why I take leave from the Island of Patmos



Author John Cavalcoli OP

John Cavalcoli OP

Author Father Ariel

Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo

[…] We recognize that Lefebvre are Catholics, although imperfect; and they know what faith is and what the dogma. Among their ranks there are also Thomist. Their major flaw, however, is known and not less mild and their errors are objective and not at all "hypothetical": their repeated charges of false or fallibility to the doctrines of Vatican II, under the pretext that it is not new dogmas solemnly defined. De facto, the Lefebvrians, you showed you are deaf to the calls and exhortations of the Popes, latest in chronological order of the Holy Father Benedict XVI who warned them that "to be in full communion with the Church must accept the doctrines of the Council".


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Cavalcoli & LEVI of GUALDO – Response to the parting of Antonio Livi

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  1. Giovannis. says:

    I regret this farewell. E’ clear that you think on 2 different planes between those who prefer to act ' pastorally’ to keep the flock from danger (father Cavalcoli and father Levi) and those seeking a higher theological discourse and open to dialogue (Mgr. Livi). On the one hand they are right the first to invoke the faithful to trust in the hierarchy, because they are required to obey the Ministers represented Jesus himself; on the other hand, however, you need a theological discourse to pave the doubts of the ignorant faithful. For example with regard to ecumenism among Christians and inter-religious: I'm not lefevriano but the thought of lefevre on this seems more consistent with the Magisterium of the Church. It is clear that I will not oppose the Council but only understand how you both kept a perfect continuity from non-Catholic to tolerant multireligiosity today. The lefevriani are successful because they reason with logic and no one opposes them with logic but usually with anathemas: on this reason mons. Livi. On the other hand how can dialogue with Buddhists and not with lefevriani? How the Union between Christians if there is division amongst the…

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