Prayer for the Pope


We offer our readers a prayer by devout Catholics for the Pope,

the rock on which Christ the Lord has built his Church [Mt 13,18]


The Popes of the last half century and the last in the legitimate succession to the Prince of the Apostles



Lord Jesus Christ, King and Lord of the Holy Church, renewal in your presence my unconditional adherence to your Vicar on earth, the Supreme Pontiff


In him we wanted to show you the way sure and certain that we have to follow in the midst of disorientation, to concerns and dismay.

I firmly believe that through him, Thou governments, instruct and sanctify and that under his crook we form the true Church: one, saint, Catholic and Apostolic.

Grant me the grace to love, to live and to spread his teachings as a faithful son. Guard her life, illuminates his intelligence, fortifies his spirit, defend it by slander and malice.

Placa erosive winds of infidelity and disobedience and grant that, around him, Your Church is preserved united, firm in believing and in working and is so the instrument of your redemption.


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